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What Next?

I 61 (F), i’ve been a waitress for 30 years. I am, and have been over the years “a jack of all trades, master of none” it’s just a that serving as a profession, is physically demanding and my body just can’t take it anymore. I was looking into medical billing/coding, and wondering if they have any scholarships for old people like me. I am asking for myself so that i can stay independent. Hey it’s important to learn and experience something different, in the twilight years of my life! Lol. Thank you 😊

04:11 UTC


(Expat) enrolling in adult school after overseas bachelor degree

Hi there!

I am an expat and have highschool and bachelors degree from Indonesian university. However i have hard time finding job related to my degree.

Hence i have the idea of enrolling to medical assistant class in my local adult school. Is it possible/ recommended? Since i am also interested in becoming MA/ PA in the future.

Degree is slightly related to medicine (biomedical science)

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04:15 UTC


Seeking Insights on GED-Math Program at Montgomery Community College

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to share that I’ve been accepted into the GED-math level program at Montgomery Community College in Maryland. As I prepare to embark on this journey, I would like to know more about this community college from an unbiased view

  • What was your overall experience with the GED classes at Montgomery College?
  • What aspects of the program and its services stood out to you?
  • Would you recommend Montgomery College to someone pursuing their GED?
  • What factors influenced your decision to recommend (or not recommend) the college?

I’m looking forward to reading your stories and insights. Your feedback will be invaluable in helping me understand what to expect and how to best prepare for the program.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!

15:41 UTC


Am I able to get my high school diploma, I’ve got my ged already but now I want to get my diploma am I able to?

07:04 UTC


Returning to high school at 20?

I don’t know what to do honestly I’m located in South Dakota and I previously attended an alternative school. I was in regular schooling but due to my depression and the sudden passing of my father during my freshman year my grades and attendance dropped significantly so I was enrolled into the alternative high school. The alternative school mainly utilized online programs to teach its students. I don’t remember how many credits I had exactly but I do remember I had finished my credits for mathematics and maybe some other subjects and I only needed a few other credits in order to graduate. I have moved since I attended the alternative school and now live ~300 miles away but I’m still located in the same state. I was thinking since the school mainly utilized online schooling programs I could contact them and express that I want to finish schooling, but I have no idea how that would go and if they would be willing to allow me to finish my remaining credits solely online and 300 miles away. I want to obtain my high school diploma I’m very determined to do so and Im angry at myself that I didn’t just finish it while I was still in school. I’m a little ashamed and embarrassed about reaching out to my previous alternative school too because I feel like I was kind of an annoying student to deal with for the principal not because I was getting into trouble but just because I wouldn’t do my work. I struggle with finding employment obviously and the jobs that are willing to hire me are very low paying and are very physically demanding, I’m currently working at one of these jobs and it is very difficult for me as I have joint problems where both of my knee caps will occasionally dislocate and I’m in constant pain due to this and other health conditions, I have severe insomnia due to not being able to sleep from the pain, no otc pain medicines have helped me. And I also don’t have health insurance so I can’t speak with a doctor about this. I’ve looked into getting a ged and I felt it was unnecessary to be paying to take the math test and other subjects if I already completely that course work at the alternative school I attended, also money is tight and I’ve looked into online and in person adult education programs and can’t find any for my state, and there are no in person programs in my area as it’s very rural, I’ve looked up online adult education programs and they all seem like scams. I don’t know what to do and I feel like I can’t do anything. I’m in so much pain all the time I just want to have my diploma so I can work a better job. Also the nearest ged testing center in my area is over an hour drive away, and I’m not sure if I’m required to take classes before taking the tests but I can’t afford to take regular and or frequent trips to this location and my work hours don’t permit me to do so.

20:37 UTC


How Education Priorities Change In The AI Age

I remember people used to say we should all learn Mandarin and we'd never be unemployed, or something along those lines. Now with AI, isn't learning foreign languages of minimal practical value when people's phones can just translate things in real time thanks to AI software?

And people used to say learning to code leads to great jobs too, but now people are saying programming jobs are getting pinched thanks to text AI too.

What kind of traditional education are still valued well-enough, and what kinds of education should we skip?

