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For those who appreciate simplicity in any form.

For those who appreciate simplicity in any form.

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For anyone that likes to unwind before sleep or just simply enjoy the moment

Dreamy Nature Ambience doesn’t waste resources and helps intertwining with nature. Thought I might share :)


13:38 UTC


The scales of minimalism

1 - You don't litter indoors or outdoors

2 - You have lots of things but you try to scale down a little

  1. You declutter regularly to keep it under control

  2. You avoid buying things you don't need.

  3. You think all above is not minimalistic enough while you own little to nothing and live in an extremely spacey home.

  4. You get anxiety by the thought of having furnitures

  5. You live in a car because you get anxiety over the thought of owning a permanent house/ apartment.

Where are you on the scale?

12:49 UTC


How do you make the right purchase the first time?

I (27F) am trying to live more minimally. But I have this problem where I buy something, and then later I find something “better.” Maybe a better price, or I find another color I like better, or just something that’s maybe more functional or efficient. This is something that causes me to accumulate duplicates, and just a lot of items in general. I also find that I have to make returns on the first purchase because I found the better item and got that instead. Sometimes it can be an item that just downright doesn’t work or is the wrong thing, so I gotta get something else.

This can apply to anything I would say. I might find a fan and buy that. But then find another fan that maybe blows colder air, or is a more affordable price, or something like that. I bought a cooling vest for the warehouse I worked in. At first I got a blue foam looking thing that’s supposed to keep you cool when wet. But then I ended up finding a yellow highlighter color safety vest that is the same color I have to wear in the warehouse, so I bought that instead because with the blue one I’d have to wear my yellow high visibility vest on top of it. But now I was stuck with the blue one I bought and missed the return window for it. So I had to just keep it, lose the money spent on it and just keep an extra vest taking up space I didn’t need.

This happens to me quite a lot with a lot of different items. Shoes, curtains, cookware, heck even vitamins. I might find better deals, or find better reviews. I might find something more practical like the vest example.

As I said, this can be very inconvenient and cause me to have to return stuff, or just lose money buying two of the same thing but the first purchase not being the right thing. How do you buy stuff right the first time so you don’t end up with this problem?

11:12 UTC


Is $1100 USD too much to spend on a coffee table if I will use it everyday?


The dimensions are about right and this will match what I already have. The only problem is the eye watering price.

I can say I have never spent this much in anything in my life, and I don't drive so obviously this table would be the most expensive since single item I would potentially be buying.

Going by the looks and materials is it worth it?

01:17 UTC


Making life less chaotic

Hi all!

I’ve been on a mission in the new year to become less stressed/overwhelmed. I feel like it’s so easy as a parent, especially as a single/solo parent, to just be constantly operating from a place where you’re at your wits end.

What things do you do/systems do you have in place to kind of streamline your day to day life, save time etc? Things like lists, routines, less screen time, less clutter, meal prep, cleaning schedule. All the things!

Looking for new ideas and tips!

21:03 UTC


Extreme Minimalism for healing?

So, I know that the goal of minimalism isn’t necessarily about getting down to a certain number of items. And that making the goal “extreme minimalism” can be problematic.

But has anyone gone extremely minimalistic, for a set period of time, as a form of healing?

I’m so stressed, depressed, anxious, and exhausted. I have piles of things all over the apartment, messes on all the counters, an unusable closet because it’s packed with clothes & boxes & laundry baskets. You can barely walk through my space without having to step over something (that shouldn’t be on the floor). I’ve heard that our space often reflects our mental health— mine is pretty abysmal.

I think if I purged most of everything? Maybe I could have room to breathe, reset, and heal? And then from there, I can slowly add back what I feel is necessary or wanted.

I don’t know. Does that sound like a terrible idea? Has anyone else done this before? Did it help or make things worse?

Thanks in advance.

16:27 UTC



I’m looking to buy a shikibuton for sleeping. Trying to find a good product while not breaking the bank. Does anyone have experience with the Dr.Futon brand listed on Amazon? As advertised, it’s thicker than FULI (3 in.) and less expensive than J-Life.

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16:26 UTC


Compact travel chess set (magnetic)

15:17 UTC


Can someone be born a Minimalist?

Hi, so I'm new here and I wonder if it is possible for anyone to be born to be a Minimalist to find themselves being a natural Minimalist before finding this lifestyle, or if it is even possible.

