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How to de stress when you have to work.

I have to work, I don’t have a choice. I have to save all of my sick days for the winter in case I get sick. I can’t take days off because I need the money. But what I get paid barely pays the bills anyways.

I’m losing my hair at 24(F) because I am so stressed. Nothing brings me joy and I am completely overwhelmed. My job is what is overwhelming me because I can’t do both my job and live a normal life. I feel like I have no outlet or escape. That life is just get up, work, go to bed. Atleast that’s all I have the energy for.

I think I’m autistic, but my parents didn’t want to diagnose me as a kid despite teachers saying I need to get tested. So I struggle and I can’t keep up with people my own age.

I want to be able to go out, I want to be able to hang out at the beach and go for walks after work, I’m 24 FFS! But I am drained. On my days off I am a slave to household chores I put off throughout the week. I have no time anymore. I don’t even have time to make myself food so I skip meals because I can’t be bothered.

I seriously don’t know what to do, and need help on getting out of this.

01:53 UTC


Lovely beach day!

Chilled for 2 hours reading a book on a beach!

06:05 UTC


Simple and pursuit

On occasion, it seems people associate the general disengagement with life as simple living. Which I think are unrelated things. You could be an artist living remotely in a small house without luxuries and noise but still be ambitious and take great pleasure in your art. Or you could be top level prof at uni, to then retreat to your simple nook, enjoying nice weather and nice food. I do not nessesary find the engagement with life and simplicity as opposite to each other. If anything simplicity could mean more meaningful engagement. Open to disagreement, of course.

14:14 UTC


What simple meals did you make this week?

I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow and am looking for healthy simple meal ideas!

A recent favorite of mine is veggie spaghetti made with banza pasta noodles, prego lower sodium spaghetti sauce, spinach and kale, onion, squash, mushrooms, and zucchini! 🍝

23:45 UTC


Media that pleasantly surprised you with simple living themes?

I'm currently re-reading Frankenstein since reading it nearly 10 years ago and I'm experiencing it through such a difference lens.

I remember it being very dreary and gothic, a warning about the dangers of hubris etc. (and it still is all those things!) but the passages that resonate most with me this time are regarding beauty in nature, slowness, meaning of family, kindness and selflessness, all the things that I now value.

Here are a few of my favourite excerpts so far: 'A human being in perfection ought always to preserve a calm and peaceful mind, and never to allow passion or a transitory desire to disturb his tranquility.'

'I continued walking in this manner for some time, endeavouring, by bodily exercise, to ease the load that weighed on my mind.'

'The blue lake, and snow-clad mountains, they never change; - and I think our placid home and our contented hearts are regulated by the same immutable laws. My trifling occupations take up my time and amuse me, and I am rewarded for any exertions by seeing none but happy, kind faces around me.'

'Nothing could exceed the love and respect which the younger cottages exhibited towards their venerable companion. They performed towards him every little office of affection and duty with gentleness; and he rewarded them by his benevolent smiles.'

I was expecting a dark and dreary gothic sci-fi and instead I'm inspired by the mindfulness and appreciation that these characters show to the earth and people around them 🤣

Are they any books/films etc. that have pleasantly surprised you with themes of simple living when you weren't expecting it? Where have you found inspiration when you weren't looking for it?

13:36 UTC


thoughts/your experience with essentialism

i came across the term essentialism some time ago, and that there is a book of this name. the concept seems like something i really need rn.

i've struggled with depression and cptsd for a long time, it has always felt like i need to do everything or that i always feel busy but nothing gets done. my brain is always needing to resolve everything, organise everything fix everything when, i can't really resolve any one thing properly.

rn i'm in a semester break from college and well, with so much free time somehow i've managed to do nothing important or fun or leisurely even though a few weeks has passed.

those of you who employ essentialism, how do you do it - i'm not asking for guidance necessarily i'm more so interested in the different ways it can be applied.

there are a lot of things that are important. but in retrospect, somethings can be put off so i can focus on more pressing things. like, it's more crucial for me to buy a jacket and pants today than a skateboard because i will be cold for this trip i am going on soon, for example. or focusing on relationships over discipline right now. or focusing on just taking action on small things instead of expecting discipline rn. etc etc.

