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The goal of r/Education is to provide a community in which educational stakeholders can participate in meaningful, reflective, and thought-provoking discourse about educational policy, research, technology, and politics.


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    A once great American school district slides into the toilet. How and why did that happen? And it wasn't by far the only one

    Ten and a half years ago, I was a 16 year teacher at my local school district. We'd had a big turnover in admin, including the superintendent, so the experienced teachers were a bit anxious as we attended our usual staff-wide beginning-of-the-school-year convocation. The new super assured us all that the new administration looked forward to supporting their wonderful staff.

    Our school district had many beloved long-term, very loyal teachers. We were an effective team with high scores. Although small, rural, and poor, our graduating students went on to excellent colleges. We all left the meeting feeling warm and fuzzy towards our new leaders. As usual, we were all in. We loved being teachers and trusted that the day-to-day administrative tasks were in good hands.

    So it came as a huge surprise when the school year started and we did as we had always done - we sent our most constantly disruptive student to the office. Once the students see that we are serious about their education, they settle down and we can get going. As was usual, we called first to let the office know and all seemed normal. Lo and behold, each one of those students came right back to their classrooms, usually with a treat in hand.

    It was a universal result. By Friday, the grapevine was blazing. The union reps asked us to stop by a local cafe on our way home to discuss. Only the two schools with returning principals had a normal week. Many of us, all used to being appreciated (sounds so funny now), had been informed by our new young whippersnapper principals - most of whom had a whole three years of teaching experience - that "good" teachers handle their behaviors in the classroom. WTF?!

    We were puzzled; when exactly do we teach? Handling serious disruptive behavior takes time away from teaching. As was usual, we'd spent time during the summer break to create or revise pacing guides and lesson plans - which were posted online. We'd sent our new principals links so they could access them. They knew we had a lot to do every single rigorous school day.

    What great big addition to their well-paid duties was so important it prevented them from enforcing the rules? They certainly weren't spending any time implementing PBIS, the much discussed but never seen in real life revolutionary new solution to all behavior issues. Every school district took the grant money, and then most simply didn't follow through. No state or federal agency checked to make sure they did.

    Without any consequences for bad behavior, safety became a BIG issue. Students were sexually harassed. Disabled students were openly mocked and bullied. LGBTQ students feared for their lives. Within a year, we had several nearly successful suicide attempts that we knew about. How many more were there that we didn't?

    Other additional admin/office duties were now assigned to the teachers: attendance phone calls, parent meetings about behavior, additional required documentations, and far more IEP accommodations.

    By 4:00 pm on every campus, there wasn't an administrator to be found. Two hours later, it was always the teachers who made sure the gates were locked on their way out. Some of the older teachers retired immediately. The new super pulled their credentials - which meant they couldn't sub. A move that really backfired for the district. Most of the rest retired mid-year, which was considered enough notice. But by that point, morale was so low, and safety such a concern, that none of them were willing to sub.

    It got worse. Our previous great test scores were now in the toilet. Without the ability to give consequences, every classroom above 4th grade became Lord of the Flies. Thanks to inexperienced administrators, parents ran roughshod over everyone. We didn't have enough staff, so teachers had to sub during their preps. We were quickly burning out and staggering through the days like zombies. The super had a giant personal meltdown and was fired. One of the whippersnappers - the cruelest and most inexperienced of all - became the new super. No one else in their right mind was willing.

    Currently, the entire district's teaching staff is young and they never last. The district has constantly had a 12% or more teacher shortage. Every single para quit. We were so out of SpEd compliance that the state ordered the district to use an expensive temp agency.

    No one ever imagined that it could get so bad so fast. A third of our school age kids are now homeschooled or in a charter school independent study program - and it's not as though our poorly educated, hard-working, rural parents are up to the task - but their children's safety must come first.

    All of this happened because our administrators decided that enforcing the rules was no longer their responsibility - and they didn't even have the balls to tell us why.

    17:54 UTC


    I need your help if you use an interactive white board at work, and wish to help a university student with a design project

    Hi there.

    I am conducting research, which will include a poll and interviews, as part of a learning process to design and build an improved Interactive White Board(IWB) for use in classrooms. This IWB will be designed to improve upon current systems and address common user complaints about them. This is entirely a learning experience for a university course, and no actual physical product will be developed or built. As a current teacher or student, you are an important possible user of any such device, and your experience in the classroom puts you in an ideal position to provide valuable information for our project.

