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Always on Function not working

Hi guys so I’ve got an Apple Watch series 9, but the always on function doesn’t seem to work and my notifications don’t always push through. Whenever I tilt my wrist away the screen goes black. Turned the setting on/off etc didn’t do anything.

I have “always on” turned on with all notifications etc enabled.

I’ve reset and hard reset my watch.

I don’t have low power mode or theatre mode enabled.

Watch and phone are both up to date on current versions.

All settings are as they should be, any ideas?

12:27 UTC


2.5 years later with S6

I bought a used S6 44mm Cellular in September 2021 bought from the original owner in May of the same year, I don't know if is this is normal but the battery is completely gone...76%? WHAT?

Some days the drain of the battery is ok, normal with is capacity and I don't complain. But other days is CRAZY, for example yesterday I took my watch outside of the charger at 49%, after 1 hour of workout 1%.

Today with sleep tracking goes from 100% to 64% (normally drain only 20%), after I leave the watch on my desk and after 4 hours maybe it was off...0%

Apple Watch is a great device but the battery is the main problem and now I understand why so many people said to me "battery is too little". And also the battery health drained so much.

Now AW6 runs watchOS 9.6.2 and I don't want imagine with watchOS 10. Maybe I can watch snoopy watch face for just 3 minutes


12:25 UTC


WatchOS 10 and Iphone 7

I know Apple states you at least need an Iphone XS to upgrade to WatchOS10. Would I be able to connect a WatchOS10 watch to an Iphone 12, perform the upgrade and then connect my WatchOS10 watch back to my Iphone 7?

12:12 UTC


What is your experience with SANDMARC?

I ordered a Titanium Grade 4 band for my Apple Watch Ultra 2 in September, because of the good (but few) reviews available on YouTube.It had an expected shipment set for end of November, we are in mid-December and it's still at the first phase ("Order received"). In the meantime they keep accepting orders promising "mid-December" shipments.

What is you experience?
Did you ordered it and already received it?
If so, what were the order and shipment dates?
And how's the product feel, etc.?

Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

11:45 UTC


Oh man I love these new Nike bands!

11:44 UTC


your thoughts on my wallpaper??

1 Comment
11:30 UTC



Hi team,

Does anyone here have concerns about pregnant woman wearing Apple Watches?

10:53 UTC


Is HR more accurate in new apple watches?

I was wondering if coming from AW Series 6, there has been an upgrade in sensors in the new ones (up to series 9 and ultra 2) and if there are (even) more accurate in terms of heart monitoring. Also, how accurate is the temperature sensor?

10:48 UTC


Widget to assess how sleep impacts Heart Rate Variability

1 Comment
10:29 UTC


Updates that change the UI/UX are the worst thing a company like apple can do

People have several things to deal with in their life, and the last thing we need is having to get used to unnecessary changes in the interface of our freaking watch.

I think people are really starting to hate the idea that objects they buy change overnight without asking for permission. I hope companies will become much more conservative with their updates, 'cause this is becoming unbearable.

Good tools don't get in the way, they don't add cognitive load, they relieve it.

09:59 UTC


How to avoid scratches on apple watch

I am thinking of buying a series 9 aw but I am scared I’ll get it scratched pretty easily . How can I avoid scratches

09:34 UTC


Any way to disable "want to turn off your alarm?" notifications in the morning?

Okay so we have three kids who tend to keep us not sleeping the whole night more or less on daily (nightly??) bases. The problem is that some mornings when there's still some time before the alarm is supposed to go off (maybe like half an hour, not sure). I'm trying to search for our daughters favourite plush toy on the floor of her bedroom or something as fancy when suddenly the watch makes quite loud noise asking me whether I wish to turn the alarm off as it seems that I'm awake. Of course my daughter goes: "Daddy what's that sound?" and I'm like "just my watch acting funny, it's nothing, go back to sleep". Well if you have kids of certain age you know they are not like oh ok, good night dad. They are like "acting weird, how?" "What does it mean?" "Funny how?" "WHAT DOES IT MEAN DAAAD??"

