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No matter how well you write, there will be times when you have to find the motivation to write the amount you want. That's what this subreddit is for. This is where writers come to get the motivation to create more content and finish what needs to be written. Share your writing motivational tips and tricks, ask questions about how to overcome writers' block and help those who are struggling to stay motivated. This is a supportive subreddit to help writers reach their writing goals, no matter what those goals may be. Write On!

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✍️Write a Plot about this filmposter🎬


  1. its a psycho-/horrorgenre
  2. the whole movie is playing in one room
  3. the cast is four people big
  4. noone dies

[If you break the rules without really breaking them you are geniuses]

That's the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJQkXAXR/

It really helps when you can write other storys with a little help like a movie poster and some ground rules who can let you get creative in many ways.

As an example, the Poster shows a guy that got a emerald shining skin with ruby red eyes. This can make you try to describe the guy, is he the bad demon, or is he a decent or even good guy that struggles with extrem depression? The depression in this movie could be personified as the green guy with red eyes. this gives us a new question to answer: "Why does he have a green skin and red eyes?"

Finally the rule "noone dies" makes you think about other ways how you can scary people without making them fear about death. Maybe the horror is that you can torture yourself if you have mental illness.

Get creative and share your work if you want. :)

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Hello friends, I'd like your opinion on this question. I published my autobiography in French 3 years ago, and had it translated into Spanish, which is also published. Since then, I've reworked it for the English edition, which is now out. I changed a few texts, removed and added a few pieces, which represents about 5% of a 100k book. For this new English edition, I've changed the title, cover and general concept. I now want to reformat the French and Spanish editions with the same title and layout as the English edition. Should I take these two editions and make them a direct translation of the English edition, which means more rewrites, edits, corrections and so on, which means more money and time? Or leave them as they are, which means there will be a slight variation between these versions? Does it really matter? Do the translations have to be identical? Finally, what I've added or deleted doesn't change the story, the learning or the purpose of my biography. It's just that sometimes I'm such a perfectionist that it drives me crazy!!!! Thanks for your thoughts and comments. Guy


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Start the week with some tips and tricks to help you keep writing if you're feeling unmotivated or stuck. https://youtu.be/rkFR-YNfHuA

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It’s all in my head but I can never put it on paper, maybe this is my biggest delusion yet

I’ve always had fantastical dreams since I was small. I’ve never really tried to write a book, but I did have a bout of motivation when I was in elementary school. I’m 23 now and I definitely do not have that same spark. However, I still am plagued with constant day dreams, fantastical REM dreams, as well as fantastical nightmares.

I don’t feel as creative as I was when I was younger, and sometimes I feel like my dream world is just my escape and not really something I’ll ever be able to put into a coherent piece of art or literature. Im diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar subtype. I know that doesn’t matter, but I just wanted to give a little background information on why I feel like maybe my creative work in my head is nothing more than a delusion or coping mechanism.

I’ve been having the same dream world for the past 16 years I’d say, and it’s changed a lot since then. Different characters, better environment and lore. One thing that sucks about this only being a dream is that I only am able to perfect the fine detail of a few scenes over the course of a year because they will be the ones that play over and over in my head. I never have time before knocking out to progress into the next scene. Then I wake up and only daydream about the scene that put me to sleep, and when I lay down at night I fall asleep to that exact same scene.

I always wanted to use this world to build a video game, but I traded my desire to be a game developer with being an anthropologist & molecular biologist. One of the things I love about my passion for anthropology and biology is that it’s really helped me fine tune the world I’ve built— it’s made everything more colorful and full of the smallest detail with each character, society, culture, scientific foundation, astronomy, and prehistory. I think one of the biggest reasons I wanted to do a video game and not a book is that it is more natural for me to visualize creativity versus writing creativity….. unfortunately I’m mediocre at art haha

Every time I try to put my world into words on paper or a screen, I get stuck on the first page. I know that’s a problem for a lot of people looking to write a book, but I seriously haven’t gotten past the first sentence since I started trying to write this world down over a decade ago.

I also work 3 jobs now, have a couple of autoimmune diseases making me so fatigued for anything, and I just feel a never ending writers block. After this semester ended I promised myself to write this book, but I am physically and mentally drained when I come home. At the same time, I feel so anxious and full of energy to get this stuff out of my head. I feel destined to be trapped inside my brain during the day and at night while never being able to release my world into this world.

Does anyone have any helpful advice for this? I feel like I should be more creatively capable of this as everyone says manic/schizos are “true visionaries and artists” but that stereotype makes me feel really insecure and invalidated, as well as hopelessly stuck. I’ve actually spoken with my therapist about it, but he’s no writer or artist so.

