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My cholesterol has gone down!

My total cholesterol has gone down by 13 mg/dL since January of this year despite being on a med that could heighten cholesterol. I’ve been making a point of eating healthier and actively working out half the days of the week. And even though I’ve only lost 5 pounds it still seems I’m getting healthier!

00:29 UTC


I cleaned my porch

I did it. I finally cleaned my damn porch. It was a mess

Thank you, that’s all

22:40 UTC


I have lost 8lbs and 12 inches!

Started to get serious at the beginning of April. Slow carb diet and hitting 10k steps a day, and have started adding kettlebell swings 3x a week. My left foot has already begun saying less angry things to me.

20:13 UTC


I landed a prestigious internship!!

Still feels surreal when I think about it. With an opportunity of a job post-grad. Not my field, but it’s something closely related. And with decent pay.

When I applied I didn’t expect I’d be selected. There was even a competitive process to go through. I didn’t even expect to have a job. I haven’t even done my finals yet. Now I just need to pass. And I’ll be all set!

Even if literally everything else in my life goes wrong, I will still be doing an internship in the summer! My first ever internship!!

19:11 UTC


I defended my master’s thesis this week

It has been such a long time coming. I started grad school in 2020 and honestly had a very rocky start with my advisor. It wasn’t just me, he’s just kind of difficult and mean and manipulative in the beginning. I finished collecting my data in like 2022 and I watched my entire cohort and half the cohort following mine finish before me and felt like shit for it for a long time.

My advisor finally started being kind to me last year and surprise surprise, that’s all I needed all along to have the confidence and motivation to finish things. Finally feeling like I was doing something right and had someone in my corner cheering me on.

It has been such an emotional week leading up to my defense (which went very well). I can’t believe it’s actually happened. I truly never thought I’d be finishing my degree. I was sure I’d drop out or hurt myself before I’d ever graduate. I feel so much lighter now and I just want good things for myself going forward. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I know it’s a big accomplishment, but part of me feels so numb to it now that it’s over.

15:36 UTC



and so did you. have a great day everyone :))

15:06 UTC


I stood up for myself at work!

A chain of people at work dropped the ball on something really important for weeks, and the situation escalated due to their neglect basically. To cover their own asses, they tried to pass the blame off to me, and in a really fucked up way. I reached my breaking point and told them off, including someone in a managerial position (not my boss however). I did not hold back on delivering the truth and didn’t spare anyone’s feelings, as they clearly had no regard for mine throughout the entire ordeal. They were shocked to be called out, to say the least. The best part is that my boss had my back the whole time!

14:22 UTC


Today... I get the day off with my family.

Funny title huh?

I worked a VERY stressful job in management for years. Since 2019. I loved my job, or maybe I said that to cope with the extreme stress it brought me?

I recently got together with a friend I've had since 2019. We were in different points of our lives since we met, so we never "hooked up" or thought of dating. That all hit the fan when my ex husband (see prior AITAH post) became my ex.

My partner gets weekends off. I was always required to work them at my last job, which was never an issue until now. I asked for split days off, Thursdays and Saturdays. The slowest days in my industry. My manager was the "little man syndrom" type. I had the schedule that I was supposed to write, all laid out flawlessly to incorporate Thursdays and Saturdays off. I had reliable coverage. The days were slow. I trained up my coverage for all possible situations that could occur.

He flipped SHIT. Refused, changed it back, and berated me. In the past he could make me cry, he loved when I teared up, my mistake. I didn't budge emotionally as he berated. That began the battle on the hill HE died on.

I made company history with the highest ratings in my department at my location. I got labor under control. The team adored me and still does to this day, I'm known as the best manager they ever had (lots of long term employees, longer than my 2019-2024 stint even). I'm honored and humbled.

So I started looking. Not ONLY did I find a job that pays $4 more per hour, I got weekends off. I put my two weeks notice in. I made it clear, I will stay, despite the pay raise, if you'll give me Thursdays and Saturdays off. I'll take the hit, because I love this team. He toyed around and essentially gave me the bird.

