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I’m 16 years old, I feel lost and I don’t know what to do with my life.

so to preface, i’m doing shit in school. pretty sure i have undiagnosed adhd and i have always been more of the creative type.

i hate academic based things and have been attracted to the arts forever, the problem that lies with that is i’ve been told again and again that art-centered jobs don’t rack a lot of money. i love to perform and write poetry and literature is cool, hate history though.

i’ve always been told i would be a good motivational speaker or therapist, but i know i am not going to sit through that many years through school just to land a job that will probably make me depressed and resign.

even though i have hobbies and know what i like, i still feel lost. everything feels so hard and i’m overwhelmed. what doesn’t help is my older brother just got into a uc fresh out of college and i’m literally cooked because with my gpa it’s not looking too good.

my idea was always to go to community college for 2 years then hopefully transfer to a good university, but even then i don’t know what i would major in or want to do so i’m freaking out.

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Indecisive and Anxious Procrastinator

I'm 22 and for the past 4 years, I've basically done nothing. I have no work experience and no real passions. I'm currently unemployed due to mental health, but have started searching for a new job. I obsess over the future a lot. I also procrastinate like crazy due to indecision and anxiety.

I know what I don't want in life. I'm scared of spending the rest of my life on minimum wage in my home town or a just town like it. I don't think I even want to live in my home country anymore.

The whole "oh you're still so young, you'll figure either out" speech really annoys me as it seems to assume you are at least out in the world doing something. But I've basically been idle for 4 years aside from brief stints in jobs and half a year at university. I spend most of my time at home, I occasionally go out to do something, do the things and then come back.

I've honestly become kind of obsessed with the idea of moving countries or at least travelling and I find it hard to do anything that isn't specifically working to make this possible. But on the flip side, I'm unsure if that's even what I want, so find it hard to work towards it too.

I'm worried about wasting time to the point where it stops me from committing to anything long term in case it's the wrong decision. Ironically that means I end up doing nothing for the same length of time which is usually an even bigger waste.

I have no idea what I should do. I considered trying university again, but because I have no idea what career I want, I dont know what to study. I don't want to be in the same position 4 years down the line with a useless degree and a load of debt.

I often think about the fact that I'm young, single, debt free and not tied down by anything. This is the perfect time to go out, experiment, do things I won't be able to do when I'm older and tied down by responsibilities, but I can never think of exactly what those things should be. This also puts me off committing to anything further.

On top of all this, I suffer from pretty bad social anxiety and I'm socially awkward. These things have never really gotten better despite honestly trying a lot to work on them.

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Don’t know If I’m smart enough for a career in mechanical engineering

Passed a pre trade basic introduction course last year, looking at starting out a career this year, but I am not sure that I have the skills required for this work. I am quite sure I’m slightly below average or average IQ. The critical skills needed for this career I lack, or struggle with. I am “slow” and I struggled through the basic course last year.

I did enjoy it although to me it is quite daunting because of my ability. I think I am somewhat passionate or it does interest me, and personally gives me a sense of purpose and prestige.

But I do not know if I am being realistic with myself, kind of feels like I’m trying to become a doctor because I’m not that smart.

Any advice or comments be really appreciated, pls help


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I really need help figuring my career out

Hi all! I'm a 19 year old woman from the deep south, currently in college for english literature. My only real passion in life is reading books, specifically fantasy if you were curious. I usually read around 65-80 books a year. I thought the ideal job for me would be an English professor, but apparently the odds of actually getting a job in academia are worse than winning the lottery. I am genuinely awful at ALL math and science, so things like accounting, finance, coding, engineering, and medical are off the table for me. I also really don't want to do a trade. I came from a blue collar family, and spent my entire childhood watching family members wreck their bodies for money. They're all expecting me to escape the cycle. The last thing, and I suppose I'll be called entitled for this- I almost can't stand working 40 hours a week. I've spent the last few years working fast food/labor/hospitality jobs for 40-50 hours a week and it literally made me suicidal. I woke up every day dreading getting up, and was so tired after work I couldn't enjoy anything, the same with my days off. I don't know, maybe I'm unicorn hunting, feel free to be brutally honest. I don't wanna be rich, I just wanna have a cozy apartment and buy all the books I want. Is that really too much to ask in life?

