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Would you survive in the event of economic, political and social collapse? What natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes are prevalent in your area? What can you do? What should you be doing now? What do you need to know/have?

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Where do you find the deals?

Where do you find price deals and better pricing for goods?

Gear, food, etc.

I've looked at estate sales recently. This generated my question. There were many unused or somewhat used items that could be useful.

16:41 UTC


Book recommendations?

I ran across a book called No grid survival guide by Claude something.. saw the reviews weren't too good. So I was curious if anyone had good survival educational books they would recommend. We currently have books on the native plants around us that are safe and how to prepare etc. some books on basic survival. I was curious if anyone could recommend a more in depth complex survival educational book.

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16:24 UTC


“Breaking the internet” preparation

With the recent internet outage caused by CrowdStrike’s update, it’s very easy to see something like this happening again, but on a larger scale, and something not as reparable. What are the best ways to prep for that sort of incident?

13:53 UTC


Water Glassing Eggs Unsafe?

Hey Preppers!

I was researching how to water glass eggs and it seems this is an unsafe method for long term storage.


Sorry, I can't figure out how to add in a link instead of the direct URL.

Do with this information what you will!


13:22 UTC


Prepling for chip shortage

What are some ways to prep for a global chip shortage? I was thinking of having spares of each of my PC components, but those do go out of fashion pretty fast so it seems like quite a waste. I'm trying to think of what to stock up on. Can't exactly buy "chips" on the market.

10:08 UTC


Line your property border with bee hives?

Is this a good idea? Hives provide a sustainable food source and sticking them around the border of your property might deter "curious" folk wondering onto your land. Especially in America where your bees are a little more aggressive.

09:10 UTC


Why most people from the rest of the world aren't obsessed with prepping and doomsday thinking?

Folks, I'm from Australia but original from African country and lived in Europe and currently staying in South East Asia.

I have seen my fair share of humanity and most people just want to live a good normal life.

So most people in all the countries I've lived in aren't really prepared for anything bad happening. Most people either rely on the government for disaster management (e.g Australia) or help each other as communities.

Why are Americans especially North American folks so obsessed with prepping? The US is one of the wealthiest country in worlds history, why are they so doomsday obsessed? is it due to historical founding of the country by rebel minded folks? or is it due to Hollywood grade braind washing? I just don't understand why Americans and to some extent Canadians want doomsday to happen. I think prepping is really a pessimist type thought pattern.

How would you explain the someone who is bewildered by the obsession with prepping?

08:20 UTC


Water storage options

I'm looking to buy 55 or gallon or larger water storage tank.

I've narrowed it down to 2 options. The almighty 55 gallon drum and water prepared's 55 gallon drum.


Water prepared's tank is expensive at $299 but shipping is free. I'll likely have this thing forever, so I should buy quality and what I like. I like it has a spigot at the bottom and is stackable so I can add more storage on the same footprint.

The 55 gallon drum is much cheaper but they seem like a pain in the ass to me. Using a pump, siphoning the water out every 6 months, and keeping it sanitary for example. Am I wrong?

ULINE states their barrels are not recommended for long term water storage. So the only other option seems like Amazon where they're marked up quite a bit I'm sure, ~$130. I'm not buying used on marketplace.

How important is using a water safe hose? How long do HDPE tanks/barrels last? Would I be an idiot for spending $300 on something $130 can do?

Thanks in advance.

07:13 UTC


preppers academy pod cast?

Anyone have any opinions? Some of the episodes look legit, interviews with authors that I've read (alton) and stuff like amrron.

Lately I'm super turned off to non stop shilling and just endless advertisements. Hoping none of that. Before I download an episode I wanted to see if it's worth getting into.

06:58 UTC


I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a camp stove that generates electricity.

I was looking through www.browsegear.com and stumbled across a stove with a battery pack on it. The description states that a heat exchanger will transfer energy to the battery pack or other usb devices and provide power. I was just wondering if anyone here had any first hand knowledge of these and any feedback of how well they worked. Thanks for your time.

04:11 UTC


Do the P&G Purifier packets actually expire quickly?

I want to put some of the P&G Purifier water purifier/flocculent packs into my preps, but the very short indicated shelf life is a bit of a turnoff. From what I'm seeing, expirations are about 2 years after being packaged, which seems really short for this kind of product.

Does anyone know if they actually stop working well after the expiration date?


03:42 UTC


Prepping without weapons

I see a lot of recommendations for weapons when prepping.

I'm curious how many people outside the USA include weapons in their preps?

02:45 UTC


How long do we keep acting like this is normal?