04:37 UTC


Returning to college after 5 years

I'm 26 and recently I've decided to go back to college. Out of high school my gpa was 3.5 and I could've gone anywhere I wanted. I ended up starting with a community college and while I got an associates degree, my gpa dropped to a 2.6. I've recently decided I want to pursue a career in marketing, but the only schools around me that offer a marketing degree require a 3.2 or 3.6 gpa to get in. I'm also considering going to school online, but idk if that would really be as helpful. I also don't know if my credits from community college are good anywhere or if I'd have to restart anyway. Any tips?

19:45 UTC


Online Career HS

Hi! Have any of you tried Smart Horizons Career Online High School? If so, how was your experience?

17:29 UTC


Hello I have a question

So I dropped out during my second senior year, I had all my credits except math, I tried tutoring, I tried everything but I couldn’t get my math credits because of my learning disability , at the time I wasn’t aware of the certificate of completion and that it was possible to get given my disabilities, I’ve been inform d now that I could have gotten that (I did tutoring and studied for 2 years and still couldn’t pass MATH section of GED I’m that bad at math) Ik it’s a long shot, but in the state of Indiana , if I did indeed finish senior year, could I request a certificate of completion years after dropping out Since I did indeed meet the qualifications and finished senior year? I know it won’t help much but it has to be better then no diploma at all and no ged and I can’t find a job that doesn’t require a lot of manual labor (I have a bad spine) even after years of looking, not even places like Walmart or McDonald’s won’t be im not kidding , I was actually turned away from McDonald’s for being “under qualified”

21:36 UTC


Anyone know the quickest way to a diploma?

Hi, i'm 19 from Maryland and I have two foreign language credits left, I don't feel like spending 6 months on 2 classes and having my life held back by them again, so are there any good adult highschools/online credit recovery courses I can take to quickly get the credits I need?

I'm willing to spend all day everyday knocking it out of the way if it means I can get it faster

The issue is just that most that I look at online won't let me transfer all of my credits, so i'd have to do the core classes again, are there any that will let me transfer all of my credits?

21:47 UTC


I have no qualifications whatsoever and want to get back into education

I just turned 20 in December on 2020 I never did my GCSEs do to m depression and bad mental state. I have no qualifications and have tried going to collage when I was 16 couldn’t take the crowds of people and never went back I’m on the spectrum and really struggle with bieng around people and loud noise. I want to get back into education but I have no idea how to start I’ve applied to a few local collages but the social aspect gives me debilitating anxiety and I really want to better myself and maybe do some GCSEs or even equivalents but don’t know of any genuine online courses that are good for passing and good tutoring .dose anyone have any recommendations or advice I’d really appreciate it . I feel hopeless as I have no qualifications whatsoever.

03:28 UTC



Hello, my partner had an extremely rough childhood, so his education is limited by quite a bit. He attended grade school but didn’t absorb anything due to his trauma and home issues. In jr high he got into drugs and stopped all efforts completely, and he didn’t attend high school. (He wanted to but it didn’t work for a variety of issues including homelessness.) He also learned he has learning disabilities (ADHD and Dyslexia) in grade 10 when his school tested him and also found out that he was at a grade 2 reading and writing level in Grade 10.

He wants to get an education to be able to get into a trade but isn’t sure how. I assume we can get some sort of tutoring for him, to relearn his entire grade 1-12, and we know it will be very difficult for him and expensive as tutoring isn’t cheap. I was just wondering if anybody else had similar experiences and what methods or resources you used to re-educate yourself?

We live in Alberta, Canada if that helps at all.

Thank you all

22:34 UTC


I have to take a CAAT Level D for Science and Math. Can anyone direct me to a good resource from which I could study?

I’m googling everywhere but I cant find nothing specific to a CAAT Level D.

I only have a couple of weeks to prepare and I’m starting to get worried.

I’m hoping to get into paramedic school.

Any advice?

17:47 UTC


Unsure what to do post-undergrad

I (23F) recently graduated last summer with a bachelor's in fine arts for animation and a minor in art. I am a first-generation college graduate and I don't have many people to go to for information about grad school.