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Feeling trapped in life and would appreciate some advice

Through some short sighted decisions and some pure bad luck i.e. being made redundant twice I've managed to wind up in a deadend retail job I can't stand, but can't really afford to return to study, and I'm not entirely sure what I would study - I have an interest in Psychology and writing, but something like Psychological research is a long road and the prospects are a bit shaky. The field I have a qualification in (Marketing) is likely to get increasingly outsourced to AI software especially the aspects of it I actually enjoyed such as the content writing and graphic design side so I'm not sure about the future prospects... also haven't worked in that field for a few years so my job applications have been getting knocked back like a ping pong ball, and it seems employers don't offer you any feedback anymore even when you have an interview.

I'm probably going to have to move back into mums place in a month or two as they've just increased my rent again. We have a good relationship and I'm thankful for the opportunity but the prospect of living with a parent at 30 after 5 years living solo is making me even more depressed than having no money. Sure I'll be able to save a bit but with the way prices are rising unless parents can help me out substantially, I'm realizing that I might never afford to move out again, at least not anywhere I would want to live.

Amidst all of this I'm still trying to date, but I'm struggling to find the energy to go out and meet women, plus I hate bars and clubs, but dating apps have gone down the shitter and become basically useless in the last year for some reason... I've tried joining a mixed sports team and a volunteering group but they didn't even have any single women I was remotely interested in so lately I've been entertaining the pitiful possibility that I might not actually meet anyone. I don't mind flying solo through life, but it's still a depressing thought. \

I always figured I would be able to travel in my late 20's but I can barely afford a trip to Bali as it stands.

I guess I thought life would work itself out and I would find myself in a job I don't hate, with a partner I'm more or less compatible with, going on holidays every so often, but that's a far cry from the reality.

Of course I don't want this to be a pity party, I'm still relatively young, tall, able bodied guy living in one of the safest and most peaceful places on Earth, but I still feel like the walls are closing in and tick tock the crocodile is swallowing me alive... maybe that's a bit too dramatic but you get the idea. I know all isn't lost but I'm definitely feeling lower than I ever have.

I'm seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist, I have battled depression and anxiety all my life, but my mental malaise is mainly circumstantial at the moment.

Anyone got any advice?

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Potential Passion or a Realistic Degree?

TLDR at the bottom.

Note: This is about Canadian universities but the struggle is universal haha.

Hi, i’m your usual senior that’s confused about their life choices now that we’re in the last stretch of the year.

My initial plan was to become an accountant— i’m not particularly passionate about anything that I would pursue it as an actual career and I never was good at the STEM subjects so I chose Business Administration— I took a couple courses in hs and I enjoyed it, so I kind of just ended up sticking to it. As a result I did coop in an accounting office.

So when it came to applying to universites last fall, I ended up applying to bba/bacc programs and luckily I ended up being accepted to all the university’s (my eyes are on laurier bba).

My thought process was if I go to University do coop then I would have a good job out of uni (which is definitely way easier said than done lmao). Doing coop would probably help me pay for uni— so in a way it’s the most financially viable option.

Ever since I was young I’ve always wanted to travel the world— and now live comfortably I can without being too much into debt.

That was until I jokingly applied to UCarleton’s BPAPM program (with a focus on International Relations) and by some turn of the universe, got accepted. I thought that studying International Relations would be a kickass thing to study, so I applied for fun (earlier this month) but in high school I never really got involved on that side of career or researched thoroughly what it would entail. I thought that getting a job as a diplomat or an fse would be pretty cool (again, no research. just an idea).

My issue is that, in the long run, i’m worried that it just won’t be worth it for me financially— which probably sounds really dumb but the experience won't. I don’t want to be a burden to my parents and i know that i’m able to even have the opportunity to choose, that’s why i was set on accounting in the first place.

My highest grades in high school have always been in history, english and languages m(i love learning languages)— but I don’t know if i have the personality/drive to work in the government. I know there are a lot of different jobs within departments but being a politican is out of the park for me— that is something positive that I don’t want to do but maybe that’s just because I haven’t experienced it (looks scary to me though, lol).

