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Government seizure of preps

I’m not a fanatical prepper but I have about a year of food for my family and a stockpile of “defensive items” on hand. I’m increasingly of the mindset that about 8 weeks after SHTF there will be knocks on our doors with officials insisting to look around. If they see preps those will be seized to benefit the community. All these violations will be done under martial law for the benefit of the greater good. The average prepper can’t resist law enforcement with rifles so we’ll have no choice but to turn it over. I’m convinced that you need to do 3 things:

  1. Look and act desperate
  2. Figure out how to hide your preps on and off your property
  3. Be fanatical about secrecy when you need to access them. Get 3 days out at a time and don’t leave anything lying around. And burn your trash.


01:57 UTC


weapons for when ammo runs out?

what happens when all the ammo runs out? I've been buying baseball bats and knives for this reason. or axe handles. I have a feeling that when the ammo runs out, the weapon of the day will be anything you can get your hands on. knives, bats, hatchets, machetes, pipes etc. hand to hand stuff. does anyone else buy blunt instruments or am I the only one?

01:25 UTC


Looking for ready to eat food

Hi all, I’m looking for real opinions on the best ready to eat food options on the market.

I believe the conflict in the Middle East could significantly escalate and disrupt global supply chains worse than Covid and I want to be prepared.

I’m planning on buying A significant amount for my family and I’m hoping y’all can shed some light as most of the companies are just sponsored ads and I’d like real feedback from real people

Any help on this is greatly appreciated

00:15 UTC


There’s a lot of anti-government, and anti-community, sentiment here…

I just do not understand it either…

Your house gets destroyed by a tornado, and the two entities the “anti-government” preppers will cry to is the insurance company, and the government for bailout money to get the mess cleaned up and to have a new building project put on your plot of land as a top priority.

Are y’all really going to also tell your neighbors to piss off when they offer to help clean up the mess after a disaster too? Because some of the comments here make it known that there’s some who will decline help from the community.

I just think it’s silly that there’s strong anti-government sentiment here. We all know we don’t want to put down another $100k+ out of our pocket to get a house rebuilt, that’s why insurance and government programs are there for you.

I feel like anti-government preppers who, in the end, seek government payments to get back on their feet are hypocrites. The ones who are willing to tell the government to F off are either stupidly rich, or dumb, but I’ll respect the latter for sticking to their guns.

22:46 UTC


Help me brainstorm Earthquake prep

How can you prepare for an earthquake? I live on the west coast and aside from the obvious knowing how to turn off gas/water lines, 72hrs food and water, and a hand crank radio what kind of things can I do to help my family be safe in the event of a massive earthquake?

22:43 UTC


Our old chest freezer finally died. Any clever ideas for what to do with it?


Couple photos, we got this old chest freezer about 10 years ago from Best Buy for $100, it had fallen off the truck. It finally died and after getting all the rotten meat out of it (that was fun) I'm trying to think if there's anything we can do with it other than just throw it away. I poked around in here and saw some ideas, gun safe, vermin proof storage, maybe a root cellar, wanted to pick y'all's brains for ideas.

22:27 UTC


Maxpedition Entity Series

Hey all!

Getting a new bag for this thing we do. Do any of you have any experience with Maxpedition entity series? Or the brand in general?

I’m partial to vertx, but these look really nice!

21:48 UTC


Confused about rice storage

I’d like to start stocking rice in glass jars. I read here that freezing for a few days is good to kill any critters. But then I read it can cause moisture. So I’m confused. What is the best way to store rice in glass jars and how long would it last? Also what if you just froze a five lb bag and then shelf-stored that , how long would that last? Thx.

21:39 UTC


Making Hardtack. Need recipe and have a question ref ingredients and spices

Can I add spices or just salt? What is the Shelf life when vacuumed sealed with an Oxygen absorber inside? Any recommended recipes?

Side question. Can home dehydrated herbs be vacuum sealed and what would the shelf life be?

20:28 UTC


Trash Disposal After Collapse

I almost forgot to take my garbage can to the curb this week for the garbage truck to pick up. It got me thinking about how trash would be disposed after the collapse.