The end result is the whole family being awake and the day starts slightly too early, and all because of that stupid notification sound. Any way to make it silent, vibration only or disable completely?

For a company who takes their UX so seriously, I'm quite surprised how poorly this feature has been thought through. Or perhaps I just can't configure it properly?

09:32 UTC


Klarmobil eSIM possible?

I have an ongoing contract at klarmobil for my iphone, now want to buy an iphone se with cellular. I am confused, if my plans will work with the provider klarmobil and esim/multisim - what is even the difference? I am reading yes and no online, maybe there is a user who can clarify?

08:43 UTC


How can I improve my deep sleep? or is this normal?

07:31 UTC


Find my phone silently

Any way to do this? What I mean by this is to only use the distance display to find the phone. You know how when you ping the phone it gives off a sound, and then the watch shows the distance? I just want the distance without the ping sound. Reason is that I misplace my phone frequently and don’t want to ping it because it might bother a sleeping newborn when it plays the sound. “Find My” app directions starts the map but I couldn’t see the distance measurer thing.

07:09 UTC


Sleep Confused with Working Nightshift Abroad?

I’m currently working 24:00 - 1200 nightshift abroad in Brazil (live in the UK) and have been tracking my sleep using my Apple Watch.

However it’s just never 100%, I sleep pretty consistently from 14:30 - 22:30 everyday while I am here and this is the sleep data I wake up to.

Clearly inaccurate to some degree. Is it confused with the region? I have my time zone set to Automatic, use a schedule and all my sleep/schedule related settings are correct.

Can anyone related to this?

06:30 UTC


watchOS 10 messed up my complications (heart rate and oxygen)

I belatedly upgraded to iOS 17 which required me to upgrade to watchOS 10. I was coming from iOS 15 and watchOS 8. I wish I had stayed put.

Anyhow, at first my blood oxygen complication was just gone. I finally realized in settings it was listed twice (under the exact same name) and selecting the other name made it appear again.

The Heart Rate complication is annoying in that there is no space between the number and BPM. It makes it harder to read at a glance.

This at a glance to me looks like 848 (remember this shows up smaller on your wrist than it shows in this picture):


Also if you notice it says my heart rate was last measured 36 minutes ago.

I figured there was a change where watchOS 10 was measuring my heart rate much less frequently than before. But it turns out to be a bug with the complication. Whenever I tap to open the heart rate app, it's actually been measured in reality much more recently.

In this case where it said 36 minutes ago, it had actually been measured only 2 minutes ago once I opened the app.

The complications also have an ugly grey background compared to before.

I happened to have saved a screenshot from what my watch looked like under watchOS 8. The heart rate complication worked and it just looked nicer with the space between the number and BPM and the lack of grey background:


I thought maybe something was wrong with the heart rate complication in the same way the blood oxygen one didn't show up at all. I tried deleting it, which you can't really do, so I instead switched it to a different complication and then back to this one, but it's the same result.

Is this a known issue?

I don't see anything better about this watchOS than what I had before (I don't like the random things that come up when you scroll the digital crown and I realize you can customize them but it seems overly confusing to do so from such a small screen) and certainly things that are worse.

06:03 UTC


Finally update from AW3 to AW4 44mm it’s a cosmic changes :D

06:00 UTC


Omg, the new update screwed up everything and makes it so cumbersome to navigate now. I hate it. Urrrrrrr

05:21 UTC


Apple watch 9 cellular

Has anyone noticed a difference in cellular strength between the 9 and se2? I have the 9 and my wife the se2. We can be in the same place and she has zero coverage and I’m perfect. This is without our phone near by its strictly cellular coverage.

I just find it interesting, my wife seems to think it because the 9 has better components than the SE 2 and that includes the cellular antenna.

