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Paintings and drawings set in the Fallout universe.

Paintings and drawings set in the Fallout universe.

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    Quick Ghoul Sketch by Me

    1 Comment
    22:15 UTC


    Made a map for my TTRPG group

    I'm sure the locations are not 100% where they're supposed to be. But, I tried. Let me know what you all think.

    20:35 UTC


    My take on what the US Commonwealths could've look liked (excluding annexed Canada and occupied Mexico) with possible capital cities

    15:43 UTC


    An alternate 13 Commonwealths designed to be as convoluted and nonsensical as possible

    09:36 UTC


    Ian the former Crimson Caravan guard

    00:12 UTC


    My SLC campaign map

    00:00 UTC


    Super Mutant Merchant by Guillermo Talbott

    12:39 UTC


    My Commonwealth System with some updates


    1. New England (Capital-Boston. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island)
    2. North Eastern (Capital-Albany. New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey)
    3. Columbian (Capital-Richmond. Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware. Washington D.C.)
    4. Carolina (Capital-Nashville. North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee)
    5. South Eastern (Capital-Atlanta. Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands)
    6. Mississippi (Capital-Baton Rouge. Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas)
    7. Great Lakes (Capital-Indianapolis, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin)
    8. Northern (Capital-St. Paul. Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming)
    9. Central (Capital-Lincoln. Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska)
    10. Texlahoma (Capital-Austin. Texas, Oklahoma)
    11. Four Corners (Capital-Phoenix. Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado)
    12. South Pacific (Capital-Sacramento. California, Nevada, Hawaii, Johnston Atoll)
    13. North Pacific (Capital-Boise. Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Alaska)

    Federal Territories:

    1. Guantanamo Bay
    2. Panama Canal


    • Name: United States of America (USA)
    • Government: Constitutional Federated Presidential Republic (Multi-Party System)
    • Foundation: July 4, 1776
    • Official Language: N/A (English being the most common)
    • Official Religion: N/A (Christianity being the most common)
    • Capital: Washington D.C.
    • National Motto: E Pluribus Unum
    • Country Age: 247
    • Population: 341.55 Million
    • Total GDP: 29.5 Trillion
    • Total Commonwealths: 13
    • Total Square Miles: 3,802,858
    • Total Square Kilometers: 9,849,349
    • Top 25 Cities:
    1. New York City
    2. Los Angeles
    3. Chicago
    4. Houston
    5. Detroit
    6. Phoenix
    7. Philadelphia
    8. San Antonio
    9. San Diego
    10. Dallas
    11. Austin
    12. Jacksonville
    13. San Jose
    14. Fort Worth
    15. Columbus
    16. Charlotte
    17. Indianapolis
    18. San Francisco
    19. Seattle
    20. Denver
    21. Oklahoma City
    22. Nashville
    23. El Paso
    24. Washington D.C.
    25. Las Vegas
    • Total Life Expectancy: 80.01 Years
    • Happiness Rank: 6th
    • Education Rank: 5th
    • Crime Index: 27.6
    • Homeless: 5 per 10,000 people
    • Poverty: 6.7%
    • Unemployment: 3.1%
    • Obesity Rate: 8% of the population
    • Inflation: 1.7%
    • Brith Rate/Population Growth: Slow
    • IMR: 5.1 per 1,000 live births
    • Economy Type: Mixed Economy
    • HDI: 0.935 (Very High)
    • Gini: 26.4
    • Democratic Index: 8.21
    • National Debt: 600 Billion
    • Internal Stability: 97%
    • War Support: 20%
    • Currency: US Dollar
    • Measurement Systems: Imperial and Metric
    • Major Sources of Power: Hydro, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Coal, Natural Gas, Geothermal, Oil
    • National Anthem: Star-Spangled Banner
    • National Bird: Bald Eagle
    • National Flower: Rose
    • Major Parties: Democratic, Republican, Independent
    • Minor Parties: Dozens of them
    • Voting System: 10 candidates from each major party run for President. Every candidate from each party go through election rounds and debates until 1 candidate from every party makes it to Election Night. Whoever gets the majority of votes wins. Senators, Representatives, and Justices work the same in our timeline.
    • Presidential Term: 2 Terms (4 years)
    • Senator/Representative Term: 5 Terms (2 years)
    • Justice Term: 20 years
    • Total number of Presidents: 46
    • President Age: 35 min/75 max
    • Senator/Representative Age: 25 min/65 max
    • Justice Age: 30 min/80 max
    • The Flag: The symbolism of the US flag is the same as in our timeline. The design of the flag has 13 stars, with 12 in a circle and an enlarged star in the center.
    • Military Size: The USA, as of current standing, has over 1,520,000 well-trained, active servicemen and women, with over 800,000 in reserves.
    • Military Branches: Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, National Guard, Coast Guard, Space Force.
    • Current Status: Hyperpower
    10:16 UTC


    Sarge Granite and Co by Dmitry Tsoy

    08:13 UTC


    Lucky by Rimma Deli

    08:06 UTC


    The Texas Wasteland its factions in the year 2291

    02:56 UTC


    A more sensible take on the 13th Commonwealths.