My wife and I generally fill about 3/4 of the outdoor garbage can every week. If we miss a week of taking the trash to the curb it usually becomes a little inconvenient trying to fit two weeks of garbage into one outdoor can. I started wondering how garbage could be disposed of efficiently, especially in the cities. After a couple months if you saw a place with fresh and consistent garbage pile up it would start to be an obvious sign that people are alive. This could bring some unwanted attention. If you live in the country it would be a little easier to burn your trash for a while, but then it would start to be a giant smoke signal to anyone nearby that people are alive. Burning at night would still have a big bonfire glow to attract unwanted attention.

Obviously recycling as much stuff to be reused or repurposed would be ideal, but eventually trash disposal would be an issue. Burying the trash would be a pain for the average person just trying to lay low. My thought was to periodically load up the bed of my truck with trash and drive 10-20 miles from home and start dumping in random places so that if any looters are wandering around my home they don't see piles of trash giving away my location.

What are everyones thoughts?

Stay safe and happy prepping.

If you see me, don't shoot me. Im just passing through.

20:09 UTC


Not a prepper or maybe I am

Watch a YT from dirty civilians and it made me think about some things. If I got hit by a natural disaster I wouldn’t have enough food or water to sustain my family. Dorothy civilians stressed which I’m guilty of. Getting caught up in the security aspect of if things go wrong. And lack of preparation would force me to become someone I’m not if things were to go sideways. So I made a decision today to not be that. So I started a little stockpile of food. Got 200 lbs of white rice 16 cans of 16 oz read beans same of black. 8 cans of baked beans 38 gallons of water and 2 24 packs of Gatorade. Hopefully this is at least a month worth of items

20:08 UTC


9mm training ammo to stock (somewhat of a specific question)

Hey everybody, I tagged this as a discussion because that’s what I’m hoping to have, MODS feel free to tell me to change it if needed.

I had a quick question for the hive mind, especially the shooters in the group. I’m a prepper first and a budding competition shooter second, who needs to pick a 9mm ammo to stock for training. Firearms for me are as much a prep as they are a hobby, and I would go so far as to say that I only got into competition shooting because of prepping. As such, competition shooting is more of a tool for me than anything else. I’m also still at the point in my shooting where I am working on solidifying the fundamentals currently. So I also have to take my training progression into account.

My question is this, what is the general consensus about velocity on training ammo when prepping/self defense is the main concern? Should I stock lighter recoiling ammo that’s easier for training or heavier recoiling ammo that’s essentially the same power factor as my defensive ammo and most importantly, why?

I’ve narrowed down to two options and I’m trying to choose between freedom munitions new (as in not reman) 9 mm and AAC 9 mm both at 124g. I like both but the main difference between the two is that freedom munitions has a velocity of 1065fps rated, to AAC’s 1150fps rated with the extra recoil you’d expect. I took both with me to the range last week and difference in recoil was surprising. Enough so that it definitely affected my accuracy in follow up shots. I know it’s 100% my responsibility to account for that and place my follow up shots correctly, but one is far easier than the other! The end result is that I’m far more accurate and faster with the freedom munitions, but AAC is far closer to my defensive ammo in terms of power and recoil.

I did some research on the comp subreddits and my takeaway is that the benefits to a lower power factor are easier training and easier application of fundamentals similar to training wheels on a bike, but I’m concerned that training with lighter ammo too consistently might be a problem in the unlikely scenario that I ever have to use my defensive ammo. “Train the way you fight” basically. If I train with the heavier recoiling ammo would the extra difficulty be a benefit in the end, forcing me to iron in my fundamentals and making me a better shooter overall? I also have to consider that my training ammo IS my bulk storage. If there’s ever a long term SHTF and the defensive ammo ever runs out or I can’t get it, my training ammo is my backup. It also is what I would use to arm my family members who won’t store ammo themselves, so there’s that to consider as well. Does that change the equation at all?

Thank you all in advance for the advice and I’m sorry for making another one of these posts. I tried searching but didn’t see anything completely relevant. Be gentle.

TLDR; should I train with lighter or heavier recoiling ammo if competition is only a secondary priority after self defense?

18:22 UTC


What tools would you outfit a post-apocalyptic repair shop with?

