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For those who appreciate simplicity in any form.

For those who appreciate simplicity in any form.

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Advice needed

So, a bit new to the Minimalism lifestyle, got a ton of decluttering done and zoned my “office” area at home to basically essentials. Sold a ton of stuff I no longer used and got what I wanted/ needed. Now I’m faced with this. I have a MacBook Pro, iPad and a VR Headset. I haven’t used my VR set hardly as much as I liked, even prior to my journey. I’d love to use it for working out/ watching TV shows but I kind of find it as “just another thing”. What are your opinions on this/ VR & minimalism in general. Thanks!

16:11 UTC


Any of you ever struggle with how to regulate your chill vs productive time?

IE- I could be watching YouTube/gaming, watching films- all things that I enjoy doing and can relax me

Or I can be more productive- focusing on writing/practice, etc. Electronic music, learn to create games, spend more time on college studies....

I always find it tricky to get these balances right.

Anyone ever figure out a decent approach to this?


02:48 UTC


Pay for my mistakes.

Since the second half of last year, i bought a lot of stuff and don't know why. i guess i was just too boring and tried to abtain joy. i bought 2 bikes, a gaming laptop, and tons of knives that i even have no chance to use them except unboxing and a lot of tools and stuff to DIY Kydex sheath for my knives.

now I'm paying for these crazy things i've done before. I throw away these DIY stuff and need to sell these bikes, knives one by one.

I felt better when last night i thrown away few stuff and organize things need to be sell. My goal is to put all my belongings in a 90L bag and a 24-inch luggage. feel better now. I think i should be very careful to make the same mistake.

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02:06 UTC


Laundry only takes a few minutes now

Used to have a full wardrobe of clothes. Couldn't recall every single piece if you asked me to.

Now I only have around 25 pieces that there's no longer a need to schedule a time out of my day to do it - in fact I can't even recall the days I do laundry anymore, because it's so insignificant. And in the moment when I am doing it, its enjoyable because it feels more like 'taking care of my favorite pieces' than a chore.

And now I can use that time instead to do stuff like write this post :s

01:13 UTC


Facebook marketplace advice

Hey guys, I’m an annual minimalist (every time I have to move I try and get rid of all my crap) and am now trying to sell some of my stuff on Facebook marketplace. Has anyone had success with this, or is it better to just go to the thrift store?

00:59 UTC


Pots and pans

I have a set of pots and pans in my extremely small kitchen. I also have some cast iron pans that im not willing to part with yet but rarely get used. I need something good for cooking a variety of things big or small, but I havent found that pot and pan yet. Any suggestions? I am tired of opening my cabinet and having them all fall out or trying to fit them back in.

22:35 UTC


How do you decorate a minimalistic apartment and make it feel homely?

I just moved to a 65m2 apartment. I want to make it nice but when I look for inspiration I notice that stuff is what makes a home.. you know what I mean? Gives a place a homely look.

Thing is: I don’t have much stuff. All my belongings fit a trunk of a big car. I have furnished it a little plus there was already some furnish pieces present but I’m left with feeling like somethings missing. For example there’s empty spaces for drawers etc but I literally don’t have any stuff to fill it with so buying it for aesthetics is a total waste. I’ve ordered a few nice posters hoping that’ll help.

22:12 UTC


Boxes and boxes of photographs

My husband and I are planning to move in the next year. He has really encouraged me to embrace minimalism, letting go of so much because I am rather sentimental. He tells me constantly we need a good fire. Just start with a clean slate.

While I am ready to let go, I am now staring at 10+ shoeboxes of photos. There are so many.

Some time ago, I did look at scanning services which seemed to be too expensive at that time. Maybe you have some recommendations? Or another strategy to reduce the amount of photos and boxes?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

20:25 UTC


Celebrating the small wins

Today me and my partner donated some kitchen supplies to our local thrift store. And we went home without buying anything new. Both were equally shocked! It sure felt good 😎

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20:21 UTC


The More I Have The More I Want to Have

Ive recently realized... Buying one item in a "Collection" makes me want to buy the entire collection. Having one sugar drink makes me want to have another. Ive realized that when I have none of a set... No LP revords, no Romance books ... It makes it easy to say no to more. By minimalizing my extensive collection of DVDs and console videogames i no longer have the desire to buy any of them. Zero is easier than even just 1.

