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Designed to give music educators an online tool for easy access to forums, discussion boards, advice, teaching strategies, teaching stories, advocacy tips, pertinent articles, rehearsal advice, and anything else that has to do with the field of Music Education!

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Favorite songs using do-re-mi only

Looking for some help finding some songs (especially more popular songs) that use do-re-mi!


01:42 UTC


Calendar Fundraiser?

I’ve been voluntold to help organize a calendar fundraiser (we make a calendar to showcase pictures of our kids in the fine & performing arts department, and sell them). I’ve never done this before. Does anyone have any good websites/companies for this service? We don’t have a ton of upfront cash, so looking for a place that has like a 30-day payment or where folks can buy their own directly. Thanks!

22:21 UTC


Teachers - how much do you get to perform?

I really want to teach, but I also feel like the further I get into my degree the more I love playing and performing. I don’t think a performance career would be a good fit for me, and I am still interested in the K-12 track. So I was wondering, for people currently in the field how much do you get to play and perform, solo or in ensembles?

edit: just to be clear, what I meant is how often! not asking about money

20:32 UTC


Singing lessons

Hello! I’m a first year teacher teaching K-3 at 3 different schools. I have two girls who are coming in for singing lessons on Tuesdays during their recess and I’m an instrumentalist so I’m still trying to figure out what to do in a singing lesson (I say singing because I’ve been told by others to look at it more as a singing lesson instead of vocal because they are both in second grade and maybe not teach a lot of technique? Idk). My colleague is letting me borrow a couple of books, one has tongue twisters with specific goals (which seriously helps me too so I know what to have them do/look out for) and the other has some cute little fun/folk songs.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to teach singing lessons? We have only met up once and we talked about singing posture while standing up, how to breathe/where you should feel your breathing, and we did some tongue twisters. I also asked what they both want to get from our time working together and they told me these things:

  • practice singing more songs
  • how to be less scared performing in front of others
  • how to act in front of audience
  • learn how to read notes (just one, the other already knows)
  • want to also learn how to play more instruments

One of them has also asked me if I can give her some homework to do over the week until the next lesson. They both have said they want to be singers and one of them is in the talent show coming up soon where she’s singing with a friend.

Here are my questions for you guys:

  • What suggestions do you have?
  • I’ve been told I should try to use this time to teach solfège but how do I do that? In college we used scale degrees so when I got my elementary job I also had to start learning solfège. What do I do to teach it? I just sing the solfège with the signs and have them copy me or what? I feel so lost with solfège.
  • how do you personally teach kids how to sing? Whether it’s as a class or singing lessons?
  • what kind of homework would you give? The student who asked for homework is the one who already knows how to read music and play some piano
  • any other tips or ideas pls? Book recommendations? Anything?

Thank you❤️

18:48 UTC


4th Grade Band [OC]

My 4th grade band students performed at a festival yesterday and were awarded a Gold Medal rating with a Platinum rating in Overall Effectiveness! They have worked so hard all year and I am so proud of them!

23:49 UTC


A nice little side effect of Prop 28 in California and Music education

In 2022 California passed Proposition 28 adding around a billion dollars a year to arts and music education funding. So now we have a shortage of music and arts teachers. My district has been unable to fill the 4 new positions we've had open for over a year. Anyway they gave us a 10% raise across the board and all of the sudden we have a competitive wage. So yay!

02:56 UTC


Gift for Incoming Gr. 3-5 Teacher

My son’s high school orchestra teacher is being shifted to teach elementary music at the grades 3-5 school (the orchestra is going to be taught by the band teacher). Disappointing but another story.

The students want to get him a gift that he might be able to use regularly in his new position. I presume he will be going into a stocked classroom, as the current teacher is being shifted to the high school. It’s general music for grades 3 (with recorder unit), and then chorus, band, and orchestra “smaller” groups for grades 4 and 5.

Any suggestions?

18:03 UTC


Concert Attendance

Hi everyone! My upper elementary school choir just had their concert last night. About 25% of the group did not show up, and none of them told me ahead of time. Is anybody else seeing this in their districts? This choir is volunteer and is separate from their general music class. It's also non-graded. I'm wondering if this is an issue everywhere or just in my district. I need to brainstorm a solution for next year, and I want to be thoughtful.

21:23 UTC


Classroom to music ed

I am an elementary classroom teacher and am looking to possibly get my masters in music ed. I have a history with being in band through hs and played some in college and was in music orgs. Would a masters degree be worth it? What kind of classes would I take in a music ed masters program? Do I have to have a bachelor’s in music/music ed to even apply? Any advice, tips, thoughts would be appreciated!!

