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My SVG Icon won't move to the left.

I'm trying to move the SVG icon to the left side of the screen. while having my title at the top. but when I change my ccs body it puts both to the left. while I only want the Icon and my title at the center. I'm quite new to web-design.



07:04 UTC


4 realms, 4 MVPs, 1 winner

i'm running a 4week hackathon event. Building out mvps with project leads, researchers, designers, devs, want to take part? Would you be active? The official date is unknown still, but it will be on Discord. I'd love to have u join

21:36 UTC


Website idea

I have an idea for a website and a general idea about how to build it after watching some YouTube videos. I have already purchased a basic package through Namehero since I only would be needing 1 website. But since it is a social media website I think it would need more resources (thinking ahead). Open for solutions.

I am thinking of using Peepso or buddyboss as the base (haven't purchased yet). Are there any other services as such and better website builder's other than WordPress I could use. Please let me know.

I have thought of maybe outsourcing this whole process to a person or company but I fear the idea could be easily developed by themselves. But down the road when there's considerable amount of people I am sure I will need to hire professionals because I am completely clueless in this subject.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions regarding how to develop it with efficient components with a good foundation. How to bring in users initially, user testing, security features, potential roadblocks, automation of feature.

Background - I am an individual from the medical industry. With a few couple of bucks on hand. Able to build a website during my free time.

Any suggestions and advice is highly appreciated

20:05 UTC


Best way to do referrals with a landing page

First of all, I'm not a web designer but I have built a couple of websites for fun.

Now I have a business and I'd like to make a landing page to use for referrals. My business has around 5/10 new clients a month and at first my idea was to give a custom link for every client to give their friends who might be interested in our service. Once the friend opens the link it would have a video explaining what is the service, a calendar to book an appointment and the link to pay and somehow that custom link would tell us who gave the link. Is it too hard to do?

Thinking that it might be hard to do that we thought about having the exact same but with a place for them to put the referral code and instead we'd just give each client a referral code. That would be easier but look less professional and also seem like people are recommending just to make the money (people would be saying like: go to this link and put my code there...).

What would you guys do? Any tips?

17:09 UTC


Is web design a saturated industry?

I'm pursuing web design with an online course, but someone's keep saying to me that this is a saturated market and I shouldn't waste my time on that, but at the same time I was thinking about that because my dream is to become location independent, and I thought it was a great idea to start an alternative career as a freelancer.
What do you think about that?

15:24 UTC


Google is becoming hostile to PWAs as well

*If you try to publish them on the Playstore

I have been a fan of PWA for a long time, it seemed like the perfect balance between the web and apps. In the past I would turn my manager's dashboard/management site into a PWA and they loved it, because it worked just like an app on their phone.

That part still works great, the problem is Apple and Google will try to make the experience very annoying for the developers.

We all know about Apple's hatred for PWA even though ironically they came up with the idea...

Google used to be cool and there was a pipeline to turn your PWA into a native app for the google play store. That worked well for many years but I guess Google's new era of enshittification has no bounds.

I have had my Google Play store dev account since 2016 and for some reason Google has removed my apps from the play store due to lack of new apps and or updates. The apps are done, there is nothing to update and I'm not doing an update for update's sake, that is just stupid.

Google's "alternative" solution is that I give my address and phone number. Last time I gave Google my phone number through Youtube I started getting a lot of phone spam, Google was the only new entity to obtain my private phone number for a while, coincidence? Maybe but I doubt it.

So now the Google play store will hold my apps hostage until they can spam my number again. Yea fuck that and fuck google.

The beauty of a PWA and Web dev is that it can be accessed from a URL and it is not beholden to some rent seeking gated garden that makes the experience worse for the user.

Web > apps

TL:DR Google is holding my play store apps hostage after being their for years in exchange for my phone number so they can send me phone spam.

Thank you for reading my Sunday rant.

14:58 UTC


Is a designer who codes a web designer?

What's the best title for designers who code? Is it about the semantics, or are we witnessing a fundamental shift in roles?

View Poll

10:24 UTC


Button or fill-in form as a CTA in a landing page? Which one is better?

From a UI and UX perspective, if I'm trying to collect data from a landing page for later email marketing, should the cta be a button or a fill-in form? What do you think is better, to provide the form right in the hero section or to provide a button as the CTA that takes you to the fill-in form that is further down the landing page?
Is it worth it to "sacrifice" a little bit of cleanliness and aesthetics in the hero section for more potential inputs with the fill-in form at the beginning?

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22:39 UTC


Feedback on my Simple Webpage

Hi all,

I am an ophthalmologist and amateur developer. I recently made a new app from the ground up and just completed a very simple website to go along with it. I wanted to be simple, but also kind of snazzy.

Does anyone have any advice or feedback on how to make it look a little more appealing? Thanks for your help and here is the website:


15:39 UTC


[Showoff Saturday] Updated the web font finder tool (font size, line height and letter spacing)

Hello everyone,

Last time I posted the tool that can find font details from other websites, got a few suggestions from people so added line height, font size and letter spacing. Forgot to add font weight in backend API. :3

Feel free to check out and give more suggestions.

Tool url: findwhatfont.com

13:40 UTC


Do I need to warn users about a tracking pixel?

Sorry if this is a "beginner question", I'm not sure if it is or not.

So, I know certain countries require websites that use tracking cookies to give a warning, along with info on the privacy policy. I was recently requested to install a tracking pixel on a client's website and I'm not sure if I need to also add a warning to the site, as I'm not sure if a tracking pixel is technically a tracking cookie. Help?

