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Higher Education and Artificial Intelligence

You've been reading about ChatGPT and other A.I. engines lately. What might a new AI-powered university look like? We look at some serious possibilities in this column.

21:57 UTC


How to get internship in student affairs in USA or any country that had student affairs division?

I'm a graduate student pursuing higher education and student affairs from a reputed university in China. I've got an decent average CGPA of around 3.70. I'm at my last semester, and currently conducting thesis study.

I'm not in China but have been studying online. In the past, my university had a tie up for internship at last semester with some American satellite campus in China. However, the tie up has been broken due to Covid reasons. In addition, personal reasons had also doomed my hopes of traveling China.

Although China has opened up borders, it's sad my university has not worked to help students to offer internship. I have been told to take a course to cover up the credit. Till now I have only learned theoretical concepts, however, I think student affairs is all about practical experience.

In my country the student affairs concept has yet to be developed that's why there is no internship opportunities. I'm in my early 30s, financially unstable, cover with challenges and obstacles in my life. However, I have always given emphasis on my graduate studies, left my job, and started studying hard online as I was new to student affairs, as I had to get good grades to prepare myself academically sound.

I am sure everyone has challenges in life. I am too facing it, I have not given up and searching for internship opportunities and possible placement.

I'm searching for internship opportunities in USA or any other country where graduates from other countries are allowed to have internship experience. I have tired to search for internship and joined many groups. However, I haven't found any institutions offering paid internship for students from abroad. I'm looking for paid internship because I'm financially not in the position to cover it. Any institution, facilitating visa for internship and offering decent facilities to thrive in campus environment, would really help me. I'm not looking for money but want to experience and learn about student affairs services and professionalism of practitioners.

If anyone has any idea then please do let me know. I will be forever grateful to you.

Thank you

12:59 UTC


Parking Enforcement Question

Happy Saturday (I think... Accepted Student Open Houses and Orientations are looming, so I'm not sure "happy" is the right word. I *AM* excited about them, but it's a weird work flow)!

On to the question. We're looking to redo our parking enforcement and update it a bit. I was curious if anyone's parking enforcement / campus safety had license plate readers for the patrol vehicles, and if so, what are the general thoughts on them.

Thank you in advance!

19:02 UTC


Rule Change: Surveys


We've been inundated of late with various forms and surveys— while of course trying to figure out the best way forward.

What we've decided on, for the moment at least, is to

a) Ask anyone who wants to submit a survey to message the mods

b) Remove any surveys not pre-authorized

This is to make sure that any surveys are relevant to the sub and our users are not used merely for their eyes and clicks.

While we realize this may crimp the feedback people are hoping for, the goal is to manage the sub the best we can for our users, providing news and information related to higher education.

If you have questions or thoughts, please post them below!

Amishius (on behalf of the mod team)

03:43 UTC


Dating Apps

Hey everyone, I’m starting my career in Higher Education as an RD or something within Residential Life/Student Affairs/Development. I’m 21, and I’m looking for insight into what I should do with my dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr, etc. How do you think I should handle this?

21:36 UTC


Graduate Admissions Trends

I work in an engineering department and our application numbers took a huge crash during the pandemic, and are slowly rising but only due to international applicants.

I read the recent CGS report which showed that between Fall 2020 and Fall 2021, there was about a 4% decrease in domestic applications (including URM students). Our domestic applicants are down more like 20%. Our Graduate Admissions department has assured us this is almost exclusively due to a strong STEM job market. While that seems plausible, I'm not convinced this is only about national trends and not about my specific university dropping the ball.

I haven't been able to find a lot of good lit on domestic doctoral applications across the board - is this something you have been experiencing in your departments as well?

1 Comment
14:34 UTC


For staff at state universities (public 4 years)--financial aid office employee morale?

I'm a long time FAA at a state school, with only 2 more years to earliest possible retirement in June 2025: age 55 and 30 years of service. I'm supremely unhappy due to a number of factors that seem to be common morale crushers in the fields of student affairs, enrollment management, financial aid, state unis, or higher Ed in general.

Here's the TL;DR main quesion: How can I make it through 2 more years of daily disgust and frustration? Should I apply for a position in another department with far fewer responsibilities and less pay so I can coast through the next 6.5 semesters and save my sanity?

Believe me, I'm trying review possible options, so I can make an informed and intelligent plan. I'm just overwhelmed. For one thing, reducing my hours to reduce uncompensated work (I'm getting screwed by being "salary" vs hourly) would at least give me chance to complete a masters prior to leaving higher Ed. My current salaried position is too time consuming and stressful for me to have the spoons to also take classes--another frustration. What good is a benefit that you can't realistically use.

I would love to "be the change" and attempt to implement changes that would grossly improve our office morale, but I've concluded that I don't have that kind of power. Despite 24 years in the FA office, and being recognized as a subject matter expert by my peers and (sometimes!) by higher admin, I'm so burnt out and understaffed that I have little optimism that I can assert any real influence against the bureaucratic hell I'm in.

Sorry about writing a book!

12:58 UTC


The Stanford Professor at the Center of the Knock-Down, Drag-Out Math Wars

The most influential expert on math education in America has embraced the role of academic revolutionary: winning starstruck followers, denouncing her many critics, and "playing fast and loose" with her characterization of scientific research. Read this deeply reported profile of Jo Boaler, who casts her critics as agents of the status quo trying in vain to hold her back: https://www.chronicle.com/article/the-divider

21:41 UTC

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