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For the civil discussion of all things related to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Energy

For the civil discussion of all things nuclear and nuclear energy.

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Quick Facts

  • Nuclear power provided ~5.7% of global energy & 13% global electricity, in 2012.
  • In 2012, 437 nuclear reactors (many not operational) existed in 31 different countries.
  • More than 150 naval vessels using nuclear propulsion have been built.


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  1. We want everyone to feel comfortable asking questions even if they are framed with a tone of hostility towards nuclear energy. Do your best to inform and not insult.

  2. Nuclear energy has its issues, we want to discuss these with great detail. Be honest about nuclear and provide proposed solutions to its current issues.

  3. Understand that nuclear energy is complicated and has been given a negative stigma to the layman. Try not to attack someone for being against nuclear out of fear, take the chance to instead educate.

Begginer's Guide to Nuclear

What is Nuclear?

  • How does nuclear power work?
  • What makes nuclear plants safe?
  • Where do we get the fuel from?
  • Where do we store the waste?

What about Nuclear accidents?

  • What caused Fukushima/3-Mile/Chernobyl?
  • What effects did Fukushima/3-Mile/Chernobyl have on environments?
  • What effects did Fukushima/3-Mile/Chernobyl have on organisms?

How much does it cost?

  • TBC

What needs improvement?

  • TBC

What solutions are there?

  • TBC

Reactor Types

Fast Breeder

Light Water Reactor (LWR)

Heavy Water Reactor (HWR)

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Nuclear Energy's Recent Successes: A 2024 Review by Eric Meyer and Matt Meyer at TEAC12

04:36 UTC


Research paper

Is there anyone on this sub that’s an actual expert on renewable energy that I can interview and credit in my paper I’m writing for a college class? I got caught up with stuff for my major all semester long and now have two days to write this paper. I’d like to get this paper done legit.

04:11 UTC


Y-12 Security Complex Oak Ridge, Tennessee background check.

Does anyone know if a DUI will keep you from passing your security clearance at the Y-12 project in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Not for a craft position but as a Bechtel employee (Engineer).

20:47 UTC


On being pro nuclear energy(?) and anti nuclear weapons

Hi everyone, I’m pretty new to learning about nuclear power so bear with me haha. But I have been concerned about links between nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and how to reconcile being pro nuclear power while also opposing ties with nuclear weapons research. Particularly, I have been thinking about this in the context of nuclear fusion. As some of you may know, nuclear fusion comes in two main technologies: magnetic confinement and inertial confinement. As far as I know, while the magnetic confinement research and industry is pretty solidly just about power generation, inertial confinement research has never been able to divorce itself from nuclear weapons research. In fact, there are inertial confinement startups right now that are collaborating with national labs known for their nuke research.

While I hope for a clean energy future with clean nuclear fusion power, it does still worry me that some of the R&D will directly or indirectly support the nuclear stockpile. Is there much reason to be concerned, and if so, how should I approach this issue if I’m considering a career in clean energy?

16:37 UTC


TEAC12: Come to the 12th annual Thorium Energy Alliance conference, April 14th-15th 2024 in Abilene, Texas

17:15 UTC


Pipe dream about Nuclear energy

This has probably been researched by a person far smarter than I am, still, I want to adress it just to taylor my own knowledge and to know what kowledge is out there about the topic I have a dream about.


Nuclear power plants produce about 4,5m3 of fallout per year, this is manageable for humanity and we can easily store this with deep-earth containers (recent technology).

Still, to me, this seems like a waste, these isotopes hold so much potential energy.


Is it possible for humanity to harness the power of isotopes?

The radioactive decaying matter we have on our hand produce alot of energy in the form of radioactivity. Wouldn't it be awesome if we, as humanity, could farm that radioactivity and in turn, turn it into something productive, like energy. The energy of the isotopes have to go somewhere right?

The idea:

I personally imagine it like some kind of wall or incasing where the material sits. This wall can absorb the radiation coming from the decaying isotopes and generate a current out of this. This current will be small (very small) but if we stack enough of the matter we can still make energy that was otherwise lost.

I'm curious to your oppinions and even if this is possible, maybe some r/theydidthemath shenanigans would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.

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Second new Georgia reactor begins splitting atoms in key step to making electricity

18:47 UTC


Radioactive Gas

How far does regular emission of radioactive gas travel? (Not from a fall out)

02:25 UTC


People in Nuclear Industry Needed for English Research Essay.

I have recently started my research essay for my English twelve class, and I have chosen the topic of nuclear energy. A part of my essay requires me to do an interview with a notable person who works in the industry (it does not have to be over a voice chat). I have emailed multiple people, but none have responded. If there is anyone who works with anything close to the topic, would I be able to get your response for ten to fifteen questions? Thank you for reading.

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02:40 UTC


Hey, starting a Nuclear Energy Newsletter – wanna join?

Hey r/NuclearEnergy

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Love you,


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Looking for primary sources on MOX fuel

Hi there :) If anyone could help me learn about mox fuel by recommending some primary sources i'd be really thankful!

have a nice day :)

11:28 UTC

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