21:10 UTC


Scrolling Notation

I make play along videos for my kids and what I do works, but does anyone know how to make the scrolling notation like this: https://www.tiktok.com/@jackiegilletteclarinet/video/7364480190367403307?lang=en

I'm sure you can do it one of the million different notation apps/software, but I'm not sure which one gets me this effect.

21:09 UTC


Is coaching and music ed kinda of the same?

You teach the kids skills. They learn the best, get chosen for harder stuff. And once you get them excellent and winning they graduate and you have to rebuild all over.

14:16 UTC


Band All 4 Years of HS (K-12 Master Schedule)

Hello, is anyone able/willing to share their schools master schedule? I have been making the argument for 5 years at my school that students should be able to take band all 4 years of high school, but every year I’m constantly met with roadblocks and conflicts for incoming freshman, juniors 2nd semester and seniors 2nd semester. I just found out one of my best percussion students is unable to take band as a freshman due to Spanish being 1st hour and it being a requirement. I’m at my whits end.. I need to show my school it’s possible or I’m done. I can’t grow my program without my students.

10:37 UTC


Is it okay to back out of a contract before the year starts?

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I was laid off this school year and the district I'm currently in won't be renewing my contract for next year. Luckily it is on good terms and I have good letters of rec from all of my admin.

My situation is I have an offer from Job A, which is fine but I'm not crazy about and I will need to give them an answer soon as to if I'm accepting. But I'm also aware of a Job B that will be opening which is sort of my dream position.

Would it be really unprofessional to accept Job A, sign on so that I'm financially secure for the Fall, and then apply to Job B anyways? I don't think Job B's application process will take me into the Fall, so is there anything I should be concerned about backing out of a job contact I've signed if the school year hasn't started yet?

Any advice appreciated m(27), only in my first few years teaching.

03:07 UTC


Masters Programs in Music Ed - California

Hello all!

I'm 3/4 of the way through a bachelor's degree in voice performance; I would have studied music ed, but my university doesn't offer it. I'd like to be a music educator eventually, probably elementary (or if higher, something choral), but I'll probably substitute teach after graduation to see how I do in the classroom! I've done some research into masters programs in music education, especially those that are combined with teacher certification, as that's what I would need with my non-education degree... It seems there's a wide variety, with some more geared towards those that are already teaching, etc.

Does anyone have experience with particular masters programs in music education, especially in California? State schools vs private? Or alternate routes to certification for music education than getting a masters? Some of the CSUs seem to have decent programs, but they're all organized very differently. Any insights or experiences would be very helpful! Thanks :)))

02:20 UTC


I just graduated from College, looking for advice with my new job Grades 6-12 Band.

I just accepted a new job as the band director/music teacher in a school that has grades 6-12. It’s a small school (300 in HS and 200 in MS) and they spent the past year without a director, however an English teacher with a music Ed degree kept them playing some at football games and pep rallies. The Middle school though did not survive the year without a director so well, as issues with long term subs and classroom management (as well as lack of experience with music Ed) had the band classes turn into a general music class.

A good thing though is that both of the High School principals are former music teachers (one of them being the previous director), which hopefully will bring support. The schools staff and students are excited to have a director as well.

If you have any advice, please share! These students also do not have elementary school music, so any advice on teaching beginning students with that type of experience would be great.

16:56 UTC


Help Needed with Proposed Case Study

Help Needed with Proposed Case Study

As the title suggests, I’m conducting a case study and would like to invite my fellow musicians of all kinds to provide some input.

This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques in the musical education of string instruments by comparing its ability to build proficiency in a single intermediate student’s performance to other notable teaching methods. The evaluation of this method will take a place over the course of an undecided timeframe per teaching method and will be measured according to the grading curriculum provided by the American String Teachers Association (ASTA).

I have a few questions:

1- What Teaching Methods would you suggest I compare to the use of CBT? 2- Is there anything you’d change in the way I’m choosing to conduct this study? 3- As detailed above, I’m not entirely decided on the amount of time I’d like my eventual student subject to spend studying under each teaching method. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

05:25 UTC


Getting A Response - Job Applications

I've applied to multiple jobs in the county i'm looking to teach in, and I have sent out cover letters to principals of each school that I have applied to. This has been ongoing since early March. I have yet to hear back from anyone. Is this a common occurrence? Has anyone had luck hearing back from potential admin at this time of year, or is it just a bad time with testing coming up/currently happening? Am I emailing the wrong person? I feel like I should have at least heard back from one person by now. Should I just give up the search for now and stick with my current position?