19:41 UTC


Does anyone else find joy in repairing their objects?

I identify as a minimalist in part out of necessity (live in a van) and in part because I want to avoid the overconsumption that drives the planet into ruin. My family has considered me a minimalist for years, before I lived nomadically.

Recently I've become a bit more frugal, not out of necessity, but because it just makes sense to put your resources where they really matter to you and avoid what doesn't bring joy.

As part of this, I've started repairing clothing and other objects, whereas previously I would've donated/downcycled and replaced, rather than spending the time fiddling with it.

Turns out I kind of love repairing things! I have repaired holes in my net grocery bags, several holes in clothing, learned to darn a little bit, and even fixed the cuff of my surfboard leash using dental floss and thread. I find it very satisfying as well as easier and with better looking results than I expected. I do NOT look like a hobo walking around with patches.

Has anyone else had a similar journey?

19:24 UTC


How to be minimalist when your family’s love language is gift-giving?

I (18F) have recently joined the community and am inspired by the minimalist lifestyle. I’m going through a purge of my possessions and getting rid of anything I don’t need. It’s liberating, but I’m struggling to stay minimal. My parents love giving gifts and use it as their main form of affection. If they see little trinkets or something they think I might like, they’ll buy it for me. I really appreciate the gesture, but I can’t keep receiving things and I feel awful immediately donating/regifting them.

I still live with them, and any time my mom comes into my room (which is quite often), she becomes so happy when she sees the little trinkets she got me are being displayed. I would hate to break her heart and get rid of these gifts.

I’ve tried talking to them about it, but it ultimately just makes them very sad and then I feel guilty and cave in. Is there a way I could rework our communication/love language to something other than gift-giving? And how do you guys handle getting rid of items you know people thoughtfully picked out for you? Some of these gifts are expensive, and I feel that getting rid of them would be a waste of their money.

Thanks in advance!

17:25 UTC


How do you handle the urge to get rid of everything?

Hello, I have made a ton of progress over the last three years going from hoarder with things scattered between my place, parents house, sheds, and friends house to a very tidy (almost airbnb tidy) 1b apartment and mostly empty storage unit for my wife and I's stuff.

My question: A have an urge that come up atleast once a week to get rid of more of my things, but there isn't much fat left to trim.

I got, what I would call, rare items that if I got rid of id never be able to obtain again so thats a no. I got my 5 boardgames I hoard because I may make friends some day to play them with and this hope honestly keeps me going some days. I got my handtools and jerry can that I use atleast once a year and when I need the I NEED them. And ive got sentimental items like reenacting uniforms and gear that remind me of close friends ive lost and the best days of my life and childhood trinkets and toys that all fit into a shoe box sized tote that I look at every season but cannot get rid of because they are the few non crappy parts of my childhood.

Everything else I own gets used an avg of once a month which is my goal for the majority of my stuff.

How do you handle that urge to get rid of more stuff?

17:01 UTC


xpost /r/zerobags zero bag trip near Seattle for 9999 days




bicycle helmet


elbow pafs


non electric push scooter

chinese glasses

coat with lots of pockets

work shirt / ninja mask

cargo pants with belt string

socks 1x

$7 shoes 1x

underwear 1x

money clip


debit card

driver's license


electric shaver usb c

ubuntu flash drive

linux wifi usb

usb c cord

american wall charger

folding knife

swiss army knife with blade, scissors, flathead screwdriver, nail file, scissors, toothpick, and tweezers

pocket knife sharpening stone


work nametag

mini bic lighter

tobacco pipe

trailer key

work key

caffeine pills


pocket organizer with folded shopping bags

baby wipes

14:47 UTC


What are quality, minimalist, and small speakers I can buy for a desk setup or to go on a nightstand

I want some quality speakers that can last me a long. Time. they can go on my desk or nightstand.

