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    What if I accept a spot in grad school but don’t end up going?

    1 Comment
    16:44 UTC


    Undergraduate Transcript in High school


    I am in a unique scenario where I will be getting my AA degree in Computer Science as well as my high school diploma this May. I have applied as a freshman and gotten into a 4 year university with 60 credits transferring.

    I do plan on pursuing higher education like grad school. My question is: Will grad school admissions see my community college transcript while I was in high school?


    14:41 UTC


    I’m already sad about my mice.

    So I’ve done one round of a mouse project where we had about 30 mice and dosed them subcutaneously every day. I was less involved with actual injections as I prepped the injections but had one of my lab members do the actual dosing. I also wasn’t involved in the sac’ing of those mice as I had to attend a workshop that my advisor had paid $1k for.

    Now we are repeating the experiment and we are only using 20 mice this time. I’ll be doing all of the actual injecting this time as that person who previously helped has since left our lab. I’ll also be doing all the blood collection every week and be involved with sac’ing at the end.

    Basically I was attached to my old mice but not too much. But today is the first day of the repeat experiment and I’m already super attached to these mice. I’m like preemptively super sad because I know their fate and I don’t know what to do about it.

    How do people who do mouse work get over this feeling? What do I tell myself to feel better about it? I just feel like a terrible person. But I need this study to be able to finish my dissertation. 😭

    13:52 UTC


    GRFP reviews are out

    For context, I got rejected... with 4 reviews of (excellent/excellent, excellent/excellent, excellent/very good, fair/poor).

    13:31 UTC


    Is it worth it

    Hi I’m currently a senior in my undergrad I’m getting a bachelors in biology with a minor in chem my original plan was to go to medical school but after working in a hospital for 4+ years I don’t want to take that route anymore. I guess my question is is it worth it to go and get my masters ? Or is it better to get a phD? Or is a bachelors ok to get a decent job ? I want to work in something that I will use my degree in but don’t really know where to start any advice or tips would be helpful

    12:52 UTC


    Advanced knowledge or easy mode?

    I have an advanced degree from one of the top university systems in my region. I worked all through grad school in my chosen field, and now the work seems almost trivial. Is this because I know the field at a high level? Academic education isn't currently required in my field, so we have seniors and individual contributors from all walks of life.

    Whats most interesting is watching coworkers make a basic problem complicated and turn 30 mins of work into 6months of misery. I make all my deadlines and while some peers seem to be in a perpetual state of "struggle season" I sit by and wait for my deadline.

    When appropriate I try to offer help, but it's usually met with "I got it" type responses.

    12:37 UTC


    How to Prepare for an Exam in 3 Days: A Strategic Approach

    12:21 UTC


    APRIL 15 deadline

    does anyone know what time the deadline is today?? I can’t figure it out anywhere.

    10:47 UTC


    How bad would it be to have a rec letter from an employer? / advice for rec letters

    Hi all. I’m a rising senior in undergrad and will be applying to grad school soon. Something that’s been weighing on me is the fact that I don’t know who to ask for a letter of recommendation.

    During my undergrad school I really did not have the time to constantly interact with professors. I was never the most active in class, but I always showed up and feel that who I am shined through my assignments (which professors have noted).

    In school I was always working/volunteering/doing things outside of class. I know my boss would give me an amazing letter of rec given that I’ve won awards at work/been promoted plenty. But I feel insecure because I haven’t made a big trek in academia but I want to get into a good grad school program.

    Any advice?

    10:45 UTC


    Why does my lecturer want me to use footnotes?

    Hey all,

    I’m handing in a paper next week and the lecturer has stressed how much he wants us to use footnotes (has sent a guide out for the paper and listed having no footnotes as catastrophic). I’ve done my whole undergrad and first semester and used footnotes a handful of times. I always properly reference, of course.

    The class is a new type for me - EU Trade Policy. I come from an arts background and am now doing my masters in public policy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ❤️

    10:36 UTC



    UCLA vs UDub (University of Washington) for a PhD in History?

    10:34 UTC


    University advice

    09:45 UTC


    Do I need to add publications on my resume when I'm applying for industry positions?

