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If I press turn on this line to off, will I still be charged for roaming?

I am in Canada and am going to Portugal tomorrow. I do not want to remove my sim as I am sure I’ll lose it. I got an eSim to use overseas, but was wondering if turn off “Turn on This Line” will prevent any time of roaming charges. Will be away for 18 days. Carrier charges $12 per day. Don’t want to return to have an absurd amount to pay for something I haven’t used 💀

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Any suggestions about my control center?

22:21 UTC


What do you guys think about my home screen

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Changing App Store Countries

I’ve just moved to a new country and need to download an app that is region specific but iOS won’t allow me to change regions. It says I need to cancel my Apple Music subscription which I have done and still gives me the same message.

I’ve read elsewhere to remove Family Sharing, unsubscribe from all apps and still nothing. Do I need to let my Apple Music subscription run out before being able to change regions? Or must all apps expire?

This is ridiculous that iOS is so rigid not to allow people to easily transition from one country to another. Does anyone have a solution that doesn’t require me to wait until my last subscription runs out in November this year?!

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This is honestly funny. 💀

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Does anyone else have a problem where the volume gets cranked to the max when you just tap the volume button?

This has been happening to me since I updated to iOS 17 I think and it’s annoying the shit out of me everytime this happens. I usually like to watch videos at a pretty low volume when using the built-in speakers (a lot of the times I just watch videos at 1-3 steps from mute on the volume slider) but if I want to go one step up, it just turns it up all the way for no reason.

But the problem is that it doesn’t happen every time I press the button so it catches me off guard every freaking time it glitches.

I also noticed probably around the last iOS release (or it could’ve been even earlier) that when you press the volume button once, it goes up/down a certain amount (say 5%) but every consecutive press of the button within a certain timeframe, increases the amount at which the volume is changed. Like for example one click of the volume up increases volume by 5% and second click - 15%, third click - 30% and so on. And I suspect that this might be what’s causing my volume to suddenly spike to max. Like if you’re trying to backspace a large amount of text and it speeds up the longer you hold down the delete key or something.

I don’t know if the physical button is being pressed in a way where it’s being registered as multiple inputs or if it’s just a bug in iOS or if there’s damaged or defective hardware on my phone.

But if anyone has had this problem and found a way to fix it or at least diagnosed the cause of it, I’d love to hear it because I haven’t used headphones much in the past couple of months but I’ve seen other threads where people have said they blew up their headphones/speakers because of this bug and I just got a new pair of headphones that I’m going to be using to workout with and I’d be fucking pissed if this happens to me while I have my headphones in. Lol.

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I made this from an image inside IOS

Can you guess from what image I made this

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How do I enable/disable Video effects on iOS 18?

iOS 18 Dev Beta - control center does no longer contain video effects, how do I enable/disable them?

20:45 UTC


Is this call being recorded

Hey IOS users,

I dont know much about iphones so Im sorry if this question is dumb. I was sent a screenshot by someone that I was on call with and I noticed something that looked like this, except the outline around the oval thing (bezel?!) was green. Does this mean the call is being recorded?


20:29 UTC


Screen time share across devices notification

If I turn off screen time share across devices on my Mac, is my iPhone going to receive a notification that I did that?

19:58 UTC


Foldered View of Mp3 Files

Hello guys,

I'm new to the iOs ecosystem, used to be an Android user all my life, after the EU update 17.5 though, I decided to change to iOs because it cover all my needs.

The issue that I'm facing has to do with my music. It might be considered "old-school" on those days, but I still use a Local Library with mp3 files, all of them from their respective albums, true 320kbps. I have my own hierarchy and I have most of them tagged with the correct metadata (on Windows at least).

The issue that I'm facing is that I cannot import those songs in my "folder-way" on the Music app. All of them are grouped via Artist/Albums/etc., but not in the folder way that I desire.

