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HMF organizations that teach adults to code

21:09 UTC


Free or low-cost CRM or other database suggestions for adult education program

Hi! I'm starting up a new adult education program for a small school system. There is no infrastructure in place. I'd like to use a CRM to track contacts, locations, registrations, etc. Any recommendations? TIA.

17:12 UTC


Creating online GCSE maths course - what would you like to learn?

Hello lovely community,

I am an experienced maths teacher and I would like to develop a new online course to help my students preparing for their GCSE/IGCSE maths. I see that some of community members are doing their GCSE maths as adults and could benefit from a course that they could combine with their work/family life.

What would you like to learn and what price would you be happy to pay for a lifetime access to maths online course?

  1. Interpreting exam questions (command words/ going through past exam questions and teaching how to pay attention to "similar type of questions" and problem -solving strategies.

  2. Full GCSE algebra review, including worked past exam questions

  3. Anything else?

Would you pay 27 eur for about 3h of lectures, online quizes, worked examples, worksheets etc plus one live Q& A session for extra support.

Many thanks

12:24 UTC


Retaking GCSEs as an Adult

Has anyone retaken or taken GCSEs after leaving education.

I'm 30+ and was looking to retake some GCSEs. I currently hold the following which I had taken in Aug 2008.

Maths C

English Language C English Literature D

Science(Double Award) However I only recieved a (C) maybe I did not so well on one


Initially my GCSEs hadn't held me back from future education as I went on to HNC/HND. However my future career prospects requirements are as follows:

You’ll need at least 5 GCSEs at grades A*-C (9-4) (or Scottish equivalent), which must include English and Mathematics.

What other subject can I look at taking a GCSE in?

How long did you have to study to retake for a GCSE? Was it a case of you joining the school attending that specific subject e.g. Science on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays 0900-1030.

Do GCSEs short courses still qualify as a GCSE?

How long did it take for you to complete?

I work a full time Job and wanted a way for me to work around this in order to complete the required GCSE as I can't bear the idea of going back to school for 2 years to complete a single course.

All thoughts and help is appreciated. TIA

15:51 UTC


Resources to learn basic information

I'm really lacking in basic information. Is there a good source of answers to questions like "What is a mortgage" and "What does downtown mean" (both questions I didn't know the answer to until I was an adult)? Maybe some kind of encyclopedia for kids? Thanks!

09:58 UTC


Title and introduction

I hold a MA in TESOL and I did a few researches for my final thesis and currently teach ESOL at a local state university. Should I introduce myself as Mr.Smith, or Professor Smith? Also how/what should students refer me to? Teacher Smith? Mr. Smith or what? How do you introduce yourself to your students?

11:41 UTC


Survey on reading and training, European iRead4Skills project

We are writing to ask for your co-operation in publicizing our survey on reading and training, developed as part of the iReadSkills project. The survey is aimed at people who have been trained as adults to overcome reading difficulties. We're interested in finding out more about their experiences and how they overcame their challenges.

The survey is long, but the users may take pauses and resume their answers later. Survey available in [FR/ES/PT]. To access the survey, please click on the following link:

FR: https://iread4skills.com/fr/activites/ enquête Lecture et formation

ES: https://iread4skills.com/es/actividades/ encuesta Lectura y formación

PT: https://iread4skills.com/pt-pt/atividades/ inquérito Leitura e formação

We would be grateful if you could share the survey with your network and encourage others to take part. Your help will help us better understand the reading difficulties faced by the adult population and how best to support them.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

15:35 UTC


Program questions!

I could use some input. The adult education center I work with is providing free pharmacy technician exam training. It’s called PassAssured from Aztec. After completion we are offering a voucher to take the exam. Any advice on how I could improve or add further to a program like this?

17:07 UTC


I'm a dog trainer looking for resources/courses on teaching adults more effectively!

Hello! I'm a dog trainer, which means I actually spend 99% of my time teaching the adult owners how to do the training! I have lots of the dog training theory down pat, but was realized what I really needed was to be a more effective educator. I don't want/need an entire degree in adult learning, but if someone had any recommendations on a good mid-range course to take, that would be great!