    The research will take the form of a short questionnaire regarding your experiences with any IWB, a short video demonstration of our prototype in use, and after watching this video, a short poll will be provided to you. The poll will include multiple choice questions, and the choice to include optional freeform answers. This should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

    Part 1 - The link to the pre-video poll

    Part 2 - Link to the video

    Part 3 - A link to an on-screen 'working' protype of the model, if you wish to play around at all.

    Part 4 - Link to the post-video poll

    Thank you so much for you time.

    You can withdraw from this research at any time.

    17:00 UTC


    Help in study

    Do we need to cram humanities all subject to remember it ?

    14:08 UTC


    Ok so should i enroll into online school from in person

    Ok so my school just got a shooter threat and I’m very scared because I obviously don’t wanna die and I’m debating going to online school so I wanted to ask if it’s worth it and will I still be able to get into Colorado state university or not and also how would i go about doing this. I’m currently a freshman in Highschool (school year ends in like 40 days) and also will my credits transfer?

    17:33 UTC


    Need your assistance for a school project

    Please i have this IT project where we had to make a poll get the most votes. So i need your utmost help to get the most votes to win this project. Please vote for “Patina Maldives” from below link;


    10:32 UTC


    Will I not Graduate?

    I am failing 3 out of my 8 classes as a senior in high school. The 3 classes I am failing are electives and I already have the required number of credits so me failing those classes won’t affect my credit scores. Will I still not be able to graduate because I failed some classes?

    02:46 UTC


    Free universities worse than fee-charging universities?

    Generally and historically speaking, do universities which are open to members of the general public for free to students (such as Berkeley before the 1970s) suffer in quality for their open access? Is their research worse, or do their students perform worse? Universities which need to ultimately be paid for by students in loans I would consider fee-paying in this question.

    01:36 UTC


    Black and Latino students are more likely to receive harsher discipline than white children for the same behaviors in schools. Do individual teachers/administrators have an effect on this?

    Is this phenomenon in part impacted by the racial character of the teachers in the school? Is there data?

    Edit: Yes the answer is yes

    19:45 UTC


    How to Starting a Part-Time Extracurricular/Academic Tutoring Business in California?

    Title: Starting a Part-Time Extracurricular/Academic Tutoring Business in California

    Hello, I'm planning to start a part-time extracurricular and academic tutoring service in California, focusing on subjects like math, physics, and statistics for K-12 students. I aim to deliver these services primarily through remote learning platforms like Zoom. As a college contract lecturer without K-12 teaching credentials, I'd greatly appreciate your advice and insights.

    1. What qualifications or certifications do I need to start this kind of business in California? Do I need to obtain any form of teaching credentials or licenses, even though I don't plan to become a district teacher?

    2. Are there any specific regulations or standards I should be aware of, such as business registration, business licenses, requirements for teaching facilities, student safety and privacy policies, etc.?

    3. As a college lecturer without K-12 teaching experience, how can I enhance my teaching skills and professionalism to better serve K-12 students? Are there any professional certificates, courses, or resources that can help me?

    4. Do you have any other advice for running this kind of part-time tutoring business? Are there any common pitfalls I should avoid?

    Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions! I'm looking forward to learning from your experiences and expertise.

    16:20 UTC


    I have a question about a graduate degree

    I recently obtained my BA in intelligence studies at American Military University. Originally I wanted to get out of the military and become an intelligence specialist but I only have a secret clearance, and due to my behavioral health history after I had my baby I may not be adjudicated for a Top Secret clearance. That limits my ability to be an intelligence analyst. Especially with my experience in Geospatial Intelligence.

    I am the first in my family to get a degree so I don’t have anyone to ask these questions to.

    Can I apply for a masters program that has nothing to do with my Intelligence Studies Bachelor? For instance a masters in geography? Or addiction medicine or clinical metal heath counseling?

    Like would I have to get a bachelors in one of these first?

    1 Comment
    16:16 UTC


    Can a 38 year old complete a high school diploma?

    I am in Canada and am thinking of getting a high school diploma at age 38 but I don't know if it is worth it. I have vision impairments and learning challenges which will impact the ease of which I get a degree. I am mostly worried about spending 3 years getting a high school education and pursuing a degree afterwards. Is it worth getting a degree and will it lead me to a career? What has been your success as an adult learner or a teacher of adult learners?

    13:23 UTC


    Kan jij ons helpen?

