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For my teachers on here, who takes professional development seriously?

How do you all view professional development? Are there any tools that make it easier to find the right kind of development resources for teachers?

00:22 UTC


Best EdTech Resources of all time!?

I have played around with a lot of educational technology tools in my life as a teacher. I was wondering what are your thoughts on the absolute best tools for a range of uses?

22:08 UTC


Is using Chat GPT plagiarism?

I know that Chat GPT is handy, as I myself sometimes use it to help me with writing (I work for an AI-detecting product company). BUT I want to warn you guys that there are details about Chat GPT that not many take into account. Many know that AI content may be banned, not accepted as a uni assignment, etc etc. However, there is another thing, and that is Chat GPT plagiarism. So, instead of or together with having problems due to machine-generated text, you may be accused of plagiarism. How come?

Look, Chat GPT isn't a magician and isn't a human brain. It's just a model, trained on…surprise-surprise, tons of EXISTING content PUBLISHED ALREADY on the Internet. So. When it takes some data and generates a text, chances are the output repeats some existing sources. But GPT NEVER credits them. So you are at serious risk of getting into trouble.

What's more. Even if the similarity checker doesn't detect any matches, the AI output is still Chat GPT plagiarism by default cause it never ever makes original texts, they are always based on someone's work.

There are some ways of dealing with it, such as asking GPT about the sources it used and even crediting AI as one of the sources in your Reference List. But still, I would advise being cautious.

Thoughts? Have you ever risked applying GPT output as original content? I'm especially curious about the students'/teachers' POV.

09:06 UTC


Does anyone here created an online course? If yes, what platform did you use and why?

16:33 UTC


Best Learning Management Systems for Telecommunication Companies: Recommendations and Experiences?

We are a massive telecommunications company operating globally. As we continue to grow and evolve, we're in need of a robust Learning Management System (LMS) to efficiently train our employees. We're looking for a platform that is not only versatile and user-friendly but also tailored to the unique needs of the telecommunications industry.

Do any of you have experience with different LMS platforms in the context of the telecommunications sector? Which platforms do you recommend?

07:03 UTC


Need help developing my career

Hi guys! I made a similar post in r/jobs but I got no response. I’m currently a Technician for my school district and have worked here for a year and love it! I need guidance on what certs or education I can get under my belt to get a leadership role. I’ve been told by my director on where my future may lead and they said I have very strong leadership qualities and I should build on it. Problem is I don’t know where to start! Any help you guys could give?

21:11 UTC


Data privacy issues in Europe

I‘m planning to hold online classes to Europeans (EU + Switzerland). I was thinking about using Google Workspace environment but a friend in Switzerland told me about potential data privacy issues I could have using the Google environment. He recommended using MS teams. Microsoft supposedly figured out the EU requirements for data privacy… is this true?

01:19 UTC


Help decipher: MS in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Learning Technologies

I need help. I'm about to finish my bachelors in Secondary English Education and I want to go for my masters right after. I want a degree that can give me options outside of a classroom setting. Instructional Design peaked my interest and I'm trying to figure out what MS can lead me to ID or something similar. My University has an MS in Curriculum and Instruction and one of the options of specialization is in Learning Technologies. Is this what I'm looking for, or is it another degree altogether, please help. Thank you.

14:49 UTC

05:01 UTC


How much do school districts pay for college/career readiness software?

Just curious about the general range of pricing for career and college readiness software by US school districts. Can be per student or total cost per given number of students

15:17 UTC


Best platforms for practice exams and progress tracking

Hi everyone. I’m in the test prep business helping professionals in a niche certification exam. Do you have recommendations on good platforms? Most platforms are focused on exam administration and managing classes. My main focus is for students to practice as many questions as possible and be sure to cover all the certification exam’s topics. Hence, the main features I’m looking for are test bank management, exam topics organisation, and progress tracking (they need to finish all practice exams in time for the exam). Thank you in advance!!

19:57 UTC


Masters Programs - Seeking Advice

I’ve been working for about 6 years and all my work ex has been in product and growth in EdTech startups. I’m really interested in the way that people learn and I love making up games and stories to help people understand information better. The thing is that I’m also good at marketing (it’s what I get hired to do and paid for). Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I should study next and what direction I want to dig deeper in. Is there a way I can stick with marketing but specialise in Education? I’m torn between an MBA and an MS. I definitely can’t afford both. TIA!

05:26 UTC


Any recommendations on how to get AR/VR into middle school classrooms?