Bonus if there is a practical/participation element

Extra bonus if it won't break the bank!

21:05 UTC


Introducing my English Vocabulary Games as Apps

I've just launched a series of English vocabulary games as apps.
Link-Up is an exciting and educational vocabulary game available in two versions, one for native speakers and users of English at a high level, another for speakers at B2 level and above. Players have to enter two letters which complete one word and which also begin another word. Words are displayed randomly and taken from a database containing over 12,000 combinations. Any unknown words can be looked up in the onboard dictionary. The learners’ version game is an excellent way of students testing existing knowledge, learning new vocabulary, brushing up spelling and challenging their brains! Playing against friends is also a lot of fun! The game can be played by one player only, in 'Individual Mode' or against other players or teams, in 'Competition Mode'.
Links for Learners' Version (B2 and above)
Link sfor Native Speakers's version
‘Words’ is a fun and challenging educational game in which players form words from sets of letters which are all taken from thousands of car registration plates from around the world. Words are formed using the letters shown, in the same order. Players can play individually or against other players/teams. Facts about the countries and their road networks and plates system can also be called up, if required.
‘Countdown’ is based on the traditional game 'Hangman'. In this game, a word is represented by dashes, corresponding to the number of letters in the word, players have to guess the word by entering letters, they win if they can complete the word in less than 10 wrong attempts. Words can be selected from various topics (sport, business, jobs, the home, transportation, the environment, food, etc.) or, what’s more demanding, players can call up a random word from the database currently containing 2,500 words. Here also, users can play on their own or against other players/teams.
All of the apps are continually updated and the vocabulary databases expanded.
A further 12 apps are currently being developed and will all be available in the second half of 2023.
The apps are available to teachers and schools at a discounted rate.
All of the apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

11:42 UTC


How to register for an English GCSE (UK)

Does anyone know how to book an exam as a private candidate? When I google this, it comes up with sites for courses which isn't really what I'm looking for, I just want to do the exam (pls don't comment on that choice its a long story). When they talk about booking it, I can find a lot of info on cost, general info on types of location (i.e. school, exam room etc) and so on, but not HOW to do this... like where to start, do I need to locate a centre and register there? Contact the exam board? I've never done this before as all my previous exams were just done through school.

21:24 UTC


Help me support my special needs students!!

Please delete if not allowed! And thank you for reading and contributing!! This year is my second year teaching at sJohn F Kennedy Junior school, a high school that serves students with special needs including severe autism spectrum disorder and down syndrome. I teach six students who read and write on a pre-K level and are nonverbal. Their families are immigrants, and most have a limited English and limited resources in this country. They work a lot and they need all of the support that I can offer them. Most of my families, because they speak very little English have had trouble accessing resources that New York State offers for students who have severe disabilities. I have already received many resources last year from so many people in the beginning of the school year from this page, but my needs continue to grow to better support my kids. any donation helps and is greatly appreciated. I always need paper, glue sticks, laminating sheets, magnet strips and Velcro.

I have compiled a list of other games and educational materials that will help me meet my students individualized education plan goals. Please feel free to look at this Amazon wish list and if you can share it! Anything you buy will be sent directly to the school. Just make sure you choose the address that says 57–12 94th St. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Please check out my teachers wish list I Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1R0KEGU9PQAG2?ref_=wl_share

Check out my schools website www.p721q.com!! Thank you so much for sharing my Amazon wish list I really appreciate it and I know that my families would appreciate it also!

12:09 UTC


Picking up from where I left off?

Does anyone know if it is possible to pick up a course where I left off after it’s been a couple of years? I dropped out of a course with only one module left to complete as I was going through some really personal stuff and I really regret not trying to power through. I’m wondering if it’s possible to go back and complete that course without having to re-do the whole thing. I’m based in the UK. It was a childcare course at an adult education centre for context. TIA

22:50 UTC


New to higher education and not sure where to start

I'm in my late 30's and looking to further my education. I never did college after high school for various reasons but did obtain a few tech certs and have been skating by with them, mostly entry level stuff, up till about a decade ago when I left the job market to stay at home with my kids as my spouse made better money than I did. Now that my kids are older and in school full-time I want to get back into the job market but I feel like my current skill set is horribly outdated and want to look into furthering my education but am unsure where to start.