Below I Share a bit of my story on my life as a Minimalist, with a bit of my beliefs.

I grew up really poor as a kid I didn't really have much growing up and all I really did was play in my imagination, and do school stuff also I never really had a desire for toys growing, up I have distinct memories growing up with my single mom give me every toy catalog she could find, at Christmas time was her favorite holiday and she wanted to be the best santa for childhood me.

But I never really wanted them, she would keep pushing me to get stuff till I just circled stuff at random and kept it in my closet for months. Later to be lectured when I gave away unopened boxes months later while we did spring cleaning. Now this may be because I'm autistic and didn't really have any passions in life till I got older.

But even now I don't really have much, I live with my grandparents ( there at the age someone needs to care for them), and most of my stuff are for my basic needs, like clothes and Hygiene stuff, and my smartphone, stuff like that. ( I know a phone is not a true need but for the modern day I consider it one as so much of life has to be done online.)

Besides that I have some workout gear that all fits in a bag. It's not much as I tend to only use resistance bands for strength training and a pair of gloves, a towel, and one workout outfit.

Though I do admit I do have stuff for my main passion and that is my spirituality I got into it about 3 maybe 4 years ago. It is my true passion in life, Though I don't really have much for it, It all fits in a medium sized wicker box. I have my binder where I keep all of the religious texts, stuff for my alter, divination tools, and a few crystals and probably a few other odds and ends, in there as well.

I have never been pulled to get more tarot decks beside the one I have or go out and get a crazy amount of crystals if I need something for my spiritual use I would normally research it and find the best fit for me and to really make sure I am intentional with what I bring into my space.

I admit early on when I got into it I got a lot of things I “thought I needed”, as many people and resources at the time said I did. Admitting this was the first thing in my life to give me true happiness so I am glad to have learned these lessons on what I need to be happy, though those failed purchases.

I have no problems getting rid of things that no longer serve me and I see money as a cycle, as that why jobs and the economy are made in my opinion, I know I will need to buy thing at times and I'm fine with that, but I can still choose what I generally need and not feed systems that take away from my joy, and resources if all it going to be filler.

But yeah, I just want to share a bit about myself as I'm new here, and I wonder if any of you feel like you are a natural Minimalist or be born a Minimalist?

05:32 UTC


Booked a mountain cabin for a month

Live in a big city but in fortunate enough to have a remote role. Ive been getting tired of day to day distractions that dont allow me to be present and mindful in the moment. Its been almost too comfortable. So I booked a cabin in March in the mountains. It isn't off grid or anything, 5 mins from a small town, but it is backed up to a national forest with an outdoor fireplace with only 1 neighbor kind of close.

Hoping for some idea of how to be as simple, yet meaningful during this month. I work 8-5 but even then, there is a lot of downtime. I want to embrace the cold weather and do hard things during this time. Also stay off any electronics besides my computer for work. Have an idea of every morning immediately running a mile outside to get my first win of the day, a Goggins recommendation. Plan is to

6am: Run a mile outside
620: Shower, cold water to finish
645-715: Meditate and pray
715-730: Stretch
730-8: Journal or read and gratefulness exercises
8-5: Work, but during the down time, instead of being on my phone or tv, read
5-6: Workout with weights or bands
6-8: Read and actively take notes on something im trying to learn.

Any recs in general?

04:18 UTC


Minimalist for the wrong reasons.

Do you think a minimalist lifestyle can be done for the wrong reason? I'll admit that I'm a bit more on the extreme side of this thing but it didn't happen overnight. I choose to live on the outskirts of society and participate as little as possible. I live on the road for the most part. I have money and I could buy a house and follow the rules, but I just don't feel like it. I don't really want money either, the only reason I work is to get money to fuck off even further into the void. It took a long time to get to this point and I THINK all my choices have been intentional thus far.

I explained my lifestyle to an internet acquaintance and they told me that I was only doing this because of trauma. She said something along the lines of "If you don't own anything, nobody can take anything from you". IDK if that's true, but it got me thinking.

I just hate possessions so much that I can't describe it to others.

22:48 UTC


Looking to get more into minimalism and slim down - especially on cleaning products, advice is welcomed.

Hi all,

My husband and I live in a modest-sized condo. We generally take great care of our physical and mental health but we are getting on in years (we’re both in our late 50s) and we’ve recently started discussing how to minimize and reduce a lot in our lives.

