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Aggressor workboots five years

They were ok. After 5 years the soles wore out and are not repairable. The treads were excessively deep which tracked mud everywhere but more seriously has the potential to move seeds of invasive plants from one location to another.

The eye holes also eat shoelaces, hence the zip ties. I tried to file them down and it didn't seem to help much. Itr ied to hammer down the sharp edge and the grommet broke.

However I put them through their paces and they lasted a while. We will see about the next ones. 3 stars.

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01:39 UTC


Need help finding underwear to combat ball sweat!

Hey guys, I’m in the market looking for underwear to help with ball sweat. I’m a heavy sweater and I’m looking for an underwear to help combat this. Not a big fan of polyester fabrics, more of a cotton type of guy. I’ve tried shinesty underwear but wasn’t a fan of the fabric and the ball hammock pouch was too low and didn’t fit me too well. Let me know what you would recommend.

01:21 UTC


Beard trimmer. Is this a me problem or a low end equipment problem?

They keep rusting, breaking, or having battery problems. I’ve been through several sub $50 Wahls and Brauns, and now my roughly one year old Andis Slimline Pro seems to be on its last legs due to pitting and rusting on the blade.

I use it 3ish times per month and keep it in a regular bathroom in a regular house. I’m not hard on things.

Are these lower end units genuine stainless steel? If not, which models are available in real stainless? What price point do I have to hit? I wouldn’t mind buying a quality corded unit.

I already consistently engage in almost too many activities that require me to change/apply/check oil in something or other, I’d prefer if I didn’t have to do the same to my electric trimmer. I’m just not interested in it, but if I must, I will in the future…

I’ve already read up on this topic on this sub for the most part before I got the andis. Thanks!

00:55 UTC


Looking for Printer that can print A3 paper, laser printer with good quality, and can scan double sided documents

Hello any help will be appreciated :)

23:57 UTC


Stressing out over Samsung Fridge

A lot of things in my parent's house are coming to the end of their life this summer, and it's really putting a strain on our finances. Recently our Samsung fridge (RF26HFENDSR) evaporator panel (DA97-12609B) has frozen over and started humming obnoxiously. I took it apart and defrosted it, but a few months later and it has frozen again.

When trying to find what brands would be the best to replace this unit with, I can only see contradicting info. One person recommends a brand only to have another reject it a few scrolls down. There seems to be no common consensus.

This combined with the permanently pending class action lawsuit against samsung for their issues is extremely disheartening to see. Even if we could afford to seek out a high quality brand, reliability is not guaranteed, and it seems everyone is too busy to protest it.

23:52 UTC


Looking for down comforter & linen sheets

I’m looking for the best down comfortable for a hot sleeper ( Under $300) and linen sheets. Any recommendations? Brookline? Parachute? Thanks

23:42 UTC


Austrian Kamarg rucksack got a fresh cord after 40 years as the original was rotting and flaking onto my camera gear.

These are still available on their website and nearly identical. They even have a personal seamstress Kirsten who will fix your rucksack if you're not capable. They sell every part.

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22:06 UTC


I need a serious bottle opener

I need something so heavyweight and long-lasting that when you are sharing some beers with the lads and you hand them it the only words left coming out of their mouth are “DAMN”. Preferably under $150

21:00 UTC


Best (affordable) vacuum cleaner? (eu)

Hey there, college student from Europe here. I just moved and the houses vacuum cleaner is basically broken. I earlier used a "Henry" and was quite impressed by how powerful it is. Just currently dont have 200€ for it. Do you have any recommendations? Or maybe even alternatives to vacuum cleaners altogether? I have wooden floors. Thanks a lot

18:01 UTC


Remove dents from klean kanteen

17:47 UTC


women’s cotton underwear, similar to what aerie used to be?

I used to always get my cotton underwear from aerie but everytime I go there now the selection is pathetic and the quality just isn’t there. any brands that make good quality (but also not ugly-I want underwear that’s still cute but also functional and comfortable and not too matronly)


16:55 UTC


[BIFL-Request] Heavy & Wide Work from Home Chair that will last. Budget and may be tall order..

