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    Older anime being updated to 16:9?

    So, I decided to rewatch Wagnaria, I haven't seen it since back when it came out, I noticed on my rewatch that it's 16:9 now, I'm pretty sure it was 4:3 when I watched it originally, and also another older anime, chobits is 16:9 now.

    Did I just watch a squished copy before or are some anime being remastered?

    00:17 UTC


    Looking for anime recommendations with little/no fighting

    Hi everyone,

    Just like the title says, looking for some recommendations.

    Fiance is getting into anime but does not like anime with a lot of fighting.

    For example, she's not loving demon slayer

    Things like MHA and Chainsaw Man are out of the question

    Ones she liked: Tokyo ghoul (didn't like root A) Death Note Promised Neverland (didn't tell her about season 2 for obvious reasons)

    Any recommendations are welcome! I was thinking about Angel Beats NGNL Another FMAB Maybe SAO

    23:51 UTC


    Chainsaw Man Was Truly A 12 Part Cinematic Masterpiece. Would truly love to hear your thoughts.

    23:35 UTC


    [Spoilers] Anime where the bad guys/villains win in the end?

    I find it pretty rare to find an anime series where the bad guy or villain wins in the end. The only one I can think of is [anime name ahead]>!Chrono Crusade!<.

    Note: I don't necessarily mean the antagonist winning, usually it is the antagonist, but I mean generally any "bad" or evil group/character(s) winning in the end, or achieving their goals.

    What series come to mind for you guys? Let me know!

    23:25 UTC


    [Rewatch] Golden Time Episode 5 Discussion Thread

    Episode 5: Body and Soul

    Previous Episode | Schedule | Next Episode

    OP- Golden Time

    ED- Sweet & Sweet CHERRY

    Favorite Screenshot 1:

    Please do not spoil anything if you have watched before, or put it under a spoiler mark!

    Subreddit: r/goldentime

    QOTD: What are your thoughts on Linda now that we know she already knew Banri?

    QOTD 2: How do you feel about Kouko at this point?

    23:07 UTC


    [Rewatch] Cardcaptor Sakura Rewatch - Episode 61 Discussion

    #Episode 61: Sakura, the Cards, and a Present

    MAL | Anilist | Kitsu | AniDB | ANN

    Previous | Index | Next


    Today's Illustrations: Season 3 Cast


    Question of the Day:

    Mirror's back! How sweet was this episode?


    Comments of the Day:

    /u/The_Loli_Otaku had the reaction we all expected:

    It's too cruel to reintroduce her purely to drop her... She's taking this with such dignity. Screw you V1. I hope you start balding in your early 20's!! Dude... I hate this. China deserves way better from this show. She shouldn't have been dropped in the first pace. She's a main character! She's my undebated best girl!! Always!! China V2, banzai!! Banzai!! Banzai!!

    /u/JetsLag proves Meiling is just as competent as Tomoyo:

    Time for Syaoran to break the news. She takes it...well, could be worse? She bawls her eyes out in front of Tomoyo, but keeps her composure in front of Syaoran the next day. She, too, tells Syaoran to JUST CONFESS ALREADY MY DUDE. She tells Sakura in a letter to GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL THAT SOMEONE IS IN LOVE WITH YOU, and writes some Chinese characters at the bottom which translates to...the subs don't say. Probably something like "Take care of Syaoran".


    On an important note, no unmarked spoilers! No jokes about events yet to come, and no references to future episodes!

    Clow Card Fortune Book

    Today's subject: Compatibility Reading

    1. Shuffle and cut the Clow Cards while imagining the name of the person you want to do the reading for. (If you are doing a reading for you and Mr. Cake, think of Mr. Cake. If you’re doing a reading for another couple, think of the two of them.)

    2. Gather the cards up so they are lying pattern-side up. Spread the cards out surface-side up in a 1 card-length line, going from left to right.

    3. Now, the card-surface designs are classified into 4 different groups (the suits). When 2 cards of the same group are side-by-side, remove them. Repeat this procedure until there are no more cards to take away.