23:28 UTC


I need detailed review about my Figma Design

I would like to have analytics from designers in redit in to improve my skills, so don`t hesitate to write a great review i will not think that you rude to me even if you will say any bad word about my work.

I think my design is the much better then lot`s of those designs in Play Market with similar features.

Here is my Figma to check it out:



22:07 UTC


HOw i add a "simple" news section like this on my website? Are there any plugins or anything? The template i use is build up from zero and does not come with a news section! Is simple, HTML, CSS, PHP and JS

18:32 UTC


Google Font website issues?

I'm searching for a sans-serif font, and the page says that there are 760 sans-serif fonts available. But it is only displaying about 100 and then the rest of the page is blank. It has been like this for months for each filter setting that I try. The fact that I can only see very few of the available fonts is driving me crazy. What gives?

Is this happening for anybody else??

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18:10 UTC


Fivver question

I hired someone to design a website in figma then convert that design to Wordpress. I think they bit of more than they can chew. I’m willing to pay for half of the project. What are my options?

16:27 UTC


What is best practice when looking at types of color schemes?

Hello everyone, I'm working on a website design and following the 60-30-10 rule for color distribution in my designs. I'm at the point where I need to choose my color scheme, specifically which color will be my primary (60%), secondary (30%), and tertiary (10%).

So, I have a question for those of you who are experts in color usage. I've noticed many websites use opposite colors in their schemes (a triadic color scheme, if I'm not mistaken). Is this considered best practice, or is it equally valid to use various shades of the same color, like different shades of orange, as shown below?

I'm eager to hear your thoughts. Is there a best practice for this, or does it boil down to personal preference?

Here's an example of my current color scheme, using several shades of the same color:


15:46 UTC


Configuration of a subdomain

Hello folks!

I will be relaunching a website for a client. The old website should remain online during the creation process. Now I have received your login data for the Plesk interface and, as far as I know, I have to create a subdomain there and install Wordpress on it. After completion of the website, it should be accessible via the old or normal domain. I am being very careful here, so I wanted to ask you experts if anyone can explain to me how to carry out these steps correctly? What do I need to consider? Thank you for your help.

11:54 UTC


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Feedback Thread

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11:00 UTC


UI library/framework for desktop-like sites

I was playing around with a project idea that involves making a desktop-inspired web interface (similar to Windows 95 etc.) and I was wondering if there are UI frameworks/libraries out there that would make the development process a bit easier. An example of what I had in mind was similar to this: https://opensource.glassanimals.com/

Essentially an interface that involves icons, a start bar and moveable window panes. I can essentially build this myself, but it would obviously cost more time, hence the question if anyone knows of a UI library/framework that has these type of components ready for use?

07:40 UTC


What the bleep just happened to Reddit?

The awesome "click outside the post to go back" functionality is missing. It looks different as well. EDIT: I'm talking about the desktop version.

20:46 UTC


What does a front end developer need to get hired in a full stack role?

I recently finished a front end college problem and have become proficient in the basics of front end such as html, css, javascript, sass, bootstrap, jquery, json, etc. I'm looking to transition into a full stack role and was wondering what exact back end technologies do I need to learn? I already plan on learning nodejs, sql, python, Mongo, express, but my question is basically how many of these do I need to know to get a job in full stack and to what degree do I need to learn them? Thanks!

20:01 UTC


Do you guys ever have such files in your htdocs? 😭

19:57 UTC


How would you edit this to get a 100 accessibility score?

I have this button which links to whatsapp with the Text "Noch Fragen" which is "Still questions" in English:


I'm just using the whatsapp colors. But unfortunatly i get Low-contrast text error what could i do to prevent this and finnally get my 100 score


edit: without changing the colors of the button 😅

18:30 UTC


Wanted to understand interactive animations

I will get straight to the point

If a designer designs a website with interactive animations using figma, after effects and blender(or spline) how will it go into production and get live on the internet?

Like do developers have to code(or animate) the whole design from scratch? like scroll animations or interactive animations when clicking or hovering or sequence animations or text animations etc. ?

Do they code everything? or is there some other way to do it.PS - I havent yet worked in industry, still learning so it got me curious.

15:33 UTC


5 Unconventional Web Design Tips for a Truly Unique Site

Hey r/web_design,

In the vast homogeneous ocean of web design, it's the unconventional choices that set us apart. Here are five lesser-known tips that can inject a dose of uniqueness into your projects:

  1. Embrace Asymmetry

Break free from the grid occasionally. Asymmetrical layouts can capture attention and create dynamic, interesting compositions that guide the user's eye across your design in an intentional way. 2. Mix and Match Fonts
Beyond just pairing fonts, try layering them. Use font overlay techniques with varying opacities or blend modes for headlines to create a striking, artistic effect that adds depth to your design. 3. Rethink the Hero Section
Instead of the standard full-width image or carousel, consider interactive backgrounds with subtle animations or video content that react to user interactions. This can engage visitors right from the get-go. 4. Utilize Micro-Interactions
Focus on micro-interactions for buttons, links, and form submissions. These small animations or changes can delight users and make your site feel alive. Just ensure they're quick and don't hinder the user experience. 5. Implement a Color Shift
Experiment with a color shift for different sections of your site or when transitioning between pages. This can create a mood progression that reflects the narrative of the content or the user's journey.

11:25 UTC


I got roasted by this dialy dev roaster

04:50 UTC


Which one should cost more to the client between e-commerce site vs landing page

Hi people, Im having a hard time estimating the cost of a landing page.
Which one should cost more to the client between e-commerce site (w/ just homepage and store pages) vs landing page (huge landing page, almost 20 screens of content and a contact/booking form) ?
It takes me almost the same time to do each.

03:59 UTC

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