01:41 UTC


Gifts from my parents?

Hi, I (22 F) will be visiting my parents in a few weeks during my birthday. My mom has always been an adamant gift giver, but she refuses to gift money. Some years growing up I would ask for literally nothing but she said that wasn’t an option either. I would prefer money now because I live in one of the most expensive cities in the US. Additionally I’ve paid thousands of dollars on unexpected expenses in the last year since I’ve moved. Also my income is not great especially for the city I live.

My room is small and I hate getting useless junk I never use. She normally does gift me things I normally donate or forget about and it infuriates me because she could easily give me money since my mom and dad make so much more money than me.

She called me earlier today and knows not to give me something big since I’m flying to see them. What should I ask for? I could ask for a gift card of some sorts. She isn’t opposed to gift cards for some reason which makes no sense. Please let me know of suggestions.

22:18 UTC


How to meet people whilst not spending money?

I'm (40f) finding that my low-cost hobbies are isolating. The only options i see to meet people involve spending a lot of money. Also, due to a health condition, I can't do much in the evenings. But people my age are working during the day. I don't work a typical 9-5 atm. I already do as much volunteering as i can manage, so it's not an option. Any suggestions on the kinds of gatherings I can search for to find ways to meet people?

Edit: Thanks for the suggestions. It's given me some food for thought. Much appreciated.

12:11 UTC


Media recs for entertainment (not education)?

Until I can escape into my nature-based, simple living fantasy, I’m looking to bring my entertainment media a little closer to that world.

I've seen the typical recs here to learn more about simple living, but I'm looking for books/podcasts/series/YouTube channels that appeal to folks in this sub when you need entertainment or escape rather than education or inspiration.

Some examples that come to mind:

  • TV: I enjoy Northern Exposure, Virgin River (for the wooded small town atmosphere, not the drama), a lot of PBS or BritBox stuff, Les Revenants.
  • Podcasts: Can't think of any good examples, but the tone and production of a lot of true crime pods might actually fit the bill?
  • Books:
    • "Into the Wild," other adventuring nonfiction or memoirs that happen to have a lot of nature or take place in the wild (love Walden but not Walden).
    • Would love any fiction, too. Thinking "Where the Crawdads Sing" or "The Great Alone." I think cozies might have too much of a sedative effect.
  • Youtube channels: I don't know! I'm new to exploring YouTube but everything I've found is either essentially ASMR or some kind of detailed how-to about living off-grid.

Basically, I'm looking for things that happen to be soothing or comforting to folks like us but maybe aren't designed to be such, but that could be a lot of things so I'm open to just hearing what y'all enjoy!

Edit: bonus points for anything uplifting, but it's not a prerequisite :) not many of my examples would count as such

15:37 UTC


Harvesting herbs from my garden

Hey friends! Hope everyone is having a great week. I dont know if this is the right sub to post this kind of question, but im sure i’ll get a lot of good answers.

The thing is simple, i’ve been growing some herbs (basil, mint,etc) on my garden. I was just wondering if there are any tips in order to haverst them so they can grow rapidly and healthy again. I dont want to damage the herbs and i want to make sure that I have plenty for all the summer

Thanks in advance :)

15:05 UTC


A simple Midwest sunrise

Just a simple sunrise I saw on my way to work a few months ago. Found it in my camera roll and felt like sharing

23:59 UTC


It doesn’t get better than this.

Decided to steal away for the evening listening to the end of my audiobook while on my hammock with the perfect breeze. The sun is setting. The dog is frolicing. Life is good.

What little moments of joy did you have today?

00:36 UTC


Simple living and surrounded by wealth

I work at a school with the wealthiest of the wealthiest in my area. It’s also been around for a long time so many students are legacy. I’m a teacher, making what a teacher makes and my spouse is not a high earner either. Neither of us have aspirations to climb the ladder etc but man is it difficult to have confidence in our life when I am surrounded by people who’s purpose in life is more. Have more. Do more. Be more. Even the other teachers I work with.