Title is a bit hyperbolic, obviously. But in an ever increasing sense of self reliance, I’ve been tooling around with this question. Mostly focused on repairing items. Obviously a good stock of miscellaneous pins, springs, and miscellany will be important. &im not talking about $10,000 CNC machines I just don’t have the time to learn how to use. What’s the spread that will cover MOST of your bases, but certainly not all.

We live in acreage and have a standard garage woodshop with most hand/power tools you could find on a construction site. Nothing too great, nothing too bad. I also tinker with a 3d printer- definitely seems useful. In the house we have a sewing machine proficient at.

tools I’ve got on my basic-but-well-equipped-apocalyptic-repair-shop: Welder Small milling machine Small lathe Heat gun

18:09 UTC


Freezer organization tips?

What are you guys doing for freezer organization? What do you keep stocked? I got a stand up freezer and was looking for ideas. Preferably space optimization things like baskets. There's some fast food options in there but I'd really like to focus on more meat. Those boxes take up alot of space compared to 1lbs of ground beef. What's good for calories per sqft?

The freezer I got has room for additional shelves so I ordered 2 more which should help.

17:47 UTC


How can I prep in University

I’m away at a university in Canada located about an hour and a half away from my home. Apart from knowing backroads to get back and having a go bag in my dorm is there anything else I can do to prepare for a SHTF situation and should I even try to make it back in the first place?

16:59 UTC


Advice Needed best Location for in Home Shelter?

I know there is a ton of stuff out there about this, but here is my specific concern/question that I haven’t seen anything on. I am in a 2 story brick home with a basement. Lots of windows so I don’t think centre of basement makes the most sense.

For nuclear event I believe best location to build a shelter is in my electrical room. Power would be turned off to in emergency. However, my home would potentially be in range of an EMP.

In this context, would it be dangerous to locate a shelter in the electrical room?

Thanks ahead of time for any feedback here!

16:41 UTC


Berkey water filtering systems

Hey guys, a bit new to this and had a question. My apologies if this is commonly known. I have a saltwater pool (not chlorine, although there still is chlorine in it). I was wondering if a normal berkey water filtering system with the black filters can make this water safe to drink? Berkey’s website does not give a clear answer for saltwater pools.

16:29 UTC


Have you taken the free STOP THE BLEED course? If not, maybe do it now!

The mobile version of this excellent free course is here

And you can visit the STOPTHEBLEED.org site here. Provided free by the American College of Surgeons & suitable for anyone aged ten and above

15:37 UTC


Non AR Options? Ban state

I have a pretty solid set up (food, water, radio, clothes, etc.)

One thing that I have been thinking of is a potential long gun for home defense/self defense. The hiccup is that I’m in a restricted state, thus an AR rifle isn’t an option.

Im trying to think of what would be the best option. Something common enough caliber, effective cartridge, reliable, and easy to maintain and use, and something to practice with in an indoor range (the easiest range for me to get to). The list I have is below, but I keep bouncing between and not sure which to go with.

M1 Garand SKS 12 Gauge Pump (old 870 or new 590a1) 12 gauge semi auto shotgun (5 round capacity maximum) Bolt Action Lever action Ruger PCC Mini 14

15:21 UTC


Why does the value of gold increasing signify bad times?

Some of the doom and gloom YouTube guys (you know, the buy my stuff or die type guys like Bear Independent and Canadian Prepper) have been warning us for quite some time now about how the price of gold will skyrocket and it's going to really put the world in a bad place but they don't really explain why. Not just YouTube but even a few other forums and occasionally here on Reddit as well.

Can someone that isn't trying to stuff their Patreon, OF, and their MRE's down my throat, explain to me why the rise of gold has some people worried? Is it just inflation in general, and if so, why is gold usually singled out?

15:18 UTC


Connecting with my daughter 500 miles away in the case of all communications outage

What is the best way to do this? Thank you!🙏

14:36 UTC


In the spirit of the recent post about Canada (see link in post) what do people think the most likely SHTF scenario is for the UK in the next 1-5 years? And what can we do to prepare?

13:07 UTC


For Canadians: where are you relocating in response to climate change?

