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    Is wifi 6 good enough to travel 2 floors and give a solid connection?

    Looking to build a pc for pcvr to use with my quest 3. My preferred situation would be to set up the pc on the 2nd floor, and use the quest on the ground floor (living room). Is this possible?

    Will the connection be good enough and can I easily start and switch games from the quest or will I have to be near the pc? (2nd floor I mean: ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor.)

    20:45 UTC


    After a few minutes, I feel weird Don't really feel like I can play a lot of time in VR, is this different from Motion Sickness?

    Some people say that Motion sickness is reason why people can't play VR for long periods but for me. yes i get motion sickness if i play the games that don't have snap turning but for the snap turning, i don't get motion sickness at all, i just don't feel good playing long periods in VR . Even doing VR chat. It just feels bad having a headset on my head, i kind of feel weird.

    Like Arizona sunshine 2, i can just take 15 minutes and then i just don't feel like playing it. I feel tired or something in my head.

    Also can be any games like Pistolwhip, or Creed. anything.

    It's not motion sickness, it's just I don't feel good having a thing on my head for long . Some people say they can play for hours like 8 hours or the whole day but not me.

    I'm tired of it after about 20 minutes or 30 max. But that's fine. I can play 20 minutes at different times of the day 1 or 2 times a day or 3 if i'm not tired.

    It might also be something about the heat that comes through like through the nose area.

    I have quest 2.

    20:19 UTC


    Alternatives to Mozilla Hubs

    Fellow VR-Enthusiasts, I was using Mozilla hubs fairly frequently until it shut their servers down last month. Do any of you know of a similar service that let's you create own rooms/designs, is web based and reqires no self hosting (server)? Thank you all in advance!

    20:09 UTC


    Questions about VR

    So, I'm becoming more and more interested in vr and I might buy an oculus in the near furture however, I have some questions and I hope that someone can help me, so I can decide better.

    1. How big is the vr gaming library?
    2. How realistic is vr really?
    3. Is vr bad for your eyes?
    4. I'm sensitive when it comes to motion sickness and I've heard that it is quite common in vr. Is it possible to overcome it?

    PS: Experiences and more advices are welcome.

    19:56 UTC


    Quest and PCVR STRIDE: Fates Minor Update with Major Impact on Creativity.

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    19:29 UTC


    Experiencing Virtual Reality for the First Time: What Should I Expect?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm about to dive into the world of Virtual Reality for the very first time and I'm both excited and a bit nervous. I've read a lot about how immersive and incredible VR can be, but I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I have a few questions and would love to hear from the experienced VR users out there!

    VirtualReality #VR #Gaming #Tech #Newbie


    19:22 UTC


    Returnal in VR is great! Should have been natively VR for PC or PSVR2

    19:06 UTC


    Is Google cardboard totally dead?

    im doing an internship and got assigned to make something with google cardboard. From what I read online it died years ago and everything being made nowadays is for standalone headsets

    18:43 UTC


    Seeking advice on Type-C With Sufficient PD (Power Delivery) PCI-E CARD so I can play PCVR on Quest 3 Via LinkCable Indefinitely, or at least longer

    Good afternoon, I am seeking advice on how to lengthen the time I get to play PCVR before my headset dies. I've explored settings in quest 3 already/ Lately by the 2nd or 3rd raid I'm dying in raids because my battery dies.
    I think they said the minimum pd is 18w, but 24w would be best.
    My pc is plenty strong enough.

    Anyway I'm also exploring the wireless, but plugged into a battery route but I think being tethered to the pc would be that much faster. so I plan to do both depending how competitive I plan to be at the time.

    Sorry if I missed anything. My PC does not have a type c port at all. The type a port and cable I'm using currently doesn't do it and I think with type a it doesn't matter it's really limited being type-a. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

    18:10 UTC


    Changing the optical parameters on the fly on VOY Prescription Lenses

    17:19 UTC


    What VR apps (not games) can you recommend where there is a high-quality and impressive visual picture??

