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What do you think of this prologue?

What do you think of this unfinished prologue writing of mine?

Prologue: The Presence Of The Voice

In the vast emptiness of the blank canvas that encompasses the expanse of the universe, a voice within it exclaims, "Greetings, fellow traveler." Its words echo throughout the backdrop of its being as it exists without a physical form, only a mind that perceives all in its view. “We have been waiting patiently for your arrival. It’s good to see a new face seeking the place that influences the act of imagination throughout the blank canvas that the universe can be.” The Voice said with enthusiasm as the void began to shift & twist into a glowing blue door in the distance of its unparseable presence. The door slowly opens, revealing dimensions of possibility and imagination influenced by those who take the opportunity to become a creator of significance, a Gardener of creation. “Please, step through the door. The world of Roblox awaits you inside.” The Voice lightly said as colors and objects began to be released rapidly from the door, filling the void with the creativity and aspiration of one’s dreams.

At a glance, it was a beautiful site that I foresaw within the presence of The Voice. I was deeply amazed by its ability to shape the entire universe, making me silent in thought and wonder as my feelings fell upon my hearted soul to ask a question. “Who are you?” I asked in curiosity as whispers within the colored void began to think and plan for their next reply. “It is not who we are, it is what we are” The Voice replied with whispers that spoke sequentially and consciously.

01:34 UTC



looking for jircniv x momonga ship fics

01:13 UTC


Please help me find this crazy Harry Potter crack fic!

00:57 UTC


I need some early 2000’s terminology, references, and attitude

I’m working on a comic set in 2010 all the characters are 17-18 seniors in a high school in New York But I was born in 2005 so I only know the culture of 2015 (I was no longer an npc)

If a description of the plot or characters are needed just ask.

00:47 UTC


How much research do you do before writing a fic?

I don't mean research about the source material or characters, I mean just general things. Like in the fic that I'm writing the MC digs a tunnel from his basement into a underground cave system and most of the fic takes place in this cave system. I don't know anything about caves or how to safely dig a tunnel. I've googled a few things but I'm mostly just making things up and hopping it sounds somewhat plausible.

I'm just curious if other writers actually research before or just wing it?

00:43 UTC


What would a good aftercare look like after a smut scene, or comforting words.

I'm writing a smut scene where after they're done, my character A is facing behind character 2, and they're on the bed sitting after their AMEN.

(Tldr |A| sitting down with legs propped up, up while |B| sits in front of them with their legs down. Imagine a grassy field and a picnic blanket, you get the idea)

What would be a good aftercare -like things people do to comfort or calm the other partner? And the kinda of things to say because I feel like Im lacking in that area. My goal is to either write a dialogue that invites arousal, or do the opposite and vanilla stuff like praising the person. (Most praise I could think of was "good girl" or youre doing great"

This is my first time writing smut...? And pretty much aftercare and all that stuff so if you guys have any examples it would be helpful.

Example: "breathe, it's okay. I'm right here."

I also tried practicing by saying outlouds the dialogue in order to find the exact or phrasing that doesn't come off as awkward. Good dialogue is hard

1 Comment
00:34 UTC


Suits Fanfictions

I'm absolutely obsessed with suits, especially Harvey and was wondering if there were any good fics out there with him as a love interest, I'll take any ship, and any level of progress, I just want to read a ton to help break my reading slump 😅

00:27 UTC


Need some advice on if my character's behaviour is okay.

She believed her husband killed himself and mourned his absence for years. Only to find out he was actually alive after he is imprisoned for murdering someone. THEN she finds out he was actually kidnapped and forced to kill that person under threat that if he doesn't his kidnapped will kill HER. He refuses to let anyone else know this because he doesn't think anyone would believe him. I wrote her initially being heartbroken but still also angry at her husband for chosing to hide a truth that could potentially get him free. Would that be okay? Or would she be unlikeable?

00:25 UTC


Is it weird if my (US based) fic skips the fourth of July?

In a story where all the chapters have the date at the top of the chapter, would it break your immersion if it went from July 3rd to the next chapter being on July 5th?

Yes, this is in America. There just doesn't happen to be anything of note for the story on the 4th...

Edit: Does your opinion change if my MC is in the FBI? XD I kinda forgot about that for a hot minute lol

23:35 UTC


Percy Jackson fanfiction

Guys, does anyone have a pdf of the story of Percy Jackson and Fairy Tail?

in which percy is facing cronos and becomes blind but hestia shows how he can see behind the water in the air and the vibrations of the ground

In this, Chronos opens a portal and throws Percy into it and he remains in a coma for 400 years at sea and then creates the fairy tail with Mavis and then only meets the rest of the guild after the island arc.

