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Veganism: A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.

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Veganism: "A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." - The Vegan Society

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gluten free vegan rant

I’ve been vegan for 7 years. I also have celiac disease. I’m hitting a wall of frustration. I feel like being vegan is so easy in today’s world. But celiac disease on top of it makes it so difficult. Eating out and eating with omnivores feels so impossible. It was okay for a few years because I mostly ate at home. But now I travel for work (pilot), and I’ve travelled a lot for fun too, and it’s so hard. A lot of times when travelling, I end up just not eating much and feeling malnourished. Ive walked into places that have a fully vegan menu- or fully vegan restaurants- and I still can’t eat a single thing on the menu. I am so tired of doing research just to fucking fuel my body. I’m so jealous of people who can just walk in anywhere. I’m missing out on life. It’s definitely possible to eat if I cook all my own food, but food is such a social aspect and im so fucking tired of having to make my own food all the time. I feel like im drawing attention to myself going to family dinners, and even worse, my s/os family events. I’m so afraid to go. I didn’t go on his family vacation and said I had work but the real reason is I feel like im inconveniencing all of them. I literally live by a vegan donut shop but I can’t try any of them. When I rant about this, people just say I should be vegetarian and be more relaxed. But I really don’t want to break my morals. It’s just so frustrating. Why isn’t there a cure for this disease. Idk if there’s a point to this post, I just felt like ranting. Maybe some other celiac vegans will understand or have tips.

05:05 UTC


What are the most common "grey areas" ?

Some exemple of what are sometimes see as grey areas :

Non-sencient animal consumption

Eggs from rescued hens


Eating too much calories

Plant products that heavily involve some form of animal expoitation

What is your opinion / way to handle this topics ? Did I miss something important ?

04:42 UTC


Freeing 40k chickens from cages with $200


Hey vegans, I wanted to share this donation with you because i want to encourage the vegan community to also donate as a way to help the animals.

I self-identify as an effective altruist (EA), which means I am trying my best to maximize my positive impact on the world by donating to the most effective and impactful charities per dollar. I want to emphasize how much impact one can have by simply selecting the right charity. From a consequentialist perspective, you can easily 10x your ability to reduce animal suffering by donating alongside being a vegan.

How did i get the estimate 40k chickens freed from cages?

After currency exchange to USD and transaction cost:

200 CAD -> 137 USD

Animal Charity Evaluators evaluated The Humane Leagues cost-effectiveness for 2017 and showed that 16 animals are "spared" per dollar (this is really just the 5% welfare improvement that equals a chicken). Therefore, a combination of 320 chickens go cage free or equivalently other animals receive a 5% welfare improvement other their lifetime.

X 320 = 43840 chickens go cage-free

However, I donated to ACE's top animal charity (Kafessiz Turkiye) which they rank higher than THL. This may balance out with the outdatedness of the figures I used (2017 report).

There is A LOT of room for uncertainty in my estimates. I did not conduct this analysis professionally and there are way better impact analyses than mine that exist from the EA community. That being said, I tried to present theses number honestly and the true impact could be a lot lower or a lot higher than I think.

I hope you find this post inspiring to donate to effective animal charities as well. :)

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04:25 UTC


The normalization of meat consumption in media.

A lot of cooking videos now appear immoral to me. Even fictional cartoons where some animated bacon is fried in a cozy cottage now seems sinister.

Yet when you choose to be vegan and signal as such, many unempathetic or obtuse non-vegans will take it as unwelcome proselytizing.

Suppose I made a cooking video game where all recipes were vegan. An abundance of people would take it as moralistic preaching and likely ignore it. On the otherhand, if I include meat recipes in the game, do I contribute to the normalization of meat consumption and at the same time alienate many vegans instead?

04:12 UTC


How do I fight low energy?

I bike everywhere I go. I never drive.

I eat lots of protein and carbs in every meal to help my muscles to recover and to give me energy. I don’t each many vegetables unless it’s for the purpose of making those protein and carbs taste good.

I take an algae oil omega 3 supplement and a multivitamin supplement that has b12, d3, iron, magnesium, calcium. I use iodized salt in my cooking. I add pea protein and creatine to my smoothies.

I started getting low energy when I recently had to move, increasing my bike to work from being a mostly downhill 15 minute ride to a now 25 minute on-and-off uphill bike ride then 10 minute bus ride then 10 minute flat bike ride. Then the ride back is the same in reverse, but there’s an incredibly steep hill going up to where I’m living. My legs feel sore for at least a day afterwards. But I don’t get a day of rest, because I have to do the same thing the next day.