    22:59 UTC


    Beaded Nuka Cola Bottle Cap

    This took me 4 days to finish and the cursive was by far the hardest thing I’ve had to bead. What do you guys think?

    16:32 UTC


    I Made a Nuka Cola Cap Table

    Handcut wood, handpainted, epoxy resin finish

    15:43 UTC


    Bombshell By PsychicDiesel

    15:02 UTC


    Evil Fallout 3 Run by atomiccaffeine

    12:43 UTC


    Map and lore of america as of the events of the show, circa 2296. Updated with people's suggestions. (Show spoilers)

    Once again if there is anything I missed or any suggestions people want to make feel free to let me know.

    NCR: following their loss to the ruler of the strip, and subsequent evacuation, ncr troops returned home to find California in an even worse state, the capital was destroyed nearly exactly as the second battle for the dam took place, and it's destruction plus the armies defeat sent the already struggling ncr economy into a steep decline, seeking a solution, the reformed government attempted another, larger invasion of the mojave a few years later, which led to significant losses on both sides and ultimately another defeat.

    This time, troops returned to a nation in near complete chaos. Shortages of food, water, and a now nearly worthless currency led to poverty and famine not seen since the founding of ncr, and riots over said famine, draft protests, and the resurgence of powerful raider gangs meant police and army forces were unable to keep order in many parts of the country, during this time, Brotherhood forces also began to re-emerge, defeating the scattered army in multiple battles. At this point desertion within the ncr military reached its all time high, with thousands of troops either going missing or being confirmed deserters, many of these soldiers would eventually end up forming their own gangs and petty warlord kingdoms within abandoned territories, with most becoming only slightly better than the raiders they were originally supposed to be fighting.

    Eventually, the strain on the nation became too much, and the ncr began to officially withdraw from the southern states, with boneyard being one of the first, followed by almost every settlement, one by one, until the line finally held, the new border stretching from Navarro and the coast in the west to the Big Circle and Reno in the east. The ncr was gravely weakened due to its withdrawal, and lost both much of it's citizens as well as much of its industrial and commercial centers, despite this it has consolidated what it does have, and it's remaining cities are enough to keep it standing as one of the major powers of the west, albeit much less capable of its previous feats and ambitions

    As of right now, the ncr is pursuing a policy largely of isolationism, and the ideas and ideals of figures like former senator Hanlon and Tandi hold great sway over the republic. Since the collapse the ncr had mainly been forced to focus its energy into rebuilding the north and solving the lingering issues of the food and water supply, and while it still boasts a comparatively formidable army, that army is strictly defensive, with no plans to fight back or reclaim territory being put in motion.

    SHI EMPIRE: following the collapse of the ncr, the shi returned largely to a more isolationist stance on the outside world, shutting their gates and sealing San Francisco off from much of the outside world. Despite this, rumors persist about secret weapons deals with various wasteland groups, ranging from particularly influential warlords to the ncr itself, though this is not confirmed

    THE HUB: following ncrs withdrawal from the south, the hub fell under the control of a coalition of caravan companies, local officials and army officers, and eventually managed to mitigate the damage of the collapse, soon returning to its role as a hub of trade for southern California, albeit with markedly less profit and stability, they are also one of the only places left in the south that are still in constant communication with ncr proper, with the hub maintaining telegraph lines between the powers in exchange for ncr goods and ammunition.

    RENO: during the collapse, New Renos crime families declared independence from ncr, retaking official control over the city and forming a loose alliance to govern it, however this coalition quickly broke down, and the city is currently embroiled in a civil war between the Wrights, who also lead the remnants of the alliance, and the Van Graffs, who are attempting to seize complete control. So far the conflict has remained within the borders of the city and its surroundings, however ncr and Follower presence on the border has increased, both in response to a refugee crisis as well as the possibility of further escalation

