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Wanting to practice commissions, looking for place to look.

I'm in a learning phase of photoshop and want to spend time practicing commissions for free. Where can I post or advertise this that would reach people? Thanks in advance!

03:16 UTC


Client wants everything to be editable in canva or google slides.

They want to edit the text in every design we create for them. As a result, we have to convert our PDFs > PPT > google slides or canva. So annoying, as often their text edits ruin layouts, or the people editing text have no concept of good design, so the final product ends up being ruined. I have suggested that we make the edits for them, but apparently they need to do this themselves as it is quicker. Just venting fristrstions :) and wondered if anyone else has had this issue with a client!

02:55 UTC


Design ideas

Looking for buddy who can help me create some pages. I need some ui 💡 ideas. If someone has time to throw some ideas would be great

02:34 UTC


What’s the best thing you have at your desk?

I recently started a fully in-person position (my first full-time job) and I’m wondering what kinds of ways people make their desk cozy

My office:

  • I work in a marketing team of 8 including me, but the head of brand development has his own office and the rest of us are in the same room like a mini bull-pen
  • The room itself is awesome, the North and west walls are just big windows (so lots of plants in there)
  • the south wall is covered in posters from the brands we manage, which is both cute af and helpful for quick branding references
  • there’s music usually playing, and the team is pretty chatty. Tbh it sounds like an incredibly difficult environment to work in however ive also had a few days now where it was just me and another girl and those days seemed to be less productive which is fascinating haha

What I have so far:

  • I’ve got a sand art thingy which is fun when I need a brain break
  • also brought a smallish plant in
  • stocking up on essentials like hand cream, deodorant, lip balm, contacts crap, etc.
  • I’ve got some of my favourite pens and markers/highlighters
  • thinking I need a sketchbook there

I’m also looking at getting a footrest because I absolutely can’t stand sitting properly. I want to get a kneeling chair at some point, the other graphic designer has one she uses sometimes and it looks awesome

I feel like that’s a lot but I’m wondering if there’s I’ve never thought of!

22:53 UTC


Enhancing my skills

My company is offering to support me in building my skillsets (I’m an in house solo graphic designer). Does anyone have suggestions on any courses, certificate programs, or platforms that I could utilize to just hone in on bettering myself as a designer?

21:58 UTC


How to make this looks Real , The Caramel dosent feel like its touching the package..

21:46 UTC


Designers that went to school for design, what are some things you wish your professors taught you / prepared you for?

21:13 UTC


How to create a QR Code into a custom shape

Hi All,

I have a customer that is asking about how to create a QR Code into a custom shape. They want to create theirs to be in the shape of a lighthouse.

I've seen QR Codes in wacky shapes, but I have never actually made one.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks! :)

1 Comment
21:13 UTC


How to create 3D characters for design projects (fast)?

Hey guys, recently I've been getting a few projects that require 3D characters. I've always been more comfortable with 2D design and have little experience with 3D modeling (so no blender, maya, etc. suggestions please).

Any sites provide customizable 3D characters? Quick posing and animation would be super helpful!

13:59 UTC


Flyer for brief

19:12 UTC


Dudes, I’m beginning to regret my degree. Pls encourage me forward.

I’m studying digital design. Design was never my passion, but it was the only other thing besides my passions that I was like “I could do that for the rest of my life and not want to off myself”. It also happened to be a degree that could ease me into UX design, which could help with immigration since I definitely want to move abroad (since I was like 12).

Now I’m here and I realize that I might not be taught UX design as I originally thought, and instead I’ve been taught about graphic design which I’ve learned to like but there’s an issue there. I only like vector based design, and dislike raster based design. Idk why, I just don’t enjoy working with photoshop as much as I enjoy working with illustrator.

I’m worried that this will make getting a job super difficult. I also feel super ignorant on photo manipulation despite being half way through my degree. Just today I saw a cool pic on Facebook with some cool effects and stuff and I would have no idea how to re create it.

I also very much dislike social media except for Reddit and even then it sometimes bums me out. Let me re-frase, I don’t actually hate social media, I hate how some content in social media, and the addictive design of it, makes me feel. I’m gen z and don’t really know how to properly use facebook or TikTok. Only instagram and Reddit are the ones that I’m well versed in. I’m worried this will lead to a higher chance of unemployment because I think that a lot of graphic design (specially digital graphic design) goes into social media.

I also really dislike working with InDesign but I feel like that’s due to my lack of knowledge in using the program than the actual act and subject matter. It might be the same for photoshop tbh.

