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The thing that is really hard, and really

amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.

--Anna Quindlen

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M24 with an Econ degree that he doesn’t even want to use and hate desk work. Where can I go from here?

I am a 24 year old male with a BA in Econ from a local state school and a 3.1 GPA. Didn’t want to go to college in the first place but got pressured into it by parents. Was originally an accounting major (picked it literally because it was the 1st Alphabetically) but swapped to Economics because I preferred the smaller class sizes and thought the material was slightly more interesting. I had zero interest in schooling but went with it regardless out of immaturity and not knowing myself at the time.

Graduated 2 years ago but didn’t learn much due to my major classes having been done during the pandemic where both the students and professors were far from motivated. Since then, I worked as a Temp (somehow still one) at a mortgage company doing basic administrative , clerical work. The job is easy and pays fairly decent but it is incredibly mundane and not fulfilling whatsoever. There is a fairly high number of employees being laid off since I started and I am one of the few they kept most likely because I am more trustworthy.

Where should I go from here? Are there any physical jobs that I could apply my degree to? I enjoy being physically active and would like to be on my feet or working with my hands.

I was considering enlisting in the military (Air Force) and have worked with a recruiter but there’s no guarantee I would be able to pass the medical examinations. If that doesn’t work out, where could I proceed?

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How to choose most suitable Ivy league?

I am interested in attending an Ivy League university, but I am not sure which one is the right fit for me. I am interested in a variety of academic areas, including engineering, business, and the liberal arts. I am also interested in a diverse and welcoming campus community. How can I choose the right Ivy League university for me? Would a Summer Program such as this be helpful?

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Questions for anyone who has a career in sustainable fashion

I’m looking into careers that are related to sustainable fashion. I want to learn more about this field from people who work in it. Job examples could be a sustainable stylist, vintage specialist, secondhand reseller, resale authenticator, fashion buyer, retail for sustainable boutique, sustainable sourcing manager, social media marketing, etc. If you’re in this field how did you get there? What experience did you need? Did you need a college degree? What skills are the most helpful to you? What is your typical work day like? Why did you choose this job? Feel free to answer whatever questions you like and add anything else.

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Help me pick what to major in/do with my life.

Hi! I am 21F, currently a college student studying Mechanical Engineering. I have 2 and a half years left, give or take. I am really struggling with the course load, and my GPA is now at a 1.92.

My school offers an Economics degree that will let me (maybe) graduate earlier with much easier classes. Math is not difficult for me, it’s the engineering environment that is very tough for me. Being an engineering student, professors expect you to dedicate all your time to studying. I need to work to support myself through college, and I don’t have the dedication to spend the rest of my free time studying.

I have no passion for Economics, and I went into engineering for the money. I hate college and just want to finish and get it over with. To be truly honest, I have no interest in a career or working in the future, in the ideal world I’d like to be a stay at home mom.

Outside of school, I really like art and music. If I didn’t care about upsetting my parents, I would go to cosmetology school and do hair all day. I can’t even imagine suggesting that to them right now, they pay for my school.

What should I do with my life? Continue with engineering, hate my life for a few years but graduate and make money? Get an economics degree and try to work through it and hope someone comes by able to support me? Try any other major (feel free to give suggestions)? Go to cosmetology school and say fuck it? Drop out and try to find a husband?

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31-year-old multipassionate ADHDer with no clue what to do next

Hi all!

So as the title suggests, I'm someone with a lot of different interests and have done many different things throughout my ~12 year career. However, for the first time in my life, I have no idea what to do next. As you'll see below, I've had experience across many different areas including marketing, social media, building a brand, coaching, blogging, launching online courses etc. Long-form copywriting is my bread and butter, but I've done way too much of it (to the point of burnout) and know I don't want to do that long-term. I have degrees in Journalism and Psychology, and am currently studying a Masters in Business Psychology.

I'd love to find something well paid (ideally over the six figure mark), flexible (allowing me to work and travel), and meaningful (ie. having a positive impact on people's lives). This might be a full-time or part-time role, or involve freelancing/consulting/contracting. The things I love doing involve ideation (I'm an ideas person), brainstorming, strategy and solving problems. Areas I'm interested in include human-centered design, UX, innovation, content strategy, brand strategy, advertising and short-form copywriting. My passions are travel, food, self-development, psychology and anything to do with personality (I love personality quizzes).

