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What do you think is the best early learning approach/theory and why?

I really like Reggio Emilia and I feel that it’s not used enough in schools. I think self-expression is one of the most important things you can teach young kids.

18:42 UTC


Just accepted new position!

I’ve been a floater, mostly an infant floater, for almost a year now at my current center. My current center is fantastic.

I was asked Friday to take a new position with 12-18 month year olds. The coolest part is that these babies are the first I ever had when I first started working here, so some of them I already have a bond with.

Some challenges I know I’ll be facing;

A girl in our class likes to use her diaper and then pull poop out of her diaper on the floor. She’s also non verbal right now.

The boys are rowdy and like to run around, play on and in chairs, and not sit properly so they fall.

If you tell one not to do something, they will all start doing it. Especially if it’s a hazard, like crawling/standinf on the table or in chairs.

Eye contact is hard to maintain even when I’m on their level because there’s so much usually happening around us.

Throwing/dumping toys is also a big problem.

I need ways to redirect or to really get through to some of these babies that I need them to behave sometimes especially when it’s a hazard. Once a little girl in the class also went and hid on the playground, and was left out there for less than a minute but it’s still a big deal.

Any advice is appreciated!

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17:14 UTC


Aggressive Child. 1960s psychiatric case study

Interesting video.

16:25 UTC


Parent struggling with drop offs

We have a parent who is still struggling with drop offs and how much their son is still crying after three months. These parents are very sweet, kind people. He has made tremendous progress and we tell them that, we send photos, notes, etc. We felt terrible because parent was crying morning at drop off because they felt like it wasn’t getting better and we promised he was doing great and gave her huge hugs.

On top of photos, we also strongly recommended that they walk with them straight to the classroom and a do a quick, loving goodbye. What else could we do or try to ensure them that their son is doing great and drop offs are going to take time?

15:29 UTC


How to give notice

Throwaway account, I need advice!

I have been at my current center for about a year and I absolutely love the center I am working at, the kids the staff the management they are all incredible and supportive. It makes me so sad but my personal life is requiring that I move closer to my parents due to their deteriorating health. It affects me every day knowing they are struggling and need help and I just know I need to be there with them. I don’t know how to tell anyone at my work this. I want to give a months notice that I will be leaving but I am scared as I don’t know how to tell my director and supervisor that I have to go. I know it will catch them off guard as no one is expecting this and it will make it hard on them to find another teacher to replace me so soon. I hope to have a verbal talk first and then submit my resignation in writing after but I am hoping to get some advice on how to navigate the initial conversation with my director. I would like to keep on good terms to have them as a good reference. Also I I should add that the center is all very close and will be having personal not profesional get togethers in between now and when I will be leaving and I don’t know how to approach this situation as well, is it still appropriate to attend? I appreciate any help anyone can offer thank you

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05:44 UTC


Are mandatory 'paid working breaks' the norm in childcare instead of actual lunch breaks?

I work 8 hours a day non-stop at a childcare centre in BC, Canada but don’t get a break. I’m told to eat with the kids and 'rest' with the kids during nap time. Most of the kids don’t nap. I really love the kids and job but find it super challenging mentally/physically/emotionally without a break of some kind in 8 hrs.

I wasn’t told prior to starting that I wouldn’t get a break ever away from the class. They pay me 8 hrs, 5 days a week, and no one else there takes breaks. I looked online and saw that a 30 min unpaid break is required by law in BC after 5 hrs worked, but it seems to be a loophole to pay employees for their daily ‘working break’ and make it the norm to not let them stop working ever and to just assume we rest with the kids, even if they aren't all resting so we don't actually get to give our minds a rest. Apparently this happens at other Childcare Centers too, even with a lot of staff. Is this common? I'm trying to get an idea of how to manage long term without a daily break of some kind.. as I've never encountered this before but am new to the field. If it is normal to not have unpaid breaks, does it get easier to work non-stop like that all day? Thanks!

Scheduling Meal and Coffee Breaks (Government of BC):

06:30 UTC


Preschool teacher wants me to pull my son out of school and try again in 6 months.