At the same time, my idea was that, I could always transfer between careers (first become an accountant, and then work for the government (potentially applying to Carlenton’s NSPIA program and then study international relations with a backup career at hand) — this is if life goes accordingly ( i can hear 30 year old me laughing in the distance no matter what career that me is in)

I’m worried that I only like the idea of doing the degree because it seems really (for both degree) and I’m afraid that I’ll make the wrong choice compared to the realistic outlook of doing accounting or that i’m just having second thoughts.

Anyways, any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

TLDR: Should I do accounting in university (the safe realistic route) or should I do a bachelor’s in Public Policy and Management with a focus on international relations (something I know I’m probably more passionate about the road isn’t as clear as accounting).

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Lost at a standstill

Hi all. I’ve recently hit a bit of a wall the past few months any help would be appreciated. I’ve been living with my parents (m27) and have a great comfortable well paid job that is the first job I’ve ever truly enjoyed. However, all I’ve ever wanted to do since I left uni 5 years ago is travel and see the world, maybe live somewhere else for a while. I’ve always lived in the same place that I’ve grown up (even at uni) and felt suffocated by it.

With living at home and the decent salary im on I can save money pretty easily. I’ve been hit with a predicament where I can either stay here, save for a house and keep the job I love, or risk it all and go travel. Deep in my heart I do want to go see the world and live in different places for a while (especially while I’m relatively young) but it’s the risk of loosing it all I’m worried about and not being able to get it back (the job / the potential house / the salary). I suppose it’s down to my morals and wants important to me in life, but any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I've been feeling trapped for months now. Pls help

Hi guys, I felt like reaching out to you guys today. I'm a 20yo from Italy (turning 21 soon) and the more time passes the worse I feel about myself. I don't know if I've been brainwashed with all this marketing crap, but I don't know where to start. I worked online for 3 years, made good money from it, but decided to stop because I wasn't learning anything new.

My goal with life is to work with new people every day, improve my communication skills on a daily basis, live a great life, be able to spend time with my family, and stuff like that. I also wanna learn new things every day. I'm not one for jobs where you do the same thing over and over again, if you know what I'm saying.

I recently picked up copywriting, and as much as I love it, it's just that I keep thinking about becoming an actor, which I don't really know if it's for me or not, or other things. I keep getting distracted, so to speak. I don't feel fulfilled in life. Back when I was making money I was, but even then, only meeting new people would make my day. I don't want to work for anyone, I want to be my own boss.

I've been spending money left and right (health issues) and went from having $30k to having $3.5k rn and I feel so bad about that. I'm trying to invest that money right now, and I can't go a day without thinking about how screwed up my life is. Well, it is because of my choices ofc. I do wanna wipe the slate clean, but I really don't know what to do. I'm scared of putting myself out there. I don't wanna live with my family anymore. The environment is toxic, and I don't like it overall.

Pls help me guys.

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Ending Things

I’m ending things. I had a goal of finding a research position, but I know I’ll never get one. I’m at a job where everyone else at least fakes like they know what they’re doing. Everyone in my life does not take me seriously. I’m done.

05:49 UTC


I hate my HR career

I’m 24 y/o female and I’m graduating with my masters in Human Resources this year. But I fucking hate HR so much, I’ve job hopped 5 times in one year because I keep taking the fall for everyone or get treated like shit. I had an older female coworker tell me “you’re too good looking to go unnoticed but too ugly to make money out of it.” I don’t even think I’m attractive, average at best.

I need to build culture and perform and be friendly with people but get fired at every inconvenience or when I report sabotage or sexual harassment. Since I’m HR I have to suck it up, it’s my job to deal with people right, even when they sabotage me, openly hate on me, make sexual passes at me and threaten to unalive themselves if I don’t tell them confidential info, and I’ll get fired either way????

I feel so lost and I don’t know what to do anymore with my career. It’s too expensive to switch. I don’t have time to take pre reqs or certificates to switch into something else like nursing (and I’ll still probably be abused as a nurse). The job market sucks. I don’t know what to do except drastically mutilate myself to get people to leave me alone. I want to disfigure my face to protect myself from people who want to abuse me.

What the fuck do I do and where do I even start?

05:48 UTC


Find a remote job as a UK citizen living abroad

Hi everyone,

I'm a UK citizen currently residing in Kazakhstan. I'm expecting to receive my permanent residency here around the beginning of August, and I'd like to transition out of my current role as an English Teacher. I hold an undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations, and I am also expecting to finish my MA in News Journalism in August of this year.