I was wondering if I were to go into a completely separate field than the one I got my bachelor's in, would that require me to get another bachelor's? Or could I go straight to a master's degree? I know different fields have different requirements so I just wanted some advice on where to go/what to do.

Some of the fields I would be interested in are:

Automotive Engineering
Computer Science/Engineering
and maybe some others I can't think of right now.

Thank you in advance!

TLDR: I'm not sure what the next steps are after receiving my undergrad are if I want to continue my education in a different field.

23:29 UTC


I have about 140 community college credits from 92 to 97. I did not take the required math class to transfer to a four-year university so I just kept taking more classes. What can I do with these credits and is it possible to get a 4-year degree with life experience along with these credits?

I am ashamed to admit that I never transferred to a local university because I did not want to take the required math class. At the time I hated math and I probably still do but I overheard someone say that it might be possible to get a 4 year University degree with community college credits and life experience. What are your thoughts on this?

I'm not looking at using the degree to get a good paying job as I'm a business owner and do well for myself and I'm financially secure and set with my business as well as investments and residential real estate that I own. It's just more for my own personal accolade as to the time I spent in community college. Plus my mom always wanted me to graduate and I felt bad because I never did.

06:26 UTC


26 and don’t know where to start

So as the title explains I’m 26 and looking to to go back to college. To put my past lightly, I grew up with extremely abusive and controlling parents. Issues at home caused me to not care about any kinds of grades back in high school. My senior year of high school they also chose what college I was going to go to, what I’d major in, and what my ultimate career path would be. They were so overbearing and controlling that the only way out of that situation was to intentionally flunk out of college entirely.

Flash forward to today, I’ve broken away from my family altogether and I’m currently working as a school janitor. Not a bad job to have but I’d like to go back to school. Old grades were never great, I was a C and D student in High school and obviously my college transcripts are awful from flunking out. SAT scores at the time, although not the worst, were also not something I’m proud of.

My desire is to go back to school for Microbiology but I need some guidance on how to proceed. Would it make sense to retake my SAT or should I just start applying? My parents did everything before so I genuinely have no idea what the process of getting into college is even like. It’s all so terrifying to me and any tips, advice, or answers are appreciated. Thanks in advance and thanks for reading this.

22:10 UTC


Scholarship or Grant For Adult Learners Returning to High School?


Has anyone heard of a grant or scholarship that helps you pay for obtaining your high school diploma as an adult? Thanks in advance.

20:08 UTC


Going Back to School

So I(22) was supposed to graduate my senior year of high school. COVID hit and I got hit with a lot of personal issues I was unable to actually graduate. I want to go back and get my diploma. .

I was told I could get an accreditation, I want to look into to that option. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on an online program I could use OR if the idea is even an option. I'd also be interested in any GED programs. I have a the most support I've ever had in my life, and I really want to get back on track for what I wanted my life to look like.

03:45 UTC


Choosing school for cert program (Canada)

Hi there! I was just wondering if this is the right place to ask :-) I’m currently choosing between schools for Adult Education Certificate (Canadian only). I’m opted for online programs and want to see if anyone have feedbacks or suggestion for any university that has a good/affordable certificate program you have taken.

Thanks alot!

18:42 UTC


I don’t know how to help these students.

Please delete if this is the wrong sub.

I recently started tutoring writing for a community college. I’ve been given very little training.

I have a few students who are taking a writing course that teaches the basics of academic writing (summarizing, paraphrasing, MLA, etc.), and they’re really struggling. They have absolutely no reading comprehension skills. When they read out loud, I can tell that they’re just reading the words and not understanding them. They really struggle with anything remotely abstract. They don’t understand the concept of examples.

I have no idea how to help them. Right now, they’re working on “critical analysis,” which involves reading articles, summarizing them, and comparing them. I have no idea how to help these students write a summary of an article they don’t understand. Even if I explain each paragraph to them as we read, they still don’t understand anything they’ve read. They have no clue how to figure out the main idea of an article, or to determine its key points. They can’t pick up on anything that is not explicitly stated.

I really have no idea what to do. A couple of them have mentioned that they have some sort of disability, but I have no specifics. I’m assuming that has something to do with their struggling. I don’t know how to help them and I feel so defeated every day.

I’d really appreciate any advice or resources.

