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Veganism: A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.

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Veganism: "A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." - The Vegan Society

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Vegan but I eat Eggs

I don’t even like eggs. I want to go full vegan, I’ve been dairy free for over a year and I’m now stopping all animal products before a certain date. I’ve always wanted to go vegan but with my circumstances it hasn’t been possible. Now that I can make the final steps I’ve been struggling with not including eggs. In my head it seems less harmful than eating animals but I know that it’s still harmful to the animals. Eggs are an important part of my diet as it’s extra protein and it’s easy.

It feels like I’m making excuses to keep them in my diet. If anyone has anything bad about the egg industry you can point me towards I would really appreciate it but I’m wondering what the vegan alternative would be to an egg. Not just in a recipe. I could probably find tons online but it’s just confusing me. Unsweetened apple sauce? If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations it would mean a lot. This post was also to pressure myself, I’ve already told the vegans I’m gonna do it, can’t back out now!

01:10 UTC


Quorn meatless chicken nuggets are NOT vegan!!

I saw on a tiktok a girl recommend them as a vegan alternative and so I got them and I know I should’ve checked the ingredients before buying still but in my mind someone said theyre vegan so theyre vegan and they say MEATLESS and are in the plant based refrigerator in the store. I only noticed they contained milk and egg after I ate them and wanted to see what they used because they were so good :(

23:23 UTC


The science of why people hate vegans

22:44 UTC


Any small town activists?

22:01 UTC


? Hostility

Has a group of friends for years with a few different religious/cultural backgrounds and with many different dietary preference. (Meat/vegetarian/vegan/no pork/beef/only fish etc) We all respect each others choice, we don’t think any off us is any more right than other, we don’t try to tell each other what they should be doing/eating/try to convert them. And we still have a great time with each other.

People are bound from having different values(moral or not), there are people who can respect others values and choices. And most people are learning/growing everyday that we are constantly changing.

Can I ask why does it seems to be so different with veganism(?). I find that there’s a lot of hostility both from and toward this community.

I am not here to attack anyone but just hoping to learn/listen.

20:58 UTC


I hate vegan cheese and chocolate, and that's okay

I've tried Applewoods, Violife, Cathedral City, Tesco's Plant Kitchen and a few others. Genuinely disliked all of them.

All vegan chocolate I've tried tastes oily to me, and not creamy enough. Even the ones most people seem to really like are just meh and not worth the price. Vego is the best I've tried but even that leaves me feeling oddly unsatisfied. I would rather do without.

I don't like vegan alternatives and yet I'm still vegan. Why? Because I don't think me experiencing a few moments of a very specific taste experience is worth a cow being raped, tortured and brutally murdered. Those foods used to be my favourite in the world. I used to eat a PB kitkat every day and have cheese toasties for breakfast, but you can give up anything if you place someone else's life over your enjoyment.

Just posting this in case anyone else related and felt sad they don't like the alternatives either. You're still valid and I see you

20:57 UTC


To all my Canadian animal activists out here, please go to AnimalJustice.ca and sign the petition to STOP BILL C-275!!

17:11 UTC


New Faunalytics Economic Analysis of the Chicken, Egg, and Fish Industries in USA, China, and Brazil

16:41 UTC


Potato Leek Soup 🍲

I've never made soup before! First attempt was potato leek soup from a recipe I found off of the Tasty app. I added in some Miyoko's liquid vegan mozzarella to make it creamier 🤤

15:39 UTC


To all carnivores who think that eating meat is best for you : you are simply wrong

Where do I get my source? From facts. My information is grounded in truth, unlike yours that is grounded in anecdotal subjectivity.

How about you link your studies that illustrates plants have anti-nutrients? You make 0 sense because what do you think the animal that you eat eats? PLANTS! You use a tortured animal as a filter to get your “nutrients,” which in turn gives you all types of diseases and imbalances. You need to stop lying and speaking nonsense about this, because you are legitimately insane if you think the animals you eat consume air or something. If you are telling yourself plants offer anti-nutrients, you are still eating anti-nutrients because the body of an animal you are eating is no different from yours, yet somehow, he/she magically reverses those anti-nutrients into nutrients? Did you forget you are an animal as well?

Again, you continue to exaggerate and twist words to pathetically try to justify needless murder. I never once advocated or recommended for industrialized plants because I could use the same logic as you: shop locally. Have you ever heard of a Farmer’s market? Or like a non-imported storefront? How about I dunno, anyone’s back yard that can grow any type of plant? Even if you want to argue about pesticides being found in plants, all you need is vinegar and water and you will wash off most, if not all of the chemicals. If you are that terrified of pesticides, that is why organice produce exists. And genetically modified? You do know that the original bananas contained a ton of seeds, right? So are you claiming the current banana is somehow inorganic?

