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Have other people reached that level of fanfiction brainrot where you picture characters singing the songs you're listening to?

Like listening to sushi soucy and thinking "hm yes bakugo is certainly singing this song about criticism" and "elphaba? No, this is rimiru singing."

14:02 UTC


What happened to the wormfafic subereddit.

( first sorry for any misspelling inglish is not my first language)

Hi. i tought it would be good to post this here.

I was a really active user in the wormfanfic subreddit a subreddit made to talk about fanfics about worm by wildbow.

Now the sub is private... why?

1 Comment
14:01 UTC


Accused of copying another fic.

I have been accused of copying another fic in my fandom. There are only like 10 other fics that do an OC with the character my fic is about. I didn’t copy this other fic like I’m being accused of I do an outline for the story before I start making the fic and I made the outline last year so it was way before this other persons fic came out. They are ahead of me story wise following the show.

I read this other fix to see how similar mine is supposedly to it and there are only a few things that I can say are similar.

Do I change my story so I stop getting accused of copying or should I not care?

1 Comment
13:52 UTC


What in earth are hyrids?

okay this is weird... but I´m making a Presentation about human hybrids for my freinds. we read hybrid fanfics as a joke from time to time and I want to explain the uiniverse a little to them. Sadly you cant really find much about Hybrids. Can anyone explain it to me? how are they created? What breeds are there? what animal feature to they have? what are they doing? like are they only pets for humans or do they get used as more than that?

13:42 UTC


If my fic does better on Wattpad compared to Ao3 does that mean I’m just a horrible writer?

I have my fic posted on both sites and I do massively better on Wattpad that Ao3. I have 4k reads and 800 votes on Wattpad and on Ao3 I only have 200 hits and 2 kudos.

Wattpad stories are considered cringe most of the time so does that mean I’m a bad writer cause barley anyone on Ao3 reads my fic?

13:41 UTC


Fandom: DC, Batman, Superman or [Multiple Fandoms] - SuperBat fic from 2009 or so

Attempt 2 - because I DID do it wrong the first time.

This is my first reddit account and post - because I'm old and don't really do these things - but I've been dying to reread a fic I read over 10 years ago. It's a fic about Bruce and Clark off-world on an alien planet where there's some plot to murder Superman. While there, the aliens think that Bruce is Clark's slave? I think? At the end Bruce uses some diamonds to keep Clark's wound open so everyone thinks he died and they find out who had the plot to murder him. I'm pretty sure it's this fic - The Kutharian Incident (aka Thermodynamics and You) by Cycnus39 - but I can't access it and am not sure it's even the right fic! Does anyone happen to know this or have it somewhere? Or are better at google than I am to help me out?

13:22 UTC


Please recommend me Fanfics where the MC rejects being a Hero and commits to it.

You know in stories you have a reluctant hero who doesn't want to be a hero but eventually caves in and does so. I always hated that crap because it feels like the protagonist is pressured and force into something that isnt their responsibility. They shouldn't be force and dragged into this crap they clearly don't want to be apart of. And it really piss me off that instead of respecting their decision and helping escape that life the hero friends and other people instead tries to pressure them into doing despite them clearly not wanting to do it. Its no different than being pressured to being and officer or firefighter when instead you want to be a programmer and lead a cushy life. So I am looking for any fics where a protagonist says no to being dragged into being a hero and commits to that decision no matter what anyone says. Or at the very least if yhey do accept it will be on their terms and they get benefits. Because if the hero is being ask to put their life on the line for the greater good they should be damn compensated for all the shit they will go through and if the people asking for help aren't willing to di that than they dont deserve the hero .

1 Comment
13:14 UTC


Why am I as a woman (mostly) attracted to women so drawn to M/M pairings?

I can’t even control it, I just find them so much more interesting than most lesbian and straight pairings. There’s something that pulls me in, I’ve felt this way since I was 14. I’m now 23. I’m a bit embarrassed about it, I have never been able to grasp why. I know there are many others like me, but I don’t know how we all ended up like this.

12:31 UTC


MHA with Analysis Izuku (hopefully confident)

I remember one with him working with Mt. Lady, so if anyone knows that one specifically please tell. For the most part I want my boy to shine

10:56 UTC


How to write Time lapses?

Im struggling to change a scene that "shows" the character has time lapses or memory loss? Like suddenly he's in another place with no memory when and how? Confuse perhaps? Advice me please 😔

10:45 UTC


Want a fic about a human getting sent into a world of anthropomorphic animals that have never seen a human before

Take Portal Fantasy (“Isekai”) but make it furry.

See fandoms: Zootopias, Beastars, etc.

Looking for a fic where a single human or small group suddenly finds themselves in a world of anthropomorphic animals that have never seen a human before.

Especially looking for stories with a language barrier.

Anyone know of any good stories with that premise?

10:33 UTC


Isekai as taiyang (fanfic) need help

So I wrote a fate x Rwby story about self insert isekai as taiyang on wattpad, idk how to continue or even motivation. Any ideas?

10:14 UTC


What's the weirdest place you've gotten inspiration from?

One of my fic titles comes from a Welsh festival of philosophy - the fic has nothing to do with it I just liked the title XD - what's your weirdest inspiration?

10:13 UTC


Writing Weekends - June 10

Here on Writing Weekends, share what you are going to write and are currently writing this weekend or if you're gonna take the weekend off.

09:30 UTC


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09:30 UTC


Are there any characters that you specifically fixate on for multishipping?

There are just certain characters that I have a LOT of ships for, when it doesn't happen for other characters of the same series.