Does anyone have any ideas on career paths that might be suitable for me? More info about my career background below for context.

-I studied Journalism straight out of high school, and went into magazine publishing (which was always my dream as a child/teenager). I ended up achieving most of my writing-related goals (ie. bylines in particular publications) within a few years.

-Everything was going digital at that time, so I left magazine publishing within a few years to work for an online publication. The pay was crappy and inconsistent, so while I was there I started my own copywriting/marketing business as a side hustle.

-I also started my own self-development blog at that time, which led to me being found by a publisher and getting a book deal (another dream of mine) and publishing a book, and accompanying workbook.

-The above situation led to me becoming even more interested in self-development and human behaviour, so I went back to uni to study Psychology (equivalent to a Bachelor), which I've now finished.

-I also launched a course and coached women 1-1 on topics related to ADHD, productivity etc. I have a lot of different coaching certifications now, but I'm not sure how much I actually love coaching. I also find showing up and selling on social media very draining (but kind of a non-negotiable for online business) and find the industry to be a bit morally questionable. Not sure I want to contribute to that.

-Throughout this process of building a small self-development brand over the last 5ish years, I've been in and out of freelancing as a writer, and in-house content roles. I much prefer the flexibility and freedom of freelance from a lifestyle perspective, but find the uncertainty and unpredictable cashflow really difficult.

-My last role was at a tech company and although it was technically a content role, I was actually more like a product manager. It was the best paying role I've ever had, at $150,000 per year and I would love to get back up to that income again. But unfortunately, there were mass redundancies and my role was affected.

-In that role, I realised that I really enjoyed aspects of UX research/writing, product strategy, human-centered design. However, I've been applying for those kinds of roles and unsurprisingly, am being knocked back as most companies want people with more formal experience in these areas.

I know this was a super long ride, so thanks for sticking with me! Thanks so much in advance for your suggestions!

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Is UX Design for me or should I look for something else? 😓

😩Hi everyone, I’m so sorry I’m going to vent/rant for a minute. I like UX Design(User Experience design) the creative aspect( I know its not all as creative as people make it out to be from other forums lol.) being able to help users find out what they need in an app, interviewing user and just listening to them. However, as an introvert constantly having to “sale” my designs to stakeholders, do “Presentations” and other aspects that make introverts cringe seem a little overwhelming to me. I’m on Course 5 of the Google Coursera . I want to take a Bootcamp so I could really learn more and have a mentors so that I could actually get feedback from someone in the field but I don't want to spend $7,000 or more on a boot camp if I'm still now sure. I like UX but to be honest I felt I had to really push myself to get through the course. Honestly I should have already finished it since I'm unemployed but I keep letting fear and doubt get in the way. I don't know if UX gives me the spark/ zest I would want and I really want to. I do like creating apps in Figma and receiving feedback from participants to better the app. Also I do feel like some of my doubts in myself come from just taking the course and not really doing the outside work like reading UX books watching YT Tutorials etc.

As a 30yr old I'm lost and won't find a career that I at least like/love. I don't want to dread doing my job I have always had that fear. I know the money is Good in UX at the least enough to live comfortably, but I don’t won’t to be in a certain field solely for the money . I want to be able to move out and be capable of taking care of myself. However, I’m not sure if I should push through my fears and insecurities to do UX and just find my passions/hobbies outside of work and just look at it as “just a means to pay bills” or find something else. Also UX’ers did you like/love it right away or did you grow to like / love it?

I was considering Web and Brand design (Freelance or start my own business) Digital Marketing or something else creative that offer “financial security”. Any help or. Advice from the UX Community or anyone who just wants to offer advice would be greatly appreciated. 😊 Thank you in advance.

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Want advice on where to go academically

I don't have a "passion" or anything like that. I'm good at school and have a reasonable safety net, though one that's not quite thick enough to weather my parent getting even more sick, so I can't rely on it. I just want to make money and live my life doing whatever on the side. Currently, I'm a computer science major with a statistics minor but I have the opportunity to double-major and wondering if there's some sort of back-up plan people would recommend; my parent is pushing me toward finance but somehow I wish there was any other option.

