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Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 reviews?

Do any of you have Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 shades/blinds? If so, what are your thoughts?

18:53 UTC


Enabling Access Codes (Aqara U200)

Setting up the Aqara U200 today. My first attempt, I did everything through the Aqara app, then added to HomeKit afterwords via the Home app. I was able to get as far as getting the Home Key to appear in my wallet app, but trying to use it only yielded the “Try Again” error.

So I removed the lock from my Home, reset it and started from scratch, this time bypassing the Aqara app and setting it up via the Home app. Same result.

And both times, I can’t seem to enable access codes at all. It tries and tries, and eventually times out saying that I am unable to turn on access codes.

My current Home Hub is the 2017 Apple TV 4K, which I believe is the 1st gen of the 4K line…? Could that be the issue? Any other thoughts/help?

1 Comment
18:44 UTC


Alarm system plans that only include professional monitoring?

I've checked a few alarm system plans, and found that for all of them, the tier that includes Professional Monitoring (automatically requesting dispatch) also includes unlimited camera recordings. Since HomeKit Secure Video already includes the video streaming and recording storages, I feel paying for something I don't need. Are there any systems that provide plans only including professional monitoring but not video recording?

17:21 UTC


Onvis 5 button switch working off Bluetooth and not thread?

Checked the eve app and it’s saying thread is disabled .

I have a thread network through my Apple TV so I’m not sure what’s up ?

15:43 UTC


The (almost) perfect setup for UK multipoint locks with the Aqara U200

15:23 UTC


Keypad with log

Looking for a keypad for the front door with log information. I’d like to see when my kids, cleaners, etc. are coming in. Does this even exist?

15:04 UTC


What do yous think about this camera

09:40 UTC


Samsung TV to homekit

I’ve few years old Samsung Tv that supports Airplay but doesnt support homekit :/ I know that I can buy Hoobs but can I just buy homepod mini to add it to my homekit?

TV model: UE55TU8072UXXH

08:11 UTC


Help : My son delete Home app and all settings on iPad. All gone. What do I do?

I have Apple HomeKit setup on Apple TV and ofcourse all my iOS devices at home. My son deleted the app on one of my devices and now nothing shows up on all my other devices. Everything looks like it has been fully wiped out.

On another iPhone I checked and first it said no connectivity to home hub.

What do I do? To recover.

Any solutions other than rebuilding everything again?

04:47 UTC


PG&E connected to HomeKit iOS 18 Dev Beta

My iPad mini is running iOS 18 developer beta. I just clicked on HomeKit to check my lights and thermostat, and I received a pop up to connect my local power company to track usage over HomeKit.

01:38 UTC


Purely anecdotal: since 17.5.x, my Eve Matter over Thread accessories seem more stable than my Eve HomeKit over Thread accessories. Anyone else observe this?

First some callouts: I’m speaking only to Eve accessories, not HomeKit over Thread in general. My Schlage lock and Onvis contact sensors, all using HomeKit over Thread, are nearly flawless.

When Eve first rolled out the optional Matter upgrade, and then Matter only Thread devices, the Eve HomeKit over Thread devices seemed far more stable. If there was a No Response it was almost certainly one of the Matter ones.

Ever since 17.5.x, I am observing the opposite. My Eve Matter over Thread devices seem more reliable than my remaining Eve HomeKit over Thread devices. Really strange. As mentioned, this is purely anecdotal. But curious if any other Eve users with a mix of HomeKit and Matter over Thread devices have noticed anything similar?

1 Comment
22:58 UTC


Home Hub Offline Notifications

I recently bought an Apple TV 4K and set it up as a home hub for my holiday home. I want to be able to receive notifications when the hub is not reachable, as seen in this thread. I intend to do this so I am aware of any unexpected power outages. I have tried cutting out the power from my router, my apple tv or both at the same time, expecting to get a notification, but I never got one.

Am I doing something wrong or am I misunderstanding the way these notifications are supposed to be sent, if sent at all?

22:17 UTC


Frustrated with trying to set light colors with Homekit

Here's the situation:

  • I have:

    • A Hue bridge with about 20 lights connected to it. Most of them official Hue products, some of them third party zigbee strips.
    • A bunch of Govee lights, which I have set up a Homebridge VM on my local network to control.
    • A HomePod mini
    • A Samsung Smartthings hub (probably not relevant, just used for non-lighting devices, but just mentioning it here in case someone knows of a way to use it to solve my problems...)
    • A bunch of Google Home/Nest devices (also, not really relevant, but whatever)
  • Last year, I switched to iPhone and want to remove Google from my life as much as possible. The Google Home app was using a lot of battery on my iPhone and the presence sensing wasn't working reliably, so I uninstalled the Google Home app and set up the apple Home app to automate my lighting.

