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The goal of r/Education is to provide a community in which educational stakeholders can participate in meaningful, reflective, and thought-provoking discourse about educational policy, research, technology, and politics. Additional Keywords, teachers, students, education

The goal of r/Education is to provide a community in which educational stakeholders can participate in meaningful, reflective, and thought-provoking discourse about educational policy, research, technology, and politics.


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    booksbyai.app - Create personalised books on any topic of your interest written by AI

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    Just provide a short book description and the book is ready almost instantly.

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    02:18 UTC


    Debate Topic- help needed with this statement- Special and Alternative Schools are ineffective in educating children and young persons with SEND and will be closed. All pupils will be sent to mainstream schools.

    I've been given this topic as a subject of debate on a course I'm undertaking.

    Special and Alternative Schools are ineffective in educating children and young persons with SEND and will be closed. All pupils will be sent to mainstream schools.

    I'm able to find countless articles and research papers that would back up a universalist opinion that this statement is correct, but I am struggling to find anything that would back up a moderatist standpoint that special school and AP is necessary.

    Anyone got any good places to start for research?

    19:54 UTC


    I want to become product manager in Google corporation. Where I should study and which university you're recommend me for this?

    I know it's a server for education discussion, but I want an advise from someone to build my own career.

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    15:16 UTC


    A Educational Games ?

    Hi yall, we are currently working on a project to educate elementary/ middle schools student about SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) a bit like Kahoot but with minigames based on the Goals they choose. Would teachers/parents use this game to educate their children about SDGs?
    We are conducting a survey about this problems if you have time please do this survey it would be a big help to this project https://forms.gle/sndJyQ8WeR51kW2d8

    14:56 UTC


    Best books to learn the philosophy of knowledge/ science

    I am a medical student and I can't help but ask myself a lot of question about life and science. I find that alot of the questions I ask myself stem from a lack of knowledge on the philosophy of knowledge and science itself.

    Would appreciate any book recommendations/ authors for me to read. I'm not a very good reader, and my ability to dedicate time to said reading is limited, so more entry-level material would be appreciated.

    08:31 UTC


    I need a major that is higher in demand and mirrors the nature of the Humanities as much as possible

    I'm planning to double major in Philosophy and something else that is a relatively safe bet in terms of job markets it would allow me to reach into. I'm looking for another major that resembles a humanities course, I want one that can be as theorietical and perspectivist as possible, something that encompasses the humanness and study of humans in humanity. I despise the natural sciences, especially the ones that are the most formulaic and rigid in their thinking and structure (looking at you engineers).

    Any reccomendations?

    09:25 UTC


    I have a 0.00 GPA. I need help please

    So to make a long story short, I graduated high school with a 2.8 GPA. Throughout high school I wasn’t really motivated and kinda hated school. After graduating my parents made me go to a community college. I was doing okay at first but then in October of last year I went through some extremely traumatic things and school no longer became a priority. I completely abandoned school and I feel into a deep depression. I left one day and never went back. We moved across the country this year and I’m in a better mental state and I want to go back to school and get a degree but I just went onto my old school website to see I have a GPA of literally zero….. I would’ve been better off not going to college in the first place. I know I messed up, I know no university is going to accept me but if anyone has any advice for ANYTHING I could do it would be much appreciated :)

    07:10 UTC


    You are what you watch! (Survey)

    Hello! For a psychology research lab course, we are conducting an anonymous online survey about media representation and how it impacts an individual’s identity and self-esteem. If you would like to participate, you must be 18 years of age or older. The survey should take 10-15 minutes. The survey will have you view a series of photos and respond to follow up questions as well as demographic questions. 

    Thank you!

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    20:18 UTC


    what are some academic goals!

    i’m learning about atomic habits and academic goals and what habits you need to implement into your life to help you achieve that goal but i need ideas of some academic goals. i’m in highschool i graduate 2025 and i also really want to start thinking about this stuff for after i graduate and things like that.

    17:29 UTC


    Moms for Liberty outreach leader exposed as registered sex offender

    A Philadelphia-based outreach leader for Moms for Liberty – the conservative parental rights group that is pushing to exclude discussion of gender and diversity from school curricula – has been exposed as a registered sex offender.

    According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Phillip Fisher Jr – a pastor and local Republican ward leader who volunteered at Moms for Liberty’s national summit in Philadelphia this year – pleaded guilty in 2012 to a charge of aggravated sexual abuse involving a 14-year-old boy when he was 25 and living in Chicago.

    Fisher is registered as a sex offender on an Illinois state police list and on the US justice department’s national sex offender website.


