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Graphene - a substance composed of pure carbon, with atoms arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern similar to graphite, but in a one-atom thick sheet. It is very light, with a 1-square-meter sheet weighing only 0.77 milligrams. It is an allotrope of carbon whose structure is a single planar sheet of sp2-bonded carbon atoms, that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice. The term graphene was coined as a combination of graphite and the suffix -ene by Hanns-Peter Boehm, who described single-layer carbon foils in 1962. Graphene is most easily visualized as an atomic-scale chicken wire made of carbon atoms and their bonds. The crystalline or 'flake' form of graphite consists of many graphene sheets stacked together.

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Easiest method to wash graphene oxide

I am currently working with graphene oxide using the Hummers method. Although I have performed this procedure several times, I consistently find the washing process challenging. I start with expanded graphite as my raw material, which poses difficulties later due to its significant expansion rate following the addition of sulfuric acid. Remarkably, just 5 grams of the material can fill a 1000 ml beaker once the reaction is complete.

I am interested to know if anyone has a more efficient washing method. Typically, I find myself employing three different washing techniques, as one alone does not seem sufficient. Once the graphene oxide is synthesized, I first add a substantial amount of water, allowing the graphene oxide to settle at the bottom. I then decant the top layer and repeat the process. However, I've observed that after two washes, the graphene oxide becomes highly hydrophilic, making it less likely to settle during subsequent attempts. Consequently, after the second decantation, I resort to using a centrifuge. This step is time-consuming due to my centrifuge's limited capacity of only six 20ml tubes.

After spending approximately four hours centrifuging the entire 1000 ml solution, I often need to use a makeshift membrane filtration setup. In this method, the gel-like graphene oxide solution is placed on filter paper and immersed in a stirring water bath for several days to remove the remaining impurities. Occasionally, I even find it necessary to centrifuge the solution once more.

I have experimented with vacuum filtration, but my pump tends to give up halfway through the process due to graphene oxide's hydrophilicity. Any suggestions or alternative methods would be greatly appreciated.

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Question about the weight of graphine

Hello I am looking at the application of graphine in sports eppiitment and am wondering the Wright of 1 cubic meter of graphine I have been able to find a sqauer meter but not a cubic meter witch is more accurate to the volume I am looking at thanks for all the help

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Plotting electronic structure of graphene


So I am working on graphene and my advisor gave me an (easy) task to learn how to plot graphene electronic structure, but I've had some things going on and now I can't figure out where to start from and where to look to learn how to do so. I've only learned writing on python for this specific research so I am looking for some kind of resource that teaches how to plot electronic structure on python.

Do you have any suggestion? Thank you

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Buying graphene

I am looking into doing some experiments with graphene, but I can't find anything though my college (well nothing they're telling me about). I was hoping someone here might know where I can find some at a reasonable price? I want minimal thickness, but its not a hard number, preferably <100 (Mu)m, ~5 sheets, and 25+ cm^2.

PS sorry if I sound like some annoying customer, I just didn't know where to ask 😅

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Someone is in my graphene. Do Help Secure the OS again.

These are system logs from a brand new install on a pixel pro7. The same Despicable people got in my other pixel pro6 but it took them about a month. I could tell aside from the logs due to the battery and cameras being altered. Please Help the community by putting some focus on this. And let me know if there is some better more Secure option as I need a phone that's gov / state sanctioned proof. I can't be sure they don't have physical access to it though. Sadly that's likely the case.

Someone that knows graphene OS dev and android hopefully can analyze them better. I see a lot of hiding of windows. Background processes, remote proxy's listening. Etc in the logs..likely a qemu virtualized node running in background allowing full access. Possibly the initial access came via Bluetooth. Let me know how I can share the logs. Its about 4.5mb

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"Graphene Technology" mattress cover, safe?

Hi r/graphene, I have an inquiry for your educated minds.

Recently I went through an intensely stressful situation in my life where my memory foam mattress released fiberglass throughout my home. (This seems to be happening a lot these days)

The cleanup has been long and arduous, it has left me exhausted, especially now having been sleeping on an air bed.

A kind soul close to me has blessed me with a new bed which is supposedly fiberglass free and fully Certi-pur and OEKO TEX certified..

However when it arrived I noticed that the box states that it is using "Graphene Technology". This sounds very gimmicky and like a marketing ploy, however I've heard a lot about graphene so I started searching.

I've come across the HILU blanket, various posts about coats, mentions of GO vs rGo, Pristine, "powder" impregnated into plastics at 1%~ that are then spun into fabrics... etc etc

I just have one question, and that is: Is this thing SAFE to sleep on??

