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Nuclear power is the use of sustained nuclear fission to generate heat and electricity. Nuclear power plants provided about 5.7% of the world's energy and 13% of the world's electricity, in 2012. In 2013, the IAEA report that there are 437 operational nuclear power reactors (although not all are producing electricity), in 31 countries. More than 150 naval vessels using nuclear propulsion have been constructed.

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I have a 3rd debate for school

13:58 UTC


Does the apr1400 have any passive safety systems?

The ap1000 can cool for 72 hours passively When there is a loss of coolant What passive safety does the apr1400 have in case of a loss of coolant?

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13:57 UTC


How do you communicate/convince people that nuclear isn't as dangerous as everybody thinks?

I don't work in nuclear but I support nuclear. I've read about it and studied it enough to have good knowledge on how safe nuclear power is. However, I often come across people who go "if one thing goes wrong, everything's over". And I'm always wondering how I can tell them that nuclear power isn't nuclear weapons. No, if one thing goes wrong, it's not going to blow up.

01:48 UTC


ATOM (UKAEA magazine) 1978 Article Index

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19:58 UTC

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13:34 UTC


ATOM 259 : 1978 May (the magazine of the UKAEA)

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03:35 UTC


Based ad in the London metro

20:01 UTC


Dear experts and Enthusiasts: What advice would you offer to a high school graduate looking to bring nuclear power to their home country?

Good evening Dear reader,


My name is Adhitya, aged 18, and hail from Singapore.
The high school chapter closes on the 14th of June 2024.(Graduation XD) National service will begin on Jan 2025 and proceed till Jan 2027(Mandatory for all Singapore citizens). That same year University will begin: Anything nuclear-related (Science/Economics/Engineering) would be an ideal scenario. From there the only end goal would be furthering the "nuclearization" of Singapore, India, and hopefully other countries.

Current position:

  • Proficient with AP Calculus and AP Chemistry
  • Beginner-level understanding of economics and geopolitics
  • Basic level understanding of how nuclear reactors work (Attending the University of Michigan nuclear summer program)
  • Only speak English
  • Making posts on Instagram about nuclear energy (No one cares)


  • Is it too late to join the nuclear wave? (As in to fight for conventional big boi nuclear reactors or are we forced to fight for SMR and Micro reactors)

  • What are some skills that would be essential/ of great help? (What should I do XD )

  • What are some people/ places that would be helpful to make contact with/in?

  • Is this overkill, to form plans and contacts and long term goals or is this level of preparation necessary?

  • Is there hope?

Thank you very much for your time in advance, would love to hear your thoughts!

16:28 UTC


Debate Tips

I’m having a debate tomorrow regarding nuclear power vs hydroelectric power.

Some points that they might bring up are the dangers of uranium mining, cost per unit of energy, and how they have to be near water.

How can I refute these?

22:52 UTC

11:52 UTC


Why are these workers wearing masks and suits? Is the glovebox not enough?

These workers are extracting Americium at the new Los Alamos production plant. Why are they wearing masks and overalls when the radiological glove box should be completely airtight? And it's a brand new facility so there shouldn't be any contamination in the working room.

\"The chromatography process shown here extracts americium-241 from a waste product stream as part of the Lab’s plutonium purification process, which uses chemical extraction techniques contained within radiological glove boxes.\"

06:06 UTC

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16:29 UTC


Slovakian government Set To Approve New Nuclear Power Plant, Says PM

16:15 UTC


I got my Pre-Access unescorted access denial 3 years ago (Question on facing potential unescorted access request now) drug test

Hey so a quick intro -

In 2021 I was denied pre-access unescorted access to a Nuke plant due to a failed drug test (I was denied in the pre-employment phase, so didn’t have the access, I was denied before I got it).

I do not have any legal/arrest case involving drugs or alcohol my record is spotless but I believe my denied access will be on PADS( please correct me if I am wrong). I am currently clean of all drugs basically and have been in grad school since then and now.

I recently got an offer for a full-time position at a different nuke power plant. I want to find out if to state this denial in my PHQ, if someone in this position was still able to get unescorted access and what my chances are of getting unescorted access again (assuming I admit to prior use in my PHQ)?

Note: I had held unescorted access prior to my denial for an internship which was favorably terminated.

This new position is an enterprise type position so I will be working with all the nuclear plant in the company’s fleet but I know I will have to get Unescorted access at some point.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I know it is stupid to do weed when planning to be in the nuclear field and I have learned my lesson and I have had enough time to live with the consequences so PLEASE  just help me answer the question, no need to chastise.

Thanks in advance.

21:04 UTC

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