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Who else remembers those weird early-aughts gaming/music industry crossovers?

07:16 UTC


McDonald's Branded Nintendo DSi — Used For Training

03:52 UTC


How The Shadow of the Torturer Inspired Dark Souls (Book Review)

06:30 UTC


What's the criteria for labeling an RPG as "high fantasy"

Is Elden Ring high fantasy? What about Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? Zelda? Tales games?

06:28 UTC


This game reduced my life span

This was a blast. I saw this game recommended multiple times and finally decided to go for it. I saw a user post a screenshot of game completion showing only about 8 hours of gameplay. I thought it would be a shorter game.

No, I decided to suffer. I went as far as I could with completion. I regret to say that I cannot and will not go for gold strawberries. I need my sanity, or whatever is left of it.

This has been the most challenging since crash 4 platinum.

Oh, and fuck farewell. Spent 8 hrs raging on that level.

05:32 UTC


Did Valheim create a wave of survival games?

Valheim was released 2021 in February and was a huge success for being an indie title.

Now three years later we're seeing a wave of survival games being released. Enshrouded, Palworld, Nightingale, Grounded, Once Human, etc.

Is it connected?

05:31 UTC


What are some of the games that you would recommend to someone who is new to gaming or a specific genre?

05:25 UTC


Knock knock who’s there?

What the what ? Dungeon Borne

05:22 UTC


Granblue Fantasy

Anybody wondering about the newest game Relink, don’t sleep on it the game is great. Good story, combat is fun and the boss fights are at ff16 level. Plus there’s tons of postgame content.

1 Comment
05:14 UTC


The original WOMBO COMBO. A monumental event

Just wanted to post because I could watch it any day and it's still phenomenal.

03:32 UTC


How do I stop getting upset playing games

I've just now noticed that I get super upset and mad playing video games. It doesn't matter if it's a single-player game, FPS game, or multi-player game, I just get super heated and upset when shit just doesn't go my way. I keep trying to tell myself, "It's just a game, I shouldn't be so upset about it." But it just never works.

Even if I try taking breaks from time to time, I still get super upset, even if it's my 1st game on or I'm just playing for 15 minutes. It gets to the point where I feel like I need to break something or hit something. I've already smashed like two controllers because of this. I don't wtf is wrong with me

03:25 UTC


My receipt for my Gamecube

Found my receipt from bestbuy January of 2002

03:14 UTC


If yall like Helldivers 2, check out Earth Defense Force.

I honestly don't know a ton about Helldivers 2 other than it seems to be a 3rd person shooter where you fight waves of bugs and stuff.

I'm surprised how popular it's become when EDF has been doing that for nearly 2 decades now.

But instead of just bugs, giant robots, aliens, mechs, etc.

Tons of huge crazy weapons to use, vehicles to pilot. If ya haven't heard of it check it out. It's an amazing co-op game. 5 is the beat out currently in the West

03:09 UTC


How truly evil Roblox is...

03:07 UTC


As a PCVR user, i feel cheated out of not being able to experience Gran Turismo 7 in VR. I feel like PolyPhony Digital is missing out on a huge market share (and loss) but not releasing to Steam.

As stated above, I would LOVE to experience Gran Turismo 7 in VR. I grew up on the ps2 with GT3 A-spec and GT4, and the leap from 3 a-spec to 4 was insane and i loved the coffee breaks and earning your classes as you rose up though the ranks and got new licenses.


02:56 UTC


Having trouble finding a game to sink my teeth into

I am a 34 year old male(if that matters) looking for game suggestions. My taste in games is super random and I can’t say I like a specific genre. Examples are I hate souls like games but I very much enjoyed the Jedi games. I tend to gravitate towards shooters but nothing good has come out in a long time. Call of duty was my go to game and since the remastered versions came out they haven’t really landed. I skipped 3 all together. I loved battle field games pre the world war titles so bf 4, bad company 2, 2142 was my all time favorite. I enjoy heros of the storm but I don’t think I can bring myself to learn another moba as I went from league to heros.

I don’t really enjoy sims or busy work games. I have enjoyed elite dangerous though but only while in vr. I tried to get into star citizen, but it is currently not something I want to get into. My current games that are in my rotation is Heros, battlefield 2042, and rocket league. So if I have to pin down what I enjoy, it woikd be games with some kind of pvp/competitive side to it.

Star field, balder’s gate, and pretty much anything recently made hasn’t landed. I had a brief stint in new world, guild wars and swtor. Just all felt like busy work games to me. I think I like games that provide a good competitive side without having to be punished too harshly if I need to step away. Ideally something that is easy to pick up, has some kind of reward even if it’s self driven as I can probably find an end goal for myself to work towards. Lastly I am mostly a forever solo player.

Most of my free time is spent learning unreal engine and actually learning game dev. So I guess I would like something that may require some level of research.

