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SO of a Teacher; relationship woes

I don’t know what flair to use, please bear with me. My gf and I, both 27, have been dating for 8 years. Everything has been fine up until she started studying for the CSET, RICA and now she’s prepping for the TPA. She’s on a permit to teach until she passes all of them but she has until September to pass. She has one TPA left. Understandably, I took a backseat to those exams. I completely get that. What hurt me is that when she scheduled her CSET and RICA exams, they were back to back for 6 months and I hardly heard from her. She’d get home, eat and study until an hour before bed where she’d text me she’s exhausted, her plans for the next day and then goodnight.

In those six months, she never told me she missed me and I didn’t see her either. I felt neglected and cast aside but kept shut because I didn’t want to stress her out. When we would text on the rare occasions that were more than 4 messages, I’d joke how she keeps switching sanchos from CSET to RICA as a way for me to cope with not seeing her. She took it as me guilt tripping her for focusing on the exams. She felt I was pushing her away.

A month ago, she tells me that I was pushing her away and guilt tripping her for focusing on her exams. I crack and tell her I felt neglected and cast aside. She confesses to setting aside her feelings to focus on these exams. Now she has one TPA left and she’s overwhelmed. We are both holding back talking about us because of these exams. When I tried explaining that the exams set us up to feel like this, she took it as me blaming her. I was not trying to. I just wanted better communication. I know I wasn’t the focus, but I still wanted to feel like a priority at least. Anytime we even mention talking about the relationship, she says she thinks we are going to break because it is all too overwhelming. Her job relies on the exam, I know. I just needed communication from her and through that, I felt she would’ve balanced her career and the relationship better.

Please advise,

Concerned partner.

16:20 UTC


How Did They Fit It In Their Pocket

I see a lot of people discounting the post covid realities of teaching especially when it comes to phone use and addiction. You will see someone quote Ancient Greek philosophers complaining about younger kids but do you think they had kids in class scribbling on their stone tablet all day in class? All the Gen X and older Gen Y tell us they had TVs and Nintendo’s at home but again I ask, how many students were unhooking their Atari or Dreamcast, putting it in their pocket, and playing it on their desk all day during class? I understand kids have always had electronics but I have a hard time accepting kids had their face buried in their N64 and small screen tv with the BBL in the back.

We are complaining about the phone IN class all the time. When I was in school kids did play on their PSP in class but you know what happened when they asked them to put it away? They put it away. You know what happened when the teacher took it up? The teacher took it up and class moved on. You know what happened when the parents were notified about it? The parents backed the teacher and kept it until the student demonstrated the ability to do the bare minimum in class which is show up and give a little effort.

So I just can’t accept the comparison of the 90s and early 00s to the 4K streaming and gaming devices with VPNs and perfect internet connection today. It’s ok that it’s harder for teachers now. It’s ok that students have to deal with a different monster in electronics.

15:55 UTC


Quick but important question

Do you have a Chromebook charger I can borrow?

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15:49 UTC


Can I wear nice shorts while teaching in the heat?

Hello! I’m an early childhood educator who has only ever worked in a private, play-based preschool. I am very lucky that the admin at my preschool have actually been teachers and understand the physical demands of the job/that we get messy to learn, so our dress code is pretty lax.

Next year I will be moving to a hot desert climate and working in a public elementary school. Is it appropriate to wear nice/dressy shorts to teach in?

I’m a big girl who sweats a lot, and I can’t imagine not being able to wear shorts in 120 degree heat lol. I’m not partial to skirts or dresses because I have to wear a layer of shorts under them anyways (thank you, chub rub) and because I’m very active with the kids (skirts are not great for bending, running, jumping, sitting on the floor, etc.). (Also, my preschoolers always want to hide under them which is definitely not appropriate.)