    16:41 UTC


    Question about virtual desktop connection

    I’m on a high school campus with an enterprise network, and I’d like to be able to use wireless PCVR via virtual desktop. I have Ethernet to the network, but for whatever reason the network administrators have turned off peer to peer connections so I can’t use it to connect my headset to my PC. Is there anything I could do to get it working? Is there any way to make a windows hotspot useable for this (when I tried it there was an unplayable level of stuttering), or is there any other option I could try? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    16:29 UTC


    Let's all also recommend some actual beginner-friendly games, in addition to the advanced ones yeah?

    16:26 UTC


    Elite strap for quest 3

    I’m looking into upgrading to the quest three but I don’t want to use the strap that it already comes with. Could I just use the elite strap I have for my quest 2?

    16:05 UTC


    Creative/Technical/Business side of AR/VR

    Need some inside scoop! I'm currently new to AR/VR. I have a background in filmmaking and want to leverage it to create truly immersive experiences. My goal is to shoot/produce/create or even manage projects. I want to oversee the project, so having a knowledge in all aspects would be great, not necessarily to just focus one aspect. I have no coding skills or even a developer but would be willing to learn. I can see that this will become massive especially immersive content. What skills should I have/learn/familiarize that is essential to AR/VR?

    in terms of the Creative/Technical/Business side.

    I am thinking of interning to a AR/VR studio to get a first hand experience but would love to get an idea.

    Any courses/programs/youtube channel you'd suggest?

    16:05 UTC


    Best VR racing games for a beginner?

    I wanted to try racing games in vr for a long time. Just bought a trailblazer wheel. So now I'm looking for games that have good tutorials, because I never played any racing games before, and never drove a car either. I tried assetto corsa, but it is really unintuitive

    15:34 UTC


    'The Multiverse Comedy Show' is a new monthly professional standup comedy event coming to the Unknown Theater in the Banter app on Steam Thursday, June 27th at 9 PM Est. FREE 18+ even. Infinite instances, unlimited seating, exponential laughter!

    14:51 UTC


    People asked for a VR piano, so I brought Virtuoso outdoors and played "Clair de Lune" to show our latest instrument. What else would you want before getting into VR music making?

    14:24 UTC


    Please recommend Q3 games for an airplane ride

    What games would you recommend for a long plane ride? The game has to play well seated with very little range of motion needed (so I'm not disturbing others).

    14:00 UTC


    Best VR headset other then meta?

    What's the best VR headset other then anything made by Meta around the same price as the Meta Quest 2? After some research the Meta Quest 2 looks best quality and price wise, but I don't want anything owned by Meta.

    13:54 UTC


    I need some help identifying a purchase of two oculus headsets

    Does anyone here think that they could help me identify these two oculus headsets that I purchased? I got them both for a total of $31 so I figured no matter what it’d be a decent deal. Let me know if I’m stupid.

    13:37 UTC


    I’m debating between headsets.

    The main three I’m debating between are psvr2 pico 4 and quest 3. I am going to add I’m pretty much only going to use these for pcvr and for the psvr on my PlayStation also. I’ve also had bad experiences with the quest one on pcvr in the past. ( my current headset is a hp reverb g2) my old headset is just out dated.

    06:47 UTC


    Is VR about to become uncool again?

    Looks like the hype around the Vision Pro died super fast. No cool new apps. VR Chat's laying people off. PC VR is still totally dead.

    06:39 UTC


    I am debating whether to buy Teche VR180 camera or Kandao VR Cam

    Can anyone help me?

    I would like to buy a VR180 camera that can film some travel scenes or special events

    I came to see these 8K VR180 cameras,

    I was also thinking CALF 6K VR camera,

    but the CALF 6K videos look blurry on youtube, it seems like youtube only supports 4K or 8K.

    so 8K 180VR cameras is a better choice

    the specs of Teche VR180 camera:


    the specs of Kandao VR Cam


    I asked ChatGPT to make a comparison chart

    it looks like Kandao VR Cam is bigger in size and heavier,

    Teche has a better ISO Range

    Aperture for Teche's f/1.8 means the focal length stays 1.8 and Kandao means it can change from 2.8 to 16?

    They are about the same price, can someone help me and tell me which is the better camera?