04:31 UTC


Advice on purchasing things

Hey. I have a problem. I want to buy a drawer under my gaming setup desk to make it more stable, but i want to be minimalistic, own as little stuff as i can and stop overconsumption. So at the same time im ready to spend that 100€ to make my life much more enjoyable as im soon going insane if my desk wobbles anymore. But at the same time I dont want to buy it new and cant find the one i want sold used near me. So the question is how do you purchase something that you want and need but your brain tells that its not minimalistic?

Thanks in advance.

04:04 UTC


"Is this a Liability or Asset?"

Just a share for other minimalists here.

At times of an impending purchase (clothing, tech, misc), asking this question helps either deter me from the purchase or pushes me towards it (similarly to browsing the buyitforlife subreddit). It is a good check-in to see if I am looking to numb by purchasing random shit to ease my conscience for a minute or three. Most times the answer is that the would-be purchase is a liability, whereas very rarely it is an asset.

What tricks do you all have to keep yourselves from making unnecessary purchases?


03:12 UTC


What changes made the most positive impact in your life?

I started learning more about minimalism and organizing once I got my first apartment 3 years ago. It has been a crazy adventure filled with a lot of trial and self discovery.

One of the first social norms I broke was donating my couch and TV. My energy is better, I have less back and hip pain, I manage my time better, and I put all of that leisure time into things that matter more to me like art, gardening and school.

What other changes could I make that are abnormal but incredibly beneficial to those trying to live a more mindful and purposeful life?

21:31 UTC


My medicine cabinet

There's antiseptic, thermometer, oxymeter, omeprazole, many blisters of advil, cough syrup, laxative, muscle relaxant, Alka seltzer, more omeprazole, dipirone, ivermectine (for vermin), nimesulide (tendons), vit D, Omega 4, 3 kinds of sunscreen, Bepantol, Allegra (allergy to cats), Dramin, generic antiflu stuff, something against UTI, azitromocine (an antibiotic for synus infection. I have spare for when I travel, sue me).

More 3 prescription ones I take.

Is that a LOT or just a healthy person in the 21st century?

That's my medicine cabinet. My beauty, hair and skincare products are another saga.

18:12 UTC


First post and need help

35 F. Been a silent lurker for a long time and finally decided to post. I’ve had a desire for minimalism for at least five years but only recently realized that I lean more to the minimalist aesthetic than truely being on board with actually minimalist. The interesting and sad part is the whole reason I am doing this is because I have terrible anxiety and want to reduce my mental clutter and have the gift of time back in my life. I have three children and am married. I work full-time and am the breadwinner this puts a lot of pressure on me to make sure our bills are paid.

I go through the cycle of buying things and purging swearing that I’ll never repeat it. However I’ve done this so many times I can only imagine 1000s of dollars I’ve wasted :(

I am at point in life where I feel like something drastic needs to change or I will break. I am depressed, overwhelmed, and don’t see much point to my life. If I’m being honest, we no longer have time for hobbies. We have no friends barely have time for ourselves alone each other or the kids. what is the point of this rat race? Life is so expensive.

I feel trapped in a career that I dislike. I took a leadership role two years ago and hate it. I can’t pinpoint what I dislike so much but I believe it’s the politics and the feeling of having to chase the corp ladder. I miss having a “job” that I could check out of at the end of the day.

I’m starting to resent my husband because there’s so much pressure on my shoulders. While he doesn’t make enough to support our family, he is a simple man and is not the spender, I am. He is a great spouse and a wonderful father.

Am I being a big baby? Where do I go from here?

00:07 UTC


Seasoned minimalist, will I still make the mistake of buying something I end up trying to sell later?

My mindset has changed, the mindset of if it’s sitting around sell it. The old mindset was that it made sense to have something even if I never used it. Now I’m not afraid to let things go.

So I basically have 70 items to sell to mostly clear out stuff I don’t regularly use. Not sure if that’s a lot but the majority of it fits in one storage box. Mostly water bottles, and consoles and games. I could probably speed up the selling process by starting eBay.

The old me had 10 yeti bottles. The new me is looking at the large and small bottle and feeling like I can totally stick to just these two bottles for the next decade+.

My room looks pretty empty. No gaming stuff around. Just a bicycle I use daily, a berkey water filter, soda stream and yeti bottle, my tv, and some pour over coffee stuff. Things I actually really like and use.