We’ve recently helped clean out the houses of loved ones after they passed and it… made us realize how our ‘treasures and collections’ are just ‘junk and clutter’ to anyone else.

Anyone who has had to do this knows how humbling, bizarre, strange, and pensive it is.

So we’ve decided to minimize where we can, and organize where we can’t. One area we need help with is our cleaning supply list.

Right now we have close to 15+ solutions in our house, including various soaps, sprays, detergents, and cleaners.

And then there are the ‘things’ like paper towels, sponges and the like.

What we’re thinking of doing is buying some amber glass bottles and making our own solutions to start. We’d just need advice on the solutions and what you have found works.

We also want to slim all the dedicated ‘room specific’ products down to solutions that work for every room, *with obvious exceptions.

We also want to focus on quality, ‘buy once’ items.

For example:

  • 1 glass bottle of homemade all-purpose cleaner
  • Swedish reusable paper towels
  • cotton rags
  • 1 glass bottle of homemade natural disinfectant
  • soap block + natural scour/scrubber brush


Any advice is appreciated.

20:07 UTC


I'm not trying to be a minimalist, but!

Tossing out roughly 30% of my wardrobe – that was a lot!! – taught me something.

It really put into perspective what kind of clothes I wear and don't wear – regardless of whether they were items I liked.

Anyway, I've been shopping again (hehe) and I am so surprised by how easy it is to shop.

I feel like the big, "Oh no I can't choose!! I like this I like that," is gone.

Also, whereas I used to buy a lot of occasional clothing items, I am now shopping for more versatile pieces.

I have a small list of stuff I want to add to my wardrobe – now that I know what I actually do wear; and I have about 3 items left on that list. I probably won't be shopping for a while after I find those perfect 3 items.

Perfect is key, I'm not keeping anything unless I love it.

For instance, I just bought a pair of quality denim pants that I absolutely love. I knew exactly what I was looking for, ngl it was hard to find, but I finally found what I wanted – and I am going to wear these pants till they RIP (get it? Haha).

Shopping has never been easier and my shopping experience has never been better.

Honestly, minimalism has its perks.

17:37 UTC


Why is it so difficult just to find high quality basics nowadays?!

I've been trying to find some good quality, thick, warm, neutral colour pyjamas that I can wear thermals under and layer over too. Finding these has been like trying to get blood from a stone and its really starting to annoy me, not just because of the pyjamas but what the whole thing represents. Everywhere you go you can easily find womens pyjamas with Mickey Mouse and other very specific designs on them, Christmas designs, low quality pyjamas that look a mess after a few washes. And yet no plain, good quality pyjamas anywhere. I just want some decent ones that'll last a good few years. I've looked in more expensive stores too but its pretty much the same but with a higher price tag. And whats with all the satin jungle/hummingbird designs nowadays? Could someone please point me in the direction of somewhere that sells good quality basics?

06:56 UTC


A certain new mixed reality headset could replace the home theater setup I've wanted, while laying in bed

Not naming it cause yall would complain it's an ad lmao

Anyways always wanted a home theater setup for myself but then this headset came out and it's looking mighty fine for that,while laying in bed, or even on a plane.


04:20 UTC


I like minimalism better than people

my lifestyle is the best. no ‘bleeding out money’ just living my best life.

01:41 UTC


Stuffed animals

Maybe this is too psychological a problem to post here, but I'll try anyway. 🙃

I know there have been many posts about sentimental objects, attachment, stuffed toys, etc. But none of them hit quite the note I'm looking for. While I plan on keeping whichever stuffed animals/plushies bring me joy - even if that ends up being all of them - I just have an itch I need to scratch here.

In all the backlog of posts on the topic, the advice is sage for most people (take photos, blindfold before donating, give them to a child in the family, etc.). But even thinking of applying this advice to my own collection feels like I'm being asked to contemplate getting rid of my own children. I need a way to detach from them, even if I still end up keeping them.

Any thoughts?

21:24 UTC


question, when do you toss long term items.

for instance I think alot of people accumulate bags or duplicate tools as gifts or through good fortune.

but in my case the old bag still has plenty of good life in it so I don't want to switch yet and the new bag is also different enough that it might even take some reorganization.