Then earlier this week I also started college classes after not being in college for three years. My mind is exhausted as well.

I’ve started drinking coffee to help wake me up. But the internet says it’s bad to rely on coffee. Today I didn’t drink coffee and I was barely able to function.

What should I do?

03:01 UTC


Mosquito victims

So idk if it’s just a me thing or is it a vegan thing to get eaten alive by mosquitoes? I swear im always getting sanguinated by these little gross vamps. Ive been vegan for over 8 years but because of work i haven’t been able to enjoy the outdoors that much but over the last 4ish years ive noticed them getting worse for me and im trying to figure out why me. My boyfriend is a vegetarian and i just about lost my shit the other day when i got sucked on probably a good 20x in the span of like 10min. and he who was out there for a good hour longer than me walked away with only 1 bite. ONE. I take more precautions than him so im pissed. Am i really just that juicy or is there something about being vegan that mosquitoes find attractive? AND NO, CITRONELLA DOESN’T DO ANYTHING.

01:44 UTC


Help! Where do I find Turtle Bay Tempeh Burgers!!!

Hello! My friend and I have recently found this Turtle Bay tempeh burger at a local market but they don't carry them retail. In fact, nobody seems to carry them retail. Do they manifest? Are they magic? Do we have to catch them with a net in the wild? Are they summoned from another dimension? Has anybody got any information? We kind of need these because of digestive complications, and this burger is one of the very few things that doesn't cause distress. please help!

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00:07 UTC


im so exhausted of advocating for myself

tldr; we never are accommodated at my partners family dinners. my partners parents are finally hosting one which i was hopeful for but they let me down. now we have to do last minute prep in order to have food


so my partners family has big dinners probably every few months (mostly at restraunts such as taverns that have little to no vegan options, but also sometimes at peoples houses).

anyway this time we are having a dinner at my partners parents place, which i have always thought they would be so much more open to accommodating us since both their child and their childs fiance dont eat animal products.

anyway, we ended up being tasked to just bring our own dinner. my partners parents are apparently making a few slow cooker meals for everyone else. a few, and not one could be made vegan. literally vegan chilli or something is so easy to make and no one would be able to tell any different, so how hard is it to make one completely vegan dish.

so weve had to now convince them that we would prefer to bring a dish for the whole family to try instead of just a serperate one for us where we would feel left out

but thats not the only reason why im irritated. this morning we realized that we have not asked at all about dessert and if there is going to be any at the event. so we asked and... there is, and theyve already arranged dessert options that arent vegan. we would have not known about this if we didnt ask, and we would of just showed up and watched as everyone ate the couple of dessert options they have.

so now were having to fiddle around last minute and try and make a dessert platter of store brought items (cookies, brownies, strawberries, ect) to offer to the family, because we were not told or accommodated for. and we also have to spend so much money since we do not have time to make something. this event is in a few hours btw.

im just so annoyed and exhausted. i feel like my partners family has not seen me eat anything beyond chips or a few other items, and i just dont want to be the odd one out anymore. i hate going to family gatherings and not being accommodated for when everyone else gets to eat amazing meals. i think this is probably the most challenging thing i deal with as a vegan.

i guess i should be greatful that i can even bring options for the family to try, which is different than typical. i know this is such a stupid vent, i just feel so let down by my partners parents.

23:57 UTC


Happy Juneteenth! Here are my fav black vegan docs!

Documentaries have been my go-to way to learn more about veganism, animal suffering, health, and the environmental impacts of animal agricultural. There are so many great ones out there and many are classics that almost every vegan you meet will have watched at some point.

In honor of Juneteenth (a relatively new federal holiday in the US celebrating the date emancipated black folks in Texas learned they had been freed), I wanted to bring attention to some really great vegan docs I've watched that center black folks (black Americans, specifically) in their documentaries.

My favorites so far have been:

The Invisible Vegan

They're Trying to Kill Us

Both are available on YouTube. The Invisible Vegan is more lighthearted and great for new vegans wanting to learn more about black history, culture, and social justice movements and their relationship with veganism.

They're Trying to Kill Us approaches the conversation from a food and social justice lens and has a deeply disturbing interview with a CAFO owner.