    08:58 UTC


    Should I do another bachelors after I've already gotten one?

    So I've been in this predicament for a few months now. For context, I am located in Ontario Canada. I graduated with a degree in music, but I lost the passion for that field years ago. I've just graduated close to 2 years ago, so I'm 24 now.

    I'm currently considering a career in IT or something technology related, but I'm unsure of whether or not taking another 4 year bachelors degree would be needed. My current degree is practically useless other than being a way of saying I've gone through an undergrad. This is especially apparent when I'm thinking about entering a tech field.. with a fine arts degree.

    Would it be a waste of time for me to do another bachelors? or should I just take a 2 year diploma and go from there? I'm afraid that taking the latter option would stunt my career growth later on, since I would be competing with CS degrees and the such.

    19:06 UTC


    Anyway I can get my diploma in 6 months? Advice needed.

    It’s a long shot, and I’ve already been steering towards the GED programs but there’s this feeling in my heart of wanting to walk with my graduation cap and gown to receive my high school diploma.

    Long story short: I’ve preferred short term fun over a long term education throughout freshmen and junior year. And I’m a drop out this senior year. I very much regret it. It is my own fault, I agree. Messing around with my own education like that… An education that I should’ve been grateful for.. but my “priorities” were substantially different at 14 compared to 18 year old me.

    I came across Penn Foster but the fees are pretty grand. I could manage to save up that amount in 4 months but I’d only have 2 remaining to earn my diploma. If anyone could help that would be appreciated, since I’m already going to apply to get my GED I thought what the heck? Wouldn’t hurt to see the opinions of others.

    My mother said if I did take the high school route again, I’d restart as a freshmen and get my diploma around 21, which I honestly do not prefer to do. Sorry to say.

    I want to begin college in 2024.

    If there is any way at all, please let me know. Or just say there’s no way and to get my GED. I’ve already been humbled time and time again haha..

    Thanks anyway!

    15:31 UTC


    Approximately 1 in 4 Hispanic students reported frequently or occasionally experiencing discrimination, harassment, disrespect, and feelings of being unsafe


    “More Hispanic students are seeking educational opportunities after high school, with a notable upswing over the past decade in the percentage of Hispanics earning degrees. But the pandemic brought unfortunate setbacks to Hispanic enrollment, and a new study also reveals other alarming hurdles many Hispanic students face on their educational journeys.

    Hispanic students are more likely to feel discriminated against than any other racial or ethnic group, the Lumina Foundation – Gallup State of Higher Education 2022 study found. Approximately 1 in 4 Hispanic students reported frequently or occasionally experiencing discrimination, harassment, disrespect, and feelings of being unsafe.

    These distressing statistics underscore an urgent need to improve learning after high school for this fast-growing group of students.

    Education must be free from discrimination and harassment. Institutions, policymakers, and communities must work collaboratively to provide a safe and respectful learning environment for all students.

    Here are a few ways colleges, universities, and credential programs can address the challenges faced by Hispanic students:

    • Strengthen policies for reporting, resolving, and protecting against issues of harassment and discrimination.

    • Embrace initiatives aimed at improving diversity and inclusion.”


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    07:14 UTC


    Project-based learning

    Hi all,

    I'm a parent from Australia who has learned their child's school will be requiring all Yr 7 students to do project based learning. I see the merits of it in some cases, but at the same time, the results from it seem shaky. To add, I've yet to see any long-term research evidence that this is a fab method of student learning.

    I'm all for exploring new ways to learn, but seeing that much of the research or schools I'm aware did PBL, seem to end the trial early with no real indication why. Just determined it wasn't an option. I have tried to speak to the school about it, but they clearly have been copping a bit of flak from the parents over this, and are not really answering questions very well (I know I could move my child, but I also don't want to jump ship if I'm being unnecessarily concerned about it).

    Does anyone have experience with PBL, is it positive or negative? I'd love to hear from both sides. I'm trying to keep a very open mind on this topic.


    04:55 UTC


    The Trivium for kids

    The Trivium

    Anyone familiar with the trivium and have any good respirde material to teach it? Especially interested in Logic / Critical Thinking for kids

    02:41 UTC


    Wouldn’t it be great if S&P 500 funded public low-income schools.

    01:34 UTC


    Is there a best order of subjects for students?

    Kids have various subjects, from math to language and physical education. However, from the time they get to school, to the time they leave, is there an order to the subjects that is optimal?

    Having physical education in the morning versus afternoon? Or having a creative subject like art before lunch? Is it better for kids to do more strenuous subjects like math when they first get to school?

