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Scriptwriter for Anime YouTube Channel

Greetings, Reddit Storytellers and Anime Enthusiasts!

We're on the lookout for an inventive and skilled scriptwriter to join our journey in creating captivating anime-style storytime videos for a widely loved YouTube channel. If you have a flair for storytelling, a love for anime, and the skill to blend words into engaging narratives, this could be your moment to shine!

We specialize in anime-style storytime videos that captivate and inspire our audience. We're looking for a dynamic, creative, and skilled scriptwriter to join our team!

What We Are Looking For:

  • Excellent English Skills: Your command of the English language must be top-notch. We're looking for someone who can craft compelling, coherent, and grammatically flawless scripts.
  • Youthful Energy: We believe in the fresh perspective and innovative ideas that young talent can bring to our team.
  • AI Writing Experience: In our studio, we embrace cutting-edge technology. Familiarity with AI tools for scriptwriting and content creation is a must. We value candidates who can blend AI efficiency with human creativity.

Pay: This is a paid job. Pay Details TBD.

How to Apply:

Please send a chat request with your resume, a brief cover letter, and writing samples. We'd love to see examples of your work, especially if they include anime-related content or storytime scripts.

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17:12 UTC


Here's a music video I edited for the artist EFÉ [indie rock/bedroom song] let me know what you think :)))

11:11 UTC


Origami Heart Wreath

16:53 UTC


Cherry, watercolor, 22 x 15 inches, 2022 year

15:15 UTC


The Mummy Cats - Critical Moments

02:15 UTC


Creative productivity

I’m working on a book about being productive as a creative and would love to know what issues you have around time management, finishing projects, etc.! I know what works for me but want to see what issues other creatives run into and figure out how to adapt my system to help them. Thanks!

22:49 UTC


Michelle Fabre - Give You Back Yourself [Pop]

19:46 UTC


How to be more creative

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21:29 UTC


The Mummy Cats - Wolverine

20:10 UTC


Sunflower Harvest, acrylic, epoxy resin on canvas, 39 x 31 inches, 2023 year

15:33 UTC


Jobs for creative people in a sticky situation

Hi everyone, will try keep this brief!

Long story short, I'm a music / sound guy and also video editor and videographer.

Ive had alot of experience in music and sound (doing games, working on animations etc ) but being freelance is tough. Just had an interview with a game studio and they need someone with "experience in studios" 🙄.

I have a fair amount of skill and experience in video editing and videography, but the portfolio is a bit dated and being freelance again is tough (especially if at your core you can't stop thinking about music & sound).. getting a job is madly competitive as one can expect of course.

As most creative's I'm kind of torn between what path to take although deep down it's about music and sound. I'm drudging away learning more about implementation of music and sound into games but at this point I actually just NEED A JOB..

I'm in mid 30s and not doing the whole barman or retail stuff anymore, but my wife does know an ex colleague who is 23 and bagging like 30k working at the airport scanning luggage etc.

I need something essentially which isn't boring or taxing on the mind about something I don't care about, something ideally where I'm told what I need to do and I do it, perhaps with prospects of earning more while I can graft away on music and sound in the background.

Does anyone have any good suggestions? At this point I probably will apply to the airport, but I am also for the very first time in my life nearly at a point of hopelessness and despair - that's the real world I guess! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


08:21 UTC


What are you thoughts on my alt history timeline? feedback and questions APPRECIATED the premise it What if aliens showed up on the outer edge of our solar system in 1900 and radio’d us?

An account of the First 48 Hours


Wireless telegraphs across the world start receiving a signal

Age of Deafness ends

Age of Blindness begins

The Signal is instantly recognized as morse code and is copied to paper in 5 countries

Message Reads

.-- . / -.-. --- -- . / .-- .. - .... / .--. . .- -.-. . / - .-. .- -.. .

