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Lower case letter as a logo mark, but text in capital

I’m thinking about this scenario, for example, logo has “Name” or “NAME” as a logo text while the logo icon/mark is stylized lower case letter “n”. This combination doesn’t feel right to me. Please share your thoughts on this.

Thank you.

13:04 UTC


Is a MacBook Pro really worth the investment??

Hey everyone! long story short after my Bachelor's, my laptop broke but in a couple of months I'm going to start a Masters in Design and Visual Culture and after that I will be doing a PhD in Design so I need to invest into a new (and good) laptop right now and a lot of people said a MacBook Pro would be really worth it, so I pose the question, is it really worth the investment?? Are there more affordable/worth option when it comes to laptops? Also if you all have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!! My budget is about 2000€ but I can push it to 2500€. (Don't know if its relevant but I'm from Portugal)

Note #1: I was thinking on buying a MacBook Pro 14'' | 2023 | M3 8-core | 16GB | 512GB SSD (I found it for 2279€ brand new) but for someone on their first job is quite the investment but since I'm going to be actively using it for the next 5 years it sounded worth it but I feel like I need other opinions, specially from people that are more experience than me.

note #2: I never used overall Mac/IOS systems outside of my college's computers but suggestions can be Mac or Windows, I'm open for any good suggestion.

Thank you in advance for the help and hope you all have a good day!!

11:46 UTC


If you had to choose Gimp or Photopea, which one would you use and why?

1 Comment
11:33 UTC


Apprentice turned junior graphic designer

A few months ago I passed an apprenticeship to be a junior graphic designer, I now work at the same job where I did the apprenticeship and my role is junior graphic designer.

I feel as though my skills are limited as I only did an apprenticeship which lasted a year vs my other colleagues who went to university for graphic design.

Being a junior graphic designer is my full time job but I'm doing very similar things everyday and only using a certain design software. I feel my skills are lacking when it comes to other design softwares as I don't use them everyday and want to build my skills as a junior graphic designer.

I want to practice more in my free time but I'm unsure of how much time I should be spending on continuing to learn new things per day along with the full time job?

1 Comment
11:21 UTC


Are there any graphic design communities on instagram?

Hi all!
I'm starting my own small graphic design agency and apart from looking for the clients, and working on graphic design projects I want to somehow kick off my agency's IG page. I've been following big creator accounts on IG for years and understand that they grew their following for many years. But how to start achieving it for myself?

I've been looking for graphic designer groups, where creators can share their memes, inspirations, latest projects and feedback in IG message groups but could barely find anything. Are there any groups like that? I know there are pages that feature designers works, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. Do you know any group chats, communities or groups for graphic designers on IG?

If there aren't any, would this be something that interests any young designers and/or agencies? Some space, where we could all share our posts to follow each other, comment and share thoughts on original work, memes and other discussions about graphic design?

09:10 UTC


Help! Looking for a Tamil font named Anjal inaimathi.

I’m a graphic designer working at a small company. Recently my boss asked me to look for this Anjal inaimathi font as requested by the client. The client said they’ve worked with other agents before and they all have the font. I googled it and can’t find anything on it. Does anyone know about this font?

11:03 UTC


Hello! What do you think about my CV design?

My previous CV was a single pdf that had a height of like two stacked A4 papers with unnecessary "designery" details, so I decided to strip it to the bare minimum and arrange everything in a swiss-like layout, that also aligns with my self-branding.

10:36 UTC


Graphic Design Job Seeker Workshop

Hello all. I want to hold a workshop session with a group of other designers who are having troubles finding employment.

A little bit about the workshop....

Several months ago, another Reddit user contacted me about a careers workshop he was putting together. He's a professional recruiter, and has developed a methodology for job seekers interested in an actual strategy that goes beyond simply checking Linkedin and resume bombing.

We've met many times over these last several weeks, and I believe he's got a solid process, but it needs to be refined to address the specifics of looking for work in design.

I am looking for 3-5 designers to join a workshop that I will host online. In this workshop I will go into further detail about the strategy, my own experience with it, and then open it up for discussion.

All of the tools involved are free to use. There is no commitment required other than a bit of time.

The ideal participants will have 5+ years of experience in the field. In-house or freelance. Because there's a bit of copy editing involved, if you have some copy skills, that's a real bonus.

Expect the workshop to last an hour. We'll likely need one or two follow-up meetings to iron out the refinements made to the strategy.

If you are interested in participating, please comment with the following:

(1) Time zone (right now I'm just looking for US only.)

(2) Years of experience

(3) A real short blip on what you're using to find work. (i.e. Linkedin, Google Jobs, etc)

(4) Do you have any copy editing experience?

I can only choose five individuals right now because I need to keep the meetings manageable.

For transparency, here are some details from me:

(1) EST

(2) 18 years of experience

(3) Typically I use Linkedin and recruitment / placement agencies to find work.

(4) I have some copy editing experience. Usually I'm pulled into that when last-minute changes need to be made. Or I will brainstorm with copy writers after receiving a brief without explicit copy messaging.

