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A community for computer science educators and education researchers. Discussion and links of CS ed research, best practices, pedagogy, curriculum, policy, etc.

A subreddit for computer science educators and education researchers. Discussion and links of CS ed research, best practices, pedagogy, curriculum, policy, etc.

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What are some advice that you give to your younger self for Cse btech ?

12:54 UTC


Degree titles

Hi. In Finland you can get an undergraduate degree in programming from a real university and an university of applied sciences. Do you think the degree title for applied sciences, Bachelor of engineering, Information Technology is confusing for the english speaking world? To me IT seems to deal more with networks, server racks and IT support.

20:04 UTC


As a student of CS in first year- what skills I need to learn?

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17:23 UTC


Learn Objects and Classes with a Fun Video Game Simulation! 🎮📚

Hi everyone, I'd like to share this fun and visually engaging video where I teach objects and classes using a colorful video game simulation. It's a great way to make these concepts easier to understand, especially if you've found them challenging in the past. I'd love for you to watch it and share your thoughts and feedback!


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17:15 UTC


What's better? Typing or Bubble Drag n Drop for new programmers

Which do you think is best for new programmers?

I'm teaching high school and middle school CS, and we're closing in on the end of our first unit using Karel in JavaScript on CodeHS.

I've noticed many students struggle with the small details like matching parentheses and braces, indentation, and semicolons.

I just noticed CodeHS has an option to enable a drag and drop code editor, and I'm curious what people think about that

16:57 UTC


Anyone have any good Micro::Bit labs?

Looking for basic stuff. I have this setup: Micro::Bit, power supply, laptops.

Teaching grades 9-12. Block coding introducing concepts, then Javascript sophomore year, Python Junior and concluding with JAVA in AP CS A their Senior year.

Ideally want a lab that can demonstrate input/output while developing some familiarity with hardware.

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17:22 UTC


Looking for Innovative Teachers

Hey -

I'm the Director of Student Experience at Synthesis and we're looking to connect with innovative middle school teachers looking to help their students develop their collaboration and communication skills. We use original online collaborative games and discussi to help kids become the type of people who make any team better.

If you're up for a conversation to learn more, reach out: matthew@synthesis.com.
Learn more about Synthesis Teams here: https://youtu.be/Yo9yU15sQm4


Matt Plunkett

Director of Student Experience | Synthesis

19:30 UTC


Should I teach a programming language I don't know?

I studied Python, Java, C++, C, x86 etc. in uni as a software major, but I've only been teaching Python, because it's easy for students to learn. I've gotten out of the software industry and into education now, so I'm a bit rusty on other languages. I'm teaching an introductory high school computer science course where the students will be bright, but they won't have any background on computer science.

I'm considering teaching Java so that I can review the language and be more prepared for teaching AP CSA in the future. Or teaching Javascript (even though I don't know it) so I can eventually learn/teach web development. I have complete control over the curriculum and language. Should I choose one of these languages or just stick with Python for new CS students?

01:19 UTC


Helping a student who struggles with the basics.

I'm going to preface my remarks here by mentioning that I'm not a teacher by training. I'm helping out in an afterschool program as a "special favor for a friend of a friend".

As the course I'm teaching is an afterschool elective, it is taught differently from the other courses. The school has normal programming/CS courses like APCSP, APCSA, and Computer Science I (Regular/Honors). These take place during the school day and would count towards a student's GPA. My class is still graded ("High Pass"/"Pass"/Fail"), but it doesn't count towards their GPA. It's also not as rigorous as the day-school CS courses.

We had a kid (9th grader) join up late. As a result, they missed a lot of the basics. Her parents asked if I could get her caught up, but she has trouble even getting the simplest of stuff. I was working one-on-one with her to get her caught up and showing her the "Hello World" program. I told her to type exactly what she saw on the projector, and it took her several tries to type:

print("Hello World!")

From what I saw, a major problem a big problem was that she seemed to have zero attention to detail. Omitting the quotes, parentheses, capitalizing print, or some combination of the above.

Next, I showed her that if you change the stuff inside the quotes, you can make it say Hello, Alice or Hello, Bob. I asked her to try with her name. It seemed that she really struggled to figure it out, and I had to basically tell her the answer. I told her, "Write your name in the quotes". She deleted typed out the actual words your name with no quotes.

I should mention that English is not her first language, although she does seem to be able to speak it conversationally. From what I gather, she does consume English-language media and she has friends who speak English as an only language, but perhaps she is weaker in academic English.

Recently, one of the assignments was about loops. I gave three homework problems.

Every other student uploaded their stuff to github.