Michigan middle school teacher here. I think AR/VR would be an amazing way to turn "dusty" history into something more vibrant and alive for our 7th and 8th grade students (they study ancient/classical history and early US history), but I honestly don't know the first place to look. I'd love any and all help, including both service providers and potential grants to cover the gear and licenses.


19:50 UTC


Hello teachers! I'm a student currently working on an investigative project, may you please help me by completing my survey?

Hello from South Africa!

I am a Grade 12 student (high-school senior) and I am currently doing a project for my CAT class (Computer Applications Technology), long story short: for a part of my project, I need to do research by getting responses from my audience in order to answer a question. The topic I chose artificial intelligence and it's is influence in the education space.

Would you please take 1 or 2 minutes out of your busy days to fill out this survey for me? I need as many responses as possible so I can get the best grade I can. Thank you so much!


20:00 UTC


Thoughts about an AI tool for SAT prep?

Not just generating questions or analyzing for my test results.

How the tool works,

Input: SAT Questions(which I can take them on their service)

Output: Tailored tips and strategies for each question(from SAT guru)

How do you think about this idea?

13:21 UTC


Best Way to Deliver Online Video Course in China?

Hi everyone,

I'm launching an online course with video lectures and want to reach the Chinese market. I did some research and found discussions suggesting most of China uses fiber optic internet. Is that accurate?

Here's what I'm wondering:

  • If it is true, can I online course platform on China's fiber network, or are there any similar hosting options specifically for China?

  • Or perhaps, could I send students password-protected thumbdrives with the course content? How else can I communicate with them?

I'm still in the early planning stages, but I like to be prepared! Any insights on these logistics would be greatly appreciated.

1 Comment
14:07 UTC


Edtech Product Manager

Hello everyone! I’m currently a Product Analyst (aspiring PM) and I’m looking for some advice from more experienced professionals in the field!

I work for a big university in Mexico, the product we sell is an online learning platform focused on upskilling and reskilling.

Where should I put my focus? How did you advanced from the analyst position to a ‘bigger ‘ title?

1 Comment
01:11 UTC


What’s Next After Scratch coding for kids?

Hi all,

Jumping in here hoping to get some advice and insights from this wonderful community. My 10-year-old has been having a blast with Scratch for a while now, creating everything from simple animations to their own little games. It's been amazing to see their creativity and problem-solving skills grow through coding. But lately, they’ve been asking, “What can I learn next?”

We're at a bit of a crossroads. They're really excited to learn more about coding, maybe dive into creating websites, more complex games, or even explore app development? But I’m a bit out of my depth figuring out the best way forward that’s both challenging and age-appropriate.

From my side, I see a few hurdles. First, finding resources that match their interest level without being too simplistic or too advanced. And then there’s keeping the learning process engaging and fun, so it doesn’t turn into a chore or overwhelm them.

I'd love to hear from other parents:

  • Are any other parents out there facing the same dilemma? How are you planning to navigate or how have you navigated this transition?
  • Have you and your kids hit this sort of plateau after starting with Scratch? Where did you go next?
  • Are there any platforms, tools, or communities that have been particularly helpful for your young coder?

I’m really trying to support and nurture this interest as much as possible, but I want to make sure we’re moving in a direction that’s both beneficial and enjoyable for them. Any experiences or advice you could share would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your help!


[Just Another Parent Trying to Keep Up]

19:35 UTC


Student-submitted Forms on Google Classroom

We just finished a big chapter. I assigned each student a section of the chapter and had them create a Google Form with questions from their section.

The second part of the plan is to combine all the submitted Google Forms into one big Google Form, thus creating a chapter test with minimal work from me.

I've received some student submissions, but I can't make a copy of their Form, import the questions from their Form, or otherwise proceed with Step 2 of the plan. All I can think to do is re-create each question individually in a Form I create and own, but that is tedious and I don't want to.

Am I missing something? How can I combine many student-submitted Google Forms into one big Form?

21:48 UTC


Software Renewal Decision Making Advice

Hey all, maybe a long shot but I'm an ed tech coordinator at a mid sized charter school (singular school/campus) serving grades 6-12. We have a laundry list of ed tech subscriptions and platforms that we use (we've been 1-1 since pre pandemic). Does anyone have advice, strategy or a framework to share that they use to decide on renewals, new purchases and when to discontinue? Hard not to feel like we are bleeding money with a ton of options and a different data metric for every tool to gauge usage. If anyone has insights, I'm all ears!

15:32 UTC


Innovative Educators: How Are You Revolutionizing Education with ChatGPT? Share Your Creative Ideas and Strategies!

