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/r/Bushcraft defines Bushcraft as the usage and practice of skills, acquiring and developing knowledge and understanding, in order to survive and thrive in the natural environment.

In this subreddit we discuss the development, and practise, of those skills and techniques, the use of appropriate tools, schools of thought and the historical context.


/r/Bushcraft defines Bushcraft as the usage and practice of skills, acquiring and developing knowledge and understanding, in order to survive and thrive in the natural environment.
In this subreddit we discuss the development, and practise, of those skills and techniques, the use of appropriate tools, schools of thought and the historical context.

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Waterproofing cloth / making oilskin doubt.

Hey. The thing is, NightHawkInLight posted about a month ago an improved version on how to waterproof cloth, and I was thinking of trying to make some with the new recipe when something occured to me.

This new recipe, with the advantage of making the treatment flexible and not losing its waterproofing over time due to use (plus the whole "not using carcinogenic compounds" as in the last recipe), seems promising, but needs 500ml of mineral oil per Kg of paraffin wax used (2 cups of oil per 2 pounds of wax used).

Now, the thing is, the results are great, but I don't feel very great with the thought that I'm abusing the use of a lot of petroleum-synthesized products to waterproof some cloth.

I was thinking that maybe some more natural ingredients, like beeswax, along with some vegetable oil, could be used.

I know that beeswax along with olive oil, as a cream, is a good finish for woodworking, but I wanted to ask if any of you had tried something similar.

13:54 UTC


would this type of "seating area" be possible?

basically i want to be able to go up into a tree, and just have a small platform i can sit on. i have a hatchet, plenty of paracord, whittling knife, and i cant chop the trees down

00:56 UTC


Rewilding/traditional skills gatherings in British Columbia?

Wondering if there are any regular gatherings dedicated to rewilding/bushcraft/traditional skills here in BC. I know about the Moosehide gathering up in the Yukon which I'm considering going to, and I expect there's probably some good events down in Washington or Oregon, but all of these are so far away, it would be great if there was something right here in BC. Anybody know of such a thing?

21:00 UTC


Found this at an antique shop for seven bucks. Any idea what it’s for?

Apologies if this doesn’t belong here. I just figured I’d have better luck here than in some general “what is this thing” sub, because this thing strikes me as having some outdoors/sporting-related purpose.

Found at an antique shop. The leather seems of good quality. It’s stamped with Cabela’s logo, but there are no other labels or markings to suggest what it’s for. Can’t be a small game carrier, as there are no small loops for heads. I don’t think it’s one of those blanket carriers either, or a firearm sling - just doesn’t seem right for either of those uses. I’m stumped… Any ideas?

19:48 UTC


Lk35 mod

Just to show some mods. Added a handle and I also took mine to a cobbler who removed the old metal "buckles" and added ITW milspec buckles.

13:10 UTC


Making camo paint

Do any of you have or know where I can find resources on making face paint in the field? Tangentially related question: is animal grease the same as just collecting the drippings from cooking fatty animals or should I do something with the drippings before I think to put it on my face or metal tools?

I’m sure some of you are familiar with grease face paint that a lot of militaries use. I am trying to find resources on how older societies made face paints whether camouflage or intimidation. Likely I am not googling the right terms but I’m running out of ways to say “how to make face paint in the woods.”

Most iterations of this phrase shows links on how to make homemade makeup, or mixing existing makeup types to make party style face paint, one seemed promising but suggested mixing fruit with Vaseline and I can’t imagine rubbing sugar on your face being a good idea in the woods.

07:05 UTC


Climate specific gear? Southern central oregon cascades.

I would like help to learn more about what gear and knowledge I would need to survive in this area. I believe it's classified as snowy highland climate. I understand extended stay would likely be difficult no matter the amount of gear you got due to the frigid temps and snow. I would like to be able to at least pass through the area. Specifically during the coldest wettest season late fall, early spring or even winter.

Besides traction devices and a really warm sleep system what would I really need to travel and live here? For shoes, jackets or pants those would need to be eco-friendly or at least PFC free.

01:40 UTC


Netknots keep unraveling

Ive been making a few nets and am now making one from fishing line but they keep unraveling. Any advice is really appreciated, kinda at the end of my rope here.