    4. The fewer the cards that are left remaining, the better the compatibility! The compatibility is based on the number of cards that are left remaining:

    • 0-10 cards = considerably good compatibility

    • 11-20 cards = slightly good compatibility

    • 21-30 cards = normal compatibility

    • 31-40 cards = compatibility is slightly bad

    • 41-50 cards = compatibility is considerably bad

    In the case of no remaining cards... Best compatibility!

    In the case of remaining cards... The card mostly to the left in the line of cards will show the cause of deteriorating compatibility. The card mostly to the right in the line of cards will show a method for a good relationship.


    The Clow Cards (and home equivalents):

    The CloudA♠
    The Create2♠
    The Dark3♠
    The Firey4♠
    The Light5♠
    The Mist6♠
    The Rain7♠
    The Snow8♠
    The Storm9♠
    The Thunder10♠
    The WateryJ♠
    The WaveQ♠
    The WindyK♠
    The BigA♥
    The Dream2♥
    The Glow3♥
    The Illusion4♥
    The Little5♥
    The Maze6♥
    The Power7♥
    The Silent8♥
    The Song9♥
    The Sweet10♥
    The TimeJ♥
    The TwinQ♥
    The VoiceK♥
    The ChangeA♣
    The Dash2♣
    The Erase3♣
    The Fight4♣
    The Float5♣
    The Fly6♣
    The Freeze7♣
    The Jump8♣
    The Move9♣
    The Return10♣
    The ShotJ♣
    The SleepQ♣
    The ThroughK♣
    The ArrowA♦
    The Bubbles2♦
    The Earthy3♦
    The Flower4♦
    The Libra5♦
    The Lock6♦
    The Loop7♦
    The Mirror8♦
    The Sand9♦
    The Shadow10♦
    The ShieldJ♦
    The SwordQ♦
    The WoodK♦
    23:00 UTC


    Creating the Painterly Backgrounds of Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill | MAPPA

    22:06 UTC


    Eien「永遠」- Tatsuya Kitani | Official Music Video | BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War | VIZ

    21:40 UTC


    [Rewatch] Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 2 Episode 11 Discussion

    Season 2 Episode 11: What I feel

    ← Previous Episode | Index | Next Episode→


    MAL | Anilist | Kitsu | AniDB | ANN



    Question of the Day:

    Whose costume do you like the most?

    Waiting For Tomorrow - Mejiro McQueen(Saori Oonishi)

    Probably more appropriate for tomorrow, but I got something even better for the next episode

    Rewatchers, please remember to be mindful of all the first-timers in this. No talking about or hinting at future events no matter how much you want to, unless you’re doing it underneath spoiler tags.

    21:00 UTC


    Without spoilers, can someone confirm episode 19 on Hulu of future diary is correct? The Hulu title is different than the title card.

    Episode 19 of future diary is titled "memory wipe" on Hulu, but the title card in the actual episode said "delete all messages".

    I just want to make sure I'm not watching it out of order

    20:48 UTC


    Himuro Falls on Fuyutsuki | The Ice Guy and his Cool Female Colleague

    20:28 UTC


    Does Subaru stop being cringe and unnecessarily emotional from episode 18 and onwards?

    I've long heard that episode 18 was where it got good, but man, I just can't bring myself to watch the previous episodes. But I am willing to watch it if it actually gets good. Does Subaru stop being cringe and unnecessarily emotional from episode 18 and onwards? Or is that just another episode like EP 8 where a girl tries to kill him in a contrived fashion and he just cries in a very contrived fashion?

    20:15 UTC


    『Tomo-chan wa Onnnanoko!』Finale Web Preview

    20:05 UTC


    [Rewatch] Ichigo Mashimaro Episode 8 Discussion

    You mustn't call us cute!!


    ##Extra Info and Links

    ANN | MAL | Anilist | Manga Official Release | Wikipedia

    #Comment of the Day!!

    /u/Second_Sage made a funny observation that I'm hoping will have payoff later.

    I wonder what Ana's plan is for parent-teacher night? Pray sensei doesn't bring up the fact that her Japanese is improving?

    /u/RadSuit is the king of making beach trips worth it!