Wondered if she was right or if maybe hers was defective. Just looking for others experiences.


04:49 UTC


Apple Watch Series 8

Hey, so my Apple Watch Series 8 was linked to my old Apple ID. But I signed out of the Apple ID on my iPhone SE, reset the phone and sign into my new Apple ID. How do I get the watch off the older Apple ID? The phone is not paired to the watch any more.

04:49 UTC


49mm isn’t enough


04:48 UTC


Strange ECG when lying down

Only when lying down and typically upon waking do I sometimes get type of result. Normalises when in an upright position generally. Any ideas?

04:30 UTC


How I got a free stainless-steel Apple Watch Series 9

(names changed to preserve their privacy)

For the past 6 years, I’ve been rocking an aluminum S3, which has been massively dinged up over the years: multiple face cracks, scratches on the metal body, and being marooned on watchOS 8. So I knew my next watch should be a sturdy upgrade — either a stylish stainless-steel Series 9, or big-ass titanium Ultra 2, either with a tough-as-hell sapphire glass.

For my birthday in late November, I received a total of $375 in Apple gift cards, thanks to my wife ($200), SIL ($75), and employer ($100). I’d also been saving up cash to make up the difference. So now I could now go shopping!

I was busy getting ready for a business trip the following week, so I likely wouldn’t have time to shop until I was out-of-town. And because didn’t want to travel with gift cards, I redeemed them online ahead of time.

Here’s where things started going south….

The gift cards from my SIL and employer redeemed with no issues. I opened my wife’s gift card sleeve and inside was a $100 card instead of $200. Odd, I thought, but I wasn’t immediately worried — perhaps it was a misprint? Besides the card was intact, showing no signs of tampering. However, my several attempts to redeem the card failed.

I searched for some help, and here’s when I began to worry. I learned of a common scam involving Apple gift cards, especially those bought at Target (like mine was), where criminals acquire the gift card codes, then repeatedly attempt to redeem them before the legitimate owner can. It had been two days since my wife bought the card and my own attempts to redeem it…plenty of time for a crook to beat me to the punch.

After reading several Reddit posts that said I was SOL, I began to freak out. Someone had stolen my birthday present, which felt especially cruel. And my wife felt like shit for not realizing such scams existed (obviously she couldn’t have known), which made me seethe even more about some stranger making her feel that way.

Once I calmed down, I reached out to Apple Support, starting with online chat. They responded that the code didn’t work because it was already-redeemed. How could that be, since I had an activation receipt whose serial number matched my gift card? I asked when the gift card was redeemed, and what they told me was shocking — Apple Support said the code was redeemed March 2023 (8 months earlier)!

I told them this was impossible, as I had just received the card, plus my activation receipt’s serial number matched the gift card. They then said to take it up with Target, which didn’t make sense due to the $100 / $200 mismatch (that screamed of a manufacturing issue). The support rep said I could next take it up with the Apple Gift Card Review Department, who might be able to match the serial number with the correct corresponding gift code.

That department was open for only one more hour, and my time before travel was ticking away, so I ended the chat and hopped onto the phone (this department can only be reached by phone). At the automated prompt, I requested help from the exact department name and waited. The person who eventually answered (Jerry) was from a completely-different department (Media Services), so he got to hear the second of my blowups.

Despite that, Jerry was great:

  • He mentioned that “Mismatching serial numbers is all too common”
  • He assured me he would get me to the right place
  • He orchestrated a warm transfer to a senior advisor
  • Before the transfer, he was clear it would take ~25 minutes to be connected, and they’d call me back if we were disconnected
  • He checked in every 5 minutes to make sure I was still on the line and that he was still working on it

Eventually I was connected with Roger, who:

  • Confirmed the funds are indeed available and associated to my sleeve (e.g. the code they’ll eventually get me matches the serial #)
  • Believes the $100 / $200 mismatch it to be a manufacturing issue (same as me, but obviously we cannot confirm for sure)
  • Told me he’d own this case going forward and will send me personal emails
  • Arranged a specific callback time the following Monday (my first day out of town)
  • Was clear it would take several days for them to resolve the code that goes with the sleeve

So I waited three days.