Good Afternoon BIFL Community,

I just recently started working from home (8hr-10hr days). currently have a desk but no chair (it broke)... and using my couch as the moment. but, this will be my third chair in 2 years because I keep buying crap without much research. I know this may be a tall order.. But, does anyone have any chair recommendations for Heavy and Wide? Normally I look at the big and tall section.. but, I'm not tall. just big(wide), heavy and short.. and that not a category lol most of the big and tall chairs I find the arm rests are way too close and essentially the chair becomes part of me at that point- I like and want arm rests but, I haven't found any true "wide" chairs for larger folks where I am not being squeezed by them.

Weight is 267lbs // 40" waist (fat rolls on me add about an extra "3)

Budget is sadly not much which may be the tall order of $250

Location: Kenner, LA

Vendors around me are BestBuy, Walmart, Target, Office depot

Thank you all!

15:22 UTC


Best travel cup that looks like a coffee cup

I'm looking for recommendations on a travel cup for coffee that looks like those typical disposable cups, but reusable. All the recommendations I'm seeing are for mugs/tumblers that don't look like a typical coffee cup like you'd get when ordering coffee to-go.

14:37 UTC


Clothing help for an unfashionable fella

So I asked this on fashion Subreddit, and they sent me here. Well, one guy did. The others tried to correct me LOL. Got to love the internet.

As the title says, I'm not fashionable. I want to buy some clothes that are high quality and last. I just wear t-shirts and polos. Mostly. I've found some polos I like, so I'm looking for t-shirts. I'm looking for two qualities, the first is They are high quality. I want them to last. I'm not looking for something cheap, I make good money and I want to spend money on something worth having and that will last.

Second quality Is they don't shrink. I don't want form-fitting things or things that ride up to my nipples. When I raise my arms above my head. I'd like a shirt that stays roughly the same size when I wash it. For some reason this has eluded me.

For reference, I'm a 41-year-old man who stands about 5'9, wide shoulders, and unfortunately a gut that I can't get rid of. I need some help 😊

12:20 UTC


Best solid wood furniture?

I'm moving out of my parent's house and need to get a full set of furniture to furnish my new apartment. I'm definitely leaning towards solid wood furniture as I think the quality would be better. I've seen recommendations for Room & Board and Amish furniture. However, on a 19-year old budget, they're a bit out of my price range. Are there are any brands that offer more attainable prices but still have good quality? I've researched Plank + Beam but their furniture seems to be made of pine...I'm not sure if that soft wood will stand the test of time. I've seen a few Article pieces too...does anyone have experience with them? I love IKEA's aesthetic but a lot of their pieces have veneers.

11:09 UTC


Are there any robot vacuums with unique technology and better features?

Hey everyone,

I've been using an Ecovacs Deebot N8 robot vacuum, and I'm facing a lot of issues with its software and location detection. It got me thinking about the technology behind these devices. Almost all robot vacuums I've seen seem to have similar UI and technology.

I have a few questions and would love to hear your thoughts:

  1. Why do all robot vacuums have the same software and technology?

    It feels like most brands use the same underlying technology and software. Is there a specific reason for this? Are there only a few suppliers for these components?

  2. Are these robots rebrands of technology manufactured by a generic company?

    It seems like many different brands are just rebranding the same basic technology. Is this true, and if so, who are the original manufacturers?

  3. Why are the apps so similar between different companies?

    Even the mobile apps for controlling these vacuums look and feel very similar. Are they developed by the same companies?

  4. I'm missing some crucial features in my Deebot N8, like the ability to manually locate the robot if it doesn't auto-recognize the floor map. Also, I can't back up my maps, so if there's any software issue and I have to reset the device, I lose all my mapped floors and have to start from scratch.

Does anyone know of a robot vacuum brand that uses different technology and offers these features? I'm looking for something more reliable and customizable.