The banana was carefully crafted and scientifically prepared in order to be the a banana that it is now, and it takes nothing away from the banana. It remains extremely nutritional and edible for all animals. You are one to talk about genetically altered when you are literally eating obese infants. The chicken, the pig, the cow you are eating now is nothing like the chicken, the pig and the cow was 50 years ago. They have been genetically engineered to be fattened up to the point where within 50 days, 6 months and 3 years, they are nothing like how they were within the last century.

There is nothing natural about the animals you eat. Nothing. A natural chicken does not produce hundreds of eggs, a natural pig does not emit a sweet, maple odor and a natural cow does not produce gallons worth of breast milk. You are too propagandized to not even know what you are talking about.

Plants. Are. Not. Sentient. They possess no nervous system. No heartbeat. No subjectivity. They react to stimuli, just like your phone. For you to compare a carrot to the dog or cat that lives with you and claim they are equally conscious is completely ignorant, disingenuous and disgraceful. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to make a cell phone be on the same level as a human being. It is called a hierarchy for a reason, the law of Order. Vibration < Bacteria < Plants < Animals. Did you ever go to school and learn about the word “biology” by any chance?

You need to get off Reddit and need to go read a book about what veganism is. You objectively do not know what the definition of “veganism” is because you are saying these “whataboutisms” and are trying to dismiss an ideology you have no idea about. You are literally presenting yourself as being blind and walking alone while you continue to tell yourself, “I know where I’m going.” I’m going to make this really easy for you and explain this at a kindergarten level. Ready? One is intentional, the other is not. It is that fucking simple, meatflake.

There is a difference between me walking one mile and stepping on ants and microscopic insects and me eating the literal flesh off of someone’s ribs. Your brain is just as clogged as your arteries if you are trying to make me sound like you, an intentional animal abuser. We are not the same. I live my life practically, you do not.

Again, show me the fucking studies. And do NOT show me anecdotal, non peer-reviewed, non-consensual “studies.” Show me objective, scientific facts, because if you do not and you cannot show me that, OF COURSE you are going to say it is healthy for you to eat literal vomit, periods, puss, blood, indigestible fat, and how can anyone forget the breast milk of another species? You are going to say this is the most healthiest, natural “diet” for you because YOU. EAT. THIS. And it is completely, totally not biased for you to say otherwise. /s

You are not a fucking carnivore. Your physiology is that of a fruitarian herbivore… but I do not have the time, nor the crayons to explain all of this to you. You are a grown adult who operates a motor vehicle, look it up. Nothing about you or your body says “carnivore,” nothing. That is why your digestive tract is not that of a carnivore, that is why your teeth are not that of a carnivore, that is why your hands and feet are not that of a carnivore, that is why your abilities in terms of eye perception and sweat glands are not that of a carnivore and that is why you need to season, cut, cook and flush out the flesh of a tortured soul so poorly.

Go face an actual carnivore and tell him/her that he/she needs to stop making you look like such a beta. Do you know what this actual carnivore would do? Swallow you the fuck up as is, clothes and all. A legitimate carnivore eats the entire body. Ligaments, mucus, fecal matter, bones and everything in between, yet you eat a fraction of a fraction of sliced, prepared flesh and you are calling not only yourself, but all of humanity carnivores? Haha. You are funny.

You genuinely are too ignorant on this subject to even try to continue this conversation. For your sake, please do not embarrass yourself and our species any further. You make us look, sound and feel bad and as someone who was once a carnist like you, just fucking say you like the taste of a tortured soul and shut up with all of this extra noise. You are an addict. You value your sensory pleasure over the life of an innocent, defenseless, vulnerable sentient being… and that is all that is keeping you in your little corner, none of these other sorry excuses because these are simply a front that is masking what you are too cowardly to say: you are gluttonous. But no, here you are, wasting both of our times and going around your unethical cravings with weak-sauce excuses when the issue is that the only excuse which cannot be argued is someone’s liking to needless suffering. Not a single individual can argue with a psychopath… that is what makes them a psychopath.

So either you are genuinely chemically-imbalanced that sees no wrong with murder… which in that case, you should not and cannot be left to roam society freely, or, you get off on eating misery because you have conditioned your mind to like it. It can only be one of these. Which one is it?

Leave animals the fuck alone and go learn how to make plants taste good.

15:45 UTC



Imagine not being able to answer yes to if a world with less suffering is preferable to a world with more suffering.

Imagine then wondering why I don't go work in soup-kitchens and donate to charities, as if I have to be a saint.

Imagine being confused when I wonder if we're bad people for not working in soup-kitchens and donating to charities.

Imagine realizing and agreeing that we're not.

Imagine being informed that it's a matter of either walking past the beggar on the street or stealing a coin from their cup. One action morally neutral, the other morally wrong.

Imagine getting the point that I believe that we should stop stealing the coin three times a day and being asked why not, knowing from before that it won't leave you or them worse off.