If nice shorts are like a universal teacher no-no, do any of you teachers from ridiculously hot climates have any helpful wardrobe advice? (I’m from the Midwest so I’m no stranger to heat, but 120 degrees is a level for which I feel wholly unprepared)


15:42 UTC


The signs of a fantastic teacher (TW: brief mentions of abuse and bullying)

Idk if this is allowed here but I saw a post that reminded me of a story from a few years ago.

I was a freshman in high school, had just broken up with my abusive bf because I realized he had been s*xually assaulting me. He had been harassing me non-stop, getting his friends to harass me, the whole nine-yards.

On one particular day, it was really bad. I couldn't focus on anything, my anxiety was making me light headed, so during band I went to the director who wasn't teaching that day (we had two who alternated days) and asked him if I could go take a walk because I needed some air.

At first he didn't say anything, then he offered me one of his Lemonaide Girl Scout cookies he had on his desk, and asked if I wanted someone to walk with. I was a little surprised because I thought he probably had grading and other stuff to do, but I accepted the cookie and the walk.

As we started walking in the hall, I remember very distinctly him asking "So whats going on? You've been off since you walked in the band room, you're usually smiling." Idk what made me want to tell him, knowing he would have to tell a councilor, but I told him anyways. I told him about my ex, the harassment, how alone I felt, how my stress was making me nauseous, all of it. When I finished he turned to me and told me something I have kept secret from everyone. He was a victim of childhood abuse by a priest. He told me how he struggled the same way I was when he realized what had happened to him.

I know he didn't have to tell me that, but he did, to make me realize I am not alone. It was a very deep moment for me, realizing I had someone on my side. Someone who noticed I was struggling and offered their hand. The signs of a fantastic teacher. Now that I'm older I can only hope to be half the teacher he is.

I see a lot of posts on here complaining about students, or admin, or curriculum changes, and thought a good story of a touching moment that changed my life for the better. Teachers truly can change the world, remember that.

15:39 UTC


All of these low test scores are starting to make sense.

6 years ago, these students were middle schoolers smoking mango flavored juul's and eating tide pods while watching Cardi B try to, what looked like, pick up a pencil with her ass cheeks on WorldStarHipHop. This notice me/challenge trend culture needs to die worse than the boomers do running this country.

I have a couple challenges for them. How about the go to school challenge and get a diploma Challenge. Get a job challenge. Learn to be a functional member of society challenge. Now they're all 18, behind the wheel (if they even have a driver's license), and about to join the work force in the world. Uhh ohh. The youngest are compromised as well. I have 2 daughters that are in 1st and 3rd grade. Will make a post about that situation later.

15:37 UTC


I'm not a teacher, but a parent of a 4yo. I'm a little concerned.

I scroll my home page, and every now and then I come across the posts about the kids getting more and more difficult to teach. The "idiocracy" effect. (I think Mike Judge even said that the movie was meant to be satire, but it's becoming a documentary) Having read some of the things you teachers are posting about the kids inability/unwillingness to learn has me a little worried for my four year olds future. Is there anything I can do, from your collective experiences, to keep my lo from falling into these ruts it sounds like the kids carve out? I know things like limiting screen time is paramount, but I believe that the world they are growing into is going to be heavily tech dependent so learning early on how to navigate tech will give them an advantage. Having said that, I'm not talking about things like doom scrolling or watching endless YouTube (or any youtube) but things like games (avoiding any shooters for as long as possible) or educational shows (Eleanor wonders why, tumbleleaf, bob ross). I won't be able to monitor and control what he watches or does forever, so any suggestions to ensure that my lo doesn't become one of the lost as they get more independent?

Edit: spelling

15:32 UTC


Does anyone actually enjoy being a teacher?

Hi everyone. Right now I’m subbing for high school. I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with my life moving forward and becoming a full time teacher is something that I’m considering. Obviously there are a lot of people on this sub who paint teaching out to be miserable. Is it really that bad? Is there any way it could be enjoyable? If I were to go this route, I would only consider teaching high school.

15:29 UTC


Morning Meeting- Student Teacher in need of help!

