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A resource for living large in small spaces. Links to blogs and sites that promote the tiny or small house movement. While not for everyone, interest in small and tiny houses is growing.

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Stairs v. Ladder

Recently purchased a tiny house that has a staircase to a small loft. The loft is too small for me to sleep in (apparently the previous owners had grandkids sleep up there) and will be used for storage. The stairs also take up a fair amount of space in the main room. I'd like to replace the stairs with a sturdy ladder. What are the potential drawbacks (or advantages) to this plan?

[Update: Sorry to be clear I mean a ladder that is permanently attached to the wall. Not the kind you drag out when the gutters need cleaning.]

17:14 UTC


Seeking Apprenticeship | New England

Hi, all. I'm seeking a building apprenticeship with a tiny + small home construction company in the New England area, specifically around MA, CT, RI. Any recommendations?

What I'm looking for specifically:

  • Focus not just on tiny homes on wheels, but also small homes on foundations.
  • Sustainable design
  • Bespoke designs, not just pre-fabs

Here are two companies/schools doing the kind of thing I'm interested in, but are too far from me:

Please let me know if you've heard of a similar company around the MA, CT, RI area.

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14:43 UTC


Uncharted out of biz?

Did Uncharted Tine Homes go out of business? I tried calling and emailing. Phone and email both out of service but the website is still active.

14:44 UTC


Tiny House Build Finished !

Months to build a fairly tiny tiny house probably would've taken a month and a half if it wasn't for the fact that I kept getting distracted, but I built the whole thing with the jackery power pack. so for those that are thinking of building a tiny house for the power pack it's so doable. You can charge it from the sun and do it or the power packs at home trying to sell it. this was my dream for the longest time and the power packs made it doable so awesome because I don't know a lot about solar and buying panels and battery banks and all that stuff it worked out really good for us.

18:43 UTC


Mountain Time Home Project Starting!

22:45 UTC


How many outlets?

In the process of planning a tiny home. Going to be putting it in my grain bin. Got it all sealed up, and have tons of lumber and other stuff I collected (do a lot of dump trailer haul offs for GCs)

It's main function is going to be a guest home, but want it fully functional if my inlaws eventually move in when they get older.

My question is probably dumb, but how many outlets for 227 square feet?

I was thinking 4, one in every quarter. Wife thinks it should be 8. How did you calculate how many?

15:57 UTC


Price for long term rental?

Hi all.

I have an opportunity to rent a tiny house, but don’t know how to gauge the price. I was curious how much anyone else is paying/charging for long term rentals for their tiny house.

Some details:

  • Metropolitan area in the southeast with the tiny house located in someone’s backyard
  • Unsure of the square footage, but it is built on a fairly “large” trailer (not sure how to describe it) with loft bed
  • Electricity is on the grid, everything else is off grid with a water tank that has to be filled every day or two and a compost toilet
  • Propane for water heater and stove/oven
  • Required to use laundromat
  • No cable internet hookup
  • Asking $600/mo

Never had experience with this, and haven’t been able to find any information on how long term rentals are typically priced as well as how, if any, the above details play a factor. Any insight would be appreciated!

EDIT: Superfluous and redundant info removed for clarity.

00:14 UTC


Actual build costs

I'd like to find more info about what actual people who are building their own homes are spending. I'm working on a project and would love to hear from people who have done it and what their out of pocket costs are. This includes the hard cost for materials, hardware, etc.

12:17 UTC


Buying a Shell vs Trailer

I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I already own 2 pieces of land that I will be moving my Tiny House on wheels between and am currently working on getting them prepped.

Now I just need something to live in! I found 2 interesting options new me:

  1. Iron Eagle 24' trailer for $5,500
  2. A pre-built shell (exterior totally complete but unfinished on the inside) on the exact same Iron Eagle trailer for $27,000

The pre-built is actually pretty much spot on for what I would envision building myself. I don't have any construction experience, but have been researching this stuff for years and will soon have a lot of free time on my hands to work at it.

Curious what Reddit thinks about this; does my lack of experience building and the time savings aspect justify spending $21,500 to skip forward in the building process? I also have a few friends that are GC's and finish workers, so I could enlist them (with compensation of course) to help me either build from the trailer up or to finish out the interior.

I would also consider just buying a complete pre-built THOW, but I need it to be completely off-grid capable because my properties don't currently have any utilities and bringing them on is too expensive for the time being. I need a hefty solar power bank system that will be supplemented with a generator during winter, and will be using collected rainwater and delivered water as needed. Picturing RV style black/greywater holding tanks that I will need to have emptied periodically.

