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I feel like sustainability is taking a toll on my mental health

Like the title says, I feel like trying to be sustainable/environmentally friendly is *lowkey* limiting my happiness in life. I've always had a love for the environment and animals. I have a degree in environmental biology. At some point I went zero waste and vegetarian (for awhile). But I've been really struggling with making decisions for anything (purchasing, travelling, cooking, etc.). It honestly feels like sustainability is affecting every decision I make, especially the small ones. As it should I feel, but I've noticed that it has been really affecting my mental state more and more.

For example, whilst I am no longer zero waste, I still try to limit my purchases as much as possible. Meaning, I wont even buy a snack or a drink (even if im really hungry or thirsty) because I dont want the plastic packaging to end up in the world somewhere. For some reason, my mindset is "if I buy this, its going to end up being in a landfill for thousands of years and ruin the environment forever". And I think this way for every single thing that I buy. It fills me with so much guilt, but at the same time so much resentment because I wont let myself buy something that I really want (ex. literally a Ben and Jerry's ice cream pint) because I feel so guilty that the packaging will end up somewhere. Yes I do recycle all that I can but "Reduce" is always my first option.

I hardly buy new clothes because I constantly feel that all of the clothes I own are going to stay on the earth forever, polluting it with microplastics and whatnot. I work from home and I wont let myself drive to a cafe or another setting because I dont want to waste gas and emit CO2 on days where my home environment isnt good for my focus. I feel guilty for turning my aircond on eventhough I live in a tropical country because I dont want to waste energy, so I will literally just sweat and be uncomfortable the whole night. I'm in my mid twenties and often feel like im missing out on life because my friends are always getting the latest items and I would like to have them too (not just for having it sake, but because I actually like it) but I cant bring myself to buy it because I feel bad about the environment. I even find it hard to buy my favourite pastry because it comes wrapped in a plastic wrapper.

It feels like I have the world on my shoulders and every "mistake" I make is going to ruin the earth forever. I want to add that I never dictate what others should do. I have never told someone else to stop buying things or to stop doing things. I honestly never even talk about sustainability with my friends or family. This mindset is purely for myself, unfortunately. And I do live life, and buy things and consume things, it just takes a very hard mental toll on me when I do.

Does anyone have any advice on this? I try my best to be reasonable, but the thoughts are ALWAYS there. The guilt is ALWAYS there. Thanks in advance.

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The hole in the roll of toilet paper is getting bigger.

11:13 UTC


Pay 8e extra for reduced packaging

Makes me so damn angry!

10:28 UTC


Kroger potatoes all individually wrapped In plastic. I don’t understand why potatoes can’t just be sold as-is? Why is the plastic necessary?

09:41 UTC


Peak humanity

09:12 UTC


What do we think about this?

09:03 UTC


Electric Toothbrush or Wood with Plastic Bristles?

I've been using wooden or bamboo handled toothbrushes for the last couple of years, and it's coming due to replace my current one--there are some things I try to make last as long as possible, but typically hygiene products that have a common recommendation for replacement frequency are replaced around that frequency.

I've been considering an electric toothbrush for a while, and (combined with a local drug store having them on sale this week) I finally have the extra money that I could buy one.

If I could get wooden or bamboo toothbrushes with natural bristles I would, but what's available locally is all plastic bristles, and buying online costs an arm and a leg with shipping included; I'm not paying $50 every 3-4 months for a single toothbrush. I don't know what's available on Amazon, because I don't (and won't) use it for anything.

I know the heads on the electric one in addition to brisles result in more plastic, but the electric ones have fewer bristles, which feel like the more harmful plastic because they're so small and functionally impossible to contain.

Anyone have any recommendations one way or the other?

Regarding rule 6, I'm not looking for recommendations on any specific products. I'm looking for other opinions regarding two broad categories so that I have more information to try and make an informed decision on the matter.

Edit: "it" -> "my current one"

Also, I already know about reusing old toothbrushes to clean. I have half a dozen cleaning toothbrushes already that are in perfectly fine condition, I don't need more.

22:18 UTC


Things more people should talk about

Hi everyone I run a deinfluencing and mindful consumption account on TikTok (@anti_crocs) what are some good topics to talk about or something you think should get talked about more? I am passionate about anti consumption but I only know what I know so I would like to expand my awareness:)

21:28 UTC


Do your college/school/uni has official whatsapp groups to disseminate information?

This has become so normal ans i dont know when did this start and why is it a a requisite now . Someone should be on WhatsApp at their will and having "official" WhatsApp groups is very unprofessional. I want to know if ivy leagues or big colleges has it too?

20:21 UTC


Earth Day

This earth day is the best thing you can do, stay home, don't buy shit, one meal don't eat meat and drink water out of your recycled bottle. Stop with'im 'doing this for earth day' every day should be earth day if you actually care.

18:24 UTC


But it was like to stop consuming, to stop being human

Sorry, not sorry if a repost

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My amazing experience on long lasting wool clothing

Hey everyone. I made a post here a while back about getting clothes with life time warranty.

That post still stands true, who doesn't love life time warranty/repairs?