Thanks in advance for your help!

07:57 UTC


What are the best storage bins for important keepsakes?

I'm helping an older relative organize their indoor storage room they have and putting all their things in banker boxes into plastic bins. I also, have to get shelves that they can stack them on! But, that's a whole other headache.( Cause I want something light enough I can put together and they can move around if they choose to later when they re-do the carpeting in their storage room)

I like 65-71 Quart Bins ideally. And, latching lids. They have a variety of things they need to store. Like, their kids old books/toys/clothes. And, then other items.

I need to buy around 20 bins! lol. So ideally nothing over $20 each( I mean some of them are so expensive . Why is plastic expensive lol). But, I guess for their important items I could splurge and put them in more expensive bins.

They recently had a mold/humidity issue that effected one part of the storage room and thankfully only ruined 2 boxes at the bottom of the banker box stack. So, I'm trying to reorganize the whole room.

07:01 UTC


Major wardrobe update suggestions for M 30+

Hey everyone, like the title says I'm severely overdue for a wardrobe update and was hoping to find suggestions of high quality items that will last a really long time


I'm a teacher and need some business casual looking clothes, but I've been gaining weight (formerly way skinny, now back to thin and strong with good muscle mass and gaining more). As a result, a lot of my clothes no longer fit.

What are some of your best suggestions for brands for the following

-Shoes and or boots that look nice but can be worn daily -Jeans, chinos, casual-but-not-denim-pants Shorts -High quality T-shirts -Button up but not necessarily dress shirts

I have some coats that I love that will last decades but I don't get to use them much down here in Mexico, and I'm looking for suggestions for the rest of the wardrobe now that I have to update a lot

05:49 UTC


Clippers to buzz my own hair

I started buzzing my own hair, I would like to buy a super nice pair of clippers and start doing this myself or have a friend do it for me. What are the best clipper brand/models that actual hair stylists use? Oh also, I'm a white male with pretty straight hair.

05:14 UTC


Top load washer - LG

Hi! We are looking at LG for a new washer and dryer. Prefer top load washer and electric dryer.

Any specific model recommendations?

We like the look of the black/slate ones, but if there's a much better model to get in white, please advise.

Please no speed queen reqs. Their top load washers aren't big enough for us.


00:47 UTC


Baggage Handlers, TSA Workers, Airline employees. What suitcases should I buy?

I've had suitcases bust and break. It seems I should invest in some good luggage. What should I buy?

22:40 UTC


maybe not BIFL but how do i get a longer last bath mat..?

22:00 UTC


Colour Printer Without Proprietary Chip Ink

I am a technician currently helping a small church, and am replacing their HP OfficeJet 6978, which suddenly "doesn't recognize" any ink cartridges put in it (I've read suspicions that they self-sabotage if you keep putting third-party cartridges in them). I've had to do a lot of support for HP products, and they're just awful stuff. Bloated software, proprietary parts, cheap hardware quality, etc.

HP is definitely what I'm trying to steer them away from. What would you recommend for a desktop colour printer? I've heard good things about Brother and Canon. Any particular models?

21:56 UTC


Red Land Cotton--Very Impressive

Hi Folks,

I wanted to pass on how impressed I am with some bedsheets and shams that I got from Red Land Cotton. As someone who sews and understands fabric construction, I would recommend their products. These are heavy cotton, and the stitching is done with care. They are a little more expensive than something one would find in Target or WalMart, but these sheets are strong enough to last a lifetime and they are made in the US with US cotton. Very nice stuff.

21:27 UTC


The Nikon S2, buy it for life

I have benen a Leica shooter for ages but that shanged when I bought my first S2. The 1:1 view finder and The one hand handeling got me on other thoughts. Today I own 2 Leica M3 and a Lei a M4 but The camera I pick up to shoot familj, friends, Street, wedding and so on is the Nikon S2. This MF changed my styre of shooting, my comfort zone and my mind. I Love her!

#nikons2 #nikon #loveit

21:06 UTC

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