    Hi, i need advice from people with experience on transitioning to industry after their phd. As I near the completion of my PhD program, I am beginning to explore opportunities in the industrial sector, with a focus on IT jobs such as User experience roles , business analyst and data science roles since those relate to my study . Alongside the skills I've acquired during my academic journey, I have also published articles in reputable Q1 and Q2 journals.

    In contemplating the content of my resume, I am deliberating whether to include these academic publications directly or provide links to platforms such as ResearchGate or my personal website. While academic achievements are undoubtedly significant, I am cognizant of the need to streamline my resume and avoid overwhelming potential employers with an abundance of information that may not be directly relevant to the positions I am pursuing.

    Considering the perspective of the industry, do you believe it would be advantageous to list my academic articles on my resume, or would providing links to external platforms suffice? I want to ensure that my resume strikes the right balance between showcasing my qualifications and expertise while remaining concise and tailored to the requirements of the roles I am applying for.

    Your insights and guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and assistance

    08:33 UTC


    Humanity vs. Highlighters: Winning the Student Sleep Battle

    07:13 UTC


    How to prepare for a Master’s in Animal Bioscience

    I recently received my Bachelor’s in Integrative Biology and am planning to apply for a course-based Master’s in Animal Bioscience. I’m hoping to work on a Major Research Paper with a professor at my chosen university. Part of the process is a letter of interest to the prof, which includes how I am preparing to take on the master’s. What should I include in the letter for how I am preparing to take on a research project that the prof has and for how I’m preparing to take on the master’s program?

    06:44 UTC


    Ideas about bioactive screening, any laboratory that can identify bioactive compounds from animal/marine extracts.

    I am currently doing my thesis and one of the challenges that came to me is that the lack of laboratories that offer analytical/microlab services. Anyone know any laboratory that can identify Bioactive compounds from sea urchin or any institution that can help. i just need a laboratory that can identify secondary metabolites of sea urchin extract.

    05:09 UTC


    Undergraduate here: do grad schools care about grades if the subject isn’t related to the grad school curriculum?

    Neuroscience major. Took Orgo 1, but I’m realizing med school may not be for me. Still may try for pre-PA, but I’ve been looking into neuropsychology as well. Orgo is not necessarily an important class for neuropsychologists

    The thing is, how much weight do grad schools put on GPA, specifically science courses that don’t have an impact on whether or not you get into grad school?

    For example, if I took calc 3 and didn’t do well, but applied to go to grad school for chem, how much does that calc 3 matter? It’ll still have an effect on the GPA but it’s also a relatively useless course in the grand scheme of things

    Thank you!

    05:07 UTC


    Reaching out late to contacts?

    Hi all I have a question for everyone.

    I have severe anxiety and depression. This makes it hard for me to do anything on time but especially "important" things like reaching out to someone important, big submissions. It's a known problem I have and am trying to improve. Pls don't bash me for it I have enough problems

    My question is, is there a good way to reach out to someone you met months ago? I don't wanna say hey I met you 4 months ago but just now had the energy to email you, but can I follow up on our conversation? Is there a good way to do that?? I'm so stressed I put a lot of work into networking, had a mental health crisis that lasted 3 months, and now I'm trying to pur the pieces back together. Wtf can I do that doesn't sound terrible

    Anyways thanks in advance

    04:20 UTC


    Job vs internship

    I am wondering if anyone has ever taken a full time job following an internship while still in the second half of a graduate degree program?? How did it go?

    03:21 UTC


    Which grad degree is best for me?


    I’m currently in undergrad but have a few years of relevant full time work experience and am graduating early.

    My dream is to do international environmental and sustainable diplomacy or policy work. My undergrad is a double major is Social Science (concentration in law & policy) and Strategic Communication (focus on research & analytics). My undergrad is at a great university but the majors were pretty restricted because it is a professionals program and I have been working full time in a relevant field since I graduated high school.

    If I want to do that type of work, I obviously need a Masters to be qualified enough for any higher level position. The only thing is, I’m worried that it’s not enough. I’m thinking seriously about law or phd but it doesn’t make complete sense, I would just be utilizing that knowledge in a different way than most. Should I get two masters?

    I have a feeling that the future is going to have more and more masters, that the requirements are going to continue to climb. Any thoughts?

    02:31 UTC


    White Whale Dissertation

    And I’m not talking about cetaceans.