It’s a given that there’s nowhere we can avoid the effects of climate change. So my thinking, as I start forming my own prepper threat model, is that one must choose which set of climate change circumstances are the most tolerable. For me, wildfire smoke is the least tolerable, followed closely by drought.

So, as far as my research can tell (and I’m no expert), southern/southeastern Vancouver Island seems to get the least amount of wildfire smoke. There appears to be notable seasonal drought there, but not as bad as where I am now.

The Great Lakes region seems to be the best place to avoid drought but not wildfire smoke or wetbulb events. More specifically, Thunder Bay/SSM would have little problem with drought and tolerable summer temperatures, but lots of smoke and wildfire risk. Southwestern Ontario through to Montreal could see awful humidity and tropical nights in summer. (Source: mostly the Canadian Climate Atlas)

So, are you staying put? If not, to where would you go?

12:03 UTC


Planning for unlikely scenarios

My main concerns are prolonged power and/or water outages. Other than water purification and a means for cooking what other basic things should I have? There are streams and lakes within walking distance. Assume I have enough food for a while

11:54 UTC


How to tell my fiancé that I want to prep a grab bag.

Hi everyone! I’m not quite sure how to start this post so I’ll get straight to the point. I’ve always wanted to prepare a grab bag in case of emergencies. My soon to be husband is very against prepping and finds it to be a waste of money considering the cost of living these days. I am pregnant with our first child, so I took the first step without telling him and purchased a military grade backpack and a few first aid supplies. When these arrived I used the excuse of us needing a first aid kit for when baby comes, and that it’s just generally wise to have one to hand. For the bag, we like to go camping so it was an easy way out of telling him the real reason. How do I make him more comfortable in my reasoning behind wanting a grab bag? He seems to be in the mindset that I have become a victim of fear mongering, which I don’t feel at all I have. I just like to live by the phrase “I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” I plan on adding to my bag and have been doing research for years, but I feel horrible keeping it from him. How do I help him understand my reasoning?

09:20 UTC


Barge vs bridge in six states recently, prep for more?

Over the last several weeks, barges have struck bridges in MD (catastrophic failure), OK, MS, AR, OH & PA, latest being 26 barges breaking loose in Ohio river yesterday near Pittsburgh.

You can find reporting on all these incidents w/a Google News search, but so far no major media outlets have addressed the pattern.

Is this something you’re prepping for? Supply chain disruption seems a big concern if this pattern continues, to say the least.

05:34 UTC


What/ where should I be buying shelf stable food to get the most for my money?

So I want to start stockpiling some food and water, what’s the best bang for my buck for shelf stable food? I’m not really trying to drop more than $100 at a time, it’s just not in the budget but I want to get the most out of what I’m spending for food that’ll ideally last 10+ years on a shelf in my basement. TIA

05:23 UTC


Portable DVD Player recommendations?

Hi there! I used to have one of those old Sony Portable DVD Players for car rides when I was a kid. I'm looking for a new one for power outages since I've seem to have misplaced it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a specific brand and model? Thanks!

05:22 UTC


What to do with livestock in a nuclear attack

Ok, so i dont know much about the technical aspects of a nuclear attack. I do live a few hours from a few major cities. If one of the cities were to get bombed i understand you are supposed to stay inside for 7 days. I was thinking of bringing in my best egg laying chickens, dairy goats and a couple lambs. What do other people plan on doing with their livestock? My house is ICF(concrete) if that helps. I forgot to mention. I am thinking of 6 hens(8-10 eggs a day), 2 dairy goats(gallon of milk a day combined) and lambs (40-60lbs of meat each).

03:57 UTC


I have a really stupid question about computers

Hi all,

I know this is a really stupid question but I just don't know the answer Lol

If I have a laptop with Windows 10 or 11 (and with all my offline media/docs) would I be able to open and use that laptop 10 years from now? I guess what I don't understand the most is, that my windows OS is a "lease" right? So could it ever get disabled or shut down? BTW it has no access to the internet what-so-ever (We manually move items over instead of downloading via internet)

I know you'll tell me to install Linux and it's being considered, but I do still have the question above because I just don't understand it.

Thanks so much in advance and I'm sorry for the stupid question!

03:41 UTC

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