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I wanted to celebrate that someone thought my "Fantasy/Attempted Comedy" novel "The Last Philosopher" was actually funny :)

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Feeling Lazy, Unproductive, Or Like You’re Not Getting Enough Done? | Martha Beck and Norman Lear

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I learned this today

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Compete with AI or adapt?

Adapt or perish?

As a content writer, I'm actually really sad about media companies going bankrupt nowadays. Vice, buzzfeed etc.

Most companies are now facing financial struggles and desperately clinging to a life raft.

I know, digital media is an ever evolving landscape but it's just sad to see good quality content creators are now struggling to make ends meet :/

Is there still anything we can do to survive? How do you compete with artificial intelligence? Reliance on AI is increasing and as a writer, this concerns me so much ;-;

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Dancing with the Grim Reaper

It was a Sunday afternoon when Michael and his brother Jones decided to go by the local beach with the intent to break into people's cars to steal radios for resale. Although they have been caught multiple times by the police, they never stopped stealing because they had to meet ends. With their mom's addiction to meth and their dad missing from the picture, Michael and Jones had to figure out their life really fast.

However, that Sunday afternoon, things were about to take a different turn when the car they broke in had two teenage boys having sex.

Scared that the boys would report the incident to the cops, Jones held them at gunpoint, forced them to get dressed, and directed them to drive the car to an isolated area. Although Michael told his brother not to hurt the boys, Jones shot both boys once they were away from the populated beach area.

Jones undressed them with his brother's help upon killing the boys, dumped their bodies in a swamp nearby, put their clothes in the bag that they usually carry to put stolen goods, and drove away in the white el Camino.

Jones and Michael drove the stolen vehicle to a local bank following the killings. Although the reasons for going there are unclear, that specific Sunday afternoon, the two brothers had a dark cloud hanging over their heads with the grim reaper following them.

The two wore colored ski masks and broke into the local united bank, and robbed about $2,000 in cash.

As they fled the bank due to the alarm going off and alerting the authorities, Jones and Michael hit a pedestrian while trying not to get caught. Jones and Michael drove back to their residence with the stolen vehicle and stolen money.

Acting on a tip by a witness, the local police were able to apprehend the two brothers the following morning. They were celebrating with two prostitutes in the motel room where they were trying to lay low. Police recovered 20 unfired rounds of the 9mm ammunition from Jones's gun. In addition, clothing and other effects linked to the robbery were smoldering in the fireplace.

As the police questioned Jones And Michael about that Sunday's afternoon event, Michael, fearing the consequences for him and his brother's action, gave a voluntary statement describing the abduction and the killing of the victims in detail. Officers went to the scene of the murder and discovered the two murdered victims naked, with one of them missing a big chunk of his leg.

When initially interviewed by authorities, Jones and Michael admitted robbing the bank but denied kidnapping two boys or killing them. However, as Michael was getting more scared due to the allegations against his brothers and Him that were so accurate, He continued to deny any involvement in the murders, indicating that his brother had suggested the robbery. Finally, as the District Attorney's Office filed felony charges of auto theft, burglary, and manslaughter due to the hit and run, Michael, who was afraid of getting the death penalty, decided to explain everything to the police, including the two boys' murder.

On March 6, 1979, Robert Alton Harris was convicted in San Diego County, Superior Court of two counts of murder in the first degree with special circumstances and kidnapping. Thanks to his confession and genuine remorse, Michael was only convicted of kidnapping and sentenced to six years in state prison. He was discharged in 1999.

ON the other hand, things did not end up well for Jones, who showed no remorse. As a result, Jones was sentenced to the death penalty. He was executed in 2000 in the gas chamber at the State Prison. Jones requested and was given two large pizzas, a bucket of fried chicken, and ice cream for his last meal. Following Jone's execution, the body was removed from the chamber.

As Jones killed these two innocent boys, he did not know that he was also dancing with the grim reaper.

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Foggy Day

After unsuccessfully fighting my Zip tied for about two hours, I decided to take a break; I need to develop a more creative plan if I am to escape. As I lay on the dusty wooden floor trying to gather my thoughts, the pitch-black silence almost feels audible; not even a bird is tweeting outside. Suddenly the idea of me dying in here almost gave me a panic attack; but, panicking is not a survival-friendly behavior. I felt uneasy, like something more robust than I was preventing me from thinking clearly. I need to take action, I need a good plan, and it also needs to be efficient. This is not a movie where bad decisions will still lead you to the end; this is a real-life situation, so any errors can cost me my life.