We come with peace trade

.-- . / -.-. .- -. / - . .- -.-. .... / .. ..-. / -.-- --- ..- / .... . .-.. .--.

we can teach if you help

The message repeats continuously

Wireless telegraphers unable to receive any other signal

Pittsburgh loses the use of its wireless telegraph, Reginald Fessenden is unaware of the situation

Wireless telegraphers stationed at Royal Navy Dockyard in Portsmith ask for the location and nationality of the ship transmitting

Paola Borboni is born in Parma, Italy

Tesla awakened by assistants at Tesla Experimental Station in Colorado Springs

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Frederick William Richards is informed of the situation

Wireless telegraphers stationed at Naval Station Pearl Harbor are unable to reach the nearby USS Nero

South Foreland lighthouse at Dover and the East Goodwin lightship lose communication with each other

SS Saint Paul loses the use of her wireless telegraph

SS Mont-Blanc Collided with SS Imo off the coast of Dover, 150 dead including Count Bezzi Scali and Countess Anna Scali

Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil is informed of the situation

Andrew Carnegie and JP Morgan make substantial investments in Wireless telegraph and astronomical research

Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi mistakes the situation, he attributes it to a hardware problem and begins to dismantle his equipment.

3 boys taken into custody on suspicion they were throwing copper coins at the antenna in Portsmith

W. F. Nisbet, The steamer was sunk by ice near Wellsburg, Kentucky.

Chiune Sugihara is born in Mino, Gifu prefecture

President William McKinley is informed of the situation

NYSE Market closes S&P 500 down 9 points

George Dewey, John Davis Long, and the president have a secret meeting at a house belonging to Long's cousin.


The first reference to the Message in print appears in the Daily Mail. A small blurb on how a couple of kids fooled the royal navy by throwing cooper coins in the pattern of a morse code message.

McKinley calls a meeting with all members of his Cabinet.

Ships with wireless telegraph at dock begin to reach out to the installers requesting repairs

Tesla begins to move wireless telegraph and tries to measure the strength of the signal at different altitudes

Prime minister Cecil and his Cabinet come to the conclusion that the Message is coming from another country in an attempt to fry communications

The "autostage", the first electric bus, became operational, running on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Eight people could sit inside, and four outside, the fare was one nickel.

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Frederick William is assigned to head the investigation, initial suspects include Germany and France.

Following the cabinet meeting, United States Secretary of State John Hay announced the success of negotiations with other nations to begin the Open Door Policy to promote trade with China. The Message is not mentioned.

Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi accuses his assistants of sabotage and dismisses them all, no compensation is given.

NYSE stock market closes S&P up 2 points

The Most Serene Prince of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst Chancellor of the German Empire is informed of the situation

Gustave Charpentiers opera "Louise" premieres in Paris.

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Frederick William orders to begin transmitting false information on ship movement through wireless, keeping real communication only on wired channels

Wilhelm von Siemens and Arnold von Siemens are summoned to Berlin

President of France Émile François Loubet is informed of the situation

E Verlinger begins manufacturing 7" single-sided records in Montreal

Andrew Carnegie and other industrialists hold a meeting at Carnegie's estate



Governor and Company of Industrialists of America Developing West Africa.

Inspired by India company/ VOC, based on the original charter of the East India Company "Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading into the East Indies".The crest is actually Andrew Carnegie's crest, he hired an artist to do it for him. This timeline's colonizers are stronger than in ours and they are more desperate than in ours. This time around the U.S can't afford not to scramble for a piece of Africa.

The Motto is in reference to the country/company itself, which is just one giant STANDARD STEEL TRUST

The first and most successful of its type in America it quickly encouraged other Barrons such as Rockefeller’s Southeast Asia Company in the Philippines. These "Companies" unlike their European predecessors did not take the home countries' name, like the Dutch East India Company or Swedish East India Company, as it would not blend with the anti-imperialism dogma they have adopted. So instead they are called and advertised as private entities that were created on the whims of the ultra-rich. The robber barons are only in charge in the sense that as long as they meet the quotas for raw materials, they will be left alone. If the Barrons act out of line uncle sam is very swift to remind them who is really in charge.