I'm just worried that maybe compsci won't work out or something and I'll need something else. I was looking at getting a teaching certification but I'm in the US and that crap differs state by state and would require a triple major besides, which I don't think I can do. Is the solution here to just go for a compsci-field PhD and have academia as a "backup"? Does that even make any sense? I think I would enjoy teaching, I just have little interest in research so it's not my first choice.

I'm even at the point where I'm wondering if maybe I should just go pre-med since that's pretty much guaranteed to be a stable income for the rest of my life and I know I'll be able to do it (financially/mentally) despite the fact I'm not really interested in medicine.

Sorry, I just don't really have anyone else to ask, especially since my worries are so vague and kinda stupid and based on vibes. Wanted advice but don't really know exactly what to ask. Thank you.

02:35 UTC


Feeling nothing

I’m 27 and I don’t have any passion or motivation to do anything. . No fire, no spark within me. I did what I’m suppose to do. Went to school, college (criminal Justice degree) and got a full time job with a low salary but I know this is not what I’m suppose to do. I feel like I can do something greater but idk what that is. How can I know if I don’t have any passion for anything whatsoever? Has anyone felt like this? I feel empty.

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Worth getting CDL with zero previous desire?

Some backstory first. I'm in my late 20's with no true career path. Working decent paying jobs has got me through, but I haven't wound up in an area I desire to stay with. Although I am college educated (bachelor's in psychology) I have no desire for grad school or most desk jobs working with lots of people. Feels like I'm at a 1/3 life crisis where I'm looking for a career and nothing is sticking.

Recently I met someone who runs a small trucking business and could guarantee me a job making more money than I'm currently making. All I'd have to do is get a CDL. Which...I've never considered trucking before. It's not something I've really wanted to do. I don't have any automobile knowledge either which I'm sure doesn't help. Most of all I do NOT want to commit to it, hate it, then burn my bridge with this person. All this being said the idea of finding a potential career path is fun to think about.

Not sure what kind of advice I'm looking for...seeing if anyone has been in a situation like this before. Anything trucking related is even better!

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Need guidance for a career switch!

To give some background, I (26m) just finished my time in the service about 6 months ago. I was a scrub tech during my time and with that experience I landed a job as a travel scrub tech that pays me well. Although I am extremely grateful that I have this job, I realize that the only reason I’m doing this is for the money and not because I actually enjoy it. I’ve been on the fence for the last couple of months of whether or not I want to go back to school and get a degree. Ultimately, I’ve decided to go back to school and study something IT related in hopes of finding a WFH position. Is there anyone that has gone through something similar and has made the switch or even found something better? Also does anyone have a suggestion on what major I should apply for in order to make this career switch?

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How can I get into tech

Hello, (25m) as the title states just looking for some advice into getting into tech. I have my bachelors in exercise science and worked at a fintech company recently. I started to really enjoy working in a tech space and wanted to full branch out. With how the market is going, I really would like some insight on ways to land higher tech jobs. I am most likely going to start a UX design boot camp so I can start learning all the necessary information. I spend a lot of time researching what aspects I need to learn. I was wondering if anyone had tips on building a portfolio or how to get your foot in the door with employers. I do appreciate all the help!

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History/French double-major who just graduated with honors in both. Looking for careers where my "useless" degrees won't feel like such a waste.

Hi! I'm (23M) a recent graduate who admittedly went to school with no plan in mind. As such, I'm only half-joking when I say I fell into History because I played a lot of Age of Empires as a kid. Conversely, I'm not joking at all when I say that the French degree is the result of me concluding it would be a waste to have slogged through four years of high school, committing conjugation tables to memory, and not even being able to speak the language after that.

Despite this, I really loved my education and wouldn't trade it for the world! I'd like to think my dedication to both disciplines is reflected in my performance as a student. Back in November, I was inducted into the National French Honors Society, Pi Delta Phi. Similarly, I graduated summa cum laude in History back in May. At the same time, I was hardly an active student, and I worry that I missed out on a lot of networking opportunities, internships, and chances to break into related industries simply by being apathetic. I also live with my parents and went to a commuter school, which I feel made these problems more acute.