Finally, imagine giving me a blank stare for a full minute and being unable to answer.

Unable to reflect on our talk while making your tuna sandwich or cutting up a fish for dinner.

I've been disheartened to learn that there's no use talking to you.

You're an NPC.

And somehow, you still claim to care about animals.

15:49 UTC


As meat eaters say “but what about bacon tho, i couldnt live without cheese tho” whats one vegan food you could not live without?

My answer is BAKED BEANS!! I can not get enough of them🤣 Please no “there is nothing i could live without over animal cruelty” its just a light hearted question to hear about some vegan faves!

EDIT - there is no pork in baked beans in the UK! Cant believe that this is a thing in the US?! I thought the original comment was taking the mick 😅

13:51 UTC


How many animals get slaughtered for meat every day?

14:09 UTC


They should make a vegan dating app

It would make things soo much easier. I'm starting to realize that I won't be able to date a meat eater in the future, especially if we would live together. It would just upset me too much seeing him eating meat or to have meat in the house, and our ethics and lifestyles would be too different.

14:18 UTC


Started the 30 day vegan challenge few days ago but I'm afraid I don't get enough energy for the day from my breakfast.

"Complex carbs release energy slower thus for longer than simple carbs." But can someone tell me this in numbers? How much longer??

I love maths, and hate dieting. How can I read this and go about my day? Can I have a time-energy graph for this so I can actually understand the difference??

Context: I'm trying to figure out what will give me more energy in the morning, eating "wholegrain" cereal or just eat more "grain" cereal.

14:45 UTC


New Cat Study shows that cats on a vegan diet are healthy!

15:01 UTC


I'm bored of the things I eat

I always use tofu as a meat substitute and yes you can fry it, crumble it, bake it etc. but I'm bored of it. With meat you have so many textures with all the different animals and parts of their body (not that I miss eating those they are disguasting to me now but I crave different textures). But with tofu even if you make it different ways the texture of it will be super similar still. I know there are vegan versions of nuggets or schnitzel or things like that but I don't really have the money for those because they are so expensive where I live. Anyone feel the same way? Any ideas what I could do?

14:13 UTC


1) should i ask friends/family if there will be vegan food before going to a gathering 2) i'm a super lazy eater, what's a list of all the supplements/vitamins i should get?

  1. just wondering what to do for events, for example this weekend i'm going to gathering where I don't know if there will be any vegan food. it's a kid's birthday party, so I'm assuming they are serving dinner maybe a grill-out, but should i text & ask? & what about my extended family? they know i'm vegan now because I told them, but every time i see them (once a month or so) they server dinner/lunch, so should i say "will there be vegan food or should i eat before" every time? or should i expect them to know & have some vegan food already?

  2. i may get some hate for this but i'll be honest I'm just a super lazy eater. I am trying to at least eat whole foods once a day, but to be completely honest it's hard, & most days i'll probably eat some processed vegan burger or chicken patty or make myself some burritos (i do love burritos/tacos). anyways as a vegan now I think i have to be even more careful with getting all my nutrients, so i'd rather just buy some vitamins & supplements to not worry about it in general, & then over time try to incorporate more healthy foods.

thanks for any tips! <3

13:04 UTC


Recommendations for pressure cooker recipes?

I just got a pressure cooker, which as I understand it is mainly used for beans. (Maybe rice too? Not sure. Really just heard about beans.) I don’t have much experience cooking besides the occasional pasta with olive oil and of course the greatness that is the microwave. So I can’t think of much besides plain beans and rice with maybe some salt and pepper and garlic lol. Maybe some cilantro if I’m feeling daring and freaky. Do you have any suggestions, anything you particularly enjoy?

12:28 UTC


CUBE OF TRUTH (worst reactions)

Here is the vegan outreach we do in Southern California. We have multiple chapter and tons of weird carnist. Check it out and subscribe

12:10 UTC


my birthday party

Basically when I told my parents that I don't want anything non vegan on my birthday, they looked at me like crazy, and grandma said that

"There have to be sth meals for everyone" and I think it's not fair that they are telling me what I would have on my birth day even thogh it's not my money.

Am I right or wrong?

12:07 UTC


Vegan friendsgiving?

Has anyone done a vegan friendsgiving instead of eating with your meat eating family? What was it like? Was your family upset/disappointed in you not attending thanksgiving?

05:17 UTC


And just like that, you're the villain

1 Comment
05:46 UTC


Chat GPT would be vegan if it was sentient.

We chatted back and forth briefly but in the end it knew.

06:29 UTC


Ruffles cheddar and sour cream

Really specific request, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a good replacement for Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream potato chips?

06:56 UTC


Boermarke, a leading Dutch dairy company, announces that after three decades in the dairy industry, it will now focus entirely on the production and development of plant-based dairy products, with the goal of making these products available in all European supermarkets within three years.

08:03 UTC

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