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Welcome to /r/studentaffairs! Ask questions, share resources, vent, or just talk and socialize with other SA professionals!

Welcome to /r/studentaffairs! Ask questions, share resources, or just talk and socialize with other SA professionals! Please grow the community by sharing with your friends & colleagues.

Current or prospective students - while we might be able to point you in the right general direction, each campus is very different. The student affairs professionals at your institution are your best resource for questions & concerns.

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Job Hunting

Hi all!

I just obtained my Masters of Social Work and I am looking for jobs in higher education. I have a ton of experience with participating and working (through internships) with community engagement related programming and offices in higher education.

I've applied to three different community engagement assistant director related positions at three different universities. It has now been around 4 weeks and I've heard nothing. I know it's normal for colleges to take a while to respond, but I was curious to hear others experiences in hearing back from colleges for these type of positions? How long did it take you to hear back for your position?

02:08 UTC


How to get Sponsorships

I’ve been offered the role of Head of Sponsorship from a student run club in campus. My responsibilities will be to identify potential sponsoring organisations, prepare brochures detailing our events, plan and draft sponsorship tiers and their slabs ( basically differentiating sponsorship benefits based on their quote )

I will need your help and guidance on How I must identify and approach potential sponsors and convince them to fund our events.

Info on the club:

We are the only math club in the University. We organise quizzes, problem solving contests, workshops, hackathons for uni students and underprivileged schools.

Thanks for your inputs, have a great day!

16:56 UTC


Studying in the USA as an international student: yes or no

America looks like a dream to a lot of students, who are not paying attention to the disadvantages and problems they may face while studying. For those of you who are in the rumination process, take a look at this info and make your final choice! I am sure after reading this article you`ll find answers to all of your questions and will make the right decision! Good luck!

12:50 UTC


I want to pursue academic advising but most positions I’ve seen require a master’s degree. Would it be better to get a broader master’s degree like education or counseling or should I go straight for a specific academic advising masters program?

01:34 UTC


Limed: Teaching with a Twist - Podcast seeking guests

11:51 UTC


Student Nonprofit Bridging Digital Access Gap Among Students

Hello everyone, we are a student non-profit organization named Bridge Tech. We are dedicated to providing essential computer skill classes to middle and high school students in Raleigh, North Carolina to help them survive society's current job market. To do this we are hosting free Microsoft classes through zoom for students to help them become certified in certain Microsoft Office 365 Applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Bridge Tech is providing the Microsoft classes, Microsoft Office 365 licenses, and even the Microsoft Certification Exam all free of charge. So if you or anyone you know would like to participate in this program please sign up quickly! We open on May 13 and would love it if you or anyone you know would sign up. If you have any questions you can email us at bridgetechraleigh@gmail.com or if you would like to learn more about us and sign up for our classes visit our website at bridgetechraleigh.org

02:08 UTC


New phd looking for input

Hey fellow sa pros. I'm wrapping up my PhD In student affairs administration this semester and am pondering ways to sell my expertise and get affordable resources to colleagues.

What sort of resources or trainings do you all find yourselves looking for on a regular basis? Or even on an uncommon basis, but you'd love to have a helping hand or resource?

22:04 UTC


Job Timeline

Hi everyone, I interviewed for an area coordinator position at a private university. I am one of two candidates for one position. The interview went extremely well, and the university checked references last Tuesday. What do you think would be the appropriate timeline to hear back from them if I have the position or not, or what would your experience be with the waiting process?

02:12 UTC


Second Round Interview Presentation

I was invited back for a second round interview for an entry level position with student involvement. Any tips on how to structure a presentation to students about a possible program/event in a park by campus? How detailed should I be for 15 minutes? The prompt says to discuss budgeting, marketing, execution, etc. About to graduate from my MA program so I'm a little stuck since I've been working in another area of Student Affairs in my assistantship.

Thanks in advance!

03:17 UTC


Applying for internal role seeking advice

I am applying for a role within my department that unexpectedly opened. The previous person was a internal hire and left just a little after a year. Fairly open they were not happy in the role. I did not apply previously for the role but now intend to apply. No one in leadership seems to be openly encouraging someone internally to apply. My immediate boss said I may not be happy in the role as it’s admin heavy and less varied. I currently manage student workers, department events, and overlapping duties with similar to the new role. The role is $7,000 more than current salary. In Jan. this year I asked to be considered for a ‘Senior’ position as I took on new projects. No promotional opportunity or timeline is available at this time. So this feels like my only option to progress although I see it as a lateral move that pays more. Seeking tips for the CL.

