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In a world of fast fashion, ethics are regularly compromised. Whether this is in the treatment of those who create garments, the effect their creation has on the planet, or in the very materials used to create it, we all too often see a disregard for ethics in the name of looking good.

If you don't feel that fashion and ethics should be at odds with each other, then this could be the place for you.

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ISO weekend wear long sleeve shirt (women’s)

This is becoming a lot harder for me to find than might be expected. So here I am on Reddit asking for help. Thank you in advance.

I’m a size XXL in women’s and looking for either a square neckline or scoop neckline, long sleeve shirt, plain. Both in colors grey and white. Not form fitting. They need to be lightweight and functional for some light exercise. Think weekend wear. In other words, I don’t want to wear straight up gym clothes, I want it to look more like casual wear, but since I do to some light physical activity, it needs to be functional for that.

In the past, I have purchased a shirt from Pact, but the garment doesn’t hold its shape well and has gotten worse with wear and looks sloppy/baggy. For this reason, I don’t like wearing it out in public which isn’t good. On the other hand, I liked that it was lightweight and the cotton feel was nice. I have also gotten a shirt from GAP, but it’s too thick and the material is definitely not made for any physical activity. It’s also a form fitting shirt, which I don’t want. Lastly I have an athelisure wear long sleeve from Vuori which I do like, but this one is not scoop neck or square neckline, it’s crewneck which is not my style, but otherwise it’s fine.

I know these are kind of a lot of criteria but I wear these shirt almost every day.

21:17 UTC


Dress for Spring/Summer

Hello everyone!

I am trying to buy ethical dresses for the nice weather. A rather classy & neutral style, like timeless pieces (to avoid getting bored with it). I was thinking about Wear Pact, but I saw some negative reviews on fake transparency/cheap material, do you have opinions on it?

And do you know other brands that are ethical (or as much as possible) but not toooo expensive (I am a college student), maybe around $60-70 maximum? Reformation or Son de Flor are nice choices but way too expensive.

Thank you :)

22:50 UTC


Looking to get some interest in my sustainable fashion shopping app

Hey, so it doesn't say in the rules for this subreddit whether or not I can advertise so I'm just gonna go ahead with this. My friend and I are building a fashion shopping app/aggregator solely for sustainable and ethical fashion brands. Kinda stumbled into this after spending hours looking for new clothes because I've been trying to be more conscious in buying fashion. The plan is to launch on Earth Day, April 22, 2024 (tentative) and get at least a 1000 sign-ups by launch with each sign-up translating to a new tree planted via the One Tree Planted Women-Led Reforestation Program. Here's the waitlist website: https://tractify.ai/

Feel free to ask any questions!!

20:10 UTC


Specific brands and thrifting /second hand finding them ?

Does anyone ever have luck finding ethical fashion brands that are plus size friendly as well out in the wild at actual thrift / second hand stores in the US ? I’m in the northeast -in Pennsylvania but All our thrift stores seem to be Walmart and target brands and I’d love to find a Big Bud Press jumpsuit or a Nooworks dress!! I really don’t want to pay 10% - 20% off retail prices or what most people will charge on poshmark / mercari etc.

have you ever found Lucy + yak/ big bud press or similar brands on resale sites for 50% Off or more the Retail price ? I’m just trying to decide if I should buy a dress that sells for $160 on the site for $125 US dollars … 🥲

13:41 UTC


Sustainable UK community

Hi everyone,
I created a specific reddit community to discuss all the things related to sustainability from zero waste, charity shops, brands etc . Feel free to join if interested. This community will be specific to UK from physical stores, online shops, events, communities etc.

18:23 UTC


Nice long sleeves

Hi all, this is my favorite shirt in the world, but since it’s poor quality, I’ve worn it to bits. I really like the tighter fit, and the v neck (I don’t wear it off the shoulder) Key piece for me is that it is a full length shirt. Does anyone know where I can get something similar that would last? Looking for a good investment piece. Thank you!

18:27 UTC


Sustainable Clothing Brands

Hi Guys, Can you suggest some clothing brands that do not use polyester or other non-biodegradable textiles and maybe use plant-based fabrics like hemp?

04:54 UTC


Is my body weird?

Okay so I know it’s not actually weird and that it’s really just the fashion industry isn’t necessarily made for my body type, but I need advice. I’m trying to start filling in my wardrobe with pieces from sustainable brands but I’m having a really hard time finding things that fit me well.

For reference, I’m 5’9” about 220 and my measurements are 47/36/47. I usually fit somewhere in the 12/14/16 and L/XL range. I also have a 1yo and have some extra skin/fat on my lower belly. However, with a lot of brands if I go off my measurements I should be like an 18/20 or shouldn’t fit any of their sizing which doesn’t feel right and I don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff just to have to return it. I’d really like to move into wearing a lot of linen but it seems like almost all of the tops are boxy/oversized and they just make me look huge.