I don’t know if I will get sucked back into consumerism or if I’ve truly changed and matured. Does it still happen even as a minimalist where you buy something you probably didn’t really need? Or does this minimal awareness really help sort how what really will be useful or not? Any tips?

23:48 UTC


Reflections on Adopting a Minimalist Mindset - Or why not everything needs your opinion

A couple of reflections after adopting a minimalist mentality over the past year, specifically in regards to reducing the things that take my mental energy. Today, it seems like there is an nearly-infinite, 24/7 stream of non-stop information that you are constantly being bombarded with. Everyone seems to want your attention, or your thoughts, or your opinion on every single thing across the world that is happening.

After years of passively putting up with this, I reached a breaking point where I had to say, "Enough". I realized so much of my mental energy was spent thinking on things that don't concern me in anyway, and that I have no real power to affect a change over. And worse, it was drawing my attention and effort away from things that do matter and I can influence. Why then, was I spending so much time thinking about things that don't influence me, and I don't influence it?

I drew a lot of my inspiration primarily from "Classical Western" Stoicism, with a good mix of the Mahayana School of Buddhism, and some contemporary influencers. Basically it boiled down to unless somethings is 1.) directly affecting me, and 2.) something actionable by me, it's unnecesary to expend thought or effort on. Things happen - both good and bad - and the world keeps turning, neutral to it all. Just focus on tending your little garden plot of reality and make it bloom.

To do so, I greatly pruned down my media consumption, deleting certain apps all together, self-censoring certain words or phrases that seemed tailor-made to simply rile up attention, and unfollowing until I reached a point where the only things I was exposed to are the things I actually care about.

I realized that for the vast sum of human existence, this idea of the 24/7 stream of information was not a possibility. Our attention and energy was largely spent on our immediate friends and family, or the happenings in our village or tribe, not the demands or concerns of things happening a world away.

I've largely adopted a philosophy of neutrality to most things in the world - rather than look at it through a lens of opinion or action - I see it through a lens of detachment. Something is happening, somewhere. I see it, I acknowledge it, and I observe it until it passes, parallel to my existence.

I really noticed how much more energy I had - both mental and physical - to expend on things I actually care about and want to change. I feel so much more productive and energized to actually do things in my space, rather then bleed mental energy worrying about everything happening anywhere.

Curious to see if and how others in the minimalist space have adopted similar views, and what the pros and cons of their journeys have revealed to them.

20:16 UTC


Is a small thing like a pocket knife that’s hidden away in a drawer worth selling?

I bought a pocket knife for $175 after tax. I also bought a carbon fiber handle for it for $50 but there was some error where the guy took forever to ship gave me a refunded but still sent it.

I also have one more knife with a carbon fiber handle that totalled close to $200.

At the time these were “boys things” for me.

I even had purchased a carbon fiber ridge wallet ($150) and carbon fiber pocket light ($40).

At the time I didn’t see these expenses as expensive or foolish. I saw them as innocent “treats” that made me feel tingly when I set them on the table and looked at them.

I didn’t have much purpose for the light and knife and it took up pocket space and I didn’t look at them much after a while so now I only really carry my wallet.

Maybe once every 6 months I’ll reach into my drawer and look at them and smile for 5 seconds.

Are small things like this worth selling just to go back on consumerism? Or just leave them in the drawer to collect dust because I never know if I will miss a few carbon fiber stuff?

16:42 UTC


Japanese futon on curved slats

Hello! I have a basic Ikea bed frame with the ikea classic slatted bed bace--they are curvy. Do I need to change that for using a cotton Japanese futon? Anyone here who stayed with their former bed base using a futon and feel comfortable? I am moving to a new city and want to order the futon to be shipped there. I am debating whether i should leave my bed here and figure out something new or take it with myself. I prefer the latter naturally.

15:36 UTC


Are you optimistic about our future generations?

As a gen X I witness and hear how our grand parents owned multiple lands and had 5+ kids; our parents inherited few houses if lucky; we gen X have to work with two incomes to decide to have a kid or a house. Now gen Z are talking about overemployeed, have side hustles and don’t even bother to save for a house.

