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The goal of r/Education is to provide a community in which educational stakeholders can participate in meaningful, reflective, and thought-provoking discourse about educational policy, research, technology, and politics.


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    Did any graduates from Summerhill ever actually do anything? Would you have wanted to study there?

    This question just popped into my head as I have been researching "radical" educational reforms.

    If you need a blurb on Summerhill: The Summerhill School, the Radical Educational Experiment That Let Students Learn What, When, and How They Want (1966) | Open Culture

    1 Comment
    20:03 UTC


    Free & Simple Video Editing Software?

    I have a video recording of my students delivering speeches during a class. I want to edit the recording so that I can send each student a recording of just their individual speech. Do you know of a free and simple video editing software that would allow me to do this? I’d appreciate your help.

    17:55 UTC


    Les devoirs : Comment aider votre enfant ? (2 pièges et 3 conseils)

    2 pièges à éviter et 3 conseils pour aider votre enfant à bien apprendre (avec des exemples concrets.) 1er piège : Eviter le travail à court terme 2e danger : Eviter de trop aider
    1er conseil :Trouver ce qui pose problème 2e conseil : Faire expliciter les stratégies 3e conseil : Faire verbaliser le besoin #apprentissage #education

    1 Comment
    17:54 UTC


    Thinking about switching my minor


    I am a freshman with a major in finance and a dual minor in leadership and computer science. I’m thinking about possibly switching my computer science minor to something else but I’m not sure. If you could go back in time to my point in life, what minor would you do in my position?

    17:09 UTC


    Which post grad diplomas and courses are helpful for seeking jobs?

    Hello , I’m currently undergraduate student.

    But I like to prepare for how to join postgrad courses and universities to attain a job in a company or freelance or work from home .

    Especially , I like to make money.

    So please advice me which courses , diplomas , postgrad lectures are helpful to get a job easily.

    What skills are needed or should prepare to get a job especially in US , but you can advice me anything , no limited location or countries.

    Please share your opinions of work life after education .

    16:21 UTC


    Best non-academic PD you’ve received?

    What’s been the best professional development you’ve received that is NOT about content/standards/strategies? What did you like about it and how did it change you or your teaching?

    11:37 UTC


    Will they let me sit in the next semester?

    Hey guys,

    I am a second year engineering student at SPPU, I am currently in my 1st semester of 2nd year (end-sems are going on), so I wasn't able to sit in the exam because - I didn't attend like the entire semester because I, at that point of my life had decided to give up on engineering entirely, and choose some another field.

    What I thought was that my parents would agree and understand my situation and would eventually agree with my decision to drop-out.

    And.. That didn't go as planned because I was here, far away from my family and they having no clue that I am even attending the college or not- I would just lie to them that I am going to college regularly and being a good student overall, while on the other hand that wasn't even close to what I was doing!

    So, after them finding out what I was here up to, my dad immediately booked me an appointment with a career counsellor/guide guy who somehow convinced me to complete the remaining course, at that point I regretted each and every decision I made in past couple of months and wanted to get my life back on track. But it was to late ig since all my fellow mates were done with the submission and were ready for exams, when I asked my teachers what should I do- they said "dekho beta exams deke"

    On the day of exams: They didn't let me because of my obvious low attendance and no TW submission.

    So this story was imp in order to ask my question>>

    Will they allow me to sit in next semester or I'll get a Year Down.. I am so confused how this will turn out?

    10:53 UTC


    Should I study my bachelor in russia

    "Hello Reddit community,

    As a Moroccan high school student, I am considering studying my economics bachelor's degree in English in Russia after the war. I have chosen to study in Russia because the universities there are much better and cheaper than the Moroccan ones. I would like to get your opinion on this decision and if you think it would be a good idea.

    My main concern is if the bachelor's degree will be recognized internationally, and if I will be able to study my master's degree in the UK or USA after completing my bachelor's in Russia.

    I would really appreciate any advice or thoughts you have on this matter. Thank you!"

    18:04 UTC


    What problems do you face day to day?

    I'm working on a school project where I have to build a software tool. I figured I should actually build something useful. I'm choosing education as it's the thing I'm most passionate about.

    So, I'm curious what problems do you face day to day regarding teaching, E-learning, etc? Also what softwares are you currently using and what do you hate/love most about them, what are they missing, and what features would you most like to have?

    I'd like to turn this into a real thing, so I'd really appreciate your help here.

    17:43 UTC


    Thinking about getting a bachelors or masters in Art.... Is there some sort of online program/degree as a Georgia resident? I want an affordable one.

    Hey all... I currently work full time as a health care professional, but i am interested in getting a degree or completing a program in art.... Anyone have any tips on some sort of online program to learn art?

    14:25 UTC


    Any tools to uncover ChatGPT cheating?

    Many students are tempted to let ChatGPT write their assignments for them. Do you know of any tools to uncover this if they do?