00:54 UTC


Benefits of Joining a Union for Advising Staff

Currently working within advising at a large public university system in the Midwest and in the process of attempting to form a union for the professional academic staff. For advisors who are part of a union at your university, what have been some of the tangible benefits to joining? The biggest point I can think of is better pay that keeps up with the ever-rising cost of living, but I am sure there are other benefits to consider. It's pretty depressing to think of making the same salary (which is essentially a pay cut every year there is not a raise to outpace inflation) for the rest of my time in this role.

14:20 UTC


Will it stay this way forever?

I’m currently a master’s student. I landed the perfect graduate assistantship, but at the end of last semester, both of my supervisors left. The interim supervisor is upper administration, and they do not do anything but sign off on paperwork.

As a grad student, I have run a program that deals with a very vulnerable student population, almost totally on my own. I feel like I can’t prove my value or worth, no matter how much I do. I can’t do anything but question if this field is really good for me or not. I have so many plans at my current institution, but I’m considering leaving because I can not work under this “supervisor”. There is a job open at another nearby university that I’m considering, but taking it might risk my ability to obtain my degree.

I feel so lost, stuck, powerless, and alone. I’m only 22 and this is my first year in the field as a “para-professional”, because they had to create another term to devalue or work more. What should I do? Who do I talk to about the corruption, bullying, and neglect I’ve had to go through this year? Do I quit? Do I scramble for another GAship or job?

I can’t do this anymore.

18:06 UTC


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23:46 UTC


Media Specialist job

I was offered an interview for a job that relates to the configuration and installation of assistive equipment for students with disabilities. While I've had other positions in student affairs during my undergrad career (I worked as an RA along with two other peer mentoring/educator positions), I'm a bit nervous for this interview and was just wondering if anyone with a similar job/title would be able to share their insights on what their work is like?

23:56 UTC


When I was hired, I thought I landed my dream job. Now, I only dream of giving my exit interview.

00:40 UTC



Hi everyone I have my second round interview this week for an Area Coordinator I was hoping to get some insight on what to expect. As well as what are some questions I should ask at the end. I’m pretty nervous as well.

23:19 UTC


Is it unprofessional to stock personal hygiene items in my office for students?

Hi all! I've (22F) worked in a student affairs position at my university for about eight months now. I come into my office for about 3-4 days a week where I meet with about 9 students a day. I don't want to give away my exact position for anonymity reasons, but I want to clarify that I do not work as any sort of mental health or medical professional.

I like to keep candy and hand sanitizer in my office for students to use, and I was also thinking of providing things like menstrual products just in case anyone needs.

While my campus does provide them, you have to go out of your way for it, and they are not provided in any of the bathrooms. I'm a little worried of how this would be received and if it would be a good idea or not (or if it's even allowed), but I want to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for my students. Does anyone have any thoughts?

EDIT: Thank you all so much for the help! Fantastic ideas here :)

07:20 UTC


Dissertation Survey - Academic Advising Competency Study

Hi Advising and Student Success Colleagues-
I am working on my doctoral dissertation research, focusing on the NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies. Please consider responding to my survey if you are a faculty or staff member serving in an academic advising role, administrative role, or other similar student support role in areas such as Trio, athletic academics, or other related areas.
This study has been approved by NDSU IRB: IRB0004675.
You may access the survey here: https://ndstate.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_enG62MgqYjJsLfE
Thank you for considering!

23:58 UTC


Teacher Issues

So I just needed to go somewhere to vent and I was told this is the place. So I am taking a couple classes this semester and this one teacher for whatever reason refuses to actually sit and help us. He is my lab and lecture teacher and anytime we are in lab he tells us something is wrong or missing but won’t elaborate. Like you can’t tell us that and not help figure out what we did wrong because we have no clue. So me and my lab partner almost always stay over time because he won’t actually help us.

