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Who's in to get a mastermind group going for starting a website/web development agency?

Found some success when freelancing in website development, and now ready to start an agency. Who's in to get together and grow? We can meet once or twice a week and share our experiences and share what worked and didn't

I'm also offering website building and maintenance plans. But would like to add SEO and copywriting, too, eventually. And down the line, it would be great to start building apps (all these with a team, of course)

Let me know if you're interested

If interested, please DM me!

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Is it unethical to use a pre-built themes instead of designing from scratch?

There are so many elegant and creative HTML5 themes available for less than 10$ that even if I spend a lot of time creating my own design from scratch, I won't be able to beat their design.

So my question is, as a freelancer, if I purchase these themes and only customize them for the client's static website needs, would that be considered an unethical practice?

19:41 UTC


How to create accessible and branded color palette with many shades for clients for UI design? This is really hard? Or I'm missing some simple tricks?

A very common scenario I'm getting is to redesign a client website that has lots of randomly picked incohesive colors and is full of inaccessible color use from their brand. Think neon blue or neon pink being used with white for links, buttons and headers. To fix this, I need to create a color palette or adapt one. This is really hard because:

  • You need a lot of colors? https://www.refactoringui.com/previews/building-your-color-palette says you need about 10 shades of each color, and you'll need red, green, yellow and gray. Throw in two or more brand colors and your getting close to 100 shades you need to pick.

  • Accessible palette design is hard? If you look into design systems like https://m3.material.io/theme-builder, https://designsystem.digital.gov/design-tokens/color/system-tokens/ and https://www.radix-ui.com/colors, they're a ton of work being put into making sure the scales look harmonious and contrast with predictable properties e.g. the scale difference for 40 or more for https://designsystem.digital.gov/design-tokens/color/overview/ "results in WCAG 2.0 AA Large Text contrast (example: gray-90 and indigo-warm-50v)." This isn't something you can do in a single iteration in a few days surely?

  • Branded plus accessible is really hard because accessible palettes aren't vivid? The client's neon blue brand color might not even be available as a choice on one of the palettes above so you'd have to alter the whole palette to include it? Material Design palette auto generated around a brand color are quite subdued even when you pick a bright color for example and they've surely put a ton of thought into their algorithm that generates these.

I can't find much advice on combining accessibility with branding, so here's some options I've come up with myself:

  1. Pick an existing design system from the above and try to convince your client to adapt their brand colors to match it if it's already quite close to some of the color choices. Or you could try introducing one or two colors into one of these design systems that are closer to the brand, but how hard is this to keep this harmonious with the other colors?

  2. Ignore the Tailwind advice and take the gov uk approach by sticking to about 20 colors and shades total https://design-system.service.gov.uk/styles/colour/ and keep your designs simple?

  3. Just don't use the brand colors for text, buttons or backgrounds? Use alternative shades of the brand colors instead maybe. I don't see any examples of people doing this though.

  4. Build your own palette from scratch based around the brand colors...which would take ages! I've seen tools that try to help you pick contrasting shades like https://leonardocolor.io/ but you'd surely have to iterate a lot over weeks as you design to find something that looks good?

19:03 UTC


GREY OUT ALL ITEMS NOT LINKED TO TAG "MOTION", I'm currently building a site with CARGO (CSS/HTML) Curious how something like this catagory/tag greying out effect could be achieved. Thanks in advance ! <3

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18:48 UTC


I finally broke my glass ceiling and made $10,000 this month doing web design. Ask me anything and I'll do my best to share my opinion and answer your questions.

For quite some time, I aimed to achieve a monthly revenue of five figures in my freelance web design business. While this goal may not seem significant to US-based freelancers, it equates to almost an annual net salary in the country where I reside.

My ability to reach this goal was not solely based on my skills but also on my mindset, positioning, and effective presentation of my services. If you find yourself in a similar situation, feel free to ask me any questions, and I'll do my best to assist you.

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What is the simplest way to achieve this slight overlap where the main content goes just over the image?

14:43 UTC


Is it a bad idea to only use landing pages (except home, 404...)?

As described on the internet, landing pages mostly serve for paid ads and are often not included into the navigation of the page itself. But does it hurt my overall conversion & UX if I use almost only landing pages on my navigation?

The website is about electronics and IT services for a small business. The landing pages do not target a specific niche, they are split into categories like: laptop repair, iphone repair...

In order to save some time and energy, I'd like to use landing & webpage for for both purposes. I did notice that big companies like dropbox structure their website like landing pages as well.

Are there any big disadvantages? Couldnt find anything useful on the internet and would be very happy about pros/cons.

Thank you in advance for helping me out 😀 - really appreachiate it

11:56 UTC


what is a better platform for a design

I need to get a new site created

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Is this offensive?

I'm designing a gift guide similar to how Amazon has it here. Someone brought up, "men", "women" titles could be not as inclusive for some people. What do you think? Clothing stores make gender distinction so I'm not sure if this is problematic...