    From my one and only trip to a beach, looking for dead jellyfish because it rained the entire time and nobody could swim.


    • Boomshakalaka, Miu is now your daughter. How do you correct her behaviour?
    • What's your favourite festival snack?
    • Pirates or Ninjas? Elaborate why.
    • How tolerant of a person are you? Do you think you could have handled today's events without praying for a bottomless pit to open beneath you?

    ##Abyssbringer's "What is the thematic purpose of this scene corner!!"

    • Sara scores her first win!! Sasuga!

    It’s set up for the scene with Nobue at the beach. When Chika has a stuffed chest, it looks awkward and out of place, but later when her sister’s natural chest is revealed to the world, she gets admiration from onlookers despite the criticisms she gets from Miu. So, the lesson here is that you should embrace your body and love it for what it is or lock your window’s from creepy neighbors!

    #Yesterday's Prompt!
    #Today's Prompt!
    #Tomorrow's Prompt!!

    I'm sorry!! Something went wrong with the prompts yesterday. I think I've fixed it but imgur was weird. My bad!


    This is an r/anime Joke!

    19:59 UTC


    The Familiar of Zero Lent In Violent Easter Rewatch -- Episode 31.5 [OVA]

    Hello everyone! I am Holofan4life.

    Welcome to the Familiar of Zero Lent In Violent Easter Rewatch!

    I hope you all have a lot of fun <3

    S3 Episode 6.5 – Seductive Beach



    What is your favorite anime OVA of all time and why?


    ##Series information

    MAL | Anilist | AniDB | ANN


    Please do not post any untagged spoilers past the current episode or from the LNs out of respect to the first time watchers and people who have not read the LNs. If you are discussing something that is ahead of the current episode please use spoiler tags(found on the sidebar).

    Thank you!

    Untagged Spoilers


    ##Rewatch Schedule

    2/17/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 13/16/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 26
    2/18/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 23/17/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 27
    2/19/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 33/18/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 28
    2/20/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 43/19/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 29
    2/21/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 53/20/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 30
    2/22/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 63/21/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 31
    2/23/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 73/22/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 32
    2/24/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 83/23/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 33
    2/25/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 93/24/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 34
    2/26/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 103/25/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 35
    2/27/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 113/26/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 36
    2/28/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 123/27/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 37
    3/01/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 133/29/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 38
    3/03/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 143/30/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 39
    3/04/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 153/31/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 40
    3/05/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 164/01/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 41
    3/06/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 174/02/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 42
    3/07/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 184/03/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 43
    3/08/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 194/04/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 44
    3/09/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 204/05/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 45
    3/10/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 214/06/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 46
    3/11/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 224/07/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 47
    3/12/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 234/08/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 48
    3/13/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 244/09/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 49
    3/14/2023Familiar of Zero Episode 25
    4/10/2023Overall Series Discussion Thread
    18:58 UTC


    Love Live! Superstar!! Season 1 was pretty good

    I recently finished Love Live Superstar Season 1 after finishing both SIP and Sunshine (haven't seen Nijigasaki yet, and so far it's my second favorite season just behind SIP season 2. I can’t determine exactly why, could be not following SIP too closely, less annoying drama, or the more laid-back setting, but Superstar feels like a breath of fresh air in the series, or at least I don’t feel idol burnout despite just finishing Sunshine. I think Superstar finds a good balance for the relaxed and serious moments. It never feels episodic or filler, but still having a goal they actively work towards every episode.

    Reinforcing my thought on Superstar being more laid-back, saving the school is never treated as a priority. I think the writers didn’t want to save the school a third time, but were forced to keep tradition. It’s barely mentioned during [Spoiler] >!ep 9-11, and resolved so quickly in ep 12, when their ep 10 performance attracted enough applicants, and Ren gets a small loan of a million dollars from her dad to keep the school open!<

    It’s kind of a good thing saving the school isn’t a priority, because their desire to perform feels more personal to each character (Sunshine did had that thing of wanting to shine). In Superstar, it feels like everyone has some personal trauma that they hope to overcome, [Spoiler] >!Kanon singing on a stage, Ren for her mother, Sumire to be a star, Chisato to stand by Kanon’s side as a dependable person (I think), and Keke living her dream!<

    There are still silly drama moments, like the [Spoiler] >!school civil war, Ren's mom, and when Chisato convinces everyone to bail on Kanon!< , but for the most part I felt drama was handled nicely.

