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🎨 A community for Art Teachers to share lessons, strategies, student artwork, seek advice, and support each other in the field of Art Education! 😃 Let’s make Reddit more colorful!

🎨 A community for Art Teachers to share lessons, strategies, student artwork, seek advice, and support each other in the field of Art Education! 😃 Let’s make Reddit more colorful!

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Ways to promote the arts at my school

I fee like at my school arts are kind of an afterthought. I don’t think my principal even came to our art show. Anyway to promote the idea that the arts are important in the school culture?

19:11 UTC


Pre K Spring Art Ideas

I need some ideas for pre k. If I remember correctly, I only have them once every couple of weeks (I’m a new art teacher. I’ve only been at the school for like 5 or 6 weeks). There’s usually about 20 of them and I know I don’t wanna do anything with paint. I’ve been trying to find things related to spring because it’s officially spring. Thanks in advance!

00:08 UTC


kid friendly non-binary/trans artists

I would like to include some gender diverse artists, not to have a discussion of pronouns or sexuality , but just so my young non-binary students can see artists who refer to themselves as they/them...etc. As a these artists "just happen to be" thing. Artists I am finding online tend to show more mature content or not art I think the kids would respond to. Any reccs appreciated, thanks

20:41 UTC


Montessori Mixed Age Class

I teach art in my daughter's Montessori classroom with age ranges between 5 and 11. It's a pretty casual thing I get a small tuition credit and am not formally employed by the school. I have a bfa and a decade of caring for art collections in museums, so I'm not lacking in art knowledge and experience but I'm lacking in early education knowledge and specifically Montessori education. Anyways I was wondering if anyone had any resources or tips for working with mixed ages. Specifically I am struggling with the younger kids finishing in five minutes and the older kids needing more time at the end of class. The second half of the class is always very rowdy. I want to be able to foster a connection to their creativity and release what things are supposed to look like but I'm not sure I am doing a good job. Anyways any resources for someone trying to figure out classroom management and how to instruct kids of multiple ages.

14:37 UTC


In your art program, what do students use to join pieces of clay?

I recently found out some other teachers don’t use slip at all, they just score and add water. That sounds a lot easier to prep! What about you?

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19:51 UTC


What's going on with this reference check?

Just over two weeks ago I interviewed for an elementary position then got a phone call to call them back. My references weren't answering the phone so I gave them a new list and also emails to contact. I've called back about three times to see what's going on. The two HR representatives forwarded all of this information to the woman who is supposed to be doing the check but haven't heard back from her and none of my references have been contacted in either manner now in two weeks. So how do I react to this? Is it waste of time to keep counting on or what?

03:13 UTC


Should I go for the Teaching Certification or just go back to School and get a Masters?

Hello! I need help because I don’t understand the requirements.

I’m working to get my teaching certification at the moment (retaking the Praxis for the second time) but I’ve just realized that my state (Maryland) requires me to do a preparation program that will take 1-2 years to complete. I have an Arts degree already, so is it smarter to just go get my masters in Art Education since it’s also a 2 year program? Or would I still have to get a certification after the Masters? Or is the preparation program a better focus than the Masters?

I’ve been flipping through requirements pages for hours and I’m truly lost.

02:41 UTC


How to become an art educator

So I recently came to the realization that I want to teach art. My bachelors is in Educational Studies with a focus in elementary ed and I’m about to start subbing full time since I’m not yet certified. I assume I would have to get my masters in art ed but a lot of the programs I see are geared towards those who have a BFA or BA in art education. Is it possible for me to get a masters in art Ed? If so what school? Or would I have to get another bachelors. I would appreciate any and all advice. It’s the only career I can see myself enjoying.

21:07 UTC


Long term subbing art for a k-8 school!

