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Fate hollow ataraxia

Does anyone have the Japanese version of hollow ataraxia for pc?? I'm searching for an unpatched version, please let me know if you have one.

15:31 UTC


Happy 34th Birthday to Makoto Furukawa! (VA: Achilles)

15:01 UTC


Fate Samurai Remnant Review

Here is my Written Review! if you want to see my Review Video I'll leave the link at the bottom of the review! I show a lot of footage for the game without spoiling anything that will give you a better idea of what I am talking about in this written review! Enjoy!

Welcome to my in-depth review of Fate/Samurai Remnant! I've been a big fan of the Fate series for many years now, and I was really excited when I heard that a brand new game was coming out set in Edo-era Japan. If you’re a fan of the Anime series like Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works or Fate Zero then you will also really enjoy this game. Especially with the return of a lot of characters from previous Anime series or Fate Movies, one of those being the legendary Gilgamesh but I don't want to really touch on that because I don't want to spoil anything or ruin the surprise. If you have played the mobile game Fate Grand Order you will also see a lot of similar characters as well, like Miyamoto Musashi. I've been playing the game for the past week now, with about 80 hours put into the game and while I did not complete all the side stuff yet I did complete the main story and I'm ready to share my thoughts with you all, but don’t worry I will be keeping this spoiler free for you all. Big shoutout to Koei Tecmo for sending me a review copy. They asked me to not show many cutscenes especially from the last chapter of the game, because there are some really good twists in the main plot, so I will be using a lot of early footage for this review.


  • Fate/Samurai Remnant is an action RPG where you play as a Master who summons a Servant to fight in the Holy Grail War. The combat system is fast-paced and exciting, and there's a lot of depth to it. I was unlocking new mechanics for the combat and more even at the 30 hour mark of the game. It plays kind of similar to the other fate games where it feels like a Muso game, which at first I was kind of turned off by when I first saw footage of the game because I don't really like muso games that much, but honestly the way they did the combat in this game works really well. Yes it plays somewhat like a muso game but the boss fights are the real gems here. The boss fights almost feel like a souls like game. It kind of reminds me of Persona 5 Strikers and how I was worried about that game also being in the muso game genre but all the mechanics they added to Fate Samurai Remnant and RPG elements worked really well in this installment.
  • You can choose different attacks and combos to use, and you can also switch between your Servants and your Master to create different strategies. Not only will you be able to control Saber but you will also be able to recruit Rogue Servants that you can summon in battle to control and help you defeat your enemies, but keep in mind that you can only have 1 Rogue Servant in your party at a time.
  • One of the things I really like about the combat system is that it's very rewarding to master. Once you learn the different moves and combos, and that certain enemies are weak to certain sword stances, you can put together some really stylish and effective attacks. The boss fights were the most fun fights in the game for me, learning their attack patterns and when to strike and when to switch into my Servants to break their shields faster or to deal a massive amount of damage very quickly, it all felt very rewarding and never in my 80 hours of playing the game did it feel repetitive or boring. Not only is their a dodge but there is also a really nice parry technique in the game as well, and it's one of the best ways to break enemy shields or stun them so you can deal damage, because bosses have a magical shield that protects them from the main characters attacks and only servants attacks and skills or link skills can take down their shield or stun them for a few seconds so that Iori can do some damage before they get back up, but parrying is also a nice way to break the enemies guard for a few seconds so that Iori can do some damage as well.
  • Link Skills were the most fun techniques to do in the game, with your Rogue Servants it just showed them doing their abilities by themselves, but if you do Link Skills with your partner Saber, then it will do a dual attack where Iori & Saber attack the enemies in Unison and deal a devastating amount of damage. There are a lot of these abilities that you can get throughout the game and they are all very well animated and fun to look at, I never got bored of using them.
  • There’s honestly so much side content in this game that you could have well over 100 hours after completing them all, I can’t possibly talk about them all in this video because I don’t want this video to be an hour long, but one of the other things that I will talk about is Leylines & Digressions. Digressions are pretty much just a fancy name for side quests from other Servants & Masters or Rogue Servants in the game and there’s a lot of them. They add a bit more lore to the other characters in the game that will enhance your enjoyment of the story overall, but you definitely do not need to do them all. I will say though that they do give very good rewards to help make your characters stronger if you are struggling in the story. I was playing on the hardest difficulty though and I didnt really ever have any difficulty that required grinding in the game, if anything it was more me having to learn the enemies attack patterns and my openings to attack. Leylines are mostly part of the main story but also can be done on some side quests, if you have watched any of the Anime then the term Leylines will be very familiar to you, if not you can think of Leylines as a sort of Vein under the earth that gives the Masters & Servants magical energy and the more you control and the bigger the leylines the stronger you and your Servants become, You can also steal Leylines from your enemies and vice versa.
  • I played on the hardest difficulty because I am a Masochist, but the game also has a lot of different difficulty settings so you can find a challenge that's right for you. Honestly there is probably so much more I can tell you about the combat because this game really does have an in depth combat system with mechanics that I was unlocking even towards the end of the game, so I think I’ll just leave you with these main points in the gameplay and let you figure out some of the smaller stuff on your own. Just know that you will always be learning new things in combat even in the late game.
  • Also I have to mention that YOU CAN PET THE CATS & DOGS haha! Speaking of petting the cats and dogs, one more thing I want to touch on is, every single new area has a bulletin board that has a bunch of mundane tasks for you to do that I will admit get pretty boring pretty fast because they are copy and pasted throughout the entire game in every area. They will have you do things like “pet 2 dogs, pet 2 cats, defeat 50 ronin etc.”, These tasks give you a lot of skill points and stuff so it makes it worth while doing them, but I really wish they would have spent a little more time flushing this out and adding some variety to these. There's also an NPC that is an acquaintance of Iori that gives him a lot of materials and money for completing similar tasks to the bulletin board but these are much more combat based tasks.

