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[5 YOE] Full time experienced Frontend Engineer, looking to switch companies, resume keeps getting rejected

My current company is on a layoff spree and my time can end anytime. I am trying to get interviews but for some reason even after applying to at least 20 jobs daily, my resume just keeps getting rejected. Please let me know what can I add or improve?


14:12 UTC


[Student] Incoming CS New Grad, feedback on resume to make sure I'm not underselling myself

Hey everyone, I recently sat down with my dad and went over my resume's formatting and wording, made a lot of edits from the last time I posted on here a couple months ago so I wanted to see if I could get any more advice.

I’m targeting for New-Grad SWE roles or ML-SWE roles with this resume, I’m located in the North East and applying to jobs all over America, so willing to relocate.

I’m graduating the coming January, I am a citizen, my older resumes haven’t been getting responses (that one was EB Garamond, 10pt text, was not as detailed about my responsibilities) but that may be because we’re early in new-grad applications right now.

The main thing I’ve struggled with is being able to say what I did without underselling myself. In SWD experience listed, I originally had frontend responsibilities but had to pick up backend work like data filtering for the pages I was developing, aka I did extra work that wasn’t supposed to be my responsibility because the backend team was slacking. I struggle with talking in a professional/technical setting so I wanted to make sure my resume was exhibiting my skills as best as possible.

It also might be too wordy, but I’m not sure what to do about that. If I end up doing another externship in the fall, I’m not sure how I would insert that into my resume, any advice on how to write high-responsibility roles with a lower word-count without underselling myself?


13:33 UTC


[10 YoE] Not really getting many calls - Could some senior members review my resume?


I am ~10.5 YOE senior software engineer - currently back in India. I have started my career as a front end web developer, progressed onto becoming a fullstack JS engineer. I have worked in India, London and Tokyo.

Am applying to Dubai, Australia currently.

Am aiming for a Team lead role or an Architect role. If possible - staff engineer/principle engineer (which I doubt though with experience)

I haven't been getting many calls, plus looking to see if I could get my resume reviewed.

Any advice in general?



09:51 UTC


[0 YOE] CE Grad Looking for feedback on resume. Struggling to get interviews.


I've applied to about 300+ ish jobs in June and only gotten 20-30 rejections. I managed to get only 1 interview in May, but no luck since. Reached out to recruiters, no responses, Had some reach out to me only to get ghosted. I have been applying to a variety of roles that would accept my degree and of course everyone is asking for at least 2+ years of experience. Since I dont have any relevant work experience, the only thing I can showcase are my projects and I can swap out 1 or two depending on the job.

I've tried my best following the wiki, but I'm sure it still needs improvement. I would also like some tips on how I can better tailor my resume to the jobs I apply for.

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[Student] Research is gonna end in August so I have to get ready to apply again


Hello everyone. I hope your doing well.

For a little background both the experiences currently ongoing end in August.

It will be my junior year so I am hoping to maximize my chances of getting a good internship (Startup or a mid tier company is the goal)

I apologize for the relentless "YO MAMA" in my resume. I assumed more people would respond and interact with my post after seeing it.

I use the template in the wiki

I am a US citizen as well if that has any weight

Feel free to dm me or comment. Encouragement, decouragement, anything really is much appreciated.

The market is terrible so I appreciate your guys' valuable time helping me

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05:55 UTC


[Student] Hoping to have a backend job lined up by graduation in December

I am primarily looking for jobs in the bay area or in Ontario (Canada), and maybe BC. primarily targeting Backend roles at any size company. I am open to in person or remote but I would love a hybrid role, also looking outside of the three areas I listed but not preferred. I am currently building an eCommerce site for a watersports store and staying on for sales on weekends once school starts again. I also transferred from University of Ottawa Computer Science in my first year but didn't think I should list that. Any help should be much appreciated.


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[0 YoE] Graduated May 2024 and have applied to 400 jobs with constant rejections despite being qualified to do the jobs

Hi all,

I've recently graduated with a first class honors (UK grading system) and have been looking for a software engineering role since January, but without much luck. I'm applying to roles I'm qualified for, mostly full stack positions where they use tech I've been working with for the past 2 years (in university).

I have 1 internship, multiple personal projects, and some contributions to open source, but despite this, I've been getting constant rejections. I honestly feel competent and able to provide significant value.

I understand the market is horrible right now, but here is my resume. I want to know if I'm properly communicating my value to the places I'm applying for. My GitHub is fairly active with "greens" on about 75% of the days, and I have hundreds of hours spent building projects.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.


