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Electric toothbrushes [SURI]

My Phillips Sonicare is finally on its way out after about 10 years, rubber seals are going and battery life is only a few days now.

I hate that they're not user serviceable, but have seen the brand Suri showing up in my socials. It's an electric toothbrush, similar tech to the Sonicare, but they market themselves as the premium, sustainable option being aluminium and user serviceable.

Looking for advice from anyone who's used them? Is it green washing, or are they actually good?

11:52 UTC


Ecco leather boots I bought 10 years ago


I am someone who puts my shoes through the absolute wringer and these boots have survived it all. I bought them 10 years ago and have exclusively worn them every winter and autumn since then (also occasionally in the Spring since they're honestly a year round boot). Lived in the mountains in Sweden for 2 years and wore them on my daily hill hike to the bus stop in snow and rain, currently live in Norway and they're still going strong even with the conditions. I only give them a polish every now and then with some shoe polish.

07:45 UTC


Looking for pants like Wrangler Adventure series

Looking for pants for work like the Wrangler Adventure series pants. I constantly use these for work and it's almost exclusively all I wear.

The issue with these is they have zippered pockets on the sides of the legs just above the knee. I need to find pants in the same style lightweight/breathable material WITHOUT zippers anywhere on the pants. I work in an area of a vehicle factory that requires I wear clothing without mutilation hazards like exposed metal zippers or rivets to ensure quality of our products. Thank you!

07:37 UTC


Wolford tights are no longer for life. Ill fitting, low quality, and holes after about 6 wears :(


This is my first post here. I was a devout wearer of Wolford tights and a couple years ago bought 3 new pairs to replace my 10+ year-old tights that never got any holes in them even after snagging on a rusty pipe. Those things were amazing! That is in the past, though.

I bought footed tights, footless, and pantyhose at more than 30EUR per pair, and I'm HIGHLY disappointed. I've barely worn the pantyhose and, as I was ill for a long time, barely wore the others, too, but after a little wear:

  • The footless fit fine in the lower legs but are huge in the hips/waist so they slide down. It is impossible to wear them except under pants. Threads are coming loose, too.

  • The footed tights fit fine but felt kind of cheap and, lo and behold, got holes after about 6 wears. The fabric on the bottom of the foot started looking worse than my 10 year-old tights after a few wears, too.

BOTH of the above starting pilling after a few wears.

I did contact customer service but they didn't seem to care and asked me simply to send the items back for them to decide if it's a manufacturing issue or not. Given that I'm not living in Europe at the moment (the items must be mailed to Germany), it didn't seem worth wasting even more money on these people, especially as I didn't trust a company that has the nerve to sell what I deem to be overpriced crap.

06:12 UTC


i need help with baking sheet buying decision

i just moved out on my own, i have grown very fond of baking my food, its so much easier to just throw it in the oven *takes longer* but i dont have to stand there in the kitchen or close by to keep turning it in the pan or some such nonsense, i have used the baking sheets at work, and the ones at my old house, the sheet at work is a think black sheet, i love it. It cooks everything perfectly, it dosent rust and its thick and dosent seem to warp or anything, it cools down rather fast as well. the one at my old house was your classic cheap silver aluminum pan, things dont seem to come out quite as nice and it totally destroyed my loaf of bread when it violently warped in the oven due to heating to fast, i am not a fan. i cant seem to figure out what the black one at work is made out of, i thought carbon steel, but everyone says if you dont take care of it, it rusts. i dont season it and it has never rusted even in the drying rack. can someone help me out as to what i am looking for? recommendations? i am open to whatever, but i do like quick and easy, i currently have a 16 inch cast iron pizza sheet, its nice but it takes way to long to cool down. i will finish eating and the thing is still scolding, by that point i want to just clean up and go about my business.

05:25 UTC


Which oral b electric toothbrush should I get?

My dentist recommend me to get one but didn't specify which, and I look on Amazon there are models from $40 to $450 cad. What on earth?

What is the model that cleans your teeth well? I don't really want to spend almost 500 on a brush though.

04:45 UTC


Want to recommend the Amazon Essentials shirts over any cheap shirt in chain stores

For ~$15-20, you get 2 shirts and they are made well! I’m a woman and have bought their scoop necked, V necked, fitted and not fitted shirts and they have a nice thick material that is comfy and flattering. I usually aim to buy clothes that will last me a long time and so far these shirts have lasted me at least a year of constant use (they have become my work shirts since they’re a solid color) and probably way more.

If anyone else has clothing recs for women that you can buy now, go ahead and comment!

04:39 UTC


Men’s short & long sleeve t-shirts in an array of colors?

I’ve been a long time shopper of Life Is Good brand t-shirts because they fit well, come in a wide array of colors, and have a heavier-weight fabric that wears well. However, I’ve noticed that the collars of pretty much all of them have stretched out and look sloppy (I have a big head but I don’t have this issue with other t-shirts).

Any recommendations for good quality t-shirts (preferably both short and long-sleeve) that come in an assortment of colors?

01:53 UTC


Is this coffee table worth $1100 in your opinion?


The dimensions are about right and this will match what I already have. The only problem is the eye watering price.