I know I want to get into network administration and I've found several schools near me that offer courses on it but I'm confused about if I should be starting at a 2-year school and look at transferring credits to a 4-year school in the future or if I should just start with a 4-year school? Also, it's been 20+ years since I was in school, I somehow doubt my high school transcripts are worth a damn at this point, are there going to be evaluations that I'll need to complete? Where do I start with financial aid, grants etc?

I've tried looking around online but I feel like most of the information that I find is specifically geared towards kids just finishing high school and honestly doesn't provide a lot of help or guidance for adults looking into higher education. Any help is appreciated.

12:32 UTC


Prison Teachers

Has anyone here taught in a California prison before? How is it the same or different from teaching in a high school?

00:15 UTC


Would it be possible for me to go from a 5th grade level in math to a 12th grade level in math in just 6 months? How much study time do i need to put in every day to possibly make that happen?


20:35 UTC


Can't Find Opportunities

I want to go back to school or enroll in a program to get a better job, but I can't even afford to. I have been searching for all kinds of ways to help. All I find is free coding and tech bootcamps and courses though. Why is it all tech? I don't want to go into tech, I know nothing and it sounds awful and boring honestly. Why can't I find free healthcare training?

23:43 UTC


Cheat sheet

I teach English to ESL students. Some of them can’t just stop cheating and copying off their Neighbors’s paper. I suggested that they can bring a cheat sheet to the class that didn’t help. My question, would you turn a blind eye on adult students cheating? Or what would you face cheating in your class? Thanks

05:02 UTC


How’s in person adult school Vs. virtual adult school? (California)

I have the option for both, but the transportation for going in person is definitely a struggle (2 buses and a 20m walk).

The in person adult school isn’t exactly appealing either. It’s in a low income area and the classes are in those temporary shell rooms.

Though, I do feel I would benefit most from learning in person and I like the potential social aspect of it.

I’ve never done virtual learning so I don’t know if that could be just as a viable option. Online classes would save me so much time and walking. Also I like the morning schedule of virtual classes better.

My main questions are:

How was your experience with in person adult school? Was there any social aspect to it, such as making friends?

How was your experience with virtual? Did you have problems learning in that environment?

Thank you very much.

00:34 UTC


Lend me your resources please

I am assembling a website for the teachers in the community based ESOL program I work for in the US. Main topics include US civics, financial literacy, digital literacy, workforce preparation, and Health literacy, critical thinking, as well as the English language of course (reading, writing, speaking, listening).

I am trying to assemble two lists. One list of sites, videos and other resources for professional development for adult education instructors, coordinators, directors, etc. A second list of sites for resources that can be used in their classes.

Would you mind sharing your favorite websites of ELL resources, adult educator PD resources, or more? TYIA!

05:29 UTC


Question about transferring credits to adult school?

My highest completed grade is 9th grade high school. After that I went to a charter school and completed some credits but not enough to graduate.

I was thinking about enrolling into an adult school but I’m unsure if I’d need to send both transcripts or if the charter schools should suffice.

Currently I can’t get a hold of a person at the adult school but I could technically start enrollment online.

My charter school handles transcripts easily and can do it via email. My high school is a bit more complicated and I would need to go in person and possibly pay.

Should the charter school transcripts be enough, and have all of my credits? Or would I need my high school’s as well? Would I also need middle schools?

Location is California. Thank you.

04:21 UTC



Does anyone know how to pass the reading comprehension test? I tired twice, and unfortunately I failed. Can someone me help me please 😫😭

01:32 UTC


Breaking into Adult Education and Literacy field

I am currently getting my master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction: Professional Education and want to teach adults, preferably within the HSE (High School Equivalency) or ESL fields. What advice do you have for getting into the field?

Edit: I got a job in my town’s community college as a part time IET instructor. I start tomorrow, so hopefully everything goes well!

20:30 UTC


I need your brain! I am currently building a platform for free STEM training in underserved schools districts. Help shape it with your experiences and needs!