Carnegie advertises Liberia to African Americans as some sort of racial utopia, offering contracts of employment ranging from 5 to 50 years of service, contact your local Carnegie office to get yourself your own home! No Taxation! Only 5 years of work for a home? Incredible offer. Only when they get there do they realize that this was no racial utopia but things were somewhat better depending on where you came from. Only when they step ashore do they realize their home is a single-family apartment unit in large corporate cities, and that it would take 50 years for most people to buy their home with the salaries offered by the company, and if you break your contract you forfeit all your assets in both Liberia and any you may have had in America

" My Greed will represent the public's greed"- Andrew Carnegie 1903

"right to employment" is a Right you trade to the corporation for all the Rights they guarantee in exchange. Under the contract, the company has your right to employment and it can only be bought back if all debts are paid, and obligations fulfilled. While the debts of deceased generations are usually not required to be paid unless there are extra ordinate circumstances, or if there is a justified suspicion of collusion to create debt. Most of the working population has Generational debt, for it is almost impossible for an average family to live a healthy life without accumulating some debt, and interest rates on generational l debt are not generous making even small amounts of debt a family may pass down means a life sentence for all descendants. Generational accumulated debt is required to be paid in order for an employee to receive his right to employment back, without this right the employee is at the whims of the company, they send you to work on a dam you go there, and if they determine that your skills are better used in waste management, thats what your life focus will be now. They say you need to provide security, well you're a soldier, congrats! This leverage by the corporation combined with a large immigration rate makes Liberia akin to a trap that is enticing to enter, the cheese looks so good, if you find yourself not liking it then you are screwed, might as well sit back and enjoy that cheese. Statistically speaking there is no emigration out of Liberia. This is all part of Ceo Carnagies's plan for his Corporate nation, new workers to build mega-company cities for even more workers to create goods that even more workers will purchase, don't forget to show your tag for your employee discount!

Infinite growth, all the time, at any cost: this is the mandatory oath taken by a CEO on their Inauguration Day. Any backpedal on growth is an immediate crisis, and the CEO with the authority of the shareholders is directed to end it by any means possible, usually, this means union-busting, or authority to make large sweeping changes to the direction the nation was headed, however when an economic crisis influences Liberia that originates beyond its borders it may be used as a casus belli

Contract of employment is a standard contract in this timeline used by pseudo corporate states as a bill of rights between the state and the employee, these rights include

Right to Affordable Speech. sometimes when the people think they know better than the corporation they must express themselves, and they are free to do so as long as the space has been paid for and for our HR department to make sure there are enough fire exits and that the content of the speech doesn't cause a riot or promote attitudes overtly negative of the state.

This "overtly" clause has imbued this new culture with the skills of understatement, sarcasm, and dry wit. A speaker might say they found the food at the cafeteria in his hometown lacking in flavor and requests that Food be diverted there to increase diversity in the diet of the employees. What he really is saying is that his town has been mass food poisoned and he has paid for this speech to address the people in the public square for any assistance, there is usually no food diversity most of the populace is sustained on corn and corn derivatives, American corn and American corn derivatives. Due to the large amount of corn produced in the united states and its desire to unload corn and all the things they can make from it, corn is the cheapest and most efficient food so it is the most of the employee's diet, they can look forward to their weekly lemon, though! It stops scurvy! Having no agricultural industry after its destruction at the hands of Carnegie and the American Board for the Promotion of Commercial and Government uses of Corn (ABPCGC) Liberia imports all its food, most coming from America consisting of Corn shipments as Agreed on in the Carnegie Corn Accords.


The most obvious and jarring case of Constitutional Endorsements. In an exchange for large investments and the use of their powerful lobbies in D.C, Carnegie signed an exclusive deal that all needs that can be met by corn at a reasonable cost will be provided by the ABPCGC. Afraid of being ditched when a more easy supply is found or even developed by Liberia the Board decided to have the deal in the binding employee contract itself. It would make sure they upheld their commitments. Only during times of great crisis does the country switch from corn, usually to whatever they can get their hands on. ABPCGC is contracted to provide the caloric needs of Liberia and they control all the gears of food distribution other than the few domestic franchisees. if corn can no longer be profitably sold to Liberia, they won't just face a constitutional crisis but starvation as well. However as always, the rich are the exception, they run some of the few private companies called Domestic Franchisees residing in the company state, importing and selling luxury goods and foods. As defined in the franchise agreement luxury food is any non-corn-based food or lemons. These Franchisees are not allowed to deal with or affect the flow of essential goods, everything else is fair game though, as long as it has been approved by the company, mostly Luxury Goods have been shortened to just a list of frivolities and toys, nothing that could feed an insurgency or develop a domestic food source. The market of these goods and luxury foods is the rich and upper-middle-class themselves, usually, these franchise owners are disgruntled employee shareholders finding advancement too difficult through the available channels, attracted by the lessened oversight and dreams of the Carnegie Dream.