01:33 UTC


[16 YoE] First job search in 12 years, looking for some feedback on a few specific questions


I've spent the last 12 years as a SWE at a FAANG company. I've decided to start searching for senior or staff SWE positions mostly at other FAANG or comparable companies, and just put together my resume for the first time in 12 years. I'm located in the NYC area and looking for jobs in the area or remote. I haven't sent out the resume anywhere yet - I'm open to any general feedback but also have a few specific questions about my situation:

  1. I've chosen to split up my time at FAANG company by project, rather than by time or by title. I did move up SWE2 -> SWE3 -> Senior SWE during my time there, but all the bullets are from my time as a senior. Does this split make sense? Is it easily parsable? Anything I could do to format it better?

  2. My skills section is very light at the moment, because pretty much everything else I know well is an internal proprietary solution - source control, deployment containers, monitoring, etc. I thought of a few approaches to handle this, but I don't love any of them:

  • Just list the few things I have there now
  • Include some of the internal proprietary solutions within skills to fill it out further
  • Delete the skills section entirely

I'm a little worried that any of these options will hold me back, though I'm hopeful that my experience listed (and FAANG company name) will help. Thoughts on which is best? Or any other ideas?

00:33 UTC


[0 YoE] Fresh grad aiming for entry-level engineering roles in a variety of industries (primarily biotech and energy)

Location: UK, where 2 page resumes (CVs) are standard, but I thought I'd try out the 1 page format nonetheless.

Not included on my resume, but I'm also a student member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). Not sure if it's relevant enough because my course is automatically accredited by them anyway, all I had to do was sign up to them so it's not really an achievement.

I'm interested in roles within the biotech and renewable energy industries. My primary specialisation is in bioengineering but I also qualified in mechanical engineering. I also have a healthy foundation in automation (control systems, robotics, computer vision). Maybe I'd be better off in consulting, idk, it was hard for me to pick a specialisation and I hope employers aren't put off by that.

CV, redacted info

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22:50 UTC


[2 YOE] Software Engineer looking for feedback, not getting any callbacks

Hello, everyone. I am currently working as a software engineer at a large cybersecurity company.

I completed my undergraduate degree in electrical and computer engineering and had a year-long internship, which unfortunately had little to do with programming. However, I later completed a thesis Master's program in computer science.

While I enjoy my current remote job, the high likelihood of an impending return to office order means that I may have to look for a new role soon, as I cannot relocate right now due to personal circumstances.

I've been struggling to get any responses with my current resume and am seeking any and all feedback to improve it. Thank you!


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22:07 UTC


[11 YoE] Full Stack Software Engineer. 350 Applications, 2 callbacks. Looking for critical feedback.


Last time I was looking for work, I sent 20 applications, more than half leading to interviews, and I had an offer in under a month. Before that, it took less than 50 but with a similar response rate. I know the market is not great right now, but it seems to me that I'm fundamentally dropping the ball somewhere.

Suspected issues :

  1. Duration of employment. This might be a big one. In most cases, I was laid off due to the company going out of business,. To mitigate the impact of this, I have started tagging any defunct companies as such in my work experience. This also resulted in my needing to truncate my experience as I couldn't fit everything on one page.

  2. Poor skill depth. The job hopping has resulted in me lacking a good foundation in any language or framework.

  3. Titles. This version of the resume has my titles downgraded to what I consider to be more appropriate. Start-ups, especially early-stage ones, are places where title inflation is common.

  4. Poor experience communication. I struggle with communicating what I worked on in a given role and listing achievements with metrics simultaneously. I don't know what a good balance is, and I struggle to identify metrics to mention.

  5. Work gaps. I removed a position I held before my role as a Java Developer, as I was only there for 4 months or so before the company laid me off and then went under.

  6. Resume Formatting. My resume is not formatted as above, and it has some color, which would help with readability. But I suspect I should drop that in case it's affecting things.

  7. Name. I have begun to identify as non-binary and have been going by a chosen name. The resume template I have been using and how I have written out the content has been the same the last two times I have been looking for work. When I started this job search, I just updated my work experience and name, and started applying. My LinkedIn and email address still feature my birth name, I wonder if there is an issue with the incongruency. I am also not sure if using my chosen name on applications is the way to go or not, when given the option for a preferred name I will apply with my birth name but otherwise use my chosen one.

I appreciate any and all feedback on this resume. If anyone has any suggestions on exercises for #4 in particular, I would appreciate it, it's something that I get stuck on often.

21:54 UTC


[0 YoE] I have finally updated my resume, will love your feedback; first time here


I'm looking for some feedback on my resume since I want to switch jobs, I'm targeting engineering roles especially related to Robotics and AI. I have my bachelor's in mechanical engineering and graduated a year ago. I currently work as a powerplant engineer in an airline (been 5 months).