Speaking positively about the perks of our life (time with the kids, family, lower stress, humble activities) seems to come off as a rejection of their life styles. Anyone else feel this way/in a similar situation? Tips to build relationships or is it pointless.

19:03 UTC


Homemade Sauerkraut (Sour Cabbage)

For years I have been making my own Sauerkraut at home from my grandmother's recipe. They used to ferment a whole barrel of this stuff, and would last for the whole winter for the whole family. Store bought SK is made with artificial sour and seasoning, with added preservatives, and tastes nothing like the real stuff. Homemade SK is organic, has very rich and strong aroma, it is full of nutrients and probiotics, and because of it's acidity it lasts long. Oh and it is a very fulfilling little thing to do!

17:29 UTC


Anyone else making a ton of mint tea?

16:31 UTC


what do you think of fate?

it would be impossible for me to communicate all of my thoughts on this without delving into too-treasured details of my life, but recently i have returned to a certain relationship with my own concept of my own "fate".

it doesn't have to be in the context of religion/spirituality, though for many i'm sure the two are linked. :)

in short....i no longer feel worried, reaching or clinging to things, nor like i must explain/justify myself any longer, in any capacity. i already lived simply, so i thought, on surfaces. but this is different and beyond externalities/circumstances. i have a deep calm lately. i could say in a funny way, i just don't care anymore. i'm attributing it to my new relationship with this thing. i see where i'm at, and i trust where i'm going.

tell me your experience or thoughts? what do you think about the idea of fate? i love to hear perspectives too on why folks do not believe or like it at all?

15:50 UTC


Book Recommendation

I just started reading Solitude by Michael Harris and thought this community would be interested in it too! He discusses the value of solitude and how so much of our life has been stolen from us with the rise of constant connectivity.

As a late 90s kid who's childhood was lightly touched by technology and has come of age with smartphones and social media, the philosophy of simple living has really resonated with me, especially as I get older.

18:48 UTC


Good summary of 4000 weeks

Hey everyone! I'm a massive fan of the book 4000 weeks and upon finding this community have loved that it's also popular here. It's such a great book and I end up relistening to it because it's so dense with good points, but it takes time.

I was wondering if anyone had found a good summary of the book? All the ones I've seen have been very high level and was looking for more in-depth notes ideally!


18:10 UTC


dont feel like traveling.

32(female) I love simple living, I love giving people a listening ear who deal with ther illness. I am a finger painter and love painting things I learn from a simple live. I do not have a car, still live with my parents, and we are all happy with it. But I do notice lately I feel a lot of mixed feelings of not traveling. A lot of people around me only think about traveling and setting goals, and thats is what It should be. But I honestly dont feel the need, I did it in the past and I am glad I did it, but mentally I feel excausted of the goal oriented life style, and just wanna enjoy the close by things. The small achievable things, and not to expencive. I Guess I'm looking for people who feel likewise, of not the need to travel to a foreign country to enjoy life. Everyone here asks the first thing,what are your travel plans.(I do have a little vaction plan. But just close by in a castle in nature, where I can enjoy my sketching and reading. But if my parents didnt asked I probably didn' t had plans.) I

So can anyone else help me by telling me, I'm not the only one. And I do not miss out.


14:51 UTC


Selling my home to rent

Hello everyone. I’ve seen many post regarding this topic and here’s mine..

A little about myself. I’m married no kids and early 30’s. We bought our house January 2018 (2 beds 1 bath) as a starter home- stepping stone. We purchased in south central Los Angeles. As you may know it’s not the greatest area.

Fast forward 2024, the housing market is not doing so well as far as being a buyer, which I’m trying to look for my next home to settle in and potentially start a family and even retire (in a nicer area and bigger home 3 bed 2 bath). I know I have equity in my home roughly around 200k or so compared to the comps in the area.