02:05 UTC


incoming freshman music ed major

what can i expect starting as a music ed major? i have an idea of what it’s like and since talking with my band director a lot, he has given me some perspective. i want to know from others how it’s like and what i can expect depending on other people’s experiences

01:58 UTC


Outdoor music activities for K-4?

For multiple reasons (hot room, end of year, it’s nice outside) I’ve been thinking about taking my K-4 kids outside for a few classes. These are good kids, but they have lots of energy and can get crazy. My main problem is I don’t have many good music games/ activities to do outside. Theres some games and singing activities we can just do outside the same way as inside, but I’m trying to think of more ways to use the outdoor space to my advantage while keeping it related to music. I have access to a concrete basketball court and a playground area. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

23:11 UTC


Future music educator, want college recommendations

Hi, sorry if this doesn't fit the subreddit, I'm not really sure where else to ask. I'm a soon-to-be senior in high school, done choir my entire life, and I really want to pursue music education in the future, specifically with a choral emphasis. I would also like to focus on opera & vocal performance while I'm getting my degree. I live in Texas so obviously I've been looking at schools here (UT, TXST, TCU, etc.)... but I would really like to go to college in a blue state, preferably in a more urban setting, and I'm not really sure where to start looking.

Plenty of schools offer an education program, but a lot seem to somewhat neglect their voice & choral departments; part of what I'm looking for in a college is a strong choral or opera department, preferably both, alongside education, so if anyone has any suggestions as far as that goes that would be appreciated. I get all that's specific but I'm trying to look for reasons not to just go to school in Texas lol. Thank you!

22:17 UTC


Oops a rant. Chorus is just as valueable as Band

I live in the northeast of the US. Like many combination states of some rural and some urban, a lot of our area is rural. This leads to us not often offering orchestra, due to lack of people on both sides.

There is also many a time where teachers get put in multiple schools (something that not many core subject teachers even have to think about, but that's another topic).

However, this year I have seen countless instrumental positions up, and so many "part time" choral positions. It's pretty annoying. Also the choral positions often have elements of piano/guitar/gen ed music with them, while the band teacher gets to teach theory and more fun classes. There are also "just band" teachers. Which may be for beginners, or something else.

OR I get to see positions that want both a band/chorus teacher. I'm automatically at a disadvantage because I have been focusing on my strength: choral. But schools will gladly just ask instrumentalist applicants so they don't lose the band aspect. Unfortunately, it shouldn't be considered a gamble to hire a "choir guy" for these positions. (Not to mention I have had plenty of band leadership experience in HS in addition to other experience I have since graduating college)

Also coming from a renowned local program that teaches me how to teach both band and chorus (and orchestra to an extent), I have just ever so slightly shot myself in the foot for wanting a choral focus, being the jobs I have sought out.

It feels like I'm back in college where there was such a toxic line between vocalists and instrumentalists. Again, another conversation for later.

And ultimately, I get so annoyed about these dual positions that have a Band strength-person, who have a mediocre choir. Not saying you can't have both, but it's a little rarer that someone will excel with both.

And covid has killed music in the schools. I would say Choir especially, but both took a hard hit. But again, there is no lack of full time instrumental positions, but there are a ton of part time choral positions.

21:15 UTC


Free Four-Hour Course On Sync Licensing From Berklee Alum

I'm a Berklee Alumnus and I have been licensing my own music, and teaching other musicians how to do the same, for 15 years.

I've decided to change my focus this year and give away a ton of resources I used to charge for, in the spirit of giving back and helping other musicians reach their goals.

I'm starting with my flagship course, The Ultimate Music Licensing Guide. It's a four-hour audio/video course that I used to sell for 77 dollars. I'm giving this and a lot of other resources away for free.

If you're interested in getting the course, head to:

20:25 UTC


Does anyone know this obscure composer?

Hello, educated folks! I’m a sheet music librarian intern in Helsingborg and I found this composer in our archive file, “Joseph Beissig”. I couldn’t find anything on him online so I assumed his name was misspelt so I went down to have a look. It wasn’t misspelt…

Content in the folder: Beißig, Joseph - concert poloniese 7.5min

2*121/1210/11 (*Flute1, Flute2/Picc)

Strings: 4*3222 (*Vln1 Conductor, Vln1.1 vln1.2 vln1.3)

My brother decided to help me look and apparently there is a Joseph Beissig buried in Czechia (then Austria/Hungary). They lived 1840 - 2/03-1884 and was a kapellmeister somewhere in that area. This Josef Beissig wrote a march for Rudolph, Crown Prince of Austria, Rudolph was alive 1858-1889 so it might be the same guy I’m looking for???