Idk, I just feel like I’m halfway through and don’t really have anything to show for myself and even if I did, I’m worried about being a bit poor (they barely pay above minimum wage where I’m from for a jr position) for maybe 2-3 years while I gain enough experience to try and climb the corporate ladder into better pay, but i don’t even know if climbing the ladder will yield the results I want, and I’m stressed that I’m not getting any sort of UX design knowledge/experience so I can try to immigrate, AND even if I did, UX in my country (according to Glassdoor) is also underpaid and barely better than graphic design.

Idk, I’m probably thinking ok far into the future but I would really appreciate some encouraging words to help me feel not so hopeless.

Thank you for reading.

18:59 UTC


Was I Ghosted?

So I’ve been going through an interview process for this job. It seemed like they had a low number of applicants, it was in person not remote, and they actually called me on my cell phone from my portfolio to set up an interview. It seemed like a really good sign. After the interview person interview that I feel I did really well at and asked a ton of questions, I was given a design project that was due in a few days (a red flag, but I really wanted to job and it didn’t seem too sketchy).

After I turned in the project the person I was talking to said they’d review it with the team and get back to me in a few days. They sent that Tuesday morning and it’s now Monday afternoon. I followed up once last Friday and once this morning. I was thinking of actually calling tomorrow, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Should I cut my losses or still hold out hope?

18:39 UTC


Swiss poster advice

I'm working for a non-commercial festival called Culture ( ukr. "Культура")
It's a charity festival about my city, culture, local music, master classes and garage sale. I'm really trying to use swiss grid, but my poster isn't clean enough. Can you give me any advices that will make it a little bit better?

I'm showing you two options

  • The first option which seems for me a little bit like an office style image, but I've tried to use some pictures to represent the info about the fest
  • The second option is more clean for me, but I'm afraid that the printed text will not be readable

Option 1

Option 2

18:23 UTC


How do you get good at logo design

self explanatory title, Any tips?

18:05 UTC


Inspiration Photo for Portfolio

17:46 UTC


How reliable is freelance work?

Hi all, I’ll get right into it. Mini rant ahead:

I currently have a full time job. I am definitely underpaid, but I make enough to live fine. The problem is, my job is very stressful, unreasonable expectations, and has poor security. I am trying my best, but it feels like banging my head against a wall.

I recently had to take medical leave and received near-daily emails and calls from my boss about how disappointed he was in me. I was gone for less than 2 weeks, and had arm surgery where I could not move my dominant hand whatsoever. Ended up returning before the doctor recommended anyway.

I have been searching for another job, but have proved so far unsuccessful, but this job is taking such a toll on my mental and physical health that I am debating putting in 2 weeks and trying freelance. I don’t have any clients lined up. I specialize in Graphic Design with experience in Marketing roles. I have a solid portfolio full of marketing collateral, collabs with independent creators, and logos.

How reliable would this be? Should I bite my tongue and stay where I am longer, or should I quit and try my hand until I get a bite on a job app?

TLDR; at a job that is taking an immediate toll on my mental and physical health. debating leaving to do temp freelance until another permanent opportunity comes along, but unsure if this is reliable or if I should stick it out.

17:17 UTC


I really need help on this presentation for a redesign project


Im rebuilding my portfolio on Behance, and I've been looking back at some of the work's of the last months, and I decided to redesign the project and create a presentation!

I've been asked by "InspireNEXT" association to build the guidelines of one of their events, which is called "Point of View". They asked me to go for an aesthetic like this one, with gradients and futuristic yet minimal type of style.

I feel like there is something wrong with it (both presentation and mockups, they feel naked to me but I am not sure if I am seeing things or not), can you help me and give me some advices before I post it?

TY very much


17:13 UTC


What type of businesses are more open to hiring freelancers in graphic design?

I'm a graphic designer who does freelance and I'm trying to do it fulltime and need more clients. My clients right now are more in the industrial and tech spaces, but I would like to work in businesses that have a tendency to want more creative and artistic work.

I'm still trying to see if this is possible. Nonetheless, I want to search in a smart way and I'm wondering if my fellow graphic designers have noticed some type of trend of businesses that are aware that they need graphic design for one or another purpose.

16:46 UTC


What are some useful AI tools for graphic design?

Many of my design work involves charts or stats that need to be visualized. Does anyone know any useful tools where I could enter prompts and designs/design ideas would be made?

thanks in advance this would save me a lot of time :)

EXAMPLE PROMPT: More than 20% used for business: Credit is based on the share of equipment and installation costs that can be allocated to nonbusiness use.