Hi! I am looking for some online resources. I’ve been an In House sub at my school since September, other teachers know me for loving art since I help with their doors when I have downtime. The art teacher just switched schools 2 weeks ago and as soon as I found out he was leaving I sent lesson plans to the principal and asked to take over the position. I’m in a sort of testing phase right now as the teacher and want to impress the administration. I’ve slowly rolled out my lesson plans with k-2, 3-5, and just today started with 6-8 (we did pointillism and they like it!!!). I am looking for some help with finding online resources to give me project/lesson plan ideas I can search for to fill up the rest of the year. I know about teachers pay teachers and have used it for various worksheets but I need something that has full projects to search through. If anyone can help with this it’d be much appreciated! Thank you!

04:14 UTC


MFA portfolio help

If any of you would be willing to glance at my portfolio for masters fine arts programs I’d be so grateful🙏

23:37 UTC


Moving to Chicago, How Can I Teach?

Hello everyone!

I am a US citizen who graduated from an undergraduate school in Europe, and I am currently working on getting my degree officially evaluated by WES.org so I can move with the next steps of becoming a certified art teacher.

So, I was wondering…

What specific certifications are required for art teachers in Illinois? Where can I find an online guide to help with the next steps after my evaluation?

19:38 UTC


Best 3D Projects

Looking for ideas for 3D projects that do not involve the use of clay. My school does not have a kiln, and air dry/oven bake clay is out of budget.

This year, we made paper mache animals, but I am looking for more 3D projects for the next school year. My students desperately want to sculpt and build things, but I am at a loss for cost-effective projects. Let me know your ideas and/or favorite projects that you do with your students.

I teach K-12 but am primarily looking for ideas for 6-12 as I don't have storage space at the elementary level.

16:10 UTC


Feeling bored

Feeling really bored with elementary art teaching. I’m on year 8 and I just can’t get excited about teaching projects. Even designing new projects doesn’t get me excited. I don’t know how to bring back the old enthusiasm I used to have. I know we are lucky that we get to design our own curriculum.

00:24 UTC


Your favorite coil-based clay lessons for 8th grade

This particular group needs very specific directions in order to do well. I’ve not done any coiling projects yet but would like to I traduce the technique. Does anyone have any suggestions or links to good lessons? Thanks.

23:55 UTC


Heeeelp with making paper mache paste!!!

So I have been an art teacher for 10 years and have never done paper mache projects. I finally wanted to try because our kiln is out of commission this year and I have some extremely old paper mache powder that's been in my room at least 8 years. I tried making it as the instructions go (4 quarts of cold water, stir powder for 2 minutes, let stand for 15) and it was extremely clumpy and gross and all the water under the big clumpy mess on top didn't seem to get thick. I tried again today very slowly pouring the powder in while mixing, and it ended up exactly the same way.

What am I doing wrong? Do I just need to let it sit for longer? I can let it sit overnight but I don't want it to get ruined and waste another box of this stuff.

20:55 UTC


Master's Degrees

Hi all, aspiring art educator here, currently a junior in college. I live in a state where all educators must obtain their masters within 5 years of getting their bachelors. To those that have them, what kind of degree did you pursue? Did you go the MFA route or get a MAT? Do you feel it was worth it?

I personally want to pursue an MFA after I graduate so that I can hone in on my studio practices and possibly do an assistantship where I help teach foundation college courses. But I'm not sure how this would look to future employers as opposed to a master's that focuses primarily on education.

Any advice would be appreciated!

19:16 UTC


Can I become an art teacher? (in NJ)

Im a college student in my second year. I am currently enrolled in a community college, majoring in Studio Arts. I'm F21

Im looking at colleges to transfer to, and the one I have somewhat interest in has an art teacher-specific program that focuses on teaching certification. BUT I wanted to apply for illustration (B.F.A) (because it also does seem to accept most of the credits I have already completed in my current college.) Could I still become an art teacher in New Jersey with this degree in illustration?

My question is: can I become an art teacher without taking this specific art educator major? I again, want to enroll in illustration. Could I still become an art teacher in New Jersey with this degree? This college also offers a teacher certification program.

side notes: I've taken teacher related classes in highschool, i was able to create lesson plans, teach in elementary schools, community service etc. I also learned child psychology in that same program. But again this was highschool there was no real certification. I also worked for my towns summer recreation program as an art teacher (with the assistance of other workers of course) for almost 5 years. I have some experience as wanting to be an art teacher. I just want to pursue illustration as a major because that's what I want to have deeper study into, as well as wanting to be a teacher.