I've read countless reddit posts before posting, most of them from some years/months old, users facing the same issue. I've tried jetAudio which worked as intended, but the syncing process is pre-historic and the UI reminds me of Android 4.
I also tried Flacbox that connects with a Cloud service of your choice and "grabs" the music from there, the UI is perfect and modern, though the hierarchy is a little bit hard to understand. (or maybe I didnt try hard enough).

Can somebody please suggest an alternative solution on my issue? I know that probably it will result in a sub-optimal experience as one Reddit user mentioned, but I want to exhaust all my choices before giving up. I dont mind about having to buy apps or cloud space, just need the solution so I can have all my music back.

Thanks a lot guys in advance and please dont tell me to go back to Android, I already got comfy with iOs :)

19:11 UTC


Update Contact Name

Every time my wife calls me on my iPhone it suggests I update her contact name. Obviously I wouldn’t have my wife stored in my phone as her full name. How do I stop this prompt please? A bit like this (generic screenshot from a Google search). Thanks in advance

19:00 UTC


storage cleanup

hi , i recently received the infamous message that storage was full. i deleted about 3 years total of emails and duplicate photos . gmail still won’t work and icloud still has full storage as well . Does anyone kno what steps i can do?

18:54 UTC


DNS configuration


Is there any way to change DNS settings on your VPN connection? We currently use the Forticlient VPN app which on Windows/MacOS/Android is no problem at all but on iOS we get DNS errors when connecting to internal applications accessible via VPN.

Anyone know of a work around with this?

17:13 UTC


iMessage on iPod Touch

18:14 UTC


Is there a way to show the sender's text when creating a long reply?

Say I'm responding to a message, and my response ends up being really long. Once it becomes long enough, the chat is fully hidden and I can't view it to reference what I'm replying to. Is there way a to look back at the original chat without having to shorten my reply or first send it?

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My phone volume keeps going up on its own

Like the title says it keeps going up on its own, i took my case off to see if that was what’s wrong but it keeps doing it regardless. I haven’t updated to ios18 because when i try it just says checking for updates and nothing shows up. I’m on iphone 11

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Differences between Card Providers on Apple Wallet while restoring from iCloud Backups

I'm trying to understand the differences of experience with different card providers and how they allow for a transfer between devices or the same device while restoring from an iCloud backup.

  • Bank of America on their Visa cards request that the CVV code be re-entered.

  • Chase on its VISA cards sends out an SMS prompt for OTP verification.

  • Discover on the other hand just seems to automatically add the card trusting the iCloud back up entirely.

I understand it is a variation in the security posture for each of these providers with the Wallet backup/restore mechanism as well as the lift associated with standardization across platforms for choosing such, but I'd like to understand from Developers in the know what exact mechanisms are at play here for such considerations to be made. Thanks.

16:30 UTC


Free AirPlay on FireTV

Today I finally found a solution that worked for me! No more annoying ads, no more subscription models!! There is an Android App that allows you to receive AirPlay content. Due to the fact that the FireTV is running on Android you can install custom apks! I can recommend the project air-display apsdk-public

But on their GitHub repository there is no Download link. They also uploaded their app to the google playstore (which can’t be accessed with a firetv)

Nevertheless with an firetv app called „Downloader“ you can download any app from the internet. More information about downloading any apk found here.

You can download the airdisplay app from here. Now you are able to actually use the air play feature for free and without any annoying ads!!

16:20 UTC


iCloud photo storage alternatives

I’m trying to solve this problem. Basically, whenever i date someone new, i’ve photos of the previous person in my photos. My usual goto is to create a new icloud account. Just out of respect, ya know. Nobody wants to see someone’s ex in their camera feed. I realize I can just delete them, but I’ve regretted that in the past.

Anyways, apple is limiting new accounts for me, and I need to find another solution. I have almost 90k photos and whenever I get a new macbook or phone, or reset my devices, it’s a pain to sync it all down. I’m trying to be lean.