After this fiberglass fiasco I am terrified by the prospect of some dangerous material degrading and slowly poisoning me in my sleep. All this talk of high-aspect ratio nano particles and all else is quite honestly over my head! This shit is far beyond my pay-grade and the entire thing is making me just want to send the bed back!

It is supposedly made in USA but who the heck knows about Amazon products these days. The bed claims the graphene is in the mattress cover only. Comments say this cover is slippery which sounds consistent with the blanket and other products I've been reading about.

I don't know whether to just pull this cover off in favor of a cotton one immediately after I open it, send the whole thing back in exchange for some other mystery box from our Amzn overlords, or freak out and just burn the entire place down before I run off into the wilderness screaming. 🙃 Pardon me as clearly the stress has been taking its toll.

For real though, what would you do? Is this thing a real potential hazard? Is having it on the bed even temporarily in storage and shipping going to result in the foam absorbing graphene particles that will slowly murder me?

Please help before I pull my hair out 😅

The bed in question: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C8HXFKZ3/


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the GCRE Phase 2 project and what it means for Black Swan Graphene

Hi everyone. I'm Ben. I work for Black Swan Graphene (TSXV:SWAN).

I wanted to share our latest email to our subscribers here incase you missed it. You can subscribe on our website to receive our communications.

Anyway here it is:

"We're thrilled to announce our partner’s selection to participate in Phase 2 of the Global Centre of Rail Excellence (GCRE) project, focusing on innovative rail construction technologies. 

This is a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Our collaboration with Nationwide Engineering Research and Development (NERD) aims to reduce the carbon footprint of rail infrastructure by integrating our graphene-enhanced concrete admixture, Concretene, into the production of concrete sleepers. 

This initiative aligns with our commitment to eco-friendly innovation and supports Network Rail's ambitious emission reduction targets.

We are grateful for the opportunity provided by this UK-based GCRE project, funded by the Department for Business and Trade, and delivered by Innovate UK. This partnership underscores our ongoing efforts to improve the sustainability and efficiency of rail infrastructure worldwide.

We look forward to contributing to a greener future and will keep you updated on our progress."

Let me know if you have any questions and i'll try my best to answer them!!

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Black Swan Graphene updates


I’m Ben. I work for Black Swan Graphene.

I noticed some of our Black Swan press releases on here, so I thought I’d share our latest announcements that you might not have seen:

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to get a response from the team!

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EDA tools for graphene / electronics / photonics ?

hi - a computational lithographer here; I wonder how graphene electronics are plan to be scale up in VLSI scheme of things ? Is there a SPICE models for graphene ? Is there some kind photonics / electronics design tool that accepts Graphene ?


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Graphene as electric interconnect

Hey folks, I just joined this sub and I hope I can find some answers about electrical conductivity. Like using graphene (by itself or mixed with other materials) as interconnection for microelectronic applications, just like the conductive tracks in a PCB for example.

Appreciate the help!

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Grpahene conferences

Hello, I am interested in going back to school to learn the production of Graphene. I am seeking advice on which Graphene conference to attend should I go to Graphene Flagship Week in Prague or the Graphene Conference in Madrid?

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CFRP layup on Pyrolytic Graphite sheets

Is it possible to layup CFRP on Pyrolytic Graphite sheets? The idea is to stack up layers of pyrolytic graphite sheets on an Invar tool and on top of these graphite sheets, CFRP layup to be done. Pyrolytic graphite sheet is chosen for it’s low CTE. Need your feedback, thank you!

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Hey are there any good ideas out their for a high school science fair project that involves graphene?

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Has anyone been able to exfoliate large area graphene?

So I've been trying to replicate the method on this paper https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acsnano.5b04258 for my work, but I can't seem to make the flakes larger than around 10um in size. Has anyone had any luck with this? Do you have some suggestions? Thanks!

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Graphene cloth


This store is good for Graphene cloth. Use my link for discount 😊

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I am looking for partners to research and produce products related to Graphene. We have produced graphene conductive ink and graphene powder with high porosity. However, it is very difficult to find. Can you help me?

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Is graphene a cleantech supermaterial? This startup thinks so

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Homemade Graphene

I have been thinking about making some homemade graphene. Does graphite in a blender with dish soap actually work? Or is it just another internet hoax?

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How do I improve the transfer yield of mechanically exfoliated graphene, on a densely patterned silicon oxide die?


I was wondering if anyone has experience with transferring mechanically exfoliated graphene on a densely patterned silicon oxide die? I haven't been getting great yield and it is frustrating. I clean the dies with IPA and acetone, then oxygen plasma, then do my transfer. If anyone has some suggestions for increasing the yield.

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Why don't we scale up the experiment used to make graphene to make more graphene?

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Graphene has the potential to be the most promising material in existence. It represents the largest advance in engineering in decades.

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