    Beste, voor onze opleiding doen wij een onderzoek naar patiëntentevredenheid. Kent u iemand met borstkanker of iemand die borstkanker heeft gehad? Dan zouden wij het heel erg waarderen als u deze enquete van 4min. kunt doorsturen danku!


    12:24 UTC


    I have a Question

    I'm in the Muslim Cambridge Education System, I'm in C-2 and I'm happy to say that I have passed my Mocks but now I'm worried I don't know What's next they have just given us vacations and just left us free. I'm scrambling to find out what's in the next promotional exams. Is it the same subjects or is it different? Can anyone explain as no one online , on Cambridge website nor any of my peers are explaining anything

    06:36 UTC


    It's rough out there! Whatcha really want to say? Share something you wouldn't or couldn't say on campus!

    My thoughts: When I give feedback, I feel like my voice is not really heard. Leadership does what is in their best interest. #theeduendeavor

    23:05 UTC


    Associate degrees in Tech industry

    I don't want to attend a 4-year college. I'd love to know what associate's degrees in tech are the best to get if I do attend a technical/ community college.

    18:52 UTC


    Want to study together with fellow students in a motivational community?

    Hi everyone! My name is Yassine and I would like to invite you to a new student community i started together with a few friends of mine! Im a student computer science currently writing my thesis and I notice that i lack motivation to consistently keep up with my research. (you can also see starting the community as procrastination haha)
    So i thought we can connect in the community to hold each other accountable, meet new like minded students of the same studies from all around the world, and potentially make new friends :)
    It’s a discord server, and you can join here: https://discord.gg/jHJvKaXD (Don’t mind the name of the server, it is linked to students that come in through my software)

    13:14 UTC


    Convert scale scores on a test to percentages

    I'm attempting to determine the percentage of questions on the Florida 7th grade Civics end of course exam that need to answered correctly in order to pass (minimum scale score of 394). What more information would I need to determine this? I'm trying to predict what achievement levels my students will fall into but it's hard without a percentage or some sort of norm reference outside of scale scores. I can't find anything on the Florida DOE website that aligns a percentage with the scores at all.

    Scale: 325-475

    Scale score by achievement level Level 1: 325-375 Level 2: 376-393 Level 3: 394-412 Level 4: 413-427 Level 5: 428-475

    2023 Results

    Total Students Tested: 208,095

    Mean scale score: 404 (STDV 15.60355)

    Percentage of students by achievement level

    18% scored level 1 (STDV of 15.8111) 17% scored level 2 (STDV of 8.1325) 24% scored level 3 (STDV of 7.8357) 19% scored level 4 (STDV of 8.2363) 22% scored level 5 (STDV of 15.319)

    Percentage at level 3 or above: 66% (STDV of 21.04278)

    1 Comment
    04:41 UTC


    I think there should be classes on empathy, mental health and other such topics for each and every yeara child is in school. Would that be practicable?

    00:09 UTC


    Quickest and most affordable online masters degree?

    What’s the fastest way (under 12 months) to get an online masters degree (preferably within the US or Canada)

    21:02 UTC


    “Unschooled” child with minimal guidance k-12 now pursuing Electrical E degree without a GED - AMA

    I was unschooled growing up, and my household was very dogmatically religious. My Mom was, by and large, paranoid of the public school system brainwashing us. My Mom allowed us to go to high school for a year or two before taking the ACT, and nobody got their GED. This system (or lack of one) worked out for most of my siblings as they were very self-motivated, and all went into Engineering/Physics/Philosophy/law. My Mom struggled with her mental health quite a bit, so if one wasn't capable of pursuing their education up until the 9th grade, you were out of luck (this is what happened to me, and I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and it made sense why I couldn’t do what my other siblings could unmedicated). We seldom saw any doctors - I only remember going to urgent care once or twice, and a natural practitioner my Mom would go and see as an adolescent.

    I never learned any science and very little math, and by the time I was 15 years old, I knew basic things such as addition, subtraction, and long division. I'm now at University studying Electrical Engineering and almost wrapped up Multivariable Calculus.

    My interest in posting is to generate awareness and spark a discussion to protect children and ensure they receive an adequate education. I have been told that what I went through was neglect, and it has led or largely contributed to a lot of mental health issues, severe anxiety, and depression. We were also isolated and didn't have a lot of friends growing up.

    18:29 UTC


    Can teachers give special treatment to students who participate in a non-mandatory activity which requires a hefty payment?