The freedom from taxation since the state is the corporation and a very wealthy one at that it has more than enough avenues to generate income rather than taxing their own employees. This is a double-edged sword, in times of plenty it provides an attraction from immigrants and foreign expatriates, however, economic crises work different in Liberia, they are not only economic but are also constitutional in nature, any attempt at taxation, examination of assets without undue suspicion and legal warrants would be met with mass uprisings.

There are no citizens in these states, there are employees the vast number of people residing in these states, shareholders which are a class of people who not only have shares but enough shares to live off annual dividends these are the ruling class holding around 41% of the current shares and thus 41% percent of the voting power, and the middle-class employee shareholder, having accumulated and stashed every share in a family and passing them down creates this hybrid middle class, their voting power rests at 4% only a symbolic amount but it used as a gauge into the publics feelings on matters. Many families in this economic class only have one or two full-shares so they not only vote for themselves but their whole families.


1960s America in this timeline is way more imperialistic than OTL but they like to dress it up as charter companies and with some sort of share-voting (counting votes per share). Instead of a king they have a Pioneer Director and Chief Shareholder, Charter CEO, Premier Capitalist Director, or even a Mammonian Profit Primogenitor. But however you disguise it they control 70-85 percent of the vote, not even the kings of Europe have this sort of power in the 60s. These “Companies” spawn the globe, including but not limited too, Carnegie’s in West Africa, Rockefeller in the Philippines , JP Morgan in Cuba, and Ford in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

While most Americans have a distaste for these colonies, The Contact had given the most technologically advanced nations giant leaps of technological knowledge, sparking The First Space Race of 1910, the radio only having been invested 3 years prior to Contact, only a few nations even had them at that point, and mostly for ship to ship communication. But once we understood we could communicate with Them, Radio became a science of its own, with millons worldwide of the next couple of years becoming Radioscribe Technologists (Radio researchers) and Radiant Mentors ( Teachers of the Radio Sciences ). But the advances the Americans enjoyed were fueled by emense profits and enormous amounts of raw materials funneled out of native populations.

There was always opposition to these colonies but they were seen as necessities for this strange new century. By the 60s resistance from the natives in the colonies had begun to affect profits, with large worker strikes and demands for a company union scaring the ruling shareholders most of which were sons and daughters of their Robber Barron founders. They responded just as their forefathers would have. Strict curfews, Public gatherings were banned, Company Police breaking up any meeting with brutal beatings that were aimed to cripple, and death sentences given to people who were found to be spreading “Communistic Union Propaganda” Union Busters and these colonies have a long history with them as all of the colonies had brought Union busting corporations with them to “settle” the land enticing them with high amounts of shares some individuals got as high as 7% worth of the vote, making them the “knights and lords of the company” a term they call themselves.

With the background set, let me introduce you to Ursula K. Le Guin. A California native who grew up in the intellectual hotbed of Berkley and the diverse population that came from all over America and her Companies, a large Sri Lankan population had fled their homeland, due to the 1909-11 Rice Famine, caused by Colonial Land-use, and the Rice Blight resulting in a crop failure of 75%. There were exiled west africans who were a little too socialist for their companies liking. Many Philippinos attended Berkley University with her, due to Rockefellers Child Labour Scholarships, at the age of 5 all healthy children are offered an employment contract, 40 hours a week for 3 Meals and a nickel a day if they keep their job for the next 13 years without missing more than 10 days of work at 18 they would be offered a scholarship into an American university, only the brightest manage to end up in universities in the top 20, most end up spread to random state colleges, however the liberal Berkley was one of the first schools to institute Restitutional Action giving preference to people who have suffered under American colonialism over applicants who had better test scores. Then there is also a small cuban population most were JP Morgan employees in Cuba who were deemed to be experienced and knowledgeable in factory management to be a shift supervisor at Morgan factories, using cheap Mexican labor these factories operated smoother under cuban managers who were able to speak directly to the workers rather than using a translator like their American counterparts, these cubans also had a ton of experience in managing factories back home, and they were accused of racism at a much lower rate than their white American supervisors. But most importantly to the company was they were much cheaper.