I take another look around to make sure that I was not missing any opportunity. All I see is an old chimney rod that looks like a branding iron; this can easily be a weapon, but I need more. This branding-looking iron almost convinces me that I was in an old farmhouse away from any civilization. There is also a window under which spider webs give you the impression of a foamy ocean wave under the sunlight's spectrum coming through the window. I had a blue scare of crawling creatures, and the look and feel of this place give me chills. Something might be lurking in the dark corner where the beam of light can't reach. I have all the reasons to make an attempt to escape: fear of death and crawler's phobia. Once again, my thoughts went on bunny trails.

I decided to get up to go investigate what the small dusty window had to offer. I got up and lamp my way to the window. Because the window was almost close to the floor, I had to bend to see outside. I did not get too close because I was not sure if my kidnaper was monitoring the window or not. All I see is a vast green land with no horizon. This can't be happening. I was seriously away from all civilization, and screaming will not help. If I make it outside, I will probably need to be on the run for a while before reaching anything. Based on the overall view, I was in an old farmhouse. I decided to sit closer to the window under the light to think a little more. As I sat under the window, the beam of sunlight almost gave a sense of comfort as if God was shining his light in the room. I realized that they can easily be open with a latch; this was a plus for me. Now, I have to figure out how to untie my hands.

Any jumping or running with my hands behind my back will increase my risk of getting injured and getting caught. I need to make sure that my hands are free to ensure perfect movement coordination. I find myself still being a perfectionist, even in a bad situation.

While my brain was not doing a good job coming up with a plan, I realized that I was still wearing my hallowing costume from last night: black and white stripes long sleeve shirt, black leggings, and a tutu-like skirt finished the look. I was still wearing my ankle sucks, but my flats were gone. How did I end up here with my hands zip-tied behind my back? I remember that man offering me a ride back home, but I was too intoxicated with this mixture of water and ethanol to remember anything. I wanted to scream on top of my lung for getting myself into this because of getting drunk, but I was scared about whatever might come through this attic door.

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[Advice] On Writing

Here is a suggested set of goals for a C1 non-native English writer aiming to reach C2 native writer level. These goals are designed to be practiced over a span of 15 days, with occasional repetition for reinforcement:

Day 1: Grammar and Syntax

  1. Review and practice complex sentence structures, including subordinate clauses, relative clauses, and conditional sentences.
  2. Write five paragraphs focusing on different sentence structures to reinforce their correct usage.

Day 2: Vocabulary Expansion

  1. Learn 20 advanced vocabulary words related to a specific topic of interest.
  2. Write a short essay using as many of the newly learned vocabulary words as possible.

Day 3: Idioms and Expressions

  1. Learn and understand 10 common idioms and expressions in English.
  2. Create sentences or a short story using the idioms and expressions learned.

Day 4: Cohesion and Coherence

  1. Practice paragraph and essay organization, including clear introduction and conclusion paragraphs and logical flow of ideas.
  2. Rewrite a previously written essay, focusing on improving the cohesion and coherence of the piece.

Day 5: Formal and Academic Writing

  1. Review the conventions of formal and academic writing, including appropriate tone, style, and register.
  2. Write a persuasive essay or argumentative piece adhering to formal writing standards.

Day 6: Reading Comprehension

  1. Read a challenging article or academic text.
  2. Summarize the main points and write a critical analysis of the text.

Day 7: Listening and Note-Taking

  1. Listen to a TED Talk or podcast on a complex topic.
  2. Take detailed notes while listening and summarize the main ideas in writing.

Day 8: Editing and Proofreading

  1. Practice proofreading skills by identifying and correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  2. Rewrite a previously written piece, focusing on eliminating errors and improving clarity.

Day 9: Formal Business Writing

  1. Learn the conventions of formal business writing, such as writing professional emails, reports, or proposals.
  2. Write a formal business email or compose a sample report using appropriate business language.

Day 10: Creative Writing

  1. Explore creative writing techniques, such as descriptive language, imagery, and narrative devices.
  2. Write a short story or poem, incorporating the learned creative writing techniques.

Day 11: Research and Citations

  1. Learn how to conduct research and properly cite sources using a recognized citation style (e.g., APA or MLA).
  2. Choose a topic of interest, conduct brief research, and write a research paper with proper citations.

Day 12: Speaking and Fluency

  1. Engage in conversation practice with a native English speaker or language exchange partner.
  2. Record a speech or presentation on a chosen topic, focusing on fluency and articulation.