I briefly tried Elden ring but I felt like I just didn’t understand the game but I am willing to give it another go. I tried hell divers but it just felt very very repetitive it seemed like that game would be fun with friends but I don’t like maintaining friendship(ray of sunshine here). I just would like to find a game that maybe has a lot of active players, maybe some kind of shooter idk at this point. I have last epoch ready to go when it launches. So maybe that will be my home game.

Chances are I played pretty much every hype train game. I have yet to try hell let loose which maybe that is where I can try my hand. I suck at mil sim games but I do want to like them. I really don’t care for story driven games but there are exceptions. So yeah, if you had a hyper picky friend who’s tried pretty much every what would you suggest?

02:46 UTC


I’d love a game with a good post-game.

You fight your way through thousands of enemies, defeat the big evil, save the world and just stop, stick your sword in the ground and walk away. You journey back through all the lands you saved, now peaceful and rebuilding, check in on those you interacted with on your journey. See how the world dealt with the whole ordeal, pay your respect to those who didn’t make it. No more combat, no more danger, just allowed to live in the world you created.

02:44 UTC


Only in games...

02:04 UTC


Hold The Line (Helldivers 2)

01:47 UTC


HellDivers 2 brings out the best in people

01:32 UTC


Found some old 3DO manuels ! Sure miss that console.

01:30 UTC


What video games make great use of guest characters or temporary party members?

One prime example I would use is Sephiroth in the flashbacks in FF7. Are there any other good examples of characters that would temporarily join the party to showcase how strong they are compared to you.

00:43 UTC


Theory: Microsoft Will Announce A Series X Pro Model On February 15th (That’s “The Future Of XBOX”)

Everyone is speculating now that Xbox will be pretty much abandoning physical consoles and instead focusing on their game pass and even making their games available to Playstation users, thus greatly increasing their market. Such a move would be in line with their game pass momentum and whatnot, but would surely alienate the many Xbox fans who were tempted by the PS5’s exclusives but decided to stick with Xbox anyway. However, I am here to offer an alternative theory. In my mind, there’s no way Xbox lets Sony dominate the market demand for a “Pro” console. There’s just no way that after all these years, Xbox just lets Sony win the console wars. I believe they will break the internet by doing the exact opposite, coming out on February 14th and announcing the Xbox Series X Pro, beating PS5 to their announcement of the PS5 Pro.

Not just that, but it will be clear that Microsoft is going all in on good games. They will show a new trailer for the next Elder Scrolls. They will show a mindblowing new gameplay trailer for Fable 4 and announce a release date THIS YEAR. Sea of Thieves 2. Avowed. And more games such as Gears 6 will be announced. And they will finally announce that every single past CoD game are coming to Game Pass very soon. Believe me, EVERYONE will want an Xbox FOR THE GAMES after February 15th.

They will also announce a historic partnership with Meta to bring PCVR games to XBOX and allow people to plug in their Meta Quests into their Series X consoles, thus essentially obliterating Sony’s PSVR2 (putting it out of its misery) by accessing a far larger market. There’s a reason why Microsoft dismantled their VR department - they’re better off just partnering with Meta, since Meta already dominates the VR market. It’s also a no brainer (think Microsoft Flight Simulator VR!!!). This is all what I hope happens anyway since competition is always good.

TLDR: In three days, Xbox is declaring war on Playstation by announcing the Series X Pro and revealing many mindblowing irresistible exclusives, thus ushering in a golden age era of games with intense competition between Sony and Microsoft.

00:33 UTC


Xbox future

Everyone ( at least on social media) is freaking out about xbox right now but i think that xbox is right (of course they are, they live and work for these things, what will know a gamer they dont even know about how the market works) they are thinking way ahead of everyone, its like blockbuster again they want to be the netflix of gaming, xbox on cellphones tv’s, iPads everywhere, just imagine how many subscribers they’ll get, a ton more, That mass flow of money will make them invest more on games (like Netflix on movies and series) wich will make more people buy the subscription, now you can buy the game inside the plataform or play it for free for a time and if you want to play at 4k you can get the console, but its clear that their main focus is digital

23:54 UTC


E.v.o search for the eden

Hidden perfect diamond of a game

23:43 UTC


Found this tucked away in my closet

A huge nostalgia trip. Some of the magazines are from 2008.

23:23 UTC


Just finished judgment the other day, surprised it took me this long to get around to playing it, incredible game with an emotional song at the end, RGG has never failed to exceed my expectations

23:21 UTC


When does it become realistic to pay more than $60 for a video game?

I see a lot of conversation lambasting $70-$100 price tags for new AAA titles

I agree given the fact that pretty much every AAA title in the last few years has felt lukewarm at best.

Call of Duty and the recent Assassins Creed games are strong evidence of these games getting worse and worse over time.

That being said, we paid $50 for Halo CE back in the early 2000s, inflation alone would suggest a fair price for the same level of game being higher than $60. A really uneducated inflation scale would suggest about $80 being an equivalent price.

Maybe so many studios are switching to battle passes because people balk at a price tag higher than $60

not saying this would fix the current microtransaction climate, but

What would have to be included in a game to make it worth $80 to you?

22:58 UTC

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