    Thank you so much!

    SpecsTECHE VR180 VR CAMERAKandao VR Cam
    Weight~750g1.02kg (1.34kg with lens)
    Dimensions138mm x 70mm x 91mm158mm x 113mm x 91mm
    MaterialAviation aluminum alloy+PCAluminum Alloy
    LensTECHE custom lens and module2 x 4mm lenses
    Sensor2 x CMOS 1 inchM43(TYPE 4/3), 21.7M Pixels
    Field of View180-
    ISO Range100-6400100-3200
    Audio InBuilt-in stereo mic x 2; external 4CH ambisonic device-
    Audio FormatAAC, 48kHz-
    Video Resolution (ERP)7,680 x 3,840 u/30fps7,680 x 3,840 u/30fps
    Video Resolution (fisheye)7,296 x 3,648 u/30fps-
    StorageBuilt-in UFS 512GB; External max.256GB-
    Live Streaming Resolution (Main Feed)7,680 x 3,840 u/30fps7,680 x 3,840 u/30fps
    Live Streaming Resolution (Second Feed)7,680 x 3,840 u/30fps-
    PowerBuilt-in 3,500mAh battery (approx. 2h)-
    ConnectivityRJ45/HDMI/USB-C/USB-AEthernet/USB-C Power Supply
    Color DepthVideo: 8/10-bit; Live: 8-bitBT.709
    Streaming ProtocolsSRT, RTMP, RTSP-
    Video Encoding FormatH.265 & H.264-
    Streaming Bitrate1-100Mbps (40Mbps for SRT)1-150Mbps (Custom)
    Video File FormatMP4-
    Shutter Speed (Video)1/30s - 1/8,000s-
    Shutter Speed (Photo)1/30s - 1/8,000s-
    IP ConfigDHCP/Manual-
    Sensor Pixels-21.7M Pixels
    Operating Temperature0°C - 45°C0-40°C
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    06:27 UTC


    It's very frustrating to be a PCVR user here, isn't it?

    It seems people here have already made their decision, that the Quest 3 is the only one to get, even if you're a PCVR user. And that wireless is the way to go.

    I've yet to see how wireless, with all its complications of connection, latency and compression, is better for PCVR than a simple plug-n-play solution. I know there are other venues to use like Virtual Desktop or Air Link or whatever but even those seem inferior to a good DisplayPort connection.

    As for the Quest 3? There are some attractive features. Pancake lenses, exclusive games, cheap price, but it's not the end-all, be-all for VR, especially for PCVR. Not when we have alternate solutions like Big Screen or the Pimax Crystal (especially for its FOV, OLED and resolution lens for Super). It feels like a Quest fan subreddit on here if most of the recommendations are for that.

    I know there's no perfect headset yet but we really need to understand the concerns of the PCVR community and not force one solution down their throats. For example, I have a 4070 laptop. It's not the most powerful but it can run VR games with the aforementioned Big Screen and Pimax headsets. Using the Quest 3, I'm losing something, clarity, textures, colors, etc. Not saying don't buy the Quest 3 or don't use WIFI but please recommend other headsets and alternative solutions for other users.

    04:58 UTC


    Why do PCVR players play stand-alone?

    I used to be a quest player, got a pc and never looked back (except for exclusives.)

    but I constantly see “I use quest because it’s easier” and stuff like that.

    it takes quite literally 3d seconds to turn on a pc and open virtual desktop/steamlink/airlink. And it’s 100000x better than standalone.

    03:53 UTC


    Affordable NON-standalone vr headset?

    Hey! I have always wanted to get a VR headset but I personally just haven't found the right one for me. I was wondering if any of you know about a VR headset that is not standalone like a quest, but is still a similar price to a quest. Essentially I want a headset that runs off of my computer that is around the price of a quest. I do know that the quest can run off my PC, but I feel like I could get a nicer headset if it doesn't have all of it's computer guts if that makes sense. Thanks!

    03:10 UTC


    Happi Art VR - New content pack: Nature Lovers!

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    03:00 UTC


    What are the best PC VR multiplayer shooters that have great mod support?

    01:27 UTC

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