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Haptic Labs constellation quilt

My winter project, finished one day before the birthday it's a gift for.

Worked on sparkly double gauze and backed with flannel.

Loved the embroidery (I can now do a really mean French knot) although the gauze is so soft that some of the lines are wobbly in places.

Removing the paper template was comfortably the worst part of the process, took two evenings and it's still stuck in places.

My top learning was to pull the stitches much tighter - would have been far easier to remove the paper and I think the stitches would have distorted less.

Overall it's a bit of a Monet but I hope the recipient will recognise the effort, and forgive the execution.

08:43 UTC


How are you spending your Easter

Well that's the bottom third of dads quilt prepared, 2 more thirds to go before my 2 yr old daughter returns from camping with her daddy. She's a Hinderer NOT a Helper although she would have done a better job at mixing up my fabric bowls 🤷‍♀️

07:12 UTC


Help! How do you manage your stash?

Hi! I hope I’m in the right place , please let me know if I’m not.

I am a hand quilter, and love to sew. I’m currently decluttering my house and I need to decrease and reorganise my fabric stash. It’s become a real problem. It’s outgrown the space available, and I have made the decision that some of it has to go.

My Lakehouse collection is my precious, and a definite must keep. I also have Christmas fabric and general floral fabric, but I only have enough space to keep the best 50% of each, or keep one category only.

What would you choose?

a) Christmas fabric (lots of Robert Kauffman, really good quality) b) Floral fabric (has some gems, but also some that’s very generic and a bit bland) c) Best 50% of both

Also, does anyone have any tips for storage please? Currently most of my fabric is stored in fabric cubes, but it’s an absolute mess. I’m not sewing right now, and one of the reasons is that everything is so poorly organised. I can’t bring myself to start as I have to pull everything to find what I want. It turns my house into a disaster zone for days.

I miss quilting a lot, and would like to start again. However, I can’t see myself doing that without better storage to organise the fabric I keep.

Ideally, I would like some sort of system where I can see what I have without having to pull all the fabric out to find what I want.

How do you manage and organise your stash? I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

06:56 UTC


Love your quilt

Looks great,you might have trim off the right side. To attach your binding. You can use bias binding for curved blocks if you don’t want straight sides.

05:35 UTC


Super excited! Purchased a new-to-me machine today! Got a great deal and can't wait to try it out!

Picked up a certified pre-owned Janome Skyline S6 today. Normally priced at $1999, I got it all told and with a rolling case, out the door for just under $1300 from a local reputable dealer. Can't wait to try it out!

04:08 UTC


itty bitty little quilt top made from HSTs i thrifted! wish i had more of these fabrics cause i'd totally make this way bigger....

1 Comment
03:46 UTC


If I use flannel fabric from the same brand, will it all shrink at the same rate?

I have a charm pack and some yardage from the same line of flannel fabric (Robert Kaufman, if it makes any difference).

Since I’m using a charm back, I’m not going to pre-wash the fabric, which I’m really nervous about since it’s flannel. I’m going to use the same line for the back and binding, too.

What’s the worst that can happen? Any advice?


03:16 UTC


Looking for advice


I'm making a memory quilt for my SIL with baby clothes/accessories. She included a store-bought knit blanket to be added and I'm just wondering if anybody has ever made usable squares for memory quilts with this type of fabric?

I'm trying to figure out if put a backing on it would be best or what the best method would be?


02:28 UTC



I’ve never made a quilt before. I’m actually not even skilled at sewing but I thought I’d watch some videos and try and throw myself into it. I think the idea and steps seem simple enough… I’m just having a hard time picking a pattern? I know patchwork is probably the easiest but what are some simple free patterns for someone who has never done this before?

01:44 UTC


Thoughts on layout?

And also has anyone pieced a full panel blended with hexies? Not sure how that's going to work...

23:48 UTC


NMD: white 2037

Picked up a mint White machine today from Goodwill. 30$. Super quiet. Way more so than my old Singer. Came with 1 presser foot.

I'll be redoing my sewing room over the spring/summer and 2 machines is always better than 1.

Are parts pretty easy to come by for them?

23:48 UTC


1st vs. 5th paper-pieced segment

Atomic Sunburst by Violet Craft

22:18 UTC


Nit sewn together yet, but all the blocks are done .. I really love the wild nature of these prints. Kaffe and Tula 💕

21:58 UTC


Help w/ giant quilt pressing table

I quilt at a makerspace where we decided to make 2 really big, table-sized ironing boards for class use. We made huge covers of a silver heat-proof material that came sewn to cotton batting and backed by some kind of lightweight, non- woven, interfacing-type fabric.

My worry is that when we use them on top of our IKEA laminate-top tables the silver and batting layers will not be enough to protect the tables from damage. The heat from the irons could destroy the table tops causing the laminate to “unbond”, bubble or burn. This would be disastrous as we also use those tables for cutting fabric (on mats of course).

A conventional metal ironing board is usually perforated to let steam and heat dissipate. That won’t happen here.

Have any of you figured out how to use a piece of furniture as an ironing board without destroying it? I’m not sure another layer of cotton batting will do it.

21:20 UTC


Joanne's Flannel Fabric Quality

Hello, has anyone used Joanne's flannel nursery fabric and if so did it hold up or did it pill?

20:12 UTC


For a friend with a sense of humor

A dear friend wanted a "naughty" quilt. I searched for fabric, made quilting stincils, and practiced my FMQ. I'm not good but the theme comes through. I know the boarder doesn't match but it needed to be loud like her lol. I'm actually quite proud of this one as I sip on some High West Midwinter's Night.

20:03 UTC

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