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Don’t really have a title, just want to talk

Feeling a bit lonely, no friends, still live at home, work weird days/hours and sometimes can’t do things on weekends or don’t feel like doing anything. Just temporary while I look for other work more aligned with my major but would be glad to talk about literally anything else besides that. Need to take my mind off things.


00:31 UTC


A lot of Gen Z-ers (Like myself) like to say the kids shows and movies that came out when we were younger are better than the stuff now. Millennials, Gen X, did you feel our shows were worse than your shows

Depending on the age range it’s different so I’ll just anchor it down to kids shows and movies that released/were relevant from 2000-2013.

The way I remember it, the stuff we saw as kids were designed so that an adult can sit through it and stare at it for more than 5 minutes without wanting to kill themselves. Your a parent in 2005, your kid is watching SpongeBob Fairly odd parents, you can appreciate the cynical comedy. Avatar: if you were a weeb in the 90s-80s or fucked with martial arts movies then, you can kind of get behind it. If not, at least it’s not about a fucking sea sponge.

If you’re wife forced you to sit down with your 10 year old whenever they wanted to watch Steven Universe or Gravity falls to make sure there’s nothing crazy in it, at least there’s a thread to follow.

If you needed your 2 year old, 6 year old, 10, 12, 16 and 20 year old to sit down while you worked or cooked dinner, you could turn on the incredibles or cars and they’d all get some level of enjoyment out of it. It was a family movie, for the family. The kid doesn’t care about what they’re looking at so why not try to make something an adult can digest when they had to?

I can’t imagine being a parent of a kid hooked on Cocomelon or TikTok content farms today. Even cartoons meant for younger kids today feels like it’s meant to melt their brains.

Was that the impression you folks in Gen X or Millennials had about our shows?

23:58 UTC


What aspects do you value most in life? Share why!

For me, it’s got to be three things in no particular order: Wonder, Science and Compassion!


Since I was way young, I’ve always been enraptured by wonder!

We’ve got such a wonderful world with so many different cool things and so many amazing links between those things!

I think the easiest way for me to capture that wonder is to sit down and look at the night sky and point at a random empty spot in the sky, and think: Somewhere, eventually, an inconceivable and immense distance away, there’s probably something over there. And that place is a physical place that actually exists, but no man has ever seen in person.


As for Science, it’s partially from that sense of curiosity, that search for meaning to all things, and partially from that awesomeness of our entire society working together across time to harness the very forces of the universe to make our lives that much better.

(In fact these first two are why I chose my username!)


Though, if there’s one aspect that I respect and adore the most, it has gotta be Compassion!

I’m not sure if I represent it best, but more than anything, the thing i want to be known for the most, is compassion

I don’t think there’s anything better.

No act of compassion or kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted

There's really no such thing as a small act of compassion. Every act creates a positive ripple with no logical end.

Even from a purely logical perspective, you’re acting the way you would want everyone else to act towards you and others.

Compassion involves taking other’s needs and wants into consideration and working to ensure that they are met, and if everyone did it, there’d be no real problems left!

Kindness and compassion begets kindness and compassion. Shaping society for the better, one step at a time!

Wonder is a gift from the universe to us, Science is humanity unraveling these gifts, and Compassion is a gift from humanity to itself!

What about you? What do you value most in life?

23:55 UTC


Do you think a dog would always prefer to have another dog living in the same house?

Say I own a 2 year old golden retriever. Do you think if I bought another golden retriever that it would make my 2 year golden retriever a lot happier instantly? Or do you think dogs don't think that way?

23:54 UTC


I need ideas for hobbies I can start so days don’t feel 100 hours long

So basically I wfh, and I go to the gym 1 hour everyday but from 5pm to 12pm I feel like there’s too much time, so I sit on my couch and start doomscrolling on tiktok or ig and it’s frying my brain.

What hobbies can I start? I tried a few of them but lost interest pretty fast like: running, cycling, piano, gardening.

I want something that it’s time consuming but it doesn’t require much brainpower since I’m pretty burn out from my job by the afternoon

23:47 UTC


Contacts overnight?

Just out of curiosity, and in case someone’s been in the same situation before: would you rather sleep and spend most of the next day in your contact lenses? Or throw them, sleep peacefully but have blurry vision for the morning after? It’s the middle of the night and I’m clearly unprepared to spend the night lol

23:24 UTC


What do I wear to a simple cashier job interview?