    08:26 UTC


    I am so overwhelmed by school

    I am so overwhelmed by school

    Currently in grade 12 and school has been so draining this year. With the goal of getting into my dream engineering program the margin of error in my grades is tiny. This semester I was given Calculus 12, Pre-Calculus 12, Physics 12, and had to pick up some online classes to meet program requirements.

    I love math and engineering but these classes are so difficult and it I end up absorbing nothing from them. My dream is to go into computer engineering and I have decent skills in that area but when I'm stuck being forced to take classes like Chemistry that i have 0 interest in and has nothing to do with my future education plans but am required to do it It sucks the soul out of me. This whole semester I've been trying so hard, everyday I come home from school and spend that moment to the moment I get ready to sleep working on my online classes. Despite all this work I put in I am not able to turn into results.

    It just sucks cause I know I can do this but I just can't. I know I can do great things in my interested area of study but I can't get through all the pre reqs to make it in. Even if I get through the pre reqs who even knows if my grades will be competitive enough. I dont mind making the sacrifices but something is just not working out

    08:06 UTC


    Is this possible?

    Hi! I'm just wondering if it's possible for respondus lockdown to run on a chromebook nowadays? I've been looking into this and I've been getting mixed answers.

    1 Comment
    04:43 UTC


    Education and homework

    The policy is that when you give students homework you expect them to do it and within a time frame and that's justified as their trying to attain an education but when a teacher says they don't want to discuss work outside of school that's also good and encouraged especially on r/teachers many may not see this post and that's fine but I see a double standard where you expect k-12 kids to put time out of their own lives to do your work that you put so that they may or may not learn something and get something out of an education. So no I don't agree with homework and yes I think work shouldn't be discussed after hours but if your able to put the phone or notification done why don't the kids have the same ability seems like a double standard in the education sector.

    00:19 UTC


    Looking for sources containing evidence/data driven studying/learning techniques.

    Hello all!

    I am looking into building a study guide for my college-level students. Although I have plenty of anecdotal suggestions, I'm wondering if anyone has any references for studies, papers, or other academically reviewed studies/theories on techniques for studying or learning. I'm primarily looking for things in the academic fields of education, psychology, and/or biology, but I'm open to any credible sources.

    As a note, I'm a professional academic, so direct links to research papers or studies are welcome.

    23:32 UTC


    Aftermath of 2 Failed Course Launches 🤦‍♂️

    We often think building courses is the ultimate passive income play.

    But the reality is that selling a course is neither easy nor passive.

    I only made about $1500 from two courses I built in the last 6 months.

    Considering I spent 3 months on the first course, and 2 weeks on the second, I probably won’t break-even on either course for a long time.

    I also have a sales conversion rate of 1.5%.

    That means for every 100 people who land on my course pages, I can expect to make 1.5 sales.

    Driving 100 people to a course page is actually very difficult, as it requires somewhere between 50k-100k post impressions to get there.

    While attainable for people with a mid-5 figure audience, I’d have to post an insane amount to get that many post impressions to make a sale.

    I thought with

    • 13k followers on Medium
    • 12.3k on LinkedIn
    • 2.7k on Twitter
    • 2.7k on my Substack

    that that would be enough to make sales.

    But I have a feeling this is still too small of an audience to really make a dent.

    If you have any questions on launching a course, I'll answer them below :)

    21:36 UTC


    Merchants of Deception: Parent Props and Their Funders

    This great resource from author and academic Maurice Cunningham exposes the well-funded facade for the Koch, Walton, and DeVos families to disrupt and destroy public education. 

    16:14 UTC


    Survey: Is travelling alone that big of a problem?

    Hey guys.
    This is for educational purpose only.
    It's a 3 steps quick survey that would take you no more than 2 minutes.

    I need only like 50 people answering, so show me how fast you can be!
    It's in google forms, so no stupid shit in there.

    Travelling Survey

    1 Comment
    15:51 UTC


    AI in Education: Blessing or Curse?

    'AI can be a valuable tool for skilled teachers, who can enhance their teaching methods and provide a more engaging and unique learning experience for their students. As technology evolves, teachers must “up their game” by staying updated and effectively integrating AI into the classroom.'

    A brief overview of the pros and cons of using AI in teaching and learning. I have been deploying it as a teacher, but I want to know more, and I need to learn more and faster. I hope my article spurs debate. Read it here: AI in Education: Blessing or Curse?

    08:17 UTC


    School / university book series to re-ed myself midlife?

    I feel heavily outdated, and honestly don't remember much from the school years. I would like to take a second look at the chemistry, biology, physics, history, arts and etc.

    Open to any suggestions that would help to rebuild the fundamentals

    06:30 UTC


    What is the purpose of high school?

    I’m a college student and I have found that the required classes for all majors are simple refreshers from high school, or are entirely unnecessary for my major. What would you all say is the purpose of high school if higher education is treating students as if they learned nothing in high school?

    01:07 UTC


    No more university for current and future gens?