    It is a weird choice for season 1 to span the course of 1 full year instead of 2 seasons for 1 year, but I imagine it's so they can add new members each year.

    Before they added new members to Liella in season 2, one of the show's selling points was the smaller cast, and each character could be more fleshed out. I like everyone in Liella, but I don't agree everyone is more fleshed out. Kanon, Chisato, and Sumire are fleshed out, but I can’t say the same about Keke and Ren. They were done with Ren after [Spoiler] >!ep 8, deciding a tragic backstory was enough character development, and make her a socially awkward dork!< . Keke’s case is weird because despite being a member since episode 1, I know the least about her, other than she moved to Japan because she really loves school idols, her life was dull in China, and she [Spoiler] >!might need to return if she doesn’t have any results!< There's also the argument whether Kanon is too much of a superstar compared to the rest of Liella, but I should probably watch season 2 before coming to that conclusion.

    I like most of the songs and visuals. In a perfect world, it would be purely 2D, but the CGI looks pretty good, granted I'm comparing animation from 2021 and 2013. Of the songs performed in the anime, my favorites are Mirai Yohou Hallelujah! and Starlight Prologue, while my favorite Liella song is Crescendo Yu・Ra.

    I would recommend giving Superstar a watch. Unlike some other series, you can more or less watch in any order, the exception being Sunshine.

    17:48 UTC


    What are some Anime based on source material that Anime-only watchers might not know that the source has ended?

    I saw that Saga of Tanya the Evil's author has a project coming out so I went to see if they were still working on it and the last volume came out years ago and I looked to see how it ended (I'm the type that doesn't mind being spoiled as long as I'm the one doing the spoiling).

    What are some other anime that we might not realize that its source material has ended?

    16:50 UTC


    Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi • Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill - Episode 12 discussion - FINAL

    Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi, episode 12

    Rate this episode here.

    Reminder: Please do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show. Failing to follow the rules may result in a ban.


    Show information

    All discussions


    This post was created by a bot. Message the mod team for feedback and comments. The original source code can be found on GitHub.

    16:05 UTC


    Best OP/ED of 2022 AnimeBracket: SEMIFINALS

    KICK BACK (Chainsaw Man) vs. Seishun Complex (Bocchi the Rock!)

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Ya Boy Kongming!) vs. Yofukashi no Uta (Yofukashi no Uta)

    Voting Link

    View Results

    15:52 UTC


    Correct Fan-Theory or Spoiler?

    Can a fan-theory/prediction about anime that is correct considered spoiler if told to someone who didn't think about it? Why?

    IMO I can't tell, there are also some people who'll spoil something under the name of their fake "fan-theory" (shout out to Steins;Gate fans.

    On the other hand, if there's on-going anime, especially original with no source at all, everything original. Its currently airing and someone makes a theory that makes sense and connects two things together that many people are questioning at the time. When the particular ep is released where that fan-theory is proven to be right, many people who read that theory won't enjoy it the same because of the prediction the fan-theory had, same way how a spoiler ruins the show.

    So to all the "spoiler ruins the show" people including me, what are your opinions on whether do fan-theory/predictions ruin the show or not, and would you consider it some sort of spoiler or not and why.

    15:50 UTC


    Who is the oldest badass?

    to clarify, I dont mean oldest in age but oldest show. we all love our old badass grandpas and grandmas but where did this trope come from? what show do you think popularised this type of character? who do you think of as The strong geezer?

    15:29 UTC


    [NyanWatch] Non Non Biyori Vacation - Movie Discussion

    Vacation - Movie Discussion

    Previous Episode | Index | Next Episode


    Classroom Activities

    Question of the day

    Keeping this short today since movie discussions can get pretty long!

