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The goal of r/Education is to provide a community in which educational stakeholders can participate in meaningful, reflective, and thought-provoking discourse about educational policy, research, technology, and politics. Additional Keywords, teachers, students, education

The goal of r/Education is to provide a community in which educational stakeholders can participate in meaningful, reflective, and thought-provoking discourse about educational policy, research, technology, and politics.


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    What are your thoughts about my Stream choosing?

    (I might sound very childish or imaginative here but that's where the fun is)

    I am a 10th standard student right now and I want to study abroad for college. I want to go with the IT side (become a game programmer or something). I am thinking of choosing Commerce with IT and maybe get Physics coaching externally after 10th and give SAT and other language test after 12th and do Computer Science in a nice college abroad. I am sure money will not be a problem by then but right now is a little bit so I can't really study in an IB board school for 11th and 12th. Also I really don't want to take Science for I guess obvious reasons. What are your thoughts?

    07:49 UTC


    What is the most valuable skill that schools don't teach?

    21:04 UTC


    [Repost] The Effectiveness of a 4-Week Online Mindfulness Program for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress


    I am a graduate student researcher from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) studying the helpfulness of a 4-week online mindfulness treatment for depression, anxiety, and stress in adults aged 18 years and older for my master's thesis. Participation will involve completing online surveys and learning and practicing mindfulness exercises introduced in the online intervention program. After completion of the program, participants will be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Approximately 1.5 hours of your time each week is required.

    All in all, through this study, I hope to better illuminate the effects of brief mindfulness programs in both younger and older adults, along with promoting awareness and future research for these types of programs!

    *NOTE: Due to the nature of this study, I cannot post the survey links directly to Reddit. Surveys will be sent via the email below.

    In order to participate you must:

    • Be 18-30 or 50+ years of age
    • Have access to the Internet and email
    • Be willing to answer questions about your mood and memory

    If you would like to participate or have any questions, please email Payton Downey at pdowney@uccs.edu.

    If you don't believe you qualify or do not wish to participate, please feel free to share this information with other people who might be able to participate.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    20:36 UTC


    Bucksmore summer courses in kings college

    Has anyone been to kings college english summer courses and can you recommend it?

    13:28 UTC


    College students with low reading levels

    Obviously, students at higher reading levels will usually have higher grades. I'm at a community college and I'm astounded that my students don't even read the simple instructions for an assignment.

    I'm just not quite sure how to handle this.

    05:02 UTC


    Want to go into education-but am greatly concerned.

    Hello! For the past two years I’ve been studying to go into Art and French education, a few weeks ago I started my rounds as a classroom assistant and I don’t know if I can do it. It was at one of the top 50 schools in my state, and it was like a zoo to be Frank. The teacher was at her wits end, and the students absolutely refused to participate or listen for the most part. I don’t know if I can deal with that. I love the thought of passing on knowledge and don’t care much about the pay as I want to live a simple life. However, the kind of disrespect is abysmal, especially with the stories I’ve been hearing from the teachers I’m working with. I don’t think I can mentally drain myself like that and really just need some advice.

    22:44 UTC


    Arent public schools and college mostly just baby sitting for parents? Why learn all that useless nonsense? Couldnt a kid learn better just studying a few specialties in their room for 4-6 years from youtube/reddit/google etc?

    20:41 UTC


    If teachers are essential for a caring society, what will happen when caring teachers are fleeing the profession in droves?

    A caring society is a society that has their professional best educating their children. If professional teachers are essential for a caring society, what will happen when caring teachers are fleeing the profession in droves?

    It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Here is what I predict (recently retired 25 year teacher):

    1. Parents will become alarmed at the amount of violence and bullying at schools - due in part to larger class sizes and less qualified teachers
    2. They will also realize that their kids are not progressing in their education. They can't read at grade level and they can't do math
    3. They will decide to homeschool - with little idea of what it entails
    4. At first, they will rely on the canned homeschool programs, such as K12 to provide instruction
    5. Soon they will realize that without direct parental oversight and guidance, their kids can't/won't do their schoolwork during the work day. They'll eventually discover that their kids aren't doing the work
    6. Caring parents are going to sacrifice luxuries, and take on homeschooling oversight. One parent will go from fulltime to part time work
    7. This will remove more essential workers from an already depleted workforce
    8. Some of those parents will realize that the precious time they are sinking into their children's education is wasted unless they impose consequences. This will be a small start to wellness
    9. There will also be a large percent of parents who remove their kids from the neighborhood school to homeschool who are unable to follow through
    10. Once again, our society will be divided along socioeconomic lines - those who can afford to properly homeschool and those who cannot. This will have long term consequences
    11. At some point, the government will have to step up and enforce state education laws
    12. At first state education departments will turn to administrators for solutions - and they will get it wrong. Too many administrators are people who found day-to-day instruction distasteful. They are NOT education experts (which is okay as long as they are administrative experts - a different skill set)
    13. When those in power include the caring teachers they previously discarded, then we can fix the education conundrum
    17:00 UTC