I had my son start part-time preschool at 2y10m old. It’s just 3 hours, 2 days per week. He is on the younger side in his class, most kids are already 3, some even close to 4. He has never been in daycare or any drop-off situation before. He is super smart, an early & advanced talker, and potty trained. But he has always been very, very shy. He seemed much more interested in other kids and we thought a preschool environment might be great to help him thrive and come out of his shell a bit.

It’s been almost 2 months. The first month, he did amazing. ZERO issues at drop off, we were shocked! His teachers said he was still quiet, but seemed to be getting a bit more comfortable at school. The last 2 dropoffs, out of the blue, were very hard and very traumatic. Actually impossible to physically get him inside the building. I met with his teacher (the director) and she recommended that we take him out and try again when he is 3.5. She said lately he has stopped wanting to play games, has gone to his cubby/backpack/coat area and just hangs out there alone, and just seems to be “getting through the day.” not actually enjoying it. He will talk a bit to the teachers but not to kids. She said he seems pretty uncomfortable, and combined with the traumatic drop offs and his young age, she doesn’t want him to have a negative association with school.

I tend to agree with her and have no reason to force him into it right now. I just want to do what’s best for him. He is so little. But is it a matter of pushing through? I don’t know why I feel like a “failure” pulling him out.

04:14 UTC


Interview at a daycare

Hello! I’m 20 years and a third year college student studying psychology. I “worked” in a preschool in high school, it was an early childhood education class and we ran our own preschool. So I have a good amount of experience with kids, and I have babysat for 6 years.

I’m looking for any kind of tips for my interview on Tuesday. I’m interviewing at a daycare/preschool center. Any advice on what they will ask, how I should I answer and what I should wear would be great!

03:36 UTC


As an introvert/neurodivergent person, I feel like working in this industry is really starting to affect my mental health, even though I really enjoy working with children.

I really enjoy working with children, but I find that I am becoming anxious and depressed staying in this industry. This does concern me as I never want the children I work with to sense this, and I try my best to mask it, but it really is starting to take its toll. I don't have as good relationships with parents as I could, even though I really push myself to have these relationships, but my serve social anxiety does seem to always come back to bite me. I don't seem to ever "fit" in with my colleagues due to my introverted nature, which isn't a biggie, but it doesn't feel nice always being on the outskirts and never quite feeling like you "fit" in.

I also have had comments made to me by colleagues that I won't survive in a preschool setting (I will be switching over to preschool soon from infants as I felt like it might help the anxiety), due to my soft and introverted nature. I do ensure to set in place boundaries with children, but my delivery is always quite soft and positive (which isn't a bad thing, but it also doesn't always work with children who require firmer boundaries). I get nervous when doing mat times with children and setting up activities because of my lack of self-confidence too. My lecturers seem to think that I am doing a great job, but I am not really receiving any positive feedback from my colleagues, which probably doesn't help as I need a lot of reassurance.

Is it possible to be a person who is good with children and loves to work with them, but simply is not cut out for this sector?

02:48 UTC


Maximum group size

So in my state the maximum group size for infants is 8, toddlers is 14, and preschool is 20. My center has one large infant room with 16 babies, two toddler rooms, one with 15 kids and one with 18 or 19 kids, and a preschool room that is going to have 25 kids soon. How do they get away with this?

01:56 UTC


Pre Ballet Teaching Advice Needed

Hi everyone - long story short, I was somewhat unexpectedly thrown into teaching a pre ballet class for 4-6 year olds and I’m struggling. I am not a teacher, just a dancer who is active at the studio. I have a dance background but much less experience with kids this age. I agreed to teach as a favor to the studio and naively thought it would be quite straightforward but im finding myself way out of my depth.