What are the best roles to look for in my situation? I see that many UK employers view my 4-5 hour time difference as excessive, but I'm happy to accommodate UK business hours. I'm open to many industries, particularly copywriting, social media, policy research, IT. Entry level roles are no issue for me.

Moving back to the UK unfortunately isn't an option for me due to my wife's nationality and the minimum income requirements for UK family visas.


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Were all slaves every last one of us at 18 I ain't working my whole life while some chubby man boobed guy is making more than my entire bloodline has ever combined just by sitting in front of a camera life today is depressing and meaningless there's always someone better at something (not even like I'm good at anything to begin with) I'd rather eat a buckshot this second than work a shitty job get some shitty woman n then die Seems alot easier to me idk

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What To Do

This might be a little unrelated to this page, but I just want to vent as a “final attempt” sort of deal. Sorry it’s long.

I am now 25, and have 0 plans or ideas of what to do with my life. I have a wife and Kids, and a mountain of student loan debt. For years I kept saying I should just stop for a while to figure out what I want to do before taking on so much debt, but all I kept hearing was “you’ll figure it out.” I didn’t.

I have taken 100s of not millions of career and personality tests, some free some paid for. I have met with career counsellors, and personal counsellors. I have spent every second since I was 18 with no thought other than what I want to do with my life. That is not an over-exaggeration. I have looked into and studied and pursued more careers and fields than I can genuinely even recount. I had switched my degree 10+ times. I have shadowed multiple professions. I have met with various professors from different fields. I have had interviews with various workers in different fields. I have completely lost my hair line and carry an absurdly high blood pressure at 25 from sheer stress of needing to care for a family but with no idea of what on earth to do. I have even tried all the instagram hacks (which admittedly are just good for you.) I’m talking waking up early, working out, going on runs, eating clean, writing, reading, taking vitamins, going to bed early, you name it. And even stuck to these things for long durations of time (years) and nothing came of it. It consumes my every thought. I wake up thinking on it, and if I ever fall asleep I dream of it.

I just can’t even explain it at this point. This is the part I may receive some judgment for, but I just desperately want to feel passionate about something. Obviously I love my Wife and Children dearly, but I still have a life I need to live, and right now I’m not living, I’m just surviving until I die. I have 1000s of interests, things I enjoy doing, etc. But the second I actually dive into any of them in an attempt to pursue it, I lose all interest in it. It’s as though everything I’m even remotely interested in is only at face level, any deeper and I hate it. Speaking of hate, I have no middle ground for some reason. I LOVE what I love, and HATE what I hate. I was raised very disciplined and still pride myself on it, so I have really tried pushing through things to see if it gets better, and it never does. The only thing I feel passionate about is that life is not something I wish to waste. I’m all for “just picking something” out of duty, and am currently on the path of doing that (Law School) but I know when I’m 70 I’ll hate myself for it. The thought of living and dying and doing nothing but work 80% of my life in between those two events, to make money for some other boss and just be part of the economic cog wheel, makes me infuriated. I desperately just want to be part of something bigger, that makes a change, or helps people, something that I can look back on and say it was worth it, or that I used my once chance at life that I have. Picking a random 9-5 and finding an enjoyable hobby in my off-time does not satisfy that want.

The issue is that I can’t kill that urge. I have tried so many times to just suck it up, choose something, bring home a cheque and be a good father and husband, but I just physically can’t do it. Aside from the family part (obviously,) what a waste. I mean no offense to anyone in that position or who chose to just settle, but I cannot stomach it. Religious or not, I can’t believe that the opportunity I have been afforded by my existence alone should be sullied by choosing to settle and be content for the sake of paying a mortgage. To live and breath only to work more so you can pay more, and then die. I even spent about a year delving into poetry and philosophy looking for something. Ive read all the books, read all the quotes, all the poetry, nothing.

I feel I can do something, and I want to, but have no idea what.

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Job ideas for unlikeable folks?

I’m not a particularly likable person. I would not like to focus on WHY I’m unlikeable or HOW I can improve my like-ability because that’s not the purpose of this sub. Let’s just assume that I’m unappealing in the workplace even when I don’t violate the rules of professionalism.