Maybe this is the wrong place for this question, but I’m curious. I’m in the US, midwest. I’m going about my normal life, while also prepping for Tuesday. My question is, when do we start doing bigger things? Take for example, retirement savings. , Basically I’m gambling that money and system against the idea that if there is a societal collapse, slow moving or otherwise, that money will be gone, or if not, I’ll be able to use it in the future and it will still be accesible to me. It’s not big, but it’s more on hand than I have regularly. I could invest it into land, but in a collapse situation, do titles and ownership mean anything? Nobody in a refugee crisis seems to care about land ownership, including the government.

Community is a big focus for me, but bugging out to different location means leaving some of the community behind, as circumstances dictate.

I guess I’m just not sure when to take the step from prepping for Tuesday to making those larger moves. It’s probably all personal decision anyway. Thanks for listening, friends.

00:49 UTC


Is the LifeStraw really what it advertises to be?

So im pretty dumb, and new to all this so stay with me

I need a water source for a doomsday scenario, but while i was scrolling through youtube i saw something called the LifeStraw. The thing is, if bacteria and parasites cannot pass through the filter, how hard do you have to suck to get water? Dont you need some damn hard power for that?

If anyone here got sick from one, drop down a story. They are on sale right now for 9.99$, so i am thinking of snagging one not just for prepping but for general drinking uses. Would be useful while camping and stuff

My main question for those who dont wanna read all this is: IS IT MADE FOR DIRE SITUATIONS OR CAN IT BE USED FOR EVERYDAY SCENARIOS

00:09 UTC


What foods to plant that overwinters?

What can I plant now / in the fall outdoors that will overwinter well? I know kale can survive under the right circumstances. I believe garlic too. What about other crops that can be ready for Spring? I’m in Zone 5b (Southern Ontario).

I do have an indoor hydroponic system too but want to make use of my outdoor beds!

Any preppers out there in my area have tips?



21:26 UTC


FAK Tip - Napkin Bands For PPE (Gloves)

I'm sure others have thought of this, but it occurred to me that paper napkin bands, the kind used to roll silverware at restaurants, are perfect for organizing the nitrile gloves in my kits. I asked the server at our local breakfast joint for a small stack of them and she was happy to oblige. I now have handy pairs of gloves throughout my kits instead of jammed in a Ziplock baggie that I can never find when I'm looking for it.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/C1dIsLW

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20:49 UTC


Food Bucket Meals

Has anyone actually done a 30 day of only eating from one of those food buckets and see how their health changed? Like before and after blood work? Kind of like Morgan Spurlock (rip) did in the movie Super Size Me back in the early 2000s with only eating McDonalds for 30 days.

20:12 UTC


What would Mexico be like after long term societal collapse?

Those in Mexico are very self sufficient by nature, obviously those in rural areas are extremely self sufficient. But, even most in the city, know how to live with less, very social and family oriented, and helpful of those around them. It’s a culture built on being able to help and support each other through any situation.

But, what would Mexico look like on a realistic level?

19:44 UTC


What’s a reasonable amount of cash I should keep on my person?

Does it matter if it’s smaller bills or change? If so, why?

18:59 UTC


Survival foods you could live off of indefinitely

Securing and finding food is arguably one of the most important parts of prepping, and I've been trying to learn what foods would be essential for ant survival situation.

So far, I've found that lentils, eggs, nuts, bread, potatoes and fruit would pretty much be all I would need to survive indefinitely. All of them can be stored fairly easily and long term, even unrefrigerated (glassed eggs, canned fruit, hardtack/stale bread) and provide most if not all the nutrients needed to sustain everyday function.

What are your go-to survival foods? If you only had access to a couple select foods, which ones would you choose to have access to?

Edit: first off thanks for clarifying that egg glassing is unsafe, I was previously unaware of that information and will look into freeze dried/powdered eggs too.

Secondly, I know homesteading is by far the best option for long term survival, and ideally I'd love to have my own rabbits, chickens, and garden to subsist form. Unfortunately I'm not anywhere close to having my own homesteading or being able to grow my own food, hence why I'm more curious about other foods you could buy in bulk and store/preserve for later.

18:36 UTC


Long term sustainability.

Cool, you’ve got 10 cases of water. Enough seeds for 2 years of garden. You learned how to can produce maybe. You’ve got a 50 lb bag of rice or beans in the basement. You trip over the can goods you bought and tried to store in that hall closet. You bought some doohickey tool on amazon that turns into 300 tools.

What have you done to prep for the long term? How are you going to replenish your supplies? What have you done to grow a community that is committed to thrive together?

Given your current preps. Describe in the comments what your life would look like 2 years into a grid down situation. Would love to discuss.

18:29 UTC


Dirt Bike EMP attack

Would a modern dirt bike function after an EMP?

17:09 UTC


Backup Water Solution

I’m looking for recommendations on what experienced peppers would do given my situation. I’m looking for a backup water solution for providing drinkable water for my family in the case of a SHTF situation taking place. 2 adults, 3 young kids. I live in a rural area in a small river and currently operate off of an 80 ft well. Surface water quality is poor as we live in an ag heavy part of the country and deal with a lot of run off. We filter the water pretty heavily for in home use, iron filter, water softener and RO system for drinking water.