Some details: the previous teacher quit unexpectedly so I was thrown into a class halfway through the semester that I did not get to plan. There are 12 kids and I am the only adult in the room. Ideally the parents would wait outside for their child, but the vast majority of them leave during class making it so that there is no one I can rely on for support of a child starts crying or misbehaving. I would say most of the kids are well behaved (for their age!) but there is a group of about 4 of them (two of whom are sisters) who, from the outset of class, are yelling, throwing things, hitting each other, running, screaming, and otherwise misbehaving. As soon as this behavior begins, all hope is lost for the rest of the class which becomes immediately distracted. As class goes on I feel like I lose more and more kids to the chaos and am left with only a handful who are paying attention me. I’ve tried a bunch of different approaches to the misbehaving kids from totally ignoring them and just focusing on the behaving kids (this doesn’t work because their behavior is so distracting to others) to giving them stern warnings (this also doesn’t work because as the only adult in the room there is no way for me to give them a time out or send them out of the classroom). I’ve tried to include them more directly in class (make them leader, ask them to show something) to no avail- they’re just not interested. These 3-4 kids leave me feeling so discouraged and unable to control the class.

Does anyone have advice for how to manage this situation? Happy to answer any questions.

00:31 UTC


Have you scratched a child before?

I don't scratch children intentionally, but with all the washing of hands, they become jagged and fragile. I have been carrying around a nail filer now because of it. It does not happen often, but looking back on my career, I can remember like three incidents.

22:01 UTC


seeking advice

tldr; how do i cope with the grief of leaving my job and losing the kids?

on monday i’m transitioning to a nannying position from a lead teacher in a toddler room at a daycare. I love my job, i love being a teacher and caring for all my kids. but our boss pays horrifically and acts irrationally quite often. i've been there for almost two years and i've built such strong relationships with all of the kids and families at our center. at this point i'm so attached to them that i can't imagine starting over entirely at another daycare. i'm experiencing a lot of burnout with daycare as well because of the lack of resources and aid our director gives us, and overall the switch is going to be really good for me. but i'm having a really hard time saying goodbye to my kids at the center: ( babies that i've watched grow for 2 years now. I've loved watching them grow so much and i'm so bonded with them. to make matters worse, on what would’ve been my last 2 days at work there was a blizzard and we were closed :( so i didn’t even get to hug my kids goodbye. i know this is the right choice for me, but it's so hard. can anyone who's made the switch from daycare to nannying and can relate offer me some advice on this? or provide some encouragement about making that shift? i’m so sad about having to leave them and i’m going to miss them so much. how do i cope with the grief that i’m feeling over losing those bonds?

21:48 UTC


Ran into an old student after an open school event

Today my school had an event with an open campus. We had students currently enrolled and siblings attend and a few students from prior years came to visit. It was a fun event and great seeing students outside of the classroom. After the event ended I went to a local store and just happened to run into a family who switched schools around Halloween this year. This student was not at the event so it was extra special getting to see her and her mom for a couple minutes.

21:20 UTC


Are private owned centers allowed to ask for medical paperwork for an interview?

I have an interview on Monday and this morning i saw an email from Friday from the director of this private center (it is very small, they only take infants so I guess it’s a nursery?) asking me if I could bring my shot record, covid vaccine certificate and overall review from my last full check up which I don’t even know how to get or what that is.

I’ve never had a director ask me for these things just for an interview. Is this allowed/normal for private centers? If I say no, so I automatically not get the job? I’ve only worked for 1 private center and that was ran out of a gym facility in the back so I don’t think that counts.


17:45 UTC


frustrating toddler rant

I love being in the ECE profession! I’m in the older toddler class and I have them until they turn 3. I’m a part of their individual potty training journeys and I love working with the parents and seeing these kids grow. When they age out and move to the 3 year old classes, sometimes they stop by my classroom and say hi.

About six months ago one particular toddler aged into my room. She has the cry that sounds like a siren, one of those open mouth, ear rattling scream cries that can continue for over 30 minutes. For a while this winter she was actually getting better. But the past few weeks have been unbearable. She knows the routine, she attends school every day, I announce transitions ahead of time, and she’s now yell/scream/crying “I don’t want Circle Time” even though she loves it. She’s also got a long list of incident reports as she is very rough with the other kids, pushing them down, biting, etc. And when the physical behavior is addressed, here comes that siren scream cry. Also, she can talk. She has words.