I've also never worked a job before, and I vacillate between being embarrassed by that fact and grateful that my parents were able to provide for me in such a way that I could dedicate myself wholly to my education and hobbies. Regardless, it definitely feels like I bare a scarlet letter when it comes to writing resumes. I've only applied for a couple of jobs (both at local libraries) and I wouldn't be surprised if my forms went right to the garbage can for that reason alone.

Needless to say, I'm in a bit of a rut. I'm also downright terrified of the bleak future I've built for myself by just coasting through life, but I'm hopeful that it's not too late and I can still do something.

I know I'm not in a position to be picky, but I don't want to teach, even though I know that's a safe career choice for humanities majors. My mom tells me her biggest regret in life was not traveling while she was young, and seeing as I've never so much as been on a plane before, I am on track to join her. It's not a thought I relish at all, and I would love to do something where I can at least see the world a little bit. But again, I'm a choosing beggar right now, so if need be I'll settle for something a little more grounded. All I'm looking for are some employment options where I can put my skills to use (particularly the French, as that's a little more concrete than the soft skills you pick up in History).

I'm very capable and I learn quickly (or at least I like to think so). Unlike a lot of people who I see post here, I have absolutely no problem with audiences or public speaking. Interpersonal communication, on the other hand, is a bit more questionable. I've "worked" as a freelance graphic designer and have some relevant skills there. I also play, write, and produce music (badly), but that seems like every other zoomer narcissist these days so I'm not exactly exceptional in that regard. I forgot to mention that money isn't all that important to me--I'm good at living within my means and I'm living rent-free with my parents so my expenses are basically nonexistent. At this point I'm just trying to build a proverbial nest-egg so I don't end up on the street one day, which is probably stupid to worry about, but it's not like our social safety net is getting anymore robust now, is it?

Just thought I'd drop in and source some ideas. Worst case scenario, I work at a temp agency for a bit and hope something relevant finds me that way. If you majored in the humanities what did you do? I'm especially curious to hear from the bilingual among you, particularly those who know and use a language that isn't all that practical in the United States.

TL;DR Recent graduate who has never been employed. Wants to travel or at least put foreign language to use. Good at public speaking but hate the idea of teaching. Experience in graphic design and music production. Money isn't that important, just trying to lay the foundation of my future here.

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24 M Bipolar haven't been able to keep a job due to instability. Is there hope for me?

My resume is horrible. I went to college but dropped up due to alcoholism. Didn't complete math requirements. Ive had many jobs but can't keep one. I was working in fine dining and I loved it but I had a manic episode and totally embarrassed myself. This was three months ago. Since then I worked at a dispensary but I decided to quit because I can't smoke weed because of my mental health. I'm just totally depressed and don't know what to do. I feel completely fucked and a lil suicidal tbh.

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As a M24 spoiled rich kid, I don't know the value of hard work.

As a spoiled rich kid, my parents gave me a decent amount of money in cash, paid for my uni, paid for my rent, and bought me an expensive new car. I never worked a job before graduating uni.

So, when I got my first job, I only lasted three months. I did not know how to behave or social etiquette. I showed up half an hour late for several days in a row. I made little effort to talk to people. I just stayed in front of my computer screen in my cubicle. I did not know how to talk to people or how to navigate the office environment. Introversion is a death sentence in an office environment. I did not know that I was expendable, so I put in little effort, showed up late, talked to few people. As you would expect, I was laid off after only three months.

I don't know the value of money. I did not work a job in high school or uni. I never worked 7 dollars an hour as a cashier, so I did not value a job that paid around 80k. I thought, this is peanuts. I put in little effort and I was fired. I'm applying for jobs again. I hope I can do better this time around. It's difficult to have discipline when you've been spoiled your entire life.

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I took a "what kind of thinker are you" quiz

As per the title, I took the quiz and I ended up getting two results.

Your natural thinking style is: OPTIMIZER

Optimizer thinking is at the intersection of "Micro" and "Process." Optimizers like to make things better, always finding ways to be more productive, efficient and organized.