Is there a way to archive albums? Or maybe change the default storage location of photos? I don’t want to use google photos for personal reasons. All the solutions online, like s3, require manual uploading of the photos every once in awhile. Any ideas?

16:06 UTC


iOS 17 abnormal storage cache issue

I have been having an issue with the storage cache on iOS and iPadOS 17 where apps are taking storage in Documents and Data when there are actually no content/data in the app.

All the default and third party apps have this issue but one default applications example is the Messages app. I have no messages in the Conversation and Recently deleted tab (Messages in Cloud is turned off to isolate) yet it is taking 960MB of storage.

I contacted Apple Support and have been told this is the size of the applications and keeping cache of the chats. 1GB is not a high storage and you should not be worried. However, I am not worried about the storage but the reason behind as I can see there are many more threads with similar issues reported.

I have been struggling to get a proper explanation as I have been losing storage throughout the system with similar cache issue for all apps.

  1. I have already restarted my device.
  2. Signed in/out of apple ID.
  3. Restored the device earlier when installing iOS17 without a backup.



15:49 UTC


Ios update

Ever since I downloaded the latest IOS update (17.5.1) i’ve been experiencing a lot of issues. The main issue is that everytime i put in my sim card it either says “SIM CARD NOT AVAILABLE “ or it says nothing and just does not let me do anything, like it is not there. Can’t use cellular data or make phone calls. I’ve tried everything I’ve seen on youtube and nothing worked. I still had my warranty so i sent my phone back to apple and said they fixed it. But now i just got it back and it’s the same as it was. I just wanted to know if there will be another IOS 17 update before the release of IOS 18. Thank you

15:57 UTC


Sign In with Apple leaked my identity.

I just realized that even if you delete a private account created using Sign in With Apple for an app, the service provider can still retain your email and all other personal information on their end. AND when you sign up for a new account with Sign In With Apple on the same app, all previously deleted information is linked to you again, including GPS and device info. They could even keep track of the date when you created and deleted your previous accounts.

Apple should automatically incorporate the “Hide My Email” feature instead of making it optional for developers. I noticed some apps don't allow this feature when using Sign in With Apple so they just directly used my Apple ID. This flaw is a serious privacy risk that could be exploited, and it's unacceptable for a company that prides itself on protecting user privacy.

15:56 UTC


Freeform vs Concept App

For those of you who use digital note Taking, what are your thoughts on apples Freeform app versus Concept app?

Freeform app has all the basic tools that I need but I’m not sure how well it will work long-term without folders. The upcoming iOS 18 update where you will be able to add sections for quick navigation on an infinite canvas is very appealing. Freeform also supports Apple Pencil squeeze gesture quickly, bring up useful menus.

Concept is good and has folders for better organization of your notes. However, there is no way to create sections or bookmarks on an infant canvas for quick navigation .

15:32 UTC


Do my files get duplicated on ios?

Since ios treats each app as a container in of itself, everytime I download something it has to be saved separately to the Files app to be accessed in the storage. Otherwise accessing the file means going to the download of whatever browser I'm using. so does it mean that the same file is taking up twice the space on my phone. Sorry if it's a dumb question, I got iphone for the first time and was wondering if my files were being duplicated because of this process.

15:15 UTC


Allow Google to Access

What local network is this referring to? Is it different than my local WiFi?

15:11 UTC


Moving from files to photos Mac

Is it possible to somehow drag and drop from files to photos on a Mac?

15:04 UTC


A-GPS on iOS

There's simply not enough info on how Apple's A-GPS works. Let me provide some info on gps (iOS 16.7.5) not available on the internet, at least I haven't found anything.