Now three other kids are saying “I don’t want to” copying this child. I also have chronic migraines that get caused by loud noises. This child is causing me so much stress. I’m so tired. I get migraines so frequently now. I’ve begged my director to take her out of my class but we have to wait until she’s three. I take migraine medication that works, but one day her screams were so bad the migraine came back. I’ve been a teacher for a long time and no child has affected my physical health this much. Yesterday I almost threw up from the noise. I probably sound dramatic, but it is so bad.

17:41 UTC


First Year and a lot of Issues

Hey guys! This is my first year teaching preschool. Im running into a lot of issues. To start, I’m beginning at the end of the school year. I have 16 kids, they all come from some kind of hardship whether that’s trauma or poverty. These kids have had 3 different teachers, their original teacher left, then they had long term subs, now me. My assistant and I are brand new. They are having behavioral problems and inevitably don’t listen to me or trust me yet. But they hit eachother and play rough, and i really don’t want anyone getting hurt. I know it’s common for that age, but i just want everyone to be safe. Their subs before me were really lazy. They didn’t plan enriching activities, and all they did for attention was scold the kids it seems. One of the subs was always YELLING at them, something I was taught not to do. The subs also don’t think I am capable because I’m not stern and have a different teaching style. They said I don’t have common sense, so now I’m really doubting myself. I’m really stressed out, Im on spring break and haven’t stopped thinking about it because I’m stressed to start. What do I do when they’re behaving in a way they’re not supposed to, and also not listening to me? How can I prevent this?

16:36 UTC


crocs as work shoes?

i’m on the hunt for some new, affordable shoes to wear at work. i’m a toddler room employee who also uses public transport which means i get my 10k daily by just getting to and from work and being there. i’ve heard of nurses wearing crocs during 12hr shifts for comfort and if they work for nurses they should work for ECEs. my setting does allow crocs to be worn as long as they’re black or white

15:31 UTC


INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Math Competencies in Preschool

Hello! I'm in an ECE undergrad program and have an assignment to interview a preschool teacher. I only need one person to respond but it multiple people feel like answering the questions it could be an interesting thread for others.

I appreciate anyone taking the time to respond on a weekend!

  1. Can you tell me about your approach to assessing the mathematical competency of preschoolers in your classroom?
  2. Do you use any specific methods or tools to assess children's mathematical skills and understanding?
  3. How do you document and track children's progress in math over time?
  4. Can you provide examples of the types of mathematical activities or tasks you use to gauge children's proficiency in different mathematical concepts, and some of those math concepts?
  5. Could you describe your process for selecting developmentally appropriate materials and resources related to mathematical content for your classroom? What factors do you consider when choosing math materials to ensure they align with children's interests, abilities, and developmental levels?
  6. Can you give examples of how you integrate math concepts into different areas of the preschool curriculum, such as literacy, art, or dramatic play?
  7. Do you collaborate with colleagues or seek professional development opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills in teaching math to preschoolers? In what ways?
  8. Lastly, can you share any success stories or memorable experiences you've had in teaching math to preschoolers?
14:27 UTC


Anyone know about the AIM program nyc?

A preschool student of mine (B/F5) was recommended for the AIM program. She has an IEP, an autism diagnosis (tbh I don’t think it’s autism but rather severe ADHD) she’s moderately delayed in all domains except for gross motor but for the most part functions typically like her peers. I recommend a 12:1 but public schools can’t service that for kindergarten. She has tantrums, gets physically aggressive and hyperactive at inappropriate times. Academically and behaviorally, a regular gen Ed class at a public school would be doing a disservice to her even with a para I think. But I also think she does not need a district 75 school. I really don’t know too much about the aim program so I don’t know if it’s right for her.

14:15 UTC


Shoes and Socks off at Daycare

Any hot tips on how to get my two year old to stop taking his shoes and socks off at daycare?