    Hello from a Chinese student! What are your experiences with homework in American elementary schools?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a student from China and I'm really interested in learning about the homework given in American elementary schools. Can you share your experiences with me? What type of homework do you typically get, and how often? Do you have any examples of homework assignments you've received? Also, what do you think about the amount and type of homework given in American elementary schools?

    I would love to hear from you and learn more about the differences and similarities between homework in American and Chinese elementary schools. Thanks in advance for your help!

    04:09 UTC


    Have school of education curriculums been compared in detail?

    Couldn't find books on comparative education of education, or course description lists

    for example for teachers and each education role, and the general reqs

    Maybe for students too? Has 'how to be a student' education been analysed, criticized?, for example comparative 'hidden curriculum'?

    Is it mostly passive and does that make it hard or impossible to get some grips on, but in vaguer feelings less complex and varied because not growing intentionally?

    01:26 UTC


    help! i need a real life application of limits in calculus

    00:50 UTC


    "Education needs inspiration, not just information. Only inspired human beings can transform their own lives and lives around them." - Sadhguru

    Back when I was in school, it was surely those teachers who were inspired that had the most impact, and the most of my attention. I feel this is not talked about enough. What are we doing make sure we have inspired teachers?

    12:18 UTC


    Computer science jobs?


    I am planning ro study in college from Aug and I, have heard that if somebody works in computer science then many jobs comes with perks, like working from home for example. Is this true? What does it means like working home exactly?

    11:49 UTC


    In class learning activities


    I volunteer with an organisation mentoring kids in schools. We run activities to teach and practice soft skills for the kids {communication, confidence, critical thinking, public speaking, leadership, etc}.

    I was wondering if any of you (the honest to god experts and heroes of this) had any activities you do with your class that are either fun, help with a soft skill, or are generally a success with your students.

    Thank you!

    11:47 UTC


    transfer students to Europe, how did u do it?

    I am from Pakistan, and would like to transfer to somewhere in Europe (preferably Germany or Italy) as a student. I don't come from wealth, so I want the expenses to be minimum, preferably scholarship. What are the procedures, documentations, and searching for university?

    Currently I am a student of BS in software engineering, starting my 6th semester. I have a CGPA of +3.00.

    08:49 UTC


    Fun Friday Post

    Sometimes, if they could make a comfortable enough living environment… I would totally be down to live in a condo on top of my school building. Like imagine a roof top pool, hot tub, tiki bar, maybe a little grocery store/cafe.

    1 Comment
    20:42 UTC


    Video on Preparing for NGSS State Tests

    NGSS State Assessments can be tough for students, but we can prepare them! I don't "teach to a test", but by focusing on SEP's and digital tools we can also prepare them for their future. Please check out my 20 minute video on how I do this:


    16:09 UTC


    Is alot of educational learning theory from business learning theory?

    Business profs are who i found teaching learning theory, and they're teaching Business theorists. (When searching management on YouTube at least)

    Is there place to ask Business theorists and historians

    14:06 UTC


    Give me a routine/schedule that will guarantee my success in life ?

    Basically a schedule that will get me A's in all subjects and will enhance my mind for studies, pls

    13:55 UTC


    lack of online degrees in florida

    90% of degrees do not require showing up to class in person. Why can't florida offer all degrees online which do not require hands on activities? Is there some policy that is constraining this or is it the old "we don't have the money"?

    08:28 UTC


    Hoping a School Administrator could answer a few questions tonight about their role in the IEP Process!

    Good evening,

    I have reached out to some School Administrators in my area, and I haven't heard back from anyone yet.

    I am hoping there might be a School Administrator out there tonight on Reddit who might be willing to answer a few questions about your involvement in the IEP process.

    Thank you!!

    04:46 UTC


    Should Institutions Avoid Using Canvas?

    Why is Canvas a Gatekeeper of Knowledge?