    Shot of the day

    Pictures from- what!? Y’all had pictures!?

    u/Nebresto with Sunset Fanart

    u/JetsLag just wants to see Suguru get slapped

    Soundtrack of the day

    u/Nebresto again dominates both sections with Nyanpasu Eminem

    Key Staff

    Director: Shinya Kawatsura

    Screenplay: Reiko Yoshida

    Storyboards: Koji Sawai, Masayuki Kurosawa, Shinya Kawatsura

    Mai Otsuka was the Chief Animation Director and Key Animator for the movie too. She’s the Character Designer for the show as well

    Spoiler Tags

    Any detail you wish to share that's not within the current / past episodes have to be spoiler tagged which includes details from the manga. Do include the context of the spoilers within the parenthesis:

    e.g., [Manga Chapter 50 Onwards] >!Spoiler goes here!<

    Let's not spoil the first-timers!

    15:00 UTC


    I'm tired of the Isekai Fantasy World Template.

    Part of what got me into anime was its ability to portray these rich, fictional worlds and stories to get lost in (whether accurate or not), and I've been thinking more and more about that in the wake of last season's Trigun Stampede and (to a lesser extent) Kaina of the Great Snow Sea. It's really gotten me thinking about the state of the Fantasy genre at large in the current ecosystem.

    Cause maybe it's just me, but I feel that for the sheer volume of fantasy shows coming out, the overall quality of fantasy settings have been dropping. The prevalence of the "isekai template" has become prominent even among non-isekai stories, which certainly allows the writer to get into "the meat and potatoes" quicker, but I feel misses the whole point of having a fantasy world. When I'm watching a fantasy I want to get immersed in its setting and be swept away by the details. Repeating the same setting over and over gets tiring after a while (to speak nothing on the rest of the writing).

    To flesh things out a little more, I don't think we're exactly starved for options. Last year gave us both Sabikui Bisco and The Girl From the Other Side (not to mention more Made in Abyss). 2021 gave us Mushoku Tensei (the rare isekai that puts in the work), Ranking of Kings, and To Your Eternity, and night world and 2020 gave us glimpses of it with A Whisker Away and Pokemon: Twilight Wings, but that's about it. I admit I'm ignoring partial magic worlds like that in Dragon Maid, Vanitas, or Wonder Egg, but even with those thrown in that's still less works in the last three years than isekai or isekai-adjacent shows last season. Considering that Demon Slayer won Best Fantasy at the CRAs earlier this month [insert obligatory "the CRAs are a joke" line here] it seems like people's appetite for immersive fantasy worlds is dwindling and its resulting in less of these available on the market.

    None of this is to attack people who watch Isekai, since I know the appeal is obviously different. I'm just curious if anyone feels the same as me? If not, I'm always down for some recs to scratch my itch (I know I didn't mention The Fire Hunter. It's on my planning list). Also, if you are a fan of these isekai worlds and have read this far, I'd love to know what the appeal is for you?

    14:35 UTC


    How well people know different anime

    Since the last one (5 years ago) went really well, I decided to do part 2 of little survey/quiz asking people to name anime showed on the screen and then prepare a raport listing how well were different shows known.

    This time I added little bit of optional demographic data, to maybe look for some trends.

    It's also shorter, but possibly more difficult as anime used seem to be little more random.

    Link to the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeumXvGwexkl1GLanti_7UTNoqo92PtreyO4JkIIxBPk2zEZw/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Results form the last time: https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/8ymfnz/how_well_people_know_different_series_today/

    Depending of how many answers I get, it should take me about a week to go through them, I'll post updates here.

    14:29 UTC


    [Rewatch] Armor Hunter Mellowlink - Episode 9 Discussion

    Episode 9 - Forest

    ^^^Originally ^^^released ^^^March ^^^21st, ^^^1989

    ◄ Previous Episode | Index | Next Episode ►

    MAL | ANN | AniDB | Anilist | AnimePlanet | IMDB

    Note to all participants

    Although I don't believe it necessitates stating, please conduct yourself appropriately and be courteous to your fellow participants.

