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Greencheek Conures are known for being cuddly, silly parrots that are quieter than their larger cousins and more amicable for younger owners just starting out. We love them and we hope you do too, stick around we got plenty to share!

Greencheek Conures are known for being cuddly, silly parrots that are quieter than their larger cousins and more amicable for younger owners just starting out. We love them and we hope you do too, stick around we got plenty to share!

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She loves cuddling with my face 🥹

17:46 UTC


Pluto likes taking naps in my hand 🥹

23:06 UTC


Got Pluto saying “Come here” again 🥹

15:31 UTC


Got a clip of Pluto saying “Come here” 🥹

17:31 UTC


Pluto being a crazy bird and talking back 😂

16:16 UTC


Questions about treats for a young green cheek

So I recently got a 4 month old green cheek, I brought her home a week ago. Anytime she takes a treat or a piece of food she "chews" on it for a decent amount of time before she is done. I'm wondering how this will affect training since I can't give her treats in quick succession. It's probably a minute or two before she's done "chewing". Also, is this normal?

10:42 UTC


Pluto saying “Hi baby bird” after her bath 🥹

20:58 UTC


Pluto has started talking and her favorite thing to say is “You’re so cute” 🥹

She can also say “You’re so sweet”, “What are you doing/saying”, “Hi baby bird”, “Come here”, “Pretty bird”, and “Boop”

16:04 UTC


Baby Noises?

Hi fellow parronts! Can you help me understand this baby chatter?

This is Gertie! She is approximately 2.5 months old and we are still offering her hand feeding twice daily (she is just about weaned). We brought her home two nights ago. She has been doing a lot of wing fluttering and making this sort of cricket chirp/frog ribbit sound. In the video it seems to be a “don’t touch me” response, but she also does it while she’s just chilling on my shoulder undisturbed.

Angry sassy baby? Just typical baby noises? This is our first BABY baby green cheek (previous conure was fully weaned before adopting) so I would appreciate any advice! 🦜

17:09 UTC


Accidentally killed my baby :(

Fell asleep with her last night only to find that I’d accidentally rolled over and crushed her. I feel super guilty because I’d had a couple drinks last night and have a feeling that that’s something I wouldn’t have done sober. I don’t know how I’m going to live with myself. I’m absolutely devastated.

11:51 UTC


Is there any problem with pairing pearly conure and green cheek?

11:57 UTC


First Molt since i got her

Let me make this clear, this is my birdies first molt since i brought her home, these were her tail feathers when we brought her home.

16:48 UTC


A fist full of cute

01:01 UTC


Is it normal for my GCC to be so chill??

02:01 UTC


Birdie Bread

1 Comment
11:09 UTC


A promising opportunity indeed

17:30 UTC


Few feathers losss

Hello everyone, I’m a new bird owner so I have very little experience

I had my conure for less that a week, he’s about 3 months old.. he’s acting and eating normally and very active and cuddly

I noticed that everyday I find a couple of feathers from his chest on the bottom of the cage and one or two more fall out when I’m playing with him. Is this normal?

1 Comment
12:01 UTC


How do your birds sleep?

Beep used to sleep on a perch until I decided to make things more comfortable for him. I bought a flat corner perch, a pet heater (the gray block thing on the side) and a little fuzzy hooded blanket. I’ve had this setup for him for about 3 years now (I’ve had him for 7) and he just loves it. He tucks himself into bed before I even have a chance to close his cage up for the night.

00:39 UTC


Green Cheek owner hack

I buy these balsa wood blocks from hobby lobby for CHEAP. I put them on his perch and he goes through about 1 every month. And don’t worry, I called the company who makes them and they don’t treat them with anything so they’re safe. Great way to keep your bird entertained!

1 Comment
22:46 UTC


Please welcome my cheeky Kiwi ☺️

18:01 UTC


Is it normal that both male and female birds are leaving the eggs alone in the nest?

The female usually spends her time sitting in the nest but will leave at times for up to 5 minutes. She just laid the eggs today but is it normal for the birds to leave the eggs completely alone for any time at all?

10:31 UTC


Do these toys look safe for birds

Hi all,

I work from home often and my green cheek loves to "help me" work by chewing on my laptop keyboard and running away with my control key lol.

I am trying to find a toy laptop for his so he can still feel included when I'm busy. Do any of these options look acceptable.

  1. ebuddy Mini Dollhouse Toy Cat Laptop Tiny Fake Computer Mirror for Cat (White) https://a.co/d/5k0oaSi

I think the mirror would be ok because I would be there supervising him. But I am a bit worried about how it is made of plastic

  1. 2 Pcs Portable Mirror Mini Laptop Mirror for Cat Toy Laptop Folding Toy Cat Computer Mini Pocket Makeup Clear Mirror Mini Folding Mirror for Dollhouse Dolls Pet Makeup Decoration(3.7 * 2.6in) https://a.co/d/3h11DRK

Wondering if ABS is a safer kind of plastic for birds?

  1. BEKILOLE My First Laptop Montessori Toddler Toys Perfect Toy Gifts 3 4 5 6 7 8 Boys Girls Birthday Gift, Fun Learning Preschool Learning Activities https://a.co/d/66IVwpw

I think he may have fun with this one. Are magnets safe for birds to play with while supervised?

Im open to other suggestions too, just was curious to hear thoughts from other bird lovers. Thanks in advance!

18:02 UTC


need help with her behavior

a few days ago we adopted a female gc and she's less than a year...she was good and friendly when she came...she used to fly to our shoulders and play with her toys...but since yesterday she's been agressive...she flies to my neck and bite me as hard as she can...she doesn't stay in her cage at all tries to get out and she takes her head out of the layer of bar even at night and this might hurt her neck...what should i do?

13:46 UTC


Questions regarding behavior

19:46 UTC


My GCC bites everyone but me😔

09:46 UTC

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