Coming up in this environment Le Guin was exposed to the spectrum of leftist ideas and theory. She was outraged and outspoken about The Great American Hypocrisy where we had Democracy at home and imperialism over seas. Where we preach freedom but deny those freedoms and rights to those we conquer, we do not grant colonial subjects residing the same rights, they are not allowed to vote, and they and their children where denied Jus Soil, they were denied American birthright. They were granted a second class citizenship known as Company Denizens, this would be given out by the companies that colonized them often used as a reward for many years of service, meaning most Company Denizens were highly skilled in their fields, some would go back home but most stayed even as they faced systematic discrimination, even if they were second class citizens it was a better life than slaving away back home for peanuts. In 1960 there only had been 2 Company Denizens granted citizenship, one was granted it for kicking away an explosive device that was aimed at members of the Carnegie dynasty, in doing so he saved 4 lives and lost both his feet. The other was given citizenship posthumously for his service in the first space race, his American born son was granted citizenship and was able to vote for his first time despite being born and raised in America for 30 years

She hated it, and she wasn’t alone, at the age of 20, she took a job at Morgan Consortium of Cuban Development Company, and at the age of 22 she had was wanted for spreading propaganda and preaching for collective bargaining.

The company’s have extraordinary powers on their own soils but Americans were usually deported if they broke laws, most of the times those were cases of rape and violence, once deported though they usually are home free as justice is an expensive thing to get and unless substantial property damage is done by a wealthy American where the damages can be sued for in court, litigation for a rape is never worth it for the company, as the workers rarely can afford a lawyer themselves. It is easier and cheaper to tell the natives the guilty party is being sent off to jail.

It was rare for political agitators to visit the colonies, they usually come from the native population, even screening every book going in and out of the colony, they could not stop socialist, syndicalist, and communist thought from taking root. At 22 wanted for her crimes and facing deportation back to America she had felt she had not done what she came to cuba to do. Hiding out in a dimly lit sparsely occupied shanty bar, she found herself aproached by a hooded group who introduced themselves as Independientes Entre Los Trabajadores ( Independents Amongst the Labor )

Over the next couple of days she would hear their ideas and become fascinated. They explained it all to her emphatically.

A Syndicalist based resistance, who aimed to nationalize the Morgan Consortium of Cuban Development Company, in other words nationalize the whole island, confiscate ownership of the company, and unionize it, distributing profits back to the worker, based on the amount they contributed with their labor. Take the medium sized Morgan Nickel Mining Subsidiary , were I work, 120 workers not counting the union buster patrol, we mined and exported 45 metrics tons of nickel last year, thats 90,000 dollars! In America a Coal miner makes 900 a year, we make 200 dollars, in America their profit margins are much lower but they still manage a 50% so say it costs the company 25% to recoup thats 18,000. 90,000-18,000 is 882000 lets not forget about taxes so make it 78,2000 divide that by the amount of workers to see what the average yearly salary is. 78,200/150= 5213$ fuck it lets say its a bad year or profits are not as much as last year, halve that number again thats 2600 a year! 16 times more than we make now and even more than double the Americans would make at the same job in America, so pay would range from 2100-2800 depending on position.

No more share-voting, the Cuban Peoples Company would be a Unionized Representative Democracy, what ever job you do you and your fellow workers elect your direct boss, a supervisor, manager, etc, your boss then with a group of others of the same job or equivalent who also were elected by their own fellow workers, repeat until, you reach the second highest rank, where you have 5 Chief Officers, the CFO, COO, CTO, CMO, and CHRO who each nominate a candidate based on their skills, experience, educated, their job is to find the 5 most qualified candidates which would be then voted on by all members of the union, each an equal vote, all working peoples have a vote.

She would join Independents Amongst Labor in their underground resistance. At first they stuck to non violent resistance trying to organize strikes, gather workers to talk theory, and boycotting but after a year it was evident that these had little effect in the face of the militarized company police and union busters who would jump at the chance to beat a disability into anyone who even thought about taking any of those actions, most of the time these meetings would end with them running into the wilderness if they were lucky. After a session talking Syndicalist theory with a group of workers, Le Guin and the group were ambushed by Company Police and Union busters, outnumbering them 3 to 1, and equipped With steel batons they descended on them with glee. The cheif company police officer took his steel baton and swung at full force which went an inch into her eye socket, she would lose that eye, and from then on she wore her iconic eyepatch.

