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Female Shinji, Shirou, and Issei

Artist: //twitter.com/dun_dudu/status/1772147117185773628?t=4VNSvOeqCWISIN8XJZkOJQ&s=19:

01:25 UTC


Does BB have the power to fly? Who can fly in the Nasuverse? (By: 雨田sama)

1 Comment
00:38 UTC


How strong are Melusine and Artoria Caster compared to other characters like Kukulkan and Archetype: Earth?

I ask because Melusine is the arm of Albion and stated to be one of the strongest servants and Artoria Caster is the imbued with the Concept of Excalibur.

I mentioned Kukulkan cause she mentions that Melusine challenged her and would take the fight serious (Summer Melusine also mentions that she might be able to make a Luminous Body kinda like Kukulkan can do in her Noble Phantasm. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong there)

I also mentioned Archetype: Earth cause her and Artoria Avalon seem remarkable similar in design and are related in some way (I'm not completely sure if it's just because Artoria Caster/Avalon are the concept of Excalibur or not.)

23:30 UTC


How strong would shirou be if he had more magic circuits or a magic crest ?

Shirou has 27 magic circuits in all of his versions in the nasu verse with 27 being a decent bit above average and shirou once he gets control over his abilities is really ducking strong especially by human/magus standards.

So let’s say we give him more circuits and a magic crest.

For arguments sake and because of my own curiosity let’s take the magic crest and magic circuits rin has and give them to shirou so he has both her circuits and magic crest(mostly for the additional magic circuits since the knowledge would be pretty useless to shirou)

Hell imagine EMIYA with basically triple his magic circuits and mana capacity that would give him a decent power boost due to how much more mana it gives him to work with.

(Keep one thing in mind though I am not her most knowledgeable on the fate power system and all of its mechanics and intricacies so yeah)

21:46 UTC


what was your favorite kiss in Fate Series animes

The best kiss I think was the scene with Amakusa and Semíramis. I know they were kind of the "villains" of Apocrypha but that kiss scene with the sunset and being their goodbye was really beautiful.

21:19 UTC


ELI5: The Greek Gods

So i was watching the third Hevean's Feel film (late to the party, yeah, but considering I was also late on watching the first two films years after they released, it felt appropriate) and as I was looking at the images of the Labours of Heracles, I noticed that some of them had some...magitek (is that the right word?)-like visuals.

I heard that in GO (stopped playing a long, long time ago. Gachas aren't really my thing), there's a scenerio that shows the Olympians as robots, but I chalked it up to "oh, this is like, an alternate timeline where the gods survived into the far future and started augmenting themselves and stuff" but Spring Song's now got me curious....

Are gods (not just the Olympians) divine machines? Did the Titans build them or did they come from somewhere else? If they're machines, how come Artemis is summonable as a human? What about demigods like Achilles, Gilgamesh, and Herc--what are they? They obviously can't be completely human, but IDK, I feel like I would've noticed if they were Cyborgs...

recalls Berser-Car

You know what, I'll just cut off that memory and let you guys take over, cuz i feel following that thought's just going to raise more questions than answers lol

18:56 UTC


How strong is Gilgamesh if you take away his ability to hail Nobel phantasms ?

I’m talking about where he opens his gate of babalon and the weapons just shoot out.

So how strong is he when you remove that one ability ?

Just to clarify he can still open his portals like normal and take anything out he just can’t shoot them out.

So how much does this nerf him considering that shooting Nobel phantasms did his go to move 90% of the time.

17:01 UTC


Questions about PHh Morgan

I know that PHH Morgan is Vivian and Morgan Le Faye

And this is according to the typemoon wiki

Saber and Morgan are actually Sibling supposedly

Wouldn't that mean Saber and Morgan would be the same age? ( Around +25 )

If so then wouldn't that make Morgan Le Faye's Children ( Gareth, Agravain and Gawain ) be around 13 Year old at best?

15:39 UTC


Question about rin and sakura

So I just started Fate Stay Night recently and I am at the ep where Sakurabwas kidnapped, what I don't understand is what happened to her and rin when they were kids ? If anyone could help me understand that would be great.

15:06 UTC


Just made a fan-made poster and I title it "Tales of Fate".

1 Comment
13:26 UTC


Is there any merit for someone to try making a mobile bounded field even with something like the stillness Origin Arya has?

Like even with the origin it seems like Mobile bounded fields are pretty fragile since I remember it breaking down when Araya moved. So are they like a novelty subsection of bounded field Araya uses to great effect due to his origin or is there an example somewhere else that gives them a better showing?

11:31 UTC


Reading through HF and (UBW/HF spoiler)

Would it be wrong to say the weapon tab on the pause menu is Unlimited bladeworks? Noticed that after Shirou got a hand from Archer, the weapons log increased dramatically with weapons not seen in this route.