I feel bad just getting rid of a gift but I also don't want to trash my bag that I can still use.

I think i can stand to keep it as a backup but im curious what others think.

21:05 UTC


Minimalism vs ADHD/creativity

F26 here, strugging with clutter but can't bring myself to get rid of enough stuff. I regularly give clothes or charity and clear out, but i still want to keep a lot of things.

I also have a lot of hobbies, or HAVE had a lot in the past, and want to keep the equipment in case i feel like picking it up again, eg my art supplies, guitar. i have adhd so i feel the need to keep a lot of stimulus around me in case i want to do something creative. I like fashion so i also have a lot of accessories and beauty products. I have gotten rid of things in the past and ended up buying hem again (eg paints) because i went back to it after many months.

But space/storage is very limited and the clutter bothers me regularly. But i don't know how else to minimise my stuff or make it feel less cluttered?

18:13 UTC


Too many bags

I (a female in her mid twenties) have too many purses and wallets. I especially have a problem with collecting wallets. Which doesn't make sense, because I can only use one at a time. A goal I really want to set for myself is to only have one of each, and I've been trying to assess what would be suitable for my lifestyle (I don't need very much). At the same time, I find it difficult to use the ones I really like in fear of breaking them or wearing them out - but that's the point of using things, even if you take care of them. I know these things, yet I still can't get over the mental blocks.

I'd really like some advice from those who also have a purse collecting problem. What has worked for you?

16:29 UTC


Sharing a fridge…

Hello, my partner and I are moving and are temporarily staying at a friends house for a few months… what are basic food necessities that are healthy and won’t take up the entire fridge?

16:19 UTC


I’m very good at minimalism

But I am worried years from now , I’ll have no memories to look back on because I’ll have disposed everything .

Anyone else worry abt this

05:48 UTC


Getting rid of what I don't need has greatly improved my mood and health.

It's so freeing. I take more care of myself and put more value into experiences now that I don't have material goods as a crutch to lean on for personal enjoyment.

It's so much easier to keep my space tidy too, and only keeping to what I need/use/want has given me a greater appreciation for what I do have. I put a lot more effort into repairs and maintenance than I did before because I put a lot more value into each thing I decided to keep.

Can anyone else relate to this experience?

00:18 UTC


Any Minimalists that fo crafts?

I have been on my minimalism journey for three years now. I am quite minimal, but I still like to craft. I enjoy Crosstitch sewing and crochet. Does anybody feel that when they make a project and complete it, such as a Christmas ornament, you are now adding to existing clutter by having to store this item. I really enjoy crafting, but I’m starting to get concerned about amassing too many completed items. Any thoughts??

22:41 UTC


Technique To Encourage Minimalistic Habits: Get Rid of Entire Categories of Stuff.

I used to have a problem with Vinyl LPs. Not that i had a lot of them... I maybe had 20 at my highest count... But i loved the hunt. I loved exquisitely rare records from the 80s. It occupied my time to hunt and search and go to antique stores. I would gladly pay hundreds of dollars for my white whales. I had a small fleet of white whales.

But i also value simplicity... And this whale hunting hobby was taking too much of my brain space. So i just... Sold them at a used record store. Not for a profit but a loss. The guy accepting them couldn't believe it.

Then... I had no records... And the hunt stopped.

It seemed useless to start again. So i didn't buy records. My favorite bands released lps and i stuck to the mp3s. There was no hunger anymore.

This is how i abstain from buying shit... I don't allow a single one from a category. No video games. .. no cds... No collectable shoes.

Its all or nothing for me.

19:58 UTC


How to stop wanting new things?

I like to have less stuff, so I minimize as much as I can. But. I realized, I am getting bored with things I have, so I always have urge to rotate. Sell the sweater and buy new one. Or with other things. In past 5 years I have changed my couch 3 times! 😱 I buy mosty secondhand or new, but premium quantity items - but it doesn't change the fact. 🤦‍♀️

16:34 UTC


I’m being forced into minimalism and I’m grateful for it

I was living with a total of 5 roommates (it was 8 total at one point but that’s another story) in a 2-bedroom apartment bc I live in a vhcol city where my rent for said apartment was $3k monthly, obviously I need help to pay rent here and I already was friends with these people and lived with them in my prior apartment so I didn’t foresee any problems like I faced when I first got my apartment with them.

