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Issues on IOS17.3.1

Anyone else facing any issues on ios17? Some apps do not even open (stuck on the loading screen) and it’s also a lot slower.. Anyone facing the same issue?Any suggestions would be really appreciated ☺️

19:04 UTC


Is this good? Had it for 3 years now.

18:30 UTC



I’ve seen people still on iOS 16, what about security updates surely you need these to keep stuff safe ?

09:14 UTC


Port, cable and charger working fine, yet my Xr won't charge unless I do this

Hello everyone! Today I woke up with an unusual problem with my iPhone Xr. I tried googling it but couldn't find this exact case so I was hoping someone could help me.

This is how it goes: I'm currently using a Samsung charger with an official Apple USB-C to Lightning cable to charge my Xr, but today it decided it won't charge it anymore UNLESS I first turn off the phone and then turn it on by plugging it to the charger. Otherwise it won't do anything, even if I turn it on this way, see that is charging, unplug it and re-plug it again.

I double checked that everything is working. The same charger charges my Macbook fine and I know the cable is working because it charged the phone when I did this trick I mention.

The same happens if I try to charge my sister's iPhone 11 with the same charger and cable. So I think this is kind of a software issue.

Any solution that you can think of? Thanks!

16:43 UTC


Battery health

Hello I’ve had my XR since June 2019, I’m now on 78% battery health. I’ve heard that sometimes getting a new battery doesn’t help with how fast the phone dies as some older phones struggle with the new updates.

Can anyone advise me if it’s time for a new phone? Or should a battery replacement do the trick, as XR is not super old.

Thanks for reading

09:44 UTC


Camera issue

I woke up and my camera has this. Does anyone knows what is this? Is this moist? It really bothers me and I need help how to fix this.

Thank you

21:57 UTC


How long

I’ve had the XR for ages now and due to eye issues with newer phones could be a while longer. Any thoughts on how long these phones could last ( apps and 4g ) mainly.

14:09 UTC



Working Perfectly🙂

22:04 UTC


I got a new battery back in August and it’s still doing wonders at 100%. Got a new screen (original) recently and now it’s like a brand new phone all over again.

17:32 UTC


I am on version 14.8 should i upgrade?

15:31 UTC


Battery replacement

Hey everyone,

I purchased my iPhone XR back in 2019, and recently I noticed that my battery health has dropped to 78%. I decided it's time to replace the battery, so I headed to an Apple service center. However, they informed me that they can't perform the replacement because the back glass of my phone is cracked.

Unfortunately, purchasing a new phone isn't feasible for me at the moment. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and knows of any legitimate places where I could get the battery replaced, despite the cracked back glass.

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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09:09 UTC


Clear rubber flexible case

These are my favorite cases because they have pdding on the corners. But they all make the camera stick out so they dont lie flat. Do u have a case that lies flat?

02:58 UTC


iPhone XR black screen

My iPhone XR screen went black after I had repaired it, about a month later. I had upgraded to iOS 17 and it had started blinking black and going back to the original screen, I had to hit the device for it to show the screen.. now it is just straight black. It gives the charging notification sound when it turns on but shows NO DISPLAY. I’ve tried connected 3 other displays and they give no sign of life on the screen, but the phone vibrates and gives sounds of notifications coming in. I tried to let it die and turn it back on but nothing works. I can’t get it into recovery mode as the volume up and down keys don’t work. They’re not stuck they are just broken. Anyone had this issue and any tips?

Edit: I also need to know if I can recover data from the device. I need a way to fix without data loss. I have a crypto wallet with nearly $7,000 I don’t want to lose.

02:31 UTC


Camera from lockscreen starts up, but usually crashes after taking picture

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this and/or if they've figured out a way to manage it.

I factory reset my iPhone XR in January this year, updated it to iOS 17, and it has been my daily driver since then.

I've noticed that the camera is unreliable if I launch it from the lockscreen, in that the camera app opens, I see something in the viewfinder, but after hitting the shutter button, the app usually just goes black and nothing happens. ~75% of the time the image never makes it to the camera roll.

There are no error messages displayed.

If I go ahead and unlock the phone with Face ID and go to the camera app from there, it works as expected.

This seems like a bug. I saw from other threads that one can sometimes report bugs to apple via applefeedback:// in safari, though I guess one has to be part of the developer or beta programs to participate. I am not.

Also seems to go away after a soft reset....but I've been noticing this intermittently ever since I started using the device.