User “NerdusMaximus” on the classical music subreddit looked up the publisher of the piece I found, yielding in “Engelmann & Mühlberg” who were established in 1875 so it lines up well. Source - https://imslp.org/wiki/Engelmann_%26_Mühlberg

I want to learn more about who he is, there may be resources in Czech and/or German but I don’t know those languages and I don’t know how to search for it. I’m hoping you guys can help me find out more💜

13:03 UTC


Tired of losing kids to Theater


Just got told tonight that I'll be loosing a set of incoming freshman because they think the committment to Choir is too high and they want to try sports and Theater.

I'm trying to uplift the status of Choir and demand respect the same as our Dance team does, but it looks like my numbers will decrease from our already measly 13 to... something less than that. Kids just "don't have room in their schedules" or "just wanna sing afterschool"

I don't even know if my one Choir class will be happening next year. I signed my contract but I don't have my rosters yet. I will never hold auditions after scheduling again.

Just frustrated and angry. I was really betting on these kids. I knew them in middle school and they seemed so excited to join. I don't want to dumb down my program but now I may be forced to accept kids that aren't ready or mature enough to perform at the level I want them to and established this year.

Just venting

05:40 UTC


You can’t have your cake AND eat it people.

I sent the dress rehearsal out two weeks ago. Do not wait until the day before to “notice a schedule conflict”. It’s not a conflict. Yes, rehearsal is scheduled during your prep. No you are not missing your prep. The special area teachers are well aware and are perfectly capable of watching your class while I run a rehearsal with 9 classes of k-2nd grade kids.

You can either take your prep, or stay for rehearsal. It has to be during your prep or other teachers miss their prep with ZERO coverage.

They act like I didn’t run this by a million people first before pushing it out.

BTW it’s testing week so I also had to work around that hell.

Same people would complain if there was NO show.

23:49 UTC


A free music teaching resource

Hi! I just discovered ANTON this school year, and I wanted to share! It’s entirely cost-free and ad-free, which is great. They have over 100,000 exercises for grades K through 8, and they have so many subjects including music! When kids complete exercises, they earn coins so they also can play games. I’ve found that gamified learning really motivates students (and is lots of fun)! Hope this helps.

12:50 UTC


Summer music Ed grad degrees early start dates

There are three summers only music Ed grad degrees I like, and none are in state. (There are none in my illustrious state) I was really hoping to apply to University of Illinois. Unfortunately, they all start their summer terms before my last day of teaching!!! Does anybody have any experience getting around this situation?

03:17 UTC


How do you deal with 4th and 5th graders that just don't want to be there?

For high and middle school I can stick them with book work, or ignore them entirely and encourage them to find another elective. But in elementary, particularly 4th and 5th, the kids that don't want to be there really suck. Conventional wisdom tells me to make the classes as fun as possible, but what do you do with a kid that asks "do I have to be here?" or actively disrupts a bucket drumming circle with wildly wrong rhythms. I take away their drumsticks but that's kinda what they want!

For context I'm starting a brand new K-12 program at a very rural district that hasn't had a program in 6 years. Elementary has been an afterthought this year so I've had six weeks with K-1, six with 2-3, and now I'm on week five of six with 4-5.

Next year I'll see 4th and 5th once a week every week. I'm pretty sure I've lost the battle this year but I am looking for advice to make next year more productive!

23:22 UTC


Just got handed a MS band...

Hi there! While I play in our community concert band, I am not a professional musician or even a music teacher. I teach art and engineering.... I will be starting from essentially ground zero with mixed ages (6th, 7th and 8th). Working with some local teachers, going with Essential elements 2000. Any advice, because I panic at lots of places besides the disco...

21:03 UTC


How do I get orchestra students to stay together without a metronome?

Hi, I work with elementary school students (age 8-11). My students do a good job staying on tempo and playing together when they have a metronome clicking in the background. However, when I take that away and have them follow just my conducting, we start to fall apart after a couple measures. They’ve demonstrated that they understand the conducting gestures, but I think they’re just really focused on their own part and forget to look up sometimes.

Can anyone offer any advice/tips on how I can help the students with this?

18:14 UTC

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