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Reasons to hope to see the age of 100 and beyond: Biomedical rejuvenation through damage repair, manipulation of metabolism, beyond the mere results of exercise, caloric restriction, and fasting. Stem cell therapies, anti-cancer viruses, gene therapy, senolytics, and whatever is coming next...

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Biotech company aims to extend dogs' lives. Here's how it'd work.

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14:52 UTC


on the parallels between aging/longevity as a field & the Artificial Intelligence field

Artificial Intelligence as a field has much in common with the aging/longevity field. I hadn't realized how many parallels until thinking about it this week. (These are my former & current fields, respectively.)

A list of similarities:

  1. A long history in fiction.
  2. Huge complexity necessitating many decades for serious progress.
  3. Fraud (eg in AI it goes all the way back to the 18th century "Mechanical Turk", a man in a box pretending to be a machine that could play chess).
  4. Immensely great importance to the world.
  5. A central underlying concept that is hard to define & about which there is much debate amongst in-field experts but every lay person easily knows it when they see it: intelligence & aging, respectively.
  6. Clear motivating existence proofs: human intelligence for AI & for aging (a) negligibly senescent species, (b) germ-line rejuvenation, & arguably (c) indefinitely maintained (classic) cars. But despite the existence proof, still uncertainty whether those can ever be fully replicated in the desired system: human intelligence -> machines; neglible senescence or rejuvenation -> (entire) humans. And outright debate within the fields about achievability.
  7. Despite skepticism in some, optimism in many based on appeal to underlying reality. For AI, a famous quote sums it up: “The human brain is just a computer that happens to be made out of meat". For aging, the body is just a machine that happens to be made out of molecules.
  8. Both fields are fundamentally combinations of science & engineering: both require study of the existence proofs but development of new techniques for building/manipulating to achieve the desired result.

This sort of leads to 9... 9. Both are highly multidisciplinary: AI: cognitive psychology, neuroscience, computer science, robotics (& mech eng), vision/graphics, data science & statistics, etc. Aging: biology, chemistry, genetics, immunology, neuroscience (common to both), nanotechnology, etc. 10. And despite fraud & complexity, nonetheless both fields have a proper scientific grounding & actual clear progress.

One could prob go on. Eg both will create huge society changes & be called booms & revolutions like the internet & smartphones (but sort of corollary of 4).

There are other notable connections between the fields even if they aren't similarities: Interestingly, many people who used to work in AI now work in aging (like me), or want to make that move. Maybe some of these parallels are what draws folks in this direction?

My vague sense is that aging as a field is ~2-4 decades behind AI (so maybe where AI was in 80s or 90s).

Some think AI will play a key role in aging progress. I agree some but not that we can just let AI do it all for us soon.

03:26 UTC


Taurine Extends Lifespan (In Mice): What's My Data? (6-Test Analysis)

11:15 UTC


Dr. Kiprov talks about benefits of therapeutic plasma exchange

08:04 UTC


19.5y Younger Biological Age: Supplements, Diet (Test #2 in 2024)

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19:28 UTC


Dr. Bruce Ames, now 95, proposed his Triage Theory of Aging which suggests scarcity drives micronutrients like magnesium, crucial for DNA repair, to short-term survival enzymes, risking long-term health. This episode explores magnesium's aging role, cancer, DNA damage, cognitive effects, and more.

17:49 UTC

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