15:18 UTC


Reminder: If you're going to heat up rocks, avoid any that are retaining moisture.

14:06 UTC


My first fatwood! Hella fun looking for it and kicking dead branches to check if they are hard thus filled with resin

13:07 UTC


Helikontex Swagman Roll temp rating

I can't find a temp rating for the Swagman roll. When I use it as a sleeping bag with a mat, I am going to freeze in spring and fall? Obviously in the winter I have to combine it, but what are the lowest temperature you can sleep in this and still feel cosy? For climate reference I am in Germany.

05:58 UTC


Husqvarna vs Gränsfors Bruk?

She’s buying me a pack axe for Father’s Day and I was wanting to get opinions. I was originally dead set on the Small Forest Axe but honestly I can’t help but think that there might be something similar that would do just as good of a job for a fraction of the cost on her end.

Whatever axe I go with will be a middle man between the larger axe that’s kept in my truck and the Trail Hawk kept on my belt. It will just be a larger cutting tool than the Trail Hawk that can stay attached to my pack until needed.

I have been looking at Husqvarna axes but don’t really know if there would be a comparable product to the Small Forest Axe.

I’m open to other suggestions too, basically if someone was gifting you a mid sized axe of your choice, what would you pick?

01:22 UTC


How do i coseal or make my fire and smoke less visible?

i have started hanging around a place in the forest but there is paths all around it and i dont really want to be seen.

21:16 UTC


How do you carry your ferro rod if you don't have knife with a sharp spine? What should you carry on person in case you fall down the side of a mountain and lose your pack?

Hi all,

Bear with me this might be a strange question. How do you carry your ferro rod if you have a knife without a 90° sharp spine? Do you carry it in your pocket or do you have a little attachement on your Kydex or a small pouch on your belt etc? What ferro rode would you carry?

I have a White River Knife M1 knife. This knife doesn't have a sharp spine. How would you carry your ferro rod with such a knife. This is a stupid "in case you lose your pack and fall down the side of the mountain and only have the things on your belt what would you carry?" question.

P.S. I carry a bic lighter, but a ferro rod as a back up. I'm also considering buying a White River FC 3.5 but have to wait until they are back instock in my country. I figured I would ask with the M1 as well. I always see cool set ups with pouches attached to a sheath but that is usually for bigger knives.

15:02 UTC


Helpful bushcraft app released

Hey all, I recently participated in a beta for WildKnot, an app to help with bushcraft style knots, structures, and tarps. I really enjoyed it and it just was released today.

Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jdwapps.knotspioneering&pcampaignid=web_share

Appstore (iOS): https://apps.apple.com/app/wildknot/id6502643586

23:41 UTC


Easily one of my top 10 items

For a quick meal there's just nothing better. Dead easy to light, fuel is everywhere and it's extremely efficient.

15:42 UTC


Sheath Position?

Can anyone tell me the proper way this sheath fits on a belt? I’m right handed, and when fastened anywhere along my belt the knife is always positioned at an awkward angle. Am I using it wrong?

04:19 UTC


Bowdrill wood in St Louis MO?

Anyone here from St Louis Missouri or nearby areas that bow drills? I used to bowdrill a lot in Georgia and we’d harvest basswood or eastern white pine for spindles and fire boards but in Missouri I don’t see these two trees often. Any advice?

18:28 UTC


Looking to buy a Victorinox Venture Pro.

Hello! I want to buy a new knife since my old one is in really bad condition. I am thinking of the knife i mentioned in the title. Does anyone have it? I see online that its a pretty good knife and im seeing it for 100$. I dont think im looking for alternatives since some knives are very hard to get here. Thanks for any reviews/advice!

08:06 UTC


Knife collection

Also have a mora fixed blade and small hatchet not pictured. All of these have been affordable and kick ass. My mora and this weyland kukri rarely ever leave my truck.

04:14 UTC


Is this fat wood?

I was chopping some old red pine and it looks pretty sappy. Is that what fat wood is?

21:22 UTC


Crafted my first bushcraft knives

Hi guys, recently I undo a blacksmith course where I tried to craft my first two kniwes. One is from some knife steel and one from steel cable so basically simple damascus.

16:37 UTC

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