00:29 UTC


I made a free Amazon price tracker!


Have something on Amazon that's a little too pricey right now? Set up a price tracker for it in seconds and get notified when it goes on sale!

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How to achieve “hovering” objects?

Hello! Novice coder here. I’m looking for something specific, but I can’t seem to find any resources online since I’m not describing it right.

Essentially I’m trying to have a portfolio website, that has a grid of projects on the landing page. When you click on one, it opens up on the same page and dims the background. Then has additional images and info in that container.

My current design takes you to a new page specifically for that project and I want to minimize users clicking back and forth. This way it keeps things streamlined.

So if anyone knows what this is called and where I can learn how to do it, that would be super helpful. Thanks a ton!

17:17 UTC


I made a Chrome extension to save websites and I need beta testers!

15:41 UTC


Website Design Review

Hi, I started designing my website for my e-commerce but don’t know how people will feel about it can y’all review my site and give me advice on what I can change to make it better? The site is: https://www.petalandpeony.com/

20:51 UTC


Web Hosting and Domain Purchasing Advice Needed

I haven't purchased a domain or found a hosting company in a while but I need to now. Since I'm just small time, I've always gone through register.com (aka web.com) and had success but I don't need much from them. I upload my pages via Core FTP LE. I wonder if it's worth looking elsewhere. I even saw I could purchase the domains through Google. I'm looking for suggestions if you don't mind. Thank you for your help!

Additional note: I'm so thankful to this community. I just found you, put myself out there, asked a fairly newbie question. Everyone's been so kind, taking me seriously, and giving me such wonderful ideas with background and guidance. I'm in awe. Keep'em coming!

17:52 UTC


My Website is Not Converting!


I have been working on this website for moths now and just started running some ads, but not much of traction after the ad clicks.


I had somebody help me initially set it up using elementor and have been making improvements on it since. SEO and Content are satisfactory at the moment but I believe the design can be much better but don't know how exactly.

I wouldn't mind delegating the design work but I'd like to be able to contribute after the initial set up. Is using elementor even a good idea or am I missing a big point here?

Any kind of help or direction is much appreciated 🙏

17:52 UTC


Change color gradient in entire screen quickly?


Does anyone know how to quickly change one of the colors in the bottom left so that the entire preview changes everywhere?

Made in Adobe Illustrator but open to use any software that can do this.



16:31 UTC


How do I get a job online

Hi guys, I am a design undergraduating. I am a junior ux designer. I'm from Brazil but I like to work Outside, home office since I'm still on university, so I could get better money and help my family (we do have a bunch of debt to pay, who's not tho lol) but I ain't got no idea where can I search for opportunities... here's my portfolio tho I'd appreciate if u guys could help me out, any jobs opportunities send me a dm or comment below 👇 thanksss

16:14 UTC


How can I create this kind of window in Wordpress?

So i really dig the whole retro style and would love to incorporate some Windows 95 style windows like this all over my site (Like the windows on the right: https://www.aroke1.com/). Do you maybe know if this is possible in Wordpress? Every help is appreciated

15:30 UTC


How do I make a crisp favicon?

I’ve been working on a favicon for my blog for a few hours now, and while the design is great, it’s still really blurry. Can I please get recommendations on how to make the image clearer? I designed it using Adobe Illustrator and I used high resolution. What else can I do? Thanks for your help!

14:04 UTC


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Feedback Thread

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RFP/Proposals Best practices and Examples

I run a web dev agency. We're trying to appeal to a larger market of bigger businesses and we are frequently asked to send out Proposals/RFPs. I'd like to up my game a bit.

What do you think the best practices are? What works and doesn't work? Anyone willing to share their RFP or proposals that I could look at?

21:35 UTC


IconMage: An AI Icon Generator

Are you tired of manually designing icons for your projects? Introducing IconMage - the AI Icon Generator that creates stunning icons for you in seconds!

Just type in your prompt. Submit. Your icons are ready!

I'm excited to announce that IconMage is coming soon, and we want you to be the first to know about it. Sign up on our landing page (IconMage) to stay updated on our launch and please take out the time to fill our pre-launch form (IconMage Pre Launch Form).

Don't miss out on this revolutionary tool that will change the way you design icons forever. Join our community today and be a part of the future of icon design!

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Is Framer worth it?

If yes, why. If no please provide alternative. The goal is to make Apple like highly visual and interactive pages with as few code as possible

View Poll

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Is there a filter that's similar to "overlay" or "screen" found in video editing/After Effects?

I'm planning on throwing an image over top of my site and I can either use something that's transparent off the bat or one of my already existing images that I use in video editing.

For the video editing images, they work by setting the layer to a blending option like Overlay or Screen, I wasn't sure if such a CSS filter existed and Google hasn't really helped.

15:56 UTC


If I'm making a website about amiibo would I get in trouble for using the little blocks of color in their logo in my design?

15:00 UTC

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