I am in field 2 for my teaching program and I have been placed in a charter school situation where they do morning meetings. Morning meetings consists of Greeting, Share, Activity, and Morning Message.

I am struggling to find things that a Kinder class could reasonably do.

For my greeting I am thinking of a Compliment or “Fill my Bucket up” greeting where students give their neighbors a compliment.

Share: I am doing a lightning share which means a question with options given to them so they don’t ramble for 30 minutes. I can’t think of a decent question! So this needs ideas

For my activity it has to be content based so I was thinking CVC or their SNAP word telephone? But if there are better ideas please share!

Morning message I have handled!

Thank you so much for yalls help! I am not a kindergarten teacher or plan to teach kinder so being in placement here has caused me to struggle a little.

15:21 UTC


I really want to be a teacher but I’ve heard so many bad things about it. So I was wondering if I can make good money teaching children.

11th grade student aspiring teacher

15:04 UTC


School Policy on Handing Out Birthday Invitations?

I dropped off my daughter at school one morning and watched as every other girl in her class was handed a birthday party invite with lots of fanfare. My daughter later told me how much it hurt. I raised with both teacher and principal and was told there is no school policy, but the teacher said she was open to what other schools do. Does anyone have links/handbook to how other schools handle? I understand not inviting the whole class but feel there has to be a better way that doesn’t feel so exclusionary.

14:56 UTC


Alternative license transfer between states?

I have an alternative licence in my current state. I am moving to a state with a Tier system. I have tried to understand the tier system and to figure out if my alternative license will transfer, but the system is unfamiliar to me.

Has anyone had experience with this or does anyone know if my licensure will transfer?

14:33 UTC


Teacher>School Counselor

Has anyone ever made the switch from teacher to school counselor? I'm looking into counseling programs and am a current lower el teacher.

1 Comment
13:52 UTC


I’m doing parent teacher conferences for the first time this week and I’m a long term sub… tips?

I haven’t even created a syllabus yet, I accepted the position when it was offered to me on Friday.

Thankfully, I’m subbing for my mentor teacher I student taught for that decided to retire at the beginning of the semester, so I know some of her students already but most of them are new to me.

13:51 UTC


Transitioning to Corporate trainer

What courses did you take to transition to a corporate trainer. I create my teams lessons every week via Google slides. I know i can easily transition into this role. Looking for tips to make my resume stand out. Thank you in advance!

1 Comment
13:26 UTC


Advice Needed

I've been teaching for a little over a decade now. This year I was moved to my districts DAEP campus. One thing I have realized in the few months I have been there is there is zero services/support for special education students that are sent there.

In my classroom, I have a teachers aide with me as well. However, we are never given any paperwork regarding a students IEP/BIP/504 or anything that states what requirements we have to follow.

In addition, even if I was given all that paperwork, there is nobody to give these services to the students. I am not special education certified and neither is my aide of course.

What are my options? I know that my state (Texas) has ways to file complaints for special education. But are there other options? I also wonder what sort of legal ramifications might happen since I am the teacher of record.

13:07 UTC


Special Education Teacher Losing Teaching License due to Work-Related Brain injury?

TLDR: My teaching license expired while I was recovering from a brain injury inflicted by a student and it caused me to lose my job and my benefits. Am I fucked?

Hey, I'm Sam, I started working for a k-12 district as a SpEd EA in Oregon in February 2021. I worked at a school of exclusively K-1st grade.Over the summer between the 2020-21 school year and the 21-22 school year, I had intended to return to the same position, having nothing but positive feedback from the principle and the SpEd teacher overseeing my work. Four days before the start of the 2021-22 school year started, I was asked if I would be willing to become a SpEd teacher, and apply for an emergency teaching license to lead the SpEd program at another elementary school in the district that was 2nd-3rd grade, because the teacher they had planned to hire for the job quit suddenly due to covid-19 restrictions at the last minute. I accepted and put in a year as SpEd Teacher in that role. I had a part-time mentor, who was working at two or three different schools and did the SpEd program for online learning as well, at the time, so she was barely present for me.

