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This is a subreddit for those involved or interested in the extractive mining industry. We are not a subreddit for bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrency hash mining.

Welcome to the mining subreddit!

This is a subreddit for those involved or interested in the mining industry. This includes geologists, engineers, drill riggers, students and interns, working in coal, precious and base metals, milling and concentrating and exploration. Also welcome are people from support industries such as construction, heavy vehicle maintainence and environmental management.

It is a place to share links about mining methods, companies, regions, countries, metals and minerals, and to discuss issues such the economy, the environment, safety and careers.

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What would be more beneficial when starting your career, mining site or consulting company?

Just curious for someone starting out as an engineer or Metallurgist.I'm told working on a mine site is valuable but working at a consulting firm helps you become more knowledgeable especially in a business sense.

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Where should I start my Canadian fifo journey? General advice?

Hey everyone,

I've been working as a drilling assistant for a year and then transitioned into operating excavators and loaders in a nickel mine for two years on a FIFO basis in Australia. Now, I'm eager to continue a similar role in Canada, specifically as an excavator or loader operator on a FIFO schedule.

I have a few questions and would appreciate any insights:

Which city in Canada would be the best starting point for me considering my background? Should I approach companies directly or should I reach out to recruitment agencies specializing in the mining sector? Generally, in which city are FIFO mining jobs most prevalent in Canada? Any advice or recommendations based on your experiences would be incredibly valuable.

Thank you all for your help in advance!

18:10 UTC


I want mine information for mines in California. I'd like to know: type of minerals, dates of operation, value of minerals recovered. Please let me know if you know of a site/app that can give me that information. Thank you.

As the title describes.

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Research Topic: International Mining Investment and Its Environmental impacts (compare 3 countries)

Hey everyone, As part of my environmental law studies, I'm researching the environmental and social impacts of international mining investment. I'm particularly interested in comparing and contrasting the situations in three countries: Australia, Congo, and Chile.(can be changed)

Here's the challenge: I'm feeling overwhelmed by where to begin!

Looking for Resources:

  • Can you recommend some good research articles or reports on this topic, especially for these three countries?(if there is scarce resource, recommend me what countries to choose)

Startng Points:

  • Environmental Impact: Land degradation, water pollution, deforestation. this paper is for "environmental law"

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Don't worry we don't need a Silica registry the dust is under control

This place is lovely.

Ironbridge WA FMG

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Coal mining question

I read an MSHA Fatality Report of a fatality in coal mining because of a collapse after moving a longwall shield. I was just curious, on average, how many shields are moved per shift?

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Hi Guys, I recently received a graduate civil engineer offer from an earthmoving company,

what's the difference between a civil engineer in a mining company and a civil engineer in an earthmoving company? what do civil engineers normally do in mining sites?

and they offer me 80k+super+vechicle, is it too low?

22:50 UTC


Harmony Gold

Has anyone else seen how many workers are dying at Harmony Gold mines in South Africa? It looks like the company announces that someone dies at their mines every few months or so. The company announcements page is dystopian, take a look:


This is shameful.

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Compass recommendations

Hi all. I'm running a haul truck at a coal mine and I'd like to have a compass in the truck with me so I always know my directions. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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How do you feel about Chinese mining companies operating in the United States?

Many people talk about TikTok, Chinese microchips in cellphones and other technology, Chinese mass farm ownership, and Chinese livestock companies in the US, but what about Chinese mining companies? How do you feel about the actual or possible Chinese-owned companies mining in the United States?

15:54 UTC


Best Tablet for logging core?

Looking for recommendations for tablets to log core, w number pad.

15:19 UTC


Mechanical Engineer Salary -Nevada

What would be a reasonable salary expectation for a mechanical engineer in Nevada with 5 years of project management/reliability experience in a manufacturing facility?

How would salary/benefits change for underground vs open pit?

What is a typical bonus % that can be expected?

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I frequent Linkedin a lot lately on the lookout for a next venture. While i do see a LOT of job offerings in my field, they are mostly in Canada, Australia or other European countries. I have 16 years of experience in my field (Resource and Mine geology focusing in 3D modelling and database management using MS Access), but so far NO GOOD. I want to work in their companies, but i dont know how to start the migration process so i can work and bring my family as well. yes i enjoy FIFO but i would want to plant roots as well. my current company has been very good and generous with me, but gut feel tells me im close to the end of my journey here (by Apr 23 i'll be the only expat onsite). and sadly, the Philippines is frankly anti-mining (maybe they should stop giving courses on mine engineering) and has very little to offer in terms of employment (aside from the nickel-laterite jobs who will give you peanuts and will belittle your experience.) So to the company and the country offering employment abroad, i urge you, please do accommodate decent, hard working Pinoys and allow them to work in your country/company.

06:07 UTC



Hey fellas, Im new to the industry and this will be my first Fifo gig. Can you guys give me a list of things I should be taking. If it helps I’m doing a 4:2 swing. Thanks boys!

05:41 UTC


Cross Shift Rant

I think everyone here has been frustrated with a cross shift or 2. Whether it be them not leaving a proper cross over, screwing up your plans, free dump in areas they are not supposed to or just leaving the remucks full for you to deal with.

I am new to the industry and every single time I start my shift somehow I get screwed hard by my cross shift 7/10.

I was wonder if the old timers on this sub would like to share their wisdom or tips on how to deal with cross shifts.

17:19 UTC


Is FIFO worth it

I’ve been thinking of heading off to Australia for some time now. FIFO jobs are obviously all over tik tok and I’ve started to seriously think about it but can’t figure out if it’s worth it.