23:24 UTC


How to explain medical trauma

So I'm working on a story where character A has had debris from an explosion collapse on him breaking his pelvis and causing internal bleeding. They pack the pelvis to control bleeding and use a pelvic fixator temporarily before a second surgery to repair it. An external pelvic fixator uses pins, screws, and bars placed externally to hold the broken bones in position, and to me that kind of boarders on some body horror. Like, the thought of something being both inside and outside the body at the same time is deeply upsetting for my character and causes some medical trauma. But my issue is how does character B (nurse) explain this to character A's family/friends? Like, how to put the horror of what he's feeling and how and why it's tripping him up in the head, and how to move forward? Any thoughts or advice appreciated:)

1 Comment
23:23 UTC


Anyone got any fics of BAMF Tim Drake?

Especially ones of him just casually showing off or letting people intentionally underestimate him

22:54 UTC


Fanfiction titles/chapter titles/quotes from songs: yes or no?

I personally never title my fanfiction after a song. However, I may quote song lyrics at the beginning of a chapter, but I won’t name any chapter titles after a song.

What are your people’s opinions? Also, do you guys like writing chapter titles in general?

EDIT: I’m seeing that a lot of folks like using song titles and just letting you all know– I think that’s perfectly fine and actually quite cool! I’m just making sure I don’t come off as judgemental, really I’m just deciding what to do for my fic. :,)

22:31 UTC


What are some good time travel fix it's?

22:13 UTC


Need help finding a Batman si fic I read

Basically the title

Here more detail the fic was a si being sent into a younger body of Batman and landing in the flash point paradox universe meets the dcau flash, Thomas Wayne Batman and Martha Wayne joker and follows the plot of the movie till the end where he escape and enter what I assume is the dcau

21:53 UTC


So When Did Bitching in A/B/O Start?

So I've been reading fanfic since the dawn of time. Everything and everyone, from US Crime and Chinese Dramas to Anime and Thai Lakorns.

I've discovered some crazy kinks, alternate universes, and a multitude of tropes I never knew existed.

But lately, after dipping my toes back into Anime fandoms (go watch JJK, every man and woman is drawn super slutty) I discovered a new trope in the alpha omega dynamics called Bitching. Apparently, if one Alpha makes another Alpha submit, the process will turn the submissive Alpha into an omega.

It took me a long time to appreciate alpha/omega dynamics and now there's this new trope being added and idk where it came from. Is it an anime thing? Is it in other fandoms? Does anyone know where it started or has written about it? What are some other nuances to this trope?

I've seen it with beta to omega but never Alpha to omega especially by being with another Alpha. I kinda love it, shakes up things and I seem to run into a lot of consensual fics oddly enough.

Edit: No disrespect intended for Australians or slutty JJK characters ( I use ABO in regards to fanfic and fanfic only and use slutty as a way to say hot/sexy, did not know ABO was a slur).

21:24 UTC


Reccs for Loki/Tony MCU

I'm looking for recommendations for Loki/Tony fics.

I absolutely love Lessons From A God, and looking for something of the like, in terms of dominant Loki, political problems (ie that Tonys entanglement with a villain isn't welcomed). no need for the heavy bdsm of LfaG, but I do have a soft spot for Tony handing over the reigns, ala Dacrylagnia by Extraho.

grateful for any reccs <3

21:22 UTC


Lucius Malfoy fics

Does anyone have any recs for Lucius Malfoy/Original Characters (male or female are both fine)? Slash reader is okay, but I prefer OC. Any rating is fine. I'd prefer long fics. AUs are welcome.

20:11 UTC


How realistic is a standing (lifted) fuck?

Like the title says - how realistic is a standing fuck where the guy has the girl lifted up and is either hip thrusting or lowering and lifting her? I'm assuming that the guy needs to be really strong for that + the girl needs to be petite/weigh less (I'm not sure if this is quantifiable?)

I have 0 personal experience and was curious about this because I know that lifting a girl isn't exactly always easy, so doing it AND still being able to actually fuck seemed far fetched. At the same time, I've read a few stories that described scenes like this, and a friend of mine claims to have experienced it too.

20:02 UTC


ideal paragraph length

so this post has been making rounds on twitter and i’m curious to know ao3 writers and readers’ opinions on it. many qrts are criticizing op (and the people who agree with them) for disregarding the fact that 3rd and 4th paragraph length options are standardized in book publishing. i honestly don’t think the op said anything wrong (even though my own preferences are the ones in the 2nd and 3rd pic), especially considering they weren’t even talking about physical books in the first place.

assuming that an average fic reader is reading on a small screen (e.g. on their phone), it’s normal not to fill it up entirely with a chunk of text and instead split it up in paragraphs, making it easier on the reader’s eyes. however, if they were to access the same work on a bigger screen, a 3k chapter filled with two sentence paragraphs would look absolutely ridiculous. i have the same problem with writing, too: i average at around 150 words per paragraph (not the dialogue ones) and it looks fine on my laptop, but then i check the doc on my phone and suddenly the size 12 font and 150 words take up half of my screen. i refuse to give up on my lengthy run-on sentences—and i really don’t mind a paragraph being that long as long as there are both longer and shorter ones to balance the text—so i’ve made peace with the way it looks, but i’d like to know: what are your preferences when reading? and is it different when you’re writing?

do share your preferred word count for paragraphs if you try (even subconsciously) to adjust their length across the chapter, i’m a nerd for number stats!