I am from Pakistan and im not looking for any remote jobs.

Citizenship/Visa status has no role i.e., not a problem.

I have not applied for any positions using this resume because I wanted to have it checked here first.

Do you think I should add more academic projects?

Please review, anything helps.

Thank you :)


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21:39 UTC


[0 YoE] Need opinions on two different formats of my resume. Applying for ML / SDE / Robotics / Computer Vision Roles

I was applying with a resume that wasn't ATS friendly for a month now. Did a complete overhaul and changed from LATEX format to ATS friendly google docs format and converged to these two variations. Any comments / critique would be much appreciated. My publications aren't also completely related to the roles that I'm targeting, should I still include them? Thanks in advance.

This has a bit of detailed explanation for each project, however I find it very difficult to summarize with points in this formatting (maybe I'd have more space to do it if I'm to remove my publications)

With this format I'm able to accommodate more projects but less information, but enough to at least highlight some keywords

21:22 UTC


[0 YoE] Entry level SWE getting no interviews in competitive locations


I understand the market is rough now for entry-level positions, but I get quickly rejected (no interviews) for competitive locations (big cities / West Coast). I'm targeting SWE roles that have some qualifications that my resume has. I haven't gone crazy in applications since graduating but I want to ensure my resume is the best it can be for those HR recruiters so I don't waste applications. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

EDIT: I posted my pre-graduation resume by accident. I updated the grad date and bullet point tense on my actual resume.

20:53 UTC


[0 YoE] Graduated March 2024 and have applied to jobs since then, and have not been receiving responses.

Hi all,

I am a recent graduate and have applied to 40-50 jobs since March 2024, and have received one interview. Most do not reply, but some rejections from awhile ago have been rolling in. I discovered this subreddit just yesterday, while searching for entry level engineering resume help.

I am looking for any entry level environmental, water resources, or civil engineering positions.

I have completely changed both the format and content of my resume according to the Wiki. My previous resume was doing everything but the STAR method. I have tried to incorporate action words and results as much as I could, but it still need work.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!! :-)

Note: the font doesn't appear black, but it is most certainly a black font.


20:51 UTC


[0 YOE] Cyber security student in my last year of associates degree in need of help with my resume

I recently created my resume and have applied to over 20 jobs but haven't received any callbacks. Most of my degree has been online, so I haven't had many opportunities to network. As the first person in my family to go to college, this whole process is new to me. If anyone could help me with my resume and suggest project ideas to include on it, I would greatly appreciate it.


19:42 UTC


[STUDENT] t5 CS student with recently updated resume, struggling to get interviews for tech internships


Hi all, I would appreciate some help with my resume. I just reformatted it to include my current internship. I am targeting 2025 summer software internships, anywhere in the US.

I'm having trouble getting interviews, and I know the market is tough right now but I'd like some feedback from the group. I've been monitoring it for a while now and tried to take into account the wiki/feedback I've seen here before.

Any feedback you have is appreciated before I start applying to major 2025 internships.

19:23 UTC


[0 YoE] International Student about to graduate in a few months, aiming to get a Entry Level Job

I'm an international bachelor's degree student in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, in Malaysia, graduating in August 2024. I'm looking to find a job either in Malaysia or Singapore. Currently, I have been applying for a few jobs through Jobstreet(The app used by both Malaysia and Singapore for job applications) as well as applying through emailing some companies directly but haven't gotten any replies.

Most of the people from my programme at my university are either from China or Malaysia and in that sense I can't relate to them in the job hunt experience as a Bangladeshi myself, as in Malaysia they do tend to get a upper hand. The Malaysians get the upper hand as they are citizens and do not need a work visa while the students from China get priority because most companies here have a Chinese branch or are a branch themselves, and therefore prioritize the language proficiency.

From what I've heard from my internship as well as a few friends in other courses, Malaysian companies don't hire international students or at least back away from doing so because it's also a burden for them due to the requirement of work sponsorship. The situation is mostly similar in Singapore as well. Also to note, my side reason for me applying in Singapore is because my brother is working there as a researcher at a University but in a completely different field.

The goal I have in mind is to basically get a job in a field possible related to electronics more so than power engineering, and then gain some experience before applying for Australia as I can apply for a visa to go look for jobs over there through the Washington Accord benefit of being a part of BEM(Board of Engineers Malaysia) once I graduate. But that application takes almost 2 years so I'm looking to gain some experience in the meantime.

My question here is basically, what advice would you have for me in terms of finding a job to start up my career in Electronics Engineering?