Now. Today. I have a new car. I get BOTH weekend days off, and I adore my new job. It's low stress, I don't manage a team, I manage a single person at a time that I get to build a relationship with. Every day I ask my clients what adventures they'd like to go on, their eyes light up and we do whatever it is they want. I make people happy now.

So not only do I get today off with my partner and my Aussie, I have improved my life in more ways than one. We get to have our own adventures every weekend, BOTH days. Today we're going shooting and watching a local artist do large scale art on beach sand, I'm packing breakfast for on the beach while we watch.

It feels good to stand up for yourself, look for better, and grasp it. No longer can I be bullied by the little man.

There's still stress! But damn this feels good. Especially considering I've tried to overdose and end my life last year, was in the ER more than I wantto admit. Now I do my hair, I wear makeup, paint my nails, I've lost weight, I'm all around doing better than I have in years. Also, the ratings in the department I left? Dropped below company standard now. I have inside friends.

Fuck. Is this real?

13:11 UTC


Coped with ptsd flashbacks and realized that I'm slowly healing

I was taken of the bus and fined two days ago. I couldn't get my digital student vars to load fast enough. While I restarted my phone to try to make it work the inspector took my ID and fined me an amount I do not have the money for.

The event triggered some ptsd flashbacks. I've been completely drained the last couple of days. But I managed to identify that that's what's happening. I appealed the fine and got it approved, so I don't have to deal with any economical troubles. I'm recovering emotionally. I'm differenting my emotions and reality, and are returning to some sense of safety. All the work I've put into healing are having an effect.

11:42 UTC


I’m starting my job today!

i got a job at an amusement park and i’m starting today. for 2 years i’ve struggled to find work, and being in college didn’t really help either. but now i’m finally working. i don’t have to ask my dad for money. i have something to do before school starts again. i’m so excited but so nervous at the same time.

10:55 UTC


9 weeks sober and I’m proud of myself

10:43 UTC


I turned 24 today

I'm not a fan of my birthday, and the last year especially has been awful, bc of overthinking, anxiety and depressive episodes, but I'm still here! Today is also feeling really weird and it's hard to fall asleep without background sounds, but I'm still here!

08:37 UTC


Finally launched my dream business!

So, as an introvert I've always wished to find apparel that speaks to me, that could help me avoid small talk in a dunny way.

I've found a few, but the problem is they were pretty broing usually, so i've made my own.

So i've spent months designing the merch and creating the webstore, and roday it is finally live.

This store is made for introverts. And ships worldwide.

I am NOT trying to promote the store itself, just sharing my achievement among you guys as i think you'd be the ones to share my joy.

If however anyone wants to check the store, here's the store link

07:30 UTC


8 years sober & just received my degree

In the same few days, I received my first degree & walked at graduation &&&&& hit my 8 years of sobriety mark 🙌🏻

It has been a hell of an 8 years but, here I am, sober & a degree holder.

Did it all thru a pregnancy, birth and my husband in rehab for a year. So throw in there that he has 3 years of sobriety himself, too. Life is great.


02:29 UTC


My semester just ended, and I received ALL A's!

Not at any stage in my existence did I foresee myself possessing the mental capacity to even graduate high-school (I was homeschoooled and struggled through it), and now I've earned perfect grades in a collegiate institution!! I'm still astonished!

00:52 UTC


Getting a summer instructor/professorship

I'm a second year paleontology student who hasn't past their qualifying exams (the ones that allow you to officially work on your dissertation).

I applied for a summer professorship position at my university and got it!! I love teaching and mentoring students and I get paid to do it full time over the summer!

I'm going to teach about Mesozoic life and dinosaurs

00:13 UTC


I made it to the final round of interviews for my dream job!

Just one last group interview to get through then I can hopefully look forward to an offer!

00:05 UTC


I went to physical therapy and it went great!

