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A wild Bunyip sweeps the mudflats of Venus. (something i made in blender)

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*self-promotion* Geography of Venus

Hello to the r/venus subreddit. I made a video summarizing what we know so far about Venusian geography.

I'd appreciate it if you took some time to watch it and give me some feedback. Did it provide some value for you? Did you learn something new after watching it?

Thank you for your time!

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(terraformed) venus in roblox

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Venus is the Strangest Planet

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If Venus has a 2% axial tilt, how would the sun look at the North Pole of Venus?

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What would the atmospheric refraction ("heat waves") look like on Venus?

We already experience some atmospheric refraction during heat waves of 40C+ here on Earth, but in the distance.

If say we send a probe that captures HD video, how powerful would the distortion be on the surface of Venus at 92 bars and 460C? Would it be so great that it would look like everything is melting? Even closeby?

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Join r/venusology if you want to talk about the exact study of Venus and terraforming



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I think I figured out a way to terraform Venus

I think I figured out an actually fast way to terraform Venus. Drop a crap ton of aluminum in its atmosphere. The more Aluminum, the better. As a result the aluminum will combine with the sulfuric acid, and sulfur dioxide on Venus resulting in multiple chemical reactions eventually resulting in aluminum sulfate, some free hydrogen gas, free oxygen gas, and water, lots and lots of water. This reaction would permanently bind up all the sulfur in its atmosphere. As a result, the planets temperature would plummet, as more and more sulfur left its atmosphere, as it began to rain water. The aluminum sulfate would further the process purifying the waters of Venus as whole oceans would form. most of the trapped heat would quickly radiate out into space, leaving a baren continental world. As a result of its atmospheric pressure massively decreasing, its day would begin speeding up, to about 1 earth day. This would jumpstart its core generating a magnetic field. Then All you'd need to do is wait for the temperatures to stabilize to about room temperature globally. And then seed it with life. This would finish the process removing co2 from the atmosphere, and create a green paradise. In the case that a magnetic field isn't generated, or is too weak, then magnetic shielding can be built in orbit, and to help keep the world habitable, then in the far future we could build an artificial moon in orbit around the planet to help force generate a magnetic field, and cause plate tectonics to begin, stirring in the sulfuric compounds still left on its surface over time. Life seeded to the planet would also help to bind up and clean up some of the sulfuric compounds as well.

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Was Venus an eyeball planet?

Venus is currently almost but but quite tidally locked. I wondered whether it might have been totally locked before its runaway greenhouse effect kicked in. The change in mass balance when its oceans evaporated could perhaps have disrupted the tidal lock.

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Titan is a natural partner planet for Venus

Venus has so much going for it once you get past the surface. The super critical co2 probably has vast material wealth ready for extracting via pumps up to a cloud city. Even water can be made from sulfuric acid in the atmosphere. What it doesn't have is easily accessible nitrogen. The atmosphere of Titan is mostly nitrogen and it has low gravity. That means it could be possible to import nitrogen from Titan and export advanced manufacturing goods from Venus. The Moon could play a role in this as well in terms of making the actual ships to do this trade.

18:48 UTC


Writing a story of Venusians, please help me find potential issues.

I recognize that suspension of disbelief exists, but I use Venus a lot as a plot device and my MC travels there halfway through the story so it wouldn't hurt to polish the premise I'm working with.
In my story, thanks to future tech, humanity discovered there were Venusians living in advanced cloud cities all this time undetected, they can survive in the surface as well but only for a small amount of time. They are inmune to sulfuric rain. To them the 900°f are like 122°f for us, survivable but not for long, they breathe CO2, and are able to withstand the pressure in surface, which makes them OP when they arrive to our world. Venus' surface pressure for them is like being 600m underwater for us. Extreme, but survivable as well.

The explanation as to why our recorded photos of Venus show no signs of civilization there? I just hand-waved it as bad luck that the spacecrafts landed in desert zones.

A bunch of Venusians migrated because their already scarce resources (in their cloud cities) are running out, they figured how to speak English, and the plot starts with them already settled in a US state (which is in lock down from the rest of the world thanks to them) for twelve years, hiding among us. Human prejudice against them is the main theme of the book, mainly because of their abilities (I don't like to call them superpowers but I guess that's what they are in the end), and the government chases and captures them.

Venusians have a tradition every year and a half (in the time that Earth and Venus are closer to each other) that involves the spaceships of new Venusians arriving to earth (think of Transformers, the arrival to earth scene but way more ships). As Venus is considered by humans the "Earth's evil twin", the Venusians are considered Humans' evil twins that came from hell itself. "Venereals" became a slur that humans call them.

I already know there are things I'm overlooking rn, so I came here to ask to more experimented Venus enjoyers for some help, thank you so much in advance.

(Not sure if "self-promotion" category applies here, but the "Flair" option is greyed out)

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Venus Updates: Strange Flashes, Atmospheric Life and 85000 Volcanoes

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2017 total solar eclipse (viewed from venus)

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venus brings it

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