So, first, gps is provided by two services on iOS:

gps service: com.apple.gpsd

gps service executable: /usr/libexec/gpsd

gps service plist file (fake): /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.gpsd.plist

I say "fake" above, because all services (including xpc) are controlled by this file:


location service: com.apple.locationd

location service executable: /usr/libexec/locationd

location service plist file (fake): /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.locationd.plist

Both services are required for gps. I am saying this for those people who consider disabling useless services, don't disable the two. Also, do NOT disable the "com.apple.timed" service, because it is somehow required for timestamps used by GPS (even if automatic time setting is disabled in Settings -> General -> Date & Time!). Because if you do disable the "com.apple.timed" service, iOS will fail to enter "Hot" TTFF mode, as described here:


This is how I tested.

  • Disabled "com.apple.timed":launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.timed.plist
  • Launched google maps in the open (clear sky, i.e., no obstruction above), WITHOUT having an internet connection, waited for gps to acquire Time to first fix (s.a.) and my precise location. Now put the phone into lock mode (dark screen). Waited two minutes without moving. Opened google maps again. Should be a hot start (should lock on my location in just a few seconds). Took over 40 seconds to get precise location. Repeat, always the same.

Then re-enabled "com.apple.timed":

launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.timed.plist

Launched google maps, waited for it to lock on my precise location. Put the phone into lock mode, waited for a couple of minutes, even moved away half a kilometre. Opened google maps, and it locked on my precise location in 10-20 seconds, repeat, same behaviour.

As long as you haven't acquired the "first fix" and you don't have an internet connection or you have blocked the domains used by iOS for A-GPS (thru "/private/etc/hosts" file or whatever), all apps that rely on gps behave very weirdly:

  1. The status bar icon indicating gps activity appears on the SpringBoard ("SpringBoard" is the iOS "desktop") in the upper left corner (iOS 16) if you enable it (Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Location Services -> System Services -> Status Bar Icon), but will disappear after 10 seconds, even if google maps, compass or any other app relying on gps is in the foreground). Minimising google maps and bringing it back into foreground again will make the status bar icon re-appear, but again, just for 10 seconds.
  2. If you disable Location Services completely (Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Location Services) thru the gui, then re-enable them (or disable + re-enable "com.apple.locationd" service), and iOS doesn't have access to A-GPS servers (e.g., you don't have internet connection), all apps will behave even more weirdly until "first fix" is acquired:

google maps will throw you to some random place (usually the ocean, lol, probably latitude: -1, longitude: -1), clicking the "center on me" button inside the google maps gui (blue arrow on white background) will yield the following message:

Location could not be determined

Also, there's no dot for your location AT ALL.

Compass app will freeze when opened, waiting for the first fix. It looks as if it crashed. Will not display orientation or latitude + longitude.

This happens, because "com.apple.locationd" won't answer until it acquires the first fix.

If you have the first fix, but it's outdated and needs to be refreshed, but you don't have an internet connection, google maps may show a GREY dot for your location instead of the usual blue dot. If you click (touch) on the grey dot, google maps gui will display various messages like:

Location is out of date. Your location was updated XXX min ago \\n This might be due to weak GPS or Wi-Fi signals.

Btw, these locale strings are located the google maps install directory:


You need to convert the file to XML to make it readable (plutil, jlutil, plu, plistutil, plconvert command-line utils can do it). I searched for these messages on the internet, but google finds nothing. Weird.

This weird behaviour will continue until the "first fix" is acquired. So if google maps or the Compass app look broken / frozen / crashed, they are not. Despite the fact that the status bar icon is not displayed (even if enabled in the settings - s.a.), "com.apple.gpsd" IS working to acquire the first fix. On an iPhone X it takes exactly 3 minutes to acquire the fix in "Cold" mode. Note that newer smartphones may take less due to dual frequency (starting with iPhone 14 Pro, and only on Galileo / Chinese satellites currently):


Gps is not updating properly when the iPhone is locked (or no apps that rely on GPS are in the foreground). This may be different if you have "Find My" installed, but I uninstalled it. So if you move around or don't use gps apps and some time passes, then open google maps etc., iOS will have to re-lock on your location. I don't know if you can force the gps services to track your location continuously without having gps apps in the foreground. This saves battery, I guess, but it also increases the time to lock on you. I can tell you from experience, you move 40 km away from your location (on the internet, they say 50 miles, but that's not true) or let ca. 2 hours pass without activating gps, and your "first fix" is gone, you will have to wait for 3 minutes again unless you have an internet connection (so rely purely on traditional gps instead of A-GPS).