    I’m thinking about my dissertation proposal and I’ve come to a dilemma. I have a notebook full of sketched-out ideas - and there’s this one... It calls to me. It keeps me up at night. I’m not naive though. I know that what fascinates me are the very things that could turn it into a nightmare.

    What would you do? Would you chase the White Whale?

    01:51 UTC


    Finishing 2 Year Masters Degree in 2.5 Years

    Hi everyone,

    I am a first-year master's degree student studying Communications and Electronics Engineering at TUMunich. As I start the second semester this week, I got into thought about when I should finish my degree. I want to pursue a PhD afterwards, in the USA or Switzerland.

    I am doing very well I guess, got a GPA of 1.3 (1.0 is the best grade in German system) in the first semester (went through a lot of very bad things this semester, so proud of it even though it is not perfect). However, I don't have much research experience, and I was thinking about maybe taking less classes, so I will have more time to do research and everything could be a little more chill, and finish my degree in 2.5 years. And also, I guess I can build up a better portfolio as I will have almost 1.5 years, as opposed to 7-8 months until PhD application deadlines.

    I finished my Bachelor's on time, and decision of choosing to not finish my degree on time scares me a bit, not sure why. I need to hear what you guys think about this, and share me your experience or insight. Is it a bad thing finish it late, or could it be more advantegous in my case?

    Thank you all in advance.

    01:33 UTC


    Graduating undergrad in 3 vs 3.5 yrs for grad school

    So after looking at the courses I have left to do for my major, I realized that I can graduate a semester early. I even realized that I can graduate a full year early if I just add an extra class each semester. Now, spending the most time here would be the most ideal, The main reason as to why I would consider graduating a full year is because I still I really would like some input on what I should do and any advice would be beneficial.
    3 1/2 yrs.
    - Feel less FOMO if I stay the semester
    - Would still be able to participate in organizations that I enjoy very much + more time with friends
    - Would have more time working/volunteering to gain experience for grad school
    - More time on the campus that I consider a home
    - Could work during spring semester to make up money I am paying on tuition
    3 yrs.
    - Would save a couple thousands of dollars (approx 5-6k if I am a part time student) compared to 3.5 yrs. (I am taking out loans and financing education myself.)
    - Would get a head start on masters degree (2 year program which is costly)
    - Would avoid the awkward break in the spring where I don't have school and at home
    - I want to be done with school and am tired of the work
    - Would avoid dealing with housing
    I think at the end of the day, graduating in 3 years would be nice so I would not have to extend my schooling longer than I have to, especially because I have to go to grad school, and I can save thousands of dollars, but the main reason I want to do 3.5 is so I can do my clubs/organizations for one more semester and I know that college is not just academics. Any advice or insight would be so beneficial!

    01:30 UTC


    Anyone left their field entirely after getting a PhD?

    Just curious if anyone has experience in leaving a field after getting a PhD. I’m struggling to decide if I hate my field or I’m just extremely burnt out lol. Please tell me I’m not alone!

    01:27 UTC


    Defending my dissertation in 36 hours and freaking out

    My school has us send our dissertation committee our written defense draft 2 weeks before our scheduled oral defense. I was initially supposed to defend my dissertation in November (Psychology doctorate) but I got feedback on my written draft from a committee member about 48 hours before with, I kid you not, 50-75 different pieces of feedback. I talked to my chair who said we could reschedule it and I happily agreed after my complete mental breakdown. Well, now here we are with having edited (I think) all of that feedback and my dissertation oral defense is in roughly 36 hours. I am in complete panic mode, having worked on my presentation for about 10 hours today. People always say they wouldn't let you defend if you weren't ready but that's really hard for me to believe after what happened in November. Not to mention, my chair has been little to no help through this entire process, telling me to watch YouTube videos for help with different things or to look at websites instead of guiding me. So I have really felt completely alone in this entire process.

    01:25 UTC


    Undecided which grad school to choose

    Hey guys, i will kep it short and cut straight to it.

    Am an undecided bloke who got accepted into several programs and am so unsure which one to choose,, but have narrowed it down to these 2 options.