    Hello everyone. I'm 21 and I'm in the second semester of community college, I started in August. So far the government has been paying for it. Hopefully I'll get a scholarship or two I've been applying with diligence to many for awhile. Thankfully I have 4.0 and doing my absolute best to keep it because my high school grades were 2.0

    What I'm noticing though is that I won't be able to get a bachelor's unless I get a full ride. I'm not gonna give my future fate to debt, it's simply foolish. That means banks will control me and I'll have no chance of owning a damn thing. I was born in an impoverished family so I have no support from them. Maybe I'll get a benefactor or two from a connection I make one day.

    It makes me kind of pissed-off to know that I'm barred from higher education because I don't have money. If I saved with misery and took out smallest loans I could get bachelor's but that sounds like the worst idea ever.

    I got a lot of these mental disabilities holding me back too. Sometimes I beg the question, who the fuck will hire some 35 yo (by the time I grad from bachelor's due to cost saving) who finally got his bachelor's. So degrading. I feel like I'll never be able to get a good job.

    No I'm not doing a denigrating trade and fuck every single one of you STEM assholes. Go enjoy your dehumanizing rote memorization. I'm a damn person not fucking book ledger or server.

    No I don't want to be liberal arts. I was thinking Spanish or something involving media or people. Or hospitality

    What are the options in America? Am I simply fucked?

    20:34 UTC


    nyc regents

    Does a wavered exam count as passing regents? Or does it not count towards the ny graduation requirement? Would I still need to pass another math regents in addition to the wavered one?

    18:18 UTC


    Adult remedial education options

    Embarrassed. Don’t know where to start. Wasn’t the best student for…my entire life. Kicked out of middle school, kicked out of high school for a year. Ended up at a “alternative learning center” where I learned nothing except where crack was sold. FYI it’s by the students. Never took pre algebra or high school algebra. I’m beyond clueless as to where to start/begin. Is there any structured courses online that can help. I know there’s various videos and stuff all over the internet but no structure that I’m aware of. I want to start college and finally get an AA but I’m beyond behind. Suggestions appreciated. Vet. Depressed.

    17:31 UTC


    The Potential of Metaverse in Education E-Schools

    16:27 UTC


    New to USA education system

    Can someone please explain to me how kids get into honors class in middle school and high school?

    Is there a test when they are selected?

    Or general grades?

    Can they be rejected from honors classes?

    05:51 UTC



    I finished my Cambridge GCE alevels recently. I took Biology, Chemistry, physics and maths and passed all the subjects. Now I am having trouble choosing a degree to study further. I dont know for what I am having my passion for. I am very uncertain of my future. I do like physics and also technology related stuff. Do yall have any suggestions on what are the factors should be considered before I choose a degree so that it would help me take a decision?

    02:46 UTC


    Looking For GradeQuick SKF ad Related Files


    I am looking for files related to an old program called GradeQuick. More specifically looking for files that are so-called skill import files (that end in *.skf and the like). I'm also looking copies of old education software to show how my childhood looked.

    If anyone has old software then please let me know. I'm looking for the following:

    • Renaissance Learning STAR Reading
    • Renaissance Learning Accelerated Math
    • Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader
    • Renaissance Learning STAR Math
    • Renaissance Learning STAR Early Learning
    • Pearson SASIxp
    • Sagebrush Athena

    If anyone's school had used these and you still have the media and serial numbers, I'd like to connect with you as I need to work with this to demonstrate some of the systems and tools in my child. I know that most of these software manufacturers have moved to cloud-based nonsense that I cannot run in my lab due to costs... so I'm grasping at straws here.

    02:40 UTC


    Highschool Summer Programs for the Humanities and Internships vs. Academic Programs?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a high schooler and I'm interested in history, philosophy, and art (primarily film, but also physical art). For all the aforementioned subjects, I prefer to study or analyze them (I'm not looking to film a movie or paint anything), and I'm searching around for summer internships or programs. I've figured out a few, such as the Stanford Summer Humanities Institute and possibly applying to become an intern at a few museums, but there are just a lot of programs out there and I was wondering if anyone had any strong opinions for other summer programs that would align with my interests.

    Also since I'm assuming there's more educators and adults here, would anyone be able to recommend an internship vs. an educational program in regard to how that would look on a resume? Although some internships and programs look more fun for me personally, my parents are very concerned about whether they are a "waste" or not (although they already consider the humanities a waste of time), but I don't have much reference to go off of.

    02:38 UTC


    Is there much difference between either concentration?

    Im a child development major hoping to become an elementary teacher. Right now my concentration is early childhood and adolescent and the other I was looking into was Early Childhood Development as it seems to apply more to younger children. Right now I don’t think there is a preference on which grades I’d teach as long as it’s elementary but will the concentration affect my ability to teach a couple younger grades if I chose that? What are other careers I can do with my degree? Sorry if I seem uneducated on the matter because I quite literally am and felt like I entered college without knowing exactly what I was supposed to choose or do and advising hasn’t helped me much

    21:52 UTC

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