I'm Amanda, a NYC computational thinking teacher working to create a platform designed to promote equity in education. This platform would offer teacher training and skill building in a scaffolded and manageable (time wise) digital environment to better support educators.
By offering free STEM and 21st-century skills training to schools in underserved communities, we aim to level the playing field for all students.
Your input is critical in shaping this platform. If you have the time, please kindly spare a few moments to fill out this brief, anonymous survey about your experiences and needs related to teaching 21st-century skills:
Your feedback will help us create meaningful change and prepare all our students for a technologically advanced future. Thank you for your time and commitment to education. Please feel free to message at any time if you have any thoughts or want to kick things around further!
Yours in collaboration, Amanda

13:04 UTC


Can I finish high school if I'm 20 and have a year and a half of school pending?

I dropped school back in early 2020 (right before the pandemic) and had to move over to Mexico due to family issues, I have been living here for the last 3 years, working and helping my family, but now I want to return to my home country in Chicago and finish my school and get a job and live on my own.

Is there a way that I can finish my high school?

02:50 UTC


Adult Education Credential in California

I would like to make a career change and work in adult education. I've worked as an adjunct for 10 years and tutored students who were preparing for their GED. However, as far as I can ascertain I have to shell out $200 to submit the application and another $2,500 to clear an adult education credential in California. It apparently only take 15 odd days to get a letter or preliminary credential with which I can start applying for jobs.
I asked and was told that 'perhaps' I might find a school district that would pay for the cost in exchange for teaching. I've had zero luck so far as most want the credential before they'll even begin discussing the possibility of covering the AE credential. Frankly, I couldn't get a straight answer and I do not wish to pay the $200 application fee for nothing.
Does anyone know of a program that might cover the cost? If not, does anyone know of any district internship programs for a single subject credential that are still open at this late date? I'm aware of LAUSD, but it is too late to apply now.
Thank you!

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07:31 UTC


Are there any grants for people who already have a degree but can't make much money with the degree that they have?

Back when I was in college about 12 years ago, I used to see posters or even online ads all over the place that advertised grants for moms to go back to school. Is that a thing? I have two kids and my bachelor's degree is nearly worthless. I need to go back to school or get some kind of training that will allow me to make more money. I'm buried in student loan debt and now my hopes of having some relief from that have been completely shattered. Is there any help for someone like me?

03:04 UTC


What are the first steps to getting a ged or hs equivalency?

24m from nj, dropped out of hs my senior year (2017) and always told myself id get one in the future when I’m mentally capable of dealing with school again. Had a few setbacks but now I’m feeling better mentally and physically and am ready to kick some educational ass

22:48 UTC


Thinking of going back to college at 48

This feels vulnerable to write. I’m a fairly successful actor who is 48 years old and never finished my bachelors degree. I received an Associate of Arts 2 year degree and got maybe a year and half of credits at a state university. I’m feeling rather “rudderless” in my life right now. I’m thirsty for more knowledge so I can evolve and grow and expand. And maybe change careers. I feel stuck. I want structured college education to help me figure out what the next chapter of my life looks like. I crave guidance.

Who can I talk to that’s like an independent guidance counselor that can look at my transcripts and tell me how many credits short I am of a bachelors degree, and talk to me about what universities would consider me at my age and what classes would guide me towards the direction of my interests?

Also, I’ve heard some colleges and universities will let you show that you’ve earned “life credits” and allow you to use career experience towards your degree, especially when going back to school when you’re older. Does anyone have thoughts/ info about this?

Obviously I’m seeking learning new things but I also want to get my degree as a personal accomplishment so if there is some chance of supplementing a few credits with life experience, I am open to that.

Lastly, are there scholarships for older adults that want to continue their education?

Thank you, Reddit for your support and thoughts on this.

07:37 UTC


To fellow educators!

Good day!

For all of you looking for legitimation to play more in teaching, here's a great TED talk on that issue. Link: https://www.ted.com/talks/fabian\_hemmert\_learn\_grow\_and\_thrive\_the\_transformative\_power\_of\_play

14:24 UTC

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