Any advice helps!!

15:11 UTC


New Art Classroom

I have the opportunity to be the first art teacher at a new school where I'll be teaching Kinder and 1st grade (and then they're adding 2nd, 3rd, 4th in the following years). I'm currently making a list of all of the supplies I'll need. I have the basics, but I was wondering what are some less obvious supplies a new room needs

Also, I'm looking for wisdom on the best types of brushes to give to Kinder and 1st to help them get comfortable with painting.

Any advice is welcome!

14:43 UTC


I’m Confused

When you guys make lesson plans do you have one overall topic for all grades? Like last week we focused on the idea of lines, but I had different lessons for each grade that related to the whole idea of line. Or do you have it where the 5th graders will learn about different textures and the 2nd graders will learn about shapes? Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks in advance!

01:16 UTC


I'm Supposed To Be a Secondary Art Teacher Right Now

I'm incredibly frustrated. Last year, nine months ago I was a high school art teacher. The administration was made up of almost all people who had never been principals before. One was even hired in late April which made it all a nightmare.

I decided not to reapply for it because it had been a nightmare. I had mainly good students but absenteeism was out of control as was cronyism with the school district. Clearly they didn't do anything about it because they just laid off 70 teachers and didn't fill 70% of the open vacancies for teachers when I was there. These sudden layoffs are causing shockwaves across education. I've seen them in most districts in my region.

I've been looking for a new contract position since last year. I started looking and applying a year ago because I wanted a new school to work and leave the previous one in the past. However I've applied not only for art positions, but social science, general ed elementary, and others. Since the start of winter I've had thirteen interviews. Two did reference check in December. Both fell through because my references weren't responding during winter break so I replaced every single one of them.

I had another high school I interviewed with three weeks ago do reference check only to tell me they thought it was too late in the year to hire a credential teacher. About half the positions I interviewed for didn't hire a credential teacher to either keep in an internal candidate, probably a long term sub, especially based on how many of them have revealed major deficits and layoffs now.

I have one right now that I've been going back and forth with for two weeks that is elementary art that has been doing reference check. My first teaching job full time was this, but I don't like working with this population and it's a bit of a commute. It's just there so the district can use up some proposition funding for the rest of the year. I'm the cart teacher who doesn't even have a classroom in this role.

People keep telling me I can apply for the 2024-2025 school year for high school again which I can, but that's months from now at best. Even if I'm working full time in one of these jobs it's not the way I felt it should've gone.

I've tried doing private mural work in the community, developed some lesson plans based on this for secondary students, but it's not the same. I miss building the relationships, the mentorship, encouraging their careers, etc. That just doesn't exist for me now. What advice is there?

03:15 UTC


Praxis Art 5135 Quizlet?

Hi everyone! I’ve been struggling with my praxis content exam. I purchased my he annotated Mona Lisa already, but is there a specific Quizlet that you guys have felt that helped you to pass your test?

21:20 UTC


Wording for ribbon

I’m designing a custom ribbon for a Youth Art Month juried exhibit and am drawing a blank for a word that means “was juried into the show” . I want something besides “participant”. The juror is the head of a university art department and he really took the work seriously. I’d be proud to be in this show.

Any ideas? I only have space for one more word.

21:30 UTC


Classroom Management

Hello all, I have been doing a form of art room behavior management this year where classes earn stickers for meeting 5 points of criteria in the art room and earn a day of fun art centers. It has worked well as I love giving the kids time to play and be kids and to an extent, it works for behavior. However, it is also a little pricey and takes up class time, of course. Also, not sure how I feel about tangible items for classroom management but seeing them for 45 minutes once a week doesn’t leave the most time for constant interruptions and behavior lessons. Do you do anything similar to this or anything completely different that is working well? I would also just love if there were easy to understand, kid-friendly expectations that were laid out for the entire school and upheld in each room. Does any school do anything like this that seems to be working? Thank you for any input!