It was primarily my job to make everything come together. Aside from my previous 6mos as an EA/Paraprofessional I had no other experience in the school system. That being said, I was good at my job, well loved, often praised, a favorite among students, and eager to learn any and everything I possibly could. Happy to take on criticism, advice, input, and trainings that could improve my impact on my students and my staff, I was, and still am, always seeking resources to better serve the kids I care about. My students all had impressive measurable improvements in all areas, and I was (and AM) SO PROUD of the amazing progress they made that year!

As the SpEd Teacher, I was solely in charge of managing the staff of SpEd EA's(paraprofessionals) in the building and their interactions with my self-contained classroom as well as the students on my caseload that spent their days in the GenEd setting. I created their schedules, including breaks and lunches, accommodated their needs and ensured they were working with students who benefited most from their specific skillsets. This was normal, seemed doable. I did it. It was stressful, exhausting, overwhelming and impossible, but we managed, I loved it, and our kids loved us, they grew and made progress, and parents felt involved, laws were followed, and that is what mattered.

Summer vacation happened, and I was gearing up for year two of teaching, as I continued working on my bachelors degree, relying on my emergency teaching license still. Completely up to code, completely according to regulation, nothing amiss. School starts, I have no mentor, no help, we have half the staff we need for the legal requirements of students (five students required a 1:1 care all day long, due to medical needs, and we had 17 students on my caseload, and four EA's total). Admin couldn't find applicants to hire to fill the need of all of our students, and we had GenEd kids who were melting down in ways that were more extreme and physically threatening than most of our SpEd kids. They got sent to my room on multiple occasions.

One such occasion, a student was melting down, destroying a classroom, breaking things, toppling over the full-sized bookshelves, stripping himself naked and screaming profanities, throwing objects at any adult that approached him. The teacher cleared the room, protecting the students' peers, and with no other support in the school, the SpEd team (being the only team trained in MANDT restraints) had to intervene. This included me and my second. The two of us were the most highly trained in the building, so we engaged with the student, attempted to reduce the escalation and mitigate the threat verbally and with secondary communication tools. Eventually in order to protect his own life, as he attempted to harm himself fatally, we performed a restraint, and transported him to a different room that we use when students are behaving exceptionally violently. It was appropriately documented by trained observers and adhered to all expectations for such a restraint and transportation event. The room we moved him to, and that we use for this type of incident, has nothing in it, carpeted walls, and windows that are high enough up that only adults can look into them to data-track etc.

According to my training and the school district policy that I was aware of, it is illegal to leave a student in this room without an adult in the room with them, even if they are able to be observed from every angle via windows and camera surveillance.

So, to spare my team of EAs, and our principal who was a 65+yr old man who had just come out of surgery, I stayed in the room with the student as he assaulted me for three hours. This was not uncommon, my average daily assault was 139 punches 67 kicks, 33 bites, 12 head-butts, 14 attempts to strangle me, 6 attempts to remove my clothing, and 6 instances of a student undressing themselves and then spitting, peeing, ejaculating, or rubbing their genitals on me.My response followed the training I received, to stand still, arms crossed, eyes focused on a distant focal point and no verbal or physical feedback during attempts to get a rise out of me or to instigate conflict. Every 15minutes I would recite the expectations, which were as follows, and I quote, "I need to you have a safe body if you would like to have a conversation, or to leave this room. You need to have a calm body and a calm voice, put your clothes on, and sit with your hands in your lap for three minutes, and then I can help you with your feelings. I will not reply to you unless you are being safe with your body. I want to help you, and I care about you, but I need you to have a safe body in order for me to listen and to help."

So I did that.