I can say I have never spent this much in anything in my life, and I don't drive so obviously this table would be the most expensive since single item I would potentially be buying.

Going by the looks and materials is it worth it?

01:12 UTC


i work for TV/film productions and could do with adding a mini-flashlight to my batman belt

i have absolutely no idea about mini torches for work, yet in my wildest dreams the thing could be charged via USB-C and for it to be both sturdy and versatile (different brightness and/or color modes would be features i'd like - or let's say at least a red light mode or something similar). the option to charge it via USB-C would be the icing on the cake. So. What's out there in the BIFLverse?

i'm located in EU/Germany

23:50 UTC


Best Electrician Tool Bags!

Hey everyone! I'm torn between the Dewalt Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier and the Milwaukee Wide Mouth Tool Bag. Both seem great for my electrician gigs, offering durability and plenty of room for all my tools. If you've used either, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Which one should I go for? Any advice or personal experiences would be super helpful. Thanks in advance for the help!

Here is the article from which I got my information from;

23:14 UTC


Best projector for longevity

I've had projectors in the past but the bulbs always go out and those models are meant for replacing the bulbs. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good quality projector that is replacement piece friendly?

22:26 UTC


Solid Wood Dining Table in Chicago

anyone have recommendations in the city of Chicago? bonus points if it’s a local business.

ISO: -solid wood dining table -at least 72” long (with leaf to expand longer) -prefer walnut stains -if possible, would love to not spend over $2k

1 Comment
22:24 UTC


Hydraulic Log Splitter

I bought one from harbor freight (I know) for $200 and it sheared itself apart. I go through a decent amount of wood but not enough to justify a gasoline powered one.

Any suggestions?

22:22 UTC


Looking for a laundry hamper/basket combo that will work in a small space

I am in the market for a new laundry hamper. To make a long story short- we don't have space for laundry baskets, so I would love for this to work as both. The simplehuman stamps just about all the boxes, but I'm curious if there's a more cost-effective option. I want a double basket that can lift out and be basket and maintain most of its shape. Due to living in a really damp climate, I would also like to be able to wash it to avoid mold. Lastly, a little privacy never hurt, I don't really want to be able to see into the basket too much and see my underwear staring back at me in full view, if you catch my drift. Is there another solution besides simplehuman?

21:09 UTC


Have used this little foldable alarm clock for close to 20 years - have only had to change the battery once so far

My dad originally used it but gave it to me as a kid in elementary school so I could wake up on time for school. I'm almost 26 now and it still works just as well now as it did then! The Indiglo snooze button makes a very satisfying high-pitched humming noise too which I always enjoyed

20:03 UTC


Is Man of Mayhem a quality brand?

They at least sell their stuff like it's supposed to be of good quality and it's quite local for me.

1 Comment
20:01 UTC


Nose hair trimmers that work?

Anybody ever buy one that worked properly? I haven't. Looking for suggestions. TIA.

19:47 UTC


Advice on large chest freezers?

Heading further into the new year, the wife and I have decided we want to get a decent chest freezer. We need a large size, as we plan to start buying meat in larger quantities from a local butcher. We also meal prep a couple weeks at a time currently and our small costco freezer isn’t cutting it.

Are there any brands that hold up better than others these days? Any special considerations to keep in mind when selecting one that will live in the garage? Any features to avoid or features that are a must have?

Appreciate any input.

19:29 UTC


2.0 mm Mechanical Pencil

I have a pair of really cheap drafting pencils that I bought just to try a year ago. In that time they have become my #1 most used art tool. I used them for every sketch and drawing I make. However they are really shit and falling apart already. I would love a high quality, preferably metal drafting pencil that I can used for years instead of months. Thank you for your help

19:27 UTC


I purchased a vintage cafe racer cowhide leather jacket. I love the jacket but it’s still pretty stiff. Looking for recommendations for the best method to “soften it up “. Thanks for any advice. Much appreciated.

18:54 UTC


I found Wüsthof Gourmet 11-Piece knife block set for under $200, sounds very tempting now

There's a 2-piece chef's knife set for $129 and 11-piece knife block set for $199 on Amazon today, it's the record low price according to camelcamelcamel. Should I buy both, or it would be too much?

18:47 UTC


Plus Size BIFL Clothing

Many of the clothing's brands that get routed as BIFL don't really have many or great plus size options. If they do, they aren't designed for my body (like even with quality brands, I get the dressed thigh chafe hole).. So, I would love to know from other bigger people: What brands have actually last for you?

I'm also someone who likes fashion, feminine & masc clothes and don't mind getting weird with it. I'm also an avid hiker & outdoors person so really looking for a thing for a broad range of ideas!

18:34 UTC


Kitchenaid stand mixer.

Is anyone familiar with this model of their stand mixers? I see online they go for $300 and up new. Is this worth it?

18:21 UTC


$300 for a Miele washer and dryer?

They seem to get very mixed reviews…

17:53 UTC


Bowers & Wilkins speakers

Not sure if y’all are into home audio, but my speakers are 25 and 15 years old respectively.

Sound and look like new! Love them and wanted them since the late 90ies.

B&W 802D B&W N805

17:49 UTC

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