This had been the last straw, the resistance had entered their violent period. The chief Company police officer was a violent drunken southerner in his 40s, as mothers walked with their children, they would hide their daughters above the age of 12 from him, for he was known when drunk to snatch them from their screaming families on the street, he told them he was taking her to America. They would never see their child again. He was also the owner of shares worth 1% of the vote. One of them tried to speak out against his assassination but he stoped halfway through as he himself was not convinced

Over the course of 17 years she would become a high level resistance member. They had focused on targets that owned shares, 2 descendants of Jp Morgan meet their end, as they’re car exploded on them, the deaths of the two sex workers that accompanied the Morgans weighed heavily on thier minds and they had made it a point to use more precise instruments in the future.

The company’s retribution was not aimed at the resistance, but at the general populace, doubling the price of food for 4 months, causing the deaths of 4,000 from starvation.

And so it went on, assassination and raids was her life. Over the 17 years they would nab 24 high ranking shareholders. During this time she also wrote some of her best works. The gentle compassion of socialism and the mad violence she lived day to day made quite a mix, one wonders if she was spared the violence her books would feel rather comfy. after returning home at 37 she would get the books she wrote during her time in Cuba, published. And she immediately wins the Hugo Awards for best work of science fiction. She would never return to her resistance days, she spent the rest of her life writing and becoming one of the great American authors.

Since she was banned from the company she would not return to Cuba until their independence in 2017, where she was seen as a hero. She died a year later Jan 22nd 2019 and as of this date is the only non Cuban on their currency.


this is my original review in OTL: https://www.reddit.com/r/printSF/comments/v3ra9n/rereading_my_holy_trinity_the_left_hand_of/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

The following is written by alt hist me in the AOA TL, circa 2020s

Been going through some shit recently and haven't read any new books like I usually do, just have been rereading Le Guin. She is the author of these 3 books. Truly the chicken soup for my soul. Been bouncing from Lathe of Hell, Right Hand, and Dispossesser and then back again.

The Right Hand of Light

My go-to reread and my most read book is RHOL If you haven't read any Leguin START HERE. True story, I went on a date recentish and we come to the topic of books, and I talk about RHOL, she recognizes it and says her high school teacher made her read it and she hated it. There was no second date.

It's an "easier" read than Dispossesser and a more violent read than Lathe of Hell. I have reread this so many times that there is no tension in it for me. Thats a good thing cause it makes a violent book into a cozily violent book. It is about many things if you make it so, duality is the most obvious, and most prevalent, the title itself is in reference to duality. It could also just be a hero's journey if you need it to be.

"There was hatred. I and certain others, a young man and one with a slight cough, were recognized as being most resistant to the propaganda, and each night we were at the center of the group, the entity of twenty-five, where we had all their attention. We did not struggle for the spotlight, we simply were in it each night. It is a wonderful thing, this hatred that human beings do not lose. Wonderful, because when we are finally naked in the dark and cold, it is all we have. We who are so rich, so full of strength, we end up with that small change. We have nothing else to give."- RHOL LeGuin 1969

LeGuin is a master of contrast, mostly used as a tool to demonstrate duality. Characters, culture, and countries are all written with a partner, in words they dance, and even though she doesn't outright tell you what's going on, the dance tells you all you need to know. RHOL does it masterfully and she perfects the art 5 years later with The Dispossesser. There are many, many, many similarities between the two but they are worlds apart.

"Darkness is the right hand of light

and light the left hand of darkness.

Two are one, life and death, lying

together like lovers in kemmer,

like hands joined together,

like the end and the way" -RHOD LeGuin 1969

The Lathe of Hell

It has such a strong premise that is so unique and creative that no one has even come close to portraying anything like it in any medium. the relationship between George and his therapist is so great in EVERY iteration and seeing it change from one reality to the next is so good one has to think how is this book not more well known. She builds multiple world histories here and an overarching world to encapsulate it all, the way the story is formated its more like reading a classic of literature and realizing you lived in the age where books like these are written, maybe some of the first viewers of classic greek plays felt the same way

"The whole world as it now is should be against me; because I dreamed a lot of it up, too. Well, after all, it is against me. That is, I take a part of it. And am separate from it. I walk on the ground and the ground's is lessened by me, I breathe the air and take it, I am pillaging the world." - LOH LeGuin 1971

And the best is saved for last!