  • I see this to be pretty accurate as I like to optimize some tasks I'm given (ex. How can I wash the laundry with the least amount of times needed to go up and down the stairs. ) and I like to theory craft meal plans (What can I eat for breakfast and dinner that is both simple to make and nutritiously diverse)

Your natural thinking style is: PLANNER

Planner thinking is at the intersection of "Big Picture" and "Process." Planners like to figure out how to get from A to B, design effective systems, and work out the right priority and sequence.

  • I also see this as pretty accurate as I like to talk to my parents about my schedule for the week and I also like to hear their schedule for the week. I like planning things, such as hangouts with friends, in advance and I like to plan workouts while trying to optimize what I want in a given exercise cycle. Not to mention I also like the idea of "A to B" and I find reaching mini goals on the path of a big goal to be nice.

So far I tried to get into IT in the hopes of being a DevOps engineer since I heard that field is all about automating and optimizing. However, I can't even get into a Help desk role with a bachelor's degree (tbf, its a BFA degree so.. no surprises there) and a Comptia A+. The tech market is kinda dead rn for entry level so that doesn't help either.

Other than that, I thought of Finance cuz uh... money. But I've read that if ur not from a target school then ur wasting your time. Ive also thought of physical therapy since I like working out however the idea of going into debt to not even make as much as physician or nurse sucks dick. Add on to that fact by me saying that I am currently studying to be a personal trainer and that shit is BORING. If I find topics on Personal training boring, then I am 100% gonna sleep through physical therapy.

Now, you may be thinking "What about trades? I know a guy whose an electrician making 100k+ w/o any debt" and to that I say, I applied to receive an application form for the local electrical union and spots for that shit is fierce. Right now I'm waiting to get an application form from them and if I don't make it to the union then I'm not going to waste my time on a trade for 30 an hour less working non-union (the pay is $61 an hour where I live for union electricians).

Now, after all that, where does that leave me? While I'm trying to focus on studying for personal training, I'm also trying to learn python on the side. I've entertained the thought of being a coder but, like I said before, entry level tech is dead and the rise of AI isn't really helping. So.... I'm not sure. I thought rock bottom would be police officer but.. looking at the current climate... not so good. The only other idea I had was to go to the military as either Airforce or coast guard as an officer so that I can have big daddy government pay my housing and food as I sort myself out but I'm a pussy so..Yeah.

So uh... tips? Any careers that appeal to someone of the two thinking styles above?

I live in the US, unfortunately.

22:53 UTC


I found something I enjoy doing, but I don't like the lifestyle and the corporate grind

I'm 23 years old. I have been trying to follow "my passion" for years. First I thought I loved biology so I did a premed degree but for many reasons I don't want to be a doctor anymore. Then I taught myself graphic design and UX/UI design because I thought I enjoyed it. After a few internships, I am slowly realizing I don't love design as a job either - I'm sitting in front of a screen 8h/day, working remotely (no inspiring interactions to energize me), and filled with anxiety each day worried that I'm not performing enough. I have friends who are doctors, teachers etc., and I envy that their job is much more interesting than just pushing pixels on a screen.

I had the idea to do a master's in medical illustration since it combines both of my backgrounds and is exciting to me, but the reality is that even after the degree I will still be living my current lifestyle, working on the same projects in the same sort of setting. I am so uncomfortable with the prospect of signing myself up to spend the rest of my career in the corporate world - I want to experience more of life (travelling, meeting new people, having new experiences) and not dread weekdays 9-5, where the amount of tasks to do is never ending. I'm less than 6 months out of graduation and I already feel burnt out.

I feel lucky to have interests like design and biology that I can pursue and allow me to be creative, but it seems like all paths lead to a life I don't want, and doing a masters (while I am excited about it) is only going to cement me in this path.

Is this a mindset issue? Do I just have to grow up and accept that most jobs are like this and I should just invest in hobbies outside of work? How do you find balance between a stable job and having interesting spontaneous experiences?

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Tied to a mortgage, where should I go from here?

I am 23 and I have been working full-time for the past 5+ years in customer service and logistics coordination for the same company. In January I was moved back to customer service during a RIF and really do not enjoy it.

Well since I thought I had stable job security in logistics, I bought a house last year and my mortgage payment is quite high ($1,100). I now feel stuck because I hate my job but truly can't quit for the first time ever in my life. I make $23 an hour and have good benefits, so I basically have golden handcuffs as far as a retail worker is concerned.