15:57 UTC


Prospective SA grad student

Hello! New to this subreddit, I am in my undergrad currently and shopping around for grad programs in student affairs and administration. Any recommendations or programs to avoid? I'm a 4th year student with another year left, have done a lot of work in the EDI and housing sector and hoping to start in a program with assistantship/funding options in fall of 2025. Additionally, my GPA isn't that great, so if anyone has any general grad school application tips I would super appreciate them.


Thank you all for the recommendations and information! My GPA is currently at 2.45 resident, 2.56 cumulative. Working on getting it up as much as I can, I have two semesters (roughly) left. Seriously considering a masters in a different field especially since I don't want to be tied to the field if I end up not liking it long term.

15:35 UTC


concealed carry on college campuses

hi everyone! i have a project for one of my classes for my M.Ed. & we have to do an issue or new development in higher education. i chose to do concealed carry on campuses. if your campus has a concealed carry policy, please DM/comment which university so i can look at the specific policy. (google has only brought me to links that explicitly say "no guns allowed"). thank you for your time

02:35 UTC


NASPA Conference Registration

Hey!! Has anyone ran into any issues with registering for the 2023 NASPA conference in Boston? The pay now button is nonexistent. However if I hover over the space it’s supposed to be, I can click that space which directs me to a pop up that I’m assuming is supposed to be where I pay. I’ve tried every single browser, tried it on my phone, and customer service is closed. Not sure if I’m missing something. Just seeing if anyone has run into this issue. I don’t want to hyper-focus on this and just move on to the next task lol 🫠Thank you for your help!

00:29 UTC


summer experiences

hi everyone! i am currently in a M.Ed. program in SAHE. i was wondering if anyone knows of any opportunities during the summer? i would prefer remote, and nothing with housing. thank you for all of your help in advance!

23:34 UTC


Dating Apps

Hey everyone, I’m starting my career in Higher Education as an RD or something within Residential Life/Student Affairs/Development. I’m 21, and I’m looking for insight into what I should do with my dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr, etc. How do you think I should handle this?

21:26 UTC


Expatriates of Student Affairs or EDU Pivoters-Are you a member?

Is anyone in here a member of one of the following groups?:

Expatriates of Student Affairs (Facebook)

EDU Pivoters: Expats of (campus-based) Education Roles (Linkedin)

19:27 UTC


New(er) accessibility services advisor looking to find people to connect with. Anyone out there?

Hey there student affairs redditors. I'm a new accessibility services advisor (less than a year in); my role also has a general academic advising component to it as well. This is just a general post seeing if anyone else is out there and wants to connect. Or maybe there's another subreddit someone could point me to.

I love this role and I do find it really fulfilling and I feel like I'm making a real difference to students with disabilities. There are also days that I feel totally overwhelmed and unsure of myself; I fight off imposter syndrome almost daily it seems like.

I'm connected with AHEAD, NACADA, and a few other professional orgs, and those resources really have been amazing. Would just love some more connection, if anyone's out there.

19:01 UTC


Messaging on LinkedIn after applying

I’ve heard in other fields that it’s effective to message the hiring manager/recruiter on LinkedIn after applying to get an interview. I’m currently applying to my first full time role post grad school and I’m wondering if this is encouraged in student affairs? I found the person who would be supervising the role I applied for, but not sure if this is common practice within the field or if it’s frowned upon

01:58 UTC


Have you ever taken ChatGPT seriously?

To be honest,since the moment this new brand technology appeared I knew it wouldn't be smth absolutely intelligent. I believe this type of thing may be helpful at some work moments, but I don't think some students would use it for any type of help. Yes, I can for sure say so after reading this info . And what about you guys, any thoughts on this topic?

11:18 UTC


Toxic work environment - how to move forward?

Long story short, I’m working at a university that has traditionally never appreciated/supported student affairs and I’m wondering if I should get out or try to make change happen.

We’ve been working 3 days in person, 2 remote, and they recently told us we need to work fully in person and they aren’t giving summer Fridays.

The president gets over $10k a month in housing allowances in addition to their salary and utilities (gas, electric, water, car payment, etc). We haven’t gotten a raise in years but upper admin gets yearly bonuses.

Staff is, I think, understandably upset. We’ve been threatened in the past for thinking of forming an association or unionizing and my role is low enough that I don’t think I could pull it together without getting fired.

I’m hoping to get feedback or support.

01:34 UTC

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