Well, I have a second major update to making your clothes last a long time.


I cannot understate how much I love wool. I got 5 pairs of wool socks and I will never ever go back to cotton socks again. Even in the hottest parts of summer I wear my wool socks because they regulate heat so well.

Why do I love wool?

I have stanky ass foot sweat, when I work for 11 hours with my feet inside boots with cotton socks the stench after taking my boots off is horrid. Like I would go to peoples houses after work and have to tell them I need to make a pit stop in their washroom to wash off my foot stank.

Embarrassing as fuck, and honestly, why would I deal with such a problem?

So I looked into wool socks and holy crap it is a life changer. Ever since I got wool socks I have not had a single day with stinky feet. I can wear my socks ALL day and sweat into them but after I take the socks off the stank is not there. In fact, if I only wear the socks for like 3 hours for a long walk with my dog then I can just take that sock off, let it air out and the next day its like I didn't wear them.

No crunchy socks, no lingering stank, and no bacteria (causes the first two issues).

This extends to the rest of my clothes, merino wool underwear, lambswool sweaters, handmade wool scarves. The lack of bacteria means you wash them less, you're actually not supposed to wash your wool sweater after every few wears. Only once a season or if it gets reasonably dirty.

The lack of washing means the fibres break down slower, thus the lifespan of the product increases.

Since the product lasts longer you contribute less to waste, and the bonus is the amazing features of wool that I spoke about above.

That is all, I hope I turned some of you into wool lovers. Go get a pair of quality wool socks and change your life. Over the next few years as your cotton and synthetic clothes break down start buying wool if you can budget for it. Your body will thank you.

14:55 UTC


What to give at Halloween?

I love Halloween but I don't love candy companies. So I've been mixing it up on the holiday. One year I gave free trade, slavery-free, small, (expensive) chocolates. The next year I gave the lollipops with the insects inside. Those were a big hit. Last year I bought bulk comic books and let people take those. But I'm running out of ideas. What can I give out at Halloween that isn't cheap plastic trash and doesn't enrich Nestle?

14:54 UTC


I get the idea, but is single packed boiled eggs really something we need?

Weirdly named hens secret

11:39 UTC


Thinking of third places in Italy where you don't have to pay

I know this sub is more centered around America, but it still seems probably the best place to discuss it.

For last several years I'm living in Italy, and, contrary to what stereotypes say about this nice country, there is lack of good third places for informal socialization. Yes, Italians do socialize a lot - but in what ways? While old people often just sit on the benches on the main square and chat, younger and middle aged above all (warining - my experience is big and diverse but still limited of course) love to go to various fancy bars where they charge 6-10 euro for a cocktail, even in small towns. It's for me far from being ideal places and way for socializing. Some younger peopel do go in cheap beer-only bars (often with 3-4 types of beer; most popular one (particular brand depends on province) usually costs 1-1.5 euro per bottle), which can also sometimes (not each!) offer some side activities like table football but problem with those places is that they have reputation, often just one, as gathering places of shady people (petty criminals, drug dealers, pro betters, soccer hooligans, hookers etc); so they are also far from being places where an average man can just come and socialize.

There is definitely a need for some other sort of public places, of third places. I wonder what can they be?

What I know for sure, is those places should have an either free or at least inexpensice option (like small membership fee), and be open till very late night as here it's common for people of all ages to just start casually socialize after 8-9 PM, and up until midnight or more. They also need to be able to create athmosphere for chatting with others, so they can't be dedicated just to some hobby or activity. And they must be places where people can feel safe when they come with friends or a wife, so they should definitely have some staff/moderators and some defined rules.

09:22 UTC


So afraid of making the wrong purchase that I can't even buy things I need

I moved into an empty apartment with only a few boxes of belongings last year, with the hope of building a cozy home for myself.

After a few months, my "want" list has gotten longer, while I bought almost none of them. Rationally, I know they're reasonable purchases. For example, I've been thinking about getting a standing lamp since I moved in because my room was too dark. And yet every week I would spend an hour researching what lamp I should get (new and used) and then finally telling myself "Maybe I should wait until I'm more sure I need it". I kept looking for "that one lamp" that I could keep forever that I tolerated the dimness for months.

Some items have been on my purchase list for months and yet I kept questioning whether I REALLY need it. I feel that the constant mental exertion and the delay of aquiring things I need/want have noticeably decreased my quality of life.

How do I stop overthinking and be confident when a purchase actually makes sense?

09:15 UTC


I have a dilemma about clothing

Hi, Two years ago me and my mom had bought new clothing for me since I had grown out of most of other ones, however most of the clothing I bought back then was kinda cheap and It doesn't look well. My mom buys a ton of cheap stuff so her decisions probably weren't really helpful. While I will still wear some of it, the rest is too small or extremely worn out. What to do with it?

08:47 UTC


The amount of waste made for some cheese at unnamed global pizza company.

4 indervisually wrapped packets of camembert, that is wrapped in plastic, inside of a plastic tub, with a plastic seal, in a small cardboard box. All for us to unwrap them, cut them up an put them into a container.