It seems that for all my working life, I’ve only been treated with respect from colleagues and managers who would have treated anyone respectfully anyway. My colleagues/managers with less tact made it obvious that they would rather not be involved with me.

Currently, I work in research. I like my job, but it’s heavy on collaboration. Anyone who’s familiar with research would know that it’s a notoriously low paying field below the senior level. I would like to pursue research in the long term, but the above factors have put me in a financial and psychological strain.

I’m always pinching pennies, trying to save as much of my earnings as much as possible out of fear that I might not make it to a higher paying research position, which requires leadership.

Suggestions on careers I should look at falling back on in case research doesn’t work out would be much appreciated. I’d prefer low risk suggestions (employee with benefits) over high risk suggestions (like starting your own business) because I don’t have a substantial safety net to rely on in the event of high stake losses. If it matters, I have a degree and research experience in chemistry.

03:33 UTC


i would like some help, dont see too much light at the end of my tunnel

i just quit my job today because it was a very toxic work environment and i hated it so much. but unfortunately (i know) it was a very dumb mistake as i am in insane debt right now and have no other options, but i just could not continue working there for many reasons.

is there anything i can do as someone who is unskilled and very antisocial? and maybe that doesnt take long to get into? all i have to my name is a hs diploma. my options are very limited but any advice is appreciated

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Attempting to date has made me painfully aware of how unattractive I am again.. curious to hear from people who stayed single

Curious from anyone whose 50+ and stayed single, how is it? Especially if you’re not single by choice, what do you do to cope and kind of fill the need for romance if that makes sense?I’ve been trying so hard to figure out what I want to do with my life and in my mind that always involved a husband, but maybe it doesn’t?

I’ve always wanted to date but maybe it’s just not for me, do you think their are benefits to being single?

So I’m 24F, I never really thought I was ugly, I always knew I wasn’t as pretty as majority of other girls I saw but I just considered myself average. I’ve never really made a real attempt at dating so the fact I was 23 and had never dated or had my first kiss never bothered me… I signed up for 3 dating apps recently I pretty much get zero responses from men, I’ve gotten hardly any likes and most of the guys that liked me we were not compatible at all or they were the same age as my dad lol. Signed up a month ago, turned 24 last week and still haven’t been on a date. Then I see these girls on social media with thousands of likes and I realize nobody actually thinks I’m pretty.. except me😂

I know a month isn’t that long of a time but some people will be single forever, and dating/marriage is what’s pushed on us from a young age so wth do you do if nobody wants to marry you?

Luckily I’m already experienced in being alone, but damn, extremely humbling to imagine the amount of guys that looked at my profile and we’re like “no way” 💀 it’s not bothering me too much, it’s just kind of a weird realization. I got bullied bad in high school but I was overweight which was the majority of it and I’ve lost 60 lbs since then so I kinda convinced myself none of that bullying mattered anymore and none of it was true anymore but I’m now kind of realizing just losing weight doesn’t change the fact I was never pretty if that makes sense… regretting making the attempt because if I don’t try and can stay delusional

03:07 UTC


Looking for advice

23 year old F, I’m in a position right now where I feel like If I am going to make a big move, there is no better time then now. I was recently layed off due to budget cuts and I have a background in legal but truthfully my passion is in homes… renovating, fixing, and designing especially, With a major passion for old Victorian homes. I have 0 interest in being a realtor as that profession is extremely over saturated where I live.

I come from an entire family of entrepreneurs and I really just want to start something and work for myself but I have no idea what or where to start. I also live in a very small city (it is pretty much a really big town) and we don’t have the population for a lot of things.

I would really be appreciative of any advice.

03:03 UTC


I want to be a mom. That’s it.

My path is to be a mom.

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. Earlier in my life I wasn’t sure why I wanted it, it wasn’t until I turned my life to god and those feelings got stronger and began to feel like a need then I realized it was god calling me back then.

I work with kids, I love it more than anything. I never really gave a career a serious thought after college because I knew I just wanted to be a mom, homeschool and stay home with them. I am huge on traditional values and roles but here’s my issue.