08:16 UTC


Can someone tell me some fics with this Gravity Falls Au

No one gets sucked trough fuckin portal for once (seriously, why tf everybody gets sucked trough It everytime??)

08:13 UTC


Do you prefer your ships to be the same age or have an age gap?

08:04 UTC


I need a story

So i really wanna recommend a good story to my friend, but she doesn't like books cuz she thinks they take too long to read. So i thought i could recommend a fanfiction to her since the stories are shorter and shit like that. So does anyone know something, a fanfiction, book, something like that, just not 500 pages. With preferably no smut, a LOT of fluff and if possible, a straight couple. Thank you for reading this lol.

08:00 UTC


I have received my first bad comment

So I am writing fics for a time, and then the other day I got a comment telling me ( I am self identifying with a racist) Then yesterday I got another one basically calling me a liar.

Maybe I am being abit sensitive? It's not that big of a deal?

I have never got anything like that in all these monthes I wrote, and suddenly two in less than a week?

Is it possible there are one person?

And if yes, why? I am not being paid to write, they are not forced to read what they don't like, it's just fiction!

The simple fact I am writing my own version makes it an AU. what reason do you argue that they are not acting like they did in Canon?

So I replied like this:

Thank you for adding another thread to my comments, go write your own if you are bothered.

Was I harsh? Impolite?

I love my readers, don't want to offend them, but I felt bad. Maybe I got it wrong?

06:08 UTC


What are you reading/writing right now?

(Tagging NSFW just in case)

I’ve been seeing pet peeve post after pet peeve post lately. Let’s do something a little more neutral/positive.

READERS: What are you reading right now? What was the last thing you read? How did it leave you feeling? Discovered a new pairing? New fandom? Whatever you want!

WRITERS: What are you working on? What did you recently write/post? Stuck in editing hell? Stuck mid-chapter? Trying to get think of a workaround? Talk about it here!

05:40 UTC


Give me an out of context quote from the last Fanfiction you’ve read.

Genuinely curious & for laughs.

Mine would be, “We know that you tried to commit suicide on the rainbow bridge”

If yk, yk.

05:12 UTC


Lost My Hero Academia Fic - Trans Deku

So, I'm fairly sure the fic was on Ao3, Deku was Trans and aged up a bit She had the quirk of being able to turn into a fish (I think a Carp) before getting One for All. I vaguely remember some stuff about a group chat with some future students in it as well.
The training plan takes place over 2 years iirc while She's Transitioning.

Fairly sure the Fish form got trained via swimming up waterfalls.

04:08 UTC


How do you figure out what to finish/write first?

So I started a few stories, some of them have a line or two and some of them have whole paragraphs. And every time I go to my Google docs, I feel overwhelmed about which to finish or work on first.

To those who work on a couple of stories at a time how do you decide which to get done or even work on? I haven’t written for months but new ideas keep coming.

03:34 UTC


Most Confusing Comment I’ve ever gotten

My fic has been completed for like a year now. I got a ton of hate during it. Death threats, people telling me to kill myself, etc. ya know the usual well reasoned responses to minor complaints in a fic. well the other day I got quite possibly the most confusing comment ever.

Guy says the ending was a 3/10 and that I deserved all the hate and toxicity I got… then says the fic as a whole was 9/10. Keep in mind most of the hate came before I even finished the fic. These people are so stupid lol.

03:04 UTC


been thinking about gods/goddesses and otherworldly beings in fanfiction getting it on shouldn't be on a regular bed but like in a sky heaven and creates thunderstorms below and other things in that line

03:02 UTC


What are some major pet peeves you have that will make you discontinue reading even the best of fics?

I’ve got a couple myself, but no matter how good it is, if I see something like “2,000 words, 5 chapters” or on the flip side, “100,000 words, 2 chapters” I just click off

02:40 UTC


Need help developing a major plot point involving a medical injury

MC gets hit by a car while walking across the street. He survives, but his injuries are severe enough where he must spend 3 years hospitalized and unable to attend a public school. After those 3 years, he is able to function almost completely, but still has side effects that he occasionally suffers from.

What injury could I give him to realistically establish this plot point?

I was thinking something involving the spinal cord, but then again it might not be believable to have someone fully recover from a major spinal injury without being fully paralyzed or dying.

If this scenario is too unrealistic, I'm willing to alter some details! As long as I can maintain the important parts which are:

1.) the MC doesn't get to attend a public highschool for 3 years

2.) he recovers enough where he can still play his favorite sport (though he may or may not still have complications every now and then)

02:29 UTC


Tell me if I’m crazy

Okay so despite using ao3 for YEARS I didn’t start bookmarking fics until this past year because I never saw the point in doing so.

That was until I realized you can sort through your bookmarks with tags (before I would just mindlessly google lines I remembered from my favorite fanfics or a basic summary of them)

So now I’m on a mission to go through my ENTIRE ao3 history and bookmark every single work that I’ve read (and liked)

I started with 520 pages of history to go through

Is this crazy?

(Also I’m not going to stop reading new things while I do this so this number isn’t going to be on a constant decrease)

02:28 UTC


Any great May-December romances?

I am looking for some really good slow burn May-Romance fanfics primarily in tv and movie fandom. Some I’ve enjoyed are: Cassandra/Jenkins (Librarians), 12/Clara (Dr Who), non student Hermione/Severus (Harry Potter - pls don’t judge!), Carlisle/Bella (Twilight).

Any great resources or ideas?

02:10 UTC

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