    For context, our homeroom teacher informs us of a supposedly "mandatory" theatre play coming up soon. However, the Department of Education Regional Memorandum states that it is non-mandatory or "personal and voluntary." No other official documents that we (the students) know of, state a payment of some kind is required, and no explanation backed by official documents is provided by our teacher as to why the payment is needed. Our teacher also gave us an incentive that participating in this would be the basis for our exam grade, so taking the exam is no longer needed. One of my classmates raised a question as to what would happen for non-compliance, and the teacher said that the student would have to take the exam. Is this fair?

    12:36 UTC


    TikTok Expands Educational Reach with Launch of STEM Education Feed in Europe

    What are some of yall impression on this, I personally think it is a decent approach for younger generations; as doom scrolling is becoming more of a trend. Also, need more love to STEM fields !! Hopefully this can inspire a group of new generations !

    10:52 UTC


    Education influencers?

    Hi all,

    Who are some of the most well known influencers on social media in the field of education? I'm asking this because my company is in the final stages of production for an ed-tech product and would like to start marketing it with some education influencers.

    Thanks a lot

    10:07 UTC


    I failed high school, I'm done there's nothin now

    07:06 UTC


    California spends more cash on schools with neediest kids. How that’s going after 10 years

    A decade after California revolutionized the way it funds schools, nearly everyone agrees the initiative has done what it was meant to do: improved math and reading scores and brought more resources to students who struggle the most.


    06:03 UTC


    What are educators' opinions of Sudbury schools?

    I think that's the kind of education and environment I'd want for my kids, if I ever have any. But it kind of just seems like playing all the time...

    01:44 UTC


    Kaplan pathway legit

    Has anyone experienced Kaplan pathway services? I have applied for my masters in science overseas and got an unconditional offer, however they want me to pay £5,720 initial fee and then I have to pay for accommodations. The last portion of the program, I have to pay at the end of the term. I want to make sure this is legit before I start handing over money.

    22:11 UTC


    Teaching careers in the Social Studies classroom

    As a former businessman for 30 years, I was staggered by the number of high school grads with no knowledge of employment opportunities in the area. Many local jobs are unfilled, but students aren't aware of those positions, and don't have or know the skills needed. I joined Hirepaths, which is a job-oriented site, sponsored by local companies to spur interest in these jobs, and also to retain young adults. Rural America has serious population loss, part of that is lack of opportunity, but every business is advertising for help.


    Freshman-Each freshman was assigned to watch a video from the Hirepaths webpage and write a one page summary of the video, including skills and education needed for that position. Also whether they would be interested in employment like that.

    Juniors-American History

    Last week was spent on the Roaring Twenties, when women entered the workforce in large numbers. A comparison and contrast paper between now and social expectations in the workplace was assigned. Which jobs were appropriate for women, pay differences, and even social mores. The junior class is all female.


    An interactive, Socratic style discussion period about employment in the area, and career opportunities was done all last week. The topics ran from local economics, lifestyle, cost-of-living, and educational opportunities. Interestingly, all of them wish to stay in the area. 75% will be attending either college, or technical schools after graduation. 50% of them know what their career field, and the others are still searching. Interestingly, many have jobs they do not like, so they have learned what they don't like. They toured the North Central Vocational-Technical College in Beloit, and Cloud County Community College in January and February.k

    1 Comment
    15:15 UTC


    Congress' Funding Cuts Will Hurt Community College Students and Stifle Innovation

    Since the historic bipartisan CHIPS & Science Act was passed, community colleges’ role in the innovation economy has grown significantly. They have emerged as indispensable partners for businesses, research institutions, and government agencies, expanding access to good jobs across emerging and advanced technology industries promised by CHIPS that make up the future of work–ranging from artificial intelligence to biotechnology.

    But Congress’s recent funding cuts to science agencies, including at the National Science Foundation (NSF), have jeopardized critical funding for community colleges and their ability to expand access to good-paying jobs catalyzed by CHIPS investments.


    14:41 UTC


    Help with an assessment

    Hey everyone

    Hope you are well and having a good easter.

    I am looking for a NSW teacher who is AITSL Approved and taught for 4 years to have a professional conversation for a University assessment that is timed at 16 minutes.

    I will pay you for your time.

    As well as uni student can pay but if we can talk tomorrow or sometime this week possibly Tuesday or Wednesday I'd really appreciate that.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    00:38 UTC

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