In this generation (I don’t want to group the entire generation as a whole because I haven’t met the whole generation) I have found with the people I’ve met and tried to pursue it just doesn’t seem like a reality anymore. Just with inflation alone, it seems impossible even with the best circumstances(I would like to add for those who stalk post history, my family is well off and by all means I am extremely thankful for the head start I got that most people didn’t but I try to build my own life. Not their version of my life because I depend on family money. This is my journey and my journey alone. Using any family money automatically puts them in the life I did not invite them into. So before anyone comments saying I did have the best circumstances or I am just spoiled, please know that is NOT the case. Maybe as a child under their roof but I am an adult now with my own money.)

Then like I said earlier big on traditional roles and values so I don’t do the whole premarital relations thing that this generation loves. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke so I don’t pursue anyone who does those things which seriously lessens my options and lately I’ve just been feeling hopeless about it. I pray about it, I try to get closer with my church family and find someone that way who aligns with what I am looking for in terms of a big family and the values I listed before. If I can’t be a mother, I have 0 idea what else I’m gonna do.

Don’t get me wrong, Jesus fulfills me in a way nothing else in this world can. I love Jesus, I love everything about following Christ but in terms of my life I have a hole in my heart that only having a family can fill. The thought of not having that is just beyond heartbreaking for me.

Any advice?

02:40 UTC


Need Advice 19 Looking to Start Career

I’m 19 looking to get back into college. What jobs have the most work life balance? I know nursing has great work life balance (3x12s). But are there jobs outside of healthcare, like in business? Or other fields? I don’t desire to get rich, just want to be able to live comfortably. I’ll work my butt off to get to a position to have good work life balance because I do NOT want to work 5 days a week 9-5 the rest of my life. I’m really just looking to start my career and build a great life for my future family.

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Are there any other jobs that don’t require heavy lifting for spinal injuries

I’m 27 years old and just recently got findings on my mri for 3 disc bulges, effacement of thecal sac and bilateral foraminal stenosis. I’m already depressed enough because I won’t be able to do my dream career of being a fighter and I can’t be as active as I use to be anymore.

But concerning money and career. I need to leave my supermarket retail stocking job soon because I embarrassingly cannot lift more than 15 pounds and push super heavy objects without being in pain. I’m unskilled and only have a hs education.

Anyone know of any jobs or gigs that won’t require heavy lifting. I can still walk long distances very comfortably and running does not hurt at all.

I swear man, bad shit just keeps happening to me every fucking year.

02:19 UTC


How do I get out of this spiral and find a path?

So I have been having extreme anxiety about "failing to launch" I feel that term is kind of a buzzword but it is accurate in this case. I just turned 27 and feel like my life is flashing before my eyes. Im in complete panic mode and am having analysis paralysis.

From 17-25 I basically just did the bare minimum in life because I was admittedly depressed and had 0 confidence, psychiatrist and therapist told me I have PTSD. I have not taken meds out of fear but I may have to now that I have woken up to real life.

I currently work customer service in IT and its a dead end job, I make 45k rn and my annual review is coming up. I graduated with a degree in Econ and minor in data analytics but did not get into that field. 1 year as bank teller, 1 year data entry and now 1 year customer service. I am studying for my Network+ cert to maybe get an internal help desk job, freshening up my data analytics skills to apply to low level analyst jobs, and also in school for programming, but I am losing my mind and kind of becoming suicidal due to the chaos of not having a path. Most people do a job and school and that is a lot. I feel like I am doing too much and not improving at one thing fast enough but I don't want to miss a opportunity to make more money ASAP so I can "launch" and get into a bigger company. At the same time I am truing to do networking certs to look for an internal promotion. Thus I continue to work on what I have mentioned.

I see posts about people failing to become real adults and how they are enabled. It makes me so anxious, I am barely an adult because I am one step away from relying on my parents again if I lose my job and I have no career path rn. My friend told me to go back to school and go all in and be a stand out student, other friends say continue working and do programming degree online. I am just lost and am hoping to get some advice on this.

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Private vs Public sector

I’ve been with said company for 9 years and have been in many departments. My current role is very physically demanding and stressful but pays the most. I really don’t like it but you are required to stay 6 months in a department before transferring.

The company has been intergrating more and more automation elements, slowly eliminating staff.

I’ve applied to numerous local city jobs that are more laid back and not so production focused but they don’t pay as much. Better benefits though

I’ve heard city/government jobs are a little more stable too. The job I’m interested in is the sports complex groundskeeper position

Anyone working a city job? How do you like it?