19:45 UTC


Does anyone here post fics for the most unpopular ships in their fandom?

Particularly the ships that include two characters who come from other ships that happen to be extremely popular.

Back in the day the fandom I’m talking about had a small fanbase that shipped this pairing romantically. These days, the characters are canonically dead and gone and there’s been absolutely no ship fics about them on ao3. Maybe friendship rarely, and a ton of their more popular ship fics are of course still there.

Does anyone ever feel apprehensive or just indescribably awkward to post a fic about a ship that no one seems to talk about? Especially if it comes between a sandwich of two more popular ships?

19:26 UTC


A game that I loved was shut down but its coming back so I posted the first fic for the fandom on one site in hopes of drumming up publicity!

Long story short, there was an amazing game I loved about seven years ago that was shut down because of stupid publisher mismanagement. Now its being re-released better than ever and I had to write a crossover oneshot to celebrate! Not to mention any publicity I can drum up for the game's return, the better! It's the first story for the game on FFN and the first crossover on AO3!

I have a ton of WIPs right now, but I couldn't help it! I'm so happy its back! Celebrate with me!

Edit: The game was Gigantic. Gigantic Rampage Edition is available April 9th for most platforms!

19:25 UTC


how do you deal with lore update on an on-going series ?

the series of the fic i've been writing for years suddenly just had a massive lore dump which contradicts my speculative headcanon (which) i use to fill in the blanks on some vague information. to be honest idk how to deal with this, i feel like dropping this fic for good, since it makes me feel stupid for being so wrong with my interpretation and speculation. on the other hand it feels like a waste to drop it like this after writing this fic on and off for years.

19:22 UTC


A Question...

Why is there a trend of fanfic writers not reading or supporting other writers' works?

I've seen multiple authors remark about not wanting to read other authors' works before, and just wanted to know if this was a common trend for those that write fanfic. Is there a reason for this? Does it make an author feel some kind of way?

Are some of you in fandoms where writers are commonly supportive of one another?

I'm just curious, feel free to answer however you like.

19:09 UTC


How do you research for angsty fics?

I’m not really sure how to articulate the question I have in mind, but I hope it makes sense.

In the fic I am writing right now, a character will attempt suicide later on in the story. I don’t know if I come off like one of these people that are too scared to talk about suicide and instead call it sewerslide or whatever, but I’m not sure how to do my research on this. Research meaning what kind of method, how to intervene, long-term effects, etc.

I want to write this realistically and respectfully and not just half-informed. The problem is, I am kind of hesitant to actually google these kinds of things. It’s probably just a mental blockade, surely no one will be informed. But there’s always a hint of fear that me googling something like “How much longer do you have to live after taking X amounts of pills of Y” could, in fact, inform someone.

This is probably an irrational fear, but can somebody reassure me here and talk me out of it?

(Also, I am sorry if I tagged this wrong)

19:01 UTC


Wrote 4k words today, which is a record for me!

I don’t have school this week, so I’ve decided to make it productive and write 4k words per day for five days. I’m done with day one, and I succeeded, so I have no reason to believe I can’t do this four more times.

It took two two-hour bursts to get it done, because I write in 25-minute sprints with 5-minute breaks. I did four sets of those before lunch and four more afterwards.

This is a pointless post but I needed to tell someone!

18:56 UTC


Is it ok to add non-canon crack chapters?

So i have been writing this fic for a while and it’s on the more serious side (not dark just not overly humorous). I was wondering if it would be ok to post a non-canon to the story crack chapter I wrote as an offshoot of another chapter. Is that sort of thing commonly taken well among consumers of more serious fic? Also if I were to post it should I do it in the main fic itself or post it as part of the series. Thanks so much for any feedback.

18:46 UTC


pining for someone they're already in a relationship with, and it's not primarily a long distance relationship thing

any fandom, preferably with angst, just no a/b/o

Some examples might be: One partner needs a lot of space, and so only drops by infrequently even if they don't live that far awa. Or one partner simply isn't meeting the bulk of the other's emotional needs. Or one of them feels there's reason to feel insecure about being able to keep them for some reason.

1 Comment
18:26 UTC


Starting a new longfic today, any advice for a first time longfic writer?

I've been planning a longfic for about a month now, and I'm going to sit down and start writing it today. This will be my first longfic for any fandom and I was hoping to get advice or cautions from others who have written longfics. I feel nervous because I've heard about other writers loosing steam, so I'd love anything that may help me avoid that.

It's a longfic for The Walking Dead, so I have the first 3 seasons of the show planned out and outlined(planning to continue outlining as I go). I'm definitely a planner over a pantser, maybe somewhere in-between.

Thank you!

18:13 UTC


Best Wandamaximoff/Vision Fanfic Recs..?

I recently read a very cute and spicy a/b/o Wandavision fic that was really nice, and even though I'm very careful when it comes to omegaverse fics, I really enjoyed how tender Wanda and Vision were in that concept as a couple.

Anyone knows what are the best romantic Wanda/Vision stories?

Thank you 😊

17:23 UTC

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