    1. UMass AMherst: MSc Business Analytics (12 to 16 month program)

    - Cheap
    - Isenberg has decent reputation in MA
    - Program allows me to do an option CPT internship for a semester

    - Not a T100 School
    - MSBA is a very new program and does not have much statistics
    - Worried if it is too generic and cash-cow type of program

    1. Boston University MET School: MSc Health Informatics(12 Month)

    - Really Highly Ranked University and programs
    - Specialized Informatics program(in boston which is amazing for healthcare related roles)

    - More of a relaxed Program for working professionals
    - Boston MET does not carry same reputation and academic weight like Questrom and other schools
    - Expensive(100k all-in) but can afford if i stretch it.

    Bit more information:

    1. International Student

    2. Wants to work as a Project/Product Manager(ik not the same) or as a Tech Consultant for a specialized field

    3. In long run want to create own startup and access to those resources is a must

    4. Immigration opportunities too is a really big factor here, so looking for graduation opportunities at big names.

    Now i am absolutely unsure as the pros and cons of each university are so unique that i am just unable to really choose, as they all look equal to me, and would appreciate any help or advice in deciding here.

    01:15 UTC


    I want to be a stay at home mom after my PhD. Is that wrong?

    23:20 UTC


    Institution reputation

    If your degree is properly accredited, does it really matter where you went to school? I’m looking at schools right now for a masters in public health and all the schools I am looking at have CEPH (Council on Education for Public Health) accreditation. However, I’m seeing mixed reviews on some schools. Thanks in advance!

    22:54 UTC


    Kind of freaking out. Grad PLUS Loans eligibility for PhD (fully funded + stipend)


    I got a full scholarship + $25k teaching assistantship for my doctoral studies. I was planning to supplement this, at least in the first semester or year, with Grad PLUS loans for living expenses.

    But since my stipend+tuition scholarship exceeds the cost of attendance, my understanding now is that there would be no Grad PLUS loan available. Is this correct?

    $25k is not enough to live on, and the thought of getting a job on top of doctoral studies and teaching 20-30 hours a week... is overwhelming. If this is the case, what other options are there? Did you work on top of teaching during your PhD? How did you manage that?

    22:43 UTC


    Terrified of applying for Master's Program abroad

    I had a rocky start to my education. In High School I graduated with less than 2.0 GPA, it was really bad. I took some courses as many as 4 times because I simply didn't care. I then graduated with my full high school diploma and moved on to community college. I failed out an entire semester there because once again, I didn't care. I then started to take it really serious. I graduated with a 3.04 GPA with a 2 year degree and moved immediately over to a top 25 university who had an agreement with my community college and I was a guaranteed entry into their business program (top 15 business program). So it worked out that way. I didn't really have to fight anyone for a position, I was able to use the transfer to get in. I took that so very super seriously. I graduated with a 3.52 GPA and didn't fail a single class. I learned a lot and was very proud of myself. It has been about 7 years since I graduated university in the United States with a Bachelor of Science in business.

    Now I have this INSANE desire to apply to Master's programs in Denmark. First off, they don't need the GMAT (which I'd hate). Secondly, is that I have been saving for many years and I have enough cash to cover all the costs (living, tuition etc) and take 2 years off to educate myself further.

    Why am I scared? Well firstly, my degree was in marketing and management and I only have 6 ECTS or 3.0 credit hours in Finance and most of those universities want 7.5 or 10 ECTS for 5-6 Credit hours of finance which I just don't have. It wasn't required here other than that. I do have everything else, though. So I'm scared I'll be knocked out for that reason compared to others abroad (I am not applying for a finance masters, but all their business masters say that requirement at many of the schools). I also am scared my GPA is trash. I have a 3.52/4.0 GPA and that's like a 10/12 Danish GPA and I feel like since I'm competing with everyone around the world I'll get my due for failing out as a high school student and failing that one semester at community college before I took my life seriously. I just don't know if 3.52 is high enough to be worth anything.

    I'm scared of failing. This is the only thing I want in my life and I want it so bad. I just don't know if I've worked hard enough to be able to be competitive.

    Any tips for how I can approach all of this? I've been stressing so much over this the past few weeks... I also feel like because I'm coming from an American University that they'll look at me weird because I feel like American degrees abroad aren't appreciated? Is that true? I have no idea... I'm just in that place where because I failed so much as a younger me I'm terrified my karma will come back around to get me.

    Anyone have experience with applying abroad like this that wants to chime in?

    Please keep it civil and kind. I honestly am so close to wanting to seek counseling it is getting to me so much.

    22:25 UTC

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