12:28 UTC


Chastised for playing with the kids

Something happened the other day at work that kinda bugged me. I’m and assistant and I split my time between the infants room and the preschool/ 4’s room. Im young (22) and Ive only been in ECE for 6 months but I have worked in special ed classrooms for 3 years before that so I’m very familiar with kids, what they like, how they play, etc.

Anyway, the lead teacher in the preschool room is very old, close to retirement, and is very cranky. Hardly ever plays with the kids and treats me like I AM one.

I try and make it a point to truly play with the kids when I can. On the playground I will often walk around the play structure and pretend I’m a lava monster/ shark/ whatever the kids decide I am that day and play tag. I help them set up a line of dominoes and get really excited when we knock them down. I’ll often play pretend games with them, or dance around to music in silly ways, or pretend I have magic and I can spin the kids around with the wave of my hand.

The other day, I was playing some sort of game with a group of kids during free play and was being a little silly, when the lead teacher looked at me sternly and said “Now are you acting like a kid, or are your supposed to act like a teacher?”

That left me a little disheartened. I clean the room, do the paperwork, supervise the kids, make sure theyre all fed and happy and napped and safe, and once thats all done, what’s wrong with playing games with them?

Some people are on the mindset that if you play with the kids, they wont respect your authority as a teacher. I dont believe that. I think that children are more likely to listen and respect and respond to you as a teacher if you establish good rapport, and what better way to do that than thru play? How sad would it be for a four year old to go to a place every day where the teacher wont play with you because they need to “act like a teacher”.

Now I find myself more self conscious about playing with the kids. Its part of my job! Wy make me feel like a child and that im irresponsible for interacting with my class?

08:31 UTC


An actual insane post for a job

An actual insane job posting

Real text from a job posting for a pre-k teacher at a daycare center (not a church). Take a moment to read and the absurdities will jump out at you. (I am not hiring, this is just a ridiculous posting I wanted to share)

HIRING: Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

We have a high level of excellence expected of our staff and we are looking for that individual God has chosen as our Pre-Kindergarten teacher!

The kiddos in this class are the BEST and they deserve the best. In this position you will be creating highly engaging, developmentally appropriate lesson plans to ensure that our 4 and 5 year olds are beyond ready for elementary school and are having fun!

This position requires passion, dedication, and commitment to the center, the children, and their families. No wishy washy folks need apply.

REQUIREMENTS Showing up to work with a positive attitude. Showing up to work consistently. Unafraid of a challenge. Understanding of delayed gratification. Ability to recognize and model emotional consistency in times of extreme stress.

Would prefer an individual with a teaching certification.

08:00 UTC


Parents / Co-workers (long Vent)

Hi fellow teachers,

What a week?

A little about my current center: I work at a school with a primarily Chinese population, 99% of the students, teachers, and staff are all Chinese. The school is supposed to be a dual language program, Chinese and English, but is very Chinese heavy and segregated. To give you a better idea of segregated it is only about 4 out of 25 teachers are not Chinese, including myself . The Chinese parents prefer to speak to the fullest However, despite doing most of the work in regards to educating the children, paperwork, documentation, and so forth, we get the end of the stick. The administration show favoritism towards the Chinese teachers (bending rules/policies, make excuses for why they can't do something, giving them extra support in the classroom, etc). The parents also show favoritism towards them (communicating strictly with Chinese teachers - sometimes even speaking to the Chinese substitute teachers before they speak to their child's primary non-Chinese teacher).

So on Wednesday evening I noticed one of my children had a small red spot on their lip, however, the lip was not busted or bleeding, just a little red. Because I had been supervising the child and sitting with them numerous times during the day, I knew that no one hit the child, so I assumed the lip was just dry.

Although I'm almost positive the mom saw the child's lip when she picked her up that evening, she didn't say anything to me about and it didn't cross my mind to tell her about because I had assumed it was just from being dry.