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Future choices

Hey everyone I'm currently pondering on a good path to take from here on out. I recently went through a bad car accident which left me disabled. I broke my hip in 2 places and I had to recieve a cranioplasty to replace about a half of my skull, I wasn't at fault, the story is actually pretty crazy. But I'm now 27 and looking at future prospects. The only thing holding me back is that it is a bit difficult to walk due to the pain. I've been thinking about going to college and maybe pursuing a STEM field, but have also heard the job market in those fields isn't great? I consid myself prrtty smart and can get the hang of things easily. I know I won't be able to do a trade because I have difficulty walking and can't necessarily do hard work. I live in New Mexico if that helps. But any ideas to help me figure out something will go a long way. Thanks all!

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Help with a career/education decision

Hello, I’m struggling to make a decision if you can help me please:

Background: I’m 26 living in the US and I recently got accepted into an Erasmus MBA program (but not the scholarship) in Europe. I applied to the MBA in Europe because I wanted to travel while studying business as I think it would help me with creating my own company (marketing agency). My biggest life goal is to see as much of the world as possible and reach financial freedom.

Speaking of which, i’m currently at a corporate finance job which has warned us of incoming layoffs start of 2025, so definitely no future here, plus it’s not even a job I enjoy. But I have been inconsistently freelancing in design/marketing at the same time as a side gig which i enjoy and I’ve been thinking of transitioning into an agency.

Decision: 1)do the MBA in Europe which starts this September and travel when & as much as possible, however this would be very costly with the 18month program being $15k, and averaging living expenses at $1k/m so about $35k together for 18months, not including any other travel trips when possible. This means having to dip into saving which I really don’t want to do.

However an accredited MBA (3 degrees from 3 European universities) would be very valuable in terms of what I would learn which I can apply to my agency. I have considered doing my agency at the same time as the degree but I don’t know how much time I will have or how soon I can make money from the agency consistently.


  1. Stay at my job until I can start & get my agency to replace my income at about 5k/month. Then do a digital nomad type thing where I can travel while working/making money, not using savings.

My Reasoning: I think #2 is more sensible since I would be making money while traveling accomplishing my two big life goals simultaneously, but the income/consistency from the agency is not guaranteed. I guess maybe finding a ‘work from anywhere’ remote job would be a backup if it doesn’t work out, I hear the job market is brutal now so I’m fearing that if it comes to it.

Because of so many unknowns It’s hard for me to make a decision (such as value, ROI, and use of MBA, how much free time I will have, European education system, uncertainty about agency success, consistency & profits, career change/job market).

If you picked #2 then would you recommend applying at other jobs now instead of waiting for the agency to take off, given 2025 coming layoffs?

What do you think?

Thank you for your time.

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Jobs for minors

I’ve been emancipated at 16, and now I need a job. Please don’t tell me “you shouldn’t have done that” and just answer the question. Are there any jobs that hire minors which give room and board?

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How do I get a chance to work using foreign languages and possibly media?

TLDR; Not doing a languages degree but love foreign languages and would love a job in that field when I graduate (thinking about something at the EU commission, travel journalism, translation in heritage work etc.) and not sure how anymore.

I'm a politics student with 2.2 average, going forward hoping for a 2.1 who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. Before this degree, I started a degree during covid studying French and Spanish, two subjects that I love that I achieved As in at A Level and continue to practice to a B2 standard today (I've recently taken a placement test to prove this). I also love cinema, TV, history, literature etc. and really thought a language degree was it for me. However, during my first term I really struggled, I'm the first person to attend uni in my family, I was undiagnosed at the time and ended up depressed and unable to cope with the lack of structure and basically had a huge mental breakdown.

After that I decided I could only do something vaguely constructive as a degree. I applied for business management at my local uni so I could live at home and worked for 2 years in various hospitality and receptionist gigs while thinking things over. Eventually when it came to matriculating I changed my mind and I started a politics course instead bc I love journalism and thought politics could lead me there as my uni doesn't offer media studies. I moved out using the money I'd saved after deciding I needed the independence as well and got a part time position volunteering at a local radio station. Within the first term I was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety instead though when it became apparent my problems were around time management not the course and gave up my media volunteering to focus on my course as I was getting too caught up in the work and neglecting my course.