What are some brands I can look into that have styles that fit a more curvy body type that won’t make me look like a tent all the time?

Just wanted to edit to add: I do know about tailoring and thrifting but I live in a small town that has neither of those options. I have started learning to sew but it’s difficult to find time to practice with a busy 1 year old running around. I have bought some pieces from small scale (I.e. one person) shops who make to measurement but it can be annoying to wait. I have bought things based on my measurements in the larger sizes and they have also pretty much always been too big or fit really strangely that would be a lot of work to tailor if I did have access to one

00:51 UTC


New Clutch Wallet

It’s coming up on time to replace my wallet. I’ve got a cloth clutch-style that I love, and I still want something large.

I’m looking for leather, but am not dead set on it… something bright and funky works too.

What’s your favourite maker, that will hold up for a few years?

01:22 UTC


halara opinions 2024?

I saw “some” of their suppliers are WRAP certified, but im not really sure what that means.

15:37 UTC


Ethical alternative fashion brand

Hi, I joined here to ask if someone can recommend me some ethical, sustainable brands that make gothic/alt clothing? I'm starting to be interested in sustainable fashion but I can't find any brand that would fit my style, sometimes I find something nice in second hands or on vinted, but these are also full of shein resell items, im sick of it my style is something like this, photo from Pinterest

15:56 UTC


BSCI and Sedex certifications?

Hi! I’m a small brand starting production in Asia and I’m looking into those certifications. Would you recommend working with factories without those certifications? Is it really a red flag? What I found is that those are often small factories with lower MOQ for young brands but it doesn’t especially means they aren’t ethical either. While bigger factories would have those certifications but don’t always want to work with smaller brands.

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15:48 UTC


Muji Alternatives

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone selling matching pajamas sets (in cotton gauze, linen, kapok, hemp, etc) that are similar to the Muji ones? I was thinking of getting a pair from them but just learned about their cotton practices :( I found some cotton gauze pajama sets on etsy but they look extremely gauzy

Thank you for your time!

Edit: Also interested in any suggestions for Muji alternatives in general. I like their aesthetic and a lot of their cotton gauze clothing

16:33 UTC


Are Kotn clothes as baggy as they look?

I've been eyeing Kotn's menswear for a long time, but I'm always put off by how baggy their fits look. Do the clothes truly fit as loosely as they appear to?

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03:33 UTC


Poly or Kraft mailers?

My brand is 100% organic natural fibers, grown, spun, and sewn in the USA. I pay a living wage and hire all help, even digital service, domestically. I want to be as ethical as possible, socially, environmentally and economically .

With that said I am having a hard time trying to figure out if I should use poly mailers made from 100% recycled material OR Kraft mailers also from 100% recycled material.

The issue I am having is that Kraft mailers are heavier and less forgiving so will cost more to ship out than poly mailers. Poly mailers would be more reasonable for my small business. The alternative would be to raise my prices.

What are your thoughts as a consumer?

03:26 UTC


Just another reminder to buy secondhand cashmere (if you absolutely must have it)

Except for the most expensive pieces from luxury brands (and maybe not even those), cashmere production is killing animals and has been destroying the planet for at least a decade.

20:51 UTC


Sustainable Fashion - Survey

13:45 UTC


How do I find out whether the product I’m buying is actually ethically sourced or not?

Yooooooooooo everybody, I was just wondering how I could find out whether the products I buy are ethically sourced or not. Especially clothing. Any websites that help with this, or any other advice? Thanks people 👍 I want to be a more ethical shopper

00:51 UTC


Has anyone gotten clothes from Kiel James Patrick?

I was looking to get their moose fleece and I can't really tell if it is wool or poly. If you ever got anything please let me know how it was!!

04:47 UTC


Those who have bought a naturally dyed garment, what are your thoughts?

Hey y’all,

For those of you who have bought a naturally dyed apparel item, what did you think? Did the colour last long after washing/ multiple wears? Would you buy a naturally dyed garment again? Was it worth the price? What brand was it?

I was reading that Eileen fisher sometimes uses natural dyes but not sure if they are worth the purchase


09:59 UTC


Ethical/Sustainable swimwear

Sorry I’m sure this has been asked but I’m not seeing a thread. Any suggestions for ethical /sustainable swimwear brands? I know ultimately second hand is the most sustainable and that’s how I typically shop, but gotta draw the line somewhere and for me it’s swimwear and underwear! So any ideas? Going on a trip And looking for some one pieces and bikinis . Thank you!

21:24 UTC



has anyone ever shopped with luxyhair?

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01:20 UTC

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