01:08 UTC


Price of a Tiny House 100K? Or less?

How much does it cost to get a tiny house, family says it costs 100,000. I keep hearing it's less than that.

20:57 UTC


I have never owned a tiny home but I own two acres of land here in Southern California and was thinking about putting one on it. If it's on a trailer how do you deal with water, electricity, and sewage waste. I know nothing about how trailers work.

Also other than the price of the home what other expenses should I be aware of other than shipping it from the manufacturing facility to my land?

03:39 UTC


Importing Tiny House from US to Canada

Has anyone done this? There are some better deals in the US right now. I don't live too far from the border so it seems like an attractive option. It's a bit confusing what a tiny house would classify as for duty and import fees though. Any help would be appreciated.

15:32 UTC


Tiny House built by students up for auction

This school had students build a tiny house and they are putting it up for auction. Minimum bid is $37k, so not really that cheap, but better than I’ve seen some THOWs go for.


01:07 UTC


Advice needed

I'm a younger person that is trying to get out of the rental market. I have the opportunity to purchase a tiny home through seller financing. But I have no idea where to start with generating a price offer for it.

The owners asked $85000 obo.

Can anyone point me in a direction where I could find resources on generating an appraisal of the unit? Is there anyone in this thread that does that type of service? I could definitely pay a consultation fee to someone legitimate.

I have included a screenshot of the list of features.

I'm just so lost on where to even start generating an offer. Any advice is appreciated.

23:04 UTC


Is this a thing?

What are the chances of finding a farmer/large land owner that would be willing to rent some space for me and my THOW?

Has anyone been successful in this type of situation? Any pointers on how I might approach it?

19:11 UTC


What would you change?

What would you add, what would you remove

16:04 UTC


Question: Can wheels be reattached to a Park Model Tiny Home later on?

Hi all, this might be a stupid question, but I haven't found an answer elsewhere so... If you get a park model tiny house on wheels (10 feet wide) and have the wheels removed once positioned (due to zoning/regs issues), can you later on put the wheels back to move it again (like a few years later to a new location) ? TIA

UPDATE just found this link with some tire info... https://tinyhouseexpedition.com/my-tiny-boo-boo-how-to-properly-care-for-your-tiny-house-tires/

09:18 UTC


Help to find Tiny House Builder

A few years ago (2015-18ish) I was watching a YouTube channel of a guy in Illinois who built his own tiny home on a wheel bed with huge deck and then a studio in a shipping container. The title of the channel was "The Not-So-TIny-Tiny-House" (someone else has that name now.

I can't remember his name but I'd love to see how things are going. Does anyone remember this channel/house?

The interior had a lot of gray and there was green upholstery. He placed it on land next to a small pond/lake.

00:26 UTC


Interior walls

Hi, We currently are living in a 1 bedroom tiny house but are wanting to divide it so that it is 2 smaller bedrooms. Is there anyway to create a sturdy enough wall that can be possibly be taken down? Either 8 feet or 9 feet long.

17:57 UTC



Hi. I dont have enough electrical power to run a window AC unit. Any suggestions? What works for you?

16:40 UTC


Questions about suspended concrete slab in cold climate?

Looking at building a secondary dwelling unit on some property in the Ottawa area (250sqft, Zone 5b). I'm seeing an alternative to the standard T footing(below frostline) in the Frost Protected Shallow Foundation.

I have contacted the local building folks but they are slow to get back to me. Curious as to whether anybody has any opinions/experience with this design or whether it is being used successfully?

12:26 UTC


Black water to municipal sewer system

Is it possible? I saw a guy once who had a hose straight from black water to in his crawl space and he said it was hooked up all the time. This is in a major city. Do yall know anything about that? I’m looking to live FT in an RV in the backyard. How do y’all handle this situation? Thanks so much for any help in advance!

23:40 UTC


Ventilation solution for ADU?

I have a 1950s built ADU that's 9'x15' and very basic rectangle with a small triangular roof so there's a little space above the flat ceiling. There are vent holes on the outside in that triangular roof area but Zero holes on the inside of the building, not on the walls or the Flat ceiling. So I do electronics work and need some sort of ventilation for the fumes and also just to keep the space from overheating when I turn anything on and so I don't need the door open all the time. I don't know why there are vent holes on either side of the roof but none from the inside to utilize that. How should I approach this in order to get good air flow of fresh air and vent out the solder fumes?

20:21 UTC

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