RPG Elements

  • Let’s talk about some of the RPG elements introduced in Fate Samurai Remnant. There are so many RPG Elements in this game, one of the first ones you unlock is the magecraft workshop, which allows you to upgrade your characters in a multitude of ways. You can get new passive abilities, learn new sword stances for Iori, and also unlock a lot of new mechanics through the workshop as well. It’s also where you can access skill trees for Iori and his Servants, but after you unlock this you can access your skill tree and upgrade from anywhere. You can also dismantle excess weapons that you have for Iori that you’re not using and get parts that you can use to further upgrade your Magecraft Workshop. You can also use the Workshop to enhance your weapons for Iori even further.
  • There’s also a bunch of ways in the story to get more EXP through mini games, 2 of those being Sword Maintenance which gives you a xp multiplier for the next few battles depending how you did during the mini game, and Buddha Statue Carving, where you will do a mini game to carve a statue and get xp in return, Gilgamesh will also give you a side quest to carve a statue of him because there isn't a statue of him in this world and he’s upset about that haha that’s so like Gilgamesh.
  • The Memento Ring is probably the most important RPG mechanic because it is tied directly to Saber unlocking new paths on her skill tree. The way you can get this Memento Ring filled faster is by doing a lot of the side content in the game alongside the Main Story content which also fills the ring as well.