However, the next morning the mom said something to my co-teacher about it, even though I was the one that greeted her and the child at the door, said good morning, and helped them get settled in. She waited until my co-teacher came out of the bathroom from changing a diaper.

Just a little back story about this parent: She is Chinese and speaks both the Chinese language and conversational English, so if she wanted to communicate with me she could. She is also one of my former students parents and both her older daughters absolutely loved me and still gets so excited to see me till this day, so we have a relationship. Because of all the above, I found it very disrespectful and a bit hurtful that she would wait to speak with my co-teacher who was busy when I was clearly available.

Then she told my co-teacher that her child came home with a blue mark/bruise on her lip and asked her what happened. My co-teacher said she didn't know and then asked me to which I explained that I believe the child lip was dry and that it was not a bruise from an injury.

The mom quickly said "oh okay, no problem" and left.

However, when the mom left, I went to take another look at the child's lip to make sure we were referring to the same mark, as the mom had Said it was "blue" and it was still just a little red mark on the bottom of her lip, Not blue at all. So I went to show my co-teacher that the lip was in fact just a little red and not blue or bruised like the mom described. When I showed her the mark she not only had lean in close to the child to see even see it but then agreed that it was fact just a little red. However, then she turned around and said "but it's still bruised" like as if something was actually wrong with the child. This sent me off the hinges because 1.) As toddler teachers, we know how toddlers are, so one small bump or bruise is not unusual. 2.) the child's lip was just a little red, but it's not bleeding, cut, or bust opened in any way, and wasn't when I noticed it, so that redness can be literally be from anything. 3.) there have been plenty of times a child had some kind of small mark on them and she's didn't know what happened to the child and just chalked it up to "maybe they did it to themselves" and expected me to tell the parents that. 4.) She knows that the afternoons are very busy for me. I have all 9 of our children up until about 15 minutes before closing and I work with an inexperienced assistant teacher who constantly looks to me for direction and reassurance, so if something was to happen and I didn't see it, it would never be intentional.

Well today we had a talk about the situation and she felt like I got so upset and blew things out of proportion, but didn't see any problem with her actions.

It just sucks working somewhere where you don't feel appreciated or respected by the parents and don't feel like your co-teacher has your back. I guess I'm just tired of it all. This year makes 10 years I've been in the field and I'm just ready to move on.

05:27 UTC


Infant Rant

Hi! Infant teacher here (6 weeks- up to 15 months) I have mostly older infants in my room right now 8 babies with ages spanning from 8 months to 14 months. And a 7 week and a 4 month old.

Me and my co-teacher have managed to get them on somewhat of a schedule that mirrors the toddler class we share a room with. All of our older infants sleep from noon to whenever they decide to wake up which is usually from between 1:30 to 2:30. All of them are on this schedule and it worked wonderfully until the addition on a new baby.

He’s 10 months old and he’s HUGE. We thought he was almost two during his initial tour/ meet n greet. On his first day he honestly adjusted really well at first except for napping. He doesn’t like to nap AT ALL unless he’s being held. We’ve tried everything from rocking him to sleep in the rocking chair then transferring him to the crib, to even allowing him to stay up until his body decides he absolutely MUST take a nap. This absolutely backfired the day we tried it. All that happened was instead of him eventually falling asleep he sat up cranky and screaming until his mom arrived. Every day he cries and screams for about 45 minutes until he can’t fight it anymore and falls asleep. He then only sleeps for about half an hour at most and screams for the rest of the afternoon because he’s still tired and we don’t have the ability to rock him to sleep for two hours straight.

After talking to his parents about how he refused to sleep unless laying directly on top of us thats when we found out that whenever he needs a nap they take one together he is either laying on top of his mom or his dad, or they’re cuddling. Then at night for bed he sleeps in the bed with them and is touching one of them at all times.

At first we just thought it was him having trouble adjusting to the new environment which is understandable, but after almost two months of non stop fighting with him it’s becoming exhausting. I’m unable to complete lesson plans, or even cut out simple letters and shapes to decorate the door or any bulletin boards because as soon as he realizes I walked away from his crib he’s up screaming. Not only is it affecting my ability to do other aspects of my job but it’s also affecting the other babies nap schedules as him constantly screaming in an otherwise silent room obviously wakes them up. So now we go from having one sleepy and cranky baby to NINE.