Things were fine at first, but as things went on my roommate and friend who we’ll call J started threatening me with a bunch of horrible things that put my safety at risk. My life was in danger and I had to leave. Luckily the lease was up so me and my gf packed what I could carry in a few bags and left everything else I owned behind.

J hates me for leaving and not renewing the lease, he wants to kill me if I’m ever in his presence. I can’t go back to my old place to get the rest of my things without compromising my safety so what I brought is now all I own. I left some copic markers and some books worth quite a few hundred dollars that my other friends and ex roommates are quarantining for me so that I can get them later (J destroyed the rest of my belongings after I left so not much to get back there, including my $400 bed which he broke).

Long story short, I had to leave by the skin of my teeth with what I could carry on my back and left the rest behind. I now own the following:

  • PS5
  • Laptop
  • Clothes
  • A few comic books
  • Weed smoking supplies (grinder, weed jar, weed box etc)

That’s it. I can fit all my belongings in a couple bags. I’m upset that I potentially lost my expensive markers and other books, and I’m quite upset I have to replace my bed bc that wasn’t cheap but my safety is more important than any physical belongings. At the end of the day it’s just stuff, and I can replace stuff, but I can’t replace my life. It just goes to show that there are more important things in life than physical belongings.

I do intend to replace what I’ve lost to some extent (mostly the art supplies, bed, and books that I actually read but not all the books I owned) but that’ll take time and it won’t be to the same extent as I owned them before. Funny how years worth of stuff gone only has a minimal impact with the exception of a few things. Even my expensive shit I’m upset they’re gone but only a little bit, I feel mostly fine with not having my things. Especially bc I regained some more important things like peace of mind and safety.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

14:41 UTC


Digital minimalism

After a 4 year hiatus from a chronic instagram addiction and years of therapy and soul searching, I thought I would be safe to return to Instagram again with a leveled head. I wanted to share my photos with the world, and take advantage of the social advantages it offers. I promised myself not to fall into the traps of vanity, comparison, and consumerism.

Fast forward 3 weeks later and I am finding myself in a depression. My screen stop has gone from a consistent 2 hours to a guaranteed 5-7. I find myself feeling like such a loser after consuming endless travel, beauty, and social content. For the most part I think tis the nature of the beast, but I’m also considering that maybe I’m not as insusceptible to all this crap as I thought I was.

I went bald 4 years ago as a big fuck you to the male gaze yet here I am trying to appeal.

I haven’t shopped beyond thrifting in 4 years and saved 10s of thousands of dollars yet here I am desiring to buy things all of a sudden.

For 4 years I have been very content and over joyed with simple things in life and the few important people in my life yet here I am feeling unlucky, like I don’t have enough, and that I need to have and do more.

I spent 4 years sleeping with my phone in another room and hardly looking at it to not evening being able to use the toilet without it. I feel a sense of conventional addiction like any chemical drug would cause. When I am not scrolling I am craving to, and I get a rush from the likes and comments ultimately leading to me wanting to post more or “better” the next time.

I have deleted the app and I’m left wondering how anyone sensible caters to such a platform without falling victim to all of the things I’ve mentioned and compromising on their values!?

04:29 UTC



I want to simplify my soap/shampoo. I’d love to find a product that is natural without fragrance that I can use for both shampoo, face, and body wash. Any suggestions?

20:06 UTC


How to do minimalism right without making it feeling like that I am neutering myself?

For many years, I have been interested in minimalism. Often times I am able to throw stuff away and make my living space look neat but eventually boredom kicks in and it gets filled with stuff again.

Often times I feel like I can't be minimalistic without neutering my personality. One of the many things that I do on my freetime for example is that I go camping a lot. With the minimal camping equipment I own, I can hardly call myself a minimalist. Sleeping bag, tent and basic camping supplies take up an entire cabinet of space. Or even myself as a freelancer (Art and design) I feel like I can't have anything in my workspace that I absolutely need, otherwise it is not considered minimalistic. My workroom looks like a bomb exploded, but it feels functional.

I know the main objective is to get by with owning less, but for me atleast owning the bare minimum makes my living space feel and look like any other house that most people have. I feel like the only way you can call yourself a minimalist is to have no hobbies, only wear one set of clothing and own a few pieces of furniture. Should I ditch this idea or is there something I am missing?

10:42 UTC

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