After 30+ minutes of this student screaming and punching me over and over, he managed to land a hit on my head at the base of my jaw/ear and lower head area.I lost consciousness for a moment, and was escorted out of the room. It is worth mentioning that in my FIRST year of teaching, I had requested self-defense equipment to defend against physical assault (resembling hand-to-hand sparring gear), this request was denied due to lack of stock from the supplier. It was never re-attempted to order or re-addressed. The resulting concussion lasted 8+ months, and I was under workmans comp to resolve it with specialists. I had to re-learn how to read, walk, etc. it was horrible.During that time, my emergency teaching license expired. I was let go from the district because maintaining a teaching license was my responsibility to stay employed with them, but the reason I could not renew my teaching license was because I could not yet READ OR WRITE to fill out paperwork and fulfill the requirements due to an incident I suffered WHILE TEACHING.This accident happened in October 2022, and I was let go in April 2023.I could not work--because the specialist deemed me still in need of treatment until July 2023, and I didn't receive insurance, or workmans comp for that period because I was no longer employed.

I am now in a wheelchair, able to walk for very short distances, and able to stand for short periods of time, but because doctors cannot definitively say it's from the brain injury, I'm not able to get unemployment, disability, or insurance benefits. I have always been active, I rock climbed, I kayaked, I did 5k races, and I participated in local events that required physical involvement. I am now in a wheelchair because I fall so often that Its not safe for me to keep walking around. But because no diagnosis can be determined for certain, I'm stuck.I don't even have a handicapped parking tag.

WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?!Has anyone else been through this???WHAT ON EARTH is the country doing for SPEd and behavior kids and the teachers that work with them???? This feels SO UNFAIR, UNJUST, and INSANE!!!

The saddest thing, is that I love those kids so much, that I'd even go back to teaching in SpEd if my teaching license could renew. But here I am. I can't get any job, I can't get my own job back, the one I gave EVERYTHING for, and I can't even get disability to make up for it.
I'm someone who did the job for the love of the kids.
I'm someone who would STILL do the job, for the love of the kids, DESPITE what happened to me.
But I'm here, blocked from it, blocked from everything, and forced to suffer the consequences for no reason.

12:51 UTC


Becoming a teacher later in life

I am looking for some opinions on a future career path. I’m a SAHM currently and I’m starting to look into my future after the kids are in school. I have a bachelors of science in biology and some years of working in a lab (I was a lab manager). I also did some consulting work so I have some good experience and knowledge in both biology and chemistry in the field. I’m really considering getting my teacher’s certificate to possibly teach biology in high school. It’s something I’ve always considered as a career choice. Is this a terrible idea?

12:49 UTC


Negative coworker

How do I handle a negative coworker who I really don’t want to be around, but I’m the department facilitator and have to communicate/work with her? My role is really just an intermediary between principals and the department, so I have no real authority. We’re encouraged to build community in our departments, but I can barely get through a conversation with her because everything is a complaint and whining, so I avoid her. Do I politely ask her what’s up? She’s been like this for years.

12:15 UTC


Currently an English teacher- what else can I do instead?

Okay, guys, this is my first year teaching. I am 23 years old, and I teach 8th graders. This is absolutely nothing like I expected. I had always thought this career was my calling and that I would “never work a day in my life” because of how much I would enjoy this job; however, kids are not raised the way I was. Honestly, kids are hardly raised at all anymore. I am challenged with utmost disrespect ever.single.day. The fact that I wake up every morning, absolutely dreading going to work and seeing those kids’ faces (most of them)…that’s not the heart of a teacher. I have realized that I have made a mistake, and my heart is not in this. People keep telling me the first year is the hardest and that it will get better, but honestly, I do not see it getting better. I feel so under pressure to produce certain test scores in order to keep my job, but it’s hard to teach the kids what they need to know when they absolutely do not listen, and I can’t even get through a lesson without having to discipline and/or losing my mind. I know I should probably give it at least 1-2 more years before I call it quits, but I’m interested in seeing what my other options are. People have told me, “I can do anything with a degree,” but I just don’t feel that is true. Most jobs require degrees tailored for their jobs. What are my options? Even if I give this career a couple more years of trying, I’d like to know if I can do something else eventually. I know I can’t do this for 30 years- I just can’t. Someone please help me with ideas before I end up losing my mind in this career and going off the deep end.