    And why we need to avoid it at all costs.

    "Information wants to be free" as Stewart Brand once said.

    Free information, especially educational content, captures the essence of the natural drive of information toward self-organization and self-regulation, which is essential for the flourishing of human civilization.

    Continue reading....

    04:41 UTC


    I'm a university student looking to learn about the processes and systems behind bell scheduling in 6th-12 grade schools. Who can I talk to/where can I look to learn more?

    When I was in high school, I built a small tool to help solve some problems/inefficiencies I saw regarding bell schedule distribution. I now have an opportunity to pursue this idea a little further and earn some course credit for it and I'm looking to see if there is anyone who i could talk to to learn more about the bell scheduling processes (i.e. how schedules are made and communicated) at 6th-12th grade schools beyond my own.

    Is there somewhere in particular I can go to find people who are familiar with this topic from a variety of schools (beyond just my own high school connections) that are likely to be willing to talk with me?

    23:22 UTC


    Advice for Ontario Universities

    Hey guys,

    So I’m a student currently going to York University. I’m taking an honours biomedical course and have around 3 years left (could be more). Before attending York, I went to Humber College and graduated with a diploma in biotechnology. I recently got an email saying Humber College is offering the same programme I’m taking at York (an honours degree in Biomed), and since I graduated from Humber, I can complete this degree in two years. I was wondering if it’s worth it to switch over to Humber so I can complete my degree faster. But does a degree from Humber hold the same value as one from York? They both have co-ops, so I could potentially gain experience in my field regardless.

    Thanks guys.

    21:52 UTC


    Would getting an engineering technology degree of some sort be worth it? if it’s the only kind of engineering degree around?

    As title says. I want to get an engineering degree, but the only local colleges around offer engineering technology, industrial engineering technology, and computer engineering technology. Just wondering if it would even be worth it.

    16:06 UTC



    A really interesting/horrifying article was recently posted on The FP about the explosion of the prevalence of cheating post-COVID. I would have loved to see some data referenced, but the anecdotes and logic seemed pretty compelling to me. https://www.thefp.com/p/dishonor-code-what-happens-when-cheating

    This quote stood out to me especially for why this isn’t a problem that is going to be easy to fix:

    Plus, it’s not necessarily smart to report bad behavior. “Nontenured faculty have no real choice but to compromise their professional standards and the quality of the students’ own education to take a customer’s-always-right approach,” Gabriel Rossman at UCLA told me. That’s because lower level courses, where cheating is more rampant, tend to be taught by nontenured faculty with little job security—the kind of people who fear getting negative student evaluations. “Students can be tyrants,” the CUNY English professor said. “It’s like Yelp. The only four people who are going to review the restaurant are the people who are mad.”

    There was an interesting, to me, characterization of this circumstance posted by Baylor professor Alan Jacobs:

    I hear from my fellow professors all the time that recent technologies (and not just the new chatbots) have simply exposed for all to see the heretofore unspoken deal between teachers and students: We pretend to teach them and they pretend to learn.

    15:14 UTC


    Im just curious, is 7 A*s 1 A and 1 B good in cambridge o levels?

    13:23 UTC


    Higher Education institutes in Zimbabwe

    <!--td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->The expansion of the university system in Zimbabwe is mainly in response to the expansion of the primary and secondary education segment in the country. Here are a few biggest challenges of higher education institutes in Zimbabwe and how Academia ERP is uprooting them. For more information or request a demo just click here https://www.academiaerp.com/request-demo/
    11:44 UTC


    Need some advice, urgent.

    I was pursuing a masters degree program in a very reputable university of our country,but due to some family problems and personal issues (anxiety and stress related) i couldn't continue and had to drop out of the program about 1.5 year in. Since then,about a year has passed, now that my family situation and personal stress issues are gone, I wish to resume studies. Is there any chance I can resume my master's program in that University? It's very reputable so it's best if i can get my degree from there instead of restarting studying somewhere else.

    11:06 UTC


    need some help

    I am a 22 year old and graduated in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in commerce. Since then I've struggled to find my passion but done something to show that I keep updating myself. I've done a few courses like SAP, AML and learnt python then I've also applied to jobs but none of it panned out. So I'm now trying to pursue a career in data science but don't know if I will get accepted into any colleges with a degree in commerce. Is it possible for me to pursue this career path? Please any advice will be helpful (note: I have covered a bit of maths and stats in my degree's course)

    04:00 UTC

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