For the past few months, I've been feeling tingling and numbness down the thumb side of my left arm. I made the PT appointment upon recommendation of my primary care physician, not thinking much of it, but recently, within the past several weeks, it had been getting to the point where the tingling had gotten distracting at work and was actively stressing me out. I was very nervous about the appointment today.

But it went really well! The PT gave me some stretches to do, and coached me on proper posture and what to expect during the healing process. Due to some unfortunate timing, I won't be able to see him again till June, but I already have been noticing some improvement!

21:29 UTC


I'm out of counseling now!

I've been going to counseling for years now but just yesterday we decided to not schedule another appointment since I'm doing well enough to not need it anymore. Admittedly I'm gonna miss her but still, I'm really proud of myself.

12:37 UTC


I spun 1.4 oz of my own yarn!

I wish I could add a picture. I received an old spinning wheel in near perfect condition a few months ago(for free!) and finally finished my first mini skein of yarn.

12:23 UTC


We have found a house!

My and my partner are moving out and there's a good few things we had to think about before accepting the houses we could potentially rent,but also,the landlords had to accept us too. In our 2nd try we have gotten a house we liked and we will be moving in in a month!

10:02 UTC


Yesterday I discovered I have a very high credit score!

I bought a used car yesterday and my finance guy was very excited to tell me that I surpassed 800 with my credit score. When I had checked online my bank said I was at 755, but turns out I’m at 808! I turned 30 last year, and have been trying to get my finances in good shape for years so I am so unbelievably proud.

09:58 UTC


My pregnancy test was negative!

I can't really share this with my friends but I just wanted to tell someone the good news 🥹 I've been so afraid to do the test. This would have been the absolute worst time for this to happen. It'll happen someday, just not today.

07:07 UTC


4 years, 10 months, 20 days

Since I had my last drink and since a life-altering experience happened to me. I am still alive. I’m still here. I’ve made it this far. You can do hard things, friends. Just keep swimming. ♥️

07:01 UTC


i’m graduating college

tomorrow, i’ll walk across the stage and get my diploma (cover… the actual thing comes later). i can’t believe i did it. i’ve always been a good student because i LOVE learning, but this semester has been insanely difficult on me.

my father passed away 5 months ago. i can’t believe he won’t be here to see me, but i know he’d be proud. and my financial aid didn’t go through until LAST WEEK. i was convinced i wouldn’t get my diploma because there was no way i could afford $3k out of pocket right now. but wow… it worked out. i stressed all semester about it. and now it’s okay. wow

i wasn’t going to go to grad school because of my father’s passing and missing deadlines (december’s a hard time…), but one of my professors convinced me to apply for an MFA at my undergraduate institution. i got accepted and given a GAship that’ll pay for my entire degree over the next three years.

i don’t know what to do with myself. i’m so proud that i made it, but the deep deep sadness of missing my dad is eating at me. nonetheless… i did it.

04:20 UTC


This is the first time since I was diagnosed with bipolar when I was 16 that I feel like I’m on the correct medication

02:14 UTC


10k steps every day this week

I’ve been on a health and fitness journey, and recently started hitting 10k steps in a day. This last week, I had 10 k each day.

23:44 UTC


Went to the Dentist on my own!!

I (25F) have had really bad dental anxiety for as long as I can remember. And I avoided the dentist for 10 yrs (2011-2021). After I started going back for regular check ups, I would always take someone with me for emotional support. But yesterday I went on my own!! And the appointment went really well! Dentist complimented my teeth and told me to keep up the good work. I’m so proud of myself!

23:40 UTC


I did nothing today

I hate/struggle with the feeling of doing nothing, but I really needed it today, as I have a cold, and just finished a really hectic period

22:50 UTC


Had to talk with my situationship about something really really difficult

It wasn’t bad in any way, shape or form, it’s actually very healthy and brings me great amounts of joy. But it’s heavily stigmatised for no good reason. But we talked about it, he asked questions that I did my best to answer, and he was very happy I told him.


22:45 UTC

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