    Has there been any research on this?

    19:27 UTC


    I am searching for a supervisor for a doctoral thesis on gendered economy and mental health - anyone interested?

    16:18 UTC


    When is it troublesome that a student cannot write

    My ss was evaluated last year for an IEP and found not to need any support, IQ of 100. He is in 8th grade and cannot properly form letters-mixing upper and lowercase in words, structure a sentence, use punctuation or proper grammar. His paragraphs are disjointed. His writing grade was 42 and he failed a sentence structure test. We have known he has issues with written expression for a long time. His has behavioral issues & his punishments have been to write essays on the issue he was punished for to try to get him practice and help. He reads well, above grade level even, but cannot write a book report because he cannot organize his thoughts or summarize anything.
    my ss is currently in the middle of a psychological evaluation due to his behavioral issues, including threatening to kill my husband so we have not seen him since June. (Mom fought the evaluation as much as she could until the judge made her lawyer make the appt in his presence). My husband was advised to stay away from his son u til the evaluation is complete because my ss is as tall as his father and an athlete. Mom was on opioids while pregnant with him. They were prescribed by her oncologist for neuropathy. She had been in remission for 4 years before having him. The psychologist thinks this may have contributed to his issues. My sd also has some learning issues with reading. The school evaluated her and said she has issues but figured out coping strategies and wouldn’t help her with any accommodation.

    my husband met with his teacher yesterday and the school claims his writing is acceptable and nothing to worry about. Are we overreacting, is the school too lax. We were only out of school for 4th quarter in 2020. They returned in person in 2020 so this is not a Covid issue.

    15:32 UTC


    How to solve sequences and series?

    12:38 UTC


    In turbulent times, self-care is essential.

    Small steps - meditation, embracing positivity, enjoying nature, nourishing relationships - can make a big difference for mental health. Prioritizing inner peace allows us to weather storms and spread more light. The greatest change starts from within. What little ways do you practice self-care to maintain balance when things feel chaotic?

    07:37 UTC

    19:56 UTC


    Bachelors of English

    Can anyone recommend the most convenient and affordable online university to get a bachelors of education or english from?

    18:18 UTC


    Calling All Teachers! International collaboration with a school in the Netherlands.

    Hello r/education!

    I hope this message finds you well. I'm reaching out unofficially on behalf of our school in the Netherlands, where we offer an exciting international program for students aged 11-16. In this program, students receive half of their classes in English and actively engage in developing international citizenship.

    Recently, we identified the need for more concrete collaboration with students and teachers from other countries, especially those who are part of international programs or use English daily. While promising initiatives are currently underway, there is still ample room for further collaboration, a crucial aspect of our program.

    To achieve this, we're eager to connect with teachers and schools worldwide interested in cultural exchange projects. We believe such collaborations can enrich the learning experience for both our students and yours, fostering a global perspective and promoting intercultural understanding.

    If you are a teacher or part of a school interested in exploring cultural exchange opportunities with our students in the Netherlands, please reach out! We are open to various forms of collaboration, including virtual exchanges, joint projects, and shared learning experiences.

    Let's build bridges between our classrooms and create meaningful connections that enhance the educational journey for our students. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you'd like to explore this opportunity further.

    Thank you for your time, and we look forward to connecting with educators from around the world!

    17:58 UTC


    The Decline of After-School and Summer Programs in 2023

    This article provides a data insight of the decline in after-school and summer programs this year

    14:17 UTC


    SRL grading system thoughts

    Hello, I am a sophomore in high school right now and our school has been working to implement a standards reference grading system, to the chagrin of many of my peers. There is a lot of debate going on right now and the school is going to form a team (including students) to figure out how we will proceed going forward. I think it would be nice to have more information about this system, how it has been implemented at other schools, and things like that from the perspective of educators that this subreddit may offer. Any information or thoughts would be appreciated.

    I know there may be some variance how the system works, so this is how it is at my school. Grades are done at a 4 point scale, where 1 is emerging, 2 is approaching, 3 is meets, and 4 exceeds the “standard.” There are various categories for each class, each with their own grade which is the average of all your grades in that category. Your overall grade is the average of those grades.

    One thing that I do think is pretty weird is that the most recent assignment is weighted 65% of your overall grade. This is done so that you’re graded by your performance at the end of the class, not the beginning. But 65% seems too much to me..

    Classes that implement SRL generally seem to have grades for less assignments overall. Homework is much less likely to be graded, for example. Also, it seems common (though this may not be the case in all classes) that late work has no penalty.