20:31 UTC


Considering getting my masters in art Ed

Considering getting my masters in Art Education…dumb question but is doing that program basically art school? I majored in Elem Ed with a fine art minor so I’m certified to teach art but sometimes feel like I’m not a “real” artist and I think a more background in art education would help that. I also want to improve on my basic art skills so I can feel more comfortable creating. Anyone with a masters in Art Ed can you please validate me? Lmao.

19:57 UTC


Drawing Prompts Created by HS Juniors

15:20 UTC


Specials Event - ???

Question for you all...

My admin came to the specials team (music, gym, art, international studies) and asked us to put together an "event" for families after school one evening. They said they imagined an art show and other specials related things for families and students, but also they wanted us to use the event as a "showcase" to show off our students.

My part of the event is pretty cut and dry: A gallery where I'll display student work. But the rest of the team is really struggling with what to do and I don't blame them. Admin doesn't give us any specific details and wants the specials team to plan the event and be 100% in charge of it, but we also don't know what they are wanting because it's so open ended.

Also none of the specials teachers are really wanting to do this event. Admin has never asked this before and we already have a lot on our plates...we all have after school and before school clubs, the music teacher is doing performances; choir, band, orchestra, plays...the gym teacher already is stressed about field day, international studies teachers are doing competitions.

It feels like we are all under-prepared and overworked as it is. We don't know what to call this event and what to plan besides the theme, which is just a spotlight for the kids.

Has anyone experienced something similar? If so, what sid you come up with? How did it go? How can we get out of this 😂 (kidding)

06:43 UTC


No art teacher jobs

I have a masters in art education and have been struggling to find a job in my field. My first art teaching job was during the pandemic at a middle school and it was a hot mess and I had no support so I left after 6 months. I got that job right out of college. I left teaching for a while but worked at a local community art space part time for a year. I then moved to Oregon and cannot find a job out here in a public school. I live in the Portland metro and just was not expecting the lack of job opportunities. I want to teach Elementary Art and some districts don’t even have elementary art at all. The district I sub for does not. I rarely see postings for any other levels either. And other art teaching jobs pay very little. Any thoughts? Where are their jobs for elementary art teachers?

03:05 UTC


Feeling completely hopeless

I run a high school ceramics program. This year our ancient pug mill broke down and needed replacing. It’s not happening. After two months of begging, fundraising, nagging, emailing admin, union reps, any one and everyone, it’s just not happening. This machine is literally what makes the studio work, my job possible- they just don’t seem To care.

I’ve been hand wedging and reclaiming clay for two months straight and am completely exhausted and burnt out. My arms and shoulders are sore. I think I damaged My nail bed or fractured the top of my finger with how much pain and swelling I’m experiencing. This much repetitive wedging is triggering an old thumb injury, and absolutely destroying my nails. I have never bitten my nails and they look completely chewed down to nubs.

Tomorrow I’m going to school, literally going to have the kids sit in a circle and tell them the situation; if they want to have ceramics class, they’re going to have to reclaim their own clay from scratch. I’m more than happy to teach them, but it will be difficult and full of frustrating road blocks that I’m not sure they can handle. I’ve been resistant to this because 1. I don’t want admin to think that I can do this without the pug “oh look the kids can do it! Great let’s cancel that order” and 2. I think it’s sort of unethical to expect the average student to prepare the necessary class materials this way. It would be like signing up for a drawing class and being expected to make your own paper and pencil. I guess that could be cool, if you were PLANNING FOR IT AND HAD THE NECESSARY FUCKING MATERIALS. I digress.

Just keep going til spring break, right?

00:47 UTC


Kindergarten art programme

Hi, I've just joined a new school at curriculum manager and teacher. Their art curriculum is completely craft based, no process at all. Can anyone recommend a solid book I can use to start to introduce process driven art to the principal and teachers. Ideally something we can pull a lot of lessons from.

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