    WEST COAST BOS: following the decline of ncr, the brotherhood got the breathing space in the war it sorely needed, the west coasts elders and clerics needed only to wait for the ncr to continue to weaken, and following their second loss in Vegas, as well as news from the east of their victories and incoming reinforcements, the western brotherhood pushed back, retaking many of its lost bunkers and pushing ncr forces back. Currently it has merged with a large contingent of the east coast brotherhood, and brotherhood forces have been seen attacking a remnant warlord force in the boneyard area, though the exact reason for this is unknown. (Also important to note, the brotherhood still holds very limited control of the regions identified as theirs, with most of the area being under warlord amd Hub influence, brotherhood only hold a presence in locations such as lost hills and the the observatory)

    NCR REMNANT: largely regarded as a myth or hearsay, rumors persist about a large force of veteran rangers and soldiers who, upon receiving word or the retreat from Baja and later the south, remained in and defended the city of Dayglow, turning the city into a fortress, however due to the presence of multiple hostile groups and the lack of contact from the area, Dayglows remnants are regarded more as a theory than an actual unit. No attempts at contact have been made by either the Hub or ncr proper.

    WARLORD TERRITORY: warlord territory refers to the largely lawless stretches of former ncr land that have fallen into the control of small territorial groups, whether they be raider gangs, former army units, former brahmin barons, citizens militias or whoever else may have the incentive and manpower to claim territory, quality of life in these areas is still barely better than it was in the collapse, and wars, raids, and starvation are still commonplace, as well as the re-emergence of practices like slavery

    NEW VEGAS: following the victory of the ruler of the strip over ncr, little is known in the wider west about the state of Vegas, though it would seem that progress was being made towards greater stability following ncrs retreat, this wouldn't last though, as the second ncr invasion began, and was met with extremely stiff resistance from the securitron army, as well as numerous local groups. Ultimately ncr troops managed to inflicted major casualties on the strip forces, even attacking and breaching the strip itself, and the damage done seems to have shattered Vegas as much as it did the ncr, leaving whatever plans its ruler had unfinished

    THE LEGION: following their defeat at hoover dam, as well as the death of Caesar shortly after, the legion began to deteriorate and eventually dissolve, with many of its tribes returning to their former ways or what was left of them, the legion remains however, mainly in and around the capital of Flagstaff, though severely diminished, they have largely taken to ruling over or pillaging the reformed tribal groups and former ncr border settlements. Though many within the legion still hold Caesars ideals, none have been able to recapture what was broken when he died, and so the legion continues to decline.

    Post-legion Tribes: named Legionem Proditores (Traitor Legions) by The Legion proper, the term refers to those who have returned to their former ways following the death of Caesar and the destabilization that followed. Vast swaths of the legions subjects attempted to return to their tribes roots, often to little success. Instead forming new tribes that are often completely antithetical to the legions ideals, this has led to the early beginnings of a confederation of tribes and villages that have proven to be a powerful force against the ambitions of the legion and groups like it, using legion tactics and weapons against them in response to slave raids and attempts at reintegration

    GREAT KHANATE: following their move to Wyoming, the Khans formed a powerful nomadic empire based off the Mongols of old, so far little is known about their new society, though there have been reports of khan riders as far off as the california coast

    EAST COAST BOS: the east coast brotherhood continues to reign as one of the major powers on the eastern seaboard, being the most powerful military force in the area, the commonwealth is the current headquarters of the high elder maxon, as well as his most trusted clerics, choosing it for its abundance of technical artifact over the comparatively safer capital wasteland, however pressure has been mounting for the elder to move once more, as the CPG at large has been becoming much less favorable towards the brotherhood, which it sees as overly protective of its tech and as overstepping its bounds far too frequently

    COMMONWEALTH PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT: following the destruction of the institute the minutemen, alongside the brotherhood and multiple prominent settlements reformed the CPG, a council of representatives from each group who would govern the commonwealth and surrounding areas, since its inception the cpg has grown by many settlements, and the minutemen have grown alongside it, developing a standing professional garrison in many major towns, though still relying on its militia as its major military force. Recently the cpg has begun to debate the brotherhoods place on the council, and many councilors are demanding an end to the confiscation of technology from their citizens, with many demanding a right to use force against such attempts or demanding an eviction of the brotherhood from their bases across the commonwealth.

    THE FREE PITT: Following the Pitts liberation, progress on the cure was slow, and conditions in the Pitt remained dismal, albeit better than it was under the raider lords. As time went on however, improving conditions in neighboring areas such as the Commonwealth and Capital Wasteland led to marked improvements in the Pitt itself, as trade and interaction with the newly established CPG, capital wasteland towns, and the Brotherhood led to stability and an improvement in the quality of life for many of its residents. As of 2296, the Pitt, with the help of allied scientists, managed to create a cure to the plague, and due to its industry and trade, its residents currently enjoy a level of stability and prosperity not seen in the city for over a century. Currently the Pitts biggest concern is a mounting need to create a proper government, a proposal that continues to be widely unpopular and staunchly opposed, with many in the Pitt still preferring the anarchic freedoms that the Pitt has stood by since the revolution.