Another great resource for learning more about black vegans and how to eat foods you grew up with but veganized is the AfroVegan Society!

22:10 UTC


Why are people vegan instead of vegetarian?

This is a genuine question. I want to give up meat but I think I'd find it really hard to give up the other products that come from animasl. The hardest would definitely be milk. I've tried other milk alternatives in the past and I just can't stomach them. Cheese I could live without easily. Also there are alot less options being vegan over vegetarian. When I've tried giving up meat in the past I've really struggled because I don't like alot of alternatives such as tofu and chickpeas which seems to get used alot. Any help or advice would be appreciated

Thanks for all the replies. It seems like I'm offending a lot of people. I was asking a genuine question because I didn't know the answers and wanted some guidance.

21:05 UTC


Guides on becoming vegan?

I've been wanting to become a vegan for a while (I've been vegetarian for 8 years) but I find it a little daunting and I'm worried about getting enough nutrients, I know you can get them on this diet but I'm not quite sure how. Are there any good, complete guides or books that you recommend that helped you do it? Thank you

20:35 UTC


Video about roommates comparing vegans to - ‘consentials’

I saw a YouTube video a while ago and it explained veganism by exploring a world that rape was the norm for sex.

It opened with one guy sitting at the table in the kitchen eating cereal. His roommate came in and asked if he wanted to come out with ‘the guys’ that night. The roommates brash friend barged in and answered for him saying that roommate #1 was ‘one of those consensuals’ and started talking about how sex wasn’t the same if the girl wasn’t screaming to get away.

It was the best vegan … parody? I’ve ever seen and I’d like to save it to send to people. Anyone remember it and have a link?

20:24 UTC


Honestly confused when certain people aren’t vegan

I am a freelancer and work part-time for an online NGO that advocates for animal rights and against climate change, among other things. The people I work with and meet through the organisation are usually full-time activists and campaigners with very clear principles.

It sounds judgemental, but I’m honestly baffled by how few of them are vegan or even vegetarian. I’ve met quite a few of them over the past couple years and most of them happily eat animal products.

Of course I know cognitive dissonance is a thing, but it’s so bizarre to me that you can fight for animal rights in your professional life and still not connect the dots. I’m not a fulltime activist at all, so it doesn’t make sense to me that people who devote their careers to fighting injustice wouldn’t connect the dots. Are my expectations for people with these profiles too high? I find it hard to ask them about it without sounding judgemental.

20:10 UTC


Watching Dominion for my birthday?

Hello everyone! I'm [21] vegan, while people closest to me love meat very much. I've voiced my opinion on the subject many times, but it didn't make any difference. I ask them to at least not cook animal products with me in the room (it's not like I hang out in the kitchen all the time, they have plenty of time to make food). They never listen. Moreover, they often buy non-vegan products for me and then say that they 'forgot to check the ingredients'.

These people are very kind to me in all the other aspects of life, so their stubborness on this topic is perplexing to me. Specifically, I'm talking about my husband, my best friend (more like a sister, really, we are together 24/7), mom, step-dad, and cousin, etc. We don't all live together, but spend lots of time at each other's places.

Now, I have an idea for my upcoming birthday 'celebration'. I'm planning on showing Dominion to the guests, then maybe discussing it if they feel up to it. Of course, the guests will be notified about what exactly we're going to do at the 'party'. The thing is, there's no way they'll agree to watch it on their on, but it's my birthday, they should agree?

Everyone I'm planning to invite is 18+, but some of these people claim to love animals, so they might get somewhat upset. Do y'all think it's a good idea? If so, do you have any advice or recommendations?

Thank you!

19:19 UTC


Recommendations please!!!

Hey there! Me and my sister are both 20F from California and have been vegan for >5 years! We're taking a road trip in the state this coming week! Im here to ask you for the best vegan food spots in our destinations! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack shops, cafes or bakeries- whatever! All of it!!!

Here's where we're going;

  • Solvang
  • Avila
  • Hearts Castle
  • Big Sur
  • Yosemite

We're packing plenty of food meals and snacks for nights we're camping and times where there's no where to go- and we just eat a lot lol. We're already going to Modonma Inn for dinner near Avila, sister says she's been there to eat. But more recommendations for foods in/near that destination are greatly appreciated!

  • we're willing to drive at most 30 mins to a food place from out destinations lol -

I appreciate you're recommendations, thank you!!

18:20 UTC


My vegan mom is coming for a visit. What are some things I should have in my pantry for her?