For the longest time, the so called most successful people are the richest people, so we aim for more money to validate our identities.

Do you think minimalism or simple living will save us from working more and more while anxiety is going up and up? What’s the cure?

06:42 UTC


I’m having to go minimalist for personal reasons. It’s hurting me, emotionally. Is there any advice you all can give me?

I live in alone in a house my family owns. They keep threatening to kick me out. I’m not doing anything wrong, it’s just an abusive situation. I was told I could live here through 2026 as I finished a professional program. Part of the way they try to control me is to threaten making me homeless. They’ve done it three times.

I have to be ready to move within a month at any time. I’m having to give away and sell things I was hoping to be able to take into my next move. In two years I’ll have an average income of $60,000 a year, and in five years I’ll be making $300,000-$400,000 a year. I’ve always dreamed of having a place to display all of sentimental stuff and my collections in a short time amount of time. I used to sell things on eBay and go to estate sales on the regular so I have such unique things I love and couldn’t find again.

But now I’m having to let go of most of what I own. Even as I go through the stuff and list it for sale on Facebook marketplace, I’m crying. At first it was just stuff I was on the fence about. Now I’m letting go of things that mean a lot to me. But if I’m moving quickly into a smaller place I can’t take most things I own.

Can someone please tell me some words I can tell myself when I’m really struggling. I’ve never been a minimalist and my place now feels so unwelcoming and like I don’t belong here. It’s so sterile. But I’m looking at a situation where it’s will be a month’s notice and friends could help me move in one weekend. I can’t take a lot. And I’m so attached to my things. How do you all do it.

04:28 UTC


Another epiphany. This time while in the shower!

I’ve been mentally struggling with what I want to do with my space. I’ve been focused a lot on how/when I’ll get rid of a chair and table. Part of the challenge is that I’m still attached to them. They have purpose and fit into a routine I’ve had for years. Bc I don’t know what exactly I want to do with my space, it’s tempting to keep them.

Then I had that epiphany: I want my apartment to feel less permanent

If I think of the space as somewhere I’m just visiting rather than a place I’m hunkered down to, then the vision becomes clear. I need a lot less than what I’ve already decided to keep. The table and chair can go bc I’m tired of that old routine. If I mentally separate myself from this apartment, it will help me let go of the things inside it. And I’ll end up feeling more free.

I’m learning to let go of things and TIL my apartment is a thing.

02:05 UTC


Vinyl flooring and a futon

So I'm moving into a new place and I've got a futon I plan to use. There are no carpets in the new place so I thought I'd buy a rug / mat because I don't want the futon bare on the floor.

I was thinking I'd purchasing a tatami to put the futon on, will it be alright on vinyl flooring?

00:39 UTC


Minimalism makes me feel crazy sometimes but it's worth it

I'm about to move and recently parred down more than I thought I had to given the space I would have**.** Often I find myself donating something and then wondering if I should have. Sometimes I feel dumb, like I needlessly gave something away. I'm also diagnosed OCD so that does compound things. But appreciating the things I've kept and acknowledging how much I must really value them is extremely satisfying.

Since starting my move, a good guideline for donating or buying has been whether I would purchase the same item again if I lost it. I'm also not a religious person, but I do find this weird holistic satisfaction in thinking that whatever I get rid of had to pass through me to get to who really needed it. Either way, I hope everyone is enjoying their journey with minimalism.

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23:08 UTC


how to stop buying things without feeling like i’m depriving myself?

i grew up incredibly poor. we just about had enough money to pay rent and eat so i never had anything other than the bare necessities. i desired for many things when i was young and now that i’m an adult with grown up money i’m buying everything i ever wanted

except it’s more than anyone needs. i have a huge wardrobe, too many shoes and have become a victim of overconsumption. i own multiples of everything and that’s so unnecessary. my room is cluttered with stuff and it stresses me out owning so many things. i know the answer is minimalism and only buying the necessities/things i really want and have thought about buying for over a week. but whenever i try that i feel so deprived, like i did in my childhood. i’m not sure how to explain this properly but my brain seems to think i’m not buying things because i can’t afford it instead of not buying it because i don’t need it and it sends me into panic mode. help?

22:21 UTC

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