  • The problem is that the lights all look horrible when they are turned on by the apple automations - they won't be at full brightness, they'll be different colors, sometimes random but usually a super hard blueish white instead of the warm white that I want. I went into the automations and tapped on each individual light and tried to find one that looked good, but they all look pretty bad compared to what I can set in the Google Home, Govee or Hue apps. Even when I set them to something approaching acceptable, they don't seem to reliably turn on to this color.

  • So, I decided to go into the Hue app and create scenes for each of my rooms as well as for the whole home. I create a daytime scene (that sets all lights to a warm white hue), an evening one that makes lights even warmer and turns off lights I don't like being on when watching TV, and a bedtime one that turns off most but sets dim red glows here and there. They all work great in the Hue app and Google Home, but I can't figure out how to add them to the apple Home?

  • So, I went into Shortcuts and created shortcuts that will set the Hue scenes. Those work, but now I don't know how to get them to happen when I get home or by Siri voice commands. I tell Siri "run (shortcut name)" but she never does, no matter what I call them.

  • For Govee/homebridge... I just don't know what to do in order to automate these lights to a shade that is horrible, all the colors are just wrong. I'll be happy if I can just get the Hue lights working tho TBH.

The main thing I want is for presence sensing to turn on my daytime Hue lighting scene whenever I get home. It would also be nice if I could somehow automate the evening scene to happen either when I turn on my Sony TV (which is in homekit and can be controlled correctly) or when the sun sets.

I've been struggling with and Googling into this stuff for months now, so any advice is appreciated. I just can't believe how hard it is to get homekit to do the same things I had easily set Google Home up to do. I really want to love the Apple ecosystem (and definitely do overall), but this is just such a sore spot for me.

16:04 UTC


Any way to have smart lights always revert back to the last colour used?

So in my basement I have about 8 smart lights and I also have a motion/occupancy sensor. I’ve set up an automation in the home app to turn the lights on when occupancy is detected and they will also turn off when no occupancy is detected. Problem is, sometimes when I don’t move for a while (while watching a movie for example) it stops detecting occupancy and turns the lights off. However when it detects me again, it’ll turn the lights on but they’ll all be different colour than they were before they turned off. Is there a way to set them to turn back on to the last used colours?

14:15 UTC


News for Aqara U200 Users: The v65 firmware is now open for beta updates!

Hi, news for the Aqara U200 users. As an Aqara Home app user, you will be able to receive the Smart Lock U200 v65 firmware update now.

To update, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the Aqara Home app installed on your device.
  2. Update the Aqara Home app to version 5.0.0.
  3. Open the app and go to the “Profile> Firmware Update> Settings”.
  4. Enable the “Beta version update" feature.
  5. Once enabled, you will receive the U200 v65 firmware update.

If you are a Home app user, we expect that you will also be able to receive the new updates on the next Friday within the Home app.

The key focuses of our V65 update:

(1) When "Pull Spring" feature is enabled, users will be prompted that the home keys feature will only support tap to unlock, making it easier for them to retract the door latch.

(2) Matter: Support "Lock jammed" event 

(3) Matter: Support displaying the battery percentage of the door lock

(4) Aqara Home: Support "Auto-Lock" and "Door Lock Volume" settings

We sincerely thank the Aqara Beta users and Kickstarter backers for their valuable feedback!


13:41 UTC


News for Aqara Lock U200 Users: V65 Firmware Update Coming Soon!

10:11 UTC


Powered mini amp with auto standby for airport outdoor speaker setup?

I have HomePods and apple tv's hooked up to receivers for the in ceiling speakers.

I have wiring on my patio for outdoor speakers that I went to hook up. AirPort Express for airplay2 might be the cheapest way, but are there any inexpensive mini amps on there that have auto power on and off?


06:44 UTC


Why isn’t my home automation working? iOS 18b3

I’ve created two automations. They’re identical. One is a “personal” automation. One is a “home” automation. The personal one works, but the home one doesn’t. I’ve got other home automations that are working that control lights and scenes. The automations in question are converted to shortcuts.