12:05 UTC


Fourth Grade is Eating me Alive

Make sure you are keeping track of students who are absent for three days or more so they can complete ISP.

Make sure to allow Student: A, B, C, D to take breaks for various reasons (only one with an IEP outlining I do so).

Make sure you use only positive reinforcements and no consequences otherwise we’ll go in front of your class and verbally reprimand you for using an ‘ineffective’ practice so that the kids know they don’t have to listen to their teacher.

Make sure to complete four SST’s and make sure you’re providing differentiated instruction and using their accommodations for your six students with IEP’s (I do this gladly it’s just a LOT to manage).

“Why isn’t this child still in CICO when obviously they need to be?” (Not my decision the counselor made that decision).

Make sure to email the three different parents that request you email them DAILY(during meetings with admin there so yeah you aren’t about to say no) after you showed them step by step how to find the very easy to follow online homework schedule that’s pinned to the first page of Google Classroom.

Make sure you’re implementing the new initiative from the district.

“Why would you feel overstimulated in a classroom? Didn’t you have classroom experience before entering the profession?” (Yes! I did! My class this year is heinous, disrespectful, and I have no admin support. These kids will yell straight into my ear.)

Things that have been weighing on me lately. I’m a second year teacher and this year has been HORRIBLE! The kids are disrespectful, the parents are worse, and the admin enable this behavior!!! I have tried every positive reinforcement under the sun! We are a ‘PBIS’ school which is laughable with how things are managed. I implemented a consequence that was meant to be reflective also lowkey meant to be a bit annoying so they wouldn’t do it again. ALOT OF THEM DONT DO IT AGAIN NOW! I finally felt like I was getting my classroom back and one of my extreme case children gets upset she has to have a consequence and elopes to the office. Where I then get admin coming into my classroom to shut it down in front of all of the kids because they don’t want to be bothered!!! I really don’t understand this profession sometimes! They tell me too many of my kids are in the office (they physically fight and use racial slurs…sorry they are going to the office). They tell me to handle it in class. I do. The kids obviously don’t like it (but most understand why they are getting the consequence) and BOOM nope! We don’t need consequences! It’s Monday morning and I can’t sleep. I hate my job and wish I had supportive admin. Please tell me it won’t always be like this…

11:25 UTC


Can I (16f) ask my teacher (46M) for a hug?

Greetings to all the teachers here.

I understand the implications of physical contact here, but he's very much like a father figure to me, and he's said he loves me as his own daughter (just once in parent-teacher meeting, in front of my mother so it wasn't anything weird). Also, we are somewhat closer than most students with him, since I opened up to him about something personal and depressing (6 months ago), as in he'd go out of his way to cheer me up during classes if I looked down. He looked like he wanted to give me a hug when I told him, but since I did not ask, he just patted my head twice.

Most of our conversations are about mathematics and exams, and sometimes he talks about his life, and childhood, or discusses politics. He has no problem touching male students appropriately, and the most he goes with female students are head pats (tho I haven't seen it on any other girl). I adore him, he cares about me, and there's this clear sense of love even when we're just solving maths questions. I have patted his shoulder before, and close proximity does not seem to bother him.

Also, all our rooms and hallways are covered with CCTVs, there is substantial proof of every interaction that happens, which is quite safe for both the parties.

Would it be okay to ask him for a hug? I have given the background context, but also, he has a daughter aged 11 or 12, but he does not live with her (verified info). Most probably he's divorced, ex-wife has custody (he has hinted towards this before, but it's pure speculation from my side). And he sometimes says stuff like- 'I've bought a pack of uno, y'all come to my house someday we'll play together' jokingly to the class.