I get the feeling there may not be a lot of options for troubleshooting, but if anyone does happen to have some suggestions, they are welcome.

23:04 UTC


iPhone XR will not restore or go into DFU.

I recently got an iPhone XR and it's been a pain.

It boots up to the support.apple.com/iphone/restore screen and if I try to restore it, it'll show progress and stuff but when it's done it'll boot back to the support.apple.com/iphone/restore screen. it also doesn't want to seem to go into DFU which is very annoying and about the only thing it can do is go to Apple their little diagnostics thingy where everything works as it should.

All answers I get on google are those stupid diagnostic programs that don't do crap.

I'm lost, please help.


11:50 UTC


iPhone XR max charging

What’s the max watt charging an iPhone XR can handle? It seems like iPhone chargers don’t go past 20 watts so would a 50 watt charger break something? I just want the fastest charger that does the least harm and is the safest

21:16 UTC


Are you still using iPhone XR in 2024?

Are you still using iPhone XR in 2024 or are you considering selling it?

What's your experience after the iOS 17 update?

07:02 UTC


iPhone XR screen feels slightly smaller than 13 pro?

In hand and comparing the iPhone 13 Pro and XR, the 13 pro's screen just seems a bit bigger to me, and I seem to type a little bit better on the 13 than the XR; I feel like the keyboard on the 13 pro is just a bit bigger.

Looking at specs online, the iPhone XR's screen is 6.1 inches, and slightly bigger than the 13 pro.
iPhone XR - Technical Specifications (apple.com)
iPhone 13 Pro - Technical Specifications (apple.com)

(I'm using the XR as my daily driver as my Pixel 7 Pro broke badly and I got rid of it, 13 Pro is my spouse's phone.)

This is puzzling to me! Is this maybe due to the different resolutions on each device? Or the XR's bezel?

16:38 UTC


Value of IPhone XR 128gb with original 12.3 iOS?

Someone suggested I may be able to sell my XR with original iOS for more than a typical used XR. Has anyone sold one recently and if so for how much? Tying to decide if it’s worth the effort

16:12 UTC


black screen on phone when someone calls

I just bought a used XR and its been okay, but there's one problem. When someone calls, theres a black screen and I don't know how to remove it. So my dad's doctor called and I wanted to put the phone on speaker, but because of this black screen, I couldn't.

what is that? How do I remove that?

Thank you do anyone who helps.

14:59 UTC


Worth upgrading from ios 12.3 to ios 17.3?

Edit: for anyone else who may be in this situation I learned you may not even be able to upgrade directly from iOS 12 to 17. After downloading I got an error that the firmware update file was incompatible.

More and more apps aren't working for me on ios 12, and a lot of websites error out due to my old version. I have learned there is no way to selectively upgrade (to say 15, which is required by a lot of apps). Is it safe to upgrade to ios 17.3 or have folks had problems?

04:12 UTC


Apple's Bold Move: Shipping Jailbroken iPhones and Stickers to Empower Bug Bounty Hunters

This time, Apple is doing the jailbreaking. The security researcher Gergely Kalman posted a photo on X (formerly known as Twitter) of a jailbroken iPhone 14 Pro that Apple sent him. See report;

Link: https://newsblare.com/innovation/data-and-security/apples-shipping-jailbroken-iphones-and-stickers-to-bug-bounty-hunters/

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11:11 UTC


How to get iPhone keyboard automatically switch to preferred language setting?

I need to type in preferred language most of the time but keyboard doesn’t. I suspect it’s remembering the last choice which requires me to switch to preferred language. This is frustrating for emoji which for my case is a single character with following text in preferred language; I have to switch keyboard to type remainder of text after typing a emoji.

Is it possible to get keyboard switch to preferred language iPhone XR, iOS 17

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09:42 UTC


XR black screen not recognized by iTunes

07:52 UTC


Is this a normal screen time for a newly replaced battery?

Hello guys. Got my battery replaced recently, wonder if this is how it is supposed to perform. Been using wi-fi only and most of the time had my airpods connected.

05:50 UTC


My battery went from 93% to 87% overnight

I don’t know which one caused it but here are some of the things I did that I think caused my battery drainage:

-Charging from 25 and unplugging it at 70

-Overheating since the ios 17.3 update

-I go to school so I use my phone all the time

-Charging to 100 overnight (with optimized battery charging on) twice last week.

Now what the hell do I do? 😭😭😭😭

23:17 UTC


Rest in peace, little one.

16:26 UTC

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