    We need a GPA, so the SRL points get converted to letter grades. An A is 3.25 to 4. A B is 2.5 to 3.25. A C is 2 to 2.5. A D is 1.5 to 2

    Now here are the criticisms I hear of SRL: People are upset about their grades being lower. Some of our classes have high standards for “exceeding expectations” and it makes it difficult for people to get 4. This upsets them insofar as it gets converted to a letter grade which goes into their GPA. If you meet expectations you are going to get a B, and if you are approaching them you’ll get a C-. The people I hang out with are worried about college admissions (because that’s all that anyone really cares about) since they think their GPA will look bad if they don’t get all “A”s. Now I’m sceptical of this. There is so much variance in how grading is done throughout the country, I feel like colleges must be able to adjust for this. A more difficult school than ours may give out As more sparingly; this certainly shouldn’t hurt those students when it comes to applications. I think if the colleges are smart they should be able to see that we’re using a different grading system, and also look at our class rank to understand that our GPAs are just going to be a bit lower. But if anyone has any information about how colleges actually deal with things like this, that would be very helpful.

    The next complaint I hear is that some kids (who maybe have some learning disabilities or something) are having trouble doing well, despite putting in very large amounts of effort. Maybe homework doesn’t need to be graded since it’s just practice, but kids who might not do well on tests often have their grades aided by the completion points on things like homework. Now on the one hand, there’s a part of me that thinks that this is kind of the point of grading. Colleges want to know if a student cannot perform well at school. But of course, effort/participation is another important thing and having that be a part of your grade makes sense. I also think that this may be more a problem with the standards/grade-conversions being too high rather than with SRL itself.

    I’ve also heard worries about students losing interest in actually trying at school or going to college if they put in effort and still get what they consider to be low grades. Now that is an issue I can get behind. I think maybe the problem is the conversion from SRL to traditional grades. If there was no conversion and we just said 2, people may be more satisfied. But it seems like there has to be a conversion somewhere to get a GPA. And then that conversion happens and people get discouraged.

    Then there’s the issues that arise as we implement the system. The point of SRL is to make things more standardised, but at the moment at our school that seems to be the opposite of the case. Different teachers interpret “exceeds expectations” differently; some think you need to be at a practically unreachable level to get it, others less so. Of course, there are rubrics, but even with the rubrics things are so subjective and “up to the teacher”.

    I also have a suspicion that some teachers gave lower scores early on in the year to create an appearance of growth.

    I do think SRL makes sense in theory. Percent grading is a little weird when you think about it, and going in terms of standards makes sense. But right now, as we are implementing it in our school, there are a good number of issues. Any insight on this issue would be appreciated!

    14:03 UTC


    I can’t charge a reasonable price for my classes, what am I doing wrong?

    Hello everyone, I am writing here as my last resource since I have no idea what to do. Long story short, I live in Europe and I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree - I studied foreign languages. I have more than 6 years of experience teaching English and Italian as my main languages I specialised in. I have over 2000 classes completed on italki for example, so I have some experience in the field. Yet, either online or on in real life, I have to compete with the crazy amount of teachers around, which is technically normal. However, due to this issue, I cannot charge more than 15 USD per hour (which is quite a low rate), or else students will prefer someone cheaper. There is always some cheaper teacher, and if I just try to charge a more reasonable price, I get significantly less students. I have been stuck in this loop for years, but I can see that other teachers are able to charge way more than I do - some of them even have their own online language schools or sell their own language courses. What am I doing wrong? I feel completely lost. Thank you!

    10:05 UTC


    Is doing a double degree in mathematics and medical science going to be rough?

    Title says it all really.
    I am planning on studying an accelerated biomedical science course (transferring into doctor of medicine after), and a mathematics degree (goes into real and complex analysis, topology if I want), and essentially I am just looking to get some opinions of how fucked I could maybe be. Regardless of answer I will still push forward, but I just want to set my sights straight so I don't end up disappointed
    with scraping by. Also, the maths degree is just for fun and for learning, not meant to improve career outlook or anything.

    02:53 UTC


    What is the best webcam for online teaching?

    I am looking for a webcam online teaching. My requirement is high-quality video and audio and is easy to set up and use. Any suggestions?

    07:11 UTC



    For those of you working in higher ed, what sort of masters degree typically has the best pipeline into administrative roles? Is is just a masters in education (administration)? Does it matter if it's an MA, MS, or MEd, so long as the focus is on admin and not curriculum/teaching? I know that top roles usually require a doctorate of some sort or another, but what about good mid-tier roles?

    05:49 UTC

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