1 Comment
16:28 UTC


Where do I go from here (current status of designers)

Hello, I’ve posted a thread on here before about internships,portfolios and advice for jobs and you guys were a massive help. I guess this is an update or rather a part two for advice if you guys wanna see it that way. So far I’ve only done one internship (still can’t seem to find another ) and I’m fresh out of college (graduated this year). Im also doing commission work for a friend’s up and coming side hustle. So the purpose of this thread is, what do I do from here ? What should I look for in a “first design job”? Also is it just me or is the job market atm stale? What was your experience during your first year out of school like? I feel lost and it gets me slightly anxious since I don’t want to give up on being a graphic designer. I find comfort and guidance in your replies guys and here’s to hoping I get closer to my dream job as a free lancer. Otherwise I’m stuck in retail for another millennia lol. Thanks as always guys. ! Oh p.s I’ve also been looking into events I can attend to help me network (but that’s also been a dead end sadly) lol advice on that would also be nice.

16:15 UTC


Suggestions for when the actual font file is needed when using Adobe Fonts in CC?

This is increasingly becoming a problem for me; I create and maintain variable templates on a web-2-print platform, e.g. business cards, where I take the customer supplied files and upload a PDF along with image assets and fonts and such. Purchasers go to the website, enter their info and view a live proof, then place the order.

These templates require the actual fonts used be uploaded to the site; so when I receive files that are missing fonts (because they were through Adobe) I end up having to search online and pirate them basically, and it's becoming a huge pain. Just curious if anyone has dealt with this or has any suggestions. The platform I mainly work with is My Order Desk/Printreach, but also Pressero.

16:07 UTC


¿How can i learn? ¿How can i improve? ¿How can i reach this level? VIDEO EDITING

Hi guys!

I am really fascinated by the latest ads and especially videos that the brand R.A.D. is posting on their social networks and I would like to know if this is very difficult or if you can learn it through tutorials or online information (I ask you to tell me where to find them).

I mean this type of content:


Can i find this kind of edits/presets/sheets in any software like Canva/Capcut...?

Thank you very much for any recommendation and/or information.

1 Comment
15:56 UTC


Where Can I Get Adobe Cert?

Hey everyone!

I am currently in my Jr Year of College for Graphic Design. I’m looking to want a certification for my resume. Does anyone know what good certs that I can work on over the summer?

Also I’m looking to get an Adobe certification, how does one obtain it?

Thank you in advance and have a great day!

15:35 UTC


Portfolio advice

Hi all! Entertainment designer here. Looking for some advice when it comes to my portfolio layout/format, and would love to hear your feedback on general notes :) thank you in advance!!


15:21 UTC


EPIC Photoshop Star Wars Poster! Revenge of the Sith - Tutorial/Walkthrough

15:12 UTC


Per Hour Rate in US for information design

Hi all! I am trying to understand what is the per hour rate for designers and developers who can make data viz. Something like this:

I have to work on a project need to understand the pricing before I finalise a budget.


15:03 UTC


How did you know you were ready for the next step in your career?

I'm thinking about the future and how there really isn't a future where I am and I'm thinking that it's time for a next step. But as I'm reading through these job listings I'm feeling a bit of imposter syndrome or something like that. Doubt about my qualifications? I'm not sure. But I feel like I would be fine in a senior/lead design role, or potentially junior depending on what the scope is. I have to keep telling myself that, despite not having a degree, I have 15 years of experience and all the leadership/administrative skills that would be needed. I know I would thrive in that environment but I guess I worry my actual skills aren't up to par. Maybe it's because I have a shit portfolio that I don't feel like I can back my claims up but whatever it is I'm having trouble "seeing" the future here. Part of me doesn't want to make a lateral move but the other part is telling me to do that and move up wherever I land.

So how did you know it was time? Were you just thrust into the role or did you actively seek out a higher position elsewhere? Will I know if it's time? Is there even a right time?

14:29 UTC


First Client Advice?

Context: There’s a little card/ video game store that I drive by at least 4 times a week. Its sign on the shop looks like someone dragged and dropped Pokémon and mario characters into google slides and took a screenshot.

Now I do have a portfolio and business cards and I would really like to just have the opportunity to sit down and recreate this piece of business property for them.

If it’s my first “client” should I even charge or is being paid in exposure suitable? Because I was thinking about charging 1K flat for the sign if I can even land them. (Guessing it comes down to personal preference).

Any tips?

14:18 UTC

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