My company offers $6,000 of tuition reimbursement a year, so I thought I should maybe go back to school while working full-time, but I realistically couldn't get a STEM degree as I only have basic algebra knowledge.

Some of my potential interests/majors in descending order of personal interest:

English teacher Linguistics studies Business studies Vet technician Radiology (but I can't quit my job to go to Radiology school for two years) 😢 Computer science (but poor math skills) Nursing (unlikely due to math) Accounting (again, math) Graphic design

Any advice would be appreciated, I really did myself no favor by buying the house before getting an education, and I feel stuck. Now I'm going to have to work retail jobs endlessly to make ends meet is my fear.

I also have driving anxiety and do enjoy working from home, but it seems like I'll probably have to work on premise somewhere if I pursue one of the above categories.

22:31 UTC


Do I Transfer to Art School to incorporate my passion in my career? (20F)

This is definitely a common story, “Pursing my passion or taking a safe route blah blah blah” but if able, I would appreciate some advice.

I am currently 20 years old, two years into my Bachelors degree in business.

Ever since I was about 6 years old, I’ve been doing digital art, and absolutely love it. I post on social media and met a lot of art friends on there. However, I never considered doing it for a career. My parents always harped the “starving artist” ideology to me so since then I’ve planned on just doing it as a hobby.

Recently though, this changed.

One of my friends goes to an art school, and through that I get glimpses of the art industry through her LinkedIn feed. Companies like Pixar, Blizzard, Sony Pictures Animation, and Activision post job and internship openings often.

I got shocked by just how many jobs in the art field there are, such as storyboard artists, viz dev, concept artists, character designers, and more. It’s like my whole perspective on the industry was flipped. There’s people out there actually drawing for a living and doing well for themselves, something my parents told me wasn’t common.

Currently, I am doing an internship involving coding, and so far I’m not finding it as exciting as I hoped it would be. It’s only the beginning stage, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I can see myself in the future being more content with my job if I can incorporate art in my day to day life.

Now I’m freaking out cause I feel like I didn’t take time to stop and think what I wanted to do with my life versus taking a route my parents approved of.

With all the art related job titles I’m interested in, going to an art school would definitely help in terms of the reasons mentioned prior. However, I’m already two years in with friends at my current university.

When you go to these big art schools, you get a leg up on other college students as they have connections with these companies through events like Career Fairs. Furthermore, they have opportunities to build your portfolio with student ran projects such as short films.

I know your major won’t define your career, as many people cross over as they discover what they want to do. I’ve even seen artists that got their jobs at studios through recruiters coming across their social media, especially Twitter, so another option I’m considering is building my profiles more.

Is it worth it to switch colleges to supply myself with more resources?

Any help appreciated. Thanks!!

20:54 UTC


Why are so many WFH jobs so exploitative?

I work for a large dental group in the UK as a recruitment coordinator. I rope in clients for them which pay them around £31k for a single dentist that they place at their clinics. Now what would you think they'd pay me? Atleast minimum wage right? No, they pay me £125/ month. You read that right it's not one thousand, it's one hundred!! And a £50 bonus if i do good all month! And they have the audacity to act magnanimous about it lol. Now I belong to a 3rd world country but that does not mean that they should be exploiting us like that!

20:44 UTC


Mid-twenties with a passion for content creation and writing, not sure what to do with it.

25M here, I majored in tv/film production and have an Associate’s degree. For the past year I’ve been a freelance wedding videographer running a micro-business with little success.

I know I have a passion for writing, content creation, and filmmaking. I’ve thought about learning copy writing since it combines a few of those interests. My other thought was shooting commercial Real Estate since I have all the needed filming equipment and drones to do it, I would just need to work on getting a few licenses and maybe end up going full time into Real Estate sales. My parents have encouraged me to think about going back to college to complete a Bachelor's in English but I'm not sure I'm ready to do that yet, and I worry it would delay more than help improve my current situation. I really enjoy reading and studying literature so I would love to write and make films, but I am also content with that just being a hobby I can enjoy in my down-time once I've built up some financial security from related work.