Hey all sorry if this is a stupid question I don't have much experience here. I'm just wondering what would be something good to wear for a job interview for a simple cashier? I'm 19 and this would be my first job so I'm not really sure what I should do to look my best. Is a simple polo and jeans okay? Or do I do more? I don't wanna overdress haha. I'm just a little confused on what I should wear.

21:36 UTC


26M looking to meet new people

I’m 26 and from UK. My hobbies include gaming, football, i love true crime/history,I am a massive horror fan and I love everything creepy/scary. I love being outside, finding places to explore and spending time with my dog Marley! I also have a lot of tattoos and love to see other people’s work too!

I’m down to talk about just about anything, not just my own hobbies. I like hearing about others interests too!

Send me a message if you want to talk 😊

1 Comment
21:09 UTC


Help me with this laffy taffy joke!! It’s driving me insane not understanding it.

Why can’t the people understand road construction crews? Answer: The Pavement. Someone please either help me understand this or tell me it’s a misprint so I can stop going insane lol.

21:08 UTC


Would you be in the whole world's top 50% of fast runners?


  • The speed is marked from the person's prime time, whether it's in the past or in the future

(so if a baby was gonna be super fast in the future, that speed would be marked. For an old person, the fastest speed they ever ran in their life is marked)

  • The fastest speed a handi-capped person has had counts

(so if someone's legs are amputated at 17, the fastest speed they had before will count)

  • People who have never walked or ever will, don't count

(people who were not born with functioning legs don't count, but they can relax and eat popcorn on the sidelines)

Would you be amongst the top 4 billion fastest, or in the slower half?

20:56 UTC


Dining out all 3 meals today... How often do YOU dine out?

Took the Mrs to Denny's this morning, and then Cactus Club for lunch. (Had a gift card to use up.) Meeting friends tonight out for dinner too...

How often do YOU dine out?

Do you prefer take out, or delivery instead? We often get take out, but have never used any delivery service/app

Favourite restaurant(s)?

20:47 UTC


What’s one song that you know you’ll never hate and makes you think about your entire existence?

My music taste is all over the place. I listen to everything. But for me I have a deep connection with music. As it’s helped me a lot in life. Through the sad times, when I’m feeling pumped, when I’m working. I’ll listen to music when I feel a certain way. But theres one thing about it. And that’s a particular song that makes you feel quite ruminative and isolated but makes you kinda just stare out into the void and think about life and its meaning. What’s that song that makes you feel that way? Can be any song.

Mine is Limerence by Yves Tumor

20:28 UTC


What’s the nastiest experience you’ve had with fast food, going out to eat or just any kind of food outside your home ?

Ive had several but one that sticks out to me was when I was a kid, mom brought home Taco Bell and I was eating a nachos bell grande and there were roaches crawling around in it. Dead ass serious .

20:17 UTC


Me siento mal

Me siento que no encajo siento que mi alma está triste es como si me morí por dentro siento que no se quién soy y tampoco puedo ser yo misma me siento así desde q unas amigas me excluyeron y todo fue por mi culpa siento que está vida no me gusta y que me odio por ser tan estúpida por qué no valoro a las personas por que siento que me abandonaran y me siento aburrida quiero tener amigos pero tengo una mentalidad estúpida siento q aburro a las personas y que soy mala con gente que no se merece mi trato pero solo quiero desquitarme de todos los q me hicieron daño me odio por q me creo superior cuando ni siquiera tengo la vida que quiero cabe recalcar que tengo trece años y siento que tengo una mentalidad avanzada y yo sé q me falta mucho por aprender pero me siento mal porque siempre que estoy con alguien le veo lo malo y me alejo pero últimamente me he dado cuenta de que todos tenemos defectos pero no se si debo dejar pasar por algo ciertas actitudes

19:56 UTC


When you're in the mood to watch a movie, but you end up just browsing through 10 or more from different genres before picking one...

Pretty sure many people are like this, but it gets annoying after awhile as it can be such a waste of time cycling through movie selections from Action & Adventure to Romance to Comedy to Drama to Horror. Like I pause through 10 at least before making up my mind (that's for all the genres mentioned). Indecisive much? Totally.