    Note to all Rewatchers

    Rewatchers, please be mindful of your fellow first-timers and tag your spoilers appropriately using the r/anime spoiler tag if your comment holds even the slightest of indicators as to future spoilers. Feel free to discuss future plot points behind the safe veil of a spoiler tag, or coyly and discreetly ‘Laugh in Rewatcher’ at our first-timers' temporary ignorance, but please ensure our first-timers are no more privy or suspicious than they were the moment they opened the day’s thread.


    Daily Trivia:

    The ‘Stages Complete’ DVD release of the show came with an exclusive Microman figure of Mellowlink.


    Staff Highlight

    Toru Yoshida - Mechanical Animation Director

    An animator, mechanical designer, and animation director best known for his contributions to Armored Trooper Votoms and Blue Comet SPT Layzner. Yoshida attended Osaka Designer College and directly joined the animation studio Anime R upon graduation, where he became a protégé of Moriyasu Taniguchi. He distinguished himself and became well known among animators for his work on Armored Trooper Votoms, earning the nickname ‘Monsieur’ from his juniors in the mecha animation space. He also studied under Kazuaki Mohri and Hiroyuki Okiura during the productions of Panzer World Galient and Layzner respectively, earning both animator’s respect. A set of Yoshida’s key animation cuts were used by Sunrise staff to instruct new animators during the late 80s. In 1985 he won the ‘2nd Japan Anime Atom Award’ for his work on Armored Trooper Votoms: The Last Red Shoulder. Some of his most notable animation director credits include GUNxSWORD, Aura Battle Dunbine: The Tale of Neo Byston Well, The Big O, Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls, Gasaraki, King of Braves GaoGaiGar, Dancougar: Blazing Epilogue, Pygmalio, Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier, Betterman, Extreme Hearts, Garo -Vanishing Line-, several Gundam entries, Samurai 7, Otherside Picnic, and Zone of the Enders.

    Voice Actor Highlight

    Matsugoro Mita - Voice of Captain Numerikov

    An actor and voice actor, whose father is famed Japanese actor Sōjin Kamiyama (Tadashi Mita*. He became a research student at the Tokyo Broadcasting Theater Company in 1953, becoming an official actor at the company in 1955. Several years later he joined the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Association, where he remained until becoming a freelance actor some time later. His anime voice acting roles were few, with his debut anime role was as Tiger in Rainbow Sentai Robin, and his final anime role so far was in 2003’s TEXHNOLYZE. His other roles are Kikoo Kitajima in Animentary: The Decision, Aoemon in Kerokko Demethan, Jopsen in Time Bokan, Usuba Ephemera in The Adventures of Maya The Honeybee, Moreni in Three Thousand Leagues in Search of Mother, Crow in The Adventures of Piccolino, Kay in Future Boy Conan, Muharaha in The Adventures of Marco Polo, Martin in Great Dog Jolly, and the Akasaka Sales Manager in Oishinbo.


    Art Corner:

    Official Art


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    Questions of the Day:

    1. What do you make of Helmecion’s takeover of his family now that we have a greater scope of his aims?

    2. What are your thoughts on today’s action scenario?

    It’s time to wrap things up.

    14:00 UTC


    Misuzu being Doomguy-level angry [Tomo-Chan is a Girl]

    13:41 UTC


    Changing perspectives when viewing a show you previously disliked

    TLDR: I'm curious are there any anime/manga where ya'll had a similar experience? Or enjoyed a anime/manga a lot more after approaching it a different way or with a different mindset?

    There's very few anime I've started and not finished out of the hundreds I've probably completed, mostly due to the fact I just cannot stand that specific anime. One of those being Girlfriend, Girlfriend, I genuinely could not get through 15 minutes of the first episode when it came out and never touched it again.

    However I recently finished Aho-girl and absolutely fell in love with it's idiocy and baindead humor. Could not stop laughing and grinning so decided to look for other works by the author(Hiryouki) found out lastnight they also did Girlfriend, Girlfriend. So I decided to actually sit down and watch a few episodes with a different perspective and although the anime is still trash, it's pretty fucking funny in it's own way and will definitely be watching it to completion along with the season 2 when it comes out.

    12:01 UTC

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