I currently have no redundancy built into our property so if power goes, so does my water. Would a manual hand pump, manually transferring water to a 25 gallon drum for purification be doable?

16:57 UTC


Disaster Entertainment

Was out thrifting with the wife this morning and picked up 5 more hard copy DVD’s for $6.18.

I’ve been working on rebuilding a physical media collection again for awhile, and Beryl re-enforced fragile both power and the internet can be. Of course we stream most everything, but it’s nice to be able to have something to watch in times like that.

Also can pick up board games for pretty cheap while thrifting also.

16:56 UTC


NYC Prep - Hurricanes

I’ve been reading about urban prepping and NYC specific posts but don’t feel satisfied. With Hurricane Beryl’s development, I think it’s a matter of time that NYC will be hit with a Category 2 and higher.

I still remember when Hurricane Sandy hit (I think it was Category 1 when it hit NYC), I lived in a nearby state but lost power and water for 2 weeks. My dad’s place in Brooklyn was absolutely flooded and everything was totaled.

So my question is: how long should someone in NYC prep for…considering potential hurricane, potential riots due to election, and god knows if H5N1 will hit. When COVID hit, it seemed like having 2 weeks worth of food was enough to avoid most crowds, and we were fortunate that NYC’s supply chain was NOT disrupted. And I also read from one of the posts that if we lose power/water for 2 weeks in NYC, then there’s a global issue. This is where I feel like maybe prepping for two weeks is enough but then I question how well NYC can even handle a Category 2 or higher when many areas lost power for like a whole week with a Category 1. I also know that NYC sewage system is also not designed to handle floods and hurricanes. And how lucky are we to not be in another supply chain disruption? I don’t think it’s wise to rely on that…sorry just so much going on in my head 😅 Thank you in advance for any advice you may have for me

12:32 UTC


Internet and mobile blackout in 2024

Due to protests against the government, there is currently a mobile and Internet blackout in Bangladesh. Video here.

VPNs do not work, traditional landline phones apparently unaffected.

How would we prepare for this if the government decided to shut down the internet and all mobile comms one day?

I'm based in the UK, but I imagine our prep would be fairly similar.

08:38 UTC


How to prep for a nationwide power outage if your basically broke?

lets just say im far from rich, i own a car and i rent a room i make minimum wage. i've heard the thing people are not usually prepped for would be a drawn out power outage, filter water longer than a week? i don't think those purification tablets are going to be good long term. how would you heat inside your house without electric? i rent a room and don't have much say in like a wood furnace. what is something as a new prepper have i probably not considered? if you had lets say 2 to 300 dollars what would you invest in to help ensure you are prepared? i seen the world had a it outage recently, things are getting worst. i feel like us in the USA don't feel the effect of the wars of the world except like inflation prices, but i think that once its on our doorstep things would happen fast.

08:34 UTC


Notification apps

Hi all, I am based in Germany and was wondering is there an app that one can get to get the latest information on well anything that could suggest an emergency? I have the local weather and natural disaster apps already and they work great, but like with this latest worldwide cyber issue I have only read about it today? So was looking a more Allrounder app. Thanks.

06:37 UTC


What jobs would be here to stay if there was a recent great depression?

I was reading the previous post of how to survive the great depression and was thinking, one of my friends works as an ATC and believe that this would always stay as an important job and he is good even if SHTF, what other similar jobs would be out there that we might prep an apply for even from now? I am not talking about skills to learn, this post is focused mainly on jobs.

05:19 UTC


A Key To A Future

Sorry if this has been asked before - but I am seeking a download or recommendations for a book (or books) similar to TWD's "A Key To A Future" book within the show. A traveler compiled ways to create medieval/aged machinery, farming information, how to build items and instructions to help "maintain" a community. I know it was a fictional show, but I'd love to find a download of useful information/instructions on how to sustain and pass along to my family/friends who are not into prepping and even have info for myself. I'm very early on into my prepping, (I started with firearms/ammunition, basic camping/fire starting/water filtration supplies during Covid), but the past few weeks I have been heavily leaning into it. I am an ER nurse and finally in a financial position to focus on being prepared and not having to worry about the bills getting paid - especially with the rising animosity in the world the past week. I've set a room in my home aside for medical/trauma supplies, hunting equipment, water, non perishable foods in large sealed containers, quality of life items, OTC medications and vitamins. But, I still feel like I don't exactly have a full grasp and I am seeking some more informed guidance I can read over in my off time, and pass along to my family and friends who are choosing a more passive route in our decline. Thank you very much and I look forward to exploring in this community.

04:14 UTC

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