We’ve mentioned it to his parents and they said “he just needs a little more time to adjust”. We’ve even had a sit down with the director about it and they agreed to try and work with us, but it’s obvious nothing is changing. We already have his crib as far away from other babies as possible and no matter how much we wish we could hold him so he’d sleep but WE JUST CAN’T.

To make matters worse it’s almost time for him to transition to the toddler side of the room, but because he’s so dependent when it comes to literally everything they’re refusing to move him. When he first came to our center he was very curious. He wanted to explore every inch of the classroom and seemingly had no issues playing alone, but after a week of being there he became a completely different baby. He’s unable to play by himself he HAS to be sitting in someone’s lap to play quietly, he screams whenever one of us has to leave the room and he refuses to feed himself.

We tried to see how he would behave on the toddler side of the room, but it was disastrous. He screamed through breakfast, circle time, and their morning outside time causing him to be sent back after only an hour and a half.

04:13 UTC


New teacher tried to take my job?

This happened earlier in the week and I’m still absolutely fuming, so here I am. I started off as an assistant teacher, purely by preference. The lead in my room suddenly quit in December and I was immediately the acting lead. I was the only teacher in a small classroom with fourteen children everyday for months after, so burnout was catching me FAST.

My director sat me down and asked me to permanently become the lead and we had a very productive conversation in which I listed all of my concerns, mostly about having zero help in the classroom. I stated that I wasn’t interested in continuously carrying all of the responsibilities in the classroom ALONE. If I were given an assistant or a co-lead, I would be happy to be the permanent lead.

Fast forward, I get an amazing assistant and things have really turned around. I get the “lead teacher” raise (a very um.. generous 25 cents) and am officially made the permanent lead. they say that I’ve really turned the classroom around, which I feel great about.

Suddenly, a new girl gets hired. She tells me she’s been hired onboard as my co-lead, which is interesting news to me as no one ever discussed it with me but fine, whatever. I train the new girl. I offer that she can help with the lesson plans, she declines. I ask if she has any input, she declines. I ask if she wants to lead a craft, she declines. After her training week, she doesn’t work in my room at all unless I’m out sick and she’s covering for me. I ask if her position as my co lead has been made official yet, and she says she’s not sure.

Over the weekend, I got hit with strep. As soon as I knew that I would be out sick, I texted her and told her about our focuses for the week, my lesson plans, and where to find them in the classroom. I told her she was free to follow the plans, OR she could make her own plans and I could push mine until I would be back in the classroom. All seems well.

Until I finally return for work, and this girl refuses to speak to me or look me in the eye. I get the cold shoulder from her all day and feel uncomfortable taking the lead in my classroom because of the way she’s acting towards me. A lot of the materials I had prepared are missing, and after searching everywhere I had assumed they got thrown away. Finally around nap, I hear her announcing to other teachers that SHE’S the new lead teacher, not me. I instantly go to the director, keeping my calm (so hard in the moment 😭) and being as polite as possible, asking her to explain the situation.

The director apologizes profusely and says she should have talked to me first, but she assumed I didn’t want to be lead. I went back over the conditions we had talked about and brought up all of the commitments I had made before I was even being paid as a lead, such as lesson planning and constant overtime. Then, my director gently informs me that this new girl had told my director that I NEVER make lesson plans for my class, and I purposefully exclude her from planning and running the classroom. I was angry beyond words, my hands were SHAKING. I probably looked so ridiculous. I immediately went to my classroom, and brought her my binder that contained all of my lesson plans since early December. My director kept apologizing but the new girl insisted that she didn’t want to work with me at all and that she wanted to work ALONE in this classroom, basically asking me to be demoted and removed.