13:37 UTC


How to get a GED with primary school knowledge in Montgomery - AL - Is there any free adult education?

He, in his early 30s, was inadequately homeschooled after primary school. He wants to get a GED and go ahead in life, but currently has no money. What can he do? He's intelligent and willing to work and study hard for the GED.

10:24 UTC


Need to get ahead but don't know where to start

Posting with a spare account since my friends follow my normal account.

Backstory, I dropped out of high school my sophomore year. I joined an online 6 month academy and got my diploma. I have no idea if it's legitimate to be honest. I'm tired of not being taken seriously though. I have plenty of street smarts but I don't think I'm book smart and want to go get an associates or bachelors in communication/ marketing. I do promotions for clubs and DJ's and have years of experience in the bar and service scene and would like to be a professional. Does anyone have suggestions of steps I could take to take the classes I should have taken in high school so I can go to a community college of something?

18:19 UTC


Platform for self-learners to learn anything

Being a self-learner, I always struggled with wanting to learn everything but not being able to
(1) find a starting point
(2) see how the things I learn are connected
(3) manage my learning (mark the concepts that I already know so I can skip them in the future) and
(4) fit my learning into my busy schedule.

So I end up building a website (https://afaik.io/) for myself and folks like me. The goal is to learn a bit of everything on daily bases for free. Here's a few things you can do with it:
(1) Atomic learning: The minimal unit is called a "brick", which takes about 10 minutes to learn. You can go to a focus learning mode by clicking "Start learning".
(2) Knowledge Management: You can mark a brick as "learned" or "interested" to keep track of your learning.
(3) See the big picture: The map shows how subjects are interconnected (see how calculus connects machine learning and physical science as a bridge!), and golden dots (bricks) are interdisciplinary ones.
(4) See knowledge connections: A bunch of bricks make a "brickset" (think about how Lego bricks make a brickset!), and if you click the map on the sidebar you can see how bricksets are connected (which shows prerequisite relationship of these knowledge). For example, the prerequisites for RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks): https://afaik.io/nebula?category=brickset&id=GbnNbw6W&mode=dagre
(5) Personalization: It sends you daily brick recommendations based on what you learned, making sure that you learn adaptively.
(6) Follow a learning path: Blueprints is a syllabus that provides you a learning path.

I hope this is a useful tool for self-learners like me, and any suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

14:01 UTC


Will this low pass score for RLA hurt my chances of getting in midland technical college/community college?

17:16 UTC


Masters in Adult Ed.

I'm looking to get my masters in adult education. What are your suggestions for schools?

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16:25 UTC


Learning Objectives Resources

Hello! I have a favor to ask if possible. I am currently doing corporate training and my manager and I are in a disagreement. When we make objectives for a single 1 hour long lesson, my manager does not believe the learners have to accomplish those objectives with assessments during or immediately following the course. Effectively, we have no concrete data leaving the lesson showing that we have or have not accomplished our objectives.

I am trying to differentiate between overarching objectives (SWABAT) and lesson objectives. it’s difficult as my manager does not believe this is necessary for building an effective learning plan.

I offered to do some research and bring it back. Do you happen to have any resources to aid me in this differentiation and/or best practices for lesson objective development?

17:35 UTC


Does anyone have experience teaching community college with a Masters in Journalism?

22:30 UTC


Can someone help me read my transcript?

I need this to apply to college which is why i’m wondering, does this mean that I only have 3 credits of the required 36? I’m quite confused because I only have 5 courses left, 3 math, 1 bio, and 1 elective. It is adult basic education (ABE) so it’s a bit different than highschool levels. Can someone help me read this?

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20:49 UTC


Can Someone Give Me Some Guidance/Resources

32 year old trying to get a higher education. I already have a college plan and a few ideas, (GED studies to get the rust off)

Any info would be much appreciated!

18:40 UTC


I need ideas to integrate English comprehension in my hvac classes

Hello, I am a first year community college hvac teacher and I have been hit in the face with the fact that my incoming freshmen can not read. What are some good literacy resources that I can point 18-19 year olds that won't make them feel stupider than many of them already do? My field requires reading comprehension and these kids need to learn it.

16:09 UTC

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