She sent me a word document where she copied notes that were still on the board from another class.

I have the classroom set up so that I stand at the back, where I can watch the students' screens. Every once in a while, I do catch her off task and chatting with her friends via her google account.

A few times she has asked me what page we're on. The class doesn't have a textbook. I give them handouts and we work through code.hs.

I do want to help the kid, but it seems that she just doesn't have the mind for it if I'm completely honest. Also, I do understand not getting an official grade probably de-incentivises actually working hard and learning the material. Part of me also says just let her pass since it's not an official course, but I feel that is also not the best option because if she struggles with something that simple, it's a bit dishonest to say that she knows the material partially.

15:20 UTC


A great opportunity for students to practice CS and compete for thousands of dollars in prizes + international recognition :)

Learn more on our website, and encourage your students to register now at https://hackforearth.devpost.com! Please let me know if you have any questions, and I'll make sure the team answers them. Open to all students aged 13+, this hackathon is sure to be something they'll cherish. From webinars/interactive workshops from industry professionals to a community game night, the week-long innovation journey is sure to be a great experience.

This is an opportunity for students to use CS (both beginners and pros) to build projects with real-world impact while collaborating with peers, learning from industry experts, and honing their creative problem-solving skills.


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10:39 UTC


Programmer Imposter Syndrome in Software Developers - Guide

Understanding and Overcoming Programmer Imposter Syndrome in Software Developers - the guide explains dealing with imposter syndrome as a continuous process involving individual effort and organizational support, and how, with awareness, action, and resilience, software developers can navigate through their feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome, harnessing their full potential in the tech world.

11:36 UTC


What subjects should be covered in computer science teacher professional development?

20:07 UTC


What do you all teach or have seen taught at the sixth grade level?

I’m looking for some better curriculum.

I teach a nine-week course to sixth graders. I have a coding unit that I’ve created that uses MakeCode Arcade, but another portion of my class deals with Google Applications. I think it may be time to phase applications out for something more CS related.

15:30 UTC


Survey for AI and education

As part of my PhD thesis, I am conducting an online survey with questionnaires, with the aim of understanding the digital skills and the knowledge about Artificial Intelligence of the teachers.

I would like to ask you if you could help me reach out to teachers and forward the following questionnaire to teachers of all grades.

The questionnaire is available at the following link: https://forms.gle/KYsdeyDvWV1eYBoe8

09:29 UTC


Lower bound of the channel capacity

How do I calculate lower bound of the channel capacity with source X and output Y if I have given joint probability distribution? I know how to calculate the mutual information I(X,Y), but how do I take its maximum over all possible P_X?

For example this joint probability distribution:

X // Yabcd
15:09 UTC


Excel Supports Python? Your Views

10:49 UTC



The roadmap of cse as a begginer

17:09 UTC


Are there anybody remember a CS(Computer Science) book name discribing symbols table, linking, relocation using a programming language he designed?

The author of this book used the programming language he designed and gave a simulator. I remeber there is a chapter describing symbols table, linking, relocation, etc.

This book seems like CSAPP(https://csapp.cs.cmu.edu/), but I searched the three versions of CSAPP all used c language. Are there any other version of CSAPP using author's own programming language other than c language?

I also checked it is not the book named "linkers and loaders"(https://www.amazon.com/Linkers-Kaufmann-Software-Engineering-Programming/dp/1558604960/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=linkers+and+loaders&qid=1692110549&s=books&sprefix=linkers+a%2Cstripbooks-intl-ship%2C421&sr=1-1).

This book may be published between 2002-2008, I remebered I may read it around 2007.

Anybody known what's the name of this book.

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14:45 UTC


Scratch LMS Integrations?

Hi everyone,

My friend Jason and I are wondering if any CS teachers are looking for integrations between Scratch and LMS such as Google Classroom.

We are former software engineers at Kami and have tons of experience building EdTech products and product integrations. We’ve personally fallen in love with Scratch over the past few weeks and want to help address any challenges you have as a side project.

Looking forward to your comments, and thanks for teaching the next generation how to code!

21:22 UTC


What are some of your favorite teaching tools?

I will be teaching "advanced technology" to middle schoolers this school year and while I have some good ideas... I may also be out of my depth! What are some good websites or other tools you would recommend for getting 11-14 year olds a start in computer technology? The school computers have the full Adobe Suite but I'm not sure of what else. I'm especially interesting in (FREE) websites that introduce young students to concepts like coding, programming languages, website design, gaming design, etc.