So how does iOS A-GPS work? There's some info on Android gps out there:



but unfortunately hardly any info on iOS. Overall, "A-GPS" is a very broad term, how it's implemented, depends on the manufacturer. So here's what I found out:

  1. Acquiring the almanac (ephemeris too?) over the internet. All almanacs seem to have the same name, both on iOS and Android, they are called "lto2.dat". However, there's a second file, called "rtistatus.dat", may be also called "rtistatus4.dat" or "rtistatus5.dat". The download locations for both files are defined inside:/private/var/root/Library/Caches/locationd/cache.plist

You need to convert it to XML to make it readable:

plutil -convert xml1 /private/var/root/Library/Caches/locationd/cache.plist

Inside, look for "lto2.dat" or "rtistatus". Here's what mine says:





The weird timestamp is in Mac absolute time format:



If you convert it to unix timestamp and then human-readable format, it simply displays the last download time of the files (so identical to "last modified" timestamp in bash if you run "ls").

If you block "iphone-ld.apple.com" server, e.g. thru "hosts: iphone-ld.apple.com
::0 iphone-ld.apple.com

you will have to acquire "first fix" thru traditional gps (3 minutes!) Plus "Warm"/"Hot" startups will take much longer (27-45 seconds without a recent almanac vs. 5 seconds for a "warm" startup with the most recent almanac downloaded off the Apple server)

However, there are further "lto2.dat" and "rtistatus" on Apple servers, don't know what they are for, probably depends on your iPhone model / iOS version. E.g.:



Older phones used to use:


There are some other urls listed inside "cache.plist":

Used for bluetooth A-GPS?:



No idea what this nonsense is:





All files listed inside cache.plist are downloaded to the main locationd cache directory:


Note that once iOS downloads the "rtistatus4.dat" or "rtistatus5.dat" or whatever is listed in your "cache.plist", it will rename it to "rti.dat". All *.gz will be unpacked once downloaded (and of course Apple is too stupid to delete the *.gz files after extraction, wasting your storage space).

There's hardly any info on these two files. "lto2.dat" contains the almanac. Does it contain ephemerides too? Hell if I know. The "lto2.dat" is rather big - appr. 180KB on Apple server, Android files are smaller. Why? Hell if I know. "RTI" stands for "Realtime Integrity"... I think. What does "Realtime Integrity" mean? Hell if I know. "lto2" stands for "Long Time Orbit". What does "Long Time Orbit" mean? Hell if I know. The files are unreadable, supposedly scrambled using XXTEA:


Question: How often does iOS update the almanac? Of course, nobody on the entire internet ever bothered to find out. From my experience I can tell you, the RTI file ist re-downloaded exactly once every hour (if you have internet connection, obviously, and the domain is not blocked), as far as "lto2.dat" is concerned - unsure, need to check further. Last time my iOS updated (re-downloaded) it exactly 12 hours after the previous download. But maybe the "RTI" file contains some info on the state of the almanac? So maybe iOS downloads "RTI" file first, if this file says a new almanac is available, iOS will attempt to re-download "lto2.dat" as well? Just a guess, because, as I said, these files are encoded, so hell knows what the "RTI" file contains.

If you want to force iOS to re-download the almanac immediately, you can either disable, then re-enable the Location Services thru the gui, or restart gps/location servers (don't know if you have to restart both, haven't tested):

launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.gpsd.plist

launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.locationd.plist

launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.gpsd.plist

launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.locationd.plist

The RTI file is very small (just a few bytes), the "lto2" file is much larger. Why is the almanac spread over two files both on iOS and Android? Hell if I know.