I'll kind of be selecting people randomly. You'll get a DM and I'll ask for an email so I can send a group message later this week going into more detail. That same email address will be used for our Zoom / Google Meet workshop.

Again, there's no money involved. I'm doing this as a means to share some knowledge and get a few designer minds focused on a process that deserves a little more scrutiny for it to work as intended in the creative fields.

10:32 UTC


trying to suggest a design for a photo frame to my manager but too scared lol.

so basically i have been learning graphic design on my own for 8 months+ and it's going pretty well but now i have a job, a really ordinary job (outlet staff) for a photo shop. so basically we have like designs coming up every single week and obviously is it not my job for designing and all that but i did some designs that i want to suggest to my manager. should i give it a go or just give up lol? (im just trying to help out the shop lol)

edit: at the same time im afraid that they will said they make the design on their own and doesnt give full credit on my own name

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10:21 UTC


Paperback and hardback size - Book Cover sizes

I'm a fashion designer who has been working as a book cover designer on side. Up till now I've only done ebook covers so I'm not very familiar with how the sizes for paperbacks and hardbacks work.

I have a client who wants me to create a hardback and paperback for her novel. I'm a little confused and I can't really find any videos on youtube regarding this.

Let's say the paperback is 6x9 inches. How will I set the spine size. Also how does the size of paperback is translated onto hardback. Is there are difference in both their sizes? If so can someone please help me out here I'm really confused and I don't want to lose this client🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

If you guys know some yt videos that have this kind of info do lmk or just tell me how to do whatever works for you

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08:58 UTC


When will this job market stop sucking?

So I just relocated back to Atlanta, and I've been looking for jobs since my last one wouldn't consider hybrid or remote. Applying to everything in my experience level hoping for an interview to sell myself. I had 2 interviews last week. One wasn't that great, it was at a print shop and once they heard I used to have a job at an actual big company they didn't want to hire me because they didn't want to pay for me. The other was the perfect fit, I nailed the interview and it was great. I should've been perfectly slated for the next round, but the next day I got a rejection email. So as anyone would do I called back to ask what I did wrong so I could improve for my next interview. And I was told that there was someone with 15+ years of experience who applied and they wanted to jump on them since they would take the offered salary.

Why am I as a recent grad with less than 3 years of experience fighting for an entry level position against Industry veterans. Kinda just sucks, I need to pay my bills too lmao

06:51 UTC


Resume Critique?


I’m wanting to find a career in graphic design so I thought I'd seek out some critique on my current resume.

I’ve been doing some freelance illustration, but haven’t done a lot since graduation. I just think It's time to find something more permanent and not gig based preferably.
Thank you!


I was given a critique about the fact that I seemingly jumped from intern to creative director so quickly.

This is due to me filling a role that hadn’t been there when I moved out of being an intern. Unorthodox I’m aware, but I’m unsure if I should change it anyway to something more traditional.

06:42 UTC


Graphic Design Thesis Samples

Hi all! Im doing my thesis soon and would love to see some examples of well done projects.

1 Comment
05:45 UTC


Career Help (marketing & design)

I am going to start my first year in my bachelors of design (interaction design) from a tier 2 uni in India. i have always been into design and creative arts so im excited, but I am also really interested in Marketing and brand strategy. I couldnt find an undergrad degree for specialising in marketing and the closest were mass comm and journalism or bba (which doesnt hold alot of value in the Indian market). To sum it up i do plan to do a mba after my design degree but how do i also get started out with marketing as in how do i learn about marketing to make myself well suited for a career with marketing and design as i really want to get into management roles. Thank you

05:41 UTC


Technical Color Theory for Brand Design & Palette Creation

I'm trying to develop a logo & color palette for my brand. I created a logo which I'm happy with in black & white, but now I'm trying to incorporate color and build out a palette. I chose a primary color which I like but I find it is hard to balance the visibility of it in both low-key and high-key environments. Right now, it pops on the off-black I've chosen, but the hue looks flat compared to the black portions black in the logo on a white background... Do I need to incorporate more color in my black? Do I need my hue to have different shades & tints for on-white and on-black use cases?

What I really need is in-depth color theory and application guides from someone who has proven expertise. I don't really care for "this color elicits this feeling" type information... what I need is a more technical guidance for choosing and editing my color palette. I'm especially interested in learning about balancing contrast effectively in choosing my color palette. Links to courses or name drops are greatly appreciated. Thanks

15:55 UTC


How do you manage business cards in your corporate??


To corporate designer Redditors with internal branding team, how do you manage your name cards for thousands of employees? Which app do you use and how much time do you spend on editing it?

I am an only designer for a company with about 50 employees. I have been creating everyone's name card one by one on Illustrator (Copy and change texts) and it has become gradually time consuming, especially since everyone has dramatic range of characters (6~24) in their name!

In addition to that, everyone has their own phone numbers which require manual inputs..

AND the name card is two sided with different languages..

Now we are going to change the branding and I don't even want to think about redoing all the manual entry with the newly designed name card.