My experience as a home owner wasn’t the best as theres more to it than you think. Property tax and insurance go up. So the Mortgage payment in a sense does go up due to escrow. Also.. utilities.. for those that know LADWP is EXPENSIVE. Then you have maintenance and repairs, I’ve been blessed so far with no major repairs but the maintenance is still there. But being that my house was built 100 years ago who knows

My wife and I both have great salaries but no way am I paying $5500-$6500 mortgage for a house (in a good area) and that’s with 20% down. So now it seems that renting doesn’t sound so bad. We found some really cool modern luxurious apartments with lots of amenities and such that we might just go that route. And what I mean for good area I mean like Lakewood/Cerritos/Downey

Just seems that I’m being too stressed over not being able to advance in life when I finally have a better paying job. (3x the minimum) I did what the American dream said it be.. more like American nightmare.

I just want a better quality life and improve my mental health..

Anyways.. there’s more to it but this about as much context I can think of at the moment. Please share your experiences, give advice or just roast me. I’m really grateful for what I have and know there’s other alternatives but our family is here and we wouldn’t move out of state nor transfer anywhere else as we are invested in our jobs (pension, seniority etc..)

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06:09 UTC


Great food for thought here

10:02 UTC


Fresh Cut Field & A Good Dog

02:42 UTC


Cleaning out office/drawers what can be donated? Nerd edition

Hi Everybody,

Mods of this is the wrong place for this, please let me know correct one.

I am in the process of cleaning out my office/man cave getaway, and some of my drawers to make room for my son. , and I’m not sure what can be donated. This stuff brought me great joy when I was younger, and want to pass it on.

I am a huge nerd who and my wife is not, so 90% of my stuff has to go lol. (Think big bang theory level of nerd stuff.)

All stuff is from before 2019

Unopened pop figures

Metal cast military aircraft, vehicles.

Good condition nerdy clothing

Good condition nice clothing (polos, jeans, shoes)

Fantasy books

Action figures and statues

Coin collection (it’s pretty big)

Couple hundred DVDs of movies

Old pc monitors

Unopened plastic models of military aircraft, vehicles

Framed posters of sci fi characters

Star Wars legos

Sci fi/ fantasy unopened plastic models

WWE - autographs

Swords, throwing stars, various knives. (All sci fi, or samurai related. Range from 440 steel to Damascus steel)

Edit 1: format and added stuff.

Any help is appreciated. It just feels wrong to toss it all.

20:47 UTC


How do you spend your late afternoon time and on what?

Morning is what I look forward to every day. But somehow as the day goes to the late afternoon say 3pm onwards, I feel a bit uneasy as to what I should be doing. Feel like I could make better use of that timeslot and enjoy simple life more.

Anyone has the same experience?

16:10 UTC


Has anyone in their 30s changed their life from stressful to slow?

If so, how did you do it? Where did you start? I'm in the process of turning my life around, want to finally be myself (I'm introverted and tired of extroversion being sold to me as the real deal) and find a lifestyle (job, partner, friends) that suits me.

Any advice is welcome! 😊

Edit: Thanks for all your answers and helpful tips <3 I'm looking forward to a new chapter in my life :)

15:14 UTC


Songs of Earth is a great simple-living movie

I just saw Songs of Earth, and want to recommend it to you. It's made by a daughter showing how her elderly parents enjoy their simple life, kind relationship, and amazing natural beauty of Norway. A very satisfying film!

13:43 UTC



I would like a brand new fridge. The old fridge works. The seal is a bit not tight and things fall out. But it still works. It’s really fine. I can work with it.

I would like a new hood vent above my stove. The existing one works and includes a microwave but the house gets smokey unless I cook on a lower temperature and use certain burners. If I get a new hood I will need to get a new microwave as well.

It’s all really workable. Not a need as they both still function with accomodation. But I struggle because I want these things. I like improving things around my home and this is top of the list. Money is not an issue. I have the funds but I am struggling with this decision. Am I misguided? Am I being to strict? Should I just give this time?

I appreciate any perspective given.

01:00 UTC

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