  1. iOS a-GPS also includes Wi-Fi positioning system / network location provider (NLP):


This function basically connects to the following Apple server:


to acquire your location by sending Apple some Wifi Mac in your vicinity. Apple replies with the Wifi's latitude + longitude:


If you block the "gs-loc.apple.com" server or don't have an internet connection and you are inside a building (no clear sight to the satellites), iOS will fail to find you!

How does Apple know the Wifi device location? Well, all Apple devices send your location to Apple's servers, so they have a database of MACs and their latitude + longitude. Talking about privacy. But how does an iPhone know the location of a Wifi device in the first place, I mean, BEFORE it's added to Apple's database? Seems it works like this: iOS acquires your location by traditional gps (thru satellites). Then, when you get in the vicinity of a wifi device, iOS will calculate its location based on YOUR location (i.e., iPhone's location) modified by wifi signal strength of the wifi device, then sends this data to Apple. Also, iOS will sometimes add this info to:


This is a simple SQL file, check "LteCellLocation" table (saves mobile towers together with their latitude + longitude) and "WifiLocation" table (wifi devices complete with their MAC + latitude + longitude + timestamp).

Note that not all wifi devices are saved to the SQL file. How iOS decides which MACs to save and which not? Hell if I know. However, if a specific MAC has been added to "cache_encryptedB.db", next time you will get in the vicinity of that wifi device, iOS will find your location immediately, even if you do NOT have "first fix", it will simply look up the MAC's latitude + longitude in the table, so no internet connection is required.

Note that "cache_encryptedB.db" is emptied if you disable Location Services thru the gui. It's NOT emptied, if you simply restart the "com.apple.gpsd" and "com.apple.locationd" or crash the executables (in which case the services will restart them):

killall gpsd

killall locationd

Note that NLP does NOT reduce TTFF !!! This is mentioned here:


and I can confirm that this is the case. If you are in the vicinity of a Wifi device listed in "cache_encryptedB.db", iOS will display your precise location immediately. Now lock the iPhone or just don't use any gps apps, move outside the reach of the known Wifi device, and if you have an outdated almanac and no internet connection, it will take the full "Cold" TTFF to find your location.

Note that NLP sometimes fails to work. So you enter a building (shop, airport etc.), iOS can't find your precise location (large blue aura around the blue dot in Google Maps), because no clear sight to the satellites and no internet connection. Now login into some well-known Wifi network. Now that you are logged, iOS should contact "gs-loc.apple.com" to get the MAC's location. Sometimes it does, sometimes it fails. You can force it to do this by restarting the "com.apple.gpsd" and "com.apple.locationd" services.

  1. Does iOS utilise mobile (cellular) towers to find your location? I am not sure, at least on my iPhone it doesn't work properly. Here's what I read for Android devices:


When you have both a cellular connection and Location enabled, control plane and/or user plane (SUPL) A-GNSS is used in addition to PSDS to greatly reduce the time needed for GNSS to obtain an initial location lock. These obtain coarse location info from a server based on nearby cell towers.

No idea what this nonsense means, but if you are interested, look here:


Control Plane protocol -> aGPS over wireless broadband communication. LTE: LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP) + LPP Annex (LPPa). No internet connection required ?

Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) protocol -> TCP/IP

	Mobile Station Assisted (MSA)

	Mobile Station Based (MSB)

As mentioned above, the "cache_encryptedB.db" SQL file includes an "LteCellLocation" table. What's it used for? Hell if I know.

When you install iOS on a fresh iPhone, the "com.apple.locationd" cache directory will contain some files in the following places:



Seems the "adsf" contains multiple cell tower locations, while the "coarse-lte" will contain the cell tower files for the tower your iPhone is connected to (two files, one of them is the timestamp inside a *.plist file, the other - cell tower location ?). However, if you disable Location Services thru the gui, all files in those directories are deleted. If you re-enable the Location Services, they are NOT restored on my iPhone. Hell knows where iOS gets them from. The only way I was able to get those files is by creating a backup of iOS in iTunes, then restoring the backup immediately afterwards. However, again, if you disable Location Services thru the gui, they are gone for good.