My mood says "Movie time!" My brain also says: "Just pick ONE." I also find myself in a dilemma with choosing movies that I've already seen but would like to watch again and movies I have not seen yet.

Yeah thought I'd just share this haha I might be suffering through IMSS - Indecisive Movie Selection Syndrome.

19:34 UTC


Has anyone else noticed how some people seem to almost renew and replenish along with the world/new experiences, whereas others more or less stay the same, as if they resist internal change?

I talked to my friend about how I’m the latter type and he’s the former type. While he’s strictly been playing guitar as his hobby for the past 5 years, I’ve gone from guitar to bass to powerlifting to rock climbing to skydiving to horse riding in that same time window. Even then, I haven’t changed much. I’m still the same as I always have been internally, I just learn more and more.

Oh, and I notice I’ve gotten older; my friend doesn’t so much. He still feels like a kid.

Has anyone else noticed this? I see this difference in people all the time.

18:40 UTC


How do ads and commercials influence you?

Are there any ads you enjoy watching? I know commercials have a bad rep generally. Obnoxiously long YouTube commercials usually turn me off but I’ve found myself watching a few. Like, there was an episode of Pepa Pig that was okay when it popped up as an ad.

Another example: I hate Lumi ads because they always made me feel dirty and stinky but I love the Native deodorant ads because they’re light hearted and funny. I don’t use either but if I had to, I’d pick based off the ads. I guess I feel like the Lumi ads are aiming to make people feel self-conscious.

I’m curious if other people even think about it because I really hate those Lumi ads but they don’t bother anyone else I know.

I do tend to purchase food I see advertised, I’m a sucker for candy and cereal. I liked the old Burger King commercials and Alka Seltzer ads. Also cat litter commercials can be pretty creative.

18:21 UTC


I didn't expect this happen today and I don't know what to think 💀

So 2 days ago I was performing in acting as school event,and my friend said that her classmate was asking if that was me in acting and asking about me which my friend finds little weird cuz why she want to know if that was me. And today I was with my friend and that girl that asked if I was at performance,asked does hair look good and I said it looks good and she was happy (I wouldn't find this weird if I knew that girl or we are friends but this is very odd imo). Thanks for reading here a 🍪

17:59 UTC


I never knew this account existed!

I've created and deleted several reddit accounts over the years. Today, I was resetting the password of another account using my email and I was taken by surprise when reddit asked me which account I would like to log into! I had no idea you could make multiple reddit accounts with one email.

Anyway, I found this 8 year old account that I've never used. I think it's really cool and I'm really happy it exists.

17:53 UTC


Wanna hear about my day?

You know how you and your friends can never agree on a day to go out together and something always happens and the thing gets cancelled? I wasn't having any of that. I contacted a friend the night before, she said she was busy, so I just went on my own today and had a great time. To others, it might seem like a boring day but I just needed a change.

I wore a dress for the first time in yeaaars, something I've been wanting to do for a while and felt very feminine. About an hour train ride. Some unpleasantness in the crowded train but it wasn't all bad, a couple of cute guys were helpful. Went shopping and found great trousers. Lunch at the beach. Wandered a lot but nothing cought my eye. Got tired and headed home. Train was way less crowded and found a seat, unfortunately next to some very loud teenagers.

This last bit was the cherry on top. I was walking home and a few young men with a huge dog passed me by. I was all smiles because I love dogs and the dog's tail brushed my dress !! I heard one of the guys says: " man, I love a woman who isn't afraid of big dogs!" I mean, stray dogs that look ready to bite my leg off, sure, I stay clear of those. But the dog in question had a leash, was obviously groomed and trained so why be afraid? If I see him next time I'll ask if I can pet him :D

16:59 UTC


¿Cual es su lugar para escapar de tus problemas?

Hola soy nuevo no se contrar esto por que me da miedo a que me juzguen pero bueno soy un chico de 18 años que tenie problemas de ansiedad y depresion y a donde yo huyo es al prono por que me siento distraido no se si esta bien o mal pero me ayudarian con un consejo

16:46 UTC


What motivates you to live on? (Disclaimer: I'm not suicidal and just curious)

What makes you look forward to the next day? I just wake up, text this person, that person. If I've to do something. I procrastinate and that's it. I'm curious what life looks for those who don't live on like this.