Also I've put up my resume over here(although I feel like it's not even close to all the great resumes I've seen here) for any review or advice you might have, I read through the Wiki and hope this post meets the criteria.

*Incase the post is too long, in short: Any kind of advice in regards to finding a job(doesn't have to be in Malaysia or Singapore) in a Electronics Engineering related field to start up my career would be appreciated. Also resume review as well.


17:49 UTC


[1 YoE] Aerospace/Aerospace Manufacturing Engineer, How soon is too soon to start looking for a new job

I'll have been at my current position (manufacturing engineer at an aerospace component manufacturing company) for 1 year come September, and I hate my current job. There are aspects of the job I enjoy, but overall, the pay is trash even taking into consideration that it's a low CoL area, the training and support systems are non-existent, and I just don't enjoy what I do. I want to look for a new position as soon as possible, but I don't want to handicap myself with such a low job duration on my resume, so how soon is too soon before it starts to turn people away when they see it on your resume?

17:29 UTC


[5 YoE] Seeking Guidance for a Civil Engineer/Surveyor applying to Ireland Jobs for the First Time

Hi everyone!

I relocated to Ireland roughly three years ago and have been on a career break since then. I'm currently applying for trainee, entry-level, and apprenticeship positions because I've never had a job abroad.

I just started my application process and obviously don't have any results yet. Everyone around me keeps saying there's a shortage of people in Irish engineering at the moment; this fact keeps me going a bit.

I am also on the fence about whether to go for civil engineering or surveying, but so far it seems there is no other choice but to try everything. Any thoughts about this situation highly appreciated. Thank you!

P.S.Russian citizenship, Irish residency, Russian formal education


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17:25 UTC


[0 YOE] Recent CS grad, no internships, mid-life career swap with unrelated background. Please give me resume feedback.

I revised my previous resume according to the guidelines on the Wiki. Unfortunately, my experience and skills sections are looking very bare because I had a lot of junk on there (listing IDEs, OS, etc.) I have a ton of unrelated work experience, going into SWE was a mid-life career shift after working decades in the service industry. I thought including the help desk job was better than nothing.

I'm located in Orlando, Florida, not open for relocation, US citizen and currently unemployed. I'm targeting any entry-level SWE positions, in-person, hybrid or remote. I've applied for 200+ jobs with my previous resume.

Aside from starting a new project today, is there anything else I can do with this resume to increase my chances of getting called back for an interview?

Additionally, is it okay to have my birth year in my email or is that potentially hurting my chances?

Thank you.


17:09 UTC


[0 YoE] International Student did not get an internship this Summer and Aiming for New Grad Positions

I'm an international master's student graduating in May 2025. But, with new grads for 2025 opening up already, I feel it is a good time to get my resume reviewed.

I could not secure an internship this Summer, and I want to be more proactive going into the next year. I understand that my international status is the most probable reason for my lack of success. But, I just wanted to ensure that at least my resume is not a piece of junk! I have been losing sleep over my future lately, especially since I have done so well in schools and undergrad internships and yet my hardwork feels invalidated.

I look forward to your comments and feedback. Don't hold back, and thanks a lot!

I am eyeing AI/ML researcher/engineer roles.


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16:57 UTC


[14 YoE] Cloud Solution Architect Visa Dependent, not getting interviews looking for resume feedback

I'm reaching out for help with my resume. As a Solutions/Cloud Architect with 14 years of experience in cloud modernization and solutions architecture, I'm struggling to get calls or responses from potential employers despite applying to numerous positions on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other platforms.

I'm currently employed as a consultant, but my FTE ends on August 31st, and I need to secure a new role quickly. I'm open to relocation anywhere in the US and willing to consider remote positions. However, I require sponsorship from my future employer due to my visa dependent status.

My background includes a strong foundation in Java development, and I've excelled in my current role, but I'm not getting the traction I need in my job search. I believe my resume may be the bottleneck, and I'd love feedback from this community to improve it. Thank you for your time and expertise. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

  • Target roles: Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect
  • Location: Chicago, IL, but open to relocation anywhere in the US
  • Job search status: Not getting calls or responses despite applying to numerous positions. Got a couple calls reaching out to my networks but rejected at a later stage in the interview.
  • Citizenship status: Visa dependent, require sponsorship from future employer. Getting rejected as most employers would not sponsor at this time.



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16:44 UTC


[6 YoE] I updated my resume recently and would appreciate comments that will help improve it

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some feedback on my resume since I've been having a hard time landing interviews. I'm targeting software engineering roles. I'm currently located in Chicago, IL, but I'm open to remote positions. I have a background in Information Technology with 6 years of experience in full-stack development. My contract ended recently, so I'm actively seeking new opportunities.