I tried to search if anything confirmed this or anyone had the same idea but couldn't find anything. My only hesitation is the fact there are two weapons that aren't swords/knives present

02:00 UTC


Watched the HSR x Fate dialogue. Clara: So, it turns out I'm really Illyasviel von Einzbern of Honkai Star Rail?

01:32 UTC


How strong were un-deteriorated humans?

So we know that the further we go back in time in fate humans become physically stronger, faster and just generally have more mana of a higher quality. But if we go all the way back like 15,000 years ago before the "deteriation" of the age of gods started but humans were still around how strong would the average person be compared to current age of man?

If one was say frozen in some ice and then woke up in the 4th or 5th grail war could they fight any of the servants?

01:30 UTC


Shirou Greek/Roman Name

I've seen many fanfiction with Shirou in differant parts of time, either by reincarnation or second magic fun time but it is always with his name which just seems very out of place and not making sense for example in England or even in Greece.

So I was wondering if any of you had an idea of a name for Shirou. Preferably either one which sounds ds like his name or perhaps the meaning of the name is similar to the person Shirou is as a character.

(I'd Preferably like a Greek and Roman name for reasons I shall not explain)

00:31 UTC


Which historical or mythological figure that hasn't shown up in the series yet do you want to see get summoned as a servant?

20:45 UTC


doubts about nasuverse

doubts about nasuverse

I was reading on Typemoon about the nasuverse and I saw this image but the text explained that Adventures El Melloi took place in a different universe from the 3 main FSN worlds and combined elements from all 3. So I understood that it would be a fourth timeline.. . But does this mean that ADVENTURES EL MELLOI WILL ALSO HAPPEN in the FATE, UBW and HF universes?? Or does it only happen on this fourth route?

I remember that at the end of ubw shirou and rin are traveling around the world so I don't know if that would happen and in HF shirou doesn't even go to the clock tower... in Fate I don't remember if he goes to the clock tower too... so if take this into account Adventures El Melloi should only happen on this fourth route. Am I right?

20:10 UTC


Question about the upcoming Tsukihime VN (English translation I think).

I'm new to VNs, never read them and I've not dwelled into the fate type universe much besides anime. But I'm interested about getting this VN in the future. I heard that it also has routes like FSN. So my questions are. (Let's assume that I picked Arcueid route for these questions)

  1. How do I know which route I'm on while playing the game, do they give me options before playing it?
  2. Is it okay for me to complete just Arcueid's route and be done with the VN until I pick it up after a while? I know just completing one route is not even close to full experience but if it's anything like fate where it has 3 separate routes after fate zero being FSN, UBW and HF...I watched all 3 but it's fine if I just experienced UBW. If it's like that, then I'm okay with finishing just one route and then playing the other routes whenever I have nothing to do.
20:06 UTC


Why does no one talk about this epic scene

I think this scene was one of the greatest thing in the series. In an unexpected time chad kiritsugu came and order saber to destroy holy grail. When I was watching that I felt goosebumps because kiritsugu, who has never understood by saber came from nowhere and destroy the grail

19:44 UTC


Andromeda in her high school uniform by her official artist

15:43 UTC


My Nephew drew Shirou in traditional Archery garb

It kinda skeeved me how the lore says and ppl always talk about how good Shirou is at archery, yet we NEVER see him actually in the proper fit. So I commissioned my nephew to draw Shirou, and bobdamnit, I wish I could frame this

15:02 UTC


The Throne of Heroes is out of time and space. This is canon

13:07 UTC


Shirou paim strikes Taiga

12:58 UTC


I can see a daughter of certain tall Mapo Tofu addcited priest

12:32 UTC


Could shirou have saved artoria when she was alive ?

Let’s say we drop UBW shirou (so he has all of the skills and abilities he got in that route but he loves Saber instead of rin) into Camelot and make him a knight do you think that he could get through to artoria and potentially save her ?

Or do you think that she would simply be too stubborn to actually listen to anything he has to say ?

Honestly I think it could go either way I could see shirou gradually breaking down her walls and getting through to her but I could also see her just ignoring what he has to say or just not speaking to him at all.

Due to the class difference of a knight and a king she could just spend him away and shirou wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Honestly now I’m curious about how shirou would effect the other knights as well mordred in particular would be interesting. As would shirous reaction to camlann and if he could change anything there should he fail to get through to artoria.

Well that’s my opinion of this but this is a pretty cracked idea as it is but I like the idea of shirou saving artoria from herself.

11:55 UTC


Question about the Seals of Saber's Excalibur

I don't quite understand how they work. Each Seal has its own condition for removal. But when the conditions for removing the Seal are met, it still remains.

Using the example of the Gil and Saber battle, where the conditions for removing at least Three Seals were met, but not one was removed.

08:47 UTC

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