Thankfully my director stuck up for me, acknowledged all of my hard work, kept me as the lead and moved the new girl to another classroom. But omg. I have never been involved in work drama before and I just cannot let this go. Needless to say, I’m exhausted after this week and thank god it’s Friday. Sorry for mammoth post, and cheers to you if you read this whole thing!!

04:02 UTC


Just a thought from all my reading on this page

When something happens in your classroom/with a child either that be another teacher, admin or a parent making a bad choice report to lisencing. Don't say a word to anyone, on your first available break, lunch or as soon as you get off work REPORT IT!!! As much as we love them (and I know I'm not the only one that would take my whole class home with me if their parents disappeared) they are not our children and it is our number one priority to keep them safe. As someone who has beenctalked out of reporting abuse and neglect to lisencing and CPS please do not make the same mistakes I have. Even if it was a one time brain fart, report, report, REPORT!!! I know that it sucks to "tattle" on your coworkers, bosses or the parents but if you can't or won't make the reports get out of the filed so that someone who will call, can.

That goes for parents too if you think that something weird or wrong is happening in your child's school make the report!!!!

03:19 UTC


Toddler with dried poop in diaper and extremely irritated/red

EDIT: thanks everyone for your feedback and input! I had no idea a rash could onset so quickly. Given the timing of her last change that was documented and when I picked her up, I’d say she was in her soiled diaper less than an hour then.

I think their policy is to call on the 3rd loose stool? She also had two servings of applesauce that day which always makes her poop a lot.

I’m posting this mostly as a sanity check and also to get some opinions on what may have happened here.

Background, my daughter has been going to this center since early infancy and I have a good relationship with the director and trust her a lot. She’s had some trouble with staffing just like everyone else in the industry it seems. Current baby room teacher is very sweet and always seems attentive + I have great communication with her.

Today I picked my toddler up, noticed she walked kind of funny toward me but I thought she was being silly. She whined a little and asked to be picked up. Took her home and I noticed a faint smell of poop, so I figured she must have pooped on the ride home. When I went to change her diaper I found poop that was pretty dry/semi dry. Her vulva and butt crack area where extremely red and irritated…

She’s had one really bad, stubborn, yeast diaper rash her entire life…I thought that was bad, this was worse in the sense that she went from perfectly healthy skin earlier this morning to being so irritated she was walking funny …wincing when I tried to carry her on my hips and refused to wrap her legs around me…cleaning it she’s crying the whole time I can tell it’s bothering her but the poops is dried on and I have to get it off. I bring up the example of her worst diaper rash (the yeast one) to highlight how extreme this one seems to me …the other one it took at least a week to get rid of…but didn’t seem to bother her at all or cause much pain for her.

I contact the director and told her what’s going on. She checked with the baby room teach who said she’d had a few blowouts today. So I’m guessing she was having some loose stools and they couldn’t keep up? Her last change was an hour before I picked her up. But I keep thinking she must have been in soiled diapers longer than that hour today because it takes more than an hour for the rash to be that bad??

Help me make sense of this…

I guess my question is, for a diaper rash to go from 0 to 100…how long would she need to be in a soiled diaper? Any rash I’ve experienced with her has been a gradual onset and we usually can nip it in the bud before it gets really bad…except that one yeast one I mentioned…this rash seems way worse just after a day??

02:44 UTC


I had to put a sign up outside my classroom that says no outside food due to allergies

One of my autistic boys was going through a little girl's bag and I know as parents we want our kids to have snacks...... he found A PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE WITH NUTS and I have 2 kids with peanut and nut allergies not contact thank God, but I had a nice chat with those parents and it was a crumbl cookie too. I told that mom that I threw the cookie in the dumpster literally I walked out of the building with it in a trash bag!!!!!! So starting Monday I am going through bags to look for snacks and will be throwing them away if it's an allergy thing

01:49 UTC


Heart warming moment

A child in my class who is very attached to me, her parent told me that the child always talk about me, dreams about me, and talks about me in her sleep. I still don't really know how to feel about that lol but aww 🥰🥰🥰 these are the reasons that I love being in the field

01:48 UTC

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