My assumption is that the personal automations only work when my iPad is home and connected to Wi-Fi. I want to build out automations that will work whether I’m home or not. I have an iPhone, but it’s more convenient to build out the automations on my iPad.

Here’s a screenshot of the shortcut. When I hit the play button on the bottom, it runs perfectly. https://i.imgur.com/VGpbNG8.jpeg

Here’s a screenshot of the automation. If I hit the Test Automation option, it doesn’t work. https://i.imgur.com/42C9HkK.jpeg

Is there a known issue with home automations running as shortcuts? Am I missing something?

Also, what limits are there on the number of personal automations and/or home automations I can have?

03:02 UTC


Aqara T2 door sensor HomeKit and Google Home

I got the new Matter Aqara Door Sensor and connected directly to HomeKit. I want to be able to use it simultaneously with Google home. Is that possible ? I keep getting fail error. Online I read it is possible but haven’t been able to get it to work for me.

02:00 UTC


What Doorbell to get

I feel like I’ve been up and down Reddit comments and haven’t found an answer so now I’m pleading.

My requirements are that

  • Is battery operated
  • Has HKSV compatibility
  • Doesn’t use 3rd party servers
  • Is compatible with scrypted/Home Assistant/Home Bridge

I feel like something like this doesn’t exist.

Eufy is ruled out because of their security issues

Logitech and Unifi don’t have battery doorbells

Arlo requires an account and doesn’t support local access

I feel like this product doesn’t exist on the market. Am I missing something or is it just a waiting game until someone releases something that actually works?

01:41 UTC


INSTAR Camera finally arrived 🥳

22:09 UTC


Shelly Plus 1 relay + Homekit + (garage) door sensor

I'm currently using the Shelly Plus 1 (homekit firmware flashed) to open/close my garage. Works perfectly via Homekit on iphone (momentary switch type). I'm now trying to build in a door status but cannot find any info which sensor to use and how to implement it in this setup so that the door shows (open/closed) on my phone/homekit. Did anybody manage to build/implement this?

17:06 UTC


Disconnection issues with Aqara Smart Lock U200

Hey guys! A month ago I received my Aqara smart lock in the mail but from the get go the device has been plagued with disconnection issues. It’s the second time the lock decided to just disconnect from the Home app. And now I need to reset the whole device and reconnect it to all apps. Now I doesn’t even want to be added back into the home app even af the 20th try. It has become a pain in the ass and would literally love to throw the thing from my balcony. Do you guys have the same issues?

15:57 UTC


Circle View Doorbell - they still overheat?

Hi all.

I owned a Circle View Doorbell a few years ago and loved HKSV and facial detection, but quickly became infuriated with it shutting down temporarily during the day when direct sunlight was on it. I since replaced it with a rock solid Ring doorbell, but I really want to go back to all HomeKit for my home.

So my question - anyone know if they have patched these devices to fix that problem? That's also presuming it can be fixed w/ firmware. Just looking to see what any owner experience are like CURRENTLY with the Circle View doorbell.

13:50 UTC


Scene issues with HomePods

I have never had this issue before. But I just moved and had to change up some things in my home app. When I try to add a scene and want to control one HomePod it selects all HomePods. It never used to be like that. Does anyone know how I can control just one HomePod in a scene?

12:16 UTC


Adapter for Automate Pivot roof window Handle?

10:53 UTC


apple TV camera issues

hey everyone, I have an issue with two cameras when viewing on appleTV - currently I have 3, two outdoor and 1 inside, the one inside always works and can see the live stream just fine, but two others showing not responding x hours, if i'll restart apple TV it will show up as normal again for a little while. If i view the same cameras from home app on iphone, ipad etc there is no issues at all. all of the cameras are from Eufy - anyone have/had any similar problems? thanks

10:41 UTC


HomePod 17.6 and Circle View

So I have had a couple of circle view cameras for over a year now and they constantly go off line, a lot of the time they wouldn’t even stay on for more than a day. I got good at bringing them back online by using a smart switch and changing the record settings but it would never last long. Recently I gave up even trying and the cameras spent most of their time offline.

When 17.6 came out I decided to update to the beta software as I wanted to set the preferred hub, after the update I noticed that the circle view cameras were back online, which was odd because they never come back online by themself. Anyway, they have been online since and this is by far the longest they have ever stayed up, I forgot how great they are when they work. Probably too early to say it’s fixed, but has anyone else noticed this?

08:40 UTC

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