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Odd results coming out of SAGA GIS when filling sinks

So I'm working on a project that involves an ice-free Greenland, and one of the things I want to do is detect and fill basins that would most likely be lakes. However when I go to run fill sinks in SAGA, I don't get flat-topped basins like I would think would happen with such a named function. I end up with something that almost looks like the ice sheet is forming again, with a slope up from the central basin to the eastern mountains where I'm pretty sure an inland sea should be. What's going on, and how can I fix it?

Here are images to show what I mean. Here's before running filling sinks, and here's after.

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How to draw basins in gis

I want to draw basins for a highway. I had the survey in cad. Then exported to gis. In gis i have been drawing basins by looking at the cross sections and profiles of old crappy plans. This has been excruciatingly painfull. Its hard to decipher the old plans. I have a 2D and 3D survey of the road. I want to automate this somewhat or make it quicker. How can i draw the basins more eficiently for a road. I am pretty new to modeling. Any tips. Software. I feel like i am doing this in the most tedious way possible. Thank you.

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WDM accessories in BASINS 4.5

Hello Everyone,

I am using the BASINS 4.5 on windows 10. I want to create, View, and edit WDM files.

Is the WDMUtil included in the BASINS 4.5? I could not find and download the WDMUtil online.

Also, it would be great if you could suggest a software that converts the WDM (Binary) to a text file.

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I made BASINS group on LinkedIn, as it was difficult to get traction here with the professional community.

Please feel free to join that group. Let me know if you have issues.

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Trying something new with my life, I need help! (Crosspost)

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Legacy EFDC Program

I'm trying to track down an EFDC exe from 1998 to run an old EFDC-WASP model without having to update my input files, does anyone know where to find legacy modeling software?

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Great cloakroom idea!

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Bornova Arçelik Servisi

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WDMUtil within Windows10

Dear all,

Has anybody been able to find a way to work around running wdmutil within Windows10? Many thanks.

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Newbie : Need help working with MOLA data and modeling Hydrologic Environments

I have to prepare an assignment for my class regarding Hydrologic Environments (mainly river networks). I thought it would be pretty cool to work with elevation data from Mars and I even found this "tutorial" online (https://d32ogoqmya1dw8.cloudfront.net/files/NAGTWorkshops/mars/activities/MarsHydro_GISusers.pdf). I followed every step of the guide and the rasters are not looking how they are supposed to! The Basin tool results in just one huge basin. I think it´s supposed to look like the pictures in the link below but it looks nothing like that. https://d32ogoqmya1dw8.cloudfront.net/files/NAGTWorkshops/mars/vidal_mars.pdf

I´m a newbie and would really appreciate some help. I´ve been experimenting all week but the results are not getting better! Thank you :)

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made a geology timescale app and want to share

I created an app for the apple app store called geology timescale tutor to help learn the different ages, epochs, periods, eras, eons etc in geology. Also there are a bunch other apps there for biochemistry, endocrinology, pharmacy. Please take a look and if you like them then please spread the word!

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Grad student in need of what program to choose.

Hi all,

First year graduate student who is looking for a model/software that calculates stormwater quantity and quality on a basin scale.

I looked into SWMM but I am not sure if it the appropriate program to answer my question. My background is in geology and I have experience using ArcGIS but no experience in modeling. My thesis is related with LID (low impact development) and stormwater management.

Please help if anyone have any suggestion on what program I should use to answer my question.

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How to relate infiltration and soil moisture content in HSPF with land use

Hi! Is there any paper or someone has any idea about how to relate the infiltration and soil moisture content parameters in HSPF with the land use? Trying to model de impact of reforestation in an area from a hydrological point of view. How can I translate the effect of forestation to the set of parameters in HSPF?

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ORISE opportunity to support integrated water management for recent MS degree recipient (US EPA Atlantic Ecology Division, Narragansett, RI)

To apply, go to: https://www.zintellect.com/Mentor/PostingApplications?PostingId=2287

Integrated Water Management (EPA-ORD-NHEERL-AED-2016-07

The ORISE participant will be part of a Research team that is developing tools to assist in Integrated Water Management on community and watershed scales. The overall project involves the development and application of EPA's Watershed Management Optimization Support Tool (https://www.epa.gov/exposure-assessment-models/wmost). WMOST is a decision-support tool designed to facilitate cost-effective integrated water management by communities and watershed organizations involving elements of stormwater, drinking water, wastewater, and land conservation programs. Version 2 of the tool enables users to plan how to meet selected targets related to water quantity-related goals such as maintaining base flows, minimizing peak flows and flooding risks, and maintaining storage within watersheds through use of combinations of management options, which combine both gray and green infrastructure. . Version 3 of the tool (in progress) will enable users to optimize solutions for water-quality related goals as well. Use of the WMOST tool requires exploration of goals and possible management scenarios, identification of input data, running WMOST, and working with stakeholders to use WMOST outputs in their decision making.

In addition to tool development, EPA is working on improving user access to available data required as inputs to WMOST, including hydrologic (and ultimately water quality) time series from existing hydrologic models such as HSPF, SWAT, GWLF, and SWMM. These data sets are currently provided as a data library that can be downloaded with the WMOST tool. However, as the geographic and temporal scales of available datasets increase, EPA is developing alternative approaches to enable internet access to these time series as well as other ancillary data required by WMOST.

The ORISE participant will have the opportunity to run existing models using both historic and future climate scenarios to produce the time series with appropriate spatial and temporal resolution required for WMOST, to learn how to apply a preprocessor to format HSPF and SWAT model outputs to match WMOST input requirements, and to format data for posting in EPA's Estuary Data Mapper application (www.epa.gov/edm) and elsewhere. EMD allows users to identify, visualize, and download environmental data for coastal watersheds and estuaries. The participant will also have the opportunity to assist with case studies involving the application of WMOST to communities in different climatic regions across the country and testing of functionality as new modules are developed in WMOST. The latter are conducted as collaborative exercises involving communities and watershed organizations and will involve stakeholder engagement. Some travel to support the stakeholder engagement process is anticipated.

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Basic Watershed Science Lesson Plan

I am looking to create a unique introductory Watershed related lesson plan for high school level students. Something hands on would be wonderful! Any interesting ideas out there?

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A question about watersheds

I am wondering if anyone knows about different kinds of water and/or soil pollutants and the impacts they have on the watershed in terms of habitats and different flora/fauna? I have a presentation on a similar topic and can't seem to find a starting point.

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Water resources engineer opportunity in Milwaukee, WI

Water Resources Engineer

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC), the regional planning agency for the seven county greater Milwaukee area, has an immediate opening for a civil engineer with an interest in stormwater and floodplain management analysis and planning. The Commission is a leader in the application of sophisticated, state-of-the art approaches to the solution of water resources problems. This is an excellent opportunity for an engineer interested in working on a team utilizing cutting edge geographic information system and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling techniques.

Responsibilities include the preparation of flood hazard maps and systems level plans, including computer modeling of hydrologic and hydraulic processes, and assistance to local units of government in the areas of stormwater and floodplain management.

A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, with an emphasis in hydrology and hydraulics, and the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing are required for the position. A master’s degree and experience with water resources-related computer modeling and geographic information systems is desirable.

The Commission is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Please send submit resume via mail, fax, or e-mail no later than June 5, 2015 to Ms. Elizabeth A. Larsen, Assistant Director—Administration Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission PO Box 1607 Waukesha, WI 53187-1607 Phone: (262) 953-3201 Fax: (262) 547-1103 E-mail: elarsen@sewrpc.org www.sewrpc.org

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