Hello, educational community of Reddit!

I'm a teacher exploring ways to integrate emerging technologies, such as ChatGPT, into my teaching method. I'm particularly interested in how ChatGPT can be utilized to:

  1. Stimulate student creativity: I'd love to know how I can use ChatGPT to encourage students' creativity, whether through creative writing, creative problem-solving, or artistic projects.
  2. Preparation of teaching materials: I'm looking for ideas on how ChatGPT can assist in creating engaging and personalized teaching materials for various subjects. How have you been using this tool to develop lesson plans, exercises, and practical examples?
  3. Support for students with special needs: How can ChatGPT be adapted to serve as a support tool for students with special needs, facilitating learning and providing accessible resources?

I'm eager to hear about your experiences, strategies, and any resources you might be willing to share. How have you been utilizing ChatGPT in these areas, and what outcomes have you observed in the classroom? Additionally, if you have tips on best practices or precautions to be taken, please share!

Thank you in advance for your ideas and contributions!

12:37 UTC


What are the biggest administrative challenges in education? How have you used technology to solve your problems?

Hey everyone, I'm currently conducting some research on the types of administrative challenges that educators and admins face on a daily basis. What are certain tasks that are manual, take up a lot of your time, that you wish you found a good solution for?

For those who have found tech solutions to their challenges, what was your process in navigating to find that certain solution? What are these solutions?

Hope to hear from a diverse amount of people! Any type of challenge, no matter how big or small, would be really valuable input. Even better if people share solutions to help alleviate other people's admin bottlenecks!

02:23 UTC


What Would You Ask Your New Principal?

I'm part of the interview panel for selecting a new principal at our high school, what question(s) would you ask a potential new boss to gauge their compatibility with your campus?

19:39 UTC


Software for After School Program

Hey Everyone,

I run an after school program where students work on assignments and have homework. The issue I face is that after the student finishes their work, they email me a pdf or images of their work. This would be fine if I was working with 5 students but because I work with much more students I need a better solution. It is also extremely hard to organize their work via email since they don't follow any of the subject line formatting.

Here is what I need to do:
- Ability to send individual students their individual work
- Have each student submit a pdf to me through this system
- Ability for me to grade these assignments, preferably directly from this software tool using my apple pencil

I don't even know if something like this exists and it would be great if anyone had any recommendations I should check out.

Thank you all!

14:41 UTC


Looking for something like Quizalize but without timer

Looking for something to do Starters and and Plenarys where students can do a quiz and the results are available in real time per class. It needs to support classes (preferably using Microsoft logins). I've had a brief look at Quizalize and it looked promising but I don't want a timer, it will just stress out SEN students.

I want to try it out without paying loads of money as a proof of concept, if it works well hopefully I can get the school to pay for it but need to prove it first. Quizalize looks fairly cheap and seems to tick most of the boxes.

We use MS Teams and it looks like all I can do with Forms Quizzes is export a spreadsheet, I need something a bit more 20th century (i.e. cloud-based). Want to be able to use it to help track student progress so some sort of export would be good.


19:54 UTC


Thinking about moving away from SchoolDude/Brightly for Facilities Management software

Hi everyone,

We've used SchoolDude for facilities management (primarily facility use scheduling, billing, etc), but it's time for a change. We're particularly interested in these aspects:

  • Ease of transition from SchoolDude to Brightly (if staying with them for the upgrade)
  • Experience with Brightly's Event Manager (pros/cons)
  • Recommendations for other highly-rated facility use management solutions for schools

Here is what we are using currently: https://www.schooldude.com/Por...
and would need to upgrade to Brightly's (formerly School Dude): https://www.brightlysoftware.c...

Any insights and recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

17:53 UTC


Coding challenge: Pi Day Quest!

As a riddle lover, I am trying to get into the field of creating coding riddles/puzzles! Today I am showing off my first try: https://ivanr3d.com/projects/pi/

If you know how to code and you like the challenges, check the link above and let me know any feedback you have about it.

Happy Pi Day! :)

13:23 UTC


'member Prezi?

Feeling nostalgic, and I just wanted to remember how freaking cool Prezi was when it first came out (or at least, when I was first using it). The zooming transitions were like "Wooow." You had to think in three dimensions when designing them - which was so challenging for me, but I did it anyway and felt really accomplished. Gosh; I miss... 2012? 2014? When was that exactly?

Did you like Prezi? Which techs do you miss "when they were new?"

21:35 UTC

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