While Apple didn’t call back at the exact time on Monday, I did hear from them two hours later. Because I was driving, I didn’t catch the name of the Apple support rep who called, but she had good news — they were able to successfully retrieve the code. She stayed on the phone while I successfully redeemed the code. I finally had all my funds!

And because it was now after work, I was free to visit the local Apple Store and get my birthday present!

I arrived at the local Apple Store one hour before closing.

I was assisted by a sales rep named Bill, who helped me try out various watches and bands. Once I decided on my combination, I explained that I wished to pay using a combination of Apple gift cards and my Apple Card (so I could get that sweet sweet 3% cash back).

This is where we encountered yet another obstacle.

On my Apple devices, I’m signed into two iCloud accounts:

  1. One shared account for purchases. Although we use Family Sharing, we try to buy everything on this one account, so it’s easier to manage subscriptions & receipts. Also, this was how we shared purchases in ye olden days before Family Sharing!
  2. The other as my primary iCloud account, which is what all of my devices are signed into

Because of the above arrangement, I didn’t realize that when I redeemed the gift cards, the credit was added to the purchases account (#1) not my personal account (#2).

I explained this to Bill, who wasn’t fazed at all — he had seen this before and confidently said there shouldn’t be any problem. Except there was.

We couldn’t get anything to work. We tried to setup the 1st account as an additional account within my Apple Wallet so I could pay using my iPhone, but it was rejected. We tried the App Store app on my phone, but it only operates off the only the primary iCloud account and doesn’t permit signing out / in. It was almost closing time, and I was close to walking away empty-handed.

Bill called for a supervisor to help. A man named Peter joined us & he patiently tried to work thru the issue:

  • I asked if we could transfer balances between iCloud accounts. Peter said this is possible, but only over the phone with Apple Support.
  • I said if the hold-up was due to wanting to use my Apple Card to pay the balance, we could skip that part & use a different credit card. While Peter appreciated the offer, he indicated that wouldn’t help.
  • Peter said I could use the balance if I purchase the watch online. I said I was open to this, but that it’d be disappointing because of all the drama that led up to today — after all, I’d waited most of a week so far.

Up until now, I’d been calm and patient, but I let my frustration slip. I shared with both of them the entire above ordeal, how thought everything would be good once the gift card issue was sorted out earlier that day, but now all of my money was locked up because of an Apple UX issue that assigned my credits to the wrong account.

Peter asked me how much the balance was. I unlocked my iPhone, opened the App Store app, and loaded the account page showing the $375 credit. Peter then offered to discount my watch by that exact amount!

I protested! “That very nice of you, but I can just go the online purchase route.”

Peter smiled then insisted: “You want to walk out with that watch tonight, right?”

Sheepishly, I said, “Well, yeah…yes, I do.”

Fifteen minutes later, I walked out with a stainless-steel silver Series 9 watch, normally retailing for $749, which I got for exactly half that amount!

And here’s the kicker: I got to retain my App Store credit! It will cover all the monthly payments I currently make for iCloud+ and other subscriptions. In other words, I basically got a free Apple Watch.

I can’t say enough good things about Apple Support. They were knowledgable, professional, and empathetic at every available opportunity. I’ve been a consistent Apple customer for nearly two decades, and it’s acts of kindness like this that will ensure many more decades to come.

04:22 UTC


What are some good/useful apps that i can download on my watch?

Came across the watch app- the orgeon trail and i am liking it! wanted to know if there are any other such apps

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03:54 UTC


What app is this? I need it lol

I need these exact kind of motivational/fitness quotes 😂 Anybody know what app this is?

03:30 UTC



What is your average Hrv on apple?and what is an ideal one?

03:08 UTC

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