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For the civil discussion of all things related to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Nuclear Energy

For the civil discussion of all things nuclear and nuclear energy.

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Quick Facts

  • Nuclear power provided ~5.7% of global energy & 13% global electricity, in 2012.
  • In 2012, 437 nuclear reactors (many not operational) existed in 31 different countries.
  • More than 150 naval vessels using nuclear propulsion have been built.


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  3. Understand that nuclear energy is complicated and has been given a negative stigma to the layman. Try not to attack someone for being against nuclear out of fear, take the chance to instead educate.

Begginer's Guide to Nuclear

What is Nuclear?

  • How does nuclear power work?
  • What makes nuclear plants safe?
  • Where do we get the fuel from?
  • Where do we store the waste?

What about Nuclear accidents?

  • What caused Fukushima/3-Mile/Chernobyl?
  • What effects did Fukushima/3-Mile/Chernobyl have on environments?
  • What effects did Fukushima/3-Mile/Chernobyl have on organisms?

How much does it cost?

  • TBC

What needs improvement?

  • TBC

What solutions are there?

  • TBC

Reactor Types

Fast Breeder

Light Water Reactor (LWR)

Heavy Water Reactor (HWR)

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How can E=mc^2 apply to fission?

I’m a high school student currently doing a chemistry project on nuclear energy, and with the research, I have found that most books/sources site E=mc^2 as the reason that all the products have a lower mass than the original atom being split, but if E=mc^2 means energy is equal to mass at the speed of light squared then how can that be used as proof when talking about something not close to the speed of light (let alone the speed of light squared)? Is there a more applicable equation? If so why do people use this one that does not make as much sense? This is not vital to my project but I would like to understand this better and have gone to everyone I know (my teacher and family members who studied chemistry and physics in college) so if you know the answer or have suggestions on how I could get a satisfactory answer (other subreddits or what not) please let me know. This question has been nagging at me!

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The Nuclear Renaissance, 15-Year Highs for Uranium & Kraken Energy (UUSA.c UUSAF) Drilling Past-Producing Flagship Apex Uranium Property

With a nuclear renaissance underway amid the global fight against climate change, uranium futures surged by over 50% in 2023, reaching 15-year high spot prices; thus, creating a robust market poised for dramatic gains as new assets are required to balance the supply and demand forces. (Source: https://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2023-10-31/Uranium-reaches-a-15-year-high-Nuclear-energy-comeback-and-what-we-need-to-know.html)

Poised to commence a drill program before year-end having received its highly anticipated permits, Kraken Energy (UUSA.c UUSAF) has emerged as a high potential opportunity in this landscape with three high-grade uranium projects, including its 100% owned, past-producing flagship Apex Uranium Property in Nevada.

With approval to drill up to 2,200m in 24 holes from 8 pads at the Apex Uranium Project, this inaugural drill program will test high-priority targets immediately northwest and along trend of the historic mine, coinciding with geophysical signatures outlining the mineralized contact

The Apex Uranium Mine was Nevada's largest past-producing uranium mine with a 17.5km mineralized trend which produced over 100,000 pounds of U3O8 in the 1950s at an average mining grade of ~0.25% U3O8. Historic drilling results include results of up to 3.1 m (10 ft) at 1.33% U3O8, 34.1 m (112 ft) at 0.37% U3O8 and 15.2 m (50 ft) at 0.51% U3O8


UUSA CEO Matthew Schwab commented:

"As our understanding of the property has continued to develop, the multi-layered anomalies from radon and geophysical surveys (electromagnetic and magnetic) combined with our ground truthed geological model presents excellent discovery potential for the upcoming drill program at our flagship uranium property in Nevada."

This news follows UUSA's significant expansion of the Apex Property on Nevada Bureau of Land Management ground that covers the potential northwest extension of uranium mineralization from the mine, as well as the identification of multiple high-priority drill targets comprising coincident geophysical and radon anomalies along a 2.0km trend northwest of the Apex Mine and within the newly expanded BLM ground

For more information, check out UUSA's feature in Baystreet's "Top 5 Ways to Invest in Explosive Uranium Demand": https://www.baystreet.ca/stockstowatch/16273/Top-5-Ways-to-Invest-in-Explosive-Uranium-Demand

Posted on behalf of Kraken Energy Corp.

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Showing of documentary "Nuclear Now" at University of Washington this Weds

Hi all, I work with the nonprofit, Friends of Fission Northwest, that aims to educate folks about nuclear fission. We are showing the documentary "Nuclear Now" at UW this upcoming Weds (10/18) at 6pm PT. I thought it'd be good to share it here in case anyone was interested.

If you'd like to join us, please sign up using the following meetup link : )

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Jigar Shah: Breaking the Nuclear Stalemate

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Nuclear Physicist EXPLAINS - The Release of Fukushima Treated Radioactive Wastewater

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Expert Explains What Comes Next In The War On Nuclear with Mark Nelson - Macro Insights Ep. 79

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