I’m a woman with very little experience (straight out of a masters degree just this year), so I would try to go for less “hard labour” positions like maybe in admin or as a cleaner if available.

My main question is the money. It looks attractive with high starting salaries but with the high cost of living in Australia and then the conversion rate back into euros or pounds it doesn’t sound like THAT much. Plus the misleading info about accommodation, you’re flown out and sure you don’t need to pay for a room on site but you’re obviously still paying rent in whatever city you’re being flown out of while you’re away. I know the work is hard and can be rough on you mentally but if the money is good I’m willing to sacrifice 6 months to a year max doing it. So if it’s short term would the money be good enough for the sacrifice? Could it really be a good option to save or to have money to go travelling afterwards?

I’d appreciate any advice! Thanks all

15:46 UTC


Should Mining Companies Hold or Store Gold and Silver?

When Will Gold & Silver Miners Start Believing in Their Product?

In this article by Stefan Gleason of Money Metals Exchange, the precious metals CEO suggests mining companies should begin holding onto silver and gold not only to hedge against inflation as a sound business practice but to also increase the value of the metals and to signal that they believe in the product (gold and silver miners).

What are your thoughts?


15:09 UTC


Looking for piece of tech I'm not sure exists

I am a core drilling helper and my company recently switched to a weird schedule of 12-12 instead of the usual 6-6. This has made communication with my wife a nightmare. If we're lucky, we can have a 15 minute FaceTime conversation when I wake up either at 10 am or 10 pm. If unlucky, it's random texting throughout the day when or if I have time.

I've tried calling with my generic Bluetooth earbuds, but the ambient noise and wind is much too loud for the receiver to hear me. I was wondering if there is some sort of technology out there than would allow me to have a normal phone conversation with high levels of ambient noise. Any ideas?

13:15 UTC


Freeport climax mine mechanic?

Hey all,

I'm thinking of applying to Freeport diesel mechanic opening at their climax mine and had a few questions.

I know newmont runs a super 7 at their CCV mine. What kind of shift does Freeport utilize for the trade professionals? I read on Glassdoor the admin/office side can do 4 10s, but I know most places will have their tradies on swing shift.

For the Climax mine what kind of setup is it? Is it open pit or underground and what could I expect as a mechanic there?

What can I expect in terms of work load if I do get hired?

And lastly what are the housing options. I know Colorado COL has skyrocketed in the last few years. But, do most employees live in Leadville or do they commute from surrounding areas?

Thank you!

12:28 UTC


How to prepare for the first internship?

Starting my first geo internship at a metallurgical coal mining company in July, and will be mostly on site for one month. Being in my 3rd year at uni, I feel like I don't know nearly enough about mining/coal/coal mining, as my uni is notorious for being too focused on theory. I know it's an internship and the company hired me as a student, so I'll learn a lot there, but I was wondering what would be a good way to learn about coal and simillar stuff, besides doing research on like news articles. Any resources, advice would be appreciated!

08:40 UTC


Drillers Offsider UG

I’ve done 2 swings of offsiding and I actually really enjoy it. Work is simple but it’s hard work. I always heard it was going to be the worst job out but I feel otherwise. Good crew, good mine. Lovin it.

I want to hear about other peoples experiences.

07:18 UTC


Environmental Advisor - Mines

Hi everyone,

I am arriving to Australia on a working holiday visa. I have a degree in environmental science (MEnv).

Does anyone have any experience working as an environmental advisor in the mines / or any tips on how to get into this role ?

02:55 UTC


Moving to work internationally

Hi All,

Currently working fly in fly out in Western Australia as an Electrician (not an auto sparky) on the electrical drive haul trucks, I’ve had a long term goal to work abroad and live overseas. Chatting to a few people on my site who have done it say the opportunity was awesome and there were quite a few benefits. In terms of getting my foot in the door and finding employment does anyone have any advice as to how to go about doing it?


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Mining Geologists - I need work ideas

TL:DR: Dull time at work and need advice on mine geo projects I can start when mining is not going on.

I’m a geo 3 years into my career. Have always been exploration but recently been moved to mining as they shut down expo. Problem is- mine is not in production so there’s not really daily work to do.

Was told I’d receive training, but to be honest, I’ve had some minimal exposure to micromine and running blockouts for open-pit. I’ve been doing a lot of the self-learning resources for the software.

I just wanted to ask for any ideas of what project I could attempt considering I have near unlimited time at the moment. Really looking at the nice-to-haves that benefit from being done just before mining starts.

I’ve asked at work, however, I have no mine geo boss and the consultant is on leave and unreachable. The engineer is also on leave. Asking the mine manager just basically amounts to “look busy” or figure it out… A mood of coasting along until funding materialises has taken over.

I realise that this isn’t the best work environment and I am actively applying. However, I take pride in my work and even if I leave I want people to see that I added value and contributed in some way.

Thanks all!

21:52 UTC


How much is a realistic salary for an entry level fifo miner

Brit here, looking to immigrate to Australia to work FIFO, currently have no qualifications but I am more than willing to get them.

How much is a realistic starting salary and what to expect?

20:49 UTC


Do you enjoy what you are paid to do?

Having a bit of a tough time in my projects role at the moment and I want to know if anyone actually enjoys their work or do you just do it to pay the bills.

I used to work in ops and I liked the day to day work but after a while I wanted more money and advances so moved to a corporate gig

I have always approached my job as a transactional “ I give you my time and you give me money” deal. I don’t really enjoy it but it pays well so I just get on with it.

Recently I have started to actively hate my work and project. Feel beaten down and worn out. I’m curious if anyone in the industry enjoys their day to day work and feels passionate about it or are you just cashing in time to pay the bills?

19:47 UTC

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