Any insights, tips, knowledge are highly welcomed..

04:47 UTC


Thinkpad X1 gen 5 or Zbook Power g10 which one is better for Graphic Design

I have used HP Zbook g4 studio for 6 years with animation and some VFX edit, it kinda slow now. I’m getting new one now and wondering if HP Zbook Power g10 or Thinkpad X1 gen 5 is better in the long run. There are some information. Thank you for you help

Thinkpad X1 Gen 5 * CPU: Core i7-12800H * RAM: 32GB * SSD: 1TB * VGA: RTX 3060 8GB * Screen: 16 inch WQUXGA

HP Zbook Power G10 * Screen: 15.6 inch QHD 120Hz * CPU: Intel Core i7-13800H * RAM: 64GB * Disk: 2TB SSD * VGA: RTX A2000 Ada 8GB

04:23 UTC


I’m not a professional at all, but I’m currently trying to create a logo for a game I’m working on. Any critiques or advice?

Typography was always my weakest point.

04:07 UTC


Photography brochure CMYK or RGB?

I am a photographer i am trying to print a brochure with examples of my work however when the printer sent the file over for a proof check I could see the colours were off. Obviously this is an issue for me as I can’t have my work depicted this way. I provided the file to them in PDF format RGB. I understand the gamut is more limited with CMYK which is why my files are looking this way now but I am confused on what to do here.

They have advised me to convert each of the images within the brochure to CMYK by comparing their versions within the brochure to my original RGB images and altering each one as needed.

How do i go about doing this? Is my best bet to get into Illustrator and manually tweak each of the images by comparing them and then add them back into the PDF? I work in PS and LR so will have to learn how to do this.

Should I just find another printer who can help with this more? Or possibly covert it themselves?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

03:15 UTC


Scratch Disk Headache

You probably get this post a lot, but all day I have been having a headache with system data and scratch disks as a graphic designer. I have watched multiple tutorials and tried so many softwares. I have paid for CleanMyMac X and DaisyDisk, but the largest part on my disk is hidden files according to DaisyDisk. I have also tried Onyx, which seems to work briefly, but then I watch my settings and my system data just fills back up.

What am I not doing correctly, and what should I try next? I HAVE A DEADLINE TO MEET.

02:28 UTC


Is there a way to achieve a similar effect?

I would like to incorporate this type of drawling logo effect in a logo that I am making, but I just don't know how to achieve this, without having to recreate it from scratch (with the pen tool)... is there any effect or easier way to achieve something similar.


02:08 UTC


Does anyone else get 'shy bladder syndrome' working in-house, opposed to at home. (for lack of better term)

I'm wondering if this is just me.

I feel like I struggle to design, when people are around and possibly watching me.

Therefore I prefer to work alone and free from distractions of coworkers.

00:39 UTC


Dream reply

23:56 UTC


Wanting to try something new.

Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask. The other subreddits seemed more for professionals.

But I been wanting to get into graphic design. I want to have a career I can have full control over. But I didn't know if I needed any type of certification or degree to do so. In my research I saw you technically don't. But I always like a second opinion from someone who has experience doing so.

I have a few basic design cards I made for myself mostly and attempted to sell on Etsy. But considering my lack of equipment. I was only able to put up for sale the printing file for it. Which I understandably sold non of.

Anything helps thank you. ❤️

23:49 UTC


Research & Process Resources?

I’m trying to up my design process and wanna find good ways to research my target demos and give better presentations to my clients! Does anyone know of good resources, tools, or methodologies to achieve this? I know there are people who it’s their entire job to do, but I’m currently a small time freelancer so I don’t have that as an option yet.

Additionally, I cannot seem to find good places to look at pitch decks, moodboards, presentations, etc. that have ACTUAL real world info in them.

If anyone can think of something I didn’t mention, but Is tangentially related and is a great resource (or previous similar threads),please drop it below!

23:39 UTC


Which version should I proceed with?

Greetings everyone,

I am creating a minimalist logo for my social media, and the logo will consist solely of this type of lettering. Which version do you think I should choose to continue adding some elements?



23:16 UTC


Portfolio feedback? Looking for freelance or in-house work in the music world.

Hi all! After submitting my CV and portfolio to a handful of dream music-industry design positions and receiving radio silence, I wanted to do a massive overhaul and really orient my services to the exact niche I'm looking to serve. I'm feeling much better about it, but wanted to see if any other designers see any major gaps or redundant information before I start shopping it around again. Thank you!



22:45 UTC


are there any agencies in NYC that actually pay decently?

I feel like after looking at almost every major agency in nyc on glassdoor, it seems like none of them are able to pay well according to reviews. And before you say something like "thats just the industry", i want to mention that a significant amound of these reviews say something along the lines of "pay is not as good as similar companies" WHAT COMPANIES?? it kinda sucks because i used to really look up to pentagram as like, an untimate goal for me, but it really seems like they cant seem to pay people fairly for the long hours they demand.

21:45 UTC

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