    MONTANA BOS: Founded during the very start of the Brotherhood, the Montana chapter was founded by a military officer in the days following Maxons call to revolt. When the war started however, the Montana bunkers found themselves in a much better condition than the rest of the nation, with Montana, and specifically their area of it sustaining far less damage. As a result of this, as well as the relatively low local population, the Montana chapter is in a remarkably safe location, and has a very small number of active combat troops as a result. To compensate for this, the Montana Brotherhood have become some of the best scribes in the entire organization, and the chapters bunkers have become vaults of precious artifacts and texts ranging from FEV samples to the personal effects of Roger Maxon himself. The chapter is also responsible for much of the brotherhoods historical recording, though due to their isolation and the precarious situation the brotherhood had faced in previous years, they have only recently started analyzing and recording the events following the start of the D.C. expedition, and are not expected to finish it for some time.

    THE ENCLAVE: Following their loss at the hands of the Brotherhood in Capital Wasteland, enclave forces in the area pulled back to their bases at Mount Weather, West Virginia and Chicago, since then they have largely kept out of major conflicts, attempting to regain strength and manpower before moving on the brotherhood again, however two of their recent attempts at restoration have failed, with an expedition into the commonwealth failing with high casualties, and a researcher in a west coast facility defecting with promising tech.

    19:34 UTC



    16:24 UTC


    NCR Poster With My Own Design of an Armored Assault Division

    These guys are deployed first, as mobile cover for the rest of the units advancing, usually they are hopped up on med-x before battle so that they don't feel pain

    03:08 UTC


    Vault City vets weekly, circa September 2282

    Text from left to right:

    -Victory at Grand Canyon! Legion devestated by NCR!

    -Rangers raise bear flag over Arizona

    -NCR Shock troopers, who they are, all about them, and inside the people who do it

    -The Brotherhood: A new allies in a new world

    -Life as a vet has never been better!

    -Shock troopers use “T-45d” power armor manufactured by gunrunner corp.

    -Pipboy 3000 an old invention in new times

    -Inside gunrunner corp. factories

    00:22 UTC


    NCR Shock troopers stationed in Hoover Dam, circa 2280

    22:01 UTC


    The Sac-Town Times, circa August 2282

    Pumping out another NCR newspaper, might make another one

    Text from left to right: -Honolulu accords see New California annex San Francisco and San Jose from the Shi Empire

    -NCR doughboys continue to fight

    -President kimball makes speech celebrating annexation

    -tragedy in Freeside

    -Jacobstown safe haven for mutants and ghouls

    -excavation team on oil rig find “12 foot giant in armor”

    -Followers of the apocalypse move into New California, provide humanitarian aid to all

    -New pockets of gold found in Nevada, giant gold rush begins

    -NCR Air Force founded, deploys P-80s to strike legion

    -Colonel James Hsu accused of ghoul racism, demoted

    -Mojave B.o.S. Declares war on legion, joins up with NCR doughboys in Arizona

    -Reports of “giant monster” in lake mead,pictures grainy and undeveloped

    -Scandal involving chief Hanlon of NCR rangers

    -One headed Brahmin born in Arroyo

    -Mr. New Vegas to celebrate 5 year anniversary

    17:26 UTC


    The New Reno Gazette, Circa July 2282

    This is the first time I’ve ever made something like this, it’s pretty shitty but I tried my best

    21:30 UTC


    Fallout by Carlos Jobani Alguacil

    1 Comment
    16:38 UTC


    MtG: Stolen Strategy by Wonchun Choi (Doo)

    1 Comment
    12:37 UTC


    Hancock, Ghoulish Mayor by Wonchun Choi (Doo)

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    12:29 UTC


    Mogadishu vault Boy

    Got bored at work and drew the vault boy as 90’s delta force operator. Crude Ik but I based off the trigger discipline perk

    01:36 UTC


    Fallout New Vegas War Political Cartoons based on Cartoons drawn by Bill Mauldin. War never changes. I drew quite a few of these, it's been really fun to draw these NCR Troopers.

    23:37 UTC


    Littlepip by NowISee17 AKA Mireille

    16:20 UTC


    An imaginated idea of the pre-war state borders lined on the map of Fallout 76 based on present locations in-game by @NextTurnIsRight(aka me, also I dont know where else to post this, so sorry if this ends up breaking any rules)

    20:12 UTC

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