One of the biggest things I struggle with is procrastination. Usually when I am really passionate and interested in a subject I'm like a sponge just absorbing all the information I possibly can on it, but I haven't been this way towards CW or RE, I think because I'm a bit nervous and intimidated by trying to learn it and fear of failing at it.

So part of me isn’t sure I want to give up on doing weddings just yet, but it has been an uphill battle trying to get clients who will actually pay and be worthwhile. And I suck at branding so my website & socials haven’t been any help.

What does r/findapath think I should do?

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26/F - A million paths later

Hi guys. I’m glad I found this sub, but I’ve been struggling because I can’t find any threads that sound super similar to my situation. I’ve worked in at least 5 different fields all before turning 30…. I recently got a job in purchasing. But I hate it. I want to make a career pivot for good (at least 10 years lol) but I need help.

Some insight & past career history:

Past jobs before college:

-Outside sales for IT/phone systems -Sales/Design/Project management for an office furniture company -Sales/Design for a tile and stone company

I went to school for Kinesiology, planned on going for a doctorate in PT school. Worked at a clinic for 4 years. Decided not to go because my GPA was meh (3.0) and there were no schools nearby me. Going to school out of state is not an option because I have a dog and a boyfriend and a mortgage.

I worked in the service industry for a few years, liked the socialization part of it as well as how fast paced it was. I left because there was no path forward from there.

Fast forward to now— got a job as a Purchasing agent for a fairly large company (mostly because I needed insurance and stability) and I hate it. It’s boring, and I feel like I stare at a computer screen all day and none of my talents are being put to use. I promised myself I’d last a year here and pay off debt, but I don’t think I can do it.

Hobbies: Weightlifting, snowboarding, any sport in general, video games.

Some career paths I’ve considered: Firefighter Physician’s Assistant Social Worker Marketing Program Management

So it looks like I’m all over the place here. If you made it through this long essay and you feel like you were once an ambitious 26 year old with a plethora of different experiences, let me know what you decided on and how it’s working for you. I also think I need to mention I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years back.

Thank you all!

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How can I realistically travel while managing a job?

I've always had dreams of traveling the world but most of my career I've had office jobs that have left me stuck at home. American corporations only offer a measly 10 vacation days so it's just not that feasible to travel for an extended period of time or very often.

I ended up quitting my last job bc I was just fed up there and under a lot of stress. I had a substantial amount of savings and figured it was time to fulfil my dreams and go traveling. I ended going backpacking through Central Europe for a month and had the best time. I'm now back home feeling nostalgic, wishing I could go back and do the Western half of Europe. But I can't keep hemorrhaging money. So I've been applying for jobs for the last 7 months and it's been slim pickings.

I have BSBA in Management with an HR track. I have experience in the staffing industry in recruitment and onboarding. I'm on the fence about whether to go for a PHR certification or go a completely different route and study to be an electrician. But what I would really like is to have a job that allows me to work remotely so that I can travel.

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I’m interested in pursuing something creative. Is there still a place for new creators today?

There are two time periods off the top of my head that seemed to be a great time to pursue a career in a creative field.

Around the 1960s, comic books were pretty popular. It seemed like back then, people who were good at writing stories and making art were able to make a good living off that alone.

Then when the internet came along, there was a wave of new independent creators with the rise of Flash games/animation.

Nowadays, it seems like any individual creator is completely invisible. There’s an overwhelming amount of content out there that most of it is completely buried before anyone even sees it. Is there still a place for a newcomer to find his place in all this?

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Vet tech looking to make 100k/year (before taxes)

TL;DR: Title + shall I stay in the field, or should I change subjects? I live in Germany. Emigrating is not really an option. Sid-hustles and / or a B.A. in Digital Games Business is an option, but is this useful?

I recently graduated as a veterinary technician.

I really enjoy my job, but I also want to avoid poverty in my old age, and the 3k gross just isn't enough. Even if I earn more in the course of my professional life, I will only be able to make a maximum of 4k, possibly 4.5k.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get to 80k or 100k within the next 10 years? I can't code but would learn it if it would help me.