  • The story of Fate/Samurai Remnant is set in Edo-era Japan, and it follows a group of Masters and Servants who are fighting in the Holy Grail War. The story is very well-written and engaging, and it features a cast of really interesting characters.
  • The main protagonist of this story is Miyamoto Iori. He is the student and adopted son of Miyamoto Musashi. He’s a ronin living in Asakusa, Edo, who studied the Niten Ichiryu style of swordsmanship, but Musashi passed away before he could teach him the secrets of the art. Still seeking to master the Way of the sword, he spends his days training while making ends meet. According to Musashi, Iori is talented but he was born in the wrong era. He never had as much success as a swordsman as Musashi did because he couldn't become inhumanely indifferent like Musashi. He values the reason and good sense of his era. Musashi praises Iori's mind, saying he has the flexibility to embrace the new, the humility to revere the old, and the gentleness to yearn for peace. It is because of these aspects that Musashi deems Iori "too kind", and saw how his teachings just brought Iori pain. Iori wishes to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, and so his reason for participating in the Waxing Moon Ritual is because he views it as an evil that must be stopped before innocents are hurt.
  • Iori’s partner in this story is none other than Saber. Saber is impetuous and cocky. Saber and Iori often argue during the early stages of the story, especially because Saber sees him as weak. Saber refuses to reveal her True Name to Iori when he asks because she’s insulted that he can't immediately tell just by looking. They do become very close pretty quickly though and I absolutely loved the banter between them throughout the entire game. Saber is easily distracted by the sights of Edo, as the 17th century is an unfamiliar era to her. She doesn't understand some common modern things, like not knowing what paper is. Saber's favorite food is rice & Miso Soup and at the end of every day in the game she is constantly hounding Iori for it and it never failed to make me chuckle every time I saw her eyes light up before she laid into her rice and miso soup haha. Saber see’s the modern agriculture of Edo as a symbol of peace to be admired.
  • I will say one of the things I really disliked in the story was how flat and bland Iori was as a character compared to Saber. I would actually go as far to say that the true Main Character in Fate Samurai Remnant is Saber and not Iori. His character definitely gets more flushed out later on in the story but even 20 hours in the main story Iori still felt like the same bland character that he did in the beginning of the game, meanwhile Saber’s character growth and progression throughout the entire story was incredible. It could have very well been designed that way, but man I do wish they would have given Iori a little bit more character development earlier in the story to make us care about his character more. I often found myself smiling everytime Saber was on the screen or talking, but annoyed when Iori was on the screen. I think they were trying to make Iori similar to Emiya from Fate Unlimited Blade works but he definitely did not measure up to Emiya at all in my opinion. Emiya was a much more enjoyable character with way more character development.
  • One of the things I really like about the story though is that it's not just a straightforward retelling of one of the Anime like the Fate/stay night story. The developers have taken some creative liberties with the story, and it's been really interesting to see how they've adapted the story to this new setting. I do have a few small Gripes though

Graphics and Sound

  • The graphics in Fate/Samurai Remnant are absolutely stunning. The game features a unique and beautiful art style, and the character models are very well-detailed. The environments are also very well-designed for a linear map that had some decently large area. I think that they really captured the feeling of Edo-era Japan.
  • The sound design in Fate/Samurai Remnant is also excellent, but the main selling point here is the voice acting. The voice acting in Fate Samurai Remnant is top-notch and they brought on some very talented and popular Japanese voice actors. Unfortunately though there is no English Voice action in the game, I’m guessing that this was due to budget going to so many Big Voice Actors for the Japanese version. I also want to take a second to talk about the music. There are a lot of amazing battle tracks in this game and a lot of very ambient osts for the various towns in the game, and they are all very fitting for the game's setting and atmosphere.


Overall, I think Fate/Samurai Remnant is a great game with a lot to offer especially for fans of the series or for those of you that are looking for another JRPG with over 100 hours of content to sink your teeth into. If you're a fan of the Fate series, or if you're just looking for a great action RPG, then I highly recommend checking it out. I give Fate Samurai Remnant a 8.5/10

I would have rated it a little bit higher if it wasn't for my dislike for the Main Character Iori, in the first half of the game and for the pacing of the games main story, I definitely felt a lot of the in between big moments in the story were just padded to make the game longer and I would have been happier if they had cut some of those out to make the game a little shorter and keep the pacing of the story more enjoyable. I also would have liked if there was a tiny but more difficulty as I played on the hardest difficulty and had no issues or challenge at all.

If you want to watch the Review Video and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel feel free to click the link as I do many JRPG and RPG Reviews!