I'm now coming towards the end of second year of university and have a 2.2 average (not good for a former straight A student but I bounce between barely passing an essay and getting 72% at my highest grade). I have networked my way into an internship in finance for the summer though and I somehow have a place on study abroad for a term in France next year (had some really good grades at one point before mental health took at a turn).

Where do I go from here to go back to languages and maybe journalism? I'm considering taking a language exam in both French and Spanish when I get the opportunity (DELF and DELE for C1 hopefully!). I'd also love to have a go at some print journalism, though I think I perhaps actually lean more towards being more of an art and culture critic than anything else more down to earth news based although perhaps that's because course wise all I do is dive into legislation and nitty gritty of politics which has dampened my love for political news a lot like English students sometimes start to hate reading for pleasure. I'd love to try for something like management consulting or diplomatic service/ EU Commission work using languages also but the primary thing is I want to regain fluency and have a career using them that includes travel and maybe something media/ culture related. Does anyone have any tips/ advice? Is this even attainable anymore? Was thinking I'd love to maybe a linguistics and translation masters if I can get a 2.1 and get onto a course but not sure if that would help long term either and if I'd be able to do it without a baseline foreign language degree. Would love any advice at all!

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Jobs for rural areas w no transport

I have no skills or past experience or references, i live with my family and I'm in the middle of nowhere. i do not have a car or anyone who can take me into the city for work. I don't know how to actually get a work from home job.

I have adhd, autism, depression/anxiety and chronic pain. so far, self learning any skills has proven to be a total failure as i just can't keep up with it, and my family also sees me as a failure so i don't get any encouragement from them. i can't really blame them. I'm depressed and living at home for free cause i can't support myself.

my one try at a job didn't last long as it wad a nightmare with all the issues i have. I'm.not capable of standing for hours a day, talking to people all day long makes me want to break down in tears, my managers basically made me feel like a scolded child. and i could barely walk when i got back home every day. it was hell. but if i can't figure out how to get a work from home job I'll have to resort to that again and hope it doesn't destroy me.

i don't know what to do. I'm extremely miserable. i just feel like dying every day but I'd feel guilty to do that to my family. i don't see any possible solutions for someone like me but i figured I'd ask for help anyway

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Later in life success even possible

On social media posts, videos and comments it appears that so many people 19-25 have six figure salaries, businesses while traveling around the world. What no one understands is that people in my age group (28-35) have had our careers and economic prospects decimated by the 2008 Financial crisis and COVID. It seems the journey is slow and gradual while 25 year old gets an opportunity and humble brag, now I’m wonder to myself is it even worth it, I don’t wanna quit but I’ll probably be in my 30s just then breaking into middle-class, I’m contemplating an exit from life since. Western capitalism is such a fierce demon.

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I’m not sure what to do at 31?

I took almost two years out to take care of my father and have spent months applying for retail and other sorts of jobs but I’m getting nowhere. I’m honestly not wanting to do retail my whole life, I don’t want to do anything heavily customer service ideally anymore. I want to earn a good wage, at least somewhat enjoy my work and maybe even have some wfh included. I live with family so I can go back to learn a new career path, college, uni or even an online course without issue.

Everyone I know seems to have a career and somewhat enjoy what they do but some are stressed for sure but they are established. Just feel like I’m behind and I really want to leave these low paid jobs I don’t enjoy in the past and move into something higher up. I do enjoy working with people and feel I can talk to and work with anyone but I can’t say what skills I have in particular right now. I just want a career instead of simply having a job.

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Finding a skill in marketing

Hey everyone I'm from India

Need guidance on my career. My qualifications are as follows:-

Graduation in BBA (Finance) from a government college in 2021. Being an average student I didn't prepared for a CAT (Exam for getting into top B-Schools in India) and enrolled into a local private college for MBA in Marketing as a Major with Finance which just got completed in 2023.

Completed an summer internship during that time. After post graduation I'm currently working as Market Research Analyst where my job is to perform Secondary Research and put that content into a PPT. I also have basic knowledge of Google Keywords Planner to analyse keywords. Looking for a job change I am interested in field of Marketing where I can put efforts into Branding, Social Media Marketing. I don't have any skills in it. Completely confused what to do?

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