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    HMS Implacable and Centaur, 27 August 1808; By Thomas Whitcombe

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    10:11 UTC


    Heavily modernized USS Salem (Des Moines-class heavy cruiser)



    Note - Apologies for the lack of artistic quality (there is only so much I can do with PDF comment tools) and the actual image quality (due to the size of the original PDF, I could only save the image at 150 pixels/inch). I'd like to draw this in CAD sometime, but I'm afraid I lack the time, patience, and skill to do it justice.

    Armor - no change
    Belt: 4–6 in.
    Deck: 3.5 in.
    Turrets: 2–8 in.
    Barbettes: 6.3 in.

    Armament - 1,020 ton net increase, including 500 tons of ballast forward to offset aft VLS
    3x 8"/55 Mk 16 triple with upgraded shells
    10x 3"/62 Oto Melara Super Rapid with expanded magazine capacity
    7x Goalkeeper CIWS with expanded magazine capacity
    2x 5-tube 21" torpedo launcher with DM2A4 torpedoes
    16x 8-cell strike length Mk 41 VLS modules (128 cells, mix of SM-6, Tomahawk, RIM 162 ESSM quad
    pack, AGM-158C LRASM, and RUM-139 VL-ASROC)
    9x 8-cell tactical length Mk 41 VLS modules (72 cells, mix of RIM 162 ESSM quad pack and AGM-158C
    5x 21-cell Mk 49 launcher for RIM-116 missiles

    Propulsion - 2,440 ton net decrease
    2x 150 MWt/52 MWe/70,000 SHP molten salt reactor (140,000 SHP total)
    33 knots +

    Sensors - 50 ton net increase (approximate, may be less, I can't find the weight of many of the original sensors being removed)
    1x AN/SPY-6 3D radar
    1x AN/SPY-49 air search radar
    1x AN/SPS-73(V)12 surface search/navigation radar
    1x AN/SQS-53C sonar
    1x AN/SLQ-32 electronic warfare suite
    1x Mk 34 gunfire control system
    1x Mk 99 missile fire control system (6x AN/SPG-62 target designators)
    6x Mk 36 decoy launcher

    Aviation - 30 ton net increase
    2x MH-60R helicopters
    9x medium range (60-ish mile) drones for target designation (3 on station, 1 per main battery turret, 3 transiting, 3 spares). Perhaps RQ-21 or similar.

    Total - 1,340 ton net decrease (to approximately 15,660 tons standard)

    I know what many of you are thinking - "Buddy, you can't add all that armament to a ship of that size without removing the main battery or drastically cutting the speed, there isn't enough displacement." Well, normally you'd be right, but that's where the magic/wishful thinking comes in. This design is pretty much entirely dependent on the existence of a compact, high power density, molten salt nuclear reactor that would be used to replace the boilers and machinery. This would save a tremendous amount of weight and volume, allowing things displaced by the VLS cells and hangar to be moved toward the center of the ship.

    People have experimented with molten salt reactors for decades, but they've never really caught on. I'm specifically basing my design around this very surface-level article about a conceptual reactor design: https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2013/12/molten-salt-reactor-about-50-times.html. Is something like this likely to exist and work? Probably not in the near future, but a guy can dream.

    The biggest design issue is actually the trim of the vessel. The aft VLS is significantly heavier than the forward VLS, especially if the forward VLS is empty. So it would be necessary to install ballast tanks and counterweights forward in order to adjust the trim of the vessel depending on the missile loadout. There are also potential issues with top weight, especially from the AN-SPY-6, and figuring out where to fit the various other radars and sensors. There should be some masts that would hold some of that stuff, but I didn't draw them. Potentially, the two central-most CIWS might need to be moved down to basically sit between the antennas of the AN/SPY-6 so that the top could be freed up for radars. That wouldn't hurt the firing arcs much.

    Design philosophy and use case - I love the USS Salem. I think she is a gorgeous ship, and the 8" rapid fire guns are wonderfully insane. I also think that there is still a place in naval warfare for large caliber guns. Basically, missiles can be intercepted and destroyed (not saying it's easy, but it can be done). Tracking, intercepting, and destroying an 8" steel shell is much harder (not impossible, but harder). With modern technology (base bleed shells with glide fins, laser target designators, and guidance kits), shells can have double the range they used to and be pinpoint accurate.

    My intent for this ship would be for it to operate independently. I would envision it either approaching an enemy fleet surreptitiously (e.g. pretending to be a merchant vessel), or approaching something like a blockade line, or fighting its way in using the prodigious air defenses to fend off missile attacks. Once within about 30 miles of the enemy, it could use drones (stealthy drones for obvious reasons) to provide laser designation on targets, then fire guided shells at the targets. If it was able to approach surreptitiously, the enemy might not even know it was targeted until the first shells exploded.