13:26 UTC


My (Spoiler-free) Review of Fate/Samurai Remnant, from a Musou and Fate Mega-Fan

This is the script of my video review which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/faHPX6FN7yI

If you're just interested in simply reading some of my thoughts, this is it here!


Thank you to Tecmo Koei for providing the digital deluxe edition of the game for me for free. This is not a paid review.

I’m going to start with my Too Long ; Didn’t Watch review, so if you just want my opinion and want to experience it spoiler free yourself, you may:

TL;DW - Tecmo Koei has crafted a game that is the closest to Kinoko Nasu’s vision of the Fate franchise based on the original Visual Novel. It is an excellently crafted adaptation of the world of the Nasuverse mixed with musou-esque gameplay. It is a full packaged game bursting with content and an excellent place for old school fans AND newcomers alike. This is absolutely the best non-visual novel Fate game.

If you’re interested in more details, please continue to watch this video. I will not be saying any spoilers throughout but will reveal some gameplay details. Note that this review was written after 12 hours of gameplay, which according to the PS5 Activaties tab only equates to 22% of story progress.

Fate Samurai Remnant is essentially the same thing Tecmo Koei did with both Persona 5 Strikers as well as Fire Emblem 3 Hopes and Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, where they took a concept that existed previously and essentially fuses it with musou, or Warriors, gameplay. However where all of those previous games have been based on other video games, the thing Samurai Remnant adapts is the Stay Night visual novel. You see this in idea of there being a slice-of-life world in the day filled with friends and family, cooking and the beauty of a slow life which is broken up by the world of night, a world of combat and mystics. That’s not to say it directly takes much from Stay Night, aside from a few shared characters, but every concept of mages and how they fight and relationships with servants are directly translated into gameplay in a way that is astounding to me. Things such as having a workshop that you upgrade so as not to be attacked by enemy masters at night, or dealing with leylines to empower yourself and cut off opponents sources of energy are concepts discussed in the Fate Stay Night and Witch on the Holy Night visual novels but now can be actively played in a proper video game.

This is best exemplified in the actual combat. You see, most of the time you are playing as Iori Miyamoto, adopted son of Miyamoto Musashi of Proper Human History. Iori is very human - while he is strong and can hold his own in a fight, to be human is to be squishy and easily hurt. When you play as him, every time you get hit it hurts. He feels less like a musou character and closer to something you’d see in the more grounded Tecmo Koei works like a Nioh or Wo Long. His attacks rarely stagger and you have to be careful to the committal of his heavy attacks. His dodge does not cancel out of all animations so you have to be deliberate with his skills. He does get more options over time, such as more stances and some defensive options like a dodge-based parry, but they have very tight windows and he always feels vulnerable.

However, in this game you do get to play as the servants as well, and to represent that power gap between human and servant, playing as the servants is closer to playing as a proper high level hyper fighting musou character, where every swing of the sword sends troops flying and your heavy attacks will envelope entire areas. When you get to be a servant it feels like you are suddenly a different game. Getting your Switch meter filled and swapping to a servant and wiping out opponents or destroying bosses feels incredible. Combined with a healthy number of special moves that are very creative for each servant, they all feel great to play as.

Continuing with the servants but going back to the story, one element that is done really well is the discovery of servant identities. Some Fate media will waste no time and simply tell you the identities of servants, but this one is closest to Stay Night’s idea of slowly piecing together who the servants are. Some are very obvious, and some are reoccurring characters who longtime fans know very well. Some will tell you very quickly who they are as an act of trust. However, the majority keep their identities very closely guarded - even your own Saber does not make it apparent who they are at all in the first 12 hours, and you have to piece together who they are through small interactions and what knowledge they have. Even their gender is truly kept a mystery throughout, in a similar idea to Stay Night’s Saber who this one so closely resembles. At this 12 hour point I have my guesses but even I truly do not know who they are other than that their character is a lot of fun! When they get their smug face, you know funny stuff is going to happen.