I am thinking of doing a distance learning course in "Digital Games Business" (a B.A., costs ~11k in total) where even up to 115k/year after graduation would be possible. This would of course be a senior management position. Starting salary would be around 55k to 60k. (The course would be always on Saturdays, so it would be combinable with my regular work)

However, I would also be open to other professional areas or good options for which previous training as a veterinary technician would be useful.

I am currently in Germany and have no possibility to emigrate. Although I don't necessarily want to leave Germany, Finland would also be an option. (Or any Scandinavian country) However, I would have to start from scratch.

Options I considered are:

  • Writing books (educational and novels, sid-hustle)
  • Dog training (first as a sid-hustle, I live near a big city where I can demand even 80k after some courses)
  • making educational games (which is a combination of my current path and the thought about studying "Digital Games Business")
  • Moving to a different country (hard doing this early on cuz I don't want to be too far away from my family)

I'm thankful for every help.

EDIT: DMs are welcome too if someone is too shy to post a comment.

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How can I make good money off of my writing?

I’m not planning for this to be my main source of income, but I would like to make some money off my hobbies.

I enjoy creative writing and writing poems in my free time, and I would like some advice on publishing my work or finding people and organizations that can help me in this endeavor.

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I’m 19 and have no direction or plans for what I want to do for a job.

The title is kind of boring so I hope I get traction. I’ll tell you guys a little about myself and maybe if I’m lucky find some direction. I am COMPLETELY LOST.

I enjoy talking to people. Face to face is better but I can manage on a phone.

I enjoy “working” what I mean by that is I don’t want to stand around. Or sit behind a desk all day.

I’ve debated the trades but I don’t know anyone that I can ask about the different ones. I like the idea of plumbing but not sure how to get started.

Has anyone else been lost and unsure where to go.

I’ve been working for about a year and a half or so. I’ve worked two jobs retail. Grocery and hardware. I was NOT a fan of either one but they are accommodating with hours so I was able to have more fun.

I worked in a laid back warehouse environment and the work wasn’t bad but definitely not a career I could see myself doing the rest of my life.

I am currently working security day 6 of the job and absolutely hate it. They have me posted in a standing lobby that gets one person an hour. That means I see 8 people a day but I am not allowed to sit.

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Trade school or join the union?

I’m looking into going to trade school. I did 3 years of state college and it wasn’t for me. I have no idea what trade I would go into, even after doing research of demand, pay, requirements, etc. Should I skip trade school and go straight to the union? All help is appreciated!

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Need to do some online work at home after retiring

I retired from a tech career after getting laid off twice in my early 60's. I care for my near-invalid wife and my 93yo father with Alzheimer's so I really can't go get a part time job to supplement SS. I need to be able to do something from home. I've always been good at grammar, editing, etc, so I tried getting jobs doing editing on Upwork for months but got no takers, since (like in real life), it's tough to get someone to give you a chance, if you don't have any posted history doing it. Next I tried Compose.ly. I aced their entrance test, but never heard back (and they don't want you checking in). So I'm kinda lost. All of those lists you find online for things you can do online at home either don't apply to me or seem listed just to list them. Any ideas how to find this kind of online work for pay?

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How many here work for half the year then travel? Need guidance.

I am 27F and do not have a career, mainly out of choice. I’ve taken some college classes and decided school isn’t in the cards for me.

Ultimately, I’d like to work for part of the year and save to travel the rest. I have worked different jobs but always come back to ones involving customer service.

Currently I’m a supervisor at a café and I’m grateful to be able to go to work and do what I love: Take care of the customers, interact with them, and give them an enjoyable experience.

I want to continue in this type of work, fast-paced and giving great experiences, so I want to keep doing similar jobs. I make decent money and no, this sort of job doesn’t bring in as much as others, but it’s what I enjoy.

I’m lucky to be able to move in with family for awhile later this year, and in that time I’ll work and save money.

Those who currently work for part of the year then travel or take time off, how has this worked for you? How did you begin? Did you plan everything out as in, save X amount of money (I know this varies), planning to work at Y job after tris trip, etc. What advice do you have?

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Book recommendation for everyone (myself included) who thinks they’re behind in life/not good enough etc…

I’m in this subreddit daily. I see that I am not alone in feeling like I’m behind in life, or not doing what I’m supposed to be doing etc… Found a book called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson to be entertaining and very helpful. Check it out!

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