    Of course, the guns would also be superb for naval gunfire support on land, and the 200 VLS cells could carry scores of anti-ship and land attack missiles if gunfire is not viewed as a viable tactic. Alternately, the ship could be a potent air defense asset, with enemy missiles needing to penetrate SM-6, RIM-162, RIM-116, 3" guns, 30 mm CIWS, chaff and decoys, and electronic warfare before reaching the ship. Or just dedicate all the VLS cells to RIM-162 and you have 800 medium range anti-air missiles available.

    17:06 UTC


    HMS 'Africa', battleship, probably at Portsmouth; by William Lionel Wyllie

    09:58 UTC


    Something I did for a project

    1 Comment
    15:12 UTC


    ThunderChild class battlecruiser (circa 1926)

    Please excuse my bad handwriting.

    22:07 UTC


    Super-ish Battleship Idea

    No idea on specifics like armor just something I designed while I had some spare time.

    17:37 UTC


    A Super-Dreadnought Battleship I Designed

    Specifications (as built)

    Displacement: 29,400 t standard; 32,300 t full load

    Length: 199.3 m waterline; 200.7 m overall

    Beam: 28.6 m

    Draft: 8.6 m

    Installed power: 22 boilers; 68,000 shp

    Propulsion: 4 steam turbines; 4 shafts

    Speed: 24 knots

    Range: 15,000 km at 12 knots

    Complement: 1,086


    • 4x3 356 mm/45 guns
    • ⁠12x1 152 mm/45 guns
    • ⁠2x1 76 mm/45 guns
    • ⁠4x1 533 mm torpedo tubes


    • Belt: 203-330 mm
    • ⁠Deck: 76-102 mm
    • ⁠Turrets: 305-406 mm
    • ⁠Barbettes: 305 mm
    • ⁠Casemates: 152 mm
    • ⁠Conning tower: 305 mm
    16:19 UTC


    Made an aircraft carrier

    Forgot deck elevators just imagine they are there

    20:50 UTC


    My Treaty Destroyer Design

    12:59 UTC


    A 'King Edward VII'-class battleship at anchor, possibly in Scapa Flow, at evening (or dawn); By William Lionel Wyllie

    1 Comment
    10:11 UTC


    Made some changes to my interwar destroyer. The DD-7•5 USS Medford

    04:28 UTC


    How to draw your own semi-modern warships: guide

    I have seen some people asking about how to draw warships or how to draw them better. Of course many people have different ways and many are better than mine, but here is how I draw.

    1. Decide on the class. Do you want to draw a battleship, cruiser, destroyer? This step should be generally intuitive.

    2. Use your pencil to generally outline the shape of the ship. This gets you a good looking ship and a general plan to put out your superstructure and your.

    3. Draw the hull: I always draw the hull first, and it gives me an idea of where to put things. A battleship can have a fatter hull. Cruisers are generally having more sleek and streamlined one. A destroyer is thinner, lower in water, even more sleek than a cruiser.

    4. Place and draw the superstructure+smokestacks: A battleship can have a superstructure that is more to the back and have a taller one. A cruiser is usually midship or to the front. A destroyer’s is almost always to the front, and generally has a lower superstructure.

    5. Armament: first draft your guns or torpedoes somewhere else, and decide on the size, look, and the placement of them. Next, place them on the warship in a reasonable manner. (Look at real world examples! The more ships you see the more patterns appear.) make sure the guns can fire. A gun that Cannot fire is just not a good decision. Torpedoes are generally mounted midship to the aft.

    6. Details + revision. Add the gear, AA, and other little details your ship has. Be creative!

    As a beginner, I would not worry that much about armor and gun size, etc. after all, the ship is just a work of art, and is not going on the battlefield soon. The most important thing is, if you are satisfied with your work, then it is a good design.

    04:09 UTC


    An AA/shore bombardment destroyer, AKA the “Fuck Planes”. (PROBABLY NOT VERY REALISTIC)

    03:02 UTC


    Study of the former German battleship 'Baden', at anchor and listing, 1921; By William Lionel Wyllie

    1 Comment
    09:46 UTC


    Okay hear me out

    Bottomless defense budget. I don't have all of the statistics I just don't trust myself to try and do something like that. Yes this would probably be over 10 billion just on the amount of C-Ram alone but nothing would be allowed to get close.

    02:39 UTC


    The Battleship Baltimore in Stockholm Harbor; By Anders Zorn

    09:45 UTC


    Warship By Nayra Anderson

    19:55 UTC


    [1233 x 800]Sinking of the Furor; By Howard Freeman Sprague, [ART]

    1 Comment
    10:40 UTC


    My Treaty Battleship Design

    This style of representation is more technical rather than aesthetical when compared to my previous drawings. So, I may do another drawing of this same battleship using my previous drawing style.

    13:58 UTC


    "A clever feat: the destroyer HMS Derwent torpedoing the Apollo class cruiser HMS Aeolus during the manoevres 27 August 1904"; By William L. Wyllie

    10:20 UTC


    2nd sketch

    20:44 UTC


    A sketch of a light cruiser I made for fun.

    20:03 UTC

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