08:29 UTC


I wear gloves to stop picking my fingers

I used to use bandaids which was a huge waste cause I would replace them almost daily, plus I had to keep buying more and more. I looked for some gloves and found some of my dads old ones and now I use those which is far more practical and not at all wasteful.

06:29 UTC


How do you find good hygiene and health tips in a world that’s constantly trying to sell you things?

Sometimes I get a new kind of acne growing on my face so I Google it and all I get are ads for skin care products. Or I have a stomach pain that won’t go away and Google has ads for vitamins & probiotics. Even actual doctors are affiliated with pharmacies (are they associated with OTC brands too?).

I don’t know what will help and what information is honest and unaffiliated with products. Like our literal well-being & health are seen as a capitalist venture.

Growing up, my mom had a book of symptoms with home cures, and grandma would have some old timey advice passed down from centuries. I miss that.

Sometimes I make the (dim) joke that grandmas recipes will soon come from her multilevel marketing company.


01:31 UTC


Ugh, I’m a failure. Today I had a single packet of sunflower seeds delivered to my house.

22:59 UTC


Close call with Harbor freight

Literally within the last several minutes, I got a text from Harbor freight extending there “sale”. And then there was a link that I clicked on. And immediately I realized I’m going to go look for stuff that I don’t need or want. Just closed it and deleted the text. Dang I thought I was better than that.

20:13 UTC


Push the Wheel

I am an artist. My entire life I have been programmed to believe I must be yoked to the wheel of exploitative capitalist labor to have a "normal" existence within society, that my desire for a life of simplicity, minimalism, and artistic expression was inadequate, and that I would be shunned.

I am 43 years old and I've been pushing that wheel since I was 16. I've never derived personal satisfaction from "contributing to society," because I believe it should properly be pronounced "enabling society."

On a personal level, I always knew it was unsustainable, and that one day I would break. One day, not long ago, I did.

Here is a song I wrote about it. Some of you may relate.


When he was a boy his daddy said "son," "To them that work hard the good things come" An Ironhorse, with Hesiod's heart The man could put the world together if he had the parts So they sang the song of the working man As he wrestled with the serpent in the far high land He bled and burned in the noonday sun And he pushed until he got it done

All this time He's been pushing that wheel All this time He's been striking the deal But he ain't gonna push that wheel no more

When he was a child his mama said "boy," "One day you're gonna put away them toys" "You'll be a man and you'll work all day" "To earn the money that they're gonna pay" The only way to raise a family Was to jack into an information economy Chained to a desk with a screen in his eye He pushed the earth up against the sky

All this time He's been pushing that wheel All this time He's been striking the deal But he ain't gonna cut that deal no more

A fool who thought he was a superman Fought the battles in the boardroom over grains of sand See him kill his dream and bury it To join the overflowing ranks of the precariat For every dollar that he made for the man He watched the Grey City rise and caught a dime in his hand We sell tomorrow for our spending spree We're the pushers of society

All this time We've been pushing that wheel All this time We've been striking the deal But I ain't gonna push that wheel no more

17:26 UTC


Is there are any alteranatives to normal pens?

I write a lot because of my schoolwork and i recently noticed just how many pens i have to throw away because i can't really keep a lot of pens without anything in them. I just want some advice on how i could possibly limit the amount of pens i have to throw away because i can't refill or change the filiment(?) (the thingy holding the ink inside)

16:31 UTC


I need unbiased opinions about Folding@Home. Disase research vs excess enviromental stress due to electricity use. What's the correct decision?

Folding@home (FAH or F@h) is a distributed computing project aimed to help scientists develop new therapeutics for a variety of diseases by the means of simulating protein dynamics. - Wikipedia

It is basically a crowd sourced computing project scientists can use to make their work faster. If you download the client you can lend your computing power.

I've used it on multiple computers to heat my apartman during the winter. But would it be correct keeping it running during the upcoming months? Financially it does not stress me. And I know one person is not going to make a big difference. So my question is more theoritical. Which is better? To keep it running for research, or to turn it off to save electricity for enviromental reasons?

15:32 UTC


This was on my local fb marketplace lol 50$

15:28 UTC


Pan Salvation

Hey—is there any way to remove the black crust from the pan?

Maybe give it some new life?

14:21 UTC


Giant list of fabric thrifting locations

Hi everyone!

I shared this with r/visiblemending because I thought it fit their ethos of extending the useful lifespan of things and reducing textile waste, and someone commented on that post asking me to share it here as well.

For anyone who likes to use upcycled materials when you sew or mend your things, I stumbled across an enormous map of secondhand fabric stores that I feel like more people should know about.

I’m pretty sure the whole thing was put together by just one person, and I can’t imagine how much time it must have taken her: There’s a map of secondhand fabric stores in the US and Canada, plus a global map, and even a list of online shops.

I’m not affiliated with this effort in any way, I just thought it was super cool that someone did all this and wanted to help spread the word about it to more people who could use it!

I’m also not super familiar with this sub, so please do let me know if it’s not appropriate to share here and I’m happy to remove it.

13:53 UTC

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