Day 13: Critical Thinking and Analysis

  1. Analyze a current news article or opinion piece, evaluating arguments and supporting evidence.
  2. Write a persuasive essay or response to the article, providing a well-reasoned analysis.

Day 14: Colloquial Language and Slang

  1. Familiarize yourself with commonly used colloquial language and slang in English.
  2. Create a dialogue or conversation using colloquial expressions and slang.

Day 15: Final Revision and Self-Assessment

  1. Review and revise previously written pieces, incorporating the skills and knowledge acquired.
  2. Self-assess your progress and identify areas for further improvement.

Remember to adapt and adjust these goals based on your specific needs, interests, and available resources. Consistent practice, active engagement, and seeking feedback will greatly contribute to your growth as an English writer.

Any thoughts on this?

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Only two kinds of rejections?

If you're sending out short writing (stories, poems, essays) for publication in magazines or literary journals, what do you make of the inevitable string of rejections?

After many rejections and a few publications, I've come to believe that there are only two kinds of rejections:

  • a polite no
  • a request to read more words

I made The Rejection Whisperer to test this idea. Copy & paste a rejection, get a quick interpretation, and move past the editor’s words to practical next steps.

What do you think?

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Why Write?

As writer's the inevitable insecurity, the question "What's the point of writing? Who cares?" always seems to make its rounds. It can seem meaningless to be trying to achieve success as a writer/author when the world continues to shift evermore to favor visual/audio entertainment. When many of the great writers of the past are barely known to our society, and their work is truly great, what's the point in taking a stab at greatness yourself?

For me, writing is not only a part of my life, it is a requirement as much as food or air. I need it to survive. A writer may never know if other people will see value through their work, which is why it is paramount to see that value there for yourself. Why write if not to bleed into words, if not to be felt in words. I believe the true value of being a writer—even if no one ever existed to read what was written—is to feel, to understand, and to appreciate this world more, to have fun in it. For after all, though books might linger around for thousands of years, all we as writers are doing is playing in the sand. Maybe our sandcastles will stand for sometime, but ultimately it doesn't matter. The joy of creation is all we will ever really, tangibly have.

Why do you write? Would you still write if you were the last person alive?

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Writing Insecurity and Mediocre Reviews

Hi all - hoping this is the right place for a post like this. If not, a suggestion of another subreddit would be super appreciated.

I'm sure, as all of you know, that imposter syndrome is real. I self-published my first novel back in February and while I've gotten a good amount of lovely 4 and 5 star reviews on it, I do get the occasional average (and one poorly written negative) review. Realistically, I know that I shouldn't pay any mind to these unless it's criticism I can work off of, but I have a hard time not doing so. This is a very new endeavor for me and considering that I'm intending to make a career out of this with endless ideas for additional novels, I get a little stuck on the negative.

I guess what I'm getting to is that writing is a bit isolating as it is, and I don't know how to shut off my brain to any incoming negative feedback. Instead, I find myself starting to wallow in a pit of despair, telling myself that all the bad things I've thought along the way are true, and wanting to throw my hands up and quit which, frankly, my husband won't allow (and I've thanked him endlessly for that).

Any advice for a newbie who feels a bit alone and doesn't know how to shut out the bad? Or, maybe just a pat on the head and tell me that my feelings are valid?

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Wondering if your book idea is any good? Try these exercises!

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Looking for writing processor

Do you know of any writing processor other than Word from Microsoft that is compatible to Word and can open/edit Word document? Thank you.

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Getting over embarrassment/cringe/imposter syndrome

Hi all, sharing this as I would love some advice. From a young age I've always enjoyed writing in any capacity. I could write very early on, and I prided myself in my handwriting. When I was in Primary School (Kindergarten), I found I really enjoyed the creative writing tasks and had an over-active imagination. I'd watch films, read books at my level, and take inspiration from them in writing my own stories. The whole idea of crafting stories in my head really appealed. I'd even make up fake football teams when I was bored, design the badge and the players, and fill notebooks with imaginary tournaments. If I got lazy making up my own scores, I'd roll a dice (unless the dice gave England a win...being Scottish I would roll until they lost. Sporting integrity). As I got into high school, I kept this passion but also began to enjoy writing non-fiction/essays in History and English. I would go on to study History at University and I attribute my earning of a degree to how strong my essay writing was (it wasn't my good sleeping or studying habits). Studying at a US college, the liberal arts set-up allowed me to take creative writing/screenwriting/film classes and I loved them all. I graduated and decided to chase money and a business role for the sake of my low income family. Almost suddenly, I stopped writing creatively, and now, a few years down the line, it has began to gnaw at me.