Overall, there is a lot of writing - a lot of it. This is more of a narrative focused game than most, and you will find yourself listening to swathes of dialogue written in that Kinoko Nasu and Sakurai writing style. However, I feel it never outstays it’s welcome and does a pretty good job not falling into the visual novel trap of going on too long. Things happen pretty quickly when compared to them.

The characters are all sort of stock stereotypes in some ways, but their connections to each other, the ways they represent their heritages and how they react to some of the stranger stuff that goes on around them is what makes them interesting. Iori is stoic, yes, but when Saber says or does something stupid his reactions can be really funny. Some of the other masters have very interesting histories - I would say if you aren’t versed in some historical elements of Japan such as the Shimabara Rebellion it would be good to play the game with an internet browser open to research. The game does include a very good glossary of information that can be accessed at any time, but of course deeper research is always welcome.

The visuals of the game are a treat on the PS5 version, running silky smooth with nary a frame drop. The environments are similar to other Tecmo Koei games in which you can tell they cut down on the textures of them a bit to keep it running better, but honestly if you’ve played any Japanese games before this shouldn’t be a problem. The character models are outstanding, but what sets them apart is the hyper expressive character portraits during dialogue. Some are VERY funny and emotive, all drawn by the artist of the Fate Grand Order Epic of Remnant Shimousa manga. There are a number of ties to the Shimousa chapter of Fate Grand Order, but currently it is seemingly just references to the artist in question and inclusion of Musashi. That said, many enemy designs come right from the Grand Order mobile game, so it is very neat to see these designs escape the mobile paper dolls and become truly 3D. That is a huge mark over the previous Musou-like games, the Extella franchise.

Music wise, the tracks have been great - the quiet comfy pieces as you walk around, ESPECIALLY the music that is in the fall sections of towns, are very nice on the ears. The high tension music in fights is also good, and one time I absolutely got a guitar-shredding Musou style song in the game’s leyline battle mode.

Overall, this feels like a very stand alone Fate piece of media and that is a positive in my eyes. It builds it’s own identity while referring to the pieces that built it. I saw a post from someone who got the game early saying that they think Tecmo Koei should be the only ones to make Fate games from now on, and honestly I agree. In particular I think a Stay Night remake in this style could be incredible.

That about covers my impressions on the game. A standout moment in the franchise and the closest thing to a AAA release I think Fate will get until Extra Record comes out. I want more, and I’m thankful DLC is coming at least. That said, I still have a LOT of game left to play, including a second route they were very explicit about existing. I’m gonna be playing this for a while.

I don’t do review scores. Take my words for what they are, but I highly, HIGHLY recommend this title to fans and newcomers alike. If you’re interested in my extended thoughts on the game, I am uploading a blind playthrough of it as well. Check it out, or enjoy the game for yourself.

Thank you again to Tecmo Koei for this opportunity and I hope you make more in the future!

11:09 UTC


How does this choice affect the Fate route? (Visual Novel)

I'm currently playing the visual novel, and I've just gotten past the fight with Shinji/Medusa at the school, where Shinji activated the boundary field. During the fight, after being kicked out of the window by Medusa, we're given three options: one results in Shirou being caught by Saber, one results in Shirou summoning Saber and hitting the ground anyway, and one results in Shirou not summoning Saber. Whenever we're given multiple options like this, I tend to play out one of them a decent bit and then go back to choose the others to see if there are any notable differences. I decided to pick the option to not summon Saber because it was an obvious dead end, and it resulted in Shirou hitting the ground and having swords burst from his chest, killing him.

The next two options result in either Saber catching Shirou or Shirou hitting the ground like he does in the dead end choice but standing up unharmed. It's strange to me that, despite hitting the ground and dying due to the swords when he doesn't summon Saber, when he does summon Saber and hits the ground still, he doesn't have swords burst from his chest. Because of this, I figured there'd be a noticeable difference between how the two choices play out following the fight, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Now, I only played them both out until he woke up the next morning, but it's still odd that: A. Shirou doesn't have the swords burst from his chest despite suffering the same exact fall, and B. the two options would play exactly the same after the fight.