My main challenges have been getting callbacks and securing interviews despite applying to numerous positions. I suspect there might be issues with how my experience is presented. Specifically, I'd appreciate feedback on my resume's skills and experience sections to ensure they effectively showcase my qualifications. I am a U.S. Permanent Resident, so visa status isn't a concern.

Any tips or advice to help fine-tune my resume would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!


16:08 UTC


[3 YoE] MechE resume review for a master's grad and suggestions on appropriate positions

Hi everyone! I am a MechE graduating with a master's degree in December. I am an international student with 3 years of product development experience at a start-up. My master's thesis and work experience is in autonomous vehicle's so I have some experience in software as well. I am starting to look for positions but having trouble figuring out what positions would be appropriate for me. I would appreciate any suggestions and feedback on my resume!


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15:55 UTC


[2 YoE] Starting to look for second job on east coast. Want to stay in embedded software role.

Am starting to look for a new role after finding first full time job about a year and a half ago. Find it difficult to sum up all of what I do at my current job in only a couple bullets.

Primarily looking for job on east coast in New York area and definitely want to stay in the C++ and embedded job industry.

Any feedback is appreciated before I start applying places


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14:50 UTC


[0 YoE] Mechanical engineering graduate, read the wiki, not getting any interviews, what is wrong with my resume? PART 2

Hello everyone.

This is my second post, and continuation of my last post where I was told to make changes to my resume and resubmit on this subreddit. Some notable changes I made from last time are:

Underwater Manta Ray Project

  1. In the first bullet point, I added the purpose of why I calculated the stresses, which was to predict failure zones and find out what material would be required (based on the stresses it experiences)
  2. In the first second point, removed expensive materials, and shortened it to one line without technical jargon
  3. In the third bullet point, shortened it into one line, explaining what I designed and what it achieved
  4. In the last bullet point, explained the purpose of the meetings (status reports, discussions on manufacturing challenges, CAD file exchanges, etc.)

Computational Fluid Dynamics NACA Airfoil Simulation

  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics NACA Airfoil Simulation instead of 'a' being lowercase
  2. First bullet point, I explained the what I did (getting coordinates) and why I did it (to prepare it for simulation analysis). Hopefully the intention is clear - it is done purely for analysis
  3. Second bullet point, I explained the purpose of the volumetric mesh, which is to capture the hydrodynamic behavior (as in velocity profile, boundary layer, density changes, on the surface and far from surface of water particles)
  4. Third bullet point, I explained the purpose of mesh independence study to get more accurate simulation and reduce computational chaos. Anyone who has done CFD would know that sometimes you can generate megabytes to gigabytes of numerical chaos or randomness based on the design of mesh itself.
  5. Last point, I emphasized that achieving an error of less than 15% gave confidence to the experimental achieved the purpose of being confident that the real life experiment or the simulation is grounded in some reality

Math Tutor

  1. First bullet point, removed 'my' clients
  2. Combined two bullet points together with the metric to avoid redundancy

Additional Notes

  1. I also added a software project I have been working with regarding file management. I have gotten into automation lately, and Python has been helping me a lot automating basic file management such as putting data in a csv, updating the csv, naming and storing information into directories, etc.
  2. Removed Cashier position as requested
  3. Changed the Sept - Sep inconsistency
  4. Decided to remove dates for the project in fear of discrimination because I did the last two projects years ago - should I put them back or not?
  5. It is quite challenging to juggle between not using technical jargon, keeping appropriate white space, making sure each bullet point does not go more than 2 lines, sticking with 4-5 bullet points per project, and making sure each bullet point contains the purpose, the intention, the outcome, etc. Still I try my best to keep all these variables in my head when I write them

If you can, please give me a rating on the new resume on a scale from 1 to 10. This hopefully gives me an idea on where I am between the absolute worst (0) to the best resume you have ever seen (10). Thank you all for taking your time from your busy lives, I really appreciate the help!


06:58 UTC


[Student] I’m trying to look for a summer 2025 internship. Any input on my resume would be much appreciated!

Hello, I have just finished my freshman year. During the summer, I worked on some personal project to help my resume stand out more. I am planning to look for an internship when the Summer 2025 application season is open. I am looking to become an Design Engineer in any sector. Any advice for my resume would be greatly appreciated.


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06:47 UTC


[3 YoE] Haven't been getting any responses. Worked in a fortune 500 company. Looking for fullstack or devops positions.

I am located in the US and am seeking full-stack or DevOps positions nationwide. Ideally, I prefer a DevOps position, but I have more experience in full-stack development. I have approximately three years of experience and have applied to over 100 positions without receiving any callbacks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


04:59 UTC

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