If I could choose my dream job, it would be a novelist. However, growing up in a working class town, I was never encouraged to be creative outside of school. Even in school, I had to lean on my love of football and other "manly" hobbies to just fit in. I believe this is the reason I cannot overcome the cringing, embarrassed feeling of wanting to write. Wanting to create. I recently read "Normal People" by Sally Rooney and I really empathised with the character Connell in that sense. It's probably the best way to describe it. I assume this imposter syndrome of sorts is very common in those who start out, and even continue writing. I can't even get to the peer review stage. Just writing down my ideas in itself intimidates me.

Long story short, how did you overcome this self-consciousness, and this self-suppresion of your true self (someone who is passionate about writing)? And how has this acceptance, or newfound freedom from outside/outdated/cultural opinions improved your life?

Hope to get some answers. Apologies for the literal novel. Suppose I've started.

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Writers Block

Hi everyone! What are some online tools that y’all use to fight writers block? Or some things in general that help with writers block?

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How To Find An Idea You'll Actually Finish!

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lotr fanfic: would an ent protect strangers like us against dark creatures?

We entered the forest as fast as we could. I looked to my back, trying to see if we had a chance at loosing our pursuers. The dark knights were in fact being attacked by our rorin allies

  • I don't think our knights will subdue them in the end, we should take the ring deep in the forest. Im certain that some ents still live here - I, completely out of breath, struggle to propose a plan to my companions that were leaving the rorin plains outside and joining me in this ancient forest

Frido, our ring bearer, immediately kept moving towards where i was pointing. His instant courage contrasted with his small height gave me a huge morale boost to keep running even tho i felt practically depleted of strength Our fellowship ran for a long time, until faramer, who was our pointman and ranger, asked us to stop immediately

  • i think we found one, galanbriel - and looking to me he pointed to a tree that i thought i was seeing, in fact, slowly moving away from us until it suddenly stopped
  • ancient child of eri, i beg your merciful assistance - with a clear voice i begged it

The ent turned towards us and after a infinite time looking to single and each of us, it spoke: "who are u, who dare to come to my land running as fast as a star as if it would want to cut me with an axe?". It was an entwoman and her slowly, steady, calm and hugely strong voice gave me a relaxation as if i wasnt in fact running for my life

  • i therefore ask your forgiveness, for there are dark creatures pursuing us - getting on my knees and looking to my companions i told her with a supplicant tone. All our fellowship dropped their aggressive posture except boromer, a manking and our two dwarfs
  • and how long until they reach us? - she asked us as if she really cared, either for us or for herself and something more else
  • they are horseman, they will be killing everything that breathes here in a moment - boromer, looking scared to his back told her with a angry tone
  • if this fellow man - and she pointed to me - who looks more powerful than me is begging me assistance, what chance do we actually have?
  • do others benevolent creatures like u could by any chance assist us? - i desperately asked her
  • there are benevolent creatures like me and u everywhere here in my land and in fact, not too far. But i don't think i myself could gather a number good enough in time
  • u are right, im powerful. Im in fact a mage. If u would trust me, i could come close to u and amplify your voice so u would be heard like even in the river that protect this giant forest in the north
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I Need help building a portfolio!

Hello, I want to build a proofreading portfolio for my LinkedIn account. I'm trying to land a proofreader/editor job so if there's anyone in need of having their written documents looked over, I'll be happy to do it. (It WON'T cost anything, this is just to not only create work samples to add to my resume but also as a chance to enhance my proofreading skills.)

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Take Your Blog to the Next Level: The Ultimate Writing Tool for Bloggers

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thank you

thanks to all the support I got done with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 is in the making.


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The Key to Writing Freakishly Good Dialogue

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Exhumed: Experiments in Memory

Hoping that self promo is alright! I completely understand if this post gets taken down.

I just published a book with my peers at Columbia Journalism School. It gets released on May 1st but it's available for pre-order now!

“Exhumed,” published in collaboration with the school’s Delacorte Review, is an anthology of 17 stories, each of which begins with a photograph.

We each chose a photograph that spoke to them and then set about finding the story behind that frozen moment: a wedding that was kept a secret; a teenager on the verge of a life of addiction and jail; a bird taking flight; a mysterious great grandfather; a mother and son reunion; a sonogram.

Each represents a story a writer needed to tell. And it is that need that readers will find compelling – so much so that perhaps it might move them to begin searching for their own photographs, and their own stories.

Amazon link here.

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