You can restore those files manually by backuping the two files inside the "coarse-lte" directory, disabling, then re-enabling the Location Services thru the gui, disabling the "com.apple.locationd", putting the two files back into the "coarse-lte" and re-enabling the "com.apple.locationd" service. However! These files have a valid duration based on the timestamp (the *.plist file inside the "coarse-lte" directory). Those files are valid for a number of months (180 days?). Afterwards, they are deleted even if you put them manually into the "coarse-lte" directory, once you restart the "com.apple.locationd" service, locationd will delete them. What's the url Apple downloads these files from? Again, nobody knows... except for Apple, and they are not telling anything. When are these files downloaded? How often re-downloaded? No idea, and nobody else knows except for Apple.

If the files inside "coarse-lte" directory are present (and not outdated yet) and iOS doesn't have the "first fix", nor are there any known wifi devices in the vicinity, nor do you have an internet connection, iOS will position your iPhone at the cell tower's location. So in Google Maps you will see the blue dot somewhere at the cell tower with a HUGE blue aura around the dot. This is NOT helpful, because the cell tower can be 50 km away from your location, and iOS doesn't seem to adjust the location. Maybe it depends on the number of cell towers around you for triangulation purposes. If there's just one, iOS will throw you to its location, and as long as your precise location is not acquired, google maps will be useless, because obviously, when navigating with google maps you want the app to tell you how to get to some location from YOUR location, not from the cell tower's location. Besides, as long as your precise location is not acquired, the blue dot will simply be stuck in the place of the cell tower and won't budge. In my case, iOS threw me to another city, 30 km away from my location. The future is now! You better make sure you have a paper atlas with you.

If the "coarse-lte" directory is empty, you don't have an internet connection, and you don't have the "first fix" (or iOS hasn't locked yet on your precise location), you will either get a grey dot in google maps, or all gps apps will behave totally weirdly, waiting for the GPS services to first get the "first fix", then get your precise location (see above).

On Androids, there's something called "Predicted Satellite Data Service" (PSDS). No idea what this is or if Apple has something similar.

"A-GPS" is also referred to as:

Assisted GNSS (global navigation satellite system)



supported GPS

in case you need some keywords to search for.

If disabling "location services" thru "Settings" app, "locationd" executable may start hogging the CPU (100% usage). Probably trying to access some services that are disabled (in case you are like me and like disabling crap services, lol). No idea why this happens, but killing the "locationd" executable:

killall locationd

will fix it (the locationd service will restart the executable, which will no longer hog the CPU). If you want to monitor what locationd service does, try this:

cat /private/var/log/com.apple.xpc.launchd/launchd.log | grep -i 'locationd'

"launchd.log" contains error messages for services (iOS 16).

14:47 UTC


help with storage?

i hope the image works. i rarely use reddit but if not then it's a photo of my iphone storage with 116.28 GB of 128 GB used. i want to know if downloading my spotify music (the playlist i wish to download is roughly 250 hours but it can be minimized (kind of)) is a good idea. will it blow up my phone? should i just take the risk? please let me know !! note: apologies for any english errors it's my second language

14:40 UTC


Question about Wi-Fi sharing? Do we both have to have each other’s phone number on our contacts list?

Hi there,

I have this person’s phone number in my contacts list (I don’t know if they have my number on their contacts list), so when he was by my phone, we both were trying to connect to the same guest Wi-Fi network, and I look over on my phone, and then it said that if I wanted to share my password with that person that is in my contacts. Does that mean that same person has my number stored in their contacts in order for the to work? Cause I don’t know how that would show up? Will that just work if I just have their number only, or do we both have to have each other’s number stored in our contacts for the Wi-Fi sharing? I am trying to find answers online but nothing comes up. Thanks!

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