My mom is coming for a 5 day visit, and I wanted to surprise her with having stuff she's able to eat already in my home. I kind of don't really know what to have stocked in my pantry/fridge beside fruits and nuts. Do you have any snacks or quick lunches you could recommend? What do you like to eat for breakfast? I am pretty sure she's not into anything like meatless hot dogs, etc. Thanks for any help!

17:42 UTC


Overdosing on B12

Hi Guys! Just writing this because I recently got a blood test and I am a bit confused/scared. I have been dealing with a lot of health isseues lately (dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, etc.) and decided to check my vitamin levels and hormones. I already know I have extremely low iron so I starting supplementing for that, but then my doctor called me and told me to stop taking B12 IMMEDIATLEY, saying it was "off the charts". I didn't get my full blood test results back yet as I got a lot of other things checked, but has this happened to anyone else? Is it something to be concerned about? I tried looking stuff up online but I'd rather hear from other people. I just found it quite ironic since poeple talk about B12 deficiencies in vegans. For reference, my daily multi had 500% DV B12 and I probably ate about 2 tbs of nutritional yeast a day (it's SO good) so add and extra 600%. I'm just a little freaked out and unsure if that's why I've been feeling awful 😅

17:29 UTC


Mindful Star by Utopian Art Machine

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01:26 UTC


Vegan cream cheese

I'm from NY and am kind of a snob when it comes to bagels and cream cheese. Anyone from NY and know what I mean? I'm looking for a good vegan cream cheese to buy and/ or a really good recipe ?

03:51 UTC


Dk what to put here (suicide warning)

Lately I've been feeling like I've been really selfish because ik that if I kill myself and write a dying wish that I want my family to go vegan they probably would but I'm too scared of the pain so I haven't and they might even go vegan if I tell them about this but I'm too scared and i feel like a terrible person for not doimg it, ive had a lot of mental breakdowns lately and im having one while writing this, also im in the age group of 10-13 im not gunna tell my actual age, ihg this sounds so self involved idk whay i do im so selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish

04:01 UTC


Where does Petsmart Canada source Exotic Animals?

I am doing a research project on the exotic pet trade. Any information is greatly appreciated ♥️ I have reached out to corporate and local stores without luck. (They have been very good at hiding information)

Thanks in advance!

04:40 UTC


"If you want to kill the most things...be vegan"

07:48 UTC


Remembering Regan Russell

09:45 UTC


Silk's original soy milk tastes like vanilla, but the organic one doesn't?

Does anyone else think this, or is it just me?

11:33 UTC


What should I cook first?

New to vegan eating and recently thrifted some books. What should I cook first? Any winners / favorites from these books? Trying to get the whole family on board.

I’m off the rest of the week and excited to get in the kitchen. Thank you all in advance!

14:26 UTC


Some hope : my whole family became vegan over the years

I’m a chef and I became vegan 10 years ago. My husband and my close friends are also vegan. Over the years, my family (my sister 33, my mother 60 and my father 65) turned vegan too. So I thought I could tell you how it happened to give some hope.

For my sister, it was easy : we love debating. When I discovered about antispecism, we had a lot of intense conversations. She came up with all the classic beliefs : it’s not sustainable for the health, plants have feelings too… but eventually, she was intrigued, did her research and became vegan in 6-7 months after me.

For my parents it was really difficult : they hate confrontation and they felt judged by me. And this topic became a taboo. So, I decided to “accept” their diet (or pretend to accept it 😈). Sometimes I would make a comment about veganism if it was accurate: the benefits one can get for the health, the benefits for the planet, how animals are being treated. But never in a confrontational way. In the meantime, I was really strict about the meals we had together: everything was always vegan at the table. Every holidays, trips together, birthdays… all was 100% vegan. I’m the cook of the family so it was easier for me. I cooked for them delicious meals, their favorites desserts, their favorite type of cuisine… and they always found my food delicious.

They started to make my recipes at home, and in a few years I learnt that they were eating plant based at home. When they ate outside, they started to look for vegetarian options but I feel like they didn’t want to limit themself ! I also learnt that they didn’t want to be labeled as vegan so I never asked questions !

But this weekend, my father was telling me about his work trip in the Alsace countryside in France, how beautiful it was. And he added « but it was really difficult to eat as a vegan, I had asparagus with no sauce ». 🥹

14:33 UTC

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