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Sci-Fi Realism is a visual style that attempts to seamlessly fool the viewer into thinking fantastic technologies are actually real and well-used, giving such tech a sort of visual authenticity akin to an unaltered photograph. It also describes fantastic technologies and happenings that already exist and cause the person to say "I'm living in the future!"

It is a sub-style of Futuristic Realism.

Fantastic Realism is also accepted!


  • Artwork, photos, videos, gifs, stories, movie screencaps, photoshops, anything goes.

  • Please credit the artists, creators, and/or copyright holders!

  • Not everything here is fictional. By the sub's very nature, many images will depict real life situations.

  • Though they are accepted, try to avoid vistas


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Some spaceshots

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10:53 UTC


Created this from the space realism inspo

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16:37 UTC


Realistic near future space navies, by FR0S7

15:31 UTC


I lost my finger...so I made a new one

17:11 UTC


Galaxy Beyond: "Dreams Of Youth" - Book Essay (Sci-Fi story)

09:02 UTC


Genetically Modified Symbiotes

I kinda got this wild idea I don't know if it exists in sci-fi or if anyone is working on the concept IRL. And I'm well aware of all the ways it could go horribly wrong. But it's still in my head and I figure why not put it out in the open and see what others think.

I'm a fan of the Stargate franchise. I've almost everything except the movies. And part of the story is these intelligent symbiotes that have the power to take over the body.

But my concept is a little less dramatic. More so along the lines of the existing symbiotic relationship we have with our microbiomes.

I wonder if we genetically modify either microbiomes or insects or other species to feed off the harmful things in our body, be it harmful substances, excess fat, addictive substances, etc. And maybe even have benefits that not only make us healthier but maybe even allow us to live longer similar to the symbiotes in the Stargate franchise. Fixing genetic abnormalities. Prevent aging. Heal wounds faster. Etc.

Now obviously the negatives are predictable. Worst case scenario, the symbiotes take over our bodies or completely devour our bodies of which is inevitable during the trial runs. We've all seen enough Sci Fi horror anthologies where bio engineering goes horribly wrong. But idk maybe there's a less dramatic version we can do. Maybe genetically modify our micro biome to be more resistant to certain toxins. Maybe allow us to consume a more diverse food. Survive higher forms of radiation in space? Just throwing shit out in the ether at this point.

So what do you think?

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02:58 UTC


RADAR sound effect?

The usual ping that we are used to hearing is apparently the actual sound waves from a SONAR emission. Since SONAR uses actual [ultra]sonic waves, that's apparently readily convertible to the ping we hear. From what I'm reading, RADAR doesn't actually make a sound since it is all EM.

Say you have a ship in space that uses RADAR to track objects. How would you convert the EM waves to an audible signal? What would it sound like? Would it still sound like SONAR?

07:15 UTC


The 5 Highest Rated MUST WATCH Sci-Fi Movies Released in 2022! MERRY CHRISTMAS 2022!

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21:44 UTC


Visit Alien Worlds

15:31 UTC


Chase lost his hands to Meningitis, so we built him the first official Black Panther bionic arms!

22:39 UTC


⚡Spider Bots⚡are now a reality. Be sure to check your human-sized air vents, people.

22:07 UTC


Engineers created a new bionic arm that can grow with you

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15:00 UTC


Alien Life imagined by Artificial Intelligence

Images of Slien Life created with Ai text to image: Stable diffusion, dalle, midjourney

15:57 UTC


Tactical Jet Suit Drills

14:24 UTC


I could use some advice when it comes to a hard(ish) sci-fi world build.

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00:14 UTC


I need help writing a story

I will be writing about my newest idea for a story. It takes place in a nebula called “THE LIGHT OF FALLEN”, in the year 4159. There I currently a war as the main protagonist is growing up in and his father goes to that war but never return from that war, later in time in 4164 they find clues in order to see if they can find his dad. The mom, sister, and cousin go to search every battleground for traces and remains of his ship the “V.K.M.S. GARGHOLK” but they find only crypted messages and ramblings of ship mates and other that been in the war. During one of the messages it said in plain galactic “the war as we know it is but a farce created by the enemies of the light fallen empire” the words was used by a man that possibly knows the father really well. All the battles they can see the wreckage and dead. Later its 4174 the protagonist is older and in command of his on ship, the sister is a member of the order of fallen sisters equal to a planet governor, the mom is the cluster leader of all military units of the empire of fallen light, the cousin is a viceroy with the titan order or better known as the pursuit squadron knights. They have all remain to the idea that the dad still alive due to the ship Gargholk is advance technology can make food, that have healing property and can give the person a longer life span not immortality but close enough, and the ship can repair it self when its not in a fight long as the crew aboard can see and respond to it.

This ship is basically a walking infirmary/ troop transport/ battleship. Many times, this ship have been hit but never went down it just keeps going repairing its wounds over and over and for the empire this a galactic treasure because there is only the one of its kind made by the father before the war. The war started by the enemy is named the “KAAREK SENATE” a race of wolves alien hybrids that can communicate through any language as long as they hear it first. The wanted the technology of the light empire has and to subjugate the nebula that the light empire control to resurrect their long dead gods. Their gods were killed by the star of the light the gods of light empire during a war nobody really remembers anymore. But nobody knows what will happen if they do resurrect their gods and what it will mean for the light and the other galaxies in the light nebula. They will just have to not find out and that were the protagonist will have to go to find some more information on his dad at maybe, time will tell what the Kaarek Senate purpose is with their gods revive. But there is a book of knowledge that te dad use to build the Gargholk somewhere in between is home planet and the 158th dead world also known as vanderholk 1. The protagonist is currently on that journey with ensuing battles around the corner, yet no thought about how the will stop the Kaarek Senate from their goals due to information from that period of time still around , unless hidden in different planets nobody will ever go to due to it being hostile, barren and unhabitable for their race. Tidbit of information most of the dead worlds were home to the gods of old times.

08:34 UTC


How would slavery work in the future?

most jobs that have traditionally been for slaves are now automated to the point where it's cheaper to do it by machine than slaves. if slavery was a thing again in the future, what form would it take? would it be only sexual slavery and maybe slaves for the home or would anything else realistically be done by enslaved peoples?

Like say humans expanded and after a while some planets began to raid others to enslave the population

00:49 UTC


Would the functionality of railguns improve at all if they fired ferromagnetic fluid instead of solid projectiles?

Basically the title. Instead of firing a solid metal projectile, the railgun would fire ferromagnetic fluid. Although liquids are not necessarily lighter than solids, they are less dense, which could have consequences on mobility.

EDIT: I should make it clear that ferromagnetic fluid wouldn’t be intended as a standard projectile, but as the railgun’s buckshot counterpart. The run of the mill magnetic projectile would be a slug, while ferromagnetic fluid would be buckshot. Idk if the change in density would make any serious differences or not however.

05:04 UTC


GATTACA: The Dangers of Eugenics

16:13 UTC


Sci-Fi short: We are venturing out further then ever before - created with AI Text to Image

11:21 UTC

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