I admit that even though Dispossesser is my all-time favorite book it is the one I have reread the least, in part because it's longer than the other two, but mostly it's the content. It is not a "comfy" book, it will not hold your hand, I've read this at least 10 times and I still sometimes get lost in terms of past and present. Unlike RHOL it does not read itself. It is the "tusndre" of the three. Doesn't care if you are lost and confused, constantly trying to buck you off the saddle, daring you to read it, if you take it up on the dare you might soon find yourself falling in love. It is a book that is utterly relatable on a personal level despite it taking place in the most bizarre and imagined society.

"He broke. He began to scream, not trying to hide his rage, for he could not find the decency to turn over. One of the old men, the sick old men, came and sat on the side of the cot and patted his shoulder. "It's all right, brother. It'll be all right, little brother," he muttered. Shevek heard him and felt his touch, but took no comfort in it. Even from the brother there is no comfort in the bad hour, in the dark at the foot of the wall" - TD LeGuin 1974

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Keep it creative. Head to my website to see more.

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creative writing project idea

So my school has this writing fellowship that lets you spend a summer abroad writing about an experience that’s meant to be transformative. People use it to reconnect with family history, explore cultures they have a connection to and more.

I’ve always been interested in dance and found other creative forms like film, photography, writing super interesting. I’m also trying to figure out what career I’d want to have and if I’d want it to be creative.

So far, my proposal for the fellowship is to travel to Berlin, since it’s recognized as a global creative hub and immerse myself by taking dance classes, writing workshops, going to film screenings, alternative performances, etc in order to sort of ‘unlock’ my creative abilities. I’m planning to write a personal narrative about this to both describe how I’m growing as a creative and show that place has a huge impact on your self-discovery and artistry. If this resonates with you in any way, I’d love to hear ways I could strengthen my project (or if the idea even seems suited for a writing fellowship)

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Looking for tablet/laptop recommendations

Hi all! I’m a beginner stained glass artist and I’m looking to step up my game by creating my patterns on Inkscape. The laptop I have is old and now very powerful so it can’t handle the program. It appears that it’s naturally time for an update for me anyway. I would ideally like a 2 in 1 laptop to be able to use my fingers on the screen. Does anyone have any good devices they use for similar things? I’m not picky about operating systems. I use apple but I’m aware that the windows has some great options

Pic is the hand drawn patterns I made for my family this Christmas. The most visibly hand drawn pattern is definitely the ranch 😅

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Finished decorating my room

What do u guys think ?

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yearning for creative fulfillment

I have a deep longing for creative fulfillment. Yet, I don’t know where it comes from. I’ve never been an artist, I’ve actually never created a completed piece ever. I think I’m crazy a lot of the time. All I think or want to do or be is creative. I feel like I feel things very deeply, and I need to express it but I don’t know how. It’s like I want to scream but I’ve lost my voice. There’s so much tenseness. I write sometimes, I think a lot. I’m depressed.

When I try to pinpoint a form of expression for myself, nothing rly hits. I’m delusionally obsessed w the idea of making music, but in hindsight i may just be obsessed w the feeling of music. I feel like my reaction to the music is expressive and art in itself. So I’ve thought about creating videos of me lip syncing to songs pretty much. It sounds so dumb. Like pretty much a music video of me singing the song but I’m rly not, I’m feeling the song as if I am the one singing it. Maybe it’s acting then?

I’m just so lost and I feel so crazy. If anything I discussed sparks any thoughts or advice I’d appreciate it very much.

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Snowman Family Drawing with Soft Pastels / Winter Scenery Drawing

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime of Winter 2024 [1Min]

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Cosmeia Flowers, watercolor on paper and canvas, 51 x 39 inches, 2023 year

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Creative idea

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Hi folks, i need your help, i am going to found a company, where we sell olive oil with flavour like chilli or garlic, everything is handmade and plantes in our garden, do you have any ideas for names for the company? Anything short maybe only one word. Thx in advance😊

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