So, are these choices really no different from one another? It would seem pretty redundant to have two important choices result in the same thing, and it's also weird to have such a glaring inconsistency present in one of the choices. Do the choices split from one another later down the line?

22:29 UTC


Fate/Samurai Remnant Pre-Order Question

If you preordered the Treasure Box from NISA, does the Musashi Phantasmal Dress outfit DLC code come physically in the box like the one for lori and Saber? It's listed as a "digital code" on NISA's page, so it made me wonder how it would be distributed.

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17:57 UTC

15:54 UTC


What is the Barthomeloi Thamaturgical Attribute?

So, I was scrolling the wiki looking for basic information (yes, I know the wiki sucks). And I saw one thing that seemed interesting. I know about Thamaturgical attributes that contribute to the family magecraft, like how the toshakas have conversion, which lets them convert mystical energy and store it in gems. Reinforcement is another example.

The Barthomeloi’s have almighty as their attribute. Almighty. What does that mean? What can that do? Can they just do anything?? It sounds completely absurd just from the name.

00:54 UTC


Would you play a Telltale/David Cage style remake of Tsukihime and/or Fate Stay Night?

This concept is an absolute pipe dream but just in case some AAA publisher or multibillionaire funds this idea out of nowhere so that it would happen, would you play it?

00:51 UTC


Tsukihime is now fully readable in a web browser! Thanks to RequinDr and Loicfr for doing this!

holofield.fr/tsukiweb is the website.

22:50 UTC



21:25 UTC


Fate ultimate problem

So.. I've downloaded everything to read fate, but everytime I start fate, it asks me to pick an xp3 file. I have no idea which file is meant by that. Any help??

21:11 UTC


Twisted and Corrupted, Emiya Alter & Kiara (By @Amin0_3)

19:49 UTC


Hypothetically if Fate Stay/Night ( visual novel) ever got a remake like Tsukihime did in the near future, what aspects of it would you want improved?

17:21 UTC


[Visual Novel] Recommended Settings for new players

I wanted to start with Fate and thought why not start with the Visual Novel, so I installed the Ultimate Edition on my PC. After booting the Game up I saw that there are different Options for the Aspect Ratio, Textual Content and Censor.

I don't know what the settings do and would like to know what settings you would recommend

16:35 UTC


Happy 34th Birthday to Rumi Okubo! (VA: Astolfo and Elizabeth)

16:00 UTC



14:04 UTC


What's the most obscure yet interesting piece of Nasuverse lore you know?

Bonus points if you post a source.

11:34 UTC



09:51 UTC


Any way to read the Fate Stay/Night VN between two devices?


I was hoping to be able to read the VN between two computers that I have but I can't seem to figure out a way to be able to keep the saved data between the two devices.

I've tried moved the saved files into either of the saveddata folders but I can't get the saves to load on one of my computers.

Has anyone managed to set this up and could provide any pointers?

(Also I'm using the Realta Nua Ultimate version if that helps)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

07:47 UTC


The fast sketch

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07:22 UTC


What is the weirdest thing that is canon in the fate verse?

For me it gotta be Merlin making Artoria a futa.

06:40 UTC


Shirou and Rin

03:25 UTC



03:10 UTC


Ryougi [@Kabosu_andonats]

01:50 UTC


Resemblance I noticed after finishing Bloodborne and reading some of the lore regarding Tsukihime

00:51 UTC


Sakura Matou's life in Illya's world (Kaleid Liner)

Do we get anything concrete about the Matou family in Illya's world (not Miyu's World)? Like, I know that she still attends the same school as Shirou and is part of the archery club, but beyond that, I can't recount anything else about the Matou family.

21:55 UTC


Any news on if Fate/Samurai is going to get a dub?

I would like to give it a shot, but not sure about going in sub.

17:19 UTC

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