Despite the class name of "advanced technology" - there aren't any other "technology" classes at the school so you could consider the class "introduction to technology" as well. (Meaning basic tools are welcome!)

Thanks for your help!

17:37 UTC


ongoing opportunity to gain more cs experience with education theme? ($180k+ in prizes, sponsored by wolfram, desmos, aops, echo3d, etc.)

100% free to register at https://dualhacks.devpost.com/

also, we have a discord with fun giveaways, prizes, and more info --> https://discord.gg/ZRZYKkVmp9

18:14 UTC


mooc or hyperskill 18f

I am a beginner , and was starting with java , so i found the two best resources (acc to me) that are the University of Helsinki's Mooc , and the other is JetBrains Hyperskill .
I am still an idiot filled with fomo , so please guide me
do i do mooc or do i start with hyperskill ? i already know a bit of the basics like taking user input , conditionals , variables , but thats all i know (thru a youtube channel)
please do help me

Another Unrelated question , when do i learn dsa? after i learn the language completely or during my learning of the language ?

please forgive my stupid dumb idiotic questions and try to help me , thanks a lot

11:59 UTC


Survey for AI and Education

As part of my PhD thesis, I am conducting an online survey with questionnaires, with the aim of understanding the digital skills and the knowledge about Artificial Intelligence of the teachers.

I would like to ask you if you could help me reach out to teachers and forward the following questionnaire to teachers of all grades.

The questionnaire is available at the following link: https://forms.gle/KYsdeyDvWV1eYBoe8

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09:07 UTC


hackathon opportunity to gain further experience in computer science and education ($150k+ in prizes, sponsors like wolframalpha, desmos, etc.)

registration's 100% free at the link https://dualhacks.devpost.com/

also, consider joining the discord for more info: https://discord.gg/ZRZYKkVmp9

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03:16 UTC


computer science and tech hackathon opportunity! ($150k+ in prizes, sponsored by desmos, taskade, 1password, wolfram, leangap, etc.) INTRODUCING DUALHACKS

registration is 100% free at https://dualhacks.devpost.com/!

also, join the discord for fun giveaways and prizes! --> https://discord.gg/ZRZYKkVmp9

04:32 UTC


Openings for CS HS Leadership Initiatives at a Nonprofit

Interested in creating your own CS Teaching club and becoming a chapter of an international organization without having to work out logistics or curriculum? Join CSYA!!

CSYA is an 501(C)(3) organization that aims to provide quality STEM education to underrepresented students.

This summer we hosted 3 classes totaling over 100 students with CS professors from Purdue, UCR, and UCLA.

Currently we are looking for people who are interested in becoming a chapter of CSYA. If you get accepted you will be able to become the president, assign other leadership positions, and earn volunteer hours. As a chapter, you will be teaching classes and helping students gain a better understanding in CS through lessons and projects.

Please DM me if you're interested!!


02:16 UTC


Student Hackathon Opportunity

Hi Everyone! I am excited to inform you about DualHacks — a premier hackathon event empowering young minds to ideate, innovate, and transform the world through technology. The event will take place from August 3rd through August 7th.

This event is hosted by Codology and sponsored by Taskade, echo3d, wolfram, and more! https://www.codology.org/

  • We offer over $90,000+ in total prizes!
  • Our judges come from industry leaders such as Google!
  • We offer speakers and career panels from accomplished professionals!

Our theme for this year is education.

The competition will be split into two exciting tracks: the "Ideathon" and the "Hackathon."

  • The Ideathon track challenges participants to unleash their creativity and pitch groundbreaking ideas that address pressing issues in the education field.
  • The Hackathon track invites them to bring those ideas to life by developing functional applications that revolutionize learning experiences.

We have beginner and advanced divisions for both skill levels. The ideathon and hackathon are open to middle, high, and college students!

Learn more and REGISTER TODAY on our Devpost and Discord Server:



17:49 UTC


South Carolina Fundamentals of Computing

Looking for an SC teacher who has taught Fundamentals of Computing (5023) at the high school level (not the middle school half credit). https://ed.sc.gov/instruction/career-and-technical-education/programs-and-courses/career-clusters/information-technology/fundamentals-of-computing-standards/

We’re ditching Discovering/Exploring CS at my school this upcoming year and I’m trying to get a unit plan together. I’m looking for some examples of someone who has taught this course and has a unit overview and any corresponding tools/platforms.

My Dept Chair suggested the CS Principles Code.org course but that doesn’t cover the Web Development standards.

I teach AP CS (both) and was a career switcher from software engineering so I’m not worried about content knowledge, just the structure of this course and what to use.


14:21 UTC

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