16:42 UTC


Let’s chat

Hi im looking for a genuine connection with someone i would love to have a great conversation and take things forward eventually. I like traveling, watching movies, anime, also making new friends around. So lets chat and see where things leads us ladies

16:33 UTC


33 [F4M] #California Finding New Friends

I am a person who seeks to build long term friendships. I believe that friendship is one of life's most valuable assets. I enjoy sharing joys, sorrows and life moments with others. I enjoy listening to others stories and sharing each other's interests and dreams. I hope to find someone who is genuinely interested in building a deep friendship with me, where we can explore life's journey together, support, encourage and grow. If you are also looking for a friend you can trust and rely on, please feel free to contact me and let's begin this wonderful journey of friendship together 🌝

16:25 UTC


I deleted old phone numbers from my phone

Some of them were still there since I stopped reaching out 10 years ago, but I finally managed to let go of these people. I was afraid of losing them, but then I realised that I have never counted on them.

Just wanted to share this little silly story. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

16:03 UTC


Update: I accidentally got my dream girl's number

Hey! A lot of people were rooting for us in my last post, so I felt I owe you an update, even though I'd be mortified if she found these posts. So please don't send it to the front page again!

First, I was unclear in my last post. She was absolutely not dating the guy she was with. Just me (and the rest of my friends) being mistaken.

You gave me a lot of advice, but what everyone said was to keep being myself. I think I managed that pretty ok. Just said and did what felt right. She has been very swamped with finishing her engineering degree, so we mostly just kept texting. I didn't want to add any stress by scheduling outings.

So my plan was to wait about a week until she was more free, take her out somewhere, and let her know how I felt if we still had the same connection. Admittedly, I'm pretty bad at plans.

Two days after my post I couldn't hold myself back. The mood was just too perfect. I said something along the lines of "hey, I just want to make it clear that I think you're amazing and I like you a lot". Long story short, we're now dating!

Looking back, she wasn't exactly very subtle about her interest. I just had a hard time realizing something that good could happen to me.

I've never been this happy. I've never felt like this dating someone. You know, how they make it look in the movies. Now I do. Like a teenager without the hormonal anxiousness. Like everything's gonna be okay.

15:59 UTC


I think grownups that try out new activities are incredibly charming.

I've always appreciated adults who pursue new interests or return to old ones. I think it's adorable and really gutsy of them to do.
It's daring because when starting something new, people prefer to compare themselves to others who are more experienced, better, or younger and have potential or have already achieved it.
I believe it takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to start a new pastime for the sake of just enjoying it.
I took a starting adult painting class a while back, and witnessing people twice my age want to progress in art was uplifting; it made me want to be like that when I grow up.
To always be open minded to learn something new without negative thoughts creeping in, to not hold back their desire to play and have fun without comparison or competitiveness.

15:04 UTC


Would you recommend not doing what my family is doing with our dogs? Or do you think there's no issue?

My family bought 2 golden retrievers about 2 years ago who are brothers. One of the family members is moving away with one of the golden retrievers. So the two golden retrievers are being separated. They both have nice homes with large yards and everything needed for dogs.

I would say the 2 goldens don't really act really close but somewhat close. Like, they may sleep in the same room or play with each other.

I think the family member will bring the golden retriever back to visit sometimes. Would you recommend the family member should return the golden retriever so they can be together forever? Or do you think this is perfectly fine?

15:02 UTC


"high schoolers in older movies look 30" OR is it that high school students today appear much younger?

I honestly believe this more than the argument that actual 30-year-olds played high school students. Many of the casted actors who appear ancient are actually in their early twenties. Who still seem much older than performers today. Simply using Tom Welling as an example. He was 24 years old when he arrived in small town and appeared extremely mature.

Or even Chris Evans in the 2000s high school movie he starred in; I'm 24 and he appears far more mature at 20. Women are also represented in the 'Mean Girls' cast.

I honestly believe that individuals are not maturing at the same rate as they formerly did, for whatever reason.

15:00 UTC


Who/what influenced you to listen to music that you listen to?

For example, ever since I was born, my dad would always play the music he listened to when he was young, from Cream to Steely Dan to Toto, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet, Genesis, Journey, Kansas...so you get the idea what kind of music I listen to. My dad would play that music in the car, while walking he would play it on his mobile, at home he would play in on the record player. Then I would hear some songs in movies and video games. What about you? What made you listen to music that you listen to?

15:00 UTC

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