I do not think someone who has their own children would say something like this to the class? Teachers, please correct me if I'm wrong. Or would you say you love a student like your own child? Also, I look somewhat 12 - 13, not that much my age, and he has also mentioned that along with I'm adorable (all in parent-teacher meetings, appropriately). He knows how much I trust him with things. Overall our bond is very much like father-daughter.

Would it be appropriate to ask him for a hug? He's also quite a practical person, no-nonsense, rational, hardworking type of person, and expects good grades from me, so there's that aspect too. My worth is associated with my grades since I'm preparing for a highly competitive exam in South Asia currently.

Apologies for any mistake in the structuring of sentences or possible vagueness in the post. English is not my first language. Thank you for your responses.

11:02 UTC


Slowly losing morale

So I've been working as a Supply Teacher at this one school for close to a year and a half now.

Over 1000 hours under my belt there and been in fairly often.

The issue is, my morale is running low. I feel like for the effort I put in, I'm not being paid properly, being appreciated by those higher up properly and being given the proper resources.

The kids are mostly great and issues with them get fixed relatively quickly if I report them accurately and comprehensive.

The hourly rate I'm getting paid is exactly the same since I started in August 2022 and I've had a slight decline in hours too compared to last year up to now. It's looking like I'm on course for a 15% pay cut when you factor in inflation and the slight reduction in hours. It somewhat speaks volumes when my parents are still sending me a monthly allowance every month to top up the salary I get from this work to make ends meet.

Some of the contracted staff at the school say om teaching more than what they are, even on a full time basis.

Management just treat us as complete and utter outsiders, even though we're in practically every single day. We weren't given an invite to the Christmas party yet got offered at the eleventh hour because "staff won't be turning up after all". I also devote myself to additional activities that the school does, quite often unpaid. I'm not receiving any recognition or acknowledgement. The scholarship held a teaching conference the other day for multiple schools across the region (within Europe). "Staff" got to go for free yet I would've had to have paid €200 to attend.

I'm scraping around for resources, the worst being attendance which I'm doing on paper. This is hell when it's first period as I've got to do it within 20-odd minutes. It's done by a piece of paper going round the class and them individually writing their names on it, that's obviously open to abuse like you'd never believe. This school does a lot of stuff digitally, yet this is done in the most archaic way imaginable. I've tried raising it with management, every time it's a different excuse or deflection.

Where do I go from here? I'll have soon been in the profession for 5 years, my morale is starting to dwindle and in the last week I've had 3 school days off, not including the weekend. I didn't exactly go to university to end up on a zero hours contract, wake up at 6.30 and await a phone call that might not come and struggle to even get a board pen. I'm taking my own iPad in for lessons to assist for crying out loud.

As a 28 year old who's actually qualified working alongside 2 other supply staff who are qualified veterans on the verge of retiring, they say that we deserve much better than what's going on currently. They've said to me that if schools don't get their act together then it'll be no surprise why they can't get staff any more for any meaningful length of time.

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Help With A Teacher (Please)

Hello! I am unsure as to where else I could possibly ask this.

My friends and I are having some significant problems with a college professor being unable/unwilling to teach a core class for our majors. She has received bad reviews on ratemyprofessor and by word of mouth from other students that have taken from her. I am concerned about the level of education I will receive for an important core class, and it is too late to transfer out and into another class. She has done things such as, and not limited to:

  • spoken rudely and down towards students for not understanding her
  • read grades out-loud to class
  • commented on quizzes while handing them back, announcing to the class who 'failed to understand the content'
  • I've had a panic/anxiety attack due to the above statement
  • it's a physics class, yet she has not shown us how to do any of the equations, only giving us the formula and calling it done
  • cites the textbook word-by-word, but when asked questions is unable to answer due to lack of knowledge in the subject

From a faculty point of view, what would the best way to go about this be? Should I raise the concerns of my peers and myself to a higher-up, and if so, what sort of title should I look for? Is there a way the higher-ups can check her pass/fail rate, as well as her average grade rates in order to either confirm or deny our concerns?

Thank you in advance - a desperate college student

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Sometimes I wish I could bring the class set of encyclopedias just so I could make the kids learn how to search for information and read through more than two sentences.

Ahh....the good old days...lol

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Is this unreasonable?

Hey everyone! I need some help with figuring something out... So I'm a newbie elementary English teacher teaching the American curriculum in a country whose native language isn't English. So, there's a lot of adaptation involved in how we run our classroom and what we cover. However, lately, admin has been insisting on following this lesson structure:

  1. Lesson introduction
  2. Write Now (assigning a random topic to students in order to reinforce writing skills)
  3. Phonics (retrieval practice)
  4. Engage
  5. I Do
  6. We Do
  7. You Do
  8. Closure: Mini Quiz + 3-2-1 exit slip
  9. Reflection (+ cold calling)

It's mandatory that we follow every single step. However, as a second grade teacher, I'm struggling to cover everything in a single class. Our classes are 40 minutes long, and when one lesson ends the other begins without even allotting just 2 minutes on the time table to move from one class to another. Every class we lose about 5-10 minutes of those 40 minutes until students are settled and ready with their resources. So, realistically, we have about 30 minutes to cover all of the above. And it has been impossible for me to squeeze everything in there. When I do, it's at the expense of my students. I'm literally speedrunning the lesson in a classroom full of non-native 7 year olds...

I was wondering what lesson plan structure you guys follow in the U.S., and how long your classes are. At my school, we have 4 hours of English a week. Is that a little, a lot? The same? Am I simply not good enough if I'm not able to cover these requirements in my classroom? I've already been focusing on integrating different skills in one class (such as writing + reading, vocabulary + speaking, etc) in the students' main differentiated tasks. However, they're now demanding it be done step by step. And even if I was somehow able to cover everything required, that's not considering the feedback I need to give my students, or the time for them to share their thoughts with their peers... I'm struggling so much. I feel so lost and confused and I'm starting to question if I'm even cut out for this. I love my job and I love teaching children. But sometimes I feel like I don't even know what I don't know... And I don't know where to start. I hope I can get some clarity on this matter at least. Thank you all in advance for any responses or tips. <3

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Advantages and Dis-advantages of marrying another teacher

I am wandering what the advantages and dis-advantages of marrying a teacher are in terms of:

  1. same school that I am teaching at
  2. Both teaching the same subject
  3. Arranging transport with each other

I am not sure what dimensions and aspects of marrying a teacher might be and what arguments might occur. For example, will we argue over who will print off resources from a printer first.

I am considering it but I do not know what to consider in terms of whether things will work out. I am wanting professional advice as to how I should consider whether things will work out. I am saying, this because since you teach kids I like to think that you have a duty to make sure your outside life goes smoothly as possible, so that the kids or students do not suffer. This, leads me to believe that I have to consider this in detail and that other teachers might also have thought the same.

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How to deal with judgement from coworkers?

Second year teacher here. How do you handle coworkers who judge you and make rude comments about what you do in your classroom? I’ve had one teacher tell me I’m not meant to be a teacher & should quit and one who told one of my students that I’m a hard grader when I’m not.

On the other hand students like me and have positive things to say about me. But what my coworkers say about me gets in my mind and it makes me feel like an awful teacher. It really hurts. How do you handle this? We teach high school.

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Being read Harry Potter in 6th grade was one of my favorite classes

Not sure if they still do that in school but I was rewatching Harry Potter and remembered being read the books in the 6th grade. I remember not really wanting to leave class to keep going. This was before there was a movie so I dont know if it would hit the same. Is this something teachers do nowadays?

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How do you politely tell kid or his parents that he stinks

One of my students stinks really bad, students sitting next to him don't seem to notice it, but when I approach him it's just unbearable, horrible